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 TRIGGERED! I'm a Straight Cis Woman, but I am deemed Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach, Are you too gay for the bigoted, minority harassing, white power, gay hating psychos of The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall Too? 

FAQs: But Ciri is the Chosen One, she's like Jesus. How can you not like Jesus? | The Witcher series

*This article originally appeared on my Twitch Profile in September 2018*

Ciri: with blue eyes, blond dreadlocks rolled in ashes, a mask of lard-ashes-fisstech, and much bigger scar... like she was described in both Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake.Ciri: with blue eyes, blond dreadlocks rolled in ashes, a mask of lard-ashes-fisstech, and much bigger scar... like she was described in both Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake.

Ciri is the Chosen One?

She's like Jesus?

Boy have you never read the novels!

Uhm.... so, you are saying that a crackhead who murders babies and rapes elderly men... is the Messiah?


Uhm... how did you come to that conclusion?

And before we get into that... can I just say that the continued insistence that I hate Ciri because I have her with Avallac'h - you know the GUY SHE'S MARRIED TO IN THE NOVELS - is getting rather annoying. 

Ciri and Avallac'h are a canon couple in the novels and your hating Avallac'h does not give you the right to send me 100+ emails every day whining your ass of about my liking a character that you don't like. 

#AND DOING THAT FOR 13 MONTHS STRAIGHT... Sends the message that you got some serious mental issues.

I'm a multi-published author. I don't like fan-fiction. I have seen fan-fiction destroy authors' careers, and authors lose incomes over people paying more for fan created works then the author's original work. It happens all the time, even though there are many laws against it.  I've written many articles on why fan-fiction is bad.

The Witcher 3 game is a perfect example of WHY FAN-FICTION IS BAD, because the game developers STOLE characters from Andrzej Sapkowski, made multiple millions off changing the characters into fan-fiction, and then cut the original creator of the characters out of royalties.

All images on this page are from:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition 
Completionist Run: 
The Avallac'h Playthrough
(Watch It Live HERE)

While the game devs are now millionaires, the creator struggles to get by, and this is very, very wrong. This should not happen, and yet fan-fiction constantly destroys the lives of authors all the time.

If you go back to my older VODS, you will see that BECAUSE OF WHAT WE WERE TOLD IN THE GAME, I had Isillia, not Ciri traveling with Avallac'h.

And then I read the novels and found ut that in the novels, Ciri and Avallac'h were not only a couple, but the novels end on them getting married and living happily ever after for 10,500 years.

And from then on I had Ciri traveling with Avallac'h.


Because Avallac'h being with Isillia was game created fan-fiction.... he was with Ciri in the novels.

During the Pink Jelly Unicorn Playthrough, we turned Roach into BoomFuzzy the Unicorn and did a partial Quaraun run.

In the early episodes of my 1st Avallac'h Playthrough, the complaints were always:

"Why do you hate Geralt? Why would you remove him from the game?"

.... which always baffled me because I have yet to understand why it is me playing as Avallac'h = I hate Geralt.

I played the game as Geralt 3 times, got all 3 Ciri endings, and wanted to change the game with mods after playing it without mods 3 times.

My 1st time playing without Geralt, I played as Ge'els.

My 2nd time playing without Geralt I played as Regis.

I did a partial playthrough as Gaunter O'Dimm.

I did a Team Roach playthrough

I did a Pink Jelly Unicorn Playthrough...

...all of this was before I started the Avallac'h Playthrough.

My 1st Avallac'h Playthrough was my 10th playthrough!

And after the Avallac'h playthrough, you'll likely see me do other characters, including playing as Ciri traveling with Avallac'h reverse of what I'm doing now.

For the 1st several months, I was constantly bombarded with the question:

"Why do you hate Geralt? How can you remove him from the game?"

.... and yet, I don't hate Geralt at all and I can't understand why people's first automatic reaction to me playing as another character, is to assume I hate Geralt!

Now I'm getting the exact same messages, but now instead of saying:

"Why do you hate Geralt? How can you remove him from the game?"

Now they say:

"You're playing as Avallac'h! What do you hate Ciri?"

I don't get it. Why does me playing the game as Avallac'h = I MUST hate Geralt or Ciri?

How are you people coming to that conclusion?

So, for the 1st several months, I was constantly bombarded with the question:

"Why do you hate Geralt? How can you remove him from the game?".... and yet, I don't hate Geralt at all and I can't understand why people's first automatic reaction to me playing as another character, is to assume I hate Geralt!

But then I read the novels, found out Avallac'h and Ciri were a couple in the novels, were married in the novels, and had a baby together in the novels, and they were always with each other, very protective of each other, and, hated being separated from each other....

...and so I started having Ciri travel with Avallac'h, seeing how the way they were in the novels, they never wanted to be out of each other's sight.

...and because Avallac'h is the only male we ever see Ciri have sex with in the novels, I switched out all the sex girls in the game for Ciri so the sex scenes are always Ciri and Avallac'h.

I did this because I do not like breaking up a canon couple. The author created them to be together and so I keep them together.

This resulted in a horrific onslaught of THOUSANDS of comments, whisper messages, Twitter dms, FaceBook private messages, and emails of enraged Ciri fans demanding to know one thing: "Why do you hate Ciri? How can you ship her with that perv Avallac'h?"

Clearly not a one of these people has read the novels.

If they had, they would have known the perv was Ciri who started shoving her cunt in men's faces at 8 years old and is only 14 years old 68 sex scenes later when the novels end... AND they would have knows Ciri and Avallac'h were a couple, were married, and had a baby together.

For starters, the novels are my fave books and I've read all 8 of them 9 times each.... and in the novels Ciri is the main character (Geralt is just an afterthought, secondary character)... and you can't read a novel about a character multiple times if you hated that character, let alone read 8 novels, 9 times each about that character.

So why every other question that gets sent to me starts with: "Why do you hate Ciri..." is beyond me, because I clearly don't hate Ciri.

I find it very frustrating and very annoying that so many people look at Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple and immediately think, anyone who likes them as a couple automatically hates Ciri.

I like Ciri quite a lot. I hate some of the shitty things she did, but that doesn't mean I hate her.

What I hate, is the people who constantly accuses me of hating Ciri simply because I like Avallac'h.

You people have some serious mental problems, and I wish you would go see the psychiatrist you so desperately need to see, get some of that anger management you so desperately need, and leave me alone.

Back to your question:

FAQs: But Ciri is the Chosen One, she's like Jesus. How can you not like Jesus?


You're gonna compare a slutty sex crazed prostitute  who spends her life raping elderly men and murdering small children to a celibate monk who fed orphans, helped widows, and healed the sick?

If you want to compare Ciri to a Bible character, you better try Eve, from The Garden of Eden, because she's straight up Eve, just as much as Avallac'h is both God and Adam. And anyone who read the novels knows that, because they also know at its core, the novels are the story of a spaceship that crashed and killed everyone on board along with killing everyone on the planet, save one surgeon from the ship and one unicorn from the planet. 

The Elf and the unicorn forever locked in a feud over the destruction of the planet, while the ship itself uses holograms to replay the last few centuries of the planet over and over again, to keep the ships last survivor from going insane alone... but after centuries alone on the planet his ship destroyed, he clones himself and, now we got the only male on the planet: Avallac'h, and the only female on the planet: Ciri.

The whole series revolves around Ciri's constantly being caught in the ship's tractor beam and sent back to Avallac'h over and over and over and over again, with Avallac'h appearing as someone different every time Ciri meets him, and the unicorn rescuing her over and over again, continually taking her back to live with the illusionary family (Geralt and Yennefer) the ship's computer made up for her.

My favorite picture. Ciri Kissing Avallac'hMy favorite picture. Ciri Kissing Avallac'h

The reader spends the first 5 novels thinking they are reading about a Medieval world, then start seeing sci-fi tech showing up in the 6th novel for no explained reason, and are given a total mind fuck in the 7th novel...

#when the 7th novel goes total Matrix on their ass... 

...and the reader finds out EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in the entire series was nothing but holographic projections created by a crashed spaceship on a dead planet, and that there have only ever been 3 characters all along: Avallac'h, Ciri, and a Unicorn. 


The novels are SO DIFFERENT from the game, that they have almost nothing in common at all.

The game FallOut 4 has more in common with The Witcher novels then the Witcher games have with the novels they were SUPPOSEDLY based off of!

Like I've said many times before, the books the game was based on were WAY better than the game...BUT ARE NOTHING LIKE THE GAME AT ALL.

#The books ARE NOT Medieval Dark Fantasy like the game, but rather SpacePunk Fantasy Erotic Bizarro set on a planet that has Medieval elements.

Tank Girl Comic Books and Mad Maxx have more in common with the Witcher novels then the Witcher games do.

The game shows the Elves with flying pirate ships... that is NOT what we saw in the novels!


Just because the planet's date was 1251, does not mean it was Medieval times, like our planet Earth was in 1251.... There is nothing even remotely close to being Medieval Earth in the novels... and 1251 is 1,251 years since the Conjunction of Spheres happened not 1,251 since recorded history started.

My 2nd favorite picture. Also Ciri kissing Avallac'h.My 2nd favorite picture. Also Ciri kissing Avallac'h.

The game is so vastly different from the story we are told in the novels, that we can only logically assume that in the game, Avallac'h's spaceship decided to play some alternate version of the world to give Ciri and Avallac'h a division. There's no other way to explain the huge changes of characters we see in the game.

So... "Chosen One"... yeah... 

The only thing Ciri has in common with Jesus is they are both the child of a god. Jesus is the son of Yahweh and Ciri is the granddaughter of Avallac'h. 

Do you realize that if you compare Ciri to Jesus you are also comparing Avallac'h to Yahweh, right?

#And before I answer your question, can I point out what an EVIL SLAP IN THE FACE you give to the author when you compare ANYTHING in the Witcher franchise to CHRISTIANS.

You do know that the Witcher novels are a blatant anti-Christian protest propaganda story put into novel format right?

You are aware the author was a POLISH JEW old enough to have been alive when 20 MILLION MEMBERS OF HIS PEOPLE WERE BEING MURDERED IN POLAND!

You also know the original manuscripts are written NOT IN POLISH but rather in HEBREW.

Do you know that in EVERY TRANSLATION, even the English editions the Elves and Gnomes ALWAYS SPEAK IN HEBREW because THEY ARE JEWISH.

Did you know that in the novel Avallac'h is a RABBI and was not liked by other Jews because of the two very radical things he taught that go against Orthodox Judaism:

  • * An all out ban on circumcision
  • * that the messiah was a female (Lara Dorren)

Did you ever notice how ALL THE VILLAINS are HUMANS and Christian, while NONE of the Jewish non-Humans are villains?

Did you know that ALL of the magic spells being cast in both the games and the novels are REAL WORLD JEWISH KABBALISM and that EVERY MAGE in the series, even the Lodge of Sorceresses wear the Star of David and talk about Setherroth and the Tree of Life - the central core belief system of Jewish Mysticism?

Did you notice Avallac'h wears pyatte (braided locs) and Kalkstein wears tzis-tzsi (Jewish tassel prayer beads)?

Did you notice that the Christians are BURNING JEWS while the Christians are wearing WHITE ROBES and WHITE HOODS?

You want to really be horrified by the Jewish references... do a Google search for REAL tattoos matching the tattoos Avallac'h wears... you'll need a lot of eye bleach, because you'll get lots of images of piles of dead Jews from Polish Nazi concentration camps.

It horrifies me how many people play the game and know not the meaning of sackcloth and ashes, do not recognize the Star of David, don't know the Elves are speaking Hebrew, are clueless that the priests of the Eternal Fire are straight up wearing ACTUAL REAL WORLD Ku Klux Klan uniforms, and that the Redanians are German Nazis.

#The Witcher novels and the Witcher Games are beginning to end blatant, unabashed protest of Christianity and a cry to stop harassing Jews.

#And you want to compare its main character to Jesus of all people? What the hell is wrong with you?

And how exactly is Ciri  "The Chosen One"? Outside of the game, where are you ever told that?

#The game is straight up fan-fiction BASED off the novels. 

  • * The game is NOT a retelling of the novels.
  • * The game made HUGE changes to characters that resulted in them being NOTHING LIKE THEY WERE in the novels.
  • * The story of the novels IS NOT IN ANY OF THE GAMES.

How much does the GAME change NOVEL characters?

Well, let's look at the blue-eyed, brunette, who has no boobs because they were burned off in a fire, and no one knows what she looks like because she wears a burka that leaves only her blue-eyes and strand of long brown hair in view.

This burka wearing, boobless, blue-eyed, brunette is an alchemist turned sorceress who specializes in making date-rape drugs that she gives to young women, so that those young women can put the drugs in the drinks of men, thus allowing the young women to rape men.

This burka wearing, boobless, blue-eyed, brunette is also such a whore that the first time we see her, she's got massive projectile diarrhea, caused by all the STDs and venereal diseases she's carrying.

Geralt is there for this scene attempting to help the diarrheaing boobless, blue-eyed, brunette stand upright, while watery feces are spewing across the page, and... weirdly, she's trying to kiss him and seduce him, while this is happening.

Wait... we get a scene with Geralt? WOW! He's in so few of those. He's lucky if he even appears in a full 3 paragraphs per novel. Talk about minor characters. Geralt is barely seen. Who knows why he's the main character in the game. He certainly didn't have enough page time in the novels to warrants being the lead role of the game series.

But here he is on one of the few times we get to see him... holding hands with an ugly, boobless, blue-eyed, brunette that's spewing projectile diarrhea all over the page because she'd a prostitute with more STDs than anyone can count.

This is not the first time feces go splattering across the pages of the story and will certainly not be the last.

You will oddly find yourself wading through a lot of feces, shit, manure, and diarrhea while reading the Witcher novels... I think Andrzej Sapkowski has some sort of a weird feces fetish going on.

Heck, first time we see Avallac'h he's THROWING feces at Geralt, while calling Geralt a monkey and telling him to go climb back up his tree where  him and the rest of the human apes belong.

I'm still wondering, why is it again that Avallac'h just has feces laying around his house to throw at people? What the hell? Avallac'h why is there feces randomly laying around in your house?

I want to know... he's a nobleman, a lesser king of a small region named Avalon. He lives in a palace on the Lake of Avalon. He's also the court mage of King Auberon, King over the lesser kings. And he's got feces just laying around, so that when he get mad at someone, he can throw feces at them and call them a monkey, while throwing feces at them like a monkey would do. 

Avallac'h is weird.

But then again... is there anyone who is normal in the Witcher novels?

Back to the boobless, blue-eyed, brunette who is kissing Geralt while she has projectile diarrhea flying out of her ass...

The burka wearing, boobless promoter of date rape, gets angry at her best friend one day. Her best friend is happily married. Best friend and her husband are madly in love with each other.

One of the most evil of all characters in the novels, she uses her date rape drugs on her best friend's husband and rapes him.

Nude Triss chasing Geralt as he runs away from angry Yen

The wife finds out and what this vile, evil burka wearing boobless bitch did to her husband  and a bitter feud starts between the two women.

However... the boobless, blue-eyed, brunette is only in the novels for 3 chapters and is even more of a minor character then Avallac'h is. 

Yeah... Avallac'h a very minor character who appears on only 32 pages of a 4,000 page long series... HAS MORE PAGE TIME then this woman does.... which I point out, because... it's probably gonna really shock you a lot... to find out who she is.

Other then her projectile diarrhea spewing scene, she doesn't have any other scenes that last more than a couple of sentences, and she's such a minor after thought of a character that you are left wonder... what was her name again? Began with a T, had something to do with a flower... 

Yep. Triss Merigold.

The boobless, blue-eyed, brunette who spends her longest scene in the novels, shooting projectile diarrhea out her ass, because she's dying from all her STDs, is none other than Triss Merigold.

I gotta say... I've read a lot of Erotica. Seen a lot of weird fetishes. Encountered some freaky fucked up rape scenes... but the Triss Merigold's raping Geralt while shooting buckets of diarrhea out her ass is by far the strangest sex scene I've ever encountered. Well, at least her ass was already sore, I suppose.

Even Ciri raping Avallac'h while King Auberon blows bubbles and the entire city gathers to watch and cheer Ciri on, isn't as freaky.

Enraged that the boobless, burka wearing, blue-eyed, brunette rapist, raped her husband, Geralt, Yennefer vows to never again trust for former best friend Triss Merigold.

Yes, in the novels Yennefer is Geralt's wife, and Triss Merigold is the burka wearing boobless date rapist.

* At what point in the game were you ever informed that ^^^THIS^^^ is why Yennefer is acting so bitchy at Triss?

  • * At what point does the game inform you Yennefer is Geralt's WIFE?

  • * At what point in the game do you see Triss boobless, wearing a burka, having blue eyes, or having long brunette hair?

  • * At what point does the game ever inform you that Triss Merigold is an alchemist who specializes in making date rape drugs and devotes her life to helping young girls to rape men?

  • * Triss as the sweet girl next door is game only fan-fiction.

* Triss's green eyes and red hair are game only fan-fiction

* Triss having boobs and wearing revealing immodest clothing is game only fan-fiction.

Let's see, what other characters did they change?

I know... do you know about the guy with long blond curls, brilliant blue eyes, and has 12 married women pregnent all at the same time - not one of them are his wife? Yeah, he'd be Buttercup. Don't know Buttercup? Well, they changed his name to Dandelion in the game.

Here's one:

Have you ever meet the guy with black eyes? Solid black eyes. No whites. No iris. No pupils. Just solic black, through and through.


Let's get some more info about him:

He's very thin, skeletal even, looks like he died. Described as looking like the skeleton of a plague victim who has dried skin stretched over the bones. Was so thin, so gaunt, so lacking in muscles, and so sickly that everyone thought he'd drop dead if the wind blew on him.

This black eyed, frail looking, sickly, skeletal, 90 pound weakling, had dark tan skin, a shaved head, and a long white ponytail tied in a Japanese top-knot on his head. He always wore black, black, and more black, including a black Rambo style headband. He NEVER carried a sword and only owned ONE sword, which he often lost, seeing how he used it so rarely, he usually couldn't remember which whorehouse he'd set it down in last.

Yep, the guant, sickly, tan skinned, not an albino, black eyed, muscless, 90 pound weakling, is Geralt of Rivia.

* Geralt in the novels has black eyes

* Geralt's eyes were described as "narrow, slanted, almond shaped, and Asian"

* Only once does it say Geralt has eyes like a cat.... and... well, with his eyes already being described as black, we are left to asume "eyes like a cat" is more of a metaphor then a description, like saying a person who sees well has eyes like an eagle

* When we are told Geralt has eyes like a cat... he is in the dark, at night, and others around him can not see anything, yet he could see everything around them plain as broad day

* Other then being black, his eyes looked normal, but when he drank his potions, he was able to expand his pupils wider or close them narrower like slits, to help him see better (remember the Witcher senses in the game that let him focus in on tiny details? that there is how it was described in the novels)

* Geralt in the novels is not an albino like he was in the game; ONLY HIS HAIR turned white from the Trial of Grasses; it said total loss of pigment in his hair

* Geralt, like Avallac'h, was described as LOOKING (and dressing) ASIAN, his white hair made him stand out, but his face features and slanted eyes, branded him as being Asian descent, but his white hair made him look alien against Asians

* the same was said of Avallac'h... that he looked and dressed Asian with Asian features and slanted eyes, only Avallac'h WAS AN ALBINO with fair flaxen platinum blond hair and icy pale aquamarine blue eyes with pink pupils, and it made him look alien against Asians

* In the novels, Geralt's hair turned white as a side effect of acid bleaching it, after drinking said acid during the Trail of Grasses; he used to have black hair; his eyes turned black after drinking the potions

* Geralt wore Asian Samurai style armor, fought with Samurai style swords,  and was said to look like an Asian Demon

* Geralt in the novels was NOT a big muscle man like in game and rather was one of the smallest, weakest, thinnest, skickliests looking people anyone had ever seen

* Geralt in the novels did not carry two swords on his back

* Geralt in the novels didn't even own two swords, other then for one brief short story, when he needed a special silver sword for killing a special specific beast.

* IF he had a sword on him at all, Geralt had one dull bladed steel sword, that he never carried with him, always kept on his horse, and usually left under some married woman's bed because he had to run out in such a haste because her husband came home early

* But usually Geralt had ZERO swords, because he kept getting drunk and forgetting where he left it.

* Geralt in the novels was NOT a good fighter, often lost fights, couldn't remember signs so never cast them - other then to cast Axii on random women who said no to sex with him, had trouble staying sober, used alchemy potions to get high, and was a grave robber who spent more time digging up graves and stealing gold jewelry then he did fighting monsters.

* The only thing Geralt cared about was gold. He was as gold crazy as a Californian miner in 1849. He'd sell Ciri and Yennefer both for gold if he could, he doesn't give a shit about either of them.

How about Yennefer?

Yennefer is a Grave Hag.

Yep. A Grave Hag. 

In Witcher Lore a grave hag is a woman who had an abortion and was punished by the wraith of the baby, resulting in her body becoming deformed, twisted, hunched back, and... is nothing like the "Necrophrage" monster you see in the game.

Why the game made hags be monsters, I don't know, though we do see in the game, the Baron's wife turn into a grave hag after it is revealed she faked the miscarriage and had an abortion to guilt trip the Baron into thinking he'd made her miscarry.

We are left to wonder... did Yennefer have an abortion at some point? We don't know. But we are told that her body was tristed, crippled, and hunchbacked as a result of being a hag, and we are also told hags are only hags because all women who have abortions turn into hags.

Yennefer is also one quarter Elf.

And guess what that means... it means she is 1/4 black because in the novels: THE ELVES HAD BLACK SKIN!!!!

Because Yennefer is a Grave Hag, she uses a combination of cosmetic/plastic surgery and magic creams to give the illusion that she is a human.

We also have weird contradictory info about Yennefer, like, being born unchbacked at birth, contradicting the fact that she became hunchbacked as an old woman! 

Which one is it?

Is she a grave hag like we were told in one novel? Is she an 83 year old woman who became hunched back like we were told in a different novel? Or did her mother accidentally sit on her at birth and squash her into a hunchbacked cripple like we were told in yet another novel?

And why is she suddenly 15 years old in the sex scenes?

#Dear Andrzej Sapkowski, could you please hire a consistency editor? You desperately need one.

It said Yennefer had long frizzy, black, afro hair, pale albino-white skin, bright purple eyes, a tiny pointed chin, a tiny pointed nose, tiny thin lips that could barely be seen, and did not look even remotely human at all, because if the extremely sharp angles of her high cheekbones and pointed chin.

Yennefer was compared to Avallac'h in one scene, with Ciri commenting that Avallac'h's cheekbones were ALMOST as high as mommy Yennefer's... Yen had higher cheekbones then Avallac'h, and his cheekbones in the game, do in fact match the novels description of his razor sharp, triangular face and very high cheekbones.

It said she looked like a dainty pixie and was completely unable to pass for human because her features were so sharp, so pointed, and so angular.

In the games Yen looks very human, does NOT have an afro but instead had short straight black hair, had blue eyes, and lacked all of the features her face was said to have.

Also in the games, Yennefer looks like an older, mature woman, but true to Andrejz Sapowski's very disturbing peadophile fetish for underaged girls, in the novels we were very specifically told that Yennefer looked 15, even though she was actually 83 years old.

Ciri, though she calls Yennefer Mommy Yennefer, you'd swear Yennefer was actually Ciri's younger sister.

Also, Yennefer, has MORE PAGE TIME then Geralt does, and is by far the most seen character after Ciri.

You are lucky if you get a glimpse of Geralt once every 100 pages or so.

He is so very rarely in any scene of the novels that it is shocking the series is named The Witcher.

Why is the series called The Witcher?

What do you mean "The Witcher"?

What Witcher?


Is there are Witcher around here somewhere?

I seem to recall seeing Geralt run by about 400 pages ago,it said something about him having sex with that Elf Fringilla, WHO WAS NOT AN ELF IN THE GAME!!!!! What do you mean we are supposed to see him more often?

Why is Geralt the main character of the games? He was barely ever in the novels at all. 

Ciri was the main character and Yennefer was second fiddle. Vilgefortz is the 3rd most seen character. Then Dandelion.

Geralt doesn't even make the top 10 list of the characters seen most often in the novels.

Geralt is a minor character at best.

Ciri is the main character, and Geralt is just Mommy Yennefer's boyfriend who drops by every few months.

You'd be hard pressed to even call Geralt a minor character, let alone a primary character. I do not understand why the series was named "The Witcher" that title makes no sense at all, giving how rarely he's ever in any scene.

Why isn't the series titled "The Lost Princess" or "Mommy Yennefer" or "Ciri's Adventures in Camelot" or "The Sorceress' Little Lost Girl"? What the hell is the series named The Witcher for when it's not only NOT about The Witcher, but the Witcher himself is so rarely seen that you forget he's even in the books at all?

And get this: in the novels YENNEFER WORE WHITE not black! She wore long frilly white dresses that had black lace trim.

Yet in the game we see her wearing black pant suits with white piping.

Other characters the game changed?

* In the novels, Regis has long silky black hair

* In the novels, Eredin appears on only 8 pages, is never in more than 3 sentences on any of those 8 pages, and yet we are told 24 times that he has black skin. 

* Andrzej Sapkowski REALLY wanted us to know Eredin was the token buddy black boy stereotype and kept calling Eredin "The Black Elf".

* While all the Elves were dark skinned, Eredin, was super black, very black, blacker then black.

* When Ciri first meets Eredin, she  points out the Eredin is the blackest black person she has ever seen and then says that this means he was the evilest person ever born because no one with skin that black could be born good because only white people are born good; she then says Avallac'h is the most good person she has ever met, because he is the whitest person she has ever met.

* In the novels we were told that Avallac'h stuck out like a sore thumb, BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY ELF WITH WHITE SKIN

* In the novels the Elves are described as SWARTHY SKINNED, BLACK SKINNED, and ONYX SKINNED

* In the novels all the Elves had RED EYES THE COLOUR OF MOLTEN LEAD

* In the novels Avallac'h was bullied by the other Elves because HE HAD WHITE SKIN, BLOND HAIR, AND BLUE EYES and was THE ONLY ELF  who had any of these features

* Avallac'h's eyes were described as "slanted, almond shaped, Asian, rimmed in black eyeliner, and way too large for his face"

* Eredin was not a king, nor did he want to be one.

* Avallac'h WAS a king

* Avallac'h was a scientist and hated it when people called him a mage as he said he did not believe in the existence of magic

* Eredin was the leader of a group of soldiers known as The Red Riders. The Red Riders were all male. There were around a dozen Red Riders and they made up the ENTIRE Elf army.

* Avallac'h was the leader of a group of nude Amazonian, she-elf warriors known as The Wild Hunt; they carried crossbows and only wore gold glitter paint; and their job was to go out every night in search of pregnant females to kidnap and bring back to Avallac'h, so he could extract their fetuses and use them to try to clone himself a new Lara Dorren with.

* The Elves were almost extinct, and across all types combined (Aen Seidhe, Aen Elle, Aen Undon, and Aen Servane) there were fewer then 100 males left, total in the entire universe and around 10,000 females left; resulting in most males had many hundreds of wives, and there being so few males to go around, the majority of females had human husbands

* Yet in the game, just during one single fight scene, we see 750 male Wild Hunt warriors spawn in. 

Why? In the novels there were barely a dozen male soldiers, the Wild Hunt was not soldiers, and the Wild Hunt were female.

Why is Eredin leading the Wild Hunt in the game, when in the novels he lead The Red Riders? In the novels Avallac'h lead the Wild Hunt. 

Why is the game using Red Rider and Wild Hunt interchangeably for the same group when in the novels they were 2 distinct and separate groups.

Did you think the Witcher series was set in Medieval times because the date is 1251?

In the novels, they have plastic surgery, cellphones, TVs, light bulbs, computers, cryogenics scientists, doctors proficient in cloning, intergalactic star ships, time machines, ray guns, lasers, tractor beams, missiles, and The Matrix. Plus they travel between planets, galaxies, and dimensions.

Why then is the game set in a Medieval world? Who the hell knows. They certainly didn't get that from the novels.

Back to your claim that Ciri is "The Chosen One"

#Ciri as "The Chosen One" is game only fan-fiction. Here is Ciri's story in the novels:

Dunny is hell bent on power and will stop at nothing to become the Emperor. Thus why he married Princess Pavatta and plots to kill her parents, making her Queen Pavatta.  

Next Dunny sets out plotting to kill his wife Queen Pavatta, but she has his baby before he carries out the plan. 

To not look suspicious, Dunny waits a few years, let's his daughter get to be old enough (7 years old) to want to see the world, and makes a big show of how great a daddy and husband he is by chartering a ship to send the women of his family on a tour of the Northern Realms.

Once the women are gone on the ship, Dunny hires an evil mage to cast a big storm (basicly a hurricane) on Skellige while his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law are there. 

As the storm strikes another mage, unseen and unidentified, opens a portal that sucks all 3 of the women out of the boat. Pavatta and her mother are never seen again, and are officially declared dead by the shipwreck, though Ciri witnessed the portal and tells people her mother and grandmother vanished, not died. 

Ciri herself was zapped into a world on another planet, but wasn't there long because a unicorn grabbed her and jumped back through the portal, taking her back to Skellige.

According to Dunny's plan the Queen, and Pavatta "die" in the evil mage's storm, but little 7 year old princess Cirilla swims to shore and starts demanding the guy who rescued (Hjalmar an Craite) her have sex with her right now or else, I'm the new queen and you can't stop me, there's nothing you can do about it, fuck my pussy right now or I'll kill you, Nahnanananananaaaah!

Becoming Empress at 7 years old, goes straight to Ciri's head, the blue-eyed, blond haired girl takes to being a gluttonous slob, becomes insanely obese, and waddles around all fat and rolly polly, demanding every man she meets have sex with her or else she'll kill them.

Believing all the women of his family died in the storm, Dunny crowns himself Emperor changes his name to Emhyr and sets out waging war on every small country he can conquer. 

Every few days a mysterious, still unidentified mage opens portals and Ciri keeps getting sucked into them, coming out in various dimensions, worlds, planets, and galaxies all across the universe. No matter where she lands, she always meets a unicorn named Starry Eyes and he always brings her home.

Word reaches Emperor Emhyr that 8 year old Empress Ciri is alive and well in Skellige, so he hires a bounty hunter (Leo Bonhart) to kill her and cut out her heart so he can eat it.

Ciri is captured by Dryads (green-skinned female monster hunters who are basically female Witchers) and given the Dryad mutations (same thing as Witcher mutations but for girls).

Ciri's body does not mutate into a green-shinned, fish scaled, fish finned mutant like it should have done, so mages (The Lodge of Sorceresses) are brought in to test her blood and figure out why Ciri can not be mutated.

Blood tests reveal Ciri has The Lara Dorren Gene, and mass terror strikes the hearts of every one upon learning that one of The Ancient Unseen Elder God's clones has given birth.

Every few days a mysterious, still unidentified mage continues to open portals and Ciri keeps getting sucked into them, coming out in various dimensions, worlds, planets, and galaxies all across the universe. Every time the unicorn finds her and brings her back. 

Because no one ever sees the unseen mage, The Lodge of Sorceresses believes that it is Ciri herself casting these portals and they start calling her the Lady of Time and Space.

Phillipa believes she can drain Ciri's blood and use it to power her spells so takes Ciri hostage while proclaiming she is Empress Cirilla's court mage.

Boobless, burka wearing, blue eyed, brunette, Triss Merigold stops spewing diarrhea out her STD ridden ass long enough to take Ciri from Phillipa to teach her about The Ancient Unseen Elder God. Ciri now learns that once upon a time there was an Ancient Unseen Elder God who was the creator of time, created the universe, created all life, but after thousands of years of wandering his creation, discovered that there was no one like himself out there. 

Sad and alone, The Ancient Unseen Elder God set out to cloning himself in an attempt to make himself a female companion. He discovers Elf blood to be the most compatible to his own blood and takes to kidnapping pregnant Elves and injecting their fetuses with his own DNA. 

After 700 years of this The Ancient Unseen Elder God finally creates a female clone of himself and names her Lara Dorren (which means 'My Beloved Seagull' - named this because of his love for birds and oceans).

Unfortunately Lara Dorren looks at The Ancient Unseen Elder God as her father, not her husband, and leaves him for a human mage named Creganon of Lod.

Devastated that all his work was for nothing,  The Ancient Unseen Elder God has a psychotic breakdown and retreats to a cave in Skellige, where the Druids become his guardians, and they stand guard around the forest letting no one in it.

Rumors that the druids of Skellige are protecting a giant serpent monster begin to circulate. Druids rise up in power, preaching the evils of murdering monsters and start promoting the fear of Witchers.

Lara and Creagannon had a baby, but all 3 of them were murdered by an angry mob on the day of the child's birth, and it was assumed that no one with The Ancient Unseen Elder God's blood still lived.

While Ciri has no magical powers and never does anything even remotely mystical, The Lodge of Sorceress' is convinced that if they drain Ciri's blood and drink it, they will become the most powerful mages of all time.

The unseen mage continues the open portals and Ciri continues getting sucked into them and the unicorn continues to rescue her. 

#While Ciri tries to tell everyone that she IS NOT opening these portals and that there is a very powerful creature trying to capture her and these portals are made by him... the Lodge continues the believe Ciri is lying to hide her powers from them, not one of them thinks Ciri is telling the truth and not one of them considers that it could possibly be The Ancient Unseen Elder God himself trying to bring her back to his world.

The Lodge of Sorceresses begin to try to figure out how or why Ciri has The Blood of The Ancient Unseen Elder God in her veins, and a massive attempt to study Ciri's family tree gets underway as The Lodge of Sorceresses hold Ciri prisoner and do all sorts of unspeakable experiments on Ciri.

Upon learning that Ciri has Elder Blood, the Witchers, decide they want to capture her and drain her blood to build more powerful Witchers with.

Thus the Witchers send out their best tracker to get Ciri and bring her back so they can drain her blood and inject themselves with it.

Ciri gets captured by an evil Witcher, named Geralt, who takes her to the most evil of all Witchers, the evil mastermind Vesmire who takes sadistic delight in mass murdering children in the most horrific methods of torture possible.

Wow... OMG! Hey look! Geralt is actually in the novels for a few minutes, oh wait, now he's gone again. 

For the next 3 months, Vesmire brutally tortures Geralt's 10 year old prisoner Ciri, draining her blood so he and the other Witcher's can drink Ciri's blood as though they were vampires.

No daddy/daughter relationship develops, as Geralt doesn't give a shit about his prisoner, heck, Geralt barely sees her for more then a minute before he's gone to who knows where because he's certainly not in the novel anywhere here, and Ciri is tortured and blood let by the Witchers the entire of her 3 short months at Kaer Morhen, so she never developed friendships with any of them and never see Vesimire as anything other then the child abusing, serial killer he is.

(Daddy Geralt and Uncle Vesemir are fan-fiction created by the game.)

Horrified at the discovery that her husband is helping evil Lord Vesmire brutally torture this little girl, Yennefer now kidnaps and adopts Ciri.

Ciri lives with Yennefer (but not Geralt, because Geralt is off in some brothel fucking whores endless days in succession so we only see him in his brothel sex scenes that show up once every 3 chapters for no reason at all other then to remind us: "Hey look, the Witcher is still in the novels! Don't forget the title character even though you haven't seen him for 200 pages.") for several years and comes to love her and call her Mommy Yennefer. 

Ciri and Yennefer develop a strong bond and both of them have far more page time then Geralt leaving the reader to wonder why the series is called "The Witcher" when the Witcher is lucky if he has 20 pages of scenes per novel.

However, Daddy Dunny/Emperor Emyh's bounty hunter finds Ciri and kidnaps her.

By this point the bounty hunter has heard rumors that Ciri is a mutant freak, a Dryad without green skin, has a Dryad's mutated super strength and monster hunting skills, but lacks green skin or fish scales because she has the blood of The Ancient Unseen Elder God.

Portals continue to zap Ciri to who knows where.

The unicorn continues to rescue Ciri from the portals.

The bounty hunter (Leo) captures Ciri and instead of taking her back to Daddy Dunny so he can eat her heart, puts her in a gladiator ring forcing her to fight monsters in front of a live audience.

In one of the longest scenes we ever see of Geralt....wait, Geralt who was that again? ... Let's see. Geralt. Was there a character named Geralt back there somewhere that I was suppose to remember? Didn't we see a Geralt character way back in 1 or 2 scenes, about 3 or 4 novels ago? He's that guy it keeps showing in random brothel sex scenes for no plot reason at all, wasn't he? Why did they think to put this insanely minor character in the game again?

In one of the longest scenes we ever see of Geralt.... Geralt gets a letter from the Druids of Skellige, informing him that  The Ancient Unseen Elder God has requested Geralt's presence as he has a job for The Witcher to do.

Realizing that this is the creature who created Lara Dorren, and therefore is Ciri's 5th great-grandfather, Yennefer and the Lodge of Sorceresses tell Geralt that this invitation from  The Ancient Unseen Elder God is likely something to do with Ciri.

So Geralt, Regis, Dandelion, and several characters who never appeared in the game, gathered together to make the voyage to the cave of  The Ancient Unseen Elder God that is guarded by the Druids in Skellige... 

Geralt and crew form a small army and intend to kill The Ancient Unseen Elder God, rather then talk to him, as The Ancient Unseen Elder God is the equivalent of Satan in the Witcher Universe, so basically the Lord of All Things Evil. The belief being "kill Satan = destroy all evil everywhere". 

Plus killing The Ancient Unseen Elder God will in theory, remove Ciri's Elder Blood curse, because as long as he is alive, Ciri is forever linked to his blood and he'll always be trying to capture her.

Killing The Ancient Unseen Elder God will also remove the last of The Elder Blood from the world of men, completely eradicating Elder Blood once and for all.

Herds of monsters surround cave of The Wraith of Morhoog (The Ancient Unseen Elder God) and protect him. All the worst abberitions, eldritches, and unholiest of monsters live here in the forests of the Druids of Skellige, where the Druids fiercely protect both the monsters and The Ancient Unseen Elder God. No Witcher has ever set foot into this forest and lived before. 

Dandelion and crew get kidnapped on the way, (Dandelion has more frigging page time then Geralt does) leaving Geralt and Regis (the guy who SHOULD have been the main character of the game because he's the closet thing the novels have to a male main character) to go on alone. 

Plans to kill The Ancient Unseen Elder God are now in shambles as without his army, because Geralt is a sickly 90lb weakling who has no ability to battle his way through the vast herds of thousands of monsters, hundreds of she-elf warriors, and hundreds of fierce Druid priests,  that travel in a huge Gypsy caravan around The Ancient Unseen Elder God.

Wait... wasn't Geralt a skilled monster hunter in the game? DAMN! How exactly again did this sickly 90lb weakling who can barely shake a stick at monsters, and doesn't carry 2 swords, get to become a mega muscled out hulk of 2 sword wielding monster killing fury in the game?

Geralt arrives at the cave is met by a crew of enraged Druids who want to kill Geralt, but the Druids are hit by a psionic blast from The Ancient Unseen Elder God and told not to hurt the Witcher.

Geralt is informed by the Druid who is now speaking for The Ancient Unseen Elder God via telepathy, that  The Ancient Unseen Elder God has a phobia of swords and vampires, because he used too much of his blood when cloning himself to create Lara Dorren, and thus now fears he will die if he were to lose anymore of his blood. 

Geralt is told to leave his ONE sword that he didn't have on his back and his buddy vampire outside, adding that if he does the herds of monsters will let him pass unharmed, but should either sword or Regis enter the cave both Geralt and Regis will be food to the monsters. 

Thus Geralt gives his ONE AND ONLY sword to fuck buddy Regis and good boy buddy Regis waits outside the cave, while Geralt descends into the darkness of the cave to finally meet face to face Ciri's great-grandfather, Lara Dorren's father  The Ancient Unseen Elder God.

Hundreds of Barbagazi, Vampiroads, Echinops, and Archespores fill the tunnels of the cave, while light bulbs hang from the ceiling lighting the cave and computers and TVs line the walls of the tunnels. Geralt's 11th century mind struggles to describe these weird magical blinking, metal machines, as it now becomes apparent to the reader that this is not a cave at all, but rather some sort of a crashed spaceship from 5,000 years in the future.


  • * Did you notice that the most horrifically mutated monsters are the ones living in the forest around the giant mysterious cave that appeared during the Conjunction of Spheres?

  • * Did you also notice that while monsters are rare elsewhere in the world; they exists in masshordes of tens of thousands around Avallac'h's Purple Bison cave.

#When you get to chapter 7 of Tower of Swallows... pay VERY CAREFUL ATTENTION to everything Geralt tells you he sees as he enters the cave and walks through it's long metal corridors full of strange blinking lights and "magic mirrors" that are displaying images of people talking 

#^^^If you missed that total mind fuck of Geralt entering a crashed spaceship, go back and re-read The Purple Bison Cave scene again. 

The Druids of Skellige are to the Witcher novels as the Cultists are to Call of Cthulhu. And  The Ancient Unseen Elder God of the Witcher franchise is in fact Cthulhu himself.

The huge cave in Skellige is not a cave, but rather the docking bay of a spaceship that crashed into the swamp 2,000 years ago. The reason monsters are in such huge supply here is because the radiation leaking off the ship is bringing the corpses of the dead to life here.

Geralt finally reaches the heart of the cave/mad scientist's spaceship, expecting to meet the giant serpent that  The Ancient Unseen Elder God is rumored to be and instead is greeted by the undead wraith of an Elf named Avallac'h, who has 4 foot long blond hair, has a blue-green wraith light glow around him, and is floating around the cave several feet above the ground, his feet never touching the ground and him walking around on the walls and ceiling as much as the floor.

For the first 2 pages we don't know what the Elf says because Geralt spends those pages in internal monologue trying to figure out what the hell this creature is as it is clearly not actually an Elf. He debates it is a Trow or Dunny, possibly a Lich, and very clearly is mage of some sort but is using magic (computers, flashlights, TVs, a cellphone, and lots of surgical equipment from the ship's sick bay) that Geralt has never seen before and is struggling badly to explain.

When Geralt asks if Avallac'h is a sorcerer, the Elf has a full on total meltdown and says he's a scientist from 5,000 years in Geralt's future, calls himself the greatest surgeon the universe has ever known, and describes himself as both a genistic physicist and a cryogenics doctor.... realizing Geralt can't understand what he's saying he finishes by saying that in short he builds clones, specifically, he built Lara Dorren out of his own blood and wants his blood back. 

He explains that he and Lara didn't belong here, his ship entering this galaxy is what caused the Conjunction of Spheres.

He wants to go home and he has to take everything that came here with him, leaving no trace that he was here, thus he needs to find every last Elder Blood and take them with him and he has determined that all the Elder Bloods are dead but one.


So he needs Geralt to bring Ciri here and he'll be on his way.

It now becomes clear to the reader what The White Frost is... Avallac'h's space ship ripped apart the planet's Ozone layer when entering the atmosphere, and the cold from space is entering in here around it.

It also now becomes clear to the reader that The Conjunction of Spheres is just superstition, and that what really happened was, the radiation from this ship crashing,, turned every day humans and animals into "monsters". There are no "real" monsters at all, because EVERY monster was once Human or animal and was mutated by the radiation leaking out of Avallac'h's ship.

It now to becomes clear to the reader WHY mages go infertile after they start using magic, because "magic" isn't "actual" magic, but rather magic items are actually irradiated pieces of Avallac'h's ship.

None of this ever becomes apparent to Geralt or any other character, as no one of them can understand anything Avallac'h is telling them about himself, his ship, or the world he comes from. However, the reader understands this, by listening to Avallac'h's words and paying attention to what the narrator says about things Geralt and Ciri see when they are with Avallac'h on his ship.

The true horror of the situation, the irradiated humans becoming monsters of the world... how TRULY HORRIFIC the damage done by the spaceships crash truly is... will not hit the reader until the next novel however, when Ciri herself meets Avallac'h.

Confused, Geralt explains he has no clue where Ciri is and Avallac'h turns on one of his giant movie-screen style TV ship's monitors and shows Geralt a horrifying image of Ciri in a gallows, hanging over the dinner table of an evil mage, while 8 of the mage's soldiers are shoving 8 hot pokers up Ciri's vagina.

 The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space Avallac'h has a 7 page long rant on babies, ovaries, orgams, and the fact that Ciri is to be the mother of the Child of the Elder Blood (the baby she will have with him/Avallac'h), then informs Geralt that Ciri will not be able to do her duty and have his baby if she continues to be sexually tortured.

And so The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space Avallac'h asks Geralt to go rescue Ciri, mistakenly assuming that because Ciri lived with Geralt for 3 months Geralt must have some feelings for her and want to rescue her.

Geralt is too busy being fascinated by a door that is magically whooshing in and out of the wall when he walks by it, to hear what the Elf is saying.

He's even more fascinated by the fact Avallac'h has a Clapper. 

Clap on. Clap off. To turn the lights off and on.

Avallac'h clapping to turn lights off and on has Geralt wishing he'd not left his sword outside because clapping to turn on lights is DAAAARK EVIIIIIL magic and Geralt instantly wants to kill the strange Elf that claps lights on and off.

In other scenes we see that Avallac'h is capable of freezing people by pointing at them, and while the people around him call this magic, it is very clearly Avallac'h has a laser gun.

We see him able to cast massive barrier spells that keep out 3 entire attacking armies - and again, while the characters translate this as magic, the reader sees that this is Avallac'h activating his ship's forcefield.

Ciri describes Avallac'h casting a horrific whale song scream that instantly vaporises and explodes HUNDREDS of unicorns in the blink of an eye... and the reader sees that this is the ship's massive defence guns activating with a horribly loud sonic boom.

Geralt and Ciri both explain Avallac'h's very advanced space science as "magic" while the reader can see that they are completely uneducated in science at all and are unable to properly explain that they are witnessing an alien with a vastly advanced spaceship.

The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space Avallac'h is horrified however when Geralt refuses to go get Ciri because Geralt thinks Ciri is a whiny, annoying brat, and he's got Dandelion to go rescue and for Geralt Dandelion is way more important than Ciri is.

The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space Avallac'h is infuriated that Geralt has refused to go rescue his granddaughter for him, and tells Geralt that he/Geralt was Ciri's protector but because he isn't doing his job, Ciri will be taken away and he'll never be allowed to protect her again. 

Does the tower in the game look like it could rise up out of the ground like a telescope and shoot frozen laser beams, like it does in the novels?

The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space Avallac'h then tells Geralt where Dandelion is (shows him on yet another of his ship's monitors)  and sends Geralt off to rescue Dandelion, while Avallac'h rescues Ciri himself.

Ciri, still hanging in the gallows over the dinner table, suddenly finds a magic sword in her hand, a black pegasus below her, and the cage door mysteriously open...

...Ciri leaps out of the gallows and starts slaughtering her tormentors, then jumps on the pegasus, names the pegasus Kelpie, and rides for a nearby tower that is rising up out of the ground, causing a huge earthquake that is tearing apart the mage's castle, while the bounty hunter and his men barrel down on her...

Ciri described the top of the tower opening up and shooting lightning bolts at her captors, killing them.... and the reader recognizes that this is most certainly NOT a tower, but a missile that Avallac'h's ship has just let lose on the planet.

Once the Tower is done shooting her attackers, it spins around and a door opens up on the bottom of it...

Ciri, jumps in the tower, as it starts spinning around and sinking back into the ground, while Ciri describes a platform that start zipping down deep into the planet, faster than the tower... and the reader recognizes that Ciri is in an elevator that is moving very fast and going down into the heart of the spaceship.

When the platform lands at the bottom, Ciri falls out and lands in the lap of a horny male Elf who is surrounded by nude stripper she-elves wearing glitter body paint. And describes a wild world of pink fur growing out of the ground instead of grass, and a vast lake surrounded by a glass bubble.

Ciri mistakes this for being outside, yet as the days go by she points out that the sun never sets and the sun "goes out" like someone turned it off, when she gets tired and goes to bed. It never rains, there is a constant mist coming up from the lake, and the trees are always in bloom, yet the apples just sprout out of the ground when she wants them, they never grow on the trees.

While Ciri thinks she has fallen through a portal to another world, the reader knows she is still in Skellige, just now inside Avallac'h's ship that is buried under the swamp, where it has been since it crashed here 2,000 years ago.

Starry Eyes the unicorn tries to rescue Ciri from, this, yet another of The Ancient Unseen Elder God Avallac'h's trator radar "portals", but this time Ciri is face to face with the Elder God himself and is too hypnotized by his  over tight David Bowie pants that we later learn are so tight because they are painted on, his erection, and the pink cocaine drugged cotton candy he's giving her.

Ciri lives with Avallac'h on the Lake of Avalon for 8 years but doesn't age a day due to how slow time passes here, so is still a 12 year old child 8 years later, when he suddenly decides she ready to have his baby... via having sex with King Auberon, and giving Avallac'h the baby so he can inject it with his blood and create himself a brand new Lara Dorren.

Ciri leaves Avallac'h's palace in Avalon to live in Auberon's palace in Tir Ni Lia. 

While they are at Tir Ni Lia, we briefly see a scene where Ciri asks Avallac'h why he is here and he tells her the original mission of the crashed ship he survived, telling her that they were on a rescue mission to save the lives of a dying planet. 

The ship was built large enough to carry every last lifeform: humans, elves, animals, birds, monsters, plants, and fish. They were going to take the inhabitants of the dying planet to another planet where they would be safe.

Avallac'h then tells Ciri that he is currently building another ship, he alone, as there is no one to help him, and he still plans to go to the dying planet to save anyone he can. He then asks Ciri to come with him and help him to rescue the people, once he's finished building the new ship.

This scene is immediately followed by Ciri wanting to have sex with Avallac'h and Avallac'h telling her to have sex with Auberon, then Avallac'h and Auberon fighting over who is refusing to have sex with Ciri more,  and... quickly becomes clear that whatever world Avallac'h is from, they have progressed to a point where reproduction no longer requires sex and he absolutely no clue what sex is.... and neither does the computer that is creating the holograms of everyone on the planet, as we see that the real reason he's sending her off with Auberon is in hopes she'll have sex with the hologram and teach Avallac'h what the hell sex even is.

Seeing how Avallac'h is a virgin who's lived alone for the past 2,000 years since his ship crashed here, and he comes from a world where cloning seems to be how they make babies,  he has no clue what Ciri wants when she asks for sex.

Ciri is of the belief men should initiate sex, so absolutely refuses to do anything but sit there naked demanded both Avallac'h and Aberon have sex with her, while never telling them exactly what it is that sex is.  

Which results in  both Avallac'h and Auberon trying to force Ciri on the other one and neither of them ever having sex with her at all, until Ciri decides she's had it with them refusing to fuck her so she rapes Avallac'h, which he does not like at all, and he runs away from her which results in her hunting him down and brutally attacking him with her sword, seriously wounding and crippling him, this in turn will later result in him going off into hiding and becoming The Fisher King.

However, before he becomes the Fisher King... the rape scene changes EVERYTHING, as we see how much the ship is controlled by Avallac'h's mind (we had previously been told that he was a psion and was "The Chosen One" to save dying planets, because of his having the most advances mind powers.)

Weakened from his injuries, Avallac'h's illusions start crashing allowing Ciri to see Avallac'h's true form, that he is a giant serpent-like creature big enough to swallow planets (he is in fact the Elder God, Cthulhu), and the planet of Avalon is nothing but a barren wasteland, the palace is really huge piles of human bones, the river and Lake of Avalon are really a sea of bloody corpses of dead humans.

Starry Eyes informs Ciri that Avallac'h is The Ancient Unseen Elder God and he cloned himself to make Lara. 

Ciri now learns that Lara's baby did not die with her because Avallac'h was there when she died and had tried to save both Lara and Creaganon but was weakened from lose of too much blood, and could only save Lara's baby. 

Avallac'h tried to raise the baby but was attacked by Elves and Humans, and still too weak to protect himself, he fled to the nearest palace, and switched the Human baby with Lara's baby. The dead baby found with Lara was not Lara's baby.

Since then The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space Avallac'h has been trying to regain his strength and has been casting portals near Lara's baby to try to draw the baby back to him.

When the baby grew up and died at age 21, The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space Avallac'h started casting portals around her daughter, to draw her back.


After her death, the portals transfered to her daughter, Ciri's grandmother, Pavatta's mother. The portal that rescued Ciri's mother and grandmother from the storm in Skellige, was cast by The Ancient Unseen Elder God Avallac'h. 

Every time Ciri fell into a portal it was The Ancient Unseen Elder God Avallac'h casting the portals and trying to draw her back to him.

Ciri, finally understands why portals (the tractor beam from Avallac'h's ship) have been zapping her through time and space her whole life.... because the ship's radar is picking up on Avallac'h's DNA and latching in on anyone with his DNA trying to draw them back to his ship.

While Starry Eyes tells her that The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space alien Avallac'h is evil and will never let her leave if he ever regains full power.... 

...Ciri however sees instead that The Ancient Unseen Elder God mad scientist from outer space alien Avallac'h is dying of loneliness and she exists only because he wanted a companion to love him... 

The reader now understands that Avallac'h is an alien from another galaxy, the only survivor of a crashed spaceship, and that all these worlds and portals Ciri has been sucked into her whole life don't exist at all and are just illusions created by Avallac'h's ship. We are still in the cave in Skellige.

No matter when or where Ciri has ever gone... she's never been outside of this "cave" that is not really a cave but rather is the ruins of a giant spaceship that crashed on the planet 2,000 years ago. She never really went anywhere. EVERYTHING has been an illusion the entire time.

Starry Eyes tells Ciri that for every day this planet's illusion is being powered, The Ancient Unseen Elder God Avallac'h is killing dozens of humans. He uses their blood to power his spells. Tens of thousands of humans have died in the 8 years she has been with Avallac'h.

Ciri doesn't care how many humans have died, all she sees is that someone is killing others because he loves her and is trying to protect her.

And while the Unicorn and Ciri talk, while Avallac'h lays bleeding and dying... the reader sees now the true horror of WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING HERE:

#NO ONE IS REAL: Not Geralt, not Yennefer, not Triss... NO ONE IS REAL!

The Humans are not real, the Elves are not real... everyone is dead

The entire planet has been playing a holographic illusion... a projection of the life that was here on the planet before Avallac'h's ship destroyed it.

As the reader now starts putting together all the pieces they've been giving in the first 6 novels... the reader now understands what happened: 

* Avallac'h was a surgeon in the sick bay of a vast star ship that was something akin to Star Trek's enterprise, and he was the only one to survive when the ship for some unknown reason crashed into this planet.

* The ship has been replaying the last few centuries of recorded history of this planet over and over again... giving the ILLUSION that life still exists on this planet, when in fact, the entire surface of the planet is dead and every last city, person, animal, and plant is nothing but a hologram.

* The only life on the planet are the Necrophages, vampires, wraiths, zombies, hags, and other undead beasts that are roaming the planet.

* The Necrophages and specters are a result of the ship's leaking vast amounts of radiation into the planet, causing the dead humans, elves, and animals to resurrect as undead shambling beasts.

* Avallac'h's mind has seriously cracked, because he was part of a rescue mission that was attempting to save life on one dying planet and accidently destroyed all life on another planet instead.

* Avallac'h has survived alone on this planet for 2,000 years.

* Unable to find a way off the planet, Avallac'h took the dead bodies of Elves and tried to resurrect them, desperate to not be alone.

* He then programed the ship to project holograms of life on the planet. The ship's AI then created everyone (including Geralt, Yen, and Triss) but as all life on the planet is just an illusion, this further drove the lonely Elf to madness, by being surrounded by life that was not real.

* Unable to restore life to the living, and unable to find happiness with the illusionary life forms, he instead set out to clone himself, but the clone fell in love with a survivor who suddenly appeared... 

* We are shown Lara's dead body and the evidence that Avallac'h himself killed her and her lover.

* We see Avallac'h too, surprised that Lara was able to get pregnant by Creagannon, indicating Avallac'h had thought Creagannon was yet another illusion.

* We are ultimately told 5 different versions of how Lara died ... but we are finally shown her dead body - frozen forever - and the evidence that Avallac'h killed her himself, because she got pregnant by someone else.

* Yet another survivor, the unicorn, a native of the planet, took the baby away from Avallac'h to keep him from killing it.

* The unicorn, the last survivor of this planet, saw Avallac'h as evil, thinking Avallac'h had attacked the planet intentionally, not realizing that Avallac'h was himself a passenger on the ship and had not attacked the planet.

* We see Avallac'h building another ship, but we also see him referring to his brain as his best friend, and having long conversations with his brain, claiming his brain talks back to him, and it is clear that Avallac'h went insane a long time ago.

* We see Ciri, forming a strong bonded friendship with Avallac'h, that is founded on pity and being horrified by what has happened to his mind from being being alone too long

* And we see that everything in Ciri's life has been an illusion... everything we learned in the first 6 novels was never real. Not one event. Not one person. Nothing was real. The entire world is an apocalyptic, radiation field wasteland filled with mutated zombies, roaming through piles of millions of corpses.

* We see Ciri hit hard by the realization that the world she grew up in was never real, and realizing that she, Avallac'h, and Starry Eyes are the only 3 living life forms on the planet.




#When the ship crashed, everyone on board died but Avallac'h and Creagannon.

#When the ship crashed, everyone on the planet died but Starry Eyes.

#Radiation from the crashed ship has been bringing to life monsters, that are actually zombies, the remains of the people and animals that once inhabited this planet.

But while the reader is trying to process this HUGE amount of information that page 182 of Lady of the Lake is giving them... the ship starts to rebuild the illusion, as the REAL dead, irradiated world starts to vanish from view and the ILLUSIONARY holographic citizens start to reappear.

The reader now knows that this is more or less a novelised version of The Matrix but also sees that Ciri has not seen the real world long enough to fully grasp the reality of what has happened to her planet.

And suddenly, the world starts to play it's holograph once again, picking up exactly where it left off, as if it had never shut down those few minutes to show Ciri what the reality behind the illusion really was.

Auberon is murdered, Ciri and Avallac'h are blamed, The Starry Eyed Unicorn rescues Ciri from this portal and takes her back to Yennefer.

Evil mage Vilgefortz is finally defeated. 

Yennefer and Geralt get married. 

A boy with a pitchfork murders Geralt and Yennefer. Ciri tries to resurrect them, but Starry Eyes Unicorn shows up and informs her only the Elder God has powers, her Elder Blood can't do shit, as she is NOT the Elder God, she is just someone with his blood.

So Ciri demands Starry Eyes take her, Geralt, and Yennefer back to Avalon.

Starry Eyes takes Ciri back to Avalon. 

Avallac'h no longer exists.

In his place is now The Fisher King. The Fisher King is all but dead.

He has not moved from where Ciri left him.

His legs are still broken, he's crippled and can no longer walk. 

He can not talk. He gave up rebuilding the ship.

The Fisher King is depressed, despondent, and in shock. The full gravity of his situation has finally hit him and his mind, not able to cope with it, simply shut down.

The Ancient Unseen Elder God Avallac'h who is now The Fisher King resurrects Yennefer and Geralt by killing Starry Eyes.

Avallac'h, now The Fisher King, is crippled, both physically and mentally, so badly that he can no longer take care off himself. And Ciri is horrified by how much he has changed since when she had lived with him before.

Before he had come alive around her. laughing, smiling, dancing.

He had been happy with her.

Now there was nothing.

He did not talk.

He did not walk.

He did not even move.

He didn't even acknowledge she was there.

His dead eyes staring at nothing.

His mind now completely broken... and this was Ciri's fault and she knew it.

Ciri marries The Ancient Unseen Elder God Avallac'h who is now The Fisher King and this for some unknown reason causes her Dryad mutations to take effect at last, resulting in Ciri turning into the green-skinned fish woman known as The Lady of the Lake Queen of Avalon wife of The Fisher King.

The Ancient Unseen Elder God Avallac'h who is now The Fisher King rebuild the illusion of a paradise in Avalon, Ciri doesn't care that millions of Humans die so she can live in paradise.

Ciri and Avallac'h live happily ever after in their paradise built on the blood of murdered millions, living together for 10,500 years.

After 10,500 years a knight finds his way to Avalon and Ciri plots to rape and murder him so no one ever disturbed her paradise with Avallac'h again. The End.

The ending is HORRIFIC, when you look at what is actually happening...

* We see Ciri hit VERY HARD, when Geralt and Yennefer die and she can do nothing to stop it... because they died centuries ago and their death she is witnessing now is just the computer program replaying past events on the planet.

* Geralt and Yennefer are real, and can not be brought back. This contradicts what we were told about no life at all on the planet.... and Ciri knows this.

* But Ciri also remembers that Avallac'h's ship can create life from nothing... the holograms, the illusions. Even though Geralt and Yennefer are dead... fake hologram versions of them can be made, and those will live forever on Avallac'h''s ship.

* We see Ciri take Geralt and Yennefer back to Avalon (which apparently is the name of Avallac'h's ship). And we see the hologram versions of them living forever with Ciri here.

* We see Avallac'h kill Starry Eyes to stop the unicorn from ever again taking Ciri out of the spaceship.

* And we ultimately see Ciri realize that there really is only one other person on the planet besides her, and that's the lonely mad scientist who created her in a lab on his crashed spaceship... and while she admits she doesn't love him, they both would rather be with someone else; she wants Mistle, he wants Lara, but she goes back to him becoming his wife, because they are both too lonely anymore to care who they are with.

* And on the last page we see the truly horrifying twist, as a human makes it into the ship and finds Ciri... and Ciri in the last line of the series plans to kill him and seal off the entrance to the ship, so no one can ever find her and Avallac'h again... indicating that somewhere out there, life still exists and Ciri knew this all along, but gave up life on the surface of the planet to keep the lonely Elf company, while living with the illusion forms of Geralt and Yennefer after they died.

#And that is all 8 novels beginning to VERY DISTURBING end.

So, tell me, where is you "The Chosen One" you claim Ciri is?

Ciri in the novels had no magic abilities, no super powers, and never once does anything good, kind, or heroic.

#Not once is Ciri referred to as The Chosen One.

...though we doe see Avallac'h referred to as "The Chosen One", him being the special passenger on a star ship that was intended to save the lives of millions and instead cost the lives of millions, causing him to lose touch with reality.

#Not once is Ciri display any super powers.

#Not once is Ciri have any magic abilities.


Ciri is not a chosen one, her Elder Blood doesn't give her any powers, she never tries to save the world, never even wants to save the world, and exists only because an Elder God was lonely and cloned himself to create a mate.

Almost everything you were told in the game about almost every character was 100% fan fiction written by the game developers and has no basis in the novels and no connection to the original story created by Andrzej Sapkowski at all.

* Characters who were married couples in the novels (Geralt & Yennefer and Avallac'h & Ciri) have had their marriages ignored in the game.

* Babies they have with each other in the novels also ignored in the game (Ciri & Avallac'h had a baby in the novels)

* Couples' had their relationships changed so much that most players of the games are unaware that Ciri and Avallac'h are married 

* and most players of the game match Geralt to Triss, unaware that Yennefer is Geralt's wife and Triss is a vile, evil serial rapist.

* While ALL of Avallac'h's novel versions are in the game, NEVER ONCE are players told that The Mysterious Mage, Avallac'h, Whoreson Junior, Master Mirror (Gaunter O'Dimm aka G.O.D.), The Hermit of the Lake, The Fisher King, and The Unseen Elder are ALL THE SAME PERSON!

* While The Lady of the Lake is in the game, players are never told that SHE IS CIRI!

* The giant mysterious cave of the Elder God that appeared the day of the Conjunction of Spheres, is in the game, but it's in Toussaint, not Skellige.

* The cataclysm sight at the Druid Grove in Skellige (where the cave should be) is in the game, and while it was done by Avallac'h, in the game it was caused by him casting a vaporizing spell, while in the novels it was caused by his star ship crashing into the planet and sinking under the swamp

* the meek Druids in the game are NOTHING like the bad ass Druids in the novels, who were outright Cthulhu Cultists who worshiped Avallac'h as their God and King and were fierce warriors of the forest who had VAST ARMIES of TENS OF THOUSANDS of monsters in their command.... why the fuck are the game Druids, just mild mannered, whimmering herbalists who pay fealty to Crach an Craite? And where the hell are their armies of monsters?

* When players enter the ancient Unseen Elder god's cave in the game, they see lights on the ceiling, are able to walk on walls and ceiling, but... IT IS JUST AN ORDINARY CAVE OTHERWISE... Where the fucking hell is the damned spaceship that it was in the novels?

* Why the fuck is the Unseen Elder in the game, a damned vampire king? What the fuck does that have to do with Avallac'h being the lone survivor of a crashed ship?

* Most players of the game are lead to think Avallac'h is perverted and sex crazed, and cheating on Ciri; when in the novels he was asexual, a virgin, and didn't even know what sex was, and would never think of cheating on Ciri...  while Ciri in the novels was a sex crazed, perverted, slutty whore cheating on Avallac'h every chance she could get

* In the novels Avallac'h had wives whom did not love him and only married him for his money, and he leaves them for Ciri never once giving them another thought devoting his entire life to Ciri; while in the game we see him still with one of those wives and hiding her from Ciri

* But we also know that in the novels his wives were not real and were just holograms made by his ship to try to keep him from being lonely

* Ciri in the novels was a whiny, crybaby, who pranced around in fancy dresses, was too obesely fat to run from danger, when her cowardly ass wasn't hiding behind Yennefer's skirts it was hiding behind Avallac'h skirts, she had no interest in becoming a Witcher, carried a sword only because she was paranoid but had no knowledge of how to use it,  and didn't have one shred of magic ability in a single cell.... all of these things are the exact opposite of what we see in the game.

* In the novels Avallac'h was a scientist (medical doctor) from 5,000 years in the future, and had total full on meltdowns every time someone called him a mage or sorcerer... so why the fuck is he a mage in the game?

* Elves in the novels were wild, savage, wore fur skins, had animal names (The Fox, The Sparrowhawk, The SeaGull, etc), had primitive weapons (spears and arrows) and were afraid of swords (metal weapons being a thing they did not have)  similar to the Native American Elves from Elfquest.... so why are the Elves in the game similar to the Lord of the Rings highborn Elves instead, wielding swords, draped in elegant silks, and prancing around like arrogant jackasses?

* The Scoia'tael aka The Squirrels, were called this BECAUSE ALL THEY WORE WERE SQUIRREL SKINS .... uhm... not a single Scoia'tael in the game is wearing any fur at all, let along squirrel skins!

* Avallac'h was called The Fox, partly because of his sneaky ways and partly because HE WORE A HUGE COAT MADE OUT OF FOX TAILS, which doubled as his bed and he and Ciri slept on/in at night.... while he changes his clothes in every scene, he always wore this huge coat, because Skellige had sub-zero temperatures.

* In the novels famine, blight, and a huge blizzard that had snowed for endless years non-stop, was covering the entire Northern Realms... the Mysterious Cave at the Druid Grove was the source of this vast widespread natural disaster... because the cave was the docking bay of a crashed starship and the ship had ripped a hole in the planet's ozone layer when it crashed... because it was too cold for planets to grow, and most animals had long ago been over hunted, cannibalism was wide-spread, and humans were hunting Elves not for race reasons, but for food... this entire event was called The White Cold

* Yet in the game The White Frost is seen as a plague spreading across the galaxy killing one planet after another, and we are outright told it has not yet hit Geralt and Ciri's planet!

* Yet in the novels Geralt and Ciri's planet was THE ONLY PLANET hit by the White Cold, and it was not the entire planet, but rather just Skellige and the regions around Skellige, the Northern Realms near the polar cap/North Pole, aka, the region around the crashed spaceship!

* The ship was a rescue ark and Avallac'h was the ship's cryogenics scientist/doctor/surgeon. His job was to take everyone off a dying planet, freeze them, then transport them back to a new planet, unfreeze them... but the ship crashed on Geralt and Ciri's planet, never reaching its destination, and Avallac'h was the only survivor.

* The spaceship was a CRYOGENICS SHIP, built to freeze people... this is why the crashed ship was freezing the planet, and was why the White Cold ONLY affected the area within a few thousand miles of the crashed ship, and NOWHERE ELSE!

* The tower in the novels, that Ciri jumped into, was a missile launcher and elevator shaft on Avallac'h's crashed spaceship.... in theory going into the tower, one could stop The White Cold... if one knew how to shut down the ship's cryogenics tanks and stop it from freezing everything... but Avallac'h stated it was broken, he'd already tried to fix it and could not; he stated Lara also tried to fix it... and when Ciri suggests using magic powers of Elder Blood to fix it, Avallac'h laughs at her and says there is no such thing as magic and Elder Blood has no powers, Elder Blood just means she has a very pure, untainted bloodline from his very pure, inbred family line.... 

* In the novels Elder Blood literally means: you are a lab-created clone, with very pure man-made, synthetic blood that is immune to sickness and disease and thus you could live forever, providing no one murders you.

* In the novels, Avallac'h is 2,000+ years old because of his lab-created disease resistant blood - he can not die.

* In the novels, Ciri is a clone of Avallac'h created by him because he was lonely and was the only immortal being who could not die because of his man-made synthetic, disease resistant blood, and he wanted there to be a female like him who would live forever with him

* In the novels, because she is a clone of Avallac'h, Ciri had his blood, thus why Dryad and Witcher mutations had no effect on her, because her blood resists disease; we see Ciri survive many horrific things because she simply can not die

* In the novels we are told that Ciri returns to Avallac'h and lives with him for 10,500 years, both of them never aging and living like gods, because of their Elder Blood

* In the game Elder Blood is cursed, mystical blood that only female Eves get and it makes them witches with insanely OP magic abilities... 

What the freaking fuck? 

* How did Elder Blood go from synthetic disease resistant lab-created blood in the novels to mystical cursed blood imbued with magic super powers in the game?


* We learn in the novels that the tower is the source of The White Cold.

* In the novels, Ciri witnessed the tower shooting frozen lightening bolts and instantly freezing to death the bounty hunter and his men.

* The tower in the novels, that Ciri jumped into, was a missile launcher and elevator shaft on Avallac'h's crashed spaceship.... in theory going into the tower, one could stop The White Cold... if one knew how to shut down the ship's cryogenics tanks, turn off the ice-bolt missile launcher and stop it from freezing everything... 

* But in the novels Avallac'h stated it was broken, he'd already tried to fix it and could not;  he desperately wanted to stop the tower from freezing the planet and was frustrated at not knowing how to turn it off

* Avallac'h also states he had gone to everyone he could find still alive and tried to convince them to leave the Northern Realms and move south before the White Cold killed them, but that they just thought he was a deranged doomsday prophet and laughed at him... thus now they are all dead, frozen, and his inability to save them deeply distressed him

* he stated Lara also tried to fix it... but her knowledge of science was more minimal then his, as she only knew what he had taught her

* and when Ciri suggests using magic powers of Elder Blood to fix the tower Avallac'h laughs at her and says there is no such thing as magic and Elder Blood has no powers, Elder Blood just means she has a very pure, untainted bloodline from his very pure, inbred family line.... 

* Yet in the game, the tower is an actual stone tower, not a part of Avallac'h's ship (though at least they put it in Skellige near his cave, like it was in the novels), and completely contradicting everything we were told in the novels, Elder Blood in the game DOES have magic powers and jumping into the tower "magicly ends" The White Frost... what the frigging fuck?

Yes, in the game, we see Ciri called The Chosen One, weilding a sword with expert skill, and bouncing magic off her little finger as easy as breathing... but ALL of those aspects of game Ciri are GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION that have no basis in the novels.

#Ciri being called The Chosen One, weilding a sword with expert skill, and bouncing magic off her little finger as easy as breathing... DID NOT ORIGINATE FROM THE SOURCE MATERIAL!

Almost EVERYTHING the game tells you about Ciri is 100% pure poppycock fan-fiction that originated from the minds of the game developers and has nothing at all to do with the original source material novels whatsoever.

So, no,... you comparing Ciri to Jesus and calling her The Chosen One is laughable at best, and down right idiotic as it simply proves you are too obsessed with fanfiction to find out what the original character was like in her original source material.

Stop being lazy and go read a book

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By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Eye of the GrigoriIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the destruction of my farm, and the illegal selling of half of my land to Colliard, you shall lose your land.
tent2.JPGIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my being homeless since 2006 - YES, I AM still homeless in 2023, you shall become homeless.
eelkats_house_before_after.jpgIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the backhoe driving over my house, you shall lose your house.
home again the return of the goldeneagle dodge 330If you ever made fun of or had any part in my car being cut in half, you shall lose your car.
volvo-art-car-eelkat-Dazzling-Razzbury-3-artist-wendy-c-allen-painting3.pngIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my becoming crippled, you shall lose your health.
If you ever made fun of or had any part in the murder of my son, your child shall die an equally horrible death. If you haven't got a child to lose, it will be a brother or sister or parents or spouse or whomever you love the most, and that you should know it was this curse which you brought upon yourself that killed them, they will die on exactly the 7 year anniversary of the very first time, you mocked the death of my child.

Evil men go out of their way to try to drive a person to suicide.

Are you an evil man?

Are you sure you're not?

How many people have YOUR hate filled words killed?

Next time you go to do a mean thing to a fellow human, stop and really think about the consequences of your actions.

Did you ever notice how every one has a story to tell about me, yet not one of them ever speaks the truth?

What lies has YOUR gossiping tongue spread about me?

Did you know...

October 16, 2006, bomb blew up my house because of YOUR lies.

August 8, 2013, the house which replaced the one the bomb blew up, was driven over by a backhoe.

November 14, 2013, my 8 month old infant son was murdered because of your lies.

November 14, 2013, I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, spent 18 weeks relearning to walk, I'm now crippled for the rest of my life, because of YOUR lies.

Are you proud of what you have done?

Enjoy your eternity in Hell. You earned it. You've certainly worked hard for it.


If you have any information about any of these events, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

Update: November 12, 2023

Two days is the 10 year anniversary of the murder of my 8 month old son. The killer has not been found yet. Old Orchard Beach, Maine Police at 207-935-4911 and Portland Maine FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322 are investigating the murder of my son so, if you have any information, please give it to them.

UPDATE to add answer to question:

No. I am legally blind. I have been since I was 4 years old. I can not see what she looks like. I go by sound of voice and body smell to identify people. For what someone looks like I have to go by what others tell me. Like I said, I've never seen the woman who attacks, as she clearly knows I am legally blind and stays over 4 feet away from me. 

A person has to be closer than four feet from me in order for me to even make out the blur outline of their body shape/height/weight. But in order for ne to see their face they must have their face closer the EIGHT INCHES.

It's why I CAN identify the Claire woman and the Kendra woman who murdered my son, if anyone ever finds them and gets them in a line-up, I would be able to pick them out, but why I can not identify this weird crazy woman who shows up at the Biddeford apartment and stand yelling on the front porch and killed my dog Mickey in June 2023, and tried to kill me by poisoning my pizza at Round 1, while running around the restaurant screaming the same way she does here.

I can identify her voice and her laugh and her smell, its a very "Minnie Mouse type" high pitch shrieking with a megaphone style booming cackle laugh. And she smells really strong of alcohol drinks but I don't know what type as I am a Mormon and I don't know them. She also has a weird "rotting cat pee mixed with burned cotton candy smell" to her, which I am told by police, sounds like I am trying to describe a mix of "crack and weed" which the police said is some type of drug, but again, I'm a Mormon so I do not know those things. According to witnesses she is very fat, According to both my mother and my father she is well over 300lbs. Around twenty different people said she has "Shirley Temple Sausage curls" hair, while nearly a dozen other people said she has red curly hair, and several more people described her with straight purple hair, while some described her as wearing a "pulp fiction uma thurman wig".

In total well over a hundred people have come forward citing that she shows up on their porch and starts yell at them, and always starts out with some kind of "I got to warn you about EelKat and her demons" rant. They always describe her as "fat", "morbidly obeses", some say "200lbs" others say "300lbs". Some say she is in her 30s others say she is in her 40s. None of them know who she is, they all say she is a total stranger to them and they also all say, they had no idea who I was either.

They come to my apartment, they said, to tell me what she is doing, each of them saying they found out where I was because she told them my address, and they came over to tell me that she was doxxing my family. These people are always citing that they live in the Cutt St/Main street/May St/South St area, all of them saying they live within 3 or 4 blocks of me and that she walks to their buildings, they never see a car. My Biddeford apartment is 409 Main Street and she has shown up here daily from November 21, 2021 (the same day Etiole was shot; he says by her) until May 17, 2022. After May 2022, she showed up every holiday and every weekend, but no longer every day. 

Today is the 12th of November 2023 and she has already been here 4 times this month. At the same time, people around the Portland Ave and Cascade area of Old Orchard, are also arriving saying the same things, but about a man. They cite a white haired man, very skinny, rather short, around 5'6", around 70, is going driveway to driveway, parking a big Power Wagon sized Dodge Ram pickup truck across their driveway, then getting out, waving a rifle over his head, and yell up at their house ALSO saying he is there to "warn you about EelKat and her aliens". 

The two are believed to be grandfather/granddaughter, and FBI suspects they are the husband and granddaughter of the mystery "Claire" woman who murdered my son. They believe, that the homeless man who was murdered November 19, 2021, DID in fact know who the "Claire" woman who murdered my son was, and they believe this white haired man and woman who screams from porches are the ones who killed the homeless man, seeing how, he showed up on the 7 year anniversary of my son's murder, asking for the FBI phone number, claiming he knew who the woman who murdered my son was, but 5 days later he was murdered before he got a chance to talk to the FBI (the federal building in Portland was closed for the holiday week and the homeless man died before they reopened).

These 2, the white haired man and younger woman both showed up November 21, 2021, 2 days after the November 19, 2021 murder of the homeless man, who was murdered in the backyard of my Biddeford apartment, by the way, that week our building was yellow taped and crawling with police, that's why they were picking up the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of chopped up pieces of the homeless man, which took them 3 days to find all of him. The FBI believes the homeless man was killed by someone who did not want him to identify my son's murderer... this homeless man's death is WHY my son's cold case, was reopened and the FBI once again here asking all the neighbors for leads. 

The FBI believes that the reason these two are hyper going from house to house all around me (I have 2 addresses: 409 Main Street Biddeford and 146 Portland Ave, Old Orcharch; and they are going up and down both streets and all side streets off of both streets), trying to spread slanderous rumors about me, most of the rumors involving some gibberish about demons, aliens, haunted cats, kidnapped cats, schizophrenia, and tons of other similar outright gibbering insanity.

The FBI believes they are spreading their wild gibbering slander in a weird attempt to get witness to NOT come forward with information about my son's murder. This in turn has led the FBI to believe that SOMEONE NEAR BY IS a witness to my son's murder and is scared of these two people. It is believed that this weird smear slander campaign these two are doing, is a direct fear tactic aimed at terrorizing someone they know to be a witness. 

These two are bullying and harassing my family on extreme and outlandish levels. The whole thing is very bizarre, and if this woman had NOT started running her gossiping, busy body, slandering mout h off on every front porch in the area, my son's murder investigation would NOT have been reopened. 

The thing is, for 7 years, from 2013 to 2021, there were ZERO leads. 

The mystery homeless man who showed up on the 7 year anniversary, was the first time anyone came forward claiming to know who the murderer was, but he was murdered 5 days later, and 2 days after that these 2 showed up with their wild tales of demons, aliens, haunted cars, etc.  

Interestingly, at the same time, YouTube got flooded with HUNDREDS of deep fake "Golden Eagle Haunted Car" AI generated videos, alongside TENS OF THOUSANDS of weird "anti-EelKat" Reddit posts spread across well over a hundred Reddit accounts. Which in turn caused my website to have a MEGA massive increase in traffic - with now over a million users per month, searching Google for the term "EelKat golden Eagle Ghost Car Wendy Allen Demon Car" (the keyword that Google Analytics says has sent the most traffic to my website since November 2021). In their weird slander attempt, and in making all these weird deep fake videos, and in posting all those weird Reddit posts, they have had an unexpected side effect of RAISING AWARENESS to my son's murder, by sending millions of people to my website. 

I don't do any marketing or promoting of my website, there is the URL painted on my car and the link from my FaceBook profile, together those each around two thousand people. 

This weird smear campaign these 2 have done since November 2021, has had a HUGE impact on traffic to my website. HUGE. With my site going from 10k average monthly visitors to over SEVEN MILLION average monthly visitors. 

This woman and the white haired man, in their mega hyper attempts to slander men, inadvertently caused people to start direct typing the word "EelKat" into Google search engine, which of course cause Google to give them as a search result. In their attempt to BURY all thoughts of my son's murder, by trying to spread crazy rumors about me, they instead caused the page about my son's murder to receive an average of over ONE MILLION NEW USERS visiting it, EACH MONTH since they stated yelling from porches around Biddeford in November 2021. 

Which in turn has also lead to more than one thousand people calling the police and FBI giving tips about my son's murder. 

So, in their attempt to make me look crazy, all they did was make themselves look very, very, VERY guilty, while spreading awareness about my son's murder to people who, before these two arrived on porched in Biddeford and Old Orchard, were unaware of my son's murder. 

But no, back to your question, I've never seen either of these two. I'm blind, remember? Blind since I was 4 years old. Blind from being beaten in the face with a limb from a pine tree. I have been blind for five decades.

And no, I've never spoken with either of them. I'm mute, remember? My jaw was fused shut, from the bone growing back wrong, after being beaten in the face with a cinder block brick, when I was 14 years old. I have been mute for four decades. I was 42 years old when doctors discovered I was not born mute, but was forcable made mute by "medical augmentation" aka torture. In June 2016, I had surgery to allow me to open my jaw properly for the first time in 40 years, but four decades mute, meant my vocal cords never grew properly, never received conditioning, and now today, I still can not speak properly, my voice is barely a whisper, IF I can even form vocalizations at all, which usually I can not. Because of this I have no physical ability to raise my voice at all, I can not scream or yell at all, I am physically, medically incapable of getting my voice to be anything other then a whisper, and even that causes searing pain, resulting in I don't bother trying to speak.

And no, I've not had contact with anyone. From 1983 until 2006 I was locked in a rusted racoon trap cage in a wood shed "room", and there were only 7 people who ever checked in on me that entire time, and they only did that once a week. Needless to say I never went to school. I had a typewriter, and my grandmother brought paper each week. I became very good at typing, because for 27 years, I had nothing else to do. 


October 2006 a bomb blew up that house. I almost died. Someone put the bomb in that "room" while I was asleep. From 2006 to 2015, I lived under a 8x9 tarp at the back of that wood shed.


Out of the entire of my more then five decades of life, I have only had contact with Humans for three years. From October 2010 to November 2013.

In October 2010 I went to the Old Orchard Beach High School and got my GED after 3 weeks of night classes. I got a ride to the DMV and got my driver's permit. Then I enrolled in two colleges York County Community College and Southern Maine Community College, taking five classes per semester. I could not enroll as a degree student because I do not know how to count or tell time or read clocks or calendars or do maths.

At SMCC, three professors (Andrew Parker, Robert Vettes, and Chris M) attempted to teach me how to speak. The SMCC student counselor brought in social workers and a state psychologist who diagnosed me as "a feral child" and stated I had no social skills on any level whatsoever due to what they termed "the most horrific case of child abuse and neglect ever seen in Maine history". They found my not knowing about things like eating utensils, bathing, or communicating verbally to be the worst case of "feral childism" in modern history.

A team of psychiatrists were brought to the college, over a dozen of the world's top child behavior specialists from countries all over the world: to do a study on the "training of a feral child" and to make "attempts to intergrade a feral child into modern American society". They called me an anomaly and a "once in a hundred years chance of a lifetime study subject".

Four of them predicted I would: never drive a car, never learn to talk, never make a single friend, never learn to interact with Humans, never learn to eat with a fork, and never learn  math. 

I became the "test subject" of more then a dozen "feral child studied" which lasted my entire time at college, and ended abruptly November 14, 2013, when a mystery woman who identified herself as "Claire" attacked with a golf club, murdering my baby and leaving me with a broken spine and paralyzed legs.

Even before I became bedridden in 2013, I could not walk unaided. My hip was stabbed with a foundation rod, that was driven through my right hip and out my left thigh. My Uncle Bruce did that when I was 4 years old. I've struggled to even stand, let alone walk, since I was FOUR years old. So being crippled, unable to walk, was not new. But my whole life, it was my hips, and now it is my spine, and a severed nerve bundle in my spinal column.

Since November 2013 I have been bedridden, and the ONLY way you can talk to me or see me is to visit me, visit my bed.

I can not see.

I can not talk.

I can not walk.

Since 2013 I am out of bed fewer then 2 hours a day. 

And NO ONE... not ONE SINGLE PERSON, ever visited me since 2013, or before.

The ONLY people who arrive are the ones who stand in the driveway and on the porch and yell obscenities and hate slurs from the street... and they are too far away for me to see them, and they are too far away for them to hear my whisper if I tried to talk, which I don't. Plus, I can not sit up, it takes well over an hour for me to sit up in my bed, so by the time I am sitting up, they are gone.

So, anyone telling you I have seen them, spoken with them, yelled at them, interacted with them, at ANY point prior to 1983... when I was locked in that cage ... is lying to you. Because since 1983, NO ONE but my husband Benjamin Kitchle Wildes, my grandmother Eva Viola Atwater, and my uncles Bruce, Dickie, & David, and my aunt Barbara has EVER underreacted with me at all. And the only interactions from Brice, David, Dickie, and Barbara was to electrocute me for the fun of watching me pass out, stabbing me with broken glass again for th e fun of it, and beating me with cinder block bricks because breaking the bones of children is funny according to them.

From October 2010 to November 2013, ar the ONLY three years of my life where I ever went outside and had interaction with Humans, and I was seen as so UN-human that 90% of my Human interactions was with psychiatrists who were giddy piss pants excited to have "a real live feral child oh boy!" to study.

So ANYONE telling you they have ever had ANY form of interactions with me EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE, if lying to you, because those interactions I just listed are the ONLY ones that have EVER happened. PERIOD.

You ask how I can remember everything everyone has ever done and said? Easy? Because so FEW people have ever done or said ANYTHING AT ALL, that it makes it each to remember EVERY ONE of them, for the very simple fact that there is literally not one other thing in my life to remember.

More then 99% of the hours of my life have been spent ALONE, in total darkness, in a cage, or alone, bed ridden in a bed, with no one saying ANYTHING to me, no one EVER interacting with me at all... and with fewer then two hundred total interactions with a Human in my ENTIRE LIFE, I am easily able to remember every single one of them.

Two days is the 10 year anniversary of the murder of my 8 month old son. The killer has not been found yet. Old Orchard Beach, Maine Police at 207-935-4911 and Portland Maine FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322 are investigating the murder of my son so, if you have any information, please give it to them. 

If you ever made fun of or had any part in the murder of my son, your child shall die an equally horrible death. If you haven't got a child to lose, it will be a brother or sister or parents or spouse or whomever you love the most, and that you should know it was this curse which you brought upon yourself that killed them, they will die on exactly the 7 year anniversary of the very first time, you mocked the death of my child.

Where wee you on your 10th birthday?
I was here:

house-room-floorlessI was looked in this "room" in Old Orchard Beach, Maine for 27 years. From the time I was 8 years old, until I was 31... I escaped in 2010. That's why in 2013 these same people murdered my 8 month old son and crippled me, and drove a backhoe over my house. To punish me for escaping this room.

Where wee you on your 20th birthday?
I was here:


Where wee you on your 30th birthday?
I was here:

house-room-floorlessI was looked in this "room" in Old Orchard Beach, Maine for 27 years. From the time I was 8 years old, until I was 31... I escaped in 2010. That's why in 2013 these same people murdered my 8 month old son and crippled me, and drove a backhoe over my house. To punish me for escaping this room.

You never saw the room Ben and my mother kept me locked in for 27 years from the time I was 8 years old, the one Etiole used to break me out of? Well here you go, photos of it from the 2007 FBI and police reports, THIS is the "room", my mother designed it, my father built it, Bruce hired the priests of the Cape Elizabeth, Saco, and Sanford ward Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to rape me in it... from the time i was 8 until 12, when Ben aka the High Priest came along and declared I was his and from the time i was 12 until 31 Ben kept me in this room only allowing me out on Sundays to attend church. still wonder why I hate the Atwaters? When I was 37 years old the FBI showed up and started the investigation into the trafficking ring the Atwaters ran out of 37 Smithwheel Road and 144 Portland Ave, Maine, this room was a pivotal piece of evidence that was roped off and no one allowed in it because of the FBI investigation... that's why the backhoe that ran over this room August 8, 2013 is such a very big importance... THIS room is what the backhoe was trying to hide. Look close at the floor, you can see the bones of the children who didn't survive.

I'm a survivor of adults who thought selling children to priests was a good income and this room was the biggest piece of evidence the FBI had until the backhoe drove over the house and carried off the remained, doing the biggest tampering of evidence of a fucking murder investigation ... that's WHY the backhoe drove over the house, because the Atwaters were desperate to hide the evidence of this rooms existence, and that's WHY they started the alien abduction hoax about me and Etiole because they thought if they destroyed the room and gaslighted me by spread alien abduction rumors, they thought they could convince everyone i was crazy for saying i was locked in this room for 27 years... but they didn't know before they did that, that the FBI had already been in the room and has HUNDREDS of photos of every inch of it. It was not the only place like this. These Atwater run child trafficking "rooms" have been found in twenty-one states. The FBI has shut down 14 of these child trafficking rings run by the Atwaters. If you support the Atwaters in any way, THIS is what you are supporting. When you send money to an Atwater run fund raiser, you funding building more rooms like this one. That's what they do with your hard earned money. Rooms like this, where small children, are raped and starved. And because the children have no birth records, no ID, they live and die without a paper trail. They exist to be raped daily, until they have their first period and risk getting pregnant, and they the room is locked not to be opened again, until they starve to death. Most die before their 12th birthday.

I'm a survivor, and I survived because of Etiole, because while HUNDREDS of people in Old Orchard Beach, Maine knew of this room, used this room, he was the only person with the moral decency to be horrified by this room and try to stand up to the Atwaters, and try the help the children. He used to break in and try to rescue me. Took me out into the swamps of the Ross Forest. But the Atwaters always found me and took me back.

To discredit me, when I was 14 years old, and escaped to the local police and tried to get help, the Atwaters made up a terrible story: they lied to the police. They told the police, there was no room, and Etiole was a figment of my imagination, they called him a demon at first, and later they called him an alien. The Atwaters spread a horrific lie, telling people that I was an alien abductee. And depending on WHICH Atwater you talked to the story changed wildly: sometimes Etiole was a evil spirit, other times a cryptid, other times a demon, but most often "The Amphibious Alien". 

We had a neighbor back in the 1970s, his name was Stephen King, he wrote about us. My Gypsy family, my car, me, and Etiole. He filmed two movies on our farm, but never once tried to help the children he wrote about. He never tried to help us children, even though his books and movies today exist as evidence that he was well aware of this room and Etiole. Instead, he profited off of our pain and suffering, while 120 of those children were saw up and their bones dumped in the Goosefare Broke Ravine in the Reclaim Blueberry Plains of the Ross Forest of Old Orchard Beach, Maine... bones confiscated by the FBI in June 2016, which led to the arrest of many of the child traffickers at 37 Smithwheel Rod, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, that same year. 

Meanwhile The Atwaters continued to spread their lies about me and Etile, contacting hundreds of alien and UFO and cryptid organizations telling them I was abducted by aliens and Etiole was that alien. Only I have no clue what they were doing and I had never heard of the concept of aliens or cryptids or UFOs, and so I had no clue what MUFON and the UFO nuts were talking about, when they showed up on my farm to interview me and try to catch Etiole, calling him an EBE.

There are no aliens.

There are no demons.

There are no evil spirits.

There are no haunted cars.

There was just this room, and the children raped by Mormon priests... Mormon Priests, known as The Atwaters... Mormon Priests who invented the urban myth of a haunted car and a child abducted by aliens, for one reason, and one reason only: to make the children crazy, if those children ever dared tell people about this room.

Rooms like the one at 144 Portland Ave, 146 Portland Ave, and 37 Smithwheel Road, exist all over the State of Maine, and the 3 the FBI shut down in Old Orchard Beach, ran from the 1950s until 2016. I was put in this room in 1983. That's why I have no knowledge of any world event, any movie, and TV show, and books, anything that occurred between 1983 and 2010.

ALL of the children who survived these rooms, ALL of them, have been slandered the same way the Atwaters slandered me and Etiole. Each with stories of aliens and demons. Thirty-one of those survivors, have commit suicide, all who escaped, killed themselves within 3 years because of the alien abduction lies the Atwaters spread about them, alien abduction lies that are no different then the alien abduction lies the Atwaters spread about me and Etiole.

Yes, I am EelKat, Etiole’s friend, but I don’t know why you call me that, because it’s the other way around. He was my friend. He was my ONLY friend. He was the only person in this godforsaken town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, who did not value money or sex over the lives of children.

There are ONE group of people who call me an alien abductee. The Atwaters and their evil, child raping church group. They call me an alien abductee, simple as a gaslighting method, of trying to make me sound crazy, so you won’t look at what they are doing to children. They try to make all the children they torture look crazy, so that no one will believe the child when child tells an adult about the rooms or the rape. Trust NO ONE who calls me an alien abductee, because THEY are involved in a very big child trafficking ring.

I am not an alien abductee and I never claimed to be, and if anyone ever told you I was, you should look at them with suspicion and ask what they did, that they are trying to make you look somewhere else, to not see what they are doing.

There are ONE group of people who call Etiole an alien. The Atwaters and their evil, child raping church group. They call him an alien, simple as a gaslighting method, of trying to make me sound crazy, when I was 8 years old said an old man broke into the room and took me into the swamps; they call him an alien so you won’t look at what they are doing to children. They try to make all the children they torture look crazy, so that no one will believe the child when child tells an adult about the rooms or the rape. Trust NO ONE who calls Etiole an alien, because THEY are involved in a very big child trafficking ring.

Etiole is not an alien and I never said he was, and if anyone ever told you he was, you should look at them with suspicion and ask what they did, that they are trying to make you look somewhere else, to not see what they are doing.

He is a local homeless French Jewish man, whom I let sleep in my car on rainy nights so that he can stay dry. Retarded locals think he is a demon or alien or whatever else they call him, because he is covered in scars and burns and Kabalic tattoos and number tattoos from being a concentration camp survivor from WW2.

You can see video footage of his living conditions:


and HERE

and HERE. These videos where filmed in 2022

As you can see from the videos, this homeless man whom my sick jackass Uncle Bruce has spent DECADES harassing, has NOTHING, he LITERALLY is living in a hole he dug with his fingernails, in the sand under a fallen tree, and you can see from these videos WHY I let him sleep in my car, and WHY the shit heads of Old Orchard Beach and Biddeford Maine who are harassing this homeless man, calling him a cryptid, calling him an alien, calling him an evil spirit, are scumbag pieces of shit who don't deserve the life god gave them.

The Atwaters and their church group are evil, and if you believe their lies about me or Etiole, then you've fallen for their scam, just like they wanted you to do.

There is right now, in October of 2023, a group of people actively going to houses, store, bars, and restaurants throughout Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach, randomly approaching total strangers and and saying "Have you heard about EelKat?" And then going on some spiel involving wild radical tales of demons, aliens, haunted cars, cats, about 40 people near as we can tell, led by an elderly white haired man who drives a dark green pick up truck and a very fat, extremely morbidly obese blond woman about late 30s/early 40s, who people in the area have dubbed "porch bitch" because she goes from porch to porch all over Biddeford screaming from strangers' porches to walkers on the sidewalk, always screaming "Have you head about EelKat?" usually referencing also my Volvo. The FBI believes these two to be the husband and daughter of the woman who murdered my son. If you know who the white haired man or "porch bitch" are, the FBI is actively seeking information about their identity.

I am legally blind, I have never seen either of these people, so I do not know what they look like, I only know what witnesses are telling me they looked like when they showed up at their homes. I also have Kannar's Syndrome, real and actual (non-verbal, low functioning) Autism (not to be confused with high functioning Aspergers; I am only able to communicate by typing, and so here I am, typing, so I am unable to verbally respond to what these people are telling me. I have agoraphobia so, it is often months between me setting foot outside, but I am crippled with a broken spine from the November 14, 2013 attack of the golf club woman who crippled me when she murdered me son and thus I also can not get out of bed or stand up unaided. I do not know who either porch bitch or the white haired man these people are telling me is approaching them are. My son's murderer whom also crippled me, she I can identify if she ever got close enough again, but these two people whom are suspected of being her husband and daughter, I have not seen and can not identify. When you come to me and tell me they have approached you, you do nothing useful or helpful. I can not take YOUR testimony to the police or FBI, because it is YOUR testimony, not mine. YOU have to tell the POLICE and FBI what these people did. Do not come to me and tell me, because other then post this message here, there is nothing else I can do with the information you have provided.

There is some speculation that porch bitch may in fact live in my apartment building here at 409 Main Street in Biddeford, but I have lived here since February 2019, and of the 9 other families here, only one of them has lived here longer than me. Between the 9 families in our building, there are more then people living in this building and to date, I have met none of them.

Initially I had tried to introduce myself to each family in this building however, they are white and I am not, they are Christians and I am Moron/Voodoo, and this Maine where hatred of all things not white and not Christian are at their worst in the entire country.

White hatred for us Gypsies is very bad here in Maine and many in my family have been beaten, tortured, and murdered by the white Christians of Maine.

Does porch bitch live in our building? I do not know. But many witnesses are now saying they have seen her going in and out of the building, so she either lives here or knows someone who does.

With the extreme anti-Gypsy animosity and anti-Pagan animosity the 9 families who live at 409 Main Street have shown my family since we moved in here on February 2019, I would not be at all surprised if porch bitch not only lived here but the others know it, know what she is doing to my family and are not reporting it to the police simply because, that's what white people do to us non-whites.

Interestingly, witnesses are saying they believe the white haired man with the big green Dodge Ram pickup truck, lives on Portland Ave, very near my farm.

It is deeply disturbing, if this is true, because that means porch bitch and the white haired man are doing very severe levels of stalking, because my family has lived at 146 Portland Ave Old Orchard Beach since the 1530s, we settled and founded the town, and in 2019 when I moved into this apartment in Biddeford, no one else lived in this building, other then the gay couple who are still here and the only ones here longer than me. And also in 2019, there was no white haired man living near me on Portland Ave. 

This means, the man suspected of being "Clair's husband and the woman suspected of being "Claire's" daughter, Claire being the name the woman who murdered my son, called herself, have moved in next door to BOTH of my addresses within the last 3 years.

Claire used a golf club to beat my 8 month old son's head in with. If you are protecting Claire, know that THAT is the sort of child murdering bitch you are defending.

Claire's identity is the one we want. We want to know who she is. In 2021 a homeless man showed up in my driveway, claiming he knew who Claire was... 2 days later he was dead on the train tracks and splattered across the back of my house, and 2 days after that, this porch bitch woman showed up. We don't know who any of these people are, not the homeless man, not porch bitch, not Claire. We only got the name Claire, because that's what the bald man with her,November 14, 2013, the day she murdered my son, that's what he called her, and she answered him to that name, like it was her real name.

The Claire who murdered my son, she's who we are looking for... and apparently we got really close in 2021, because that's when porch bitch showed up with her wild alien/demon/cat slander, and she's working over time spreading her slander as far and as wide as she can, making it damn clear, she's scared shitless of us finding out who Claire is.

So, NOW, the FBI is not just asking for information about Claire's identity, they now want the identity of both Biddeford's porch bitch and Old Orchard Beach's white haired elderly man driving the mega, big 2ton dark green Dodge Ram pick up.

These 2 people closing in on my family, DAYS after a witness came forward saying he knew who Claire was, a witness who died 2 days later, before the FBI agents had a chance to talk to him... this is terrifying for my family, and it's deeply disturbing.

Porch bitch and her friends are terrorizing my family. And less then a month ago they killed my dog Mickey. There is something wrong with these people. These are NOT good people.

This is very, very deeply disturbing.

This makes them, in addition to everything else: stalkers.

Keep in mind too, porch bitch is the woman who poisoned and killed my dog Mickey only a few weeks ago. And one week before she poisoned and killed my dog, Mickey, she showed up at PortCon 2023, with a gang of about 12 others, at Round 1 in the Maine Mall, and tried to kill me, by peeling back the cheese on my pizza and loading it up with onions, something I am deadly allergic to. I would have been dead within 15 minutes had I eaten it. Porch bitch is dangerous. And she wants me dead. And she thinks nothing of killing my pets. She's proven that much.

There are HUNDREDS of people throughout Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach contacting me, both online and in person offline, telling me that these people approached them at random. They appear to be hellbent on approaching every single person to set foot in either town, so if you are in Biddeford or Old Orchard Beach you'll likely encounter them sooner or later if you haven't already. They appear to have been doing this since around May 2021, but so far no one knows who they are.

One detail though: porch bitch, has been saying some very specific information about the murder that was NEVER made public, and is not in the police public access report, it's only in the FBI's classified report. The ONLY person who knows this detail is the murderer herself, and porch bitch is too young to be the murderer. The blond golf club woman who attacked me November 14, 2013, was in her late 60s to early 70s, she'd be in her late 70s or early 80s today. Porch bitch is young enough to be her daughter or granddaughter. But porch bitch has been saying information that ONLY the murderer would know, so porch bitch DOES have personal contact with my son's murderer and is probably dangerous herself.

She has information that was never released to the public. Information the police and fbi kept out of public access reports. Information that was kept classified so it could be used to identify the murderer. Information she could only get, from the murderer. She is using 27 Facebook accounts and over 100 Reddit accounts to post that information as far and wide as possible, while gathering up a large group from the Sanford ward church to go around Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach also spreading that classified information, while at the same time spreading the rumors and lies that I am an alien Abducted and Etiole is an alien, while also spreading rumors of my cars being haunted, while also making hundreds of deep fake videos on YouTube about me and my cars and Etiole. She is orchestrating a huge defamation slander smear campaign, which you have seen some of the videos about me and my car. Fbi believes she is the daughter of the golf club bitch who murdered my baby and is doing this because Tod Murphy told the FBI his mother was bragging to be the golf club woman. Porch bitch showed up same time Tod Murphy did, in fall of 2021. The Sanford ward people joined her around May 2022. Fbi is currently investigating every one connected to the Sandford ward, and they now believe the golf club woman to have been a member in 2013. You don't have full details of what porch bitch is doing, who is helping her, and how alarmingly large scale what she is doing is, simply because I can not give you full details. There is a lot of information about porch bitch and her crew that I've not said, things the FBI and police are aware of, and you the general public, don't need to be aware of.

These people are actively and deliberately making a massive attempt to compromise an FBI murder investigation, alongside huge levels of victim shaming.

Porch bitch clearly knows who the murderer is, and the FBI is looking for ANY information you have that leads to identifying porch bitch, because arresting porch bitch, is right now, the #1 best chance of also finding and arresting my son's killer.

If you have any information about any of these events, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

Never forget: my son was murdered. That's what they want you to forget. They make up crazy rumors and lies because they want you to think about something, anything OTHER then my son's murder. And the ONLY person with THAT motive, is the golf club wielding blond woman, and anyone who is trying to cover up her crimes.

They want you to forget my son was murdered.

Clearly porch bitch is scared shitless that the killer, someone she knows, will be arrested soon, or she wouldn't be so hyper vigilant in her mega extreme slander campaign going on in Biddeford, Maine right now.

Beware of ANYONE who calls Etiole an alien, for he is not an alien and they are lying to you about him, as a slight of hand means of misdirection, to turn you away from seeing their own crimes.

Beware of anyone who tells you I believe in aliens, for I do not, and they are lying to you in a gaslighting technique meant to keep you from noticing the crimes they commited.

Trust no one who tells you I cast curses or consort with demons, for I do neither, and they say these things to you out of malicious motives, to make you look at anything other than themselves. They don't want you to see the sins they do, so they spread wild and bizarre rumors about me and an elderly homeless veteran, in a magicians pallor trick of misdirection. They use me and Etiole as their smoke and mirrors, so that you are looking the other way, while they get away with heinous crimes.

Beware of anyone who calls me a witch, for I am a Mormon, 5th generation, and we Mormons do not believe in witchcraft.

I need not tell you their names, for by their own actions, they will reveal themselves to you.

Pay very close attention to anyone who approaches you to "warn you" about EelKat... because remember too, my name is not EelKat. My name is Wendy Christine Allen. EelKat is a fictional character, a talking back fairy cat, from a Space Fantasy novel. Miss Citten The Eel Kat is Empress of Planet Ptarmagin and she travels to distant galaxies in a star ship, collecting deep space eels from other planets, her name is unpronounceable, so people call her "The Eel Kat" because she is the cat who has pet eels. The book was titled "Friends Are Forever" and it was published in 1978. You have to be severely mentally disabled in order to think that a talking space cat from a Fantasy novel is real, let alone be crazy enough to think that the author is that character. The very fact alone that porch bitch refers to ME as EelKat, that alone tells you the deeply disturbed fantasy prone mental case we are dealing with her. Her inability to discern fiction from reality, and he belief that I, a real person, an EelKat, a fictional space cat from a novel, or her belief that a local homeless veteran, is an alien, or her belief that my Dodge or my Volvo are demon possessed, that alone tells you what type of incredibly dangerous psychopath porch bitch really is. 

You can see video footage of his living conditions:


and HERE

and HERE.

THAT is the homeless veteran, this woman is calling an alien or a demon, depending on which delusion she is babble that day. THAT is Etoile. THAT is how he lives. THAT is who this deplorable woman is harassing.

Pay very close attention to anyone who approaches you to "warn you" about EelKat or otherwise tries to convince you I have anything to do with aliens, demons, curses, or witches, for they are deceiving you, and they do so, to draw your attention away from themselves. 

Never forget, my son was murdered on November 14, 2013, and the killer still walks free, and anyone telling you anything about aliens, demons, curses, or witches, has one goal and one goal only: a flagrant attempt to discredit me, and protect my son's murderer.

They ONLY want you to think about aliens to make you forget my son was murdered.

The FBI is looking for my son's killer AND the identity of the people who are trying to hinder their investigation.

If anyone approaches you and tells you Etiole is an alien CALL FBI Agent Andy Drewer and tell him who they are. They ONLY want you to think about aliens to make you forget my son was murdered.

Never forget, November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322 

If anyone approaches you and tells you that I believe in aliens CALL FBI Agent Andy Drewer and tell him who they are. They ONLY want you to think about aliens to make you forget my son was murdered. 

Never forget, November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

If anyone approaches you and tells you Etiole is a demon CALL FBI Agent Andy Drewer and tell him who they are. They ONLY want you to think about demons to make you forget my son was murdered. 

Never forget, November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322 

If anyone approaches you and tells you that I believe in demons CALL FBI Agent Andy Drewer and tell him who they are. They ONLY want you to think about demons to make you forget my son was murdered.

Never forget, November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

If anyone approaches you and tells you that I cast curses CALL FBI Agent Andy Drewer and tell him who they are. They ONLY want you to think about curses to make you forget my son was murdered. 

Never forget, November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

If anyone approaches you and tells you that I am a witch CALL FBI Agent Andy Drewer and tell him who they are. They ONLY want you to think about witches to make you forget my son was murdered. 

Never forget, November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

They are going out of their way to try to make you forget my son died, by coming up with ludicrous tales of aliens and demons. And the ONLY person with ANY motive to do that, is the blond woman who murdered my son.

They want you to forget my son was murdered.


Never forget, November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

They are going out of their way to try to make you forget my son died, by coming up with ludicrous tales of aliens and demons. And the ONLY person with ANY motive to do that, is the blond woman who murdered my son.


About This Game Play:

This current mod-making playthrough, is prep for a future fully-lore-friendly playthrough....

The ultimate goal of my mod making playthrough, is to make every character as lore-friendly as possible to how they were described in the novels.

Most specifically though we are transforming as much of the game as possible to match Chapter 5 of the novel Lady of the Lake, when Ciri lived with Avallac'h the first time, on The Lake of Avalon.

This current playthrough is largely a lot of test runs of hundreds of mods. It is being played open world with quests rarely happening, to allow us to run tests of various mods as I build them.

Due to the fact that the game engine, scripts, and other files is often open and being edited while I'm playing the game, this current playthrough is very unstable with bugs and glitches happening  daily and game crashes happening, sometimes as often as every few minutes.

You are witnessing a live overhaul and full rewrite of the game, that when finished will be used in a complete (more normal style) playthrough of the game.

However do not expect to see the lore-friendly playthrough any time soon. 

I began building this overhaul mod May 13, 2018 and have worked on it daily for 4 to 12 hours a day, all of it streamed here on Twitch, and... 

...while we've now altered over 2,000 script files, more than 7,000 textures, several hundred meshes, 400+ xml files, dozens of ini files, and have now begun work on changing 3D models...

...this project is far from finished and could see as much as another 3 years of daily work before completion.

Computer  stats: 

Motherboard: Asus Z170

Processor: i7-7000 @4.20GHz

RAM: 16 GB

Graphics Card: NVirdia 1070 GTX

Capture Card: AVerMedia Live Gamer HD

November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

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