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How many pages does a SBI site need to be?

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[quote="Karen 1"] how many pages does a SBI site need to be?[/quote]

That depends on what your goal is.

Part time income?

Full time income?

Just sharing the love of your hobby regardless of income?

Something else entirely?

Each one of those will result in a different answer as to how many pages you should strive for.

Back when I first joined (2013), I was wondering the same question and searched the forum to see if anyone had asked. At the time I had found a few threads on the topic and the general answers being given had all said "you need a minimum of 1,000 pages to succeed" or "you need to make one page a day for 3 years before you'll start seeing a profit" (which is 1,095 pages.)

As of today my site is now almost 4 years old and at 1,368 (pubic access) pages (and 3,000+ that are private/password access). While it brings in some income, I would not call it enough to pass for a part time job. As my goal was not for it to be a full time income, that's not an issue for me, but it might be an issue for someone whose goals ARE to have their site be a full-time income.

Than again, I started my SBI site August 2013 and didn't start to monetize it until January 2017, more then 3 years while it's been out there, it hasn't been given a chance to see what income potential it had all that time.

But while most people were answering "1,000 pages before seeing a profit" or "3 years of a page a day before seeing a profit" I've seen people on here with answers all over the place. I remember one women was living full time off her SBI site after only 21 pages and another had mentioned having close to 6,000 pages but was struggling to see any traffic, let alone income. 

Have you ever been to that list of the top SBI sites? The list that includes the Birthday Party site, the Australia site and all those... go have a look at each of those sites.... they have THOUSANDS of pages - THOUSANDS - one of them has over 10,000 pages. That's why they are making such huge incomes. Those sites are truly massive. And every one of them says they post at minimum a new page every single day and strive for at least 3 to 5 pages a day and have done so for 10+ years. 10 years of 1 page a day is 3,650 - 5 pages a day is 18,250 pages after 10 years.