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 TRIGGERED! I'm a Straight Cis Woman, but I am deemed Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach, Are you too gay for the bigoted, minority harassing, white power, gay hating psychos of The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall Too? 

FAQs: Do you recommend I read the novels before playing the game?

Witcher book review: Why Americans should not read the Witcher novels. Racism, white power, gay killing, child porn, and black bashing fantasy novels.

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The Witcher 3: 
Wild Hunt 
|Game of the Year Edition| 
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The Avallac'h Playthrough
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FAQs: Do you recommend I read the novels before playing the game?

Witcher book review: Why Americans should not read the Witcher novels. Racism, white power, gay killing, child porn, and black bashing fantasy novels.

It is no secret that The Lady of the Lake is my favorite novel and The Tower of Swallows is my second favorite novels. Witcher 3 is my favorite video game. And Avallac'h is my favorite character from any thing ever... from anything. Yes, he beat out both Scrooge McDuck and Lord Sesshomaru, much to the shock and horror of all of my followers.

My extreme love of the series and it's characters, has caused a lot of people to ask me if I recommend they play the games or read the novels. And my answer, shocks them, when I say: No.

I'm asexual. I can read child porn and see it for the horror that it is.

But, how many people have read my Quaraun novels and then called them the best Erotica ever written?

I don't write Erotica. I write Horror. I don't write good, kind, loving sex scenes. I write brutal, bloody, torturous, rape scene that end in murder. Told from the terror filled mind of the victim.

And the Witcher novels, contain more than 300 sex scenes, featuring a little girl 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 years old. Ciri. She's only 7 years old in the first sex scene with her. And she's only 14 years old, when the  novels end.

How many people lust after Ciri. Look at the fan fiction. The fan art. Look at the page that gets 300,000 views per day, which I built at reader request.

Did you know a lot of people wanted me to make those nude Ciri images in her lore-friendly to the novels age?

Do you know what Ciri's lore-friendly to the novels age looks like beside Avallac'h?

Ciri was only 12 when she was in her sex scenes with Avallac'h, King Auberon, and Eredin in the Witcher novels.

Here, have some pictures, which I specifically to tell you WHY I will NOT make fan art of Ciri nude and in sex scenes, her accurate to the novels age.

Disturbed yet?

You should be.

Avallac'h at least waited for Ciri to have her first period and be classified in his mind as an adult before he started chasing her. She was 12.

Dandelion, his preference is for pre-pubescent girls, so he doesn't have to risk taking the responsibility of raising a child he fathered, so he went after Ciri when she was 7.

Yeah... Netflix left out some details about Dandelion, that have got quite a few people horrified, now they have read the novels and found out the 51 year old child raping pedophile is nothing like the happy go lucky young kid who sings about tossing coins to Witchers.

Crach an Craite, he went after Ciri when she was 8.

No. I do not recommend the novels to Americans, because child porn is a problem in America. A big one. And average American is too much of a deviated, lewd minded, sex crazed pervert to be able to read scenes of an 8 year old girl being raped, without thinking it's Erotica.

The rape scenes are terrifying and there is once almost every 3 pages. 

You see Ciri's mind torn apart by her ever growing fear of men, which ultimately causes her to pretend to be a lesbian. She's not, she's bi-sexual. Sort of. Ciri lusts after men fiercely, but she's terrified of men because so many men have raped her, so she lusts after men and beds women, then rapes men and kills them to prove she's lesbian. She's does that when she's 10 years old.

But look at the reviews of the novels. 90% of the reviews are written by men, lusting after Ciri and talking about how great her sex scenes are.

Let me reword that...

90% of the reviews are written by adult men, lusting after an 8 year old girl and talking about how great the scenes of her being raped by men in their 40s and 50s are.

I find that deeply disturbing.

You should read an 8 year old being raped and be horrified, outraged, infuriated, and want to kill the bastard who raped her.

And yet, people read the Witcher novels while jerking off and imagining they are the grown men raping 8 year old Ciri.

Again... I find that deeply disturbing.

Do you recommend I read the novels before playing the game?


In fact, for MOST people I would advise staying away from the novels. 

The novels are NOT what most people think they are. For starters, they are NOT Fantasy novels, but rather they are political manifesto rants of the author, whose one and only goal is to push his morals, values, religion, and extremely anti-liberal, pro-fundy-conservative agenda on the readers, and attempt to do so by using fantasy-like parable stories to show examples of why his agenda is the only agenda and prove his way is the only one true way.

The extreme black bashing, gay hating, white power message preached from The Witcher novels made them a struggle for me to read.

There were many times when I was horrified and disgusted by the blatant kill all gays message that gallops through the novels.

And Ciri's kill all blacks, glory to all whites monologue made me just want to run Ciri's head throw a meat grinder. Ciri is the most vile, black hating, white power, racist bitch I have ever encountered in literature.

I was constantly putting the book down, disgusted by the author's black hating, gay hating, female hating, "I'm a proud straight white dude, fuck all females, fuck all blacks, fuck all gayz" message.

I found myself continually torn by hating the horrific message the author was preaching, while loving the gay, lesbian, asexual, black, and female characters that he was massacring left and right. His extreme hatred for the blacks, gays, lesbians, asexuals, and females that he was slaughtering on every page to prove how great strat white males are, just made me love characters that he was trying to convince us readers to hate.

His extreme levels of brutal torture of Avallac'h, is a big reason why I fell in love with Avallac'h. Avallac'h in the novels, is asexual but in love with a female, and we see his life torn apart, when she, his wife Lara, reveals she only wants him for sex and he refuses to have sex with her, so she spites him by getting pregnant by another man. We see him bullied, outcast from society, becoming a hermit, all because his refusal to have sex makes him the laughing stock of everything. The baby is Ciri's 3rd great grandmother, and Ciri, a lesbian (sort of) looks just like Lara so Avallac'h, thinking he doesn't have to worry about sex with a lesbian, tries to get Ciri to be Lara... but then Ciri turns out to not actually be a lesbian, turns into a psycho crazed sex addicted freak and starts trying to get Avallac'h to have sex with her, which he, being asexual, refuses to do, so Ciri rapes Avallac'h, 4 times, then upon realizing, yeah he really doesn't want sex, she breaks his legs by running a sword through his knees, his hips, and runs a sword through his testicles, because that's what lesbians do to men who refuse to have sex with them, in the Witcher universe, where lesbian means rapist of men not 2 women in love.

Every letter in the LGBTQAI+ string of letters, gets hit by the author's extreme hatred of all things not straight... even asexuals, as we see in the Avallac'h's story when the kill your gays trope lashes out at the A = asexual of the LGBTQAI+ group.

It makes me both hate the author and love the characters, hate the novels, but love the story.

I have a deep love hate relationship with the Witcher novels, and while I deeply love some of the characters, I hate the anti-gay, anti-black, anti-female message the novels preaches from every page.

But I do believe that MOST people who read the novels are going to be far too offended and outraged by the anti-gay, anti-black, anti-female message to be able to read enough of the story to learn to identify with and love the blacks, gays, and females that the author wants so desperately to make you hate.

And one has only to look at the Witcher 3 streamers who watched the Netflix series, loved it, started playing the game, loved it, started reading the novels... and only made it a few chapters in before making a stream saying they were not going to finish the game and would not be watching the rest of the Netflix series, once they found out how horrible the hate message of the novels was.

We have seen dozens and dozens and dozens of streamers make streams like this now, saying they wished they had never watched the Netflix series, wished they had never started the game, wished they had known before, how horribly, terribly, anti-black, anti-gay, anti-female the novels really were.

VERY FEW people who start reading the novels, will make it more then a few chapters into the first novel before they are so fed up with the author neglecting the story in favor of preaching at them, that they toss the whole series aside and never pick it up again.

The few who do make it past the first 2 novels and reach the 3rd novel, will highly likely be so horrified with the change from Geralt as main character, to Ciri as main character that they will toss the series in the garbage can not even bothering to sell their copies on eBay because they are so outraged that something this bigoted, this racist, and this much in favor of promoting child porn and legalizing rape of children 

*(yes, that IS one of the primary messages and goals of the series... if you did not know the legal system regarding rape in Poland, you might want to look it up, basically rape of children is seen as okay because men NEED to relieve themselves and the author, wishes to legalize rape of children worldwide, not just in Poland... be prepared to be horrified by the incredibly horrifying pro-legalizing-rape message the Witcher novels is going to pound into the reader's face every 3 pages)*

When you realize hoe VERY EXTREME the messages in this political manifesto masked as a Fantasy series really is, you'll be utterly horrified that anyone thought to write something, this extreme... and you'll suddenly understand, why there are far more people who cry for an all out boycott of the Witcher series, then there are people are fans of it.

Forget EVERYTHING the games and the Netflix series told you, when you pick up the Witcher novels, because you are about to venture into one of the wildest, most bizarre, psycho-author, social justice warrior, political manifestos ever published.

You have to slog through page after page after page of dull, dry, boring manifesto rants, before getting to snippets and paragraph of story plot, followed by page after page after page after page of even more dull, dry boring political manifesto rants before reaching the next 2 or 3 paragraph snippet of story again.

If you like reading Ernest Hemingway and find works like *The Old Man and the Sea* and *Hills Like White Elephants* to be the best works of literature ever written, then you'll love the Witcher novels.

Side note:  Ernest Hemingway is one of my top favorite authors and *The Old Man and the Sea* and *Hills Like White Elephants* are 2 of my all time favorite stories. 

I love *Hills Like White Elephants* and when you know THAT story, what it's about, what it's message was... in the 1920s, when NO BODY talked about such things.... and then you read the Witcher novels, chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, and see THE EXACT SAME STORY of *Hills Like White Elephants* in the dialogue between Ciri and Avallac'h, with roles reversed, and the FEMALE *(Ciri)* being the one wanted an abortion while the MALE *(Avallac'h)* is trying to stop this baby murder from happening... then you start to realize, why I love Avallac'h so much, and how, in spite of everything else in the Witcher novels, the Lady of the Lake went on to be my favorite novel.

Ernest Hemingway, wrote a part 2, to *Hills Like White Elephants*... *For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn*

I love Ernest Hemingway. But most people don't. Few like his work. And most find his style of writing... with ZERO character names, no punctuation, and no "he said" or "she said" tags, to be jarring and near impossible to read.... and the Witcher novels are the same... they read like Ernest Hemingway himself wrote them, the same manifesto ranting, the same lack of character names, the same lack of punctuation, the same lack of "he said" or "she said" tags, and the same in your face political messages.

If you don't like Ernest Hemingway, you will NOT like the Witcher novels.

I should also point out, I LOVE Literary Slice of Life Political Manifesto Moral Stories, it is my favorite genre. I rarely read fiction because I find fiction dull, dry, and boring. I read hundreds of non-fiction books, every year.

And when the Witcher novels were first recommended to me, I put off reading them for 5 years, because I THOUGHT they were Fantasy novels, and I should also point out that I absolutely HATE Fantasy novels, and find things like *Lord of The Rings* and *Game of Thrones* to be among the most boring things ever written. 

If you like *The Lord of the Rings* or *The Game of Thrones*, you will HATE the Witcher Novels.

I HATE Fantasy novels.

Yet the Witcher novels, are my favorite novels now, after I read them, and found out they were NOT Fantasy novels, but rather were Literary Slice of Life stories, written in the Ernest Hemingway format, and while I disagree with MOST of the social justice warrior ranting the author puts out their... I admire his drive, his passion, his utter ballsiness and not giving 2 shits about stepping on sensitive snowflake toes.

In this day and age, most authors are too busy worrying about not stepping on sensitive snowflake toes to write with the actual passion they feel, and that's sad.

Just because the bulk of society disagrees with you on morals and values, doesn't mean you should feel pressured into NOT expressing your feeling on those morals and values.

Like I said, I disagree with MOST of the message's this author is putting out there... but I respect that he had the balls to put that message out there.

What are those messages? Lets give you a list...

If you are black, or support BlackLivesMatter, know that the author is incredibly white power, and main character Ciri is such a hugely overbearing black hating bigot, that she was voted by The Ku Klux Klan, as the fictional character who is the most ideal female whom little girls should look up to and strive to be more like. If you are black, read something less black bashingly racist, like Huckleberry Finn. It's far less offensive. The constant black bashing. Okay, we get it, you hate black people, can you get back to the story now? This is an author who doesn't know when to quit. We got the message, you hate black people, can you stop beating it over our head now? Damn! 

The Witcher novels are books that NO supporter of Black Lives Matter should get near... they will quickly become the books you hate most of all.

No fan of Ciri who is a supporter of Black Lives Matter, should EVER read the Witcher novels... you'll want to beat the crap out of her bigoted black-hating, racist ass so damned bad.

Once you find out how horrifically extreme Ciri's hatred of blacks is in the novels, you'll think Derek Chauvin was a good guy... yes, Ciri is THAT bad when it comes to her black hatred in the novels. 

If you are female, know that the author is a menminist (a male who hates females) and writes females as though they were the most demonic nazis to ever exist and must be exterminated, elimitaneted, and annihilated.  Daleks desire to exterminate Humanity far less then Andrzej Sapkowski desires to exterminate all females in the universe.

It's worse if you are Lesbian. If you go to Amazon book reviews you will find that The Witcher novels have 122 5 star reviews all of which call the series "The Best Lesbian literature ever written!" These reviews are written by obviously straight people without a clue.

Main character Ciri is touted by many of her fans as "a lesbian" and again, it is clear people who call Ciri a lesbian are straight and do not know what lesbian means.

A lesbian is a woman who is loves another woman.

What does the Witcher novels tell you a lesbian is? A female peadophile who kidnaps and rapes little girls, then trains the little girls to seduce, rape, and castrate men, because the ultimate goal of lesbians to to kill all men. 

Lesbians also roam the streets in search of pregnant women to stab them in the belly and rid them of the "parasites" implanted in them by men.

Lesbians in the Witcher novels are hell bent on killing all men, all pregnant women, all children, all babies, and leaving the world an all female utopia.

Yeah.  Good portrayal of lesbianism, right?


It is horrible that in this day and age, there are still people out there who don't know what lesbian or gay mean.

Here's something to consider... if you are a male fan of Ciri, grab hold of your penis and run, because novel Ciri is a serial Lorena Bobbitt.

The author is Polish, Jewish, and a WW2 concentration camp survivor.  As such, his hatred for Christians is phenomenal (though understandable), and every sentence of the Witcher novels drips with pro-Jewish kill all Christians propaganda. Humans are ALL portrayed as very unabashedly Christian and Nazi while Elves and Gnomes wear sackcloth and ashes, tzitzit, prayer shawls and locks, and speak real world Hebrew, while the Humans massacre them in grizzly, historically accurate, WW2 concentration camp brutality. *(Avallac'h is a Jewish rabbi... did you know that?)* 

My family, we are part Jewish, and it's breath of fresh air to see Jewish culture, Jewish history, Jewish characters in any media, because you don't see it that often.... but damn... not like this. The constant glorification of Judaism.... it's not done in a good way.  It leaves the reader thinking, great, you're proud of your religion. Good for you. Can you stop hate feasting on every one now? You really are making your religion look bad when you do that. Stop giving people who hate Jews a reason to hate Jews even more! The war ended 80 years ago, yeah a lot of people in my family died in concentration camps too... now get over it! You are making your people look worse not better!

If you play the games, you'll come to love several characters, who the games give you no reason to dislike.

But when you read the novels, those very same beloved characters, show their true colours, and it ain't pretty.

The most beloved characters of the games, are NOTHING like they were in the novels, and in the novels, they are vile, immoral, degenerates. Child rapists. Murders. Sadistic tortures.

In the game Vesmire tells you he regrets making Witchers, and glad he hasn't done it in hundreds of years.... and yet the time period of the game, is just 3 years after the end of the novels.

No, the story of the novels, IS NOT in the game, NONE of the games contain ANYTHING from the novels.

The novels end with nearly every character, included Geralt and his WIFE Yennefer, both dead. The game developers did not like the ending, and made the games as a "What if.... Geralt had not died...."

Keep in mind too, that the games were made 30 years AFTER the 8 novels were published. These are very old books, and the games are nothing but fan fiction inspired by the books, and ARE NOT the story of the books, and because the games are FAN FICTION created 3 decades after the novels were published, the game devs changed characters A LOT!

Remember Vesimire, who the game tells you, regreters making Witchers and hasn't done it in over a hundred years? Yet the game is set 3 years after the novels end?

First chapter. First novel. Vesimire is running out of children to torture, and his glut lust for their screams, his sexual arousal at watching them die, is not being fulfilled, because he has run out of little boys to torture to death in sadistic glee.

So what does he do? He sends out Geralt to kidnap more children from the nearby village.

Geralt kidnaps 3 little boys for Vesimire to have erections over while torturing, within the first 20 pages of the start of the series.

First sentence of the first novel puts Geralt's erection in your face. But that ain't nothing compared to the graphicly detailed erections he gets while hunting, stalking, capturing, restraining, little boys 3 to 9 years old.

Yeah. Geralt and Vesemir are BOTH pedophiles, with a thing for sadistically abusing very small boys, the game forgot to tell you that bit about Geralt and Vesemir didn't it? And we aren't even 30 pages into the 8 volume series yet.

And that's just the beginning.

Vesimire, a beloved character in the game, in the novels is a sadistic deviated symbolic portrayal of Nazi Generals and lines up thousands of children to goostesp march them in to the slaughterhouse, as merrily as young Andrzej Sapkowski watched being done to his friends and siblings being marched into gas chamber train cars of Poland's horrific mass slaughter of Jewish boys.

Vesimire was one of my favorite characters in the game. After reading the novels, every time I see Vesmire in the game now, I just want to shove a machine gun down that bastard's throat. He is the most vile child molesting, child abusing, child murdering monster in literature. He is so evil, he makes peadophile Catholic priests look good.

And then there are characters like Geralt. There's nothing to hate about him in the game. You see this caring, loving daddy daughter relationship he has with Ciri. And then you read the novels. He hated her so much.  All he cared about was sex, drinking, and money. Geralt in the novels was an immoral, debauched, bastard. There's nothing likeable about him at all. He's a filthy piece of shit, who treated Ciri worse then most of the villains did. Who knows where the game got the daddy daughter relationship, because it certainly wasn't in the novels. 

And Regis. One of the best characters in the game, was a vile, drunk, gutter scum piece of trash in the novels.

Crach and Halmar an Craite, no reason in the game to dislike either of them. No reason in the novels to not hate them. They BOTH tried to rape Ciri when she was 7 years old.

If you are pro-abortion, be prepared for one of the grizzliest anti-abortion scenes in literature, a ravine full of tens of thousands of gutted females, their unborn babies ripped from their bellies, and their discarded bodies left in a heap to die as unwanted refuse, like would have happened to their babies had The Wild Hunt not rescued the soon to be aborted babies from the abortion bitches now laying in heaps at the bottom of the ravine behind Avallac'h's lab.... 

Though I should note, that I don't have any issues with the anti-abortion stuff in the Witcher novels, I simply point it out, because I know a lot of readers will find it upsetting... me? I have even mentioned that one the primary reasons I like Avallac'h is his extreme hatred for abortion and his being a baby rescuing vigilante? 

I personally find nothing more glorious in the Witcher novels then the ravine full of tens of thousands of mutilated abortion bitches. Praise be to Avallac'h, more power to him, may he kill them all. 

But I realize, most delight in the mass murder of babies, because they are immoral degenerates who value sex over life, which is why 5,000 babies are murdered in America every single day, and thus why I point out, chances are high, you are going to hate Avallac'h's scenes because he desperately wants a baby, can't father children, will stop at nothing to get a baby, and is kills everyone who killed their own baby. The game kind of forgot to tell you Avallac'h did that, didn't it?

The extreme anti-abortion preaching in the Witcher novels is actually the biggest WHY of all, behind why I like the Witcher novels and am able to overlook the parts of it that I don't like. It's rare that any author has the balls to speak out against abortion. Most authors are too afraid of stepping on sensitive snowflake toes.

Google me... I'm EelKat, founder of The Procter & Gamble Boycott, I coined the term "not tested on animals" and got it put on your shampoo bottles, and one of my longest running protest/boycott/petition is legalizing death penalty for abortion bitches. ... I've had 7 miscarriages that were caused by jackass bastards kicking me in the stocmah with the intention of killing my baby, they ruptured my ovaries and I can't get pregnant anymore, and America has laws that says a woman over 45 years old can't adopt... there is NOTHING I have ever more in my life then to have children, so if you killed your baby, I want you dead.... I will not stop that petition until death penalty is legalized for abortion and every last abortion bitch is executed. So I hail Avallac'h as a hero.... though, the average person, thinks killing babies is great and will find the anti-abortion agenda of the Witcher novels a bit disturbing.

Did you know that Americans mass murder more babies EACH MONTH, then the number of Jews the Nazis mass murdered EACH YEAR of the War? An average of 3MILLION babies are mass murdered in America EACH YEAR. 

The Nazis killed fewer Jews in the totality of the War, then the number of babies murdered by their own mothers EACH YEAR in America.

Since 1990, more than 90MILLION babies have been murdered by their vile, immoral, sexually degenerate American mothers.


It's largest genocide in Human history.

But moving on, back to the things I find very disturbing about the Witcher novels.

While I personally have no issues with the mass murder of abortion bitches, I have HUGE issues with child porn...

Andrzej Sapkowski is a pedophile and the Witcher novels are outright rape fantasy child porn. Brutal depictions of Ciri's 8 year old vagina being tortured and raped is front and center in the reader's face every 20 pages.

Ciri is only 14 years old when the novels ends. She's 12 in the sex scenes with Avallac'h, Auberon, and Eredin. She's 10 years old in her sex scenes with Mistle. And 68 of the rapes scene occure BEFORE that, when she is 7, 8, and 9 years old.

You can tell us she was raped, without giving us a line by line 10 page detail of the whole thing. We readers did NOT need the go-pro camera shoved up her cunt to give us full view of the rape. Nore did we need full descriptions of an 8 year olds orgasms. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you write that? I'm sorry but those scenes are incredibly unnessaracy, and serve no purpose at all other than to tell us the author has a series problem with being obsessed with a little girl's private parts, that did not need to be put on display every few pages. That is my biggest complaint with the novels. Andrzej Sapkowski has a serious problem and anyone who spends THAT much time writing about a child's vagina, probably should be in prison. Those scenes SHOULD NOT be in the novels. There was no need for him to write them at all. And they are the biggest reason I tell people NOT to read the Witcher novels. This is an author who need some serious help. And I can't help but ask: How many little girls did he rape to research writing those scenes? What the fuck? Why would you write something like that? It's so unnecessary on so many levels. He ought to be ashamed of himself for writing shit like that about little girls.

Yennefer is 15 in her sex scenes with 198 year old Geralt. Triss Merigold is 10 in her sex scenes with Geralt.

Dandelion is 51 years old in the novels, he never has consensual sex with anyone, his preference is for girls 4 to 10 years old because chances are low they'll get pregnant from him raping them..... Ooooh... did the Netflix series forget to tell you that?

I'm so very glad I played the game before reading the novels, so my mind was able to see Ciri, Triss, and Yen as adults in their novel sex scenes. I would not have made it through those several hundred sex scenes of the novels otherwise.

There is NOTHING Andrzej Sapkowski hates more then the LGBTQA+ community. It is his deepest wish that they all be gathered up and mass genocide executed. And the Witcher novels ranks are the #1 most anti-LGBTQA+ literature ever written. At 8 volumes and over 4,000 pages long, there is at least 1 gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, or transgender person killed in a massively brutal, gore filled blood bath EVERY 3 PAGES.... with the novels featuring an astounding more then 1,700 LGBTQA+ characters being brutally murdered in mind numbingly graphic detail.

The insane levels of gay-hatred. It's over the top. It's needless. You've made your point. You hate gays. We get it. The extreme graphic details, on every 3 pages, tells us readers, you the author have got some SERIOUS mental health issues. It's not normal to graphicly detail that much torture, that much mutilation, that much gore, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. You've made your point. You want to kill all gays. Can you stop killing gay characters for 5 seconds and get back to the damned story? Please? You got a serious problem here.


For 90% of people looking to play this game, I highly recommend you DO NOT now or ever, read the novels.

Had I read the novels BEFORE I played the game, I never would have played the game.

While the story of the novels is amazing, the entire story could be told in around 200 pages, without wading through the additional 4,000 pages of black bashing, gay hating, child vagina lusting propaganda that you have to slog through to get to the story.

The story is amazing, but the political raving and ranting, the non-stop author bashing his agendas in your face, are over the top and distract from the story on huge levels.

You get a page or 2 of story, followed by chapter after chapter of off topic raving and ranting politics, then another page or 2 of story, then a few more chapters of the author bashing you in the face with political agendas... it makes the Witcher novels VERY difficult to read, because the flow of the story is broken up so badly.

If you like reading the political manifestos of social justice warriors, you'll love the Witcher novels, but if you were looking for a Fantasy novel... know these are NOT even close to being Fantasy novels. Heck, the novels are not even set in a Medieval timeline... the 1251 date is 1,251 years after a cataclysm destroyed most of the planet, not the year 1251... they have computers, TVs, light bulbs, electricity, rocket ships, in the Witcher novels. Setting wise, the novels have more in common with the game FallOut4 then they do the Medieval Fantasy world seen in the game Witcher 3. or seen in the Netflix series.

The novels have almost nothing in common with the game, and the Netflix series is based far more off the game then it was the novels, no matter what Netflix tells you.

The Witcher novels are nothing short of Andrzej Sapkowski's manifesto response to Hitler's Mein Kampf and most people are way too deep in sensitive snowflakeness to be able to stomach reading the Witcher novels.

I would only recommend the Witcher novels to someone who was Jewish or a history buff studying the mental effects Nazi concentration camps had on people like Andrzej Sapkowski.

On top of all that is the added problem that Andrzej Sapkowski wass clearly never trained in how to write. His grammar is horrific. Consistency is non-existent. Characters change A LOT from one scene to the next, simply because the author was so caught up in preaching his manifesto that he couldn't be bothered to remember, was this character a pixie, a hag, or a hunchback? Was that character 5 feet tall, 7 feet tall or 11 feet tall? Did this character have black skin or white skin? Did that character have green eyes or blue eyes, I can't remember, let's say brown this time.

It's a BIG problem. There is no attempt for consistency on any level at all.

For example: When Yennefer is introduced, the author tells us she is a Pixie, bears no resemblance to a human, and at under 4 feet tall, is shorter then a Gnome, or a Halfling. Yeah. Uma in the game is taller then Yennefer in the novels.

Then later, we are told that Yennefer is a grave hag, and shapeshifts to pretend to be a Human.

Still later we are told, her Elf mother, sat on her after she was born, crushing her bones, making her a hunchback, her human father beat her mother to death and daily beat Yennefer. At 83 years old Yennefer finally escaped her father.

Geralt tells us Avallac'h is 7'3". Ciri tells us Avallac'h is 11'9". When Geralt meets Avallac'h, Avallac'h is dead, has been dead for 200 years, commit suicide when his wife Lara Dorren died, and now the wraith guarding her tomb, which he can not leave.

Two days later when Ciri meets Avallac'h, 400 years have gone by for Avallac'h, since he saw Geralt, and now he's perfectly alive and not a wraith and not in Lara tomb.

The Netflix series struggled over should they have a black actress or a white actress play Ciri, because when Ciri is introduced to us, we are told that because she is 1/4 Elf, she also looks like an Elf, and could not be identified as a Humans because of her onyx skin. Onyx is black. 

Pointed ears are not the identifying feature of an Elf in the Witcher novels, black skin is.  Only Elves have black skin. Humans do not. People had trouble identifying Avallac'h as an Elf, because he was the ONLY Elf who had white skin, not black skin.

7 novels later, Ciri has her infamous meltdown, where she explains that, Avallac'h is good, in fact, he's the ONLY good Elf, because he's the only white elf, and all other elves are evil, because all other elves are black, and no human ever murdered anyone, because black people are the only people capable of murder. Yeah, Ciri's a black hating racist pig in the novels. 

Ciri is NEVER described as or identified as white, and ONYX is the only skin color we are ever given for her, however her extreme hatred for black people, "suggests" that she is NOT black, even though, we are told she is.

Those types of inconsistencies run rampant through the novels and are jarring for the reader, who has to constantly stop reading and flip back through the pages to question: "Wait, didn't the author say THIS back here, why is he saying THAT now?"

The inconsistencies are easy enough to overlook, but the racism, the anti-gay agenda, and most especially the child porn... it's disturbing to so much of it on such extremes.

And THAN there is Andrzej Sapkowski's shit fetish. Oh, yes, shit fetish. Did you know Geralt says that the best sex he's ever had, was with a woman (if you can call a 10 year old a woman) while she was sick and having projectile diarrhea. Yep. That's a thing you are going to encounter when you meet shit bitch Triss Merigold herself, who quite literally is the queen of shit.

There is no sex scene, not one, in the novels that does NOT feature shit, feces, diarrhea, dung, poop, manura, and other choice words to describe the sewage that Geralt likes to roll around in while having sex.

If you are a fan of Geralt and hope to someday have sex with him, make sure you shit all over your bed first, then rub the mashed dung all over your titties, because that's what Geralt likes.


Be prepared for more than 300 feces tossing, shit flinging, dung mashing, vomit inducing sex scenes.

And EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER.... ALL OF THEM.... has some level of a shit fetish, yes, even Avallac'h... he's got it too. No one escaped that one. Not one single character. They all got it.

Like I said.... the story itself is great, but the needless stuff, is just so needless. Especially the black bashing, gay hatred, and child porn. Those things are horrible and did not need to be in the novels. They were just so unnecessary on so many levels.

It's one thing to write a character who hates someone because of skin colour or who they love, whatever, but it's another thing entirely, to be an author who hates black people and gay people so much, that your hatred of blacks and gays takes over the story and buries the story so deep that we readers struggle to find any story hidden under you kill all blacks and kill all gays agenda.

I'm horrified by the extreme levels of racism and bigotry that spews out of the author and smothers the Witcher novels. And I really find it very difficult to recommend reading the novels for that reason.

If you can read them, and step back and look at the author, for the horrible racist, bigoted, pedophile he is, and be just as horrified as I am, well, yeah, then I recommend the novels.

But even then.... all the child porn sex scenes.... how do you recommend a book, that's primary objective is to objectify and fetize raping children? It would be one thing if the story told us she was raped and moved on. But it doesn't do that. And that's something I have a huge issue with. Andrzej Sapkowski needs some serious psychiatric help. A man his age, should know better then to write scenes like that about a small child. Those were not written to horrify readers, they were written to titillate readers, and just wrong on so many levels. He should NOT have done that, and I'm horrified, that because of the popularity of the Netflix series, now millions of children, teens, and young people are rushing to read the novels, and these novels were banned in America for nearly 40 years FOR A REASON.... America has laws against child porn, and that's exactly what those scenes are.

I struggle with liking the story and hating the other stuff that didn't need to be there. The story is amazing, but you have to wade through so much shit to get to the story. I love the story of Ciri's struggle to get away from all these horrible people, but I found myself so horribly disgusted with so much of so many things, that in spite of loving the story, I just can't recommend anyone read the novels at all.

The novels are so good, but at the same time, so bad. It is painfully obvious that they are the self-published manifesto of a small minded bigot with erotic obsessions for toddlers. The series desperately needed an editor to remove the manifestos and child porn. Had those things been removed from the final draft before publication, I could recommend the novels, but with the manifestos and child porn in tack, I simply can not.

If you do decide to read the Witcher novels... tread carefully, keep a vomit bucket near by, and make sure you got a stomach of steel. You're gonna need it.

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About This Game Play:

This current mod-making playthrough, is prep for a future fully-lore-friendly playthrough....

The ultimate goal of my mod making playthrough, is to make every character as lore-friendly as possible to how they were described in the novels.

Most specifically though we are transforming as much of the game as possible to match Chapter 5 of the novel Lady of the Lake, when Ciri lived with Avallac'h the first time, on The Lake of Avalon.

This current playthrough is largely a lot of test runs of hundreds of mods. It is being played open world with quests rarely happening, to allow us to run tests of various mods as I build them.

Due to the fact that the game engine, scripts, and other files is often open and being edited while I'm playing the game, this current playthrough is very unstable with bugs and glitches happening  daily and game crashes happening, sometimes as often as every few minutes.

You are witnessing a live overhaul and full rewrite of the game, that when finished will be used in a complete (more normal style) playthrough of the game.

However do not expect to see the lore-friendly playthrough any time soon. 

I began building this overhaul mod May 13, 2018 and have worked on it daily for 4 to 12 hours a day, all of it streamed here on Twitch, and... 

...while we've now altered over 2,000 script files, more than 7,000 textures, several hundred meshes, 400+ xml files, dozens of ini files, and have now begun work on changing 3D models...

...this project is far from finished and could see as much as another 3 years of daily work before completion.

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November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

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