Witcher Rant: Why I Do Not Like Ciri

So... you don't like Ciri, I take it?

Avallac'h and Ciri fleeing the Wild Hunt.

No. I find her a difficult character to like. I am however fascinated by her story.

In the game, she's fine, sympathetic even. But I've read the novels... and... how anyone can get through the novels and feel anything but revulsion for the white power, black bashing, bigoted, racist, male hating, abusive, mass murdering, domestic violence, rapist, psycho bitch is beyond me.

I find her completely impossible to relate to because she does things no sane real world woman would do.

Think about it.

Her first response/reaction to EVERYTHING is vengeance. How can I related to someone who's first response to everything is to kill whomever she is mad at? Who does something like that? Normal people don't automatically default to the mindset of: "I broke my nail, therefore I must kill everyone in the village." That's not normal or logical reasoning or reactions.

Avallac'h and Ciri resting by a campfire.

Her heart is so full of hate, that she is completely incapable of loving anything or anyone around her. I find is difficult to impossible to relate to people who are cold and heartless.

Ciri is VERY different in the game then the novels. Very, very, VERY different. Barely even the same character. Think of her as Yen x 10 with all emotions, compassions, and feelings stripped from her.

But even in the game we see her hair -trigger, irrational, default to kill, in several scenes. Look at what she says when Vesemir dies. While everyone else mourns his death, she's shrieking hysterically that she demands satisfaction, eye for an eye, blood for blood, and grabs her sword to smash and trash her way across Velen in a bloodbath of kill everything and everyone on her way to kill Imlerith.

Later, even though she knows Caranthir is Avallac'h's son, whom Avallac'h loves very much, she tells Avallac'h to his face that she intends to cut off Carantheir's head, and becomes angry when Avallac'h pleads with her to not murder his son.

Then at the end of the game, she boldly brags to Geralt that Avallac'h was never the one behind anything, because he was just her willing pawn, whom was doing her bidding.

It's bad enough, she already raped Avallac'h, hen killed his son, now we find out she's been blackmailing him and forcing him to hurt people against his will.

Avallac'h strangling his rapist, trying to push her off of him.

Let me repeat this:

She raped Avallac'h.

She murdered Avallac'h's son.

She blackmailed Avallac'h, forcing him to do things, he normally would not have done.

And that's just the things she did to one sick, crippled, elderly man. That doesn't include the masses of other men she's similarly treated, used, abused, and murdered. The only reason she has not murdered Avallac'h like she did all the rest of the men in her life before him, is because because he's so terrified of her, he hasn't dared fight back against her and just willingly obeys her in exchange for being allowed to live.

I mean, seriously, you tell me, how am I supposed to relate to a cruel, twisted, corrupted, cold hearted, abusive bitch like that?

Ciri, raping Avallac'h. The terrified crippled Elf trying to fight back against the over powered female witcher.

I find it much easier to relate to Avallac'h, then Ciri, because I know what it is to live with abuse, rape, and living in mortal fear for your life, from a psychopath who is rules by violence and threats.

I understand the fear Avallac'h lives with. I know what it is to be raped. I know what it is to be abused. I know what it is to fear someone and not dare disobey them for fear they will hurt you again.

Worse, I know what it is to have someone else's life used as a threat.

Avallac'h disobeyed Ciri, so Ciri punished him, by murdering his son. When I was a child, I had an uncle, who I grew up with, who punished my inability to remember Bible verses, by cutting my cat's head off with a shovel. I know what it is to live with the kind of threats and terrorism that Ciri uses against Avallac'h and it is WHY I identify with Avallac'h and WHY I find Ciri to be a horrifying, monstrous character.

And we are not talking about a full grown adult doing these things. You do realize she was only 12 years old when she raped Avallac'h, and that by that time she had single handedly murdered more than 200 full grown men... you know that right?

Headstrong, ingrate Ciri, proving herself the bitchiest bitch of the west at a ripe young age of 12.

If you've read the novels, you know that Ciri is far from a sweet innocent child and is nothing more than a vicious, spawn of satan demon child, akin to Rosemary's Baby. You also know that literally everyone in the Witcher universe, Yennefer included, wants her dead, dead, dead, and more dead, and rightly so, because they are all scared shitless of her demonic super powers and her complete and total lack of control of her temper, along with her evil nature of simply wanting to kill everything and every one that she sees. And... when you realize how young Ciri was when the rape occurred, you start to realize why Avallac'h is so very terrified of Ciri and why everyone else is so desperately trying to kill her.

Avallac'h is unique among the Witcher characters in that he is the ONLY person besides Geralt, who believes Ciri is good, not evil, and willing to raise her and train her.

Interestingly, while the game heavily implies that Geralt and Yennefer raised Ciri and think of her as their adopted daughter, the novels the game was based on, tells a dramatically different story: the fact that Ciri lived with Geralt for 3 months only, during one summer when she was just 10 years old. And NEVER lived with Yennefer at all.

Ciri, age 12, a bullying bitch, even back then.

And while the game tells you Ciri has lived with Avallac'h for some time, it never tells you that she has lived with him for 21 years, from the time she was 12 until he returned her 4 years later at the age of 33. Yes those dates and ages are correct. For Geralt and Yennefer only 4 years have passed, so Ciri should be 16 years old in the game time period; however Avallac'h is a time traveller and attempted to return her to the same week he took her, he was off by 4 years.

Returning her to her correct time he took her from, does not however change the fact that she lived with him for 21 years and is now 33 years old instead of 16 years old as she should be.

While Geralt continues on his life after giving up looking for Ciri, meer weeks after she vanishes, Avallac'h spends DECADES trying to tame, train, and protect the psychoticly deraged, blood thirsty, murderous demon child, whom he believes against all evidence to not be truly evil.

Avallac'h is one of the few characters who sees Ciri as a sentient Human being. Most characters see her as the mindless, mass murdering gutter trash demon spawn scum she is. Yet even Avallac'h himself admits to having difficulty seeing Ciri as a rational, intelligent, thinking, sentient being, based on the fact that she runs all smash and trash through everything and everyone she meets.

Ciri doing what she does best: bullying Avallac'h.

While Ciri in the game is still a cruel, compassionless, hate filled, bloodthirsty killer, she is still portrayed as somewhat Human, though her kill everything that moves attitude still leaves her completely unlovable and unrelatable even in the game. I am baffled how so many find her a relatable character as her endless mindless violence is a trait I find repulsive. Still, in the game she can be seen as almost Human on some level.

But Ciri in the novels is nothing but a mindless, emotionless killing machine. A robot is capable of displaying more compassion for others, then Ciri is. Her agenda is nothing but hate, vengeance, violence, kill, and hate, hate, hate some more. She is a very dark, twisted character who gives us nothing worthy of loving. We can't even pity her or feel sympathy for her because she is so inhuman.

If Ciri didn't age and grow old, I'd think she was an android, and even then I'm still not sure. Especially giving how Lara was created (she is a clone of Avallac'h - who is a genetic scientist from thousands of years in the future AND thousands of years in the past - Lara was created in Avallac'h's lab, using Avallac'h's own mega powered Aen Seavrhen blood, in experiments on embrioes he harvested from Auberon's wives.)

The Elder Blood gets its name from being a mutation of the blood of The Elder God - aka The Knowing One, who sees all, knows all, aka Avallac'h.

Novel version of Avallac'h is to the Witcherverse as Cthulhu is to the Cthulhu Mythos - the ancient, immortal, and undefeatable Elder God, thus why mutations created using his blood are referred to as The Children of The Elder Blood.

Ciri greeting the stunned Avallac'h with a kiss. He's not responding to this as he was not expecting it.

n the novels, Avallac'h's symbol, a statue in his house, and on the jewelry he wears, is a snake eating its own tail. Auberon tells Ciri that Avallac'h wears this because Avallac'h has no beginning and no end. He existed before the beginning of the world and he will still exist after the world is gone. He is eternity. He is time. He is the creator. He is the destroyer. He is The Elder God, from whom all Elder Blood is born. He can not die, he can only continue forever.

Avallac'h's eternal serpent statue, is also seen in Auberon's palace, the gardens of Tir ni Lia, and on most houses of the Aen Elle Elves.

When Ciri walks the streets of Tir ni Lia beside Avallac'h, the other Elves, stop to let him pass and bow before him addressing his as "The Great Avallac'h, oh ye The Knowing One"

In the novels, wither or not he actually is a god, the Elves believe he is god and worship him. This is something that was completely removed from the game.

Evidence says he is not a god, but rather an Elf born with god-like powers and an huge ego. For he greatly fears swords, has a raging phobia of Unicorns, and as the rape scene showed, can be taken down by "a meer Human". The rape itself, shows he can be hurt and is thus mortal.

Avallac'h having a mental breakdown, seen here crying uncontrollably, while rocking and hugging an unconscious Ciri whom he believes is dead.

Unlike Ciri, Avallac'h cries, laughs, smiles, and shows fear. Ciri, like an emotionless robot, is incapable of tears or fear. The rape scene leaves him traumatized. Ciri leaves the scene, not remorseful for what she did, and instead uses threats to cover her ass.

The rape happening in public absolutely shatters his ability to go out in public again, evidence that he's fully aware he's not a god and now fears the other Elves as they've begun to realize he not as god-like as he'd lead them to believe.

The rape completely shatters Avallac'h's "god" facade and proves him both mortal and not undefeatable. But the rape also proves Ciri, even crueler, colder, and more heartless than we already thought she was, for there is no more vile monster, then a rapist.

Avallac'h is one of only 2 surviving Aen Saevrhen Elves, and desperately trying to keep his race from extinction, thus his overbearing invested interest in Ciri's life.

Avallac'h is an insanely overpowered god-character, capable of wiping out entire galaxies, with nothing more than a snap of his fingers. Wither or not he actually is a god is never stated, but he himself believes he is a god, and believes that he and Ciri are to be the parents of a god even more powerful then he is. Thus his baby obsession.

The rape scene actually serves a plot point as it shows Avallac'h as being more mortal then he wishes to admit, and cuts his "I am god" arrogance down quite a bit.

Like other mega overpowered god figures in most fantasy stories, Avallac'h is a minor character, appearing on only 32 pages of the entire series, making an appearance, only so that the readers get to see "Oh yeah, there really is an Elf god who created the Elder Blood. Here he is, now let's get back to the story."

Avallac'h rescuing Ciri after she fell into the ocean.

He spends the bulk of his 32 pages of time, sitting on the grass and playing a flute, and freaking people out by intently staring at them, smiling mysteriously.

We see him speak in only 3 scenes of those 32 pages. Only twice do we see him get up and walk around. Two of the 3 scenes in which he speaks, he speaks in long multi page Roderick Usher style monologue that would make Edgar Allan Poe proud.

His speaking lines exist only as plot devices to tell Geralt (and the readers) the story of Lara Dorren and to tell Ciri the story of the White Cold.

When not playing a flute, he is vandalizing walls with penises and bison or pining away at Lara's grave.

The only character more minor then Avallac'h, is Eredin, who appears on a whopping, wait for it: 2 pages.

TWO pages.

Yes, Eredin appears on only two pages, in a grand total of 8 (eight) sentences.

Both of these incredibly minor characters, hit the story with such a bang, however, that they leave a lasting impact on main characters Ciri and Geralt.

Avallac'h, himself injured, rescuing Ciri after she fell into the ocean, and asking a nearby Human to help them.

I actually find it surprising that Avallac'h was made a primary character of the game, considering how incredibly minor a minor character he is in the novels. He's literally a one shot walk in, in the novels.

Avallac'h is so alien not only to Humans, but also to other Elves, that he has no ability to socially function among any of them.

His eccentric insanity and manic behaviour, is a plot device that serves to show those around Ciri, "Hey, look, THIS is WHY she's a demonic freak. Here's the demonic Elder God Elf, everyone kept talking about, the one whose blood is flowing in her veins. Look at how alien he is, not even the Elves know what to do with him, now you understand why Ciri is so inhuman. It's because she's got this guy's blood in her and look how inhuman he is."

And inhuman, Ciri is.

Avallac'h taking care of injured and dying Ciri.

I have never seen a character in ANYTHING before who was more devoid of emotions, feelings, or compassion. Rocks are more interesting. Ciri is like a Dyalek, with one emotion, one objective: hate, hate, hate, kill, kill, kill, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!




It's all Ciri lives for. This and nothing else. She has no other motive. No other desire, but to kill, kill, kill, everything and every one that crosses her path.

I can't see Ciri without Rotorsand's song "Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy" going through my head. She so reminds me of that song. It fits her cold, callous nature perfectly.

I'm amazed the game devs were able to take a cruel, heartless character like Ciri and turn her into something almost sympathetically human in the game.

From the time she was only a toddler, she was senselessly murdering the adults in her life, simply because she could... oh yeah, that, and because she a lesbian and supposedly, according to the Witcher novels, being a lesbian makes one automatically an evil natural-born super villain out to kill everyone, because there is no such thing as non-evil gays in the Witcher universe, the same way there is no such thing as non-evil blacks in the Witcher universe.

Ciri, wounded, but awake, talking to Avallac'h.

The levels of anti-gay pro-white power messages in the Witcher novels is horrific and sadly over take nearly every scene of the novels, with it's glaring hate gays and kill blacks message that is preached from every page.

Ciri possesses the ability to look at someone and tell them to die, and sadistically takes great delight in doing so from the time she is only 4 years old, thus why her terrified family gave her to Witcher Geralt in hopes he could beat it out of her.

Her incredibly dangerous nature is why Avallac'h then whisked her away, out of her world, to Tir ni Lia, in an attempt to save her home planet from mass destruction by her saying one word and blowing up the entire planet.

Ciri is so, unemotional, so uncompassionate, so dead to feeling anything, so robot like, that I wouldn't be surprised if CDProjektRed releases CyberPunk and reveals her as a cyborg from the future!

As it is, the author himself reveals Ciri to be none other then The Lady of the Lake herself - a Fairy incapable of comprehending human emotions.

The morning after raping Avallac'h, Ciri remains cold and emotionless, while traumatized Avallac'h, in tears, has a mental breakdown.

There is absolutely NOTHING human about her on any level at all, whatsoever.

She like those terminators from the Terminator movies - mindless machines who do nothing but kil, kill, kill, and kill some more without remorse or feeling.

I suppose, my being Gypsy has something to do with my dislike of Ciri as well, as, a woman who beats up men, rapes men, and is overall disobedient to men... very much rubs our culture the wrong way. Gypsy women respect their men, worship them, obey them, and don't treat them like shit. Gypsy culture believes a man is a king in his own home and should be treated as such, especially by his women. I suppose it says something about American mindset, when Ciri's fans are largely American women. I pity the men of America if an abusive male hating bitch like Ciri is the sort of woman American women look up to as a hero. It must be hell for American men if that's the type of ideals American women look up to.

Like I said, Ciri in the game is fine (though somewhat Mary Sue). It's Ciri in the novels, I don't like.

Avallac'h agrees to pretend the rape never happened after Ciri threatens him.

But then again, I can at least say she is very well written character. Far from being Mary Sue, Ciri is very unique among Fantasy novels. She is admittingly a powerful character, and the fact that she is able to incite a strong reaction from me (someone who rarely has a strong reaction to fictional characters) is a nod towards Andrzej Sapkowski's skill as a writer.

And Andrzej Sapkowski has created not one, but two characters that got a strong reaction from me. More even. I could write for weeks on how I feel about each and every character he created. And that I like. I like that he wove the life of each character so well, that I do feel something for them - even if that something is hatred. Not many authors create characters that trigger my interest even a little. Andrzej Sapkowski has created characters that got my attention and held my attention.

Love them or hate them, Andrzej Sapkowski has a talent for creating damn good characters.

Avallac'h, frightened of the cold, heartless bitch who just raped him and is now hauntily lashing out her demands.

And so on some levels, I do like Ciri, just for the fact that she is so well created, that she was able to get a reaction from me.

I get bored with most books fast. Rarely get to the end of a novel, let alone stick with it for 7 volumes.

Ciri (not Geralt) is the main character of the novels. And her story is gripping and no matter how much I disliked her, still stuck around to see what she'd do next, how she'd get out of her latest mess... she's still a character you want to follow and see what happens, like her or not. Her story is just that well written.

And yet... I don't hate her as much as you'd think. Go figure. I'm weird that way. I mean, I am tossing her in bed with Avallac'h every other episode here... I wouldn't be doing that if I totally hated her. I find her tendancy to be so very, inhumanly cruel to be something I can not identify with or relat to, nor can I see the logic in idolizing a woman who is so incredibly abusive and violent.

I think she ranks as one of those characters who I love to hate on? I'm weird.

Avallac'h trying to convince Ciri to run, instead of fight, as Eredin comes up along side to attack them.

But Ciri is a strong woman, how can you not like her?

I'm sorry, but how do you define a bully as being strong?

...how do you define a murderer as being strong?

...how do you define a rapist as being strong?

...how do you define a domestic violence spouse abuser as being strong?

...how do you define a blackmailer as being strong?

Ciri is all of the above.

I'm sorry if you come from a culture that defines someone's strength by how many people they've beaten, raped, and murdered, but I am a Gypsy and we come from a culture that teaches these things are vile, evil actions to be reviled, not glorified.

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