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Why I Would Not Buy From Your Website
(My Response To A FeedBack Request)

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Feedback on why you would not use this.

Feedback on why you would not use this. from digital_marketing

Basically the over all TL;DR of it is this: your site lacks any unique personality or warm friendly human interest to draw in an emotional response connection from your clients.

Clicking a very specific topic url and getting totally random spam looking off topic url immediately says to me "SCAM ARTIST" because if I'm looking for animations, I want animations, not info on being a speeder who drives 80mph, which is the first thing I think of upon seeing the url I'm sent to. Were I not answering your question, I'd have closed the site without even looking at it, soon as I saw the redirect, because I always do this when I see redirects.

I've been online ince 1997... back then if a site tried to redirect, it meant the site had been hacked and was about to start a virus attack on your pc. Any one who's used the internet more then 3 years is going to think this and back out fast as soon as they see the redirect.

but then...

trying to click back here to Reddit to tell you that and being forced to fight off exit pop-ups, just makes me want to report the site to Norton for being spam.

A site that redirects to some other site is generally a red flag that the site owner has something to hide.

A site that you have to fight against pop ups before you can escape from the site, is a HUGE red flag that the site is nothing but yet another dime a dozen scammy site built only to cheat people out of money and has no real services to offer.

but on to the site itself...

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my first reactions...

It looks bland and when I say bland, well, you might want to look at my own site, it's layout, theme, colour scheme, how videos are displayed, etc, to see the difference between the 2 sites, to fully understand why I say your's looks bland. Can you see the difference? Rather self explanatory when you look at the two sites side by side.

I mean... look at my site banner. I drive a pink car with 2.5million marbles glued to it, my motorhome is painting with glow in the dark black light paint, and I'm OtherKin - living as an Elf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year since 1987, as you can see from the photos of me as well. Obviously, colour and pushing the extremes are my thing.

Your site? White. Simple. Uninteresting. Blah. Like bland, watery 1% skimmed milk or unseasoned mashed potatoes cooked from instant mix instead of actual russets. Good if that's the sort of look and feel you are going for, but, does absolutely nothing to attract my personal interests at all, so I'm just gonna pass your site by, if I was some random browser finding it in search results. Clearly I'm not your target audience.

Obviously I prefer a site with some colour to it, and preference videos that "pop" with even more colour, and I put a lot of emphasis on design and details, trim, edging, shadows, etc. Basically graphic design is my thing, as you can see from my own site, and I look at your site and see that it looks like a plain white template, with no editing to make it unique or stand out from the competition.

Well, were I in the market for your product (which, I'm not, so keep in mind I'm not your target audience here), I'd be looking at your site and be thinking: "Wait, if they can't be bothered to design a website template, how can I expect them to design a video animation for me?" (I build css and javascript codes and just, tend to not like templated sites, because to me, I think a webmaster should care enough about his site to actually learn how to build a website.)

As you can see however, I do make videos, so I do look at your videos and think from the point of view of someone who makes a similar, though quite different, product. I'm not making videos to sell to clients, rather, I make videos for my viewers to watch. So, in some respects, I have the potential to become a client of your service, seeing how it's possible that somewhere down the road I may think: "Hmm, I wonder what difference I'd have in traffic if I added animations to my videos?" (which is unlikely, but for the sake of argument, let's say I decided I did want to do this and so I've come across your site in my Google searching)

Okay, so assuming I am looking for a service like yours to add to my videos, first impressions I would have are... same as I did for your website. I'd look for animations with zing and pow. Animations in neon day glow eye blinged greens and pinks to match my RV which features prominently in most of my videos. I'd be looking for psychedelic waves and spirals.

Your videos are what I would classify as "safe", they don't push boundaries, they don't scream from the rooftops "pick me!", rather they site calmly and quietly, silently and patiently waiting for someone to notice them. Like wallflowers at a dance, they are not getting picked by me, because they are not out on the dance floor swinging up a storm. When you see the videos on my site... well, you can see what I mean by pushing boundaries and your videos being "safe."

Now... I'm not saying that's a bad thing... they is of course a market for plain and simple, but I'm not that market, so I'm not the correct person to be browsing your site, because I'm not your target audience.

However, a plain, unedited templated site, wis yet another red flag that says: "This is a site that will be gone in 6 months, no way in hell am I giving them a monthly payment!"

Next thing that hit me...

Made with <3 in Raleigh, NC

I scrolled down and saw that and instantly clicked on it... nothing happened.


What was I expecting to have happen?

I was expecting to be taken to an "About my home town" page, showing your smiling face, along side your family, in front of some historic site/statue/monument/landmark from your town, with a few paragraphs introducing who you are, why you picked this location for your business, and what this place means to you.

I was extremely disappointed to not find any page like this on your site.

I don't want to buy services from some, non face no body online. I want to personal touch, the human interest story. I want to know who you are and why you got started and how much passion you have for doing this line of work. I want a page about your new puppy and why he is your business mascot. I want blog posts of you showing how you make the animations you sell.

I want a connection to the human side of your business.

When I go shopping online for something, I am far more likely to buy from the warm, colourful site, with the whole family smiling back from their vacation photos, then I am to buy from the cold, stale, sterile, uninteresting plain white site that gives me no incentive to have an invested interest in the seller.

As a general rule, a website that doesn't show viewers the face behind the site, usually have something to hide, thus proving their less then honest intentions.

Lack of any personal info about who you are is a red flag that says "Do not trust this site!"

No photos of you with your family, pets, and friends, in front of your home... triggers more red flags that this site has things to hide and can not be trusted to not scam me.

next I clicked your navabar links...



You are using the EXACT SAME TEMPLATE that is used by 1,000s of those super scammy like4like, view4view, sub4sub sites.

I noticed that big time on the $200 logo page.

One look at that $200 logo page just screams "WEALTHY AFFILIATE SCAM HOSTED SITE!!!! RUN! RUN! RUN!!!!!"

It's that little "Plans and Pricing" block that triggered this response.

(You're using Wealthy Affiliate's to host your site, right? Either that of your being sub-hosted by a "host" that is not actually a host and is just charging you for hosting serves they are not providing while they in turn pay WA to host you. Or you are using one of their WA templates on a WordPress site. TIP: you might want to research WA a little better. They aren't exactly the most honest or credible web hosts out there and people like me who know what they are known for, tend to NOT do business with any site that is using their hosting service, just because they have such a horrible reputation. You might want to do a Better Business Bureau check up on their company.)

Your site has a lot of red flags that are commonly seen in scam sites and sadly, this would be the biggest one of all.

Now, interesting thing... if I had come by your site at random, all those red flags would tell me this place is nothing but a fly by night scammer.

However, I did NOT come by your site via random search.

I came by your site via your very personal plea for help on a forum.

Based on your OP and the other posts I see in your profile, I see nothing about you personally that says scam artist.

yet, your site is screaming scam.

Here on the forums, I see your posts, your emotions, your frustrations,... I see that you are a real person, an actual living human being, not some cold robot spinning out spam websites.

Your website is not attracting me to feel any emotion. But your forum posts here on Reddit are attracting my emotional response.

From my post of view, I would be more interested in your service, if your website had the human connection - the series of "About Me" pages - "About Me" "About my home town" "About my pet" "How I got started in animations" that sort of thing... which actual photos of you and your town. Maybe a few photos of you and your best buds eating at a local restaurant, some little mom and pop shop type dinner.

I find it hard to buy from someone whom I can not identify with, and I simply can not identify with a blank white screen. Other humans I can identify with. Share your personal experiences. It'll attract people to you and your business more, because they'll feel like they are buying from the friendly shop around the corner as opposed to some faceless robot online.

Basically the over all TL;DR of it is this: your site lacks any unique personality or warm friendly human interest to draw in an emotional response connection from your clients.