Re: need help on google analytic bounce rate

Hi all,

I am now learning on google analytic.. and need some help on bounce rate show in google analytic.

To my understanding, bounce rate for page A means that a visitor visit page A of my site, and he leave from page A directly without visit my other page - etc - 100% bounce rate on page A = say 100 page view on page A, and 100 of them is leaving the same page directly without click on to my other webpage.. right?

Just wonder , if my page A do not have other text link on the page content itself ( just having the navigation bar ), so shall i add text link in my content page to my other relevant page.. to reduce the bounce rate? ( but of course need to be relevant )( or else if visitor do not click on navigation bar ... = 100 % bounce rate for page A?

Thanks for your help.



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