Writing In Public

>>There must be a story that goes along with this. Right? Maybe they just don't want to show strangers what they're doing, dude.

Last summer, I was sitting in a local park with my dog, a dog park that we walk to daily. I was sitting there watching the river, and I got an idea for a scene for a novel I was working on at the time. I pull out my notebook and start writing down notes so I won't forget the idea, and will be able to write it up later once I'm at the computer again.

As I'm doing this an elderly couple toddles over and ask what I'm writing.

I close the notebook and say: I'm working on a novel.

They start asking questions: What's it about? What type of novel? What scene are you working on.... and every other question they could think of to excitedly ask as fast as they could...



let's see, I write Yaoi (gay Erotica) Monster Porn and the main character is an Elf wizard who has sex with Unicorns, and the Unicorn has a CBT ball crushing fetish, and I'm at that exact moment writing a scene where the Unicorn has got his horn rammed up the Elf's dick...complete with a doodled out picture of said scene on the page I was writing.

The poor elderly couple.

They asked. I told them.

I don't know what shocked the old man more... discovering the existence of the Unicorn Porn genre or finding out his wife was intrigued by it and was going to go to Amazon and buy my books after finding out what I wrote.

No. I'm not ashamed of my work, and covering it up when strangers hover over my shoulder is more to protect them from exposure to naked penises with weird things being done to them... because most people don't look over someone's shoulder, see a naked penis on the page and NOT react badly.

I love sex. I write sex. I draw sex. And if you are looking over my shoulder... you're just gonna get a sex scene if your face.

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