Has YOUR Thinking Evolved?
Web Building With Solo Build It (SBI)

Has YOUR thinking evolved?

 #1386202  by ken-admin 
 11 Nov 2017 16:56

Hi to all,

ken-admin wrote:
We had to parse through 195,000 domain names in order to find ten thousand “Real Effort” websites at GoDaddy!

That gives ourselves a huge disadvantage, comparing ourselves to their "cherries," yet still generated 10X results. The point here is that so many folks value the "unlimited domain names" that they get for the same hosting fee.

One of the most common questions to question.sitesell.com is "how many sites do I get?" The answer is that "you get one business and that's going to take more than enough of your time" (with added explanation).

Having tons of sites is an illusion since none of them get any traffic (which is why we had to filter so aggressively). Technically, we should have counted those sites since folks do waste time putting them up as part of their approach.

They figure that with enough sites, they are bound to, yes, you guessed it...

"make money." The problem is that 100 sites x $0 still equals $0.


What do you think? Did you start out looking for "make money" opportunities? Did you think like a business person?

I'd love to hear your personal story, not how you found SBI!, but how your thinking evolved from there.

All the best,

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I remember the fad of doing lots of small mini sites.

Doing the tons of mini sites is how I got started web building. It was fun to do and a great hobby but, just like you said, none of them got much if any traffic. I had over 200 sites at one point. All 10 pages or less each. Most of them were fanlisting sites (a fan girl gushing about how much they love this actor or that band or this book or that movie).

 Each one was lucky if they even got 100 page views a year. It is SOOOO hard to get traffic to those kinds of mini sites. I started out as a teenager, doing it in my spare time as a way to share info and knew nothing about SEO or monetizing or anything. 

Looking back now, it was a great learning experience, but in terms of how much time I put into it, vs how much income just one big content site would have made in that same time, it was actually a very large waste of my time.

From mini-sites I moved to blogging. Got much better at SEO, figured out how to get traffic to my pages, and gained a email list of 300,000+ subscribers, but monetizing through blogs, just is not that good, so again I was learning, but still put in huge amounts of effort for very little return. 

SBIs method of one big site, one niche topic, focus on content, works so much better. You get both the traffic and the income coming in. My SBI site still has not reached the traffic levels of my blog yet, but it's already way surpassed it in terms of bringing in income. And my traffic steadily increases, so I expect the income to increase as well.

So I started out in terms of "OMG! I can share how much I love ____ online! YAY!" and didn't think about money at all, and spend hours and hours and hours for several years, amassing tons of little tiny mini sites that didn't get traffic or bring in income. 

Which evolved to me wanting to find way to share info with more people so I switched to blogging and starting thinking about SEO to reach more people, but still, money, business, and income with just minor after thoughts.

I didn't start thinking about the business/income/money side of it until quite a few years after I started. Once I started thinking about the money side of it, I moved into content farms like Squidoo and HubPages and that was great, but they kept a 50% cut of the income, so I started thinking.... why write for them and earn 50% when I could write for myself and earn 100%?

I started researching how to make money from your own websites and was talking about it with some of my RV friends over on an RV forum, and several of them were telling me how they ran their own websites. The ones that were having the best success in terms of income were always ones using SBI, so I decided to try it out for a few months, figured I'd give it 3 months and see what happened... 4 years later I'm still here and my SBI site now has 1,601 pages, more added every day, and now, my boyfriend had just retired and is planning to start his own photography business and I've been talking to him about my site and now he's looking into SBI, thinking of using it to start a photography site to showcase his work and teach people about cameras. 

SBI has definitely giving me a new outlook on web building and changed how I look at building sites and took it from being just a hobby to actually being an income. I'm very glad I found SBI.

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