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NSFW - The Ge'els Bitch Mod | Witcher 3 Brothel Swap Porn Mod

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The complete stream contains 2 sex scenes, one with Tulip and one with Ciri and can be watched here:

Ge'els is bossing everyone around, while he plots to kill King Radovid and crown himself King. For some reason Ge'els has chosen the Passiflora brothel as their meeting place.
Ge'els and Avallac'h are arguing, as usual.
Avallac'h storms out of the room angry at Ge'esls...
...and runs into Ge'els girlfriend Tulip in the hall.
...and decides to get back at Ge'els by fucking Tulip.
...and has no trouble, sweet talking Tulip into one of the Passafloria's bedrooms with him.
And now that he's done fucking her, the arrogant bastard of an Elf leaves Ge'els bitch to go tell Ge'els what he did.
Avallac'h's not even all the way down the stairs, barely 2 minutes from fucking Tulip, and runs into into his own girlfriend, Ciri...who demands he follow her to the balcony.
Avallac'h was following Ciri, but he's stopped to check out the male prostitutes on the way.
On the balcony of the Passiflora brothel, Ciri yelling at Avallac'h.
Back inside the Passiflora, Ciri and Avallac'h playing Gwent.
Ciri leads Avallac'h back upstairs to another bedroom.
The horny Elf tries to kiss Ciri.
...but doesn't get a chance to...
...because she beats him up...
And now he's back to being scared of her again.
...and confused, because suddenly she's taking her clothes off.
...and climbing on top of him...
You don't often see Ciri happy and you never see her as happy as she is when Avallac'h is in her, fucking the hell out of her.

If you want to play this scene out on your own game you need the following mods:

Geralt Doppler v2 set to Avallac'h:

Blood & Wine Character Swap - Dijkstra to Ge'els:

Blood & Wine Character Swap - Madam Sasha to Ciri: same link as Ge'els

Ge'els Bitch Passiflora Prostitute Swap:

Use to play the quests: A Deadly Plot and High Stakes Gwent Tournament back to back both at The Passiflora Brothel in Novigrad.

If you want Avallac'h nude in the scene you Geralt Doppler v3 same link as above

and also

Avallac'h's tattoos:

Naked Geralt Uncut (Avallac'h is said to be uncircumcised in the novels):

I did not use nude Avallac'h for this playthrough, because in the novels he is said to be shy and refuses to remove his clothes during sex.

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