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Amazon book purchase did not result in revenue

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Amazon book purchase did not result in revenue #1374708  by Jim from 
 22 Jun 2017 14:32Recently a family member in another town purchased a book from the amazon affiliate link on my site.

For some reason, this did not register as a sale even though it was the Zweig book on the page. See

Prior to this, a non-book purchase after accessing Amazon through an affiliate link on my site produced no revenue.

Considering the success everyone seems to have with Amazon, I must be missing something. Prior to contacting Amazon, perhaps someone here can offer some insight.


Re: Amazon book purchase did not result in revenue

 #1374776  by Adriana (SBI for WP user from New Market) 
 23 Jun 2017 08:37

Amazon knows your family and friends (don't ask how, LOL, they just know) and won't give you credit for it.


Re: Amazon book purchase did not result in revenue

 #1374784  by Mary from 
 23 Jun 2017 09:27


Amazon knows your family and friends (don't ask how, LOL, they just know) and won't give you credit for it.

That's freaky. 



Amazon tracks your ISPN, matches it to the ISPN of your FaceBook account, and EVERYONE on your FaceBook account (both friends on your profile and followers on your fan page) are classified by Amazon as your "family". If any ISPN of anyone on your FB friends list buys something off Amazon, it will not be credited towards you.

Also, you can not write a review for any book written by a family member. Amazon automatically rejects/deletes any book review written by any ISPN that is a friend or follower on your FaceBok account.

It's a HUGE problem for us authors. I've got 9,000 readers of my novels on my FB... they usually buy my novels via clicking the links on my website to get to Amazon.

Each one of my novels sells around 7,000 copies... ALL to the 9,000 people on my FaceBook... meaning Amazon doesn't credit the affiliate sales to my books AND deletes every review that gets put on my books.

There's a mass amount of tens of thousands of authors who have been petitioning to get this changed... people always wonder why self-pubbed books struggle to get any reviews... this is why. Amazon makes in almost impossible for a self pubbed author to get either book reviews or affiliate income on their books. This algorithm system has been in pace since June 2015. They announced it at the time they did it, said it was supposed to prevent fake reviews and people gaming the system for affiliate accounts. Not sure how it does either of those things, but it's pretty good at punishing authors who are not buying fake reviews or gaming the affiliate system.

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