FAQs: Was Avallac'h sexual with Ciri? I keep seeing people saying Avallac'h is overly sexual with Ciri, but after playing the games and reading the novels, I don't see it. What are these people referencing? Do you know?

FAQs: Was Avallac'h sexual with Ciri? I keep seeing people saying Avallac'h is overly sexual with Ciri, but after playing the games and reading the novels, I don't see it. What are these people referencing? Do you know?


>>>If you've not read the novels, you're about to find out why 83% of readers who were fans of Ciri in the game, end up HATING Ciri after they read the novels....  and why 91% of all Witcher fans voted Avallac'h the most hated character of the franchise, and the character they'd most like to drive a pitchfork through.

>>>If you want to keep liking Ciri through the delusional fanfiction rose coloured glasses of game developers' sweet innocent wholesomeness, don't read any further... because canon Ciri in the novels, ain't nothing like game Ciri, not even close...

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Avallac'h being sexual with Ciri is a matter of prudishness and personal perspective of sex.

There are 22 sex scenes in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake involving Ciri and Avallac'h. And Avallac'h's story in the novels IS fully 100% focused on sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

  • * Yes, Avallac'h CAN be described as totally sex crazy ...


  • * yes, he DID obsess over Ciri's sex life ...


  • * yes, Avallac'h WAS in the habit of watching while Ciri had sex with other men ...


  • * yes, Avallac'h was excessively perverted...


  • * was he ever actually sexual with Ciri?


The problem with people saying Avallac'h was sexual with Ciri, usually goes back to one of 2 scenes:

>>>There is a scene where a mage locks Ciri in a cage, then drugs her by shoving fisstech (cocaine) up her vagina. The mage sexually abuses Ciri something fierce, in one of the most violent scenes of the series, the scene ends with him hanging the cage over his dinner table and ordering 8 of his bodyguards to continue to sexual torture Ciri by shove 8 hot pokers up her vagina.

The mage in this scene is VILGEFORTZ.... but for some reason, people always say Avallac'h was the mage in that scene, even though he was not.

>>>The confusion seems to stem from the fact that it is Avallac'h who is narrating this scene.

We see the scene of Ciri horrifically sexually abused, raped, beten, molested, and tortured, during The Purple Bison Scene that introduces Avallac'h to the series.

Avallac'h is Master Mirror, a Mirror Mage who has tens of thousands of mirrors that act as security cameras, allowing him to see and watch anything that is happening anywhere in the world, so long as there is a mirror in the room of the event.

Vilgefortz has a mirror on the wall, of the room where Ciri is being tortured, and this image of Ciri being tortured shows up in one of Avallac'h's mirrors.

Horrified by what he sees happening to Ciri, Avallac'h sends for Geralt to ask Geralt to go rescue Ciri from her abusers. Avallac'h explains that he has been watching every event in Ciri's life but has stayed out of interfering until now. Avallac'h fears Ciri will be made infertile by the way the men are torturing her with the hot pokers and states that Ciri must have a baby, so this torture must be stopped.

For some reason, it is very common for people to read this scene and then state that it was Avallac'h who locked Ciri in cages, shoved fisstech up her vagina, raped her, molested her, then tortured her.

I do not understand how their reading comprehension can be so bad, but it is.

>>>The other scene people reference is the scene when Ciri is strip dancing and lap dancing for King Auberon, and Auberon is forcing Ciri to take fisstech with him, then takes to sexually abusing, molesting her, beating her up, mentally torturing her with bloody images of mommy Yennefer, and Ciri, runs from Auberon's bed in tears to sleep in Avallac'h's bed instead.

Once again, because Avallac'h is seen in the scene, for some reason, the bulk of readers have so little ability to process any level of reading comprehension, that they later state that the abuse done by King Auberon was done by Avallac'h.

Every single time someone accuses Avallac'h of either being sexual with Ciri or torture, being mean to Ciri, abusing, molesting, or raping Ciri.... they ALWAYS reference one of those 2 scenes.

Avallac'h never abused Cirri physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually.

Avallac'h never molested Ciri.

Avallac'h never raped Ciri.

Avallac'h never put Ciri in cages.

Avallac'h never tortured Ciri.

Avallac'h had no dungeons.

Avallac'h had no torture devices.

It amazes me the level of severe low IQ and total lack of reading comprehension skills that the average Ciri fan displays when reading the Witcher novels.

A 10 year old child has better reading skills then the average Ciri fan seems to have.

It is clear that the average Ciri fan has no ability to either understand or comprehend anything they read.

If you had the ability to comprehend what you were reading, you wouldn't mistake Vilgefortz for Avallac'h or King Auberon for Avallac'h.

While Avallac'h is clearly sex crazy and has an obsession with Ciri's sex life, it is laughable to even think that he could be sexual with Ciri, considering he's not physically capable of being sexual with anyone at all.


Well, for starters....

#Avallac'h is a eunuch. 


Let me repeat that:

#Avallac'h is castrated. He couldn't be sexual with Ciri even if he wanted to be.

You are trying to sexualize somebody who isn't even physically capable of being sexual.


And yes, that is a big factor in why I like him.

As a general rule I do not like men.

For the most part, I absolutely hate men.


I was raped more than 500 times by the time I was 8 years old, because my uncles ran a child prostitution ring to fund their drug addictions.

I learned at a very young age to hate men and sex both.

And that's why I like eunuchs like Lord Sesshomaru and now Avallac'h.

Why? Because a eunuch isn't driven by mad, endless lusts for sex and they actually use their brains to think.

And a eunuch is the only type of man who is safe to be around because a eunuch is the only type of man you can guarantee isn't going to rape you.

Avallac'h is a eunuch. ... but he does not start out one... he gets castrated over the course of his time that Ciri lived with him. 

Moving on...

#FAQs: I keep seeing people saying Avallac'h is overly sexual with Ciri, but after playing the games and reading the novels, I don't see it. What are these people referencing? Do you know?


I do know.

After searching high and low, I finally found the source of this info and no, it's NOT from either the novels or the games... it's from a series of BookTube videos on YouTube.

But first, let's look at the novels and the game....

>>>The novels are CANON information that was created by the creator. The novels are THE SOURCE MATERIAL, and therefore ONLY info from the novels is LORE-FRIENDLY.


>>>>>The games are FANFICTION information that was created by the game developers. The games were created by fans of the novels and therefore EVERYTHING found in the game, that IS DIFFERENT from info from the novels is NOT lore friendly.

For starters, the big thing that gets people accusing Avallac'h of being sexual with Ciri, is the scene in the game when Ge'els says to Ciri: 

*"Do you not remember? He (Avallac'h) tried to force you to warm our King's bed. Treated your body like a side of pork!"*

In the more then 500 streamers I have watched play this game, more then half of them translate what Ge'els said to mean: RAPE.

Uhm... yeah... about that. Anyone who has read the novels, knows EXACTLY what Ge'els is talking about.... Ciri was a prostitute and Avallac'h was her pimp.

#1 - Ciri in the novels, among other things, is a prostitute...

...something she started doing at 10 years old, while she was living with Mistel and the Rats, 2 years before she met Avallac'h.... if you want to bitch at someone for turning Ciri into a prostitute, bitch at Mistel, not Avallac'h; Mistel is the one who got Ciri started in that


#2 - Avallac'h, among other things, is a pimp and for 8 years of Ciri's life, he dictated who she could and could not have sex with; 

  • * he wanted Ciri to have sex with Auberon; 
  • * he refused to let Ciri have sex with Eredin; 
  • * and Ciri just wanted to have sex with Avallac'h because he had gentle hands like Mistel; 
  • * Ciri disliked Auberon because he didn't have gentle hands like Mistel; 
  • * Ciri has a hand fetish that you will have to read through every few pages as she compares everyone to how much their hands are like Mistel's hands


#3 - Ciri is the 4th great granddaughter of Avallac'h's dead wife Lara Dorren and looks like Lara's twin, so much so, that Avallac'h frequently forgets that Ciri is not Lara, 

...which leads to more descriptions of how much Avallac'h's hands are like Mistel's hands, 

  • * because Avallac'h likes touching Ciri while thinking he's touching his dead wife Lara 
  • * and Ciri likes being touched by Avallac'h while pretending her dead lover Mistel is touching her...
  • *  there is a lot of touching going on whenever Avallac'h gets near Ciri, though not nearly as much touching as goes on when Auberon is with Ciri.... 
  • * and with Avallac'h the touching is not sexual, while with Auberon the touching is very sexual


#4 - Lara was 8 months pregnant with another man's baby when she died, 

  • * and in her dying breaths made Avallac'h promise to raise the baby - 
  • * he did not keep that promise and has had 200 years of guilt eating away at his brain


#5 - King Auberon is Lara's biological father; sort of - Avallac'h is too- it's complicated - 

* among the very long list of careers he's had, Avallac'h is also a cryogenics physicist; 

  • * Avallac'h kind of accidently killed Auberon's wife when removing her fetus, then injected said fetus with his own DNA to clone himself and create a female version of himself to marry; 

  • * I should probably mention Avallac'h is a little bit insane...

  • * in Tower of Swallows Avallac'h goes into the step by step, long and boring, details of how he built Lara from his own blood, stating that it took him 700 years to make her... 

  • * it is unclear if it took 700 years for the one embryo to become an adult or if it was 700 years of lots of embryos before one finally became an adult... 

  • * either way, Avallac'h used so much of his own Elder Blood to create a cloned female Elder Blood to marry, that Avallac'h now suffers from severe anemia as a result and fears if he gets a cut he will bleed to death, 

  • * thus resulting in his massive phobia of swords and vampires, 

  • * which is why he refused to let Regis in his cave and why he made Geralt leave his sword outside with Regis.... 

  • * which seems odd as we are also told that after he buried Lara and Creaganon, Avallac'h laid down on top of Lara's grave and never got up so starved himself to death and is now a wraith, but appears to be unaware that he is dead


#6 - Avallac'h wants to keep his promise to Lara and needs Lara's baby to do so; 

  • * so he demands Ciri get pregnant by King Auberon and give birth to Lara's baby, 
  • * because Auberon is Lara's father and Ciri is Lara's 4th great granddaughter so of course a baby by the 2 of them is going to be Lara's baby.... 
  • * yeah, Avallac'h's mental state is questionable at best


#7 - Because Ciri looks like Lara, Avallac'h is also plotting to kill King Auberon for having sex with Lara through Ciri. 

  • * Did I mention Avallac'h's brain is fried?


#8 - Avallac'h spends a great deal of time accusing Ciri of stealing Lara's blood and demanding she give it back to him.... 

  • * then calling Ciri 'Lara', and accusing her of stealing his blood and demanding she give it back to him....
  • * then accusing her of being Creagganon and taking Lara from him
  • * then calling her the spawn of Creaganon and only living with him to torment him with the fact Lara left him for Creganon
  • *  yeah, he's kind of a lot insane


#9 - Because Avallac'h is absolutely insane, and has a little bit of a bad habit of killing/strangling to death, anyone who mentions Lara's name, King Aubreon is too scared to have sex with Ciri and so never does


#10 - While Avallac'h wants Lara and her illegitimate baby back, King Auberon ALSO wants a baby and is planning to take the baby he has with Ciri and not let Avallac'h have it

  • * Auberon raves and rants his hatred for Humans and his desire to make a weapon out of the baby, one that will destroy all humans
  • * Avallac'h praises the glories that are Lara Dorren, and sets off to build a boat for his baby with Ciri through Auberon, so that he and the baby can travel planet to planet rescuing endangered life forms
  • * in his monologue Avallac'h calls himself a "fauna rights activist" and says it's his destiny to rescue all endangered lifeforms, then pulls out a list of endangered lifeforms, which Ciri reads and points out that there are Humans on the list

  • * Ciri questions Avallac'h why Humans are on the list, pointing out that Elves hate humans; Avallac'h responds to say that only stupid elves hate humans and he does not and wants to rescue the endangered species of humans that are dying out on these distant planets
  • * Ciri points out Auberon is planning to use the baby to kill all humans and Avallac'h says he won't let that happen, because he's going to take the baby away on this rescue ark, so Auberon won't be able to get the baby
  • * Ciri decides then and there that she is going to give Avallac'h his baby one way or another and make sure Auberon does not keep it
  • * Avallac'h, though very off his rocker and clearly bipolar, remains mostly calm, docile, and gentle with Ciri, though it is made clear through his frequent flared nostrils and glaring eyes and clenched fists, that remaining calm is difficult for him and we are shown that he has an incredibly volatile and brutally violent temper
  • * Auberon on the other hand, equally off his rocker and every bit as temperamental, has no ability at all to control his anger around Ciri and frequently threatens to lock her in a jar in Avallac'h's lab, is prone to dragging Ciri around the room, and ...

  • * Auberon is responsible for one of the bloodiest, most horrific death scenes in the entire franchise when he uses one of Avallac'h's magic mirrors to torture Ciri by conjuring up a grizzly image of Yennefer being brutally murdered by Vilgefortz, then eaten by a pack of wolves
  • * Auberon's showing Ciri Yennefer's murder is what triggers Ciri to rape Avallac'h on the very next page, where Ciri declares she is not going to give a baby to a monster like Auberon, but will give a baby to Avallac'h 
  • * we see Ciri talking about how Auberon wants the baby to make a weapon while Avallac'h wants a baby because he wants a family and pointing out that Auberon is mean and will hurt a half-human baby, but Avallac'h is kind and gentle and will never hurt the baby even if it is a half-human
  • * and to make sure Auberon doesn't take that baby from Avallac'h, Ciri declares Avallac'h is going to have to make that baby himself whether he wants to have sex with her or not... 
  • * so Ciri breaks Avallac'h's legs, and rapes him while screaming "make me pregnant right now, you ought to want to sacrifice yourself to me, I look like your Lara!"....
  • * Ciri rapes Avallac'h 3 times, Avallac'h escapes each time and tries to run away; so she ran her sword through the backs of his knees to break his legs, so he couldn't run away again
  • * the whole time this is happening, Avallac'h is trying to remaining calm and is continually pushing Ciri away, asking her to stop, but in narration we are also told he is having a panic attack and is getting more scared of Ciri by the second

  • * this is happening in a public garden with tall stone walls, and a large crowd has gathered to watch, resulting in Avallac'h is having a really hard time getting away; in his panic we see him running blindly and running into wall, becoming cornered, not being able to get pass the crowd, and Ciri shrieking like a mad woman, brandishing her sword and lashing out at him, slicing him and stabbing him every time she gets near him, while continually screaming "make me pregnant right now!"
  • * the 4th time Ciri rapes Avallac'h, he's stopped trying to get away, because he run into the statue of Lara and is frozen in horror staring up at it
  • * and because Ciri is now angry to learn that Avallac'h REALLY doesn't want to have sex with her, she runs her sword through his hip, through his testicles, and out his other thigh, leaving him both castrated and unable to walk ever again for the rest of his life
  • * Ciri went full psychotic on Avallac'h... uhm.... I should probably mention Ciri, in the novels, is not exactly sane either, and this is not the first time she did something like this, nor would it be the last... basically, if your a man, you better grab your penis and hang on tight, because if Ciri gets near you, she's gonna cut it off, she's a serial Lorena Bobbitt.

  • * you remember, I told you Avallac'h, in the game, is a eunuch... now you know why... because Ciri castrated him, because he refused to obey her commands to have sex with her
  • * which results in Avallac'h strangling Ciri while calling her Creaganon, breaking her jaw, mauling her face, and knocking out most of her teeth
  • * did I mention Ciri doesn't have just a little scar on her cheek in the novels, she's missing more of her face then Batman's two-face is; Ghost Rider has more face left then Ciri does
  • * yeah, Avallac'h went full on psychotic on Ciri when she raped him... he really, really, really didn't like being raped
  • * it's one of the ONLY times we see bullheaded, headstrong, sociopathic, in-your-face, never back down, scared of nothing Ciri, back down and become actually terrified of someone, when Avallac'h goes total psycho on her
  • * Ciri is only able to calm him down by saying "I'm your Lara", which sends Avallac'h into a state of shock that he never breaks back out of, resulting in his being mute and eventually becoming the mute Fisher King whom we see later

Most people hate Avallac'h because they say he beat Ciri up, pointing out "look what he did to her face" or "he broke her jaw" or "he tried to strangle her"...

Yes... he did do all of those things

BUT.... look at WHY he did it.

He wasn't an abusive man beating up on some little girl to push her around, like these people are trying to imply...

He was brutally raped, he was seriously injured, and had he not fought back in self defence like he did, Ciri would have killed him. She wasn't gonna stop with brutal violent rape and mutilation. She was about to murder him.

That's why he hit her.

And when people say "but poor Ciri, she was only 12 years old".... yeah... she was, and in the novels, Avallac'h was 7'3" tall and weighed 350lbs, and Ciri was a little girl only 12 years old... Avallac'h was HUGE, and VERY strong... it's why everyone was terrified of him... nobody could take him down, he was very big and very powerful... and look how fast Ciri wiped him out... and you wonder why ENTIRE GALAXIES were hunting her down, wanting to kill her before she destroyed their planet?... look what she did to a man who was a giant and plenty strong enough to get away from a normal, not Elder Blood 12 year old girl.

#11 - while Ciri is a brutal, violent, blood thirsty,  emotionless, callus, cold hearted, unempathetic, murderous, smash and trash gangster throughout the whole series, never showing an ounce of guilt or remorse for the massive trails of suffering she leaves behind her everywhere she goes...  

...we see in Lady of the Lake, on page 180 the first glimmer of humanity in Ciri, when the rape scene is over and she steps back and looks at what she'd done to Avallac'h, 

  • * how badly she's injured him, 
  • * how badly his mind has broken, 
  • * how badly his body is broken
  • * how badly she's traumatized him, 
  • * how terrified he now is of her.... 

...and we see Ciri for the first and only time in her life, feel guilt and remorse... 

as she looks at Avallac'h's emotionally dead, terrified eyes, and tells the reader... 

>>>she has instantly become aware that:

  • * she has lost her only friend, 
  • * the only person who ever loved her, 
  • * the only person who ever cared about her, 
  • * the only person who would never have hurt her,
  • * the only person she could ever trust

And we see Ciri step back and look at herself, for the first time in 7 novels, and realize that she REALLY is vile, evil, demonic monster everyone has always said she was... people really are trying to kill her because she is the worst monster of them all, she really is the most evil person ever born, the most evil villain ever to live. For the first time, Ciri sees herself as the way the world sees her, and finally understands why everyone is scared of her, why everyone wants to kill her.

And we then see Ciri try desperately to bring Avallac'h back out of his shocked state, kissing him, hugging him, and begging him to forgive her.... in this, the only time in her life, Ciri ever apologies for any of the vile shit we've watched her do throughout the 8 novels of the series.

The last words Avallac'h ever says is: "It is already forgiven, and forgotten", while hugging and kissing Ciri, and he never speaks another word again.... enter the mute, crippled Fisher King

Avallac'h's mind finally snaps, and he shuts down completely, mute and despondent, something we knew was going to happen sooner or later the way his was going

meanwhile Auberon dies, all hell breaks loose and Ciri flees the Elven world


So, yes, the Avallac'h scenes do focus heavily on Ciri's sex life, and Avallac'h is doing a hell of a lot of demanding Ciri have sex with King Auberon and give him Lara's baby, while threatening to kill King Auberon if Auberon has sex with Lara through Ciri.... but Avallac'h himself is never sexual with Ciri, even though the whole chapter involving him, focuses heavily on sex...

...we do spend the entire of chapter 5 of the novel Lady of the Lake:

  • * watching Avallac'h working himself into a total sex crazed frenzy over wanting to have sex with Ciri 
  • * but refusing to have sex with Ciri because she's not Lara 
  • * so trying to force Ciri in bed with King Auberon, 
  • * so he can watch Auberon have sex with Ciri, 
  • * but then not letting Auberon have sex with Ciri because Ciri looks like Lara,
  • * and Avallac'h getting progressively more violent with everyone with each passing page...
  • * and when the shit finally hits the fan, things go really bad really, really fast, resulting in King Auberon's murder...
  • * and an extremely brutal and very violent rape scene that leaves both Ciri and Avallac'h horribly injured

That said, let's look at the issue at hand.... 

#Was Avallac'h ever sexual with Ciri?

The answer is:


And for people who point out... *"But that rape on the beach!"*

Yeah... about that...

There was that one beach scene ... which may or may not count as Avallac'h being sexual towards Ciri depending on how you look at it.

He WAS going after Lara, not Ciri, and mixed up Ciri for Lara since Ciri and lara look like twins... and Ciri never was the intended target. 

Also, other pick Ciri up and then toss her on the beach, he didn't do anything even remotely sexual in this scene.

So... I kind of don't count that one as Avallac'h being sexual towards Ciri.... and he never actually raped Ciri. He was going to, then didn't because he remembered Lara was dead, and this wasn't Lara. Making it VERY clear that had Lara been around, Avallac'h most definitely would have raped Lara.... but likewise making it very clear that he had no sexual interest in Ciri at all

As a general rule, we tend to sweep that scene under a rug around here, but asked, I do acknowledge that, yeah...  there IS a 2nd rape scene in chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake... yep, that happened.

Let's pretend it didn't and keep right on going.... I talk about the 2nd rape scene in more detail in another panel. It's the "Poor Ciri" panel if you really want to know what the 2nd rape scene was.

On page 243 of the novel Tower of Swallows we are told outright, very specifically, that...


...and not only is Avallac'h asexual but...


...he has a 3 page long rant (pages 243 to 246) on the evils of sex, why humans are no different from cockroaches because like cockroaches all they do is fuck...

In utter disgust he says to Geralt...

*"Sex. There's nothing in it to fascinate. Nothing that has the exciting appeal of novelty. ... Unbridled lust never leaves you, sex totally governs you, it's a drive more powerful even then the survival instinct. To die? Why not, if one can but fuck around beforehand. That is your entire philosophy." ~ The Knowing One, Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha alias The Great Avallac'h Aen Saevherne, from chapter 7 of Tower of Swallows*

This is followed by Avallac'h's biggest scene of the series: a 7 page long rant on ovaries, orgasms, the glories of Lara Dorren, the evils of Creaganon of Lod, details on how he cloned himself to create Lara, the story of Lara's death, the revelation that Avallac'h still has Lara's body which he has turned into white marble to preserve her, the detailed family tree from Lara to Ciri, and the fact that Ciri is to be the Mother of the Child of the Elder Blood and her ovaries are ripe for fertilization right now.

This huge monologue is seen by many readers as Avallac'h being horrifically sexually attracted to Ciri, and yet, read EXACTLY the phraseology and terms he uses here...

...he speaks of sex in a cold manner of revulsion and disgust, while using scientifically accurate Latin medical terminologies... this is most definitely NOT sexual attraction, but rather a deranged, cold, calculating mad scientist - one of the 3 most evil villains of the entire franchise -  bragging to Geralt his master plan, that he's about to kidnap Ciri and use her in a science experiment to breed her in a very Dr Frankenstein attempt to resurrect his dead wife Lara Dorren....

...Avallac'h outright TELLS Geralt he's a villain and is about to kidnap Ciri and use her blood to restore life to his dead wife Lara.... then takes Geralt into the next room and SHOWS HIM Lara Dorren's dead body!

Avallac'h explains that he used too much of his own blood to clone himself and create Lara, so he can't use his own blood to restore life to Lara and needs Ciri's blood to do it instead, but he doesn't think Ciri's blood is strong enough, so he wants instead a female baby from Ciri, which he intends to raise, then marry, and Ciri's baby will then give birth to Avallac''s baby, which will be The Child of the Elder Blood, having 2 Elder Blood parents - Ciri's baby and Avallac'h - and therefore the 2nd baby's blood should be strong enough to resurrect Lara Dorren.

However, Avallac'h, knowing how sex crazy Geralt is, is painting giant penises on the wall while he is telling Geralt of his master plan, and Geralt, can't stop lusting after the giant purple penis on the wall long enough to hear a word of Avallac'h's master plan.

During this scene we see only one emotion: 


extreme anger

a lot of extreme anger

If you didn't think Avallac'h was mean, you certainly will by the time you get to the end of The Purple Bison scene.

We see him struggling to reign it in.

Avallac'h is very angry in this scene:

  • * angry at Geralt for losing Ciri and causing her to be captured and tortured by Leo
  • * angry at Lara for cheating on him with a human
  • * angry at Creagannon for seducing his wife Lara
  • * angry at Lara's baby for having been fathered by Cregganon, not him
  • * angry at himself for causing the Conjunction of Spheres that brought the human invaders to this, his native home planet
  • * angry at the Human invaders for massaquering his people into near extinction
  • * very, very, very angry at Geralt because Geralt doesn't give a shit about Ciri, calls Ciri a "whinny, annoying cunt bitch", is bored with looking for Ciri, and openly admits that he'd rather take his drinking buddy Regis to go look for his fucking buddy Dandelion, head for the nearest brothel and get drunk and fuck whores all week.
  • * Avallac'h knows where Ciri is and Ciri is being tortured to death by Leo; Avallac'h sent for Geralt to ask Geralt to go get Ciri and Geralt has refused to because he hates Ciri and want to go brothel hopping with Dandelion... and Avallac'h is infuriated at how little Geralt cares about Ciri's well being and safety

In this, The Purple Bison scene, Avallac'h is just plain angry....

and getting more angry every second....

he is a raging inferno...

and he is blaming EVERYTHING that has ever gone wrong in his life, in Lara's life, in Ciri's life:

...on sex.

And he lists off all the times sex has screwed him over...

  • * Geralt was in a brothel fucking whores when Ciri was captured by Leo
  • * Lara's lust for exotic sex with humans destroyed his family
  • * Creagganon's lust of exotic sex with she-elves took away his beloved wife
  • * Ciri is right now being sexualy tortured to satify the lusts of the sex-crazed men holding her captive
  • * Geralt is refusing to go rescue Ciri from that torture because he wants to find a brothel and fuck whores

Avallac'h makes no secret of the fact that he's not only asexual... he absolutely HATES sex with a vengeance and wants to totally eradicate sex from the universe.

Then some 300 pages later in the novel Lady of the Lake, we see Ciri now living with Avallac'h and his harem of hundreds of wives.

His 5 favorite wives never leave his side and we see that while he's a wild playboy, always hugging and kissing the women who hang all over him, we are also told he's not having sex with any of them, a detail we are told, because it's driving Ciri mad that Avallac'h is prancing around flaunting himself in front of the women, but never having sex with any of them... and we see good little "lesbian" Ciri  upset over this because she's sex crazy out of her mind and the only thing she wants to do is watch Avallac'h fuck somebody.

We next see several scenes of Avallac'h taking Ciri horseback riding around the Lake of Avalon. During these scenes we see Ciri retelling past events from her childhood to Avallac'h, and every time she gets upset and starts crying, we see Avallac'h squeeze Ciri's leg, rub Ciri's thigh, pat her knee, sing to Ciri, play a flute for Ciri, and hug, embrace, or kiss Ciri....

Remember, Avallac'h is BOTH Lara Dorren's father and husband.

He cloned himself to create Lara because he was alone and lonely.

And while Lara saw him as her father, Avallac'h never saw Lara as his daughter, thinking of her only as his wife created in a test tube in his lab, from a fetus he took from King Auberon's wife Shaindel.  Thus Avallach saw King Auberon as Lara's father.

However, Avallac'h DOES see Ciri as his grandchild. Avallac'h is Ciri's 5th great-grandfather and that is how he sees her.

Avallac'h is the last of his kind. 

No... Avallac'h is NOT an Aen Elle Elf.

He just LIVES WITH the Aen Elle Elves because he is the last of his kind and he has no other type of Elf out there similar to himself.

We re told this several times, by Avallac'h, by Eredin, by King Auberon, and by Starry Eyes.

The Skellige Druids, Eredin, King Auberon, and Starry Eyes, all tell us that Avallac'h is NOT even an Elf at all, but is rather a giant serpent, The Ancient Unseen Elder God From Whom All Elder Blood Flows, who is disguised as an Elf.

Ciri, Avallac'h, and Starry Eyes the Unicorn

Starry Eyes tells us that the Unicorns (a race of shapeshifting humans who can take the form of horses) successfully eradicated the Elder Gods, all but one, this one.

He was too powerful to defeat, he could not be killed, but e was so obsessed with guarding Lara Dorren's grave, that he was considered mostly harmless and just left in his cave to mourn Lara. ... 

However, now that Avallac'h has left the cave of Lara's tomb, taken on the form of an Elf and has gone after Lara's 4th great-granddaughter Ciri, the Unicorns have got him back on their radar, as he could just snap his fingers and wipe out the entire universe if he had the mind to do so... he is after all The Ancient Unseen Elder God From Whom All Elder Blood Flows... or so says Starry Eyes to Ciri.

Avallac'h is the last of his kind: An Elder God. Ciri -who inherited Avallac'h's Elder Blood through Lara Dorren- is the only family he has left. Family is first and foremost in Avallac'h's mind. There is nothing more important to Avallac'h then having a family. His extreme desire for a family is the driving motive behind everything he does.

Avallac'h deeply loves Ciri. Avallac'h is the single, solitary, one, and ONLY person in the franchise who actually, truly, loves Ciri.

But it is not a romantic love. It's the love of a grandparent who dotes on his favorite grandbaby.

Everyone else, including Mommy Yennefer, has some sort of an ulterior motive driving them to be a part of Ciri's life. Some want Ciri to save the world, some see Ciri as the Messiah, some see Ciri as a threat and needs to be eliminated, some see Ciri as the key ingredient to ending the massive world-wide outbreak of infertility....

While Avallac'h initially wants Ciri for a baby.... we see Avallac'h toss that goal aside, when Ciri after living with him for 8 years, says she will give him a baby, but will leave immediately after the baby is born, and we see a tearful Avallac'h begging Ciri to stay with him, while explaining how desperately lonely he has been for centuries and Ciri is the first time he's had someone who didn't hate him, didn't fear him, and was willing to spend time with him and talk to him.

We see Avallac'h step up as the single, solitary, one, and ONLY person in the franchise who is willing to die to protect Ciri, when the Unicorn army attacks and Avallac'h pushes Ciri aside, coming between her and her attackers and becoming critically injured, nearly dying from his injuries.

...and we see Ciri stunned by this, as no one has ever protected her before, no one has ever risked their life for her before... not even Geralt, the guy who has been paid to protect her.

Avallac'h's devotion to his beloved granddaughter Ciri is unfathomable and unshakable.

We are told that Avallac'h is very old, ancient, elderly, in poor health, struggles to get around, rides on a horse everywhere (even indoors) because he struggles to stand or walk on his own... and yet, we also see him fiercely, viciously fight Ciri's attackers, while younger, fit, able bodied men turn tail and run, leaving Ciri defenceless.

Avallac'h's love for Ciri is undeniable. He makes it very clear, many times that he is going to do anything to protect her and keep her safe.

Because Ciri looks identical to Lara Dorren, to the point that Avallac'h repeatedly mistakenly calls Ciri 'Lara', which at first upsets Ciri, but as the story moves on and Ciri's lust for Avallac'h grows, Ciri takes to wearing Lara's cloths and trying to seduce Avallac'h, while telling him:

"You ought to want to have sex with me, I look like like your Lara"

and progressing to eventually saying "But I am your Lara."

Much to Avallac'h's frustration and horror, Ciri can't stop shoving her 12 year old pussy in Avallac'h's face every 5 sentences, so Avallac'h sends her to have sex with King Auberon to get her horn dog psycho crazy lusts out of her system. Only problem is Auberon wants nothing to do with sex with a human.

However, Avallac'h himself being a strip dancer and spending 30% of his 32 pages of novel time prancing around naked and waving his penis in the air, doesn't help Ciri's ever growing lusts for him.

Okay... why does everyone keep calling Ciri a lesbian again?

And apparently, due his being the BIGGEST character in the franchise, standing at 7'3" tall in the novels, Avallac'h also apparently has the biggest penis in the franchise... according to good little 12 year old "lesbian" Ciri, who has 68 other penises in her past to compare Avallac'h's to.... yeah... and you wonder why I call Ciri a whore? How many penises did your 12 year old daughter have in her past at age 12?

In between screaming and yelling and bitching at everyone, while:

  • * obsessing over babies, 
  • * glorifying Lara Dorren, 
  • * raving about Cregganon,
  • * accusing Ciri of stealing Lara's blood, 
  • * making poisoned fisstech to kill King Auberon for having sex with Ciri even though he hadn't and it was Avallac'h who sent Ciri to Auberon, 
  • * strangling to death anyone who dares say Lara's name, 
  • * beating to death anyone who looks at him or his horse wrong, 
  • * turning to stone anyone who looks at Ciri wrong, 
  • * using his sonic scream to explodes the brains of anyone who hurts his wives or Ciri, 
  • * and trying to strangle Eredin for trying to rape Ciri but only succeeding in getting held down while Eredin sat on him and laughed at him... 

*(BOY, is Avallac'h ever high strung and ready to kill everything that moves!!! He is in desperate need of a tranquilizer... or just having sex with somebody, anybody... that seems to be his problem. He's refusing to have sex because he can only have sex with Lara and it's driving him out of his mind and making him VERY violent.)*

In between all of that ... we get interrupted every few paragraphs by Avallac'h running by naked, playing a magic Pied Piper flute that causes women to strip naked and run after him... every time Ciri wanted to find Avallac'h she knew all she had to do was look for a giant herd of panty tossing, naked women and Avallac'h would be strip dancing somewhere in the middle of it.

Uhm... so, Ciri is a lesbian and she's about to kill everyone in the universe because she can't get enough of Avallac'h's penis, and is gonna start killing everyone because he won't have sex with her, his 12 year old grandbaby.

And Avallac'h is asexual, and he IS killing everybody because he wants to have sex with Lara but she's dead, and now he's got Ciri who looks like Lara with him, so he's going to kill everybody who gets near Ciri to make sure nobody has sex with her, even though he's throwing her in bed with other men and try to get other men to have sex with her... because he needs a baby from Ciri to resurrect Lara so he can have sex with her... and he's saying he's asexual, but there he is dancing around naked in a rock concert-style mosh pit of screaming fan girl groupie women who are throwing their panties at him, while he's got 101 karma satar positions going on with these women who are just as naked as he is.

Ciri and Avallac'h just need to have sex with each other before they kill everybody around them, because when you get right down to it that's the whole problem.

And uhm...

Methinks Andrzej Sapkowski needed a dictionary because clearly he doesn't know what either a lesbian or an asexual is.

Bisexual and lesbian are 2 very different things.

Having sex with ONE female, in between shaking your ass in front of every man you see, while chasing down every penis in the village, then raping and killing every man who refuses to have sex with you... is not exactly lesbian.

Likewise celibate and asexual are also two very different things.

Just because you aren't having intercourse with the thousands of naked women who are stroking your penis while you dry hump them.... doesn't make you asexual.

If you thought Dandelion was the biggest man whore in the franchise... wait till you meet Avallac'h.

No one can out slut Avallac'h... not even mega-adulterous-whore-bitch-super-slutizoid Triss Merigold can out-slut Avallac'h, who reigns most definitely as the biggest slut of the Witcher franchise and who in the novels has 4 foot long blond Rapunzel hair, looks like a woman, and is apparently also a transvestite?

Oh be still my beating heart... it is fucking Quaraun!


No wonder my fans were sending me copies of Lady of the Lake and telling me to read the amount of plagiarism Andrzej Sapkowski was doing of my Quaraun novels.

In the scene when we see 12 year old Ciri mentally decide she is going to rape Avallac'h, before the several weeks she spends plotting and planning when, where, and how to rape him... he's wearing a lilac lace ball gown, and it's seeing Avallac'h dressed as a woman that send Ciri's sex crazy fit over the top and sets her off plotting to rape him.

After weeks of both Avallac'h and King Auberon refusing to have sex with Ciri, Ciri corners Avallac'h, rapes him - 3 times - while screaming *"Make me pregnant right now. You ought to want to, I look like your Lara!"* then nearly kills him because she's so enraged that he's not excited over her, resulting in him beating the hell out of her while fighting back in self defense when sex crazy psycho bitch Ciri tries to kill him for refuses to have sex with her.

So, Ciri and Avallac'h finally end up having sex, but they both nearly kill each other doing it. Ciri ends up with a broken jaw and no teeth, and Avallac'h ends up castrated, with both legs broken, unable to walk to for the rest of him life and drags himself back to the lake to spend the rest of his life sulking on a rowboat, refusing to speak to anyone, and ends up becoming The Fisher King.... the infamous mute crippled fisherman who goes on to marry the Lady of the Lake.

Ciri and Avallac'h with The Fisher King

Ciri continues on with her life, is reunited with Geralt and mommy Yennefer, shit hits the fan again, Ciri has no one left to turn to, so she heads back to the lake of Avalon to take care of the mute, crippled Fisher King, her Dryad mutations finally take place, she becomes the Lady of the Lake and married The Fisher King.

Yep. Ciri and Avallac'h are husband and wife, as The Lady of the Lake and The Fisher King.

Throughout it all we NEVER ONCE see Avallac'h behave sexually towards Ciri, not even years later after they are married, and every time 12 year old Ciri tries to force him to have sex with her, we see him constantly pushing Ciri away while growling, grumbling, raving, and bitching about the evils of sex because sex is what took his wife Lara from him.

Avallac'h outright tells us that he's both asexual AND he's also a virgin... stating that he's refusing to cheat on his beloved Lara and will never have sex with anyone, now that Lara is dead.

Lara was his mate and he wants no one else. He says so, repeatedly.

We see 3 scenes, that show us Avallac'h romantically involved with someone, 5 someones at the same time in each scene, and it's not Ciri: 

Each time, we see Ciri and 5 she-elves fighting over Avallac'h's spending to much time with Ciri. 

Only one (Isillira) of Avallac'h's visiouce, fiercely protective, 5 wraith she-elf Amazonian warrior wives was in the game, so I made a mod that adds the other 4 as well, and we now have Avallac'h, Rudy, Ciri, and the 5 wives traveling together the same way they did in the novels.

Ciri identifies these women as Avallac'h's 5 favorite wives; she also describes them as strip dancers, and describes them as constantly rubbing themselves all over Avallac'h with him NOT pushing them away and amorously touching and kissing all 5 of them.

We are shown 3 different scenes of Avallac'h being very sexual with these 5 women, and 12 year old Ciri fuming in jealousy infuriated rage, over the fact that he's being sexual with them and not her.

We also see in all 3 of those scenes, Avallac'h push the women away, ordering them to leave so he can be alone with Ciri, them enraged thinking he's being sexual with Ciri while he's alone with her, and Ciri likewise thinking this is why he sent to women out, followed by Ciri's being enraged over Avallac'h's refusal to be sexual with Ciri no matter how much she flings her 12 year old pussy in his face.

Early in the Avallac'h Playthrough we had Lara Dorren, NOT Ciri traveling with Avallac'h, seen here with Ge'els as well.

While it's made very clear that Avallac'h loves Ciri more than he loves the 5 wives, it's also made clear that he loves Ciri as his grandbaby and has no sexual or romantic desire for Ciri at all, while his love for the 5 wives is very sexual, lustful, and romantically inclined.

We are also shown over and over again that Avallac'h is blindly in love with Lara Dorren on psychotically extreme levels, including one scene in the novel Tower of Swallows that walks the disturbing path of necrophilia, with Avallac'h outright admitting that Lara is the only one he's ever had sex with, just not while she was alive... but rather after he buried her and her lover Creaganon, then killed himself on their grave.... and Avallac'h is a wraith which seems to be this bigger WHY behind his refusal to have sex with anyone.

In the novels we were told Avallac'h had commit suicide after his wife Lara Dorren was murdered and became the wraith who both guarded her tomb and watched over her descendants, including Lara's 4th great granddaughter Ciri.

Avallac'h with Witcher 1 Ciri aka The Lady of the Lake aka Ciri in her Dryad form as The Queen of Avalon, wife to The Fisher King

The series ends with Cirri transformed into The Lady of the Lake and Avallac'h transformed into The Fisher King and them living together on the Lake of Avalon as a married couple... with Ciri in the very last sentence, having a lust filled, sex crazed obsession over Sir Galahad and leaving with the knight, while mentally plotting to go to Camelot with Galahad then rape and kill the knight in Mistle's name and then return back here to Avallac'h in Avalon.

Ciri as she appeared in Witcher 1, in her Lady of the Lake form... from the cutscene when she tells you the details of her sex life with Avallac'h aka The Fisher King.

And from the novels we move on to the game that was based off of them...

In the game Witcher 1, we are shown Ciri and Avallac'h living together on the Lakeshore, now transformed into their Lady of the Lake and The Fisher King forms, and if you try to go after Ciri/the Lady's sex card, she'll give you a blunt dialogue telling you very explicitly about her sex life with Avallac'h.

In both Witcher 1 and Witcher 2, Triss Merigold tells you that Ciri and Avallac'h are lovers and Ciri will never return because she is in love with Avallac'h and refuses to leave him.

In the game Witcher 3, we are told multiple times that Ciri and Avallac'h are romantically involved, including to be told that they had sex while at Kaer Morhen, the night after Vesemir's funeral... and this DOES directly contradict the information we were given in the novels.

In the game, same as we saw in the novels.... it is CIRI who is chasing after Avallac'h like a drooling slobbering slut assed whore.

Avallac'h hugging Ciri

In the game, same as we saw in the novels.... Avallac'h remains emotionally indifferent towards Ciri and shows no romantic or sexual desire for her at all.

In the game, same as we saw in the novels, Avallac'h is fiercely protective of Ciri, his devotion unshakable, his love for her extreme, his willingness to die for her unfathomable.

And in the game, like in the novels, we see Isilira living with Avallac'h and jealousy fighting with Ciri over his giving too much attention to Ciri... interestingly though, in the game, we are told that Isilira is Avallac'h's sister... which completely contradicts what we are told in the novels: that Avallac'h is the last of his kind and Ciri his only living family.


So, where do people get the idea that Avallac'h was ever sexual with Ciri?

The 3 Best/Worst Villains of the Witcher Novels: Psycho Mad Scientist Mage Vilgefortz; Leader of The Wild Hunt, Abortion Bitch Killing Baby Rescuing Vigilante Elven Sorcerer Wraith Avallac'h; & Sadistic Terrorist, Bounty Hunter, Human Trafficer, Gladiator Ring Owner Leo.

The exact same place they get the idea that Avallac'h is a dungeon master with torture devices... a BookTuber on YouTube who "read" the Witcher novels on video, and CHANGED THE NAMES of some characters.

Specifically, she REMOVED the names: Leo and Vilgizforzt, and replaced both names with Avallac'h.

With the popularity of the Netflix series, millions have scrambled to read the books. However, rather then buy a hardcopy for themselves, most people are opting to find the books "free online" resulting in an onslaught of millions of views going to this woman's YouTube videos.

Because she DOES NOT TELL YOU that she deliberately swamped out character names,  millions of unsuspecting "readers" have been duped into believing that Avallac'h appears in all 8 novels, is a primary villain, is a dungeon master, puts Ciri in cages, tortured Ciri, and horrifically sexually abused her... when in fact, he did none of those things.

The primary villain of the Witcher franchise: Psycho Mad Scientist Mage Vilgefortz

Vilgefortz is the primary villain of the series and appears in all 8 novels. He is a human mage who like Avallac'h ALSO wants a baby from Ciri. 

While Avallac'h wants his dead family back however, Vilgefortz is on a power trip and believes that drinking Elder Blood will make him the most powerful mage in the universe. 

Unlike Avallac'h, who simply wanted his dead wife Lara back, and therefore only wanted ONE baby from Ciri.... Vilgefortz wanted an endless supply of Elder Blood that he could drink daily and so wanted HUNDREDS of babies from Ciri.

Vilgefortz, not only tortured Ciri and kept her in cages, he also built a machine, that he hooked up to Ciri's ovaries to pump her eggs out, so that he could grow hundreds of Elder Blood babies in his lab, so he can have an endless supply of babies to eat.

While we are told Avallac'h has a lab, we never see it. On the other hand, well over 200 pages of the story takes place inside of Vilgefortz lab.

Avallac'h and Ciri riding horseback on top of Mt Gorgon, looking for the Game Dev photo

Avallac'h was a poet, musician(flutist), and painter/artist first and foremost.  Avallac'h in the novels is a DRUID (not a mage) and lives in a cave in Skellige in the Druid Grove with the Druids. He identifies himself as "A Fauna Rights Activist" and is outcast by other Elves because he defends Human Rights, and does not eat Humans, like other Elves do.

Avallac'h appears in only 2 of the 8 novels, in only 3 chapters, on only 32 pages, in only 48 sentences, and has only 7 speaking lines; making him one of the most minor characters in the entire franchise.

The bulk of Avallac'h's time is spent:

  • * riding his horse around the lake, 
  • * fishing off his boat in the lake, 
  • * tending to the flowers in his gardens
  • * painting on the walls of the cave he lives in near the lake
  • * tenderly caring for his pet monsters (Echinops, Barbagazi, Vampyroads, and Knockers) whom he refers to as "my children"


  • * sitting under the apple orchards on the shore of the lake, while writing poetry and playing a flute.

His stripper bodyguard wives, his adopted Human children, and his pet monsters all roam around the fields nearby him, in every scene he appears in.

Though he is a mage in the game, Avallac'h IS NOT A MAGE in the novels! He like Ciri, is an Elder Blood, so has abilities similar to a mage. Geralt and Ciri both describe Avallac'h as "an elven sorcerer" and both times Avallac'h gets upset and says he is not a mage.

We never see Avallac'h with dungeons, torture chambers, torture devices, or cages, and we never see him sexually abusing anyone, quite the contrary we see him horrified whenever he hears that Ciri has been sexually abused.

On the other hand... 

Vilgefortz is sadistic and takes great delight in torturing people. He is the mage with the dungeons, torture devices, and cages. 

And then there is Leo. In the novels nearly as much as Vilgefortz, Leo has hundreds gallows, cages, torture devices, torture chambers, and gladiator ring fighting pits. Leo brutalized Ciri worse than anyone else. Leo tortured Ciri, caged Ciri, made iri fight monsters for crowds of gamblers, and sexually abused Ciri something fierce.

While we never see a scene of Avallac'h and Vilgefortz together, we do see a scene of Leo and Avallac'h at the same time.

Avallac'h, is Master Mirror.... yep... he has hundreds of mirrors everywhere and by looking into any of them, he can see through any other mirror any where in the universe. And he has spent the last 200 years watching Lara's descendants, including Ciri. 

The secondary villain of the Witcher franchise: Sadistic Terrorist, Bounty Hunter, Human Trafficer, Gladiator Ring Owner Leo.

Avallac'h stays back and watches as their lives happen and doesn't interfere, until he sees Leo force feed Ciri fistech, strip her naked, lock her in a gallows over his dinner table, and order 8 of his soldiers to shove hot pokers up her vagina. 

Avallac'h sends for Geralt, shows Geralt the image in the mirror, and asks Geralt to go rescue Ciri, but Geralt says he's glad to be rid of "that whinny, annoying, cunt bitch" and declares he's going to take drinking buddy Regis to find fuck buddy Dandelion and spend the rest of the week in a brothel celebrating the fact that he's finally rid of Ciri from his life.

Thus why Ciri ends up living with Avallac'h when Avallac'h casts a spell that gives Ciri the sword Zireael, which she uses to kill everyone in Leo's castle, and then flees on the fire-winged black pegasus that Avallac'h sent to meet her.

The pegasus flies into a tower, and Ciri falls out of the tower portal and lands on Avallac'h, thus how they met. 

King Auberon, yet another villain of the Witcher Franchise, and a character who is in the novels nearly twice as many pages and scenes as Avallac'h; Avallac'h being a very EXTREMELY minor character who appeared sporadically on 1 or 2 sentences each of 32 pages.

King Auberon, ALSO wanted a baby from Ciri, but he wanted to use the baby as a weapon to kill the Humans with.

Since Vilgefortz, Leo, and Auberon were all hunting Ciri, Avallac'h put a massive barrier up around the Lake and Ciri lived with him in peaceful bliss on the shore of Avalon.

King Auberon, not Avallac'h, was the one who was very, very, VERY sexual with Ciri... to the point that we see 8 seperate scenes of King Auberon molesting Ciri, sexually abusing Ciri, and AUBERON not Avallac'h is the one who is always sexually touching Ciri.

Yes, we see Avallac'h constantly touching Ciri, but it's NOT sexual. He hugs her when she cries. He squeezes her leg to try to calm her down when she's bawling her eyes out over her grandmother's death. Every time Avallac'h touches Ciri, it's always this way.

Ciri constantly tries to seduce Avallac'h, and as fast as she strips her clothes off, he's putting her clothes back on her and telling her to stop acting like a savage.

On the other hand King Auberon is the one always stripping Ciri's clothes off and groping her breasts.

Auberon takes sadistic delight in sexually molesting Ciri almost to the point of orgasm and then walking out of the room, which results in Ciri running crying to Avallac'h screaming: "Auberon won't give me an orgasm!"

Again.... there are many men sexually abusing, molesting, and outright trying to rape Ciri, but Avallac'h IS NOT one of them.

Geralt stealing The Fisher King's boat, and making his way across the Lake of Avalon. Scene from Witcher 1, where The Fisher King and his Lake are seen in 12 quests, a full story chapter, and play a major role in the game.

The scenes we see of Avallac'h are brief and always somehow connected to the Lake, which he never gets very far away from... and in total last for only a miniscule 32 pages out of a series 5,000 pages long.

Geralt on his way to talk to The Fisher King during the Lakeside Qyest of witcher 1; seen here is Avallac'h's house where he and Ciri live as a married couple, disguised by an illusion spell that makes them appear as The Fisher King and his Lady of the Lake. The Fisher King's boat can also be seen here.

In his 2 biggest scenes, we see him on a boat ride with Ciri, and horseback riding with Ciri, both on the Lake of Avalon.

In his Fisher King form, in both the novels and the games, we see Avallac'h transformed from a villain to a very protective Holy Grail Knight  who will stop at nothing and do anything to protect Ciri/The Lady of the Lake and keep her safe.

Avallac'h is portrayed as having a strong connection to water and is never seen getting out of sight of the Lake. In nearly every one of his scenes he is scene either sitting on the beach of the Lake under the apple trees that always bloom of spring, picking flowers in the field around the Lake, riding his horse around the Lake, or fishing off his boat on the Lake.

Avallac'h as the mute, crippled Fisher King, as he appeared in Witcher 1

The scenes we see of Avallac'h in both his Elf form and his Fisher King form, are brief and always somehow connected to the Lake, which he never gets very far away from... and in total last for only a miniscule 32 pages out of a series 5,000 pages long.

Auberon is on almost twice as many pages as Avallac'h is, and he's considered one of the most minor characters in the series.

The scenes of Leo and Vilgefortz are HUGE and take up the bulk of all 8 novels, with the two characters appearing in almost every chapter.

This particular YouTuber, effectively removed both Vilgefortz and Leo from the novels, and made Avallac'h a primary character, by saying 'Avallac'h' every time she SHOULD have said 'Vilgefortz' or 'Leo'.

This resulted in several misconceptions have risen up about Avallac'h.

This YouTuber is largely responsible for the bulk of hate that gets wrongly and inaccurately thrown at Avallac'h.

Avallac'h is incorrectly being blamed for doing things that were done by Leo and/or Vilgefortz.

The result is everyone who watched her read the Witcher novels on YouTube, instead of READING THE NOVELS FOR THEMSELVES... got themselves punked by a prankster who deliberately swapped out character names, in order to change the story.

The lesson here: buy the hardcopy paperbacks and read the novels for yourself - don't rely on listening to someone else read the books, because unless you have the book in your hand, you have no way of knowing if they are ACTUALLY reading the book or not.

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