Quaraun Novel Update: Starting in 2014, in preparation for the 40th Anniversary of The Twighlight Manor Series (September 23, 1978/2018), all 2,000+ short stories are being compiled into chronological order, to be re-released as a series of 130 novels. All the original short stories are being republished both here on EelKat.com and on Amazon. In the novels, each short story now stands as a "chapter" in the novels. New scenes are being added to connect the short stories together into novel format.

UFO & Alien Abduction Art by EelKat - Canvas Reproductions of Originals 

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Size: 12 x 14

The perfect accessory to any wall, faux wrapped canvas prints are an affordable alternative to traditional canvas wrap prints.

Made from lightweight foam core, these economical prints are vibrant, durable, and easy to transport.

Dimensions: 12" x 14" x 2"Material: 3/16" white foam core

Super lightweight but resilient, these prints are perfect for easy hanging

Easy peel-and-stick assembly

Will be made by

FunDeco in Sussex, WI

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