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FAQs: Why did you add a rope to Avallac'h's belt? I thought it was because he was a BDSM fetish freak, but you said he's an asexual virgin?

FAQs: Why did you add a rope to Avallac'h's belt? I thought it was because he was a BDSM fetish freak, but you said he's an asexual virgin?


In the novels, Avallac'h is asexual, a virgin, and is celibate, refusing to have sex with anyone.

The rope.

Are you sure you REALLY want to know about Avallac'h's rope and why he carries it?


The backstory behind Avallac'h's rope and why he carries it may be viewed as deeply disturbing to sensitive readers.

Of course... keep in mind that if you are sensitive to what he does, my thoughts on that are: FUCK YOU BITCH, MAY YOU BE THE NEXT WHORE ON HIS LIST!

Avallac'h is viewed by 91% of all people whom have read the novels, as the evilest, most vile villain, not only of the Witcher franchise, but of any media out there. What he does with his rope, is the reason.

And while they see him as a villain, I see him as a hero and say more power to him... may he successfully eradicate the universe of every last slut assed whore out there...

Avallac'h Is the greatest hero since Jack the Ripper.


The story behind the rope, appears in volumes 6 and 7 of the Witcher novels. Here is a summary of the reason Avallac'h carries the rope, as we were told in the novels Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake:

In the novels, Avallac'h is asexual, a virgin, and is celibate, refusing to have sex with anyone.

Avallac'h is the last fertile male Elf and refuses to have sex with anyone who CAN NOT BE MADE PREGNANT.

Lara Dorren was the last fertile female Elf and therefore wa the only female Avallac'h was willing to have sex with.

No. Avallac'h has nothing to do with BDSM or sex fetishes. He has a massive phobia of wasting his sperm on a woman that can't get pregnant... and he words it exactly that way, alongside a very detailed monologue of ovaries, ovulation, and orgasms... he states that he not only won't have sex with a female unless he knows she's fertile, he won't have sex with her unless she's ovulating right then and there and can be made pregnant by having sex with her, just that one time.

In the very 1st scene that introduces him, Avallac'h spends a 7 page long monologue, detailing how to tell if a female is fertile, how to tell if her ovaries are ripe, and how to tell the exact minute she is ovulating... and ends that monologue by telling Geralt that Ciri (who is 12 years old at the time he said this) was ripe for fertilization.

It is Avallac'h's overly blunt, scientifically detailed description of wanting to breed Ciri (found in Chapter 7 of Tower of Swallows) that generally turns most readers to really, really, REALLY hate him.

It becomes very clear, very quickly, that while Avallac'h is extremely intelligent, he is also very socially maladjusted, has not skills when it comes to interacting with others, and is completely oblivious to that fact that others find his nature to be deeply disturbing.

It is also painfully obvious that Avallac'h has been raised since infancy to be a breeder, and has never been taught that he could do or be anything else. When others suggest to him that he could possible be or do something other then be a breeder, he can't even comprehend that.

We learn that Avallac'h has spent most of his life isolated, imprisoned, and taught that because he is the last fertile male, that he has no use to anyone beyond being used to breed fertile females.

And while he only talks of babies and sex and how babies are made, we see him admit, first to Geralt in Tower of Swallows, and later to Ciri in Lady of the Lake, that he is asexual, has no interest in sex, finds the idea of sex boring, says he can't understand why everyone wants to have sex, calls sex dull and lacking in any interest or fascination, states he really doesn't want to be a breeder, says he hates that he is branded the saviour of his species, and says wishes he had someone who would just talk to him, be his friend, and treat him like a normal person, rather then acting like he was an emotionless stud stallion whose only lot in life is to make babies for others.

Avallac'h is an extremely, overly sexualized character and at the same time, is the character the least interested in sex.

We see Avallac'h in public, displaying wild over the top shows of sexuality, often seen stripping naked, dancing on tables and chairs, grinding on naked women, dry humping any female that gets near him, with Ciri's eyes glued to his dick. Dressed in these scenes in skin tight black leather, thigh high stiletto boots, Avallac'h is described like a dominatrix, and portrayed as a strip dancer. We are even told he has a stripper name: The Purple Bison.

In public Avallac'h is never seen without his 5 favorite wives (one of whom is his sister Isilira who we meet in his lab in the game), all 5 of whom wear nothing but gold glitter paint, and are always very sexually rubbing themselves all over Avallac'h, no matter what he is doing.

Ciri, states that these 5 black skinned she-elves all look alike, just like monkeys, and refuses to call them by their names, instead dubbing them: "Avallac'h's Gilded Women". This results in many scenes of Ciri bullying Avallac'h's wives, and Avallac'h constantly having to break up fights between Ciri in the "The Gilded Women".

In his palace at the Lake of avalon, Ciri tells us that she sees at least 500 wives, each of them with at least 4 children. Knowing Avallac'h to be classified as a breeder, Ciri assumes these many thousands of children to all be Elf children whom he has fathered. This is further confirmed when he refers to them as "my children" and Ciri sees him lovingly treating the children as though he were their father.

At first appearances, Avallac'h is presented to both Ciri and the reader, as a wild overly sexual stud stallion who spends all of his time doing nothing but having sex.

And the reader quickly learns that this is all a public fasche.

In private, we see Avallac'h dramatically different and learn that his public displays of sexuality are just that: public displays and nothing more.

And worse... we also learn where "his children" came from, as Avallac'h's glittering, sexual public displays are slowly stripped away and his morbid, suicidally depressed, serial killer dark side starts to be revealed.

Yep... the reader is about to learn that Ciri has escaped Leo and Vilgisfortze, the 2 worst villains on her planet... and is now living with the most deviated, notorious serial killer in the universe.

But we are also shown how he got that way, why his is driven to kill, and it becomes impossible to see him as a villain.

A slave to King Auberon, the only thing that keeps Avallac'h alive, is the fact that he is one of the last 3 males known to still be fertile.

Avallac'h is seen as a traitor, because of his loyalty to Lara. Were he not fertile, he would have been executed long ago.

Avallac'h is branded a breeder, and in Elf society, that's all anyone sees him for: a sex object, that is nothing more then a baby making machine. AND HE HATES IT.

We ONLY see Avallac'h behaving sexually, while he is in public places, where agents of King Auberon are around.

In private however, under the safety of the magic barrier mists that surround the Lake of Avalon, we see the true Avallac'h's nature: a man who really just wants to sit on a boat and fish all day long.

We are told Avallac'h is an expert archer, the helmsman of a ship, an obsessively devoted fisherman, a cryogenics physicist, a surgeon, an herbalist, a poet, a flutist, a composer, an author, a landscape painter, an expert horseman, a necromancer, a scientist skilled at cloning, a sorcerer skilled at blood magic, the inventor of portals, a time traveler, a medical doctor with the universe's most advanced ability to heal pretty much any and all illnesses, and is the most powerful mage in the universe, capable of vaporizing thousands in seconds with his sonic whale songs, able to turn entire cities of people to stone with a mere glance, uses telepathy instead of speaking with his voice, and is a psion known as The Knowing One because he can see all events of the past, all events of the future, and can hear the thoughts of everyone for miles around. We are told he can speak all the Elven languages in every dialect.

Each of those things Avallac'h is very proud of. He has walls of degrees from universities all over the universe...

...and yet, no one cares. Elf society cares only for sex, sex, sex, and more sex, and to be an asexual, intelectual with walls of degrees, in a world that only values sex, brands Avallac'h as useless, worthless, unnecessary, and expendable. He is fertile. He is a breeder. And that is all anyone cares about.

We see Avallac'h depressed and suicidal, crying in every single scene hee's in. He goes back and forth between hating his inability to feel any desire for sex, to hating his people for their inability to see past his ability to father children and see all that he has accomplished in his 2,000 years of life.

More than once, we see Avallac'h break down in tears, stating that he is lonely and wishes people would stop only wanting him for sex, saying he has feeling but no one cares about his feelings because they can't see past lust and sex and greed to see that all he wants is a companion to talk to, someone who will spend time with him and love him without demands for sex.

Most of the scenes of Avallac'h, we see him on a boat fishing, horseback riding around the lake, or wandering aimlessly through fields of flowers picking flowers and playing a flute. He never strays far from the Lake of Avalon, and Cri stated that he seemed very sad and that he always rode his horse as though he was trying to run away from something.

In the early scenes of them together, Avallac'h brushed off Ciri's presence, acting as though she was just another sex crazed female sent to him to torment him with demands for sex.

We see Ciri sleeping in bed with Avallac'h at night, and feeling safe doing so, stating that while he was always hugging and cuddling her, he never once made any sexual advances towards her and she felt safe sleeping in his arms, knowing he'd never force himself on her.

Avallac'h leaves each night, to where Ciri does not know, but she starts trying to find out, resulting in her getting up early each morning to ride her horse around the lake in search of Avallac'h. Soon the 2 of them are daily riding their horses together around the lake, and Avallac'h opens up and starts talking to Ciri more and more.

At first appearances, Avallac'h is presented to both Ciri and the reader, as a wild overly sexual stud stallion who spends all of his time doing nothing but having sex.

And the reader quickly learns that this is all a public fasche.

In private, we see Avallac'h dramatically different and learn that his public displays of sexuality are just that: public displays and nothing more.

And worse... we also learn where "his children" came from, as Avallac'h's glittering, sexual public displays are slowly stripped away and his morbid, suicidally depressed, serial killer dark side starts to be revealed.

Yep... the reader is about to learn that Ciri has escaped Leo and Vilgisfortze, the 2 worst villains on her planet... and is now living with the most deviated, notorious serial killer in the universe.

But we are also shown how he got that way, why his is driven to kill, and it becomes impossible to see him as a villain.

A slave to King Auberon, the only thing that keeps Avallac'h alive, is the fact that he is one of the last 3 males known to still be fertile.

Avallac'h is seen as a traitor, because of his loyalty to Lara. Were he not fertile, he would have been executed long ago.

Avallac'h is branded a breeder, and in Elf society, that's all anyone sees him for: a sex object, that is nothing more then a baby making machine. AND HE HATES IT.

We ONLY see Avallac'h behaving sexually, while he is in public places, where agents of King Auberon are around.

In private however, under the safety of the magic barrier mists that surround the Lake of Avalon, we see the true Avallac'h's nature: a man who really just wants to sit on a boat and fish all day long.

Ciri asks of King Auberon's plans, and Eredin explains they need a Child of the Elder Blood, a child born to 2 Elder Blood parents. King Auberon had planned for Avallac'h and Lara Dorren to have that child, but Lara was a traitor, and now King auberon was looking for yet another female Elder Blood to breed Avallac'h with.

Eredin explains, this is why Ciri is here. Ciri is to have a female baby with King Auberon, raise that child, and Avallac'h is to be breed to Ciri's daughter, as he had been expected to do with Lara.... this will create The Child of The Elder Blood, The Child of Prophecy, whom King auberon will use as a living weapon to kill all Humans everywhere on every planet.

Yeah... even though the GAME told you that CIRI was The Child of The Elder Blood, The Child of Prophecy, The Living weapon... in the novels we are told that Ciri is the MOTHER of that child.

Cii is deeply disturbed to learn this info, and changes the subject by asking if Eredin knew where Avallac'h went to each night, as it appeared Eredin knew Avallac'h pretty well.

Eredin tells Ciri that Avallac'h leads a group called The Wild Hunt, a group of female wraiths, women who died in childbirth and are now the protecting guardian spirits of unborn babies.

Ciri laughs and says The Wild Hunt is nothing but a myth. A bedtime story of spectators who kidnap children and take them to live with Fairies. A story meant to scare children into going to bed at night.

Eredin tells Ciri not to laugh and then reminds Ciri that she is herself but a child and right now is Avallac'h's little chicken, trapped in his henhouse, and Avallac'h is the Fox who will never let her go. Eredin says The Wild Hunt is real, and these baby kidnapping female wraiths are led by Avallac'h himself, and this is why Avallac'h leaves each night.

Eredin tells Ciri that Avallac'h is murdering evil pregnant women who do not want their unborn babies, then bringing the babies back here to the world of the Elves.

...and Avallac'h wakes up out of his comatose state to find Eredin telling Ciri this stuff about Avallac'h's past that Avallac'h REALLY didn't want Ciri to know.

Avallac'h responds to what Eredin is telling Ciri, by attempting to leap up and strangle Eredin. However, he is still to weak from his injuries and Eredin pushes the ancient mage aside, then gently puts him back in bed, while chiding Avallac'h for being foolish enough to think that at his age he could fight anyone, let alone Eredin. We see Avallac'h infuriated, both at Eredin, and at his own inability to fight Eredin.

Eredin accuses Avallac'h of being a traitor, sets up soldiers to guard Avallac'h's every move, and gives the orders to kill Avallac'h on sight, should he make any sudden attempts to flee with Ciri.

When Ciri questions what is going on, Avallac'h explains that he was not supposed to keep Ciri. Avallac'h had been ordered by King Auberon to go get Ciri and bring her back to King Auberon's palace in Tir na Lia, where she was to have a baby by King Auberon's, which Auberon planned to use as a living weapon to destroy the human race.

Avallac'h states he had agreed to get Ciri, but had not known she looked so much like his dead wife Lara. Upon discovering that she looked like Lara, Avallac'h took Ciri instead to wn palace on the Lake of Avalon, then put up the barrier to prevent King Auberon from taking her.

With Eredin's soldiers aiming weapons at him and threatening to kill him, Avallac'h reluctantly escorts Ciri to King Auberon's palace in Tir na Lia.

Ciri spends several weeks, nightly hopping between King Auberon's bed and Avallac'h's bed. Starting out each night with King Auberon, then ending each night with Avallac'h.

And we see the worst scenes of sexual abuse, molestation, and emotionally sadistic mind games, as King Auberon takes center stage, sexually abusing Ciri and malliscously taunting Avallac'h about Ciri looking like Lara.

Avallac'h begins running off more often, vanishing now sometimes for days to a time, as Ciri takes to searching for more info into his past and trying to find out where it is he runs off to.

Ciri starts to wish she had not caused the barrier to come down, regrets that they came to Tir na Lia, and wishes she and Avallac'h could go back to Avalon and bring Mommy Yennefer with them.

Ciri and King Auberon start fighting more and more, as hostility rises in everyone, with tensions growing worse between Auberon and Avallac'h every day.

Ciri starts spending less time with King Auberon and more time with Avallac'h... this time, on his boat (which Ciri says is made out of pink cotton candy, has no oars or sails, and is powered by Avallac'h's magic flute, which causes the boat to glide in the air over the water.)

With Ciri now spending more time on the boat with Avallac'h and seeing how he spends his days doing absolutely nothing but fishing all day long, we see the bond between Ciri and Avallac'h grow very strong, as Ciri desires to escape the life she lives and spend all of her days fishing on the boat, with long days of uninterrupted peaceful quiet.

Ciri looks forward to her morning horse rides around the lake and daily fishing trips on the boat with Avallac'h, and begins to dred each night that she has to go back to King Auberon's bedroom.

And then comes one boat right that ends in opening Ciri's eyes to the horrible truth of where Avallac'h's many thousands of children came from...

Upon leaving the boat, as usual, Avallac'h and Ciri head to the stables to check on the horses and find one of the stable boys, a child near Ciri's age (about 10 or 12 years old) is beating Avallac'h's beloved horse Rudy. Throwing rocks at the horse and beating it with sticks. Avallac'h has a total meltdown on the boy and drags him out of the stable by his ear, and drags the boy off to his lab, which Ciri has heard a lot about, but has not yet seen.

Ciri marvels here about the boy's ear... it isn't pointed. Ciri wonders if Elf children start out without pointed ears and grow them in later, and takes to walking about Avallac'h's gardens, looking for his children and looking at their ears, and pointing out that all of them are careful to keep their ears hidden. She can not see any of their ears, as all of them make sure to have their ears covered.

The next day, Ciri can not find Avallac'h and goes to the stables to get her pegasus Kelpie and go look for Avallac'h. There she finds 2 little girls crying. When she asks them what is wrong, they tell her the stable boy was their brother and since he has not returned, they fear The Fox has killed him (The Fox is how many address Avallac'h).

Ciri brushes their hair from their faces and noticed, they do not have pointed elf ears, and also they do not have slanted Chinese eyes like most Elves do. She asks the girls to show her their teeth, and Ciri is stunned to see they have pointed canine teeth and molars... things Elves do not have.

"You're Humans!" Ciri exclaims, and she tries to ask how it is Avallac'h has Human children, but upon realizing they've been revealed to not be Elves the 2 little girls run away terrified.

Starry Eyes shows up out of no where, as he always does, always there to answer Ciri's questions, no matter the time or place, with no explanation as to how he is always conveniently wherever Ciri needs him at exactly the right moment.

He tells Ciri he will show her where Avallac'h's Human children came from, and takes her to Avallac'h's lab.

The lab is locked with no way in, but Starry Eyes tells Ciri it is not the Lab he wanted her to see... it's the ravine behind the Lab she is to look at.

Ciri stares down into the ravine, uncertain what she is looking at, so Starry Eyes shoves Ciri off the cliff, causing her to tumble head first into a piles of freshly killed pregnant women, laying on top of piles of rotted corpse of pregnant women, on top of skeletons.

As Ciri stands up and looks around, she describes that as far as she can see, for miles to either end of the ravine, piled dozens deep, are tens of thousands of dead female, Humans, their bellies ripped open and hollowed out, their necks broken, strangled, with bruises and rope burns at their throats.

Starry eyes tells her: "He did this. The Fox." and then explains that this is where Avallac'h goes each night. He takes his Wild Hunt and goes to Human worlds all over the universe, kidnaps these pregnant women, brings them back here to his lab, cuts out their babies, strangles the women to death, then gives the babes to his wives to raise as though they were Elves.

Ciri is horrified by this sight, but refuses to believe Avallac'h could do anything like this and says it must have been King Auberon or SparrowHawk (Eredin).

By this point Ciri is too far blindly in love with Avallac'h to be willing to think he could do anything wrong and so she convinces herself that Avallac'h is not mass murdering pregnant women and raising their babies like his own, even though by this point Ciri has also see several instances of Avallac'h lose his temper and lunge at people's throats strangling them.

It is a common occurrence for Avallac'h to lose his temper with the ciritens of Tir Na Lia, and respond by strangling them, and have to be pulled off his victim to prevent him from killing them. And she saw him do this to Eedin as well.

Each time Ciri sees Avallac'h attempting to strangle someone, she says to herself: "This is a very dangerous Elf." But then she brushes the thought aside, when she sees how kind, caring, gentle, and loving he is most of the time, to her, his wives, his children, and his horse.

Ciri begins to compare Avallac'h and King Auberon both to her dead lover Mistel; stating that King Auberon was gruff and mean and nothing like Mistel, while Avallac'h was soft, quiet, and gentle like Mistel. And Ciri starts to see Avallac'h as a replacement for Mistel...

...and unfortunately, because Ciri starts to compare Avallac'h to Mistel, Ciri starts to grow highly sexually attracted to Avallac'h and starts asking him to have sex with her, which upsets Avallac'h deeply, as he points out to Ciri yet again, he is asexual, has no interest in sex, he didn't even have sex with Lara whom he loved, and just wants to spend time with Ciri.

Avallac'h tells Cirii he likes having her around because she listens to him talk, and talks with him like he was a normal person. She does not treat him differently the way everyone else does.

Ciri, takes to daily screaming fits, bitch feast meltdowns, crying, pouting, demanding, throwing herself on the ground and holding her breath, and threatening to kill Avallac'h with the sword he gave her, if he doesn't have sex with her.

We see Ciri turn into total creepazoid sexzila, as she becomes insanely abusive of Avallac'h because of his refusal to have sex with her.... which results in him locking the door of his room at night, and when Ciri flees King Auberon's bed each night to run to Avallac'h's bed, Ciri is often left in the hall screaming herself hoarse while beating the door down and demanding Avallac'h open the door and have sex with her.

While Avallac'h continues to talk about wanting a baby with Ciri and we see him start building the massive Nargfal (Caranthir's ship seen in the game) as a gift for their baby, he continues to display ever more fear of sex and refuses to get Ciri pregnant, stating it's King Auberon's destiny to father the child.

When face to face with Ciri and her telling him, she'll have sex with him and give the baby to him, not King Auberon, we see Avallac'h terrified at the thought of having sex, terrified to actually make a baby... terrified that once he finally does, he'll be thrown away, now useless to everyone and needed by no one.

Avallac'h's mind is so emotionally crippled by King Auberon's obsession with Avallac'h being a breeder, that Avallac'h is terrified that if he ever does get a female pregnant, he'll be killed simply because his purpose for being kept alive, is over... resulting in his remaining a virgin, and absolutely refusing to have sex with anyone.

Avallac'h fears that the Elves will turn on him and murder him, the same way they turned on his beloved wife Lara Dorren and murdered her.

Lara was the last fertile female and was raised, like Avallac'h, to be a breeder. Neither Lara nor avallac'h was given a choice in being a couple. They were simply a breeding pair. And while Avallac'h had accepted this fate as his destiny, Lara rebelled against it and defied King Auberon's orders to be a breeder, by having sex with a human and getting pregnant with a half-human.

Avallac'h himself said love was more important and did not try to seperate Lara from her human lover, but King Auberon branded Avallac'h a traitor for siding with Lara.

Lara was murdered by the Elves as a traitor to her race, and Avallac'h lived in terror that he would be murdered next.

Seeing how little value he had outside of his destiny to be a breeder, led Avallac'h to hoard up hundreds of wives, but not have sex with any of them. In public Avallac'h was overly sexual with his wives, and in private kept his distance from them, as a public show of living up to his "breeder destiny" was kept up to prevent King Auberon from executing him.

That Avallac'h lived every day of his life in nortal terror that he'd be killed if he did not keep up the appearances of being a breeder, also showed us the levels of cruelty of King Auberon.

King Auberon's levels of sadistic cruelty are seen magnified, when King Auberon first orders Avallac'h to go get Ciri and breed her, but then when King Auberon sees that Avallac'h is falling in love with Ciri, he changes that order, and demands Ciri be brought to King Auberon, for Auberon to breed her instead... just so King Auberon can take sadistic delight in tormenting Avallac'h.

The emotional abuse Avallac'h lives with under King Auberon's rule, causes no one to question Avallac'h's guilt, when King Auberon is finally murdered by Eredin, who framed Avallac'h for the murder, making it look like Avallac'h killed the king in a jelosue fit over Ciri.

The fact that Avallac'h is 2,000 years old and literally knows nothing about life other then how to be a breeder, shows the extremely disturbing levels of brainwashing, imprisonment, and social isolation he has spent his life in... and leads us to realize, why he is capable of such extreme measures, when he discovers the existence of abortion.

When Avallac'h encounters Humans, he is horrified by the fact that, they put so little value of life, that abortion bitches exist in throungs, just lining up at doctors' offices to mass murder their unborn babies.

The rope was added to his belt in the game because in the novels, he carried a rope, which he used to strangle abortion bitches at abortion clinics.

If you pay attention, you will notice that I also added his hunting knife to his belt as well.

Again, this is because we are told in the novels, that after strangling the abortion bitches to death, he cuts out their babies and takes the babies back to his palace in Avalon, where they are raised by his 500+ wives.

Elves in the Witcher novels are sterile and reproduce by cloning. When an Elf is found that is fertile they become heavily protected and glorified as gods and goddesses.

At the time of the novels, only 3 male Elves were known to be fertile: King Auberon, Avallac'h, and Eredin. But there were only 2 fertile female Elves: King Auberon's wife Shaindel and her daughter Lara Dorren.

Fertile Elves were known as "Elder Bloods" because they still possessed the ability to reproduce.

(no - in the novels, Elder Blood had NOTHING to do with magic powers or super abilities, like the game told you - it simply means the person is fertile and able to reproduce naturally - that's why we saw 68 people try to get Ciri pregnent over the course of the novels.)

Shandiel died before giving birth, while Lara Dorren was still a fetus too undeveloped to survive. Avallac'h cut the fetus out of Shandel and then used his own DNA to keep the fetus alive in his lab, resulting in Lara Dorren being "born" in a jar in his lab.

Avallac'h raised Lara, thinking of her as his wife, but Lara saw him as her father. At the age of 21 Lara fled Avallac'h and married the human mage Creagannon.

Lara Dorren was the LAST FERTILE FEMALE ELF... and Avallac'h was the LAST FERTILE MALE ELF.

Because Lara left Avallac'h and got pregnant by a human, the entire Elf society branded her as "a witch" and a traitor... believing that she had condemned the Elven race to extinction.

Avallac'h, was seen as a renegade, bordering on being a traitor himself, because he refused to condemn Lara and instead forgave her, and tried to get her to come back to him, stating she could bring her baby and he'd raise it as his own, he didn't care that it was a half-human.

Lara was murdered by a mob of angry Elves less then a year later, when she was 8 months pregnant with Creagannon's baby.

Avallac'h tried to save Lara, but she bleed to death after he attackers cut her hands off. Avallac'h cut the baby out of her and intended to raise it, but he was attacked by the mob and fled to a nearby palace in a Human city, where he found a newborn Human baby.

Avallac'h swapped the babies and gave the Human baby to the mob, leaving Lara's baby to be raised by the Emperor of Nilfgaard.

Devastated over losing both Lara and her baby, Avallac'h commit suicide, then as a wraith set out to find the wraiths of women whom had died in childbirth, and formed a group called The Wild Hunt.

Lara and Avallac'h were the last 2 fertile Elves aka The Last of The Elder Bloods.

With the last 2 fertile Elves both dead, the Elf society was doomed to extinction.

Avallac'h and his Wild Hunt, went to Human worlds each night, looking for abortion clinics.

Babies are so rare in Elf society, with only 12 having been born in the past 100 years, that Avallac'h sees babies as the most valuable of all possessions a person can have.

For Avallac'h, to ability to have a baby is seen as the Holy Grail, and to see millions of babies slaughtered at birth by their ungrateful abortion bitch mothers, sends him to becoming a baby rescuing vigilante.

Avallac'h and his Wild Hunt is in the habit of hunting down pregnant women who are about to have an abortion. Kidnap them, taking them back to his lab, then strangling the abortion bitch to death, cut out her unborn baby, give it to his wives to care for, and toss the body of the ungrateful abortion bitch into the ravine behind his lab.

Lara's baby grew up to have twins, one of whom had a daughter, who was Pavatta's mother, who was Ciri's mother.

Ciri looked exactly like her 4th great grandmother Lara, so much, that Avallac'h believed she was Lara reincarnated and come back to him.

Avallac'h's story is told to the reader through flashbacks, as Ciri tells Mommy Yennefer where she went when she had "disappeared".

Avallac'h's entire story is narrated to the reader, in a flashback, told by Ciri, as Ciri tells Mommy Yennefer where she as been.

Interestingly, Ciri states that she lived with Avallac'h in Avalon for 8 years before moving to Tir Na Lia and living with King Auberon for 21 years (during which time Avallac'h moved to Tir Na Lia as well, and also lived with King Auberon, moving into the bedroom next door to Ciri's bedroom). And yet, Ciri was 12 years old when this happened and when she is telling this to Yennefer, Ciri is STILL 12 years old and we are told that Ciri was only missing for a meer 8 hours, not the 29 years Ciri claimed to have been living with Avallac'h as his wife.

Yennefer does not believe that Avallac'h, King Auberon, Eredin, The Wild Hunt, or The Aen Elle Elves are real, and states that Ciri made them all up, telling Geralt that everything Ciri claimed happened to her was just a drug induced hallucination caused by fisstech.

While Ciri maintains that Avallac'h is real and NOT just her imaginary friend, and Geralt also tells of meeting the Mysterious Elf and states that the creature he meet seemed to be a lich (a type of very powerful wraith) hiding it's true form behind the illusion of an Elf, and Regis admits that he has heard rumors and stories of this strange Ancient Unseen Elder who could take any form and was the source of Ciri's Elder Blood... EVERYONE ELSE thinks Ciri's story is just Ciri having sex fantasies about an imaginary friend as a way to cope with Mistle's recent murder... only Geralt and Regis believe Ciri's story of her time with Avallac'h as being true.

And from Ciri we learned...

Avallac'h was the King of Avalon who was also King Auberon's court mage... Avallac'h was the leader of The Wild Hunt (a group od female wraiths whom had died in childbirth) who lead the Wild Hunt to human worlds each night in search of pregnant women about to have abortions, to rescue the babies and execute the women for murdering their babies.

Avallac'h's whole story was focused fully on babies. He was the baby rescuing vigilante. He was fully 100% non-stop baby obsession.

To see Avallac'h in the game without babies is... odd and insanely out of character for him.... it's just as odd as seeing Ereidin leading the Wild Hunt and seeing the Wild Hunt as males. (In the novels Eredin lead The Red Riders, a group of male elves who rode red dragon-like horse-beasts, while Avallac'h lead The Wild Hunt, a group of female wraiths - we even see a scene of Eredin and his Red Riders, greeting Avallac'h and his Wild Hunt when Avallac'h takes Ciri to Tir ni Lia to meet King Auberon). No clue why they changed all that in the game.

Avallac'h is the good mage whom people called The Knowing One, and who was said to be the most righteous of all the Holy Grail Knights from The Round Table, because he had never shed innocent blood (it said he only ever killed women whom had had attempted abortions and rescued their babies and said he'd therefor never hurt anyone who was "innocent".). He's the one with 500+ wives and several thousand human children (rescued from abortion attempts) living with him. He was portrayed as a vigilante protector of babies who would have been aborted.

It said because Avallac'h had never shed innocent blood and was a pacifist fully against vengeance and retribution, that no animal or monster feared him and that's why he had Archespores, Barbagazi, Vampirodes, Knockers, and tens of thousands of other monsters in his care and that's why the Druids worshiped him as a God, calling him The Unseen Elder God.

Avallac'h, like Ciri had Elder Blood and like Ciri was hunted and tortured most of his life because of it. He had no motive to want Ciri for her Elder Blood like everyone else did, because he too was an Elder Blood, and he was hell bent on protecting her from people who were hunting her because he didn't want her to go through the things he had gone through (his parents, siblings, and pet ocelots were all tortured to death when he was a child, because of his Elder Blood).

Avallac'h lived on a boat in the Lake of Avalon, people called him The Fisher King because all he did was fish all day on his boat. He had 5 favorite wives who went with him everywhere in addition to Ciri who he made head wife over the others.

Avallac'h is the one who made Ciri Queen of Avalon, turned Ciri into The Lady of the Lake, gave Ciri her sword Zireael, gave Ciri her horse Kelpie, and took her horseback riding and on boat trips.

Ciri lived with Avallac'h as his wife in the palace on the Lake of Avalon for 8 years, and she called Avallac'h her best friend and the only person she could trust because he was the first and only person who was ever good to her.

In the novels previous, we had seen men chasing after Ciri all trying to be very sexual with her, and Ciri pulling away from every one of them. With Avallac'h we see 3 dozen references to him and Ciri snuggling, nuzzling, cuddling, hugging, and embracing, and oftentimes Ciri being the one instigating it. There are no scenes of Ciri with Avallac'h where we are not told where Avallac'h's hands are, and he's always got his hands on Ciri stroking and caressing her. We see one scene of Ciri comparing Avallac'h to Mistel and trying to convince herself that she is not in love with Avallac'h, because she has to stay faithful to Mistel.

Avallac'h talked constantly not stop about wanting to have a baby with Ciri, but never did anything to act on that. Ciri at first states she hates children and not only will never have any babies but states she will kill any baby she sees because she feels a need to "rescue the mothers from those evil parisiste". Later she tells Avallac'h she'll have his baby just because he's so obsessed with wanting one, but she'll only give it to him on the condition that he sends her back home to Mommy Yennefer.

Avallac'h wants Ciri more then he wants a baby, it turns out so he comes up with this whole story of how he can't have sex with her and she has to have a baby with King Auberon.... except Avallac'h knows Auberon will never have sex with a human, so Ciri will never get pregnant that way.

King Auberon and Avallac'h were fighting over Ciri because they both wanted a baby from her, but King Auberon wanted to use the baby as a weapon to kill humans, while Avallac'h just wanted to replace his dead family (his wife Lara was 8 months pregnant when she died). Avallac'h begane drugging Ciri and King Auberon with fisstech to prevent Auberon from having sex with Ciri, because he didn't want Auberon killing humans, and because he was terrified that King Auberon would kill him if Ciri ever got pregnant by someone other then Avallac'h.

Ciri went into a sex crazed meltdown, angry because Avallac'h was refusing to have sex with her, and angry that Avallac'h was trying to prevent King Auberon from having sex with her too, so she spent 8 weeks training her mind so that Avallac'h couldn't read her thoughts anymore, so she could sneak up on him and rape him.

Not fully understanding why he was terrified to have sex, Ciri attacked and raped Avallac'h 3 times, with him running away from her each time, so she broke his legs so he couldn't get away then raped him again. Which resulted in him finally fighting back and punching her in the face, breaking her jaw and knocking out most of her teeth, then strangling her and nearly killing her. Ciri only got him to stop by saying "I'm Lara", which put him into a state of shock and he was never able to talk again.

Eredin and most of the city of Tir Ni Lia witness this event and so Eredin uses this to frame Avallac'h and Ciri for King Auberon's murder, making it look like Avallac'h killed King Auberon in a jealous fit over Ciri.

Ciri finds King Auberon's body so Eredin then says Avallac'h hired Ciri to kill the king and Ciri and Avallac'h become branded as criminals wanted for King Auberon's murder. The game picks up the story from there, completely ignoring all events after this.

Ciri, with the help of Starry Eyes escapes the Elves, during a sword fight with Eredin, attempts to go back for Avallac'h to take him with her, but Starry Eyes doesn't wait and zips Ciri off the planet before she can make it back to Avallac'h, thus leaving him to fend for himself against Eredin's warriors, which Ciri states she regrets doing, and is horrified to see the world start falling apart, as Avallac'h's illusion spells fall apart, and she sees him and the world for what they really look like (a giant Cthulhu-like, planet-sized serpent in a desert wasteland, the entire desert for miles around piled with mountains of corpses of dead women... revealing that Avallac'h truly was an Elder God and the source of Elder Blood).

Outside of the one time during the rape scene when he was fighting back in self-defence, he never did anything even remotely bad or evil.... the only thing that branded him as an evil villain was the ravine full of dead pregnant women who were about to have abortions and a palace full of thousands of children who were their rescued babies, and the statues of the Unruly Children whom he'd got mad at. He was portrayed as being very kind and loving with Ciri and Ciri stating he was the most gentle person she had ever known. Avallac'h was so kind, loving, and gentle with her, that when everyone keeps telling her he's killing pregnant women, she refuses to believe it, and when she finally sees the ravive full of dead bodies, Ciri outright states Avallac'h couldn't have done it.

Seen later, near the end of the series, as The Fisher King, now in a human form, no longer appearing in his Elf illusion, Avallac'h never speaks or walks again, takes to doing nothing but swimming and fishing. He stays in the water of the lake the rest of his life because the icy water is the only thing that eases the pain of his crippled legs.

Ciri went back to Avalon after Geralt and Yennefer died and they (Geralt and Yen) were able to be alive again there because Avallac'h's illusion spells that made the desert planet come alive with trees and plants and animals and people, but they couldn't ever leave, because they weren't really alive, it was all just a massive illusion powered by the blood of the tens of thousands of dead pregnant women, whom Avallac'h was strangling to death each night, then cutting their babies out.

But Ciri was a-okay with millions of women being murdered for the rest of eternity, so long as it kept the illusion that Geralt and Mommy Yennefer were still alive.

So Ciri never again left Avalon, taking up the role of Queen of Avalon once again, taking care of the crippled, mute Fisher King, becoming his lover in addition to being his wife, and we see her Dryad mutations finally take hold with Ciri becoming The Lady of the Lake.

And we are told that 10,500 years of bliss passes for Ciri, who has finally found a life free from being hunted at last... isolated, on the Lake of Avalon, the mists of Avalon creating a barrier that separates and protects her from the evils of the world, alone with only the mute, crippled Fisher King for company, and the illusion of Geralt and Yen still alive, even though they are not.

The very last sentence of the very last novel, Ciri questions if she loved Avallac'h or Mistel more, and says she felt guilty for having crippled him because he'd never done anything to hurt her and had always been kind and loving to her... then seconds later she meets Sir Galahad and leaves The Fisher King to go to Camelot, while plotting to rape and murder Sir Galahad for interrupting her peaceful life on the Lake of Avalon, and declares killing and raping men is a-okay as long as she does it in Mistel's name and honour. (I'm thinking... Ciri what the fuck???)

Avallac'h in the novels, carried a rope that he used to strangle abortion bitches with, and carried a hunting knife that he used to cut out and rescue their unwanted babies.

And at the very end, Ciri's "happily ever after" comes when she spends 10,5000 years ordering Avallac'h to continue to nightly strangle pregnant women to death, just so Ciri can be pampered with her illusionary version of Mommy Yennefer and Geralt (showing us how truly disturbing, purly cold hearted, and deeply psychotically evil a super villain Ciri really is.)

The rope Avallac'h used to strangle pregnant women, and the knife he used to cut out and rescue their would have been aborted babies, was a central part of Avallac'h's character in the novels and in the game, while we see the rope and knife in his bedroom at the lab of Pali Gap, we never see him carrying with him the rope and knife.

That is why I added the rope and knife to his belt in the game.

And yes, I do like Avallac'h BECAUSE he devotes his life to killing every last fucking abortion bitch in the universe. Avallac'h rescues babies and kills abortion bitches and I love him for it.

And those who never read the novels and asked why a psychotically deranged streamer gathered up 712 equalill psychotically deranged viewers, and spent 4 months daily raiding my channel with the raid message "deserve to be raped"... now you know.

These psychotically deranged Ciri fans, who are why I turned chat off, are so in love with brown nosing Ciri's piss ant, baby murdering, abortion bitch, rapist ass, that they saw nothing wrong with viciously attacking a rape victim whose had 7 miscarriages and suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder caused by having been brutally raped, left unable to have children, and spent 5 month paralyzed and 18 months relearning to walk.


I identified, empathize, and sympathized with Avallac'h because:

  • I was raised in a child prostitution ring and was raped daily, multiple times since I was 8 years old, until I escaped from my captures when I was 31 years old
  • meaning I KNOW EXACTLY what it is like to be raised as breeder, seen as worthless and useless beyond how much money being raped by Mormon priests makes for my uncles
  • I had 7 miscarriages and therefor know EXACTLY what it is like to want nothing more then to have a baby, and be horrified to discover that there exist millions of jackass bastards who murder babies that they could be giving to someone to actually wanted them
  • I have severe post traumatic stress disorder caused by having been brutally raped, my internal organs are messed up so bad that surgery can not fix it, I have no control of bodily functions, and have spent most of my life having to wear adult diapers because I have no clue when I have to pee or defecate... to avoid accidents I have to keep a timer on, and use the bathroom every 2 hours when the timer goes off.... something you see every day throughout my daily 12 hour streams
  • among other things, my hip, knee, and spine was broken with a baseball bat, resulting in I spent 5 month paralyzed and 18 months relearning to walk... and you see me streaming from bed because I have been crippled the rest of my life.... today I am no longer in a wheelchair and can walk for limited distances with a cane, but I will never again run, dance, or mountain climb
  • also, I am asexual.
  • I am continually baffled by society's' constant obsession with sex;
  • I fail to understand why someone would WANT to have sex
  • I find the thought of sex repulsive
  • I see the onslaught of perverted, lewd, dick joking, boob obsessing posts that flood Twitch's chat to be horrifying... and I am utterly disgusted with just about 99% of what I see posted in most streamers' chats
  • I am reviled by the fact that Twitch chat is nothing but a den of sex crazed perverts incapable of intellectual conversation
  • heck, I'm the author of 130+ novels, not one of which is Erotica, all of which focus heavily on showing rape from the victims horror filled point of view, and ultimately shows the rape victim murder their rapists...
  • and yet, readers constatly call me an Erotica author, constantly bill my work as "the best rape fantasy erotica ever written" (I've one several awards saying that and refused to accept any of them)...
  • I remain baffled ad confused as to why society glorifies sex to such an extent, that they can view the act of rape as Erotica
  • I HATE that people call me an Erotica author and list my work as Rape Fantasy Erotica

meaning I KNOW EXACTLY what it is like to be horrible maimed, crippled by a violent rapist, and never again be able to live a normal life... while also being an asexual person, baffled by the sex crazed society I live in

I understand Avallac'h

And so to see a character, like Avallac'h who devotes his life to killing rapists and abortion bitches, and rescues babies... a man whose life was destroyed by bastards murdering his wife, bastards rapiing and crippling him... you look at the hell I've been through and you ask why I like him?

I empathize with Avallac'h on levels you can't even begin to image.

I sympathize with Avallac'h, because I know EXACTLY what he went through and what drove him to become what he became.

I am constantly asked by streamers and varios chatters why I so rarely post in anyone's chat...





Every time I do or say anything in my streams, there is always someone in chat to translate a sexual meaning to what I said or did!

Every time I say anything in some one's chat there is always someone in chat or even the streamer themselves, to translate a sexual meaning to what I said!





I hate that I can't talk to ANYONE, ever, at all, anywhere, without the person I'm talking to, twisting my words around and mis-translating everything I say to have so hidden sexual meaning.

It is very frustrating.

Do you realize, I can't even talk about editing Avallac'h's 3D model with other 3D graphics artists here on Twitch, because every time I ask for help with the editing, I get some snarky answer about sex shot back at me?

No... really...

...because Avallac'h is shorter, skinnier, and over all just so much smaller than Geralt, this also means that most every piece of armor, pants, boots, and gloves in the game does not fit him and can not be used.

Every time I want to use a armor piece from Geralt's collection, I have to open up the 3D model in blender and physically change the size of it to fit the size of Avallac'h's body.

Geralt has the thick neck, wide chest, and broad shoulders, in addition to being taller then Avallac'h... all of these aspects of the armor must be changed in order to make the armor fit on Avallac'h.

While I have changed the sizes of the robe-like pieces (Ursine chest armor, Oathbreaker chest armor, and Redanian Halberdier chest armor) so that Avallac'h can wear them, most of the armor in the game remains unusable for the Avallac'h playthrough, just because it is so time consuming to change so many 3D models.

Interestingly, while Avallac'h is overall smaller then Geralt and most pieces, are laughably too big to fit him.... the gloves and boots have the opposite problem.

As it turns out, Avallac'h's hands and feet are disporpotionaly big for his, otherwise very small, thin body, and are quite a bit larger then Geralt's hands and feet.

Meaning that while chest and pants pieces are too big for Avallac'h to wear... gloves and boots are too small for Avallac'h to wear, with his fingers and toes clipping through the ends of the gloves and boots.

In order to make the gloves and boots wearable, I had to increase the size of the boots and gloves to make them fit Avallac'h. However, only a few pieces are changed, and most do not fit him and can not be used.


Well, at the time I started editing Geralt's cloths to fit on Avallac'h's 3D model, I had never done ANY 3D edited EVER, not once in my entire life!

I knew absolutely nothing about 3D editing or how to go about making Geralt's armor resized to fit on Avallac'h so I could use it in the game.

Most of the Twitch streamers I watch are 3D graphics artists, JUST BECAUSE I wanted to learn how to edit the 3D models in the game.

When I was trying to edit Geralt's boots to make them fit on Avallac'h, I asked a 3D artists, during one of her streams, how to do such a thing, as it was the type of work she was currently doing in her stream.

When I explained I needed to change the size of Geralt's boots to fit on Avallac'h because Avallac'h's feet were bigger then Geralt's, rather then answer my question how to change the size of the 3D model, she she spouted off a ton of lewd, perverted sex tak, started accusing me of being into foot fetishes, and then instigated her entire chat, to make lewd sex jokes about "foot porn".

The entire next 3 hours of her stream was devoted to talk about PornHub, Erotica, and making fun of me about Avallac'h... her chat... a group of around 30 people that day, joined in, and spent the rest of the stream spewing sex jokes at me and Avallac'h.


I never did get an answer to my question of how to change the sizes of the 3D models of Geralt's boots to make it so Avallac'h could wear them in the game and went to YouTube in search of how to videos there instead, so I wouldn't have to deal with any more harassment from streamers and their chats in live streams.

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