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Passive Social Media:
Adding Follow Icons To Your Site

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Passive Social Media

 #1382545  by Kathy from 
 28 Sep 2017 19:39

This question is going to sound really dumb...but here it goes.
To put the social media buttons on our web pages, do we first have to be members of those social media platforms?
Also, I am not seeing LinkedIn buttons...maybe I am looking in the wrong place.
Thank you for taking the time to look over my challenge.

Yes, there is a LinkedIn button. It's rather new. It's an Add This feature. It asks you to select what type of account you have (personal, business, or group) then asks you to type in the url of your profile page of that account. Then you save and it gives you an html code for your site. It's only been out maybe a month or 2 so, not many sites have it yet. 

>>>Jacki from wrote:It depends on the buttons. Some (like the Add This buttons I have on my site) simply allow the visitor to share your page on their own social media account. For follow buttons, yes, you need to have a business account (in most cases). As far as I know there isn't a LinkedIn button, but you can make your own by doing a websearch for the LinkedIn icon, then make it a link to your account.

I agree with Jaki on using Add This. Add This is great, but they have expanded their options, so not just the share buttons available anymore. Add This now also has a version that allows people to follow you, that's the one I have on my site. Definitely check it out. I have tried other before, but they were clunky to use and install. The Add This one is definitely the easiest to use and implement.

This is the one Jaki mentioned:

This one puts a floating side banner that allows people to share your pages. It increased my traffic from Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, and Tumblr, after I added it. People do share pages with their friends, and this has been a great addition to my site. Definitely wish I had added it sooner. It's not a super huge boost in traffic, but, still... before adding it, I had almost ZERO social media traffic from shares at all, and now I'm getting 30 or 40 pages views a day from social media sharing my pages, so definitely helps.

Here's the new one they've added as well:

This one places a set of clickable icon buttons on your site. When someone clicks the button, it takes them to your profile page where they can then follow you or send you a friend request. Default is square, but I changed mine to circles/dots which I thought just looked better. (They are right at the top of my site (in my sig here) if you want to see what they look like live.)

I added them in 3 places on my site. In the top under the navabar, at the top of the sidebar, and then at the very bottom on my footer. I'm not sure if I'll keep all 3 places or not ye. The feature is new, they only came out with it about 2 months ago, so I'm still testing out where I want it placed on my site. Eventually I'll probably change it to be just in one place, but right now I've got it 3 times on my site. Oh well.

I tried the header version of them as well, but I have a "Hello Bar" on my site, and they get hidden behind it, so the header option won't work on any site that has any type of subscription bar floating at the top of it, in case you have one of those on your site.

To activate each button you select the social media button you want to display, then type in your profile url, and paste the code into an html box at the top of your website.

They have over 100 social media icons listed for you to choose from.

The code on my site is currently displaying:

About Me

So now, when someone visits my site, they can find my social network accounts and follow me on any networks they are on as well.

It took me forever to figure out how to get them to display in alphabetical order. Turned out all I had to do was click and drag them around, before saving and getting the code. Duh!  

I have more profiles, (Flickr, Spotify, StumbleUpon, Wix, etc) but most of the others I don't use, so I didn't bother to list them, but Add This has to option to add them. They even had some social networks listed that I had never heard of, which I had not thought was possible! LOL!  They did not however have or FameBit which was disappointing as I do use those quite a bit. Oh well. I also noticed they didn't have Patreon, which I don't use but was considering joining. I would have thought them big enough to include. *shrug*

They said they are looking into adding more icons in the future so I keep checking back every few weeks to see.

Anyways, hope that helps. Good luck with your site!

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