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My Son Was Murdered, The Killer Walks Free, Your Child Could Be Next!

FAQ: What are the most visited pages on this website and how many visits do they get?

Several years ago, I wrote an article on how to write different types of magic uses, or rather how I personally write various types of magic users within the context of my Quaraun books. Today that page is one of my top ten most visited articles. It gets 50 to 500 views/reads/hits/visits per day depending on the time of the years and has had over 200k visits total since it was published.

Amphibious Aliens: Debunking The Atwater Family's Alien Abduction Hoax with more then 30MILLION reads since 2007 and The GoldenEagle: Debunking Stephen King's World's Most Haunted Car Hoax with over tenMILLION reads since 2007 still rank as the two most visited articles on my website, but, neither of those are writing related.

Writing Medieval Servants is my most visited writing related article with over 7MILLION reads.

This website was started in 1996 and has 1 to 3 new articles (all written by me, I am the only writer on this site) published almost daily. In 2017 we crossed ten thousand articles published. As of 2023, EACH article gets MINIMUM 10 to 70 reads PER DAY, with the high traffic articles getting 500+ reads per day.

And since December 2019, my website now gets three hundred thousand to 7 million reads per month - well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION PAGE READS PER YEAR, making it not only the single most trafficked site in the State of Maine, but also one of the most visited websites in ALL OF NEW ENGLAND!

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 TRIGGERED! I'm a Straight Cis Woman, but I am deemed Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach, Are you too gay for the bigoted, minority harassing, white power, gay hating psychos of The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall Too? 

When you say lore-friendly, what exactly do you mean? What does lore-friendly mean, in reference to Witcher 3 modding?

All images on this page are from:
The Witcher 3: 
Wild Hunt 
|Game of the Year Edition| 
Completionist Run: 
The Avallac'h Playthrough
(Watch It Live HERE)

When you say lore-friendly, what exactly do you mean? What does lore-friendly mean, in reference to Witcher 3 modding?

When you say lore-friendly, what exactly do you mean? What does lore-friendly mean, in reference to Witcher 3 modding?

#Let's talk about the Ciri & Avallac'h sex controversy that made me the #1 most hated streamer on Twitch, the herd mentality problem of witch hunting cyber bullies on Twitch, and the idiocy of people who, can't think for themselves..........................................................   And also, let's answer at the same time, the FAQ: When you say lore-friendly, what exactly, do you mean?

IMAGE: The bedroom Avallac'h and Ciri stayed in during the quarantine... and hey, look!... I actually put them in separate beds for the quarantine. Though not far enough apart for to make Ciri fans happy. 

It is so, NOT lore-friendly for Ciri and Avallac'h to sleep in separate beds. Avallac'h's letting his women, all 6 of them, Ciri, Isilira, and the 4 not named sleep in his bed with him, was the reason given in the novels for why he was called "The Fox" and looked down upon by Humans and other Elves alike for his vile, immoral, animal-like behaviour of letting a low-life female sleep with him... 

The novels explain to us that Avallac'h is excessively evil, because, he allows his 5 wives to sleep in bed with him.

Uhm...??? I'm confused.

How does a married man sleeping in the same bed with his wife make him evil?

After I read this in the novels, I went back and paid attention to the game and I realized, Avallac'h has the ONLY bed in the game, that is NOT a single person bed, and in EVERY house in the game, men sleep in one room while women sleep in another room.

I went back and reread the novels looking for this detail and yep... every married couple sleeps in separate bedroom, not just separate beds. And the ONLY time a female is allowed to enter a man's room, is if he invited her in for sex... or more often then not, drags her in to rape her.

In any case, man + women + bed = sex in the Witcher novels and the game.

And yet, we are also told that Avallac'h is an asexual virgin, has never had sex with any of his women, and it is their LACK of sexual relations that keeps him and his women so closely and strongly emotionally bonded with each other in a strong friendship.

We see too, that Avallac'h and his 5 wives, share a bizarre sybiominic hive mind bond, with them knowing each others thoughts, and sharing each other's feelings... to the extent that a stab wound to any one of them, hurts and injures all 6 of them, Avallac'h included. This is never explained or looked into.

Even Ciri pointed out that Avallac'h's total lack of any sexuality at all, was the very reason she was able to trust him, placing him as the ONLY person she could truly trust because he had no sexual attraction for her or any other female at all, not even Lara. Which is why, while Ciri ran fighting from other men, she had no issues snuggling up in bed with Avallac'h.

The Witcher universe views men and women sleeping in the same bed together are one the greatest evils out there... I'm not sure why, but in researching Polish culture after reading the novels, it seems to be a wide spread thing in Poland's real culture to view men and women sleeping together - even married couples - as a bad thing and husbands and wives have separate rooms in a whopping 84% of Polish households. *(according to Google)*

I can't even begin to imagine a society that sees men and women sleeping in separate bed, or even seperate rooms, as the norm, because I grew up in a culture where men DO sleep with their wives in the same bed. 

Of course, polygamist society does not see the bedroom as a place of sex either, it is a place where the family sleeps together... so, I'm assuming the society norm of men and women in separate beds stems from the overly sexualized minds of the none polygamist, and their inability to look at a bed and NOT see sex.  

In any case, I see nothing wrong with a man allowing his women to sleep in his bed at night, and I don't see Avallac'h letting his women sleep with him as a reason to say he's evil, which is what the author did. Quite the contrary, Geralt is the one I see as evil, because he's lying and cheating and bed hoping with 5 dozen different women throughout the novels, none of the women are aware of any of the other women, and he sleeps alone, because bed + women = sex in his mind. 

I grew up in a polygamist family, in a polygamist culture. Sex rarely happens. Everyone knows when it does. It's only done for making babies. The concept of sex for pleasure/fun/recreation is seen as a grave sin and severely punished. And sex never involves beds. Beds are where you sleep.

I bring all of this up, because, at the start of the Avallac'h Playthrough back in May 13, 2018... I was completely unaware that there was a concept of beds = sex in any part of society.

I'd never heard of such a thing.

I also was unaware that it is common for people to say "sleep" when they mean "sex".

So, me being totally oblivious to the fact that there existed people who thought going to bed meant "have sex" or sleeping meant "have sex"... left me also very taken back, baffled, and confused, when, I ended every single stream, by having Ciri and Avallac'h look for a house/castle/tent/etc to stay in for the night, and ended the streams with them standing by a bed, saying, they were going to sleep, because I was tired and was going to end the stream so I could go to sleep... and this resulted in at first dozens, later hundreds, and still later thousands, and now 300,000 enraged Ciri fans sending me hate messages in my chat, my email, on Twitter and FaceBook, and now since summer 2020 even on Reddit.

Why are they mad that I end every stream this way?

I could not understand.


The ONLY people who thought Ciri and Avallac'h have sex at the end of every stream was **people WHO USE THEIR OWN IMAGINATION to think that**!

If **YOU** thought Ciri and Avallac'h have sex at the end of each of my streams... it's **BECAUSE YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT SEX!**

Had you ACTUALLY WATCHED my streams and ACTUALLY LISTENED to anything I said, you would have known how silly and stupid you were being if you thought sex was implied anywhere.

But I like I said, I had never heard of the concept of having sex in a bed, nor had I ever heard of the slang term of using the word "sleep" to mean "sex"... so I had no idea, these people were mad because they thought, I was saying Avallac'h and Ciri were about to have sex.


Virgins don't have sex.

Asexuals don't have sex.

A celibate lifestyle means... never has sex.

Avallac'h is an asexual, virgin, living a celibate lifestyle, and just because Ciri sleeps in his bed, doesn't mean they are having sex.

We were told this in the novels!

In fact, it's WHY they broke up... because **CIRI WANTED SEX WITH AVALLAC'H** and **HE REFUSED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER**... and that plot point, spans a full 32 pages of the story, while they fight about the fact that she wants to have sex with him and he's refusing to lose his virginity because who knows why... he spends 7 pages telling the reader how horrible and icky and terrible the thought of sex and female genitalia are.

And these Ciri fans, **MOST OF WHOM CLAIM TO HAVE READ THE NOVELS** were freaking out over me having Ciri and Avallac'h **DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID IN THE NOVELS** and find find a safe place to sleep at night, together, in the same bed... without sex.

I fail to understand the sex crazed minds of Ciri fans, and I agree with Avallac'h: **everyone who has sex because they think sex is fun, is no better and no smarter than a brainless cockroach**

And that 300,000 number is rather ridiculous, considering how many views there are on my channel.

Think about this:

* I have as of October 19, 2020, just 398 followers, and only 79,260 total lifetime views on my channel... 

* That's 398 followers in 8 years of streaming.

* That's 79,260 total lifetime channel views in 8 years of streaming.

* That means I get fewer then 50 new followers a year.

* That means I get fewer then 10,000 total views per year.

* AND I get 300,000 different usernames sending me hate mail to my email, saying how much they hate my channel, hate my streams...

And it's NOT 300,000 from one place. I used Google analytics tracking to track the footprints of these usernames to see where they came from... she had 800 Twitch users, send out messages on their Twitters, asking their friends to retweet, asking their friends to retweet, and asking their friends to retweet.

Her 800 Twitch followers, combined with her 2,000 Discord followers where all doing this, and each of them had 50 to 5,000 Twitter followers, each of them doing this... that is where the 300,000 individual people came from. Most of them don't even have Twitch accounts, don't watch Twitch, and are simply sending me hate because a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend told them to on Twitter!

Some of the people harassing me are friends of friends of friends 8 or more friends distant from the original streamer who sent out the request they do this attack!

Meaning the large majority of people harassing me don't even know, watch, or follow the streamer who made the original order to harass! They are just harassing me because a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend or a friend retweeted her message to attack me, and they decided to do so on a whim with no knowledge of who they were attacking, why they were attacking, who ordered the attack.... nothing!


These people who are complaining that I have Ciri and Avallac'h having sex at the end of every stream...


So how would they even know, if I did or did not have Ciri and Avallac'h having sex at the end of each stream?

And here's the biggest kicker of all... well over 200 of these people **DID TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH MY STREAMS** and then they complained **BECAUSE THERE WAS NO SEX!**

They contacted me to give me hell, saying they had been lied to, saying that they had only come to my channel because the streamer they watch regular *(yes, they told me who she was)* had told them how **EVERY STREAM I DO ENDS WITH CIRI AND AVALLAC'H HAVING SEX** and they took the time to watch stream after stream after stream hoping to see a sex scene with Ciri and Avallac'h, and they were royally pissed, because after watching a week of streams, and then also reading my profile and finding out the truth, they were upset, that the streamer whom had sent them here was telling people my channel was nothing but sex.

They were mad, because they WANTED sex scenes of Ciri and Avallac'h and were pissed to learn, that sex **NEVER** happens on my channel at all!


#Those 300,000 bullies who are harassing me... **HAVE NEVER EVEN WATCHED A SINGLE ONE OF MY STREAMS!**

They simply harass me because **the streamer that THEY DO WATCH, watches my streams and than lies about me in her streams to her viewers, and they are too stupid to take the time to find out that she is lying to them about me and my channel!**

HERE: **[Go buy a dictionary](**. You desperately need one.

And for anyone who came here because a sex crazed psycho bitch sent them here looking for sex... sorry to disappoint you, but I have post traumatic stress disorder, a side effect of being raped. I have an extreme hatred for sex. I was already asexual BEFORE being raped, now I'm anti-sexual: I hate sex and don't allow it near me.

Not in ANY form.

Not in books.

Not in movies.

Not in TV shows.

Not in video games. 

Perhaps, before you jackasses started harassing me, maybe you would have done well, to do a little research on me and find out who I am. Just ask any nearby Stephen King fan and they'll tell you who I am. They'll even start listing off Stephen King movies for you.

Sex and nudity have been completely removed from the game. Sorry, but the bitch who sent you here lied to you. You will NOT find any sex here.

I keep my Twitch channel small, deliberately, because I like my privacy, and there are precious few places online where I can escape the onslaught f Stephen King's fans. Thankfully, most people on Twitch are too young to be Stephen King fans and likewise too young to know I am or recognize me, making Twitch my safe zone. And I don't like it being invaded by the lewd gossip and rumors of an immoral, sex crazed degenerate and her followers. So if you came here from her channel: please return to her channel, tell her and the rest of her viewers to leave me alone. I'm not bothering you. There is no reason for you to be bothering me.

The end result, is I no longer interact with chat.

There is no kindness in chat. Only hatred and meanness. 

Chat has been, since August 2018, nothing but steady hate for Avallac'h, and even more hate for Avallac'h and Ciri as a couple, with even more hate demanding I stop the play the game as Avallac'h and stop pairing him with Ciri.

I'm sorry, that your entitled ass thinks it's God and can order me around.

You play the game you want to play it and let me play it the way I want to play it.

If you don't like how I play the game: just leave, and watch someone you do like.

You hoped to stop the Avallac'h Playthrough, but all you've done is gotten yourself blocked from my chat.

And think about this... even when I'm not streaming, I'm still playing this game. I play it offline as much as I play it online. So, Avallac'h and Ciri are STILL going to be in bed together even if I'm not streaming. Sorry, but, that's just the way it is.

There is a thing called **FREEDOM OF CHOICE**... your right to say you don't like Avallac'h with Ciri, doesn't cancel out my right to play my game, my way. 

Let me repeat that:

#Your right to say you don't like Avallac'h with Ciri, doesn't cancel out my right to play my game, my way.

And if you are too immature to understand that, than you are far too young to be on Twitch or anyplace else on the internet. So go run back to mommy, get your diaper changed, and don't come back here until you grow up and learn to behave like a rational adult.

The other thing to consider, is, I have traced each of the harassers back to their home addresses, and you know what I found out? I can trace every one of them back to the man who drove a backhoe over my house in 2013.

They are ALL friends, relatives, or employees of him... or friends of his friends, and so one.

**EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM** can be traced back to having a connection to him.

Meaning once again, this vicious online attack, came from someone who lives on my street and is very, very, very local.

And again, as other attacks in the past on other sites... the attack has nothing to do with a video game or fictional character and everything to do with a set of blueprints for a condominium that he has been trying to build on my farm since the 1980s.

This farm has been in my family since 1530 and we have no intention of selling it. And he refuses to accept no for an answer.

Taking it back one step further... he's also the man who my uncles worked for. He's the ringleader of the child prostitution ring and the drug dealing, that my uncles did. And he's quite upset that most of my uncles are now in prison, meaning his big business of selling 4 or 5 year old for sex, is no longer bringing him money and he is royally pissed.

And so when you see this vicious attack on my social networks and see the physical offline attacks every time I go live and you wonder... why is Avallac'h causing so much violence?

In 2013 you could have asked why Quaraun was causing so much violence... and in 2010 you could have asked why Sesshomaru caused so much violence, and in 2005 you could have asked why Scrooge McDuck... do you see the trend?

It's not  the character that is the cause of any of this, as can be seen by the fact that the character being blamed changes every few years.

At its root, it is ALWAYS the same group of local men: 5 of my uncles and a handful of their friends... who are instigating these attacks.

Attacks that have happened since long before the internet was even invented.

Attacks that grew worse when my uncles discovered how easy it was for them to toss $100 bills at young girls on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, etc... and ask the girls to re-tweet vicious gossip about me on the promise of $500 or more donations to them.

These men use young girls that they find online, pay them money, and simply tell the girls "find fans of this character who hate that character". These are manipulative men, manipulating young girls online, young girls who are more than willing to cause drama for views and donations in the hopes it'll make them famous.

These men put my father in a coma in 2006.

These men put a bomb in my doctor's office in 2003, killing my doctor and 3 nurses and critically injuring 21 patients.

These men put a bomb in my classroom at college in 2013... a bomb in my workplace (WalMart) in 2015 and another bomb in my workplace in 2016.

These men have a vicious vendetta... since the FBI raid in 1996, the raid which rescued me from the cage I was locked in for 31 years... since that FBI raid, I've worked with the FBI and 14 of them are now in prison. 

These men were attacking my family, long before the Witcher novels were even written, so... no Avallac'h is NOT the problem. Avallac'h was NEVER the problem. Avallac'h is just the CURRENT EXCUSE that my uncles hide behind.

My uncles would be doing this attack, even if I were not on Twitch, even if I had never become a fan of Avallac'h, because they WERE doing this before I was on Twitch and before the Witcher games were made.

But this attack, the Avallac'h based one... it is by far the biggest stunt my uncles have done.

Why is it so much bigger than attacks we've seen in the past?

Because tittie streamers will do anything for money... and once my uncles discovered that, they jumped on it. And all it takes is 4 or 5 tittie streamers to band together in a witch hunting frenzy, in exchange for $500 a month donations, to gather up a mass hoard on places outside of Twitch, like Twitter.

I'm amazes that these tittie streamers who accepted their and made those Tweets on their request, were such brainless sheep and so easily manipulated by these men.... but it's not the first time these men have manipulated young girls. That is after all, the thing they do best and have done since the 1960s. 

So, don't go thinking this attack was done by random strangers... it was done by men I know in real life... local men... who used random strangers as their tools, their pawns.

Do you remember the attack on MySpace in 2005? Same men.

Do you remember the attack on Squidoo in 2007? Same men.

Do you remember the attack on FaceBook in 2010? Same men.

Do you remember the attack on KBoards in 2013? Same men.

Do you remember the attack on Twitter in 2015? Same men.

And have you ever noticed a trend... every time... every attack... the topic was always sex and erotica and bdsm? Things my uncles are into and deeply obsessed with? Things I hate precisely BECAUSE of the sexual abuse I went through as a child at the hands of those men. They ALWAYS spread sex rumors, erotica gossip, and bdsm accusations, because THEY are obsessed with sex, erotica, and bdsm.

What is happening here is nothing new. It's the same men, doing what they always do. 

It just amazes me, how easy it is for them to find so many money hungry girls online to obey their every request.


Today, October 19, 2020, one of my channel mods, explained to me, what the problem was... He said:

>>>*"Every time you say "sleep" people think you mean "sex". They don't understand that when you say Ciri and Avallac'h are going to sleep here tonight, that you ACTUALLY MEAN sleep. When most people say "sleep" they mean "sex" not actual sleep. These people who are harassing you, think you are talking about sex.  They don't understand Autism. They don't understand your inability to misuse words. People are scared to talk about sex, so they use other words instead when they mean sex. Bed, sleep, spend the night together... those things all mean "have sex" to most people. I think I'm only just realizing you didn't know that."* 

He further explained that it appears, the people posting the hate, are being told that I have Avallac'h and Ciri having sex every stream, yet none of them have ever watched any of my streams so are oblivious to how sex-free my streams are.

He explained that it appears one person started that rumor based on the fact I end each stream by sending Ciri and Avallac'h to a bedroom and save the game there while saying they are off to sleep.

He pointed out that, after reading the emails himself, it is very clear to him that none of these people have ever actually watched one of my streams and are assuming my streams are non-stop sex, because that is what someone is telling them my streams are and they are believing what they are told without checking my streams to see if it is true or not.

He explained that people tend to be easily swayed to attack "perceived sin" without any evidence of sin, simply because of peer pressure. People lack free will and do what the herd does, simply to feel like part of the crowd.

And because of this, combined with the fact that people commonly use the word sleep when they mean sex, seems to be what has caused this attack on my social networks to snowball on such huge levels.

People saw others joining the attack and did not want to be left out, so joined as well.

People heard others saying my streams were non stop sex between Ciri and Avallac'h so, they assumed the ones telling them had watched my streams, and repeated this war cry, not realizing that NONE of them had watched my streams and were simply parroting back something they overheard and not something they had witnessed.

At its source, we traced all the retweets back to one single Discord, run by one single streamer.

In checking my regular viewers, this streamer and 5 of her Discord members are regular viewers of my channel.

And in going all the way back, through thousands of posts on Discord, the whole thing was started by the streamer who owns the Discord, and one single post that she made which includes the phrase "EelKat is a cunt for liking that pussy Avallac'h" and raved and ranted saying that I am an BDSM dominatrix with a foot fetish and am an Erotica author and that all of my streams are nothing but endless sex between Avallac'h and Ciri. 

This post was made in August 2018... and was followed by a post by one of her followers offering to pay her $500 a month if she could get me to stop streaming on Twitch.

I had assumed, right along that it was my uncles behind this attack, considering the sex accusations that were getting tossed at me, but now we have proof that it was them who started this.

One uncle specifically - the Heaven's Gate on - was in the habit of watching my streams, incognito mode, and keeping note of who my regular viewers were.

I knew it had to be someone I knew offline behind it, because, some of the things the harassers said... was not public information and was info they could only have gotten from someone who had set foot on my farm, in person.

And while I suspected it was one of my uncles behind it, I didn't know which one. Well, we know now which one, but for the bulk of the nearly 3 years of this attack on my Twitch channel, I had no clue who was behind it.

We found out who it was, because, he recently died from Covid-19 and he had several warrants on him, so things like his computer got confiscated to try to trace his accomplices.

It turns out he devoted quite a lot of time to then watching my followers who were streamers, looking for anything he could use. This particular tittie streamer was in the habit of bitching about her hatred for my streams on regular basis. He started sending her large donations on Twitch, then joined her Discord. Became one of her mods and one of her most trusted "friends". And once he had her addicted to his monthly donations, he started offering even more money in exchange for her harassing me and enlisting her friends in helping.

And THAT is what started all of this.

One vindictive uncle and one tittie streamer who hates Avallac'h, enlisting the help of her friends and followers, to shut down my channel, because one of my uncles offered to pay her $500 a month if she did.

So, now we know who was behind all of it. The same uncle who started the rumors about Etiole, the uncle who started the alien abduction rumors, the satan worship rumors, and all of the sex rumors. He was behind all of it, as it now turns out.

He's the uncle who kept me locked in a cage for 31 years.

He's the uncle who use an electric drill to drive a 2 foot long foundation nail through my hip when I was 4 years old.

Same one.

And he was the one behind every single online attack, as his computer records now show. All of them.

It appears, that he for some reason blamed me for the FBI raid in 1996, which took all of his many hundreds of illegal guns. I don't know why. I had nothing to do with it, as he was well aware, because I was still locked in cage when that happened.

But, he was paying this tittie streamer who lead the anti-Avallac'h charge.

For HER, it was about Avallac'h. But ONLY for her. 

For my uncle, according to his diaries and letters he wrote... it was always about Heaven's Gate. Angry that he did not die with his friends, when HaleBop flew through and taking it out on 140 little girls, his nieces, who had nothing to do with Heaven's Gate at all, and were simply born in the wrong place, the wrong time, in the wrong family.

52 of the FaceBook and 27 of Twitter accounts which were egging the harassers on, were all his.

And 28 Twitch accounts, all of which were sending anonymous gift subs to the tittie streamer, were all him. 

With him down dead, she's out by over $1,000 a month income from Twitch, and her 37 viewer average, is down by 27.... because those things were all one person: Mervin Bruce. And he's now dead, all of his dozens of computers are confiscated.

His family went hungry. His wife and children, ate at food pantries and dumpster dived for food... while he paid the tittie streamer over a $1,000 a month to harass me and 3 of my brothers.

He was far too busy trying to hurt others, to even take care of his own wife and children.

The accounts that were harassing my followers and viewers on Twitch... they were all him. 28 accounts. All one person.

He devoted 10 to 12 or more hours a day, to doing this. And I was just 1 of many.

His computer records show that for at least the last 10 years, he's done absolutely nothing, but harass people online, on extreme levels... every one of them his nieces and nephews.

 He even started a FaceBook group which had 70,000 members, all fully devoted to being his "street crew"... people in all 50 states of America, and several countries around the world, ready to take up arms on his command, ready to attack with guns, offline, any online account he gave them. They believed him to be a prophet of God.

Well, if there was ever one thing the leader of Heaven's Gate was good at, it was convincing people he was a prophet and spoke God's will with his ever breath. Charismatic preaching and gaining radical followers, always was Mervin Bruce's talent.

Now that he is dead, and we can see by the evidence on his many computers, what he has done... we had no idea, the extent of his reach. How many lives he's destroyed. How suicides he has caused. How many deaths he had ordered.

It's why Pippi is back home.

It was him who ordered her kidnapped.

All the kidnappings... they were all him.

One of his daughters, went through hell the past few years. Harassed online far worse than I've been. Harassed offline, at her home, at her workplace. ... several home invasions... her children all under 7 years old, beaten and nearly killed... that was all him as well. His own daughter.

My brother... you remember the attack on his workplace in 2016. The one that left him in a coma. That was Mervin Bruce as well.

How does one man, cause so much destruction. So much violence. So much chaos?

And why?

Why did he do any of it?

He was so full hate. Anger. Rage. His scrawled writing is madness. Vehement hatred of God, because God left him behind when HaleBop flew over the sky. That's what he wrote over and over again. And he took out his anger on so many who had nothing to do with any of his alien god religious insanity.

He had a list of 64 nieces and nephews, whom he blamed for causing the FBI raid in 1996. Some of them were infants less then a year old in 1996. Most of them were not even yet 10 years old in 1996. They were targets. Online. Offline. All because a blizzard stranded him in Colorado in March 1996... and because of that blizzard, he arrived to California 3 days late.

Why did he blame 64 children for that blizzard? 

Those 64 children, were me, my brothers, and my cousins. The ones who were rescued in the FBI raid that happened a week later.

He fully devoted every fiber of being, every part of his life to the full and total destruction of the lives of the 64 children on that list.

Tormenting them for decades. Hiring hit men, to kill their spouses and killing. Gathering up his violent "street crew" of 70,000 devoted followers, willing to kill in the name of god on his command, because they believed him a prophet.

None of this is new information for us. All that is new, is knowing how far his reach across the internet spread, and how many women, like the tttie streamer, there were who were willing to hurt me, my family, my brothers, their families, and the rest of the children on that list.

She was far from the only one... the tittie streamer who hated Avallac'h, there were hundreds more like her... he had someone like her for each and every one of the 64 names on his list.

She was nothing special. She was just a tool. Someone he deemed too stupid to think for herself, too stupid to not fall for his money, too stupid to ever think hurting people was bad. 

She fit his profile: too dumb to get a real job, desperate enough to be flashing her boobs online for money, too illiterate and uneducated to see she was being used, so neglected and unloved by her own parents that she thrives on the fawning of simps, too selfish to think of others, a mindless pair of boobs with no brain, easy to use, easy to forget, nothing but yet another dime a dozen hussy. That's all she was to him. That's all EVERY female was to him.

And now she and more then a hundred others like her, are without their favorite meal ticket. No more money coming in, in exchange for them flashing their underahed books on Twitch. 

The King of the Gypsies is dead. Rival Gypsy clans could not kill him. Police and FBI could not hold him. But he was no match for Covid-19.

The worst of the worst. The man behind the lives of so many women and children cut short, can hurt no one, no more.

And we whom he tried to make his victims, we are left to wonder... who will take his place? Will the Scottish Gypsy Dynasty of New England at last fall and be over? Or will another king rise up, gather the clan, and follow in in the footsteps of that criminal?

With so many of the Gypsy Kings dead now, 9 died in 2020 alone, all from Covid-19, and so few of the younger generation, not utterly disgusted by the crimes of their parents... it looks like at long last, The Scottish Mafia's reign of terror, has finally fallen.

The few that remain who still hold on to "the old ways", are scattered to the wind, on the run, and are being hunted, as they should be, by the FBI.

You have no idea, the full story. All that he has done. Because I like I said, most of what has happened, I've talked about online. I've not talked about outside of court.

Several places online where forum posts rose up decrying Avallac'h as a rapist and pedophile were all written by him, and were only written after he came across this tittie streamer who hated Avallac'h and were only written to try to instigate her.

It is clear from the things he wrote that he never played the games, or read the books, or saw the tv show, and knows absolutely nothing about the Witcher series at all... but he was convincing enough to the tittie streamer, that he was able to work her and her followers into the wild anti-Avallac'h frenzy that we saw happen here in my Twitch chat.

It is SHE who was using the words sex and sleep interchangeably, and started the rumor that I was making Ciri and Avallac'h have sex every stream, when I ended my streams saying "Let's have them sleep here tonight".

But yes, my mod is correct. I was unaware that people are prone to say "sleep" when they mean "sex"


Well, I suppose, knowing that, their anger would than make some sense. I mean, I can understand perfectly what a vile, horrible, terrible thing sex is. No one in their right mind would ever want to have sex. Sex is the most vile, evil, hate filled disgusting, mean thing that anyone could ever do to another person.

No one who loves someone who ever do sex to the person they loved.

No one who was kind or good would ever do sex.

So, yes, I can understand why they got so upset if they thought sex was happening. I mean who wouldn't get upset over the idea of ANYONE doing sex to ANYONE!

But Avallac'h is not evil. He doesn't do sex to anyone, which makes him the ONLY not evil person in the Witcher franchise.

Everyone else is always doing sex to every one around them. They are THAT evil!

And Ciri's is the worst one of all. She does sex to more people than anyone else in the entire franchise! She's the most vile, evil, hate filled piece of shit there is.

I mean, she tried to do sex to Avallac'h! That alone tells you how much she hates him! I can't understand why he would want to be with someone who hates him so much.

You only do sex to people you hate.

No good, kind, loving person ever does sex to anyone.

There are only 2 reasons anyone ever does sex:

* make babies


* hurt people you hate

But like I said, these people are infuriated that I have Ciri and Avallac'h having sex every stream, and I can't understand why they would even think that, when **I DON'T DO THE SEX QUESTS!**

But if they are so stupid that they can't use the correct words correctly, well, yeah, I can see why they would think sleep means sex... but that just proves they were also too retarded to graduate from school.

Sleep and sex are both words you'll learn the meaning of by the time you are 8 years old. So anyone who is over 8 years old who mixes up those 2 words and uses one when they mean the other, is pretty damned stupid. They nothing short of retarded if they don't know that sleep is NOT sex!

Why must you people sexualize everything?

*continued in Part 2*

#PART 2: Let's talk about the Ciri & Avallac'h sex controversy that made me the #1 most hated streamer on Twitch, the herd mentality problem of witch hunting cyber bullies on Twitch, and the idiocy of people who, can't think for themselves..........................................................   And also, let's answer at the same time, the FAQ: When you say lore-friendly, what exactly, do you mean?

If I was going to send Ciri and Avallac'h were off to have sex, I would have SAID they were going to have sex. I would not have said they were going to sleep.

#YOU thinking about sex when I talk, DOES NOT mean I was talking about sex!

**YOU** saw sex where there was no sex to be found, because **YOU WANTED** sex to be there.

The novels told us Avallac'h was an asexual virgin living a celibate life. His beloved wife Lara, left him for that very reason. He loved her more than anything, but even though he loved her, the thought of sex repulsed him and she left him because he refused to have sex with her. He tells Geralt that he wishes he could have gotten over his revulsion of sex to make Lara happy so she wouldn't have left him. And later when Ciri tries to have sex with him, we see the same thing repeated, with Avallac'h bemoaning the fact that no one loves him they just want sex, why can love can't love exist without sex. 

Avallac'h hates sex as much as I do, and that's exactly why I like him. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find an man who doesn't want sex? 

Accurately portrayed fictional asexual men are even more rare then real world asexual men.

How many times do I have to say, we role play this playthrough, lore-friendly to the novels.

Do you really think I would have an asexual character having sex?

It is **YOU NOT ME** who is sexualizing Avallac'h and imagining him and Ciri having sex.

You put sex in a place where there was no sex, then you get mad at me for it, when you should be mad at yourself,, because YOU are the one saw sex there. Not me. It never would have occurred to me that you thought they were having sex. And I'm horrified that would think that.

Ciri and Avallac'h did not have a sexual relationship. He didn't want that. He said so 17 times.

Shame on you for trying to sexualize an asexual character.

This whole thing boils down to the fact that that streamer bitch who started this, is a fucking brain dead retard who can't tell the difference between sleep and sex.

It's like the idiots who ask me:  When you say lore-friendly, what do you mean?

I have Kanner's Syndrome aka **ACTUAL Autism not to be confused with Aspergers which is commonly and incorrectly called either autism or a type of autism... Aspergers is neither Autism nor is it a type of Autism.**

That means I use **ONLY the true, correct, and accurate dictionary definition of words**.

Like, when I say "sleep", I mean **ACTUAL SLEEP** not sex.

When you use one word while meaning another word, you do nothing but cause confusion, while coming off looking like you are either an illiterate who never learned how to use words, a retard incapable of correctly using words, or a  liar with something to hide.

When you say "sleep" but you mean "sex"... which of the above are you?

Do you say "sleep" instead of "sex" because some ignorant moron taught you the word "sleep" means "sex" and you were too lazy to check the dictionary to find out they lied to you about the meaning of the word? And what word word do you say when you mean actual sleep? Dog? Cat? Car? Fly? Eat?

Or do you say the word "sleep" when you mean "sex" because you are mentally retarded and incapable of knowing sleep is not sex and sex is not sleep?

Or do you "sleep" for "sex" because are illiterate and never learned how to read, so can't make heads or tails of a dictionary and have no clue whatsoever that you are misusing words because you can't read a dictionary at all?

Or are you lying and saying "sleep" instead of "sex" because you need to hide the act of sex with your whores from your wife?

Do you also say "fork" when you mean "spoon"?

Or do you pick up your dog and say: "Here is my cat?"

You people have brains. Try using it for once in your life. Are you all really so damned stupid that you can't tell the difference between sex and sleep?

If you want to know what I mean by lore-friendly, because for whatever reason you don't know what lore-friendly means... you simply open a dictionary and look up the definition of lore-friendly.

Because, I use the correct and accurate dictionary definitions for every word I say.

I do not speak in double talk, innuendos, euphemisms, slang, hidden meanings, riddles, or any other form of lies.

I use words by their literal dictionary definitions, as they are intended to be used, as they are supposed to be used.

The dictionary defines lore-friendly as: 

* "deriving from the source material" 


* "canon creation of the original author"

The Witcher novels pre-date the game by almost 40 years and are written by the original author, while the games are nothing but fan fiction created by the game devs, based VERY LOOSELY (and often with EXTREME INACCURACIES) off the novels

The Witcher novels are the source material written the author, and only things found in the source material aka the novels, is lore friendly.

For example in the novels, Ciri had blond hair that she rolled into dreadlocks by rolling them in ashes.

Therefore a mod which gives Ciri blond dreadlocks filled with dirty ashes is lore friendly. 

The game calls Ciri "the ashen haired maid" and gives her light greyish white hair. This is NOT lore friendly.

There exist many mods which give Ciri dark ash grey hair, many of which falsely claim to be "lore friendly", however, no grey haired Ciri mod is ever lore-friendly because the source material aka the novels, tells us that Ciri has: *"golden blond hair that gleamed as yellow as the sun"*

While a mod that gives Ciri ash-grey hair may look nice and may match the game's description of Ciri, it is NOT lore-friendly because in the novels Ciri did NOT have grey hair. Ciri in the novels had blond hair that she rolled in ashes to form dreadlocs.

Yes, there are many mod makers, who clearly never read a dictionary, and have no clue what lore-friendly means, as can be seen by the many hundreds of mods which have "lore-friendly" in the titles, but give us nothing even remotely from the novels at all.

I have made a point to contact and ask each and every one of these mod makers to ask them, what exactly it is they think lore-friendly means, when the mods do not match the lore of the source materials aka the novels.

In every instance they have given similar answers along the lines of this:

#"I thought lore-friendly meant it fit seamlessly with the lore of the game universe. I had no idea the game was based off of books."

I find that answer deeply disturbing. As it both says much about America's education system and it's lack of teaching student anything whatsoever, and it also says much about the state of America's youth and their utter lack of knowing how to research anything.

You see, it's not possible to make mods for the game without having THESE WORDS SHOVED IN YOUR FACE:

>>>> © 2015 CD PROJEKT S.A. All rights reserved.

>>>> THE WITCHER® is a trademark of CD PROJEKT S. A.

>>>> The Witcher game is based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski.

That line of text is the header of EVERY SINGLE FILE in the game... more then 20,000 files of script and more then 50,000 graphics files, have those words as the header.

Plus in order to make mods at all, you had to download software from CDPRed and every time you open it, a pop up with those words flashes in front of your face.

It is NOT possible to make a mod for this game without seeing those words.

How do so many people make mods for this game and NOT know it was based off of books?

As another example: Ciri has green eyes in the game. This is NOT lore-friendly, as Ciri had blue eyes in the novels. Meaning mod making Ciri's eyes blue, is lore friendly, while any mod making Ciri's eyes brown or red or yellow is NOT lore friendly.

Likewise: in the novels Avallac'h has a massive PTSD phobia of swords and will not allow anyone carrying a sword to come near him, nor will he pick up a sword.

Yet in the game we saw him carrying a sword, which is extremely NOT lore-friendly.

In the novels Avallac'h would not set foot in a room with a Witcher, unless the Witcher first laid the sword on the ground outside of the building.

Yet in the game we see Avallac'h walk at ease beside Geralt, Vesemir, Lambert,  Eskle, Hjalmar, Folan, and Viggi, all of whom are carrying swords while standing inches from Avallac'h. This is NOT lore-friendly. 

In the novels, due to his mass phobia of swords, Avallac'h initially would not allow Ciri to carry her sword with her while she was with him, but upon realizing that Ciri thought this was a threatening act which Ciri translated to mean she was Avallac'h's prisoner, Avallac'h returned the sword to Ciri, and let he take it with her while horseback riding and fishing with him. An act that was very difficult for him to do, given how bad his fear of swords was, but he did anyways to prove to Ciri that she was not his prisoner, and which ultimately lead to her trusting him.

With that in mind, seeing Ciri carry a sword while traveling with Avallac'h in the game IS lore-friendly, because it matches what we were told in the novels.

There are lots of mods that give Ciri tattoos, several of them even call themselves "lore friendly" even though none of them are.

In the novels, Ciri has 2 tattoos. Both on her vulva and could only be seen during sex scenes. One is a red rose, the other is a pink heart. She got them both when she was 10, and the novels do a child porn go-pro up inside her vagina to give you the description of them. *(And yes, the 139 graphically described sex scenes of Ciri between the age of 7 and 14 are the reason why the Witcher novels have been banned in America for nearly 40 years... it is also why I DO NOT recommend reading the Witcher novels when parents ask me if they should let their children reading them... The Witcher novels are NOT for children, not even close... **PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN ANYWHERE NEAR THE WITCHER NOVELS!** )*

Not many people have ever seen far enough inside of Ciri's vagina to see her tattoos. In fact only 2 people have. Mistle and Avallac'h, the only 2 people Ciri ever willingly had sex with. Ciri was 10 when she had sex with 40 year old Mistle and Ciri was 12 when she had sex with 2,000 year old Avallac'h. Both are rape scenes. 40 year old Mistel raped 10 year old Ciri, then branded Ciri with those tattoos. 12 year old Ciri raped Avallac'h and left him crippled, castrated, both legs broken, and mute, all of which for the rest of his life.

While the game gives Ciri a lore-friendly red rose tattoo, the game also places that tattoo in a NOT lore friendly location on her inner thigh.

The one mod that adds Ciri's pink heart tattoo to her vulva is lore friendly, but all the other mods on Nexus that give Ciri tattoos are not lore friendly.

Likewise the novels tells us that Avallac'h has green tribal tattoos, but he has to drop his pants to show them to Geralt, because Avallac'h in the novels is sporting a tramp stamp of a green dragonfly across his ass.

The game gives Avallac'h green tribal tattoos, and this is lore-friendly, but the game gives him green vines on his chest, which is NOT lore friendly.

In the novels, Geralt and Yennefer are married. Geralt is Yennefer's husband. Yennefer is Geralt's wife.

In the game, Yennefer is just yet another sorceress that Geralt fucks in his free time. This is NOT lore-friendly.

It is however lore-friendly for Geralt to cheat on his wife with her best friend, co-workers, every prostitute in every brothel, and every random female he encounters and decided to axii rape.

Words have meanings.

The dictionary is there to tell you what words mean.

[Buy one]( Then read it. Every page, cover to cover 4 or 5 times if you need to.

Words have meanings. And I use them correctly.

I don't switch out words and say this word when I mean that word, like illiterate brain dead idiots do.

When I say sleep, I mean sleep, not sex, not dog, not cat, not book... sleep. 


Lay down in a bed and close your eyes and go to sleep.

How the hell do you come to the conclusion that I use sleep as to hide the word sex? What the fuck is wrong with you people.

Sex means sex.

Sleep means sleep.

Where the hell is your fucking brain?

How the hell retarded are you, that you can't tell the difference between sex and sleep?

You have enough brain cells to type "deserved to be raped" and "kill eelkat" in my chat, so I know you have enough brain cells to read a dictionary.




a condition of body and mind that typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.


be in a state of sleep; be asleep.

"she slept for half an hour"




1: (chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse; sexual contact between individuals involving penetration, especially the insertion of a man's erect penis into a woman's vagina, typically culminating in orgasm and the ejaculation of semen.

2: Either of two divisions, male and female, into which most sexually reproducing organisms are grouped. Sex is usually determined by anatomy, the makeup of the sex chromosomes, and the type and amount of hormones produced. When the sex of an organism is determined by the sex chromosomes, males and females are generally produced in equal numbers.

There, the dictionary definitions of both the words sex and sleep. Now you can stop being a stupid retarded brain dead idiot in my chat and start using the words sleep and sex correctly.

When I say Ciri and Avallac'h are sleeping together, I mean exactly that. They sleep together. They did in the novels. And they didn't have sex. We were specifically told that. 

Ciri felt safe with Avallac'h BECAUSE he was asexual and had **NO sexual attraction to her** and was content to let her sleep in his bed with him, without pawing at her like other men did.

But then later, Ciri herself becomes sexually attracted to Avallac'h, and it is his refusal to have sex with her that starts them fighting.

Avallac'h starts sending Ciri to have sex with the king, because he is sick of Ciri interrupting his sleep begging for sex.

But then the king won't have sex with Ciri either, so Ciri runs back to Avallac'h's bed and continues to sleep with him every night.

It specifically told us they slept together with Avallac'h embracing Ciri and her nuzzled up against him, and him signing his whale songs to her, to lull her to sleep.

There are 8 scenes where we see this happen in the palace at Tir na Lia, and 2 more scenes where we see this happen while the two of them were camped outside, once by the lake and once in the forest. We see Ciri and Avallac'h curled up together asleep together 10 times in the novels. And every one of those 10 scenes tells us outright, they did not have sex.

There are 8 additional scenes of Ciri in bed with the King, trying her damndest to get the king to have sex with her, and the king sexually abusing and molesting her, but never having sex with her.

And an additional scene of Ciri with Eredin, again, no sex happening.

In total, Ciri is in bed with the 3 Elves in 23 different scenes, and never has sex with any of them in any of those scenes.

Ciri is the narrator who is telling the story to the reader, and she tells you at the end of each of those scenes how deeply upset and disapointed she is that these 3 male Elves refuse to have sex with her.

It is lore-friendly for Ciri and Avallac'h to sleep in the same bed together, every single night, with them NOT having sex, EVER.

Avallac'h is NOT a sexual character. He doesn't look at women that way. I wouldn't like him if he did. I don't like sexually deviated men. I like asexual men. Because I don't like sex. And I don't like people who like sex.

It is **YOU** who put sex in a place where there was none. Not me.

I said what I meant and meant what I said. Yes. Every stream, I end the stream, by looking for a safe place for Ciri and Avallac'h to sleep. Not once, have I ever ended a stream, by saying I was sending them off to have sex.

**YOU** thinking about sex while I talk, **DOES NOT** mean that I was talking about sex!

I said what I meant and meant what I said and I said **SLEEP** not sex!

Just like when I say lore-friendly, I mean lore-friendly. I don't mean cat or dog or sex or sleep or run or walk. I mean exactly what I said: lore-friendly, as it is defined in the dictionary.

The dictionary defines lore-friendly as: 

* "deriving from the source material" 


* "canon creation of the original author"

The novels are the source material.

The game is fanfiction.

I'm changing the game to be lore friendly, because I have an extreme hatred for inaccuracies. And fan fiction is an inaccuracy.

Dictionaries are very useful items. They prevent you from making an idiot of yourself by using words incorrectly.

You can't just change the meanings of words on a whim to fit your mood and feelings; the dictionary exists to tell us what words mean so that we can use those words correctly.

If I say a mod is lore-friendly, I mean it matches the descriptions found in the source materials aka I mean it matches what we were told in the novels.

**ANYTHING** that is not found in the Witcher novels **IS NOT** lore-friendly, including **EVERYTHING** that exists in the game, without also existing in the novels.

But why bother to even say this, when people are so stupid, that they can be lead to hurt others, in exchange for $500?

I am left to wonder... WHY? 

* Why was it so easy for my uncle to entice this tittie streamer to harass me on his comand?

* Why was it so easy for the tittie streamer to in turn gather up such a large group to attack on her command, with no offer of money at all?

* Why were so many people, so willing to jump to conclusions, when there was no evidence to support their claims?

* Why were so many, so easily duped into attacking a stranger, attacking her based on false accusations of sex?

* Why were so many, so easily swayed, do to evil things, to someone they didn't even know?

And does it have anything to do with the fact that, the general public is just too stupid to think for themselves? Too stupid to use their own brains? Too stupid to know the difference between sleep and sex?

We live in a world, where the general population as so little intelligence, that the general population, can't tell the difference between sleep and sex.

We live in a world, where the general population as so little intelligence, that the general population, can be lead like sheep and ordered to hurt strangers, in exchange for money or nipple flashed on stream.

Is a donation on Twitch really worth that much?

Is the promise of seeing a nipple, really worth someone's life?

You do know people died because of this, right?

Your so-called "harmless fun" online, cost lives.

Do any of you who helped that tittie streamer, even care about what you did?

Are you really that cruel, that cold, that heartless that you think hurting people is a game you do for fun?

What kind of a world do we live in?

It also raised some questions, when these people started to send me emails. Questions like: How did they get THIS particular email? An email address that ONLY family/relatives had. NOT the email I use for my social networking and online business. Only someone related to me could have given out that particular email address.

Like I said before... there was a lot more happening, which I have not mentioned online. There were things happening, that pointed some very big red flags at the fact my uncles were behind this. Things happening offline... to my neighbours, to local family members, at their homes, at their workplaces. It became very quickly obvious that whoever was behind this, knew the home addresses and workplaces of my mother, my father, my brothers, their friends, and this whole this was far bigger than just some no-name tittie streamer. 

And then came the problem... every time I went live, within minutes offline attackers arrived at my home with guns... shooting into the building... as you saw and heard for yourselves. 

We have these shootouts recorded on 5 streams in row. And it is why I stopped live streaming and started uploading pre-recorded videos instead. It became not safe to go live, because the people behind this attack were very, very, very local.

You saw what they did to my car, The Volvo, The Dazzling Razzberry, aka The Autism Awareness Car. It's been over a year since they destroyed my car and we've not yet got it fully back together.

What I don't understand is why... why do people obey my uncle's commands? Why is it so easy for him to work people into these frenzies. Over and over and over and over again. Year after year, month after month, for 3 decades now. Why do people act so violent, simply because he tells them to?

Well, Covid-19 has been a blessing for me and my family. 9 uncles are dead, including the one behind these attacks. They were anti-mask protestors out there protesting masks calling Covid-19 a hoax. Had they been wearing the mask they were so busy protesting, they would not have died. Funny how things work out. They evaded the law for years, and a virus they called a hoax, got them in the end.

The FBI raid that gave me my freedom, was the beginning of my uncle's vicious attacks. Of the 140 of us slaves who were rescued by the FBI, 31 of them were murdered before 2001. Nearly all are dead today. All of them either murdered or driven to suicide by the harassment from our uncles.

You hear me tell you what happened to me and my family, and because I speak ONLY of what happened to us, you might think we were the only ones. We were not. Each of the 140 cousins rescued, have all face similar attacks. It is not my place to speak about what happened to them. I did not witness the attacks on them. I only speak of the things I personally witnessed for myself. 

And because the FBI investigation, even the things which happened to me, I can not tell you all of it. Thus you have been made aware of very little of all that has happened.

They married, started families, only to watch their children be kidnapped and murdered, the heads of their babies nailed to their doors. Their wives and their husbands shot, while shopping at local grocery stores.

Their houses blown up with pipe bombs, grease fryer bombs. 3 of my cousins burned to death with their entire families, because gas from car exhaust was piped into their house while they slept, to knock them out, then the house set on fire.

You hear me mention my Dodge and now also my Volvo the 2 cars that were cut apart... did you also know that a road grader drove up my mother's driveway and flattened her car in 2018? Or that in the past 12 years, 54 cars belonging to various cousins were likewise destroyed by attacks on their homes?

No. It's not just me and my immediate family who've suffered these horrendous attacks.

140 other families have suffered these same attacks as well.

Like me, several others were attacked in parking lots, beaten with golf clubs and baseball bats. I was lucky... I lived. Most of the others did not. I'm paralyzed. I'm crippled. But I'm alive. Most of the others who suffered those attacks, died, bled to death in parking lots before anyone found them. The most recent death from a parking lot beating, was February 14, 2020, in Scarborough WalMart, my cousin, who was 26 years old.

The man with the backhoe... that backhoe has driven over 120 houses in York County, Maine. In Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddeford, and Scarborough.

The attacks by the Ku Klux Klan... my uncle founded that particular branch of Ku Klux Klan and most of the members are my cousins.

Like I've said many times, what you hear me talk about online is only a small fraction of the full story. You only see and hear the tip of the iceberg. You don't know the full story, or how many HUNDREDS of people my uncles have done this to.

Look at the online attacks which happen to me. Compare them to what is "typical" of cyberbullying. Now go to my FaceBook friend list, and start opening profiles. Look at the photos. Houses bombed. Cars destroyed. Pets dead, hanging from nooses in trees. Look at what these men are doing to every single last one of my cousins.

Look at how far these monstrous men have gone.

Hundreds of lives destroyed.

No minute's peace.


Because we reject an alien cult. That's why. Fucking Heaven's Gate. My uncles believe God is an alien, living on planet Kolob, and is going to ride in on a comet mothership. People think Heaven's Gate died in 1996. Only 39 people died that day. Heaven's Gate is alive and well. Heaven's Gate had hundreds of members than and thousands of members today. But I didn't join it. I was born in it. I never wanted to be part of their ufo alien bullshit. I just wanted out. So many of us who were born into that, we just wanted out. 

#Do you know what it is like to be locked in a cage, in a closet, with no lights, no heat, at 8 years old, and only given one salted herring to eat once every 12 days... and then not be let out for 31 years? 

When the FBI raid rescued me, I couldn't speak because a brick had broken my jaw decades earlier. I hadn't bathed in 30 years. I was so skinny I was nearly a skeleton. I couldn't walk, because I had sat huddled so many years. I couldn't see in daylight, because I had sat in total darkness for so many decades. Solitary confinement in total blackness, for 31 years, since I was 8 years old.

I had no "childhood", no "teen years", not even any "young adult" years. I never went to school. I was already middle aged the first time I got to experience daylight, bathing, using toilets, learned to walk, learned to speak in something other than growls and hisses.

I've never experienced friendship or love or huge... and while people tell me sex is good and wonderful, my only experience with sex is brutal violent rape at the hands of Mormon priests who paid my uncles to rape little girls who were under 8 years old.

So while you speak of sex as a good thing... I've never experienced good sex, I've only ever experienced sex that came with knives, broken bottles, hammers, and nails... broken bokens, and cuts so deep they hit the bones.

I was in my 40s when I started adult education to get a GED and go to college.

You can see WHY I put so much value on education and proper use of words. I was in my 40s before I had those things.

You don't know hat a blessing you have... your freedom, freedom to eat... freedom to wash yourself... freedom to lay down to sleep... freedom to stand up... freedom to use words... freedom to not be beaten in the face with a brick, if you dare ask for a 2nd salted herring, because 1 salted herring every 12 days leaves you too weak to stay awake.

THAT uncle. The one who did THAT to me. He's the one, who was paying the tittie streamer $500 a month to harass me on Twitch.

One of the most horrible things that tittie streamer did... she took the torture and abuse that my uncles did to me, and made memes saying Avallac'h did those things to Ciri.

Those horrific things my uncles did to me... those were the things she used, to ignite so much hatred for Avallac'h, from people who knew nothing about him at all.

She convinced them that those monstrous things my uncles did to me... were things Avallac'h did to Ciri, and told them, that THAT was WHY I liked Avallac'h.

She told them Avallac'h locked Ciri in cages and starved and tortured her.

She told them that I hated Ciri and that I like Avallac'h because he caged her and tortured her.

Her lies about Avallac'h, saying he did things to Ciri, that were in actuality the things my uncles had done to me... that was HOW she worked Ciri fans, fans of the game, who'd never read the novels, into the wild frenzies... WHY they were chanting "deserved to be raped" and "kill eelkat" in my chat.

Anyone who read the novels, knew she was lying about what she claimed Avallac'h had done to Ciri, but so few people have read the novels, that she was able to enrage many.

She simply hated Avallac'h so much, that she was willing to say anything to turn others against him.

And when my uncle discovered that, he used that, and paid her to to do it more, and she jumped on the chance to lash out at the Twitch channel devoted to a character she hated.

While this attack appeared on the surface to be about Avallac'h, it was not. It was just my vindictive uncles once again, who found someone who hated Avallac'h as much as I liked him, and used that tittie streamer as their pawn.

There are 4,000 people in the family. The clan is huge. Only 400 of us escaped and fled in 1996.

We went on with our lives. Never looked back. We thought the nightmare was over, now that we were free. No more were we locked in cages. No more were we tortured, cut, burned, starved, and beaten. No bones broken by bricks. Freedom. We finally had freedom.

We had no idea, the hell that was in store for use, because we escaped.

We never could have imagined how vindictive our uncles were. Or how far they would go, to see to it that no one who escaped Heaven's Gate, lived to be a witness.

But this is far worse than just Heaven's Gate, for Heaven's Gate is just the religion they practice, and there's a reason Americans call the Scottish Gypsies, The Scottish Mafia. Though not atual Mafia, the similarities to the real Mafia, are there. You don't leave family alive - they made sure we learned that lesson.  They leave no witnesses - they made sure we learned that lesson too.

They think because Maine is so far isolated from the rest of the country, that they can away with anything, and sadly that is almost true. My uncles took over the clan in 1968 and there are so few people in Maine, and so many clansmen, that no one in Maine dares fight back. So for decades, they've run several of the town in the state.

The 60s, 70s, and 80s they had no competition. And with barely a dozen police officers in the entire state, no way for the law to stop them. It was only in the late 90s when several towns started to build police departments that my uncles began to lose their control over every business, church, and town hall.

They were lords of their own private dynasty. And they lost that standing in 1996, when the FBI raid took them down.

That's when they scattered to Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Florida, Australia, Mongolia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

And with them gone from Maine, we thought their reign of terror was over. We thought we were free at last. Free to live our lives, work our farm, and be normal people with normal lives.

We had no idea, that their flight from Maine would ignite their fury into wild vicious vendetta, that would lash out at 140 families.

Since 1997, my family has been subjected to his endless onslaughts both offline and online. So many houses blown up with bombs. So many innocent lives dead. For years he walked free over and over again, because it was always people online who had carried out his orders, so they went to prison, and he walked free to find others to do his bidding. And while he evaded the law for decades, he couldn't evade a pandemic, and at long last his reign of terror is over. Hopefully. 

We can only hope that with him now dead, his online followers will stop harassing us and leave my family alone. With him not there to egg them on, hopefully, they will just go away and stop bothering us.

We have for the first time, since 1997, the first glimmer of hope, that this nightmare hell we've lived in at the hands of this terrible man, may now be over. We hope that his legacy of hate dies with him and my family will at last know peace.

I kept all of this separate from Twitch. I didn't want any of it here. Twitch was always completely devoid of any mention of my life offline. 

My uncle is horrible for seeking out someone to to do this. But the tittie streamers is even worse than he is, because she's the one who brought all of this here.

She's the one who took all the info my uncle gave her, and brought it to Twitch.

She dug up my past, and my present, and brought it to Twitch. 

She made 200 VODs, each 5 hours long about me, my life, she made joke of the abuse I went through and called it BDSM... yes... that horrible person, thinks slicing the flesh of an 8 year old child with broken glass shards, while priests rape her, is BDSM.

She sent 800 of her followers to my channel chanting "deserved to be raped" and "kill eelkat".

She even made a character of me in her SIMS game.

And her followers, took to Twitter and spread the word to their followers. And from their it snowballed until what she started gained 300,000 followers who started sending hate to my personal, private email.

I am deeply distressed by what she did.

I worked so hard, for so many years, to keep all the hell of my offline life separate from my Twitch channel.

My channel was strictly for games and nothing else.

What possess someone to do a thing like this?

I do not understand why she did this. Was she really that desperate for his $500 a month donation?

There is no place I can go, where my uncles do not intrude. Not offline. Not online.

It's why I never told anyone I had a Twitch account.

No one knew.

Not my parents. Not my siblings. Until recently, after this happened, not even Ben. 

I never shared the link to my channel anywhere or with anyone.

No one on my Twitter or FaceBook knew. None of my websites. No where.

I did absolutely nothing to advertise or network.

I went out of my way to AVOID growing my channel, all to avoid my uncles finding me here.

I wanted there to be one place on the planet where I could go to get away from my uncles and their harassment. Twitch was that place, and that tittie streamer destroied that.

Now I have no place where I can escape my uncles.

Not offline.

Not online.  

I feel so violated by this tittie streamer and what she did.

Her online sex harassment is nothing short of virtual rape.

The only safe space I had has been violated and I am too sad to stream.

She is just as evil as the uncle who paid her $500 a month to do this.

Take a lesson from the that tittie streamer... don't take money from strangers, especially not from men, and especially not from men online.

No man gives away money for free.

Every man who gives you money, has an ulterior motive.

Every man who gives you money, wants something back in return.

And there is no good or moral man, who gives money to little girls.

Stupid people will tell you, you are safe to stream on Twitch so long as you don't reveal your real name of say what city you live in.

These people are foolish and are giving very bad advice.

If someone really wants to find you... they will, and you can't stop them.

Do you know how many girls, how many tittie streamers, girls under the age of 18, were kidnapped in 2019?


Fifty seven thousand, three hundred and twent nine girls between the ages of 13 and 18, were kidnapped in one single year. Girls whom every one of them, had men on Twitch and Instagram sending then $100 donations every month.

57,329 tittie streamers on Twitch and Instagram, between the ages of 13 and 18,were kidnapped last year, and presumed dead. Murdered by one of the men who gave them monthly donations of $100 or more.


Think about that number.

And then think about my uncles.

And than think about this:

There are millions of men, just like my uncles, out there.

There are millions of men, far worse than my uncles, out there.

My uncles are not unique.

My uncles were horrible men. Thankfully they are now in prison or dead. But they are not unique. There are millions more men just like them and far worse, out there.

How safe are you actively being?

57,329 out of less than 2 million... in one year... that's a really big number.

Think about it.

THINK before you stream.

THINK about your safety.

Don't let the idiots in your chat pressure with saying: "It's just money, take it"


Don't take it.

Send it back. While you still can.

If you don't send it back, there is an 83% chance, you will be one of next year's 57, 329.

Your safety should be more important to you then money. 

You should not be so willing to exchange your life for money.

Stay safe.

Be smart.

Don't exchange your life because some man waved a few hundred dollar bills in your face.

#You are worth more than all the money in the world. Remember that.

Don't take money from strangers.

And yes, EVERYONE you meet online is a stranger.

If you need money, get off your ass and get a real job.

Be smart.

Stay safe.

Don't become a victim.

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About This Game Play:

This current mod-making playthrough, is prep for a future fully-lore-friendly playthrough....

The ultimate goal of my mod making playthrough, is to make every character as lore-friendly as possible to how they were described in the novels.

Most specifically though we are transforming as much of the game as possible to match Chapter 5 of the novel Lady of the Lake, when Ciri lived with Avallac'h the first time, on The Lake of Avalon.

This current playthrough is largely a lot of test runs of hundreds of mods. It is being played open world with quests rarely happening, to allow us to run tests of various mods as I build them.

Due to the fact that the game engine, scripts, and other files is often open and being edited while I'm playing the game, this current playthrough is very unstable with bugs and glitches happening  daily and game crashes happening, sometimes as often as every few minutes.

You are witnessing a live overhaul and full rewrite of the game, that when finished will be used in a complete (more normal style) playthrough of the game.

However do not expect to see the lore-friendly playthrough any time soon. 

I began building this overhaul mod May 13, 2018 and have worked on it daily for 4 to 12 hours a day, all of it streamed here on Twitch, and... 

...while we've now altered over 2,000 script files, more than 7,000 textures, several hundred meshes, 400+ xml files, dozens of ini files, and have now begun work on changing 3D models...

...this project is far from finished and could see as much as another 3 years of daily work before completion.

UPDATE: October 5, 2020... it is now nearing 3 years since starting, and  there are now more than 20,000 files edited in this project, and no end is yet in sight.

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There are a lot more parts on the computer, but those above are the base requirements if you want to build a gaming rig capable of running Witcher 3 with over 4,000 mods, including over 20,000 custom graphics added to the game.


Keyboards: I use 2 keyboards... a full size mechanical with rainbow lights and a mini-size wireless.

Headphones: After going through over a dozen headphones each a different brand and model, some costing several hundreds of dollars, and all suffered the same problem of breaking at the swivel point, I finally found one that did not break at it's swivels and have used them since 2016.

Monitors: I use multiple monitors and change and add more every year or so, which monitor I have is different at any given time. As a general rule, my set of monitors is whatever was the biggest screen, curved screen, gaming monitor that was a new release during that year's Black Friday sale.

Mouse: I have 6 wireless, all the same, and just switch them out mid stream when the batteries die.

Camera: This is the camera & mic I use for my IRL vlogs, car vlogs, and shopping vlogs.

Webcam: This is the camera & mic used for the facecam on my Witcher 3 streams.

I do not use a mic. I've tried several over the years, and every one of them, couldn't come close to having the quality of the mic that came built in to each of those 2 cameras above, so I discontinued using a seperate mic and just use the 2 cameras' built in mics now.

2nd Camera: The other camera I use. Usually this one is for the stills of my flowers, garden, pets, and cars, but it is sometimes used for video recordings as well. This camera is mostly used for the photography prints I sell on Zazzle.

Camera stands: I use Gorilla Pods for all of my cameras.

I have more cameras, used for my photography, but those does get used for streaming or vlogging so no need to list them here.


The base computer was built in 2016, and cost just under $3,000 to build. But has been upgraded and expanded on a regular basis every few months since than. In total the computer cost over $15,000 to build, spent over a period of 4 years.


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November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

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