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Why is Avallac'h wearing pink underwear? 


A look at what it means to be lore-friendly.

Answering viewer questions about the mods I make and use in The Avallac'h Playthrough

Added note....


Over the many months of updating and answering your questions, this page has gone on to become 150,000 words of in depth analyzation of Avallac'h and his relationship with Ciri as it was written in the Witcher novels vs how it was retranslated in the Witcher games vs how I play Avallac'h and Ciri in my heavily modded Avallac'h Playthrough...


If you have not read the Witcher novels and wish to avoid spoilers, you may wish to avoid this page... otherwise, scroll down at your own risk, because 


All images on this page are from:
The Witcher 3: 
Wild Hunt 
|Game of the Year Edition| 
Completionist Run: 
The Avallac'h Playthrough
(Watch It Live HERE)

Why did you put pink underwear on Avallac'h?


Uhm... because I couldn't figure out how to put the purple and orange tiger striped underwear he wore in the novels on him.

Avallac'h is so damn wild in the novels. 

I mean, how many men do you know who prance around strip dancing in purple and orange tiger striped underwear, mooning their green dragonfly ass cheek tattoos at Witcher Geralt? ... uhm...  yeah... weird gay scene between Geralt and Avallac'h happening there in Tower of Swallows page 238.

Sooner or later I'll get around to putting the dragonfly tattoo on his left ass cheek that the game devs forgot to put on him, too.

Oh.... and Ciri is just oh so lesbian in those scenes... so much lesbianism... I'd like to strangle the next person who calls Ciri a lesbian, then shove a copy of Lady of the Lake down their throat or up their ass, or maybe both.

Why is Avallac'h NOT wearing his lilac lace ballgown in the game?

And if the game is going to give us a cutscene of him striped down to his skivies, why aren't they purple with orange tiger stripes like they were in the novels?

In January 2020 a mod maker contacted me, said they heard me talk about wanting to have Avallac'h wearing the purple and orange tiger striped underwear he wore in the novels, said they had made him some pink ones and asked if I'd use them in my playthrough, and yeah... pink's almost as good as purple with orange tiger stripes. ... so, Avallac'h now has pink undies. That's just the way it's going to be.

Of course the underwear mod overwrites the *other* mod, so we can't have them both on at once.

Bringing me to answer, yet another commonly asked question:

Why are you using that penis mod if you never have nudity on stream?

Uhm.... read the novels.

Ciri castrated Avallac'h on page 179 of The Lady of the Lake.

I fixed him.

No other reason.

You are never going to see him fully naked on stream, so you are never going to see that mod. Nope.

I find it both laughable and rather annoying, that whenever anyone finds out I'm using that mod, they automatically assume they are going to see me doing lots of sex quests, and  start pestering me to do them.

I have never done ANY sex quest in ANY game Witcher games or otherwise, on stream.

And to make it worse, even when I do them off stream to get screenshots, the characters are never nude. If you pay attention to every screenshot of Citi and Avallac'h hugging, kissing, or otherwise very close to each other, they always have clothes on... and yes, every one of those pictures came from a sex quest, but I modded the game to 100% remove all nudity.

All 5,000 main characters, secondary characters, crowd characters, and background character w2nt files have been edited to completely remove every last boob and nipple from the game. 

And then I put fully functioning genitals on Avallac'h. Yeah, they function. Physics and everything. It's a combination of 3 mods, all available on Nexus: Naked Geralt, Immersive Testicles, and Primal Needs. Avallac'h  can have erections, his testicles get too cold or too hot depending on what he's wearing and the weather, and he takes damage from riding his horse too long. He can also urinate, defecate, and vomit. 

And you'll never see any of that happen on stream.

Although, now you know why we put warmer clothes on him in Skellige and strip him to his skivvies in Toussaint, and take breaks from horse riding. Watch his health meters when I do those things. He's having health issues.

I just think it's rather hysterical, people hate Avallac'h so damn much, and then they find out I put functioning genitals on him and now they want to see him naked.

Sorry, but what you see in this picture here, Avallac'h in his pink swim trunk underwear, showing off his tattoos, is as naked as you're ever going to see him on stream.

I didn't put that genital mod on him to parade him around naked. I just felt the need to fix him, so he wasn't castrated anymore.

It was an event that deeply traumatized him, resulting in his going mute from shock and retreating to the Lake of Avalon, becoming the mute, crippled hermit who lived on a rowboat and did nothing but fish all day. Ciri castrating him is what caused him to become The Fisher King.

I'm playing the game lore friendly to the time period when Ciri and Avallac'h lived together on the Lake, BEFORE King Auberon entered the picture and destroyed their relationship. Which is also before Ciri castrated him.

It's the only reason I use that mod, and I deeply dislike it when people come into my channel and try to sexualize these characters. Either Avallac'h or Ciri.

Their relationship was not sexual. Avallac'h was asexual, a virgin, and living a celibate lifestyle. And Ciri had been horribly sexually abused on horrific levels by so many people, before she met Avallac'h.

Ciri is the narrator of the novels. We see the world through her eyes. And she told us, Avallac'h was her best friend, the only person she could truly trust, the only person she felt truly safe with, precisely BECAUSE she was able to sleep in bed with him and he never once tried to do anything sexual to her.

Ciri and Avallac'h slept together in the same bed for 8 years without ever having sex. We are told that. And we are told that, that is WHY Ciri felt she could trust him. 

He was the first and remained the ONLY man she had ever met who did not try to sexualy abuse her. He protected her from people who were trying to hurt her. 

She felt safe with him, because she was safe with him.

It is very, very rare to find a couple like that in any form of fiction.

And that's exactly WHY I like them as a couple. 

And their relationship, would not have changed, had Yennefer still been around. 

Ciri missing Mommy Yennefer and wanting to go find Mommy Yennefer is what started the downfall. 

Avallac'h told Ciri her Mommy Yennefer was dead, had died 5,000 years ago. Ciri had not only left her planet, she'd left her timeline. 

Ciri did not believe in time travel, believed Avallac'h was lying to her. Pestered him for weeks. At first he said he couldn't send Ciri back to her own time, and later he said he could, but it was very risky, very difficult, and she likely would not be able to return to him, and told her the story of his beloved dead ex-wife Lara Dorren and the baby he promised to raise but didn't.

Ciri agreed to give Avallac'h a baby in exchange for him sending her back to Mommy Yennefer, but Avallac'h, still had absolutely no desire for sex, so started sending Ciri to have sex with King Auberon to get pregnant that way, to give Avallac'h "Lara's baby by proxy" through Ciri.

Ciri spends months trying to get either Avallac'h or King Auberon to have sex with her, and neither has any interest in sex at all.

If you've not read the novels, you don't realize how badly it all went down either.

Ciri and Avallac'h had a really good relationship, and that last 8 years, before things went bad.

And went things went, they went really, really, REALLY bad.

You always hear me talk about page 179 of Lady of the Lake.... 

Do you remember that scene in the game, when Ge'els, accuses Avallac'h of forcing Ciri into the King's bed?

Ge'els is referencing pages 175 to 182 of the novel Lady of the Lake.

#Here's what happened:

>>>>>The games are FANFICTION information that was created by the game developers. The games were created by fans of the novels and therefore EVERYTHING found in the game, that IS DIFFERENT from info from the novels is NOT lore friendly.

For starters, the big thing that gets people accusing Avallac'h of being sexual with Ciri, is the scene in the game when Ge'els says to Ciri: 

*"Do you not remember? He (Avallac'h) tried to force you to warm our King's bed. Treated your body like a side of pork!"*

In the more then 500 streamers I have watched play this game, more then half of them translate what Ge'els said to mean: RAPE.

Uhm... yeah... about that. Anyone who has read the novels, knows EXACTLY what Ge'els is talking about.... Ciri was a prostitute and Avallac'h was her pimp.


#1 - Ciri in the novels, among other things, is a prostitute...

...something she started doing at 10 years old, while she was living with Mistel and the Rats, 2 years before she met Avallac'h.... if you want to bitch at someone for turning Ciri into a prostitute, bitch at Mistel, not Avallac'h; Mistel is the one who got Ciri started in that


#2 - Avallac'h, among other things, is a pimp and for 8 years of Ciri's life, he dictated who she could and could not have sex with; 

* he wanted Ciri to have sex with Auberon; 

* he refused to let Ciri have sex with Eredin; 

* and Ciri just wanted to have sex with Avallac'h because he had gentle hands like Mistel; 

* Ciri disliked Auberon because he didn't have gentle hands like Mistel; 

* Ciri has a hand fetish that you will have to read through every few pages as she compares everyone to how much their hands are like Mistel's hands


#3 - Ciri is the 4th great granddaughter of Avallac'h's dead wife Lara Dorren and looks like Lara's twin, so much so, that Avallac'h frequently forgets that Ciri is not Lara, 

...which leads to more descriptions of how much Avallac'h's hands are like Mistel's hands, 

* because Avallac'h likes touching Ciri while thinking he's touching his dead wife Lara 

* and Ciri likes being touched by Avallac'h while pretending her dead lover Mistel is touching her...

*  there is a lot of touching going on whenever Avallac'h gets near Ciri, though not nearly as much touching as goes on when Auberon is with Ciri.... 

* and with Avallac'h the touching is not sexual, while with Auberon the touching is very sexual


#4 - Lara was 8 months pregnant with another man's baby when she died, 

* and in her dying breaths made Avallac'h promise to raise the baby - 

* he did not keep that promise and has had 200 years of guilt eating away at his brain


#5 - King Auberon is Lara's biological father; sort of - Avallac'h is too- it's complicated - 

* among the very long list of careers he's had, Avallac'h is also a cryogenics physicist; 

* Avallac'h kind of accidently killed Auberon's wife when removing her fetus, then injected said fetus with his own DNA to clone himself and create a female version of himself to marry; 

* I should probably mention Avallac'h is a little bit insane...

* in Tower of Swallows Avallac'h goes into the step by step, long and boring, details of how he built Lara from his own blood, stating that it took him 700 years to make her... 

* it is unclear if it took 700 years for the one embryo to become an adult or if it was 700 years of lots of embryos before one finally became an adult... 

* either way, Avallac'h used so much of his own Elder Blood to create a cloned female Elder Blood to marry, that Avallac'h now suffers from severe anemia as a result and fears if he gets a cut he will bleed to death, 

* thus resulting in his massive phobia of swords and vampires, 

* which is why he refused to let Regis in his cave and why he made Geralt leave his sword outside with Regis.... 

* which seems odd as we are also told that after he buried Lara and Creaganon, Avallac'h laid down on top of Lara's grave and never got up so starved himself to death and is now a wraith, but appears to be unaware that he is dead


#6 - Avallac'h wants to keep his promise to Lara and needs Lara's baby to do so; 

* so he demands Ciri get pregnant by King Auberon and give birth to Lara's baby, 

* because Auberon is Lara's father and Ciri is Lara's 4th great granddaughter so of course a baby by the 2 of them is going to be Lara's baby.... 

* yeah, Avallac'h's mental state is questionable at best


#7 - Because Ciri looks like Lara, Avallac'h is also plotting to kill King Auberon for having sex with Lara through Ciri. 

* Did I mention Avallac'h's brain is fried?


#8 - Avallac'h spends a great deal of time accusing Ciri of stealing Lara's blood and demanding she give it back to him.... 

* then calling Ciri 'Lara', and accusing her of stealing his blood and demanding she give it back to him....

* then accusing her of being Creagganon and taking Lara from him

* then calling her the spawn of Creaganon and only living with him to torment him with the fact Lara left him for Creganon

*  yeah, he's kind of a lot insane


#9 - Because Avallac'h is absolutely insane, and has a little bit of a bad habit of killing/strangling to death, anyone who mentions Lara's name, King Aubreon is too scared to have sex with Ciri and so never does


#10 - While Avallac'h wants Lara and her illegitimate baby back, King Auberon ALSO wants a baby and is planning to take the baby he has with Ciri and not let Avallac'h have it

* Auberon raves and rants his hatred for Humans and his desire to make a weapon out of the baby, one that will destroy all humans

* Avallac'h praises the glories that are Lara Dorren, and sets off to build a boat for his baby with Ciri through Auberon, so that he and the baby can travel planet to planet rescuing endangered life forms

* in his monologue Avallac'h calls himself a "fauna rights activist" and says it's his destiny to rescue all endangered lifeforms, then pulls out a list of endangered lifeforms, which Ciri reads and points out that there are Humans on the list

* Ciri questions Avallac'h why Humans are on the list, pointing out that Elves hate humans; Avallac'h responds to say that only stupid elves hate humans and he does not and wants to rescue the endangered species of humans that are dying out on these distant planets

* Ciri points out Auberon is planning to use the baby to kill all humans and Avallac'h says he won't let that happen, because he's going to take the baby away on this rescue ark, so Auberon won't be able to get the baby

* Ciri decides then and there that she is going to give Avallac'h his baby one way or another and make sure Auberon does not keep it

* Avallac'h, though very off his rocker and clearly bipolar, remains mostly calm, docile, and gentle with Ciri, though it is made clear through his frequent flared nostrils and glaring eyes and clenched fists, that remaining calm is difficult for him and we are shown that he has an incredibly volatile and brutally violent temper

* Auberon on the other hand, equally off his rocker and every bit as temperamental, has no ability at all to control his anger around Ciri and frequently threatens to lock her in a jar in Avallac'h's lab, is prone to dragging Ciri around the room, and ...

>>>ENTER PAGE 178...

* Auberon is responsible for one of the bloodiest, most horrific death scenes in the entire franchise when he uses one of Avallac'h's magic mirrors to torture Ciri by conjuring up a grizzly image of Yennefer being brutally murdered by Vilgefortz, then eaten by a pack of wolves

* Auberon's showing Ciri Yennefer's murder is what triggers Ciri to rape Avallac'h on the very next page, (page 179) where Ciri declares she is not going to give a baby to a monster like Auberon, but will give a baby to Avallac'h 

* we see Ciri talking about how Auberon wants the baby to make a weapon while Avallac'h wants a baby because he wants a family and pointing out that Auberon is mean and will hurt a half-human baby, but Avallac'h is kind and gentle and will never hurt the baby even if it is a half-human

* and to make sure Auberon doesn't take that baby from Avallac'h, Ciri declares Avallac'h is going to have to make that baby himself whether he wants to have sex with her or not... 

>>>ENTER PAGE 179...

* so Ciri breaks Avallac'h's legs, and rapes him while screaming "make me pregnant right now, you ought to want to sacrifice yourself to me, I look like your Lara!"....

* Ciri rapes Avallac'h 3 times, Avallac'h escapes each time and tries to run away; so she ran her sword through the backs of his knees to break his legs, so he couldn't run away again

* the whole time this is happening, Avallac'h is trying to remaining calm and is continually pushing Ciri away, asking her to stop, but in narration we are also told he is having a panic attack and is getting more scared of Ciri by the second

* this is happening in a public garden with tall stone walls, and a large crowd has gathered to watch, resulting in Avallac'h is having a really hard time getting away; in his panic we see him running blindly and running into wall, becoming cornered, not being able to get pass the crowd, and Ciri shrieking like a mad woman, brandishing her sword and lashing out at him, slicing him and stabbing him every time she gets near him, while continually screaming "make me pregnant right now!"

* the 4th time Ciri rapes Avallac'h, he's stopped trying to get away, because he run into the statue of Lara and is frozen in horror staring up at it

* and because Ciri is now angry to learn that Avallac'h REALLY doesn't want to have sex with her, she runs her sword through his hip, through his testicles, and out his other thigh, leaving him both castrated and unable to walk ever again for the rest of his life

* Ciri went full psychotic on Avallac'h... uhm.... I should probably mention Ciri, in the novels, is not exactly sane either, and this is not the first time she did something like this, nor would it be the last... basically, if your a man, you better grab your penis and hang on tight, because if Ciri gets near you, she's gonna cut it off, she's a serial Lorena Bobbitt.

* you remember, I told you Avallac'h, in the game, is a eunuch... now you know why... because Ciri castrated him, because he refused to obey her commands to have sex with her

* which results in Avallac'h strangling Ciri while calling her Creaganon, breaking her jaw, mauling her face, and knocking out most of her teeth

* did I mention Ciri doesn't have just a little scar on her cheek in the novels, she's missing more of her face then Batman's two-face is; Ghost Rider has more face left then Ciri does

* yeah, Avallac'h went full on psychotic on Ciri when she raped him... he really, really, really didn't like being raped

* it's one of the ONLY times we see bullheaded, headstrong, sociopathic, in-your-face, never back down, scared of nothing Ciri, back down and become actually terrified of someone, when Avallac'h goes total psycho on her

* Ciri is only able to calm him down by saying "I'm your Lara", which sends Avallac'h into a state of shock that he never breaks back out of, resulting in his being mute and eventually becoming the mute Fisher King whom we see later

Most people hate Avallac'h because they say he beat Ciri up, pointing out "look what he did to her face" or "he broke her jaw" or "he tried to strangle her"...

Yes... he did do all of those things

BUT.... look at WHY he did it.

He wasn't an abusive man beating up on some little girl to push her around, like these people are trying to imply...

He was brutally raped, he was seriously injured, and had he not fought back in self defence like he did, Ciri would have killed him. She wasn't gonna stop with brutal violent rape and mutilation. She was about to murder him.

That's why he hit her.

And when people say "but poor Ciri, she was only 12 years old".... yeah... she was, and in the novels, Avallac'h was 11 feet tall, and Ciri was a little girl only 12 years old... Avallac'h was HUGE, and VERY strong... it's why everyone was terrified of him... nobody could take him down, he was very big and very powerful... and look how fast Ciri wiped him out... and you wonder why ENTIRE GALAXIES were hunting her down, wanting to kill her before she destroyed their planet?... look what she did to a man who was a giant and plenty strong enough to get away from a normal, not Elder Blood 12 year old girl.

#11 - while Ciri is a brutal, violent, blood thirsty,  emotionless, callus, cold hearted, unempathetic, murderous, smash and trash gangster throughout the whole series, never showing an ounce of guilt or remorse for the massive trails of suffering she leaves behind her everywhere she goes...  

...we see in Lady of the Lake, on page 180 the first glimmer of humanity in Ciri, when the rape scene is over and she steps back and looks at what she'd done to Avallac'h, 

* how badly she's injured him, 

* how badly his mind has broken, 

* how badly his body is broken

* how badly she's traumatized him, 

* how terrified he now is of her.... 

...and we see Ciri for the first and only time in her life, feel guilt and remorse... 

as she looks at Avallac'h's emotionally dead, terrified eyes, and tells the reader... 

>>>she has instantly become aware that:

* she has lost her only friend, 

* the only person who ever loved her, 

* the only person who ever cared about her, 

* the only person who would never have hurt her,

* the only person she could ever trust

And we see Ciri step back and look at herself, for the first time in 7 novels, and realize that she REALLY is vile, evil, demonic monster everyone has always said she was... people really are trying to kill her because she is the worst monster of them all, she really is the most evil person ever born, the most evil villain ever to live. For the first time, Ciri sees herself as the way the world sees her, and finally understands why everyone is scared of her, why everyone wants to kill her.

And we then see Ciri try desperately to bring Avallac'h back out of his shocked state, kissing him, hugging him, and begging him to forgive her.... in this, the only time in her life, Ciri ever apologies for any of the vile shit we've watched her do throughout the 8 novels of the series.

The last words Avallac'h ever says is: "It is already forgiven, and forgotten", while hugging and kissing Ciri, and he never speaks another word again.... enter the mute, crippled Fisher King

Avallac'h's mind finally snaps, and he shuts down completely, mute and despondent, something we knew was going to happen sooner or later the way his was going

There is one more scene, the following day.

Ciri, who heals rather quickly, like, overnight, she is fully healed, and has nothing but aged scars from being mauled by Avallac'h only a few hours ago... tries to go back to the way things were. Heads to Avallac'h's bedroom, acting like nothing happened, expecting to be able to sleep with him, like usual.

Avallac'h locks the door, barricades himself in the room, casts barrier spells around himself, around the door, and around the room, scared out of him mind, terrified Ciri is going to rape him again.

Ciri is left standing at the door, baffled and confused, saying she can't understand why Avallac'h is so scared of her now.

meanwhile Auberon dies, all hell breaks loose and Ciri flees the Elven world


And yet, before this, they were both very dear to each other. Best friends who shared and unshakable bond.

The first 8 years, they were very, very happy together.

As soon as sex entered the equation, shit hit the fan and their relationship totally fell apart, ending with the most brutal rape scene of the series.

The beginning of their relationship was quite different from how it ended.

Avallac'h was in love with a dead ex-wife, Lara Dorren.

And Ciri was in love with a dead girlfriend, Mistle.

We are told that both Ciri and Avallac'h  have trouble falling asleep, feel lonely, and get anxiety from being alone at night. Both are plagued with nightmares. Having someone to sleep with calms them down. 

This is WHY we see Ciri and Avallac'h sleeping together. 

It is why we are shown the scenes of them cuddled together asleep by the campfire after the Unicorns attacked Avallac'h, and snuggled together on a pile of furs after King Auberon lashed out at Ciri.

It's why we see Ciri nuzzling Avallac'h on the boat while he signs to her... look at what happened just before that. Again King Auberon had beaten Ciri up and again, it was Avallac'h she ran to.

Pay attention to WHEN the scenes of Ciri and Avallac'h in bed together show up. It is always right after something really bad happens to either one or both of them, and you immediately see the next scene is them curled up together, asleep, embracing each other. 

We are being shown that each of them had the ability to sooth, relax, and comfort the other. They felt safe together, to the point that in both of them, their nightmare riddled insomnia went away when they were holding each other.

Both Avallac'h and Ciri were not looking for a sex partner, they were looking for a shoulder to cry on and someone to embrace at night, because neither could bare to sleep alone, both suffering from broken hearts and severe anxiety. They had a very innocent and sex free relationship.

THAT is what I like about them as a couple.

And I don't like it when people try to sexualize either of them.

And we saw what happened in the novels when sex entered the picture. Ciri started wanting sex. Avallac'h didn't. Ciri turned into psycho crazed sexzilla rapist slut. It absolutely destroyed them both. She raped him and castrated him because he was refusing to have sex with her.

Avallac'h never wanted sex. He said so 17 times. He wanted a friend. He wanted a family.

They had a very good relationship for 8 years. They were happy together. They were both very sad, very lonely, deeply depressed, and sometimes suicidal, and in both of them, we saw that go away while they were living together on the Lake.

We saw them forgetting all the bad in the world and acting like happy children, horseback riding together, fishing together, picking flowers together, hugging each other, talking with each other. They were very happy. And it's only time in the novels that we ever see either Avallac'h or Ciri happy and smiling and laughing. They were two very sad and lonely people who brought out the good in each other when they were together.

They were happy together for 8 years, and then when sex entered the picture everything fell apart. They started fighting. They both turned to drugs. And they eventually ended up in a bloody, violent brawl, both of them nearly beating each other to death, both of them seriously injured by the other. Avallac'h leaving Ciri with her face scarred and Ciri leaving Avallac'h castated, mute, and unable to use his legs. Both of them in tears and wanting their old relationship back.

It was their early relationship, before they left the lake and went to live with King Auberon in Tir na Lia, before they started fighting about sex, that I liked.  The scenes of them riding horses around the lake and fishing off the row boat. The scenes when they were happy.

They had a really good, sweet, innocent relationship that didn't include or revolve around sex for 8 years and sex destroyed that as soon it entered the picture.

I really hate it a lot, when you people come here to my channel and all you can talk about is sex, sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

I hate it when you try to sexualize either Ciri or Avallac'h.

I know what it is like to be a child sexually abused by a lot of men, for a lot of years, and I can sympathize with Ciri a lot because of that.

I know what it is like to see someone you love, brutally murdered, so I can sympathize with both Ciri and Avallac'h because of that.

I know what it is like to be brutally attacked, have your legs, hips, knees, and spine broken and left crippled for the rest of my life and never able to walk again, so I can sympathize with Avallac'h a lot.

I know what it is like to want a friend, who doesn't want sex, so again, I can sympathize with Avallac'h a lot.

It upsets me quite a lot, when you people come to my channel, and all you can talk about is sex.

I have a deep, deep hatred for sex.

And I have an even deeper hatred for people who try to sexualize others.

Ciri and Avallac'h are both broken, abused, and hurting. They need love and protection, not being sexually exploited.

That's why I don't do the sex quests.

And I don't like being pestered constantly with requests to do the sex quests.

And so I hate it a lot, when you come to my channel, and all you can do, is make sex jokes, demand sex quests, bitch and moan because I'm not flashing Ciri's boobs around, and I hate most of all, your constant asking questions about Ciri's sex life and/or Avallac'h's sex life.

You are a vile perverted degenerate and I don't want you in my channel.

So, take your sex perversions and leave.

Uhm... so... apparently I'm in love with Avallac'h... and... I like mods... and I especially like mods that make Avallac'h more lore friendly... and... I just had a screaming fangirl Avallac'h love feast over a mod that was released an hour ago.... 

Uhm, so, apparently I'm in love with Avallac'h, which is no surprise, and, I like mods, and I especially like mods that make Avallac'h more lore friendly, and, I just had a screaming fangirl Avallac'h love feast over a mod that was released an hour ago, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm in love with Avallac'h, Anna would be so proud of my inner screaming goddess having a stars and stripes, red, white, and blue.... who the hell knows what just happened to me on Nexus.

Here's a copy of it, so you can see for yourself, what just happened on Nexus, apparently, I'm in love with Avallac'h, but, uhm, anyone here, followed me long enough to remember that 2013 article I wrote about a certain *cough* tampon *cough* I think I have just realized that there’s a rather disturbing trend in the men I like, tis one of THOSE articles.

Let's join Ciri and Anna and their inner goddesses and all jump for joy over, uhm, is there a family friendly word for men like Christian and Avallac'h? You know, something that doesn't involve tampons or ovaries?  

What's scarier, Christian and his tampons, girl scout troups camping in BigFoot territory, or the magic man with magic hands giving Ciri a bath? I have the same response to all 3 of them.

Okay... **[a new mod](** just released today, caused me to have an Avallac'h screaming fangirl gushing session... gush time. Let's gush over Avallac'h on levels of, what the fuck’s wrong with my brain?

Oh my god! I love this mod. You can tell by, well, you can tell.

Spoiler warning for those whom have not read the novels, you may want to not read this comment if you want to avoid Witcher novel spoilers.

#The TL;DR was I like how much this mod matches what we were told in the novels.

This mod removed the Avallac'h painting from the game and replaces it with a painting of Ciri instead. See image above for both the original and swap the mod makes. Yes, this mod is now in my game.

I know, for people who know me, the horrors, I actually **REMOVED** a picture of Avallac'h from the game, me, who loves Avallac'h more than anyone and wants MORE Avallac'h not less, but read on. You'll soon understand why I did, and why I love this mod so much. If you never read the novels and only know Avallac'h from the game and find yourself confused by the novel readers who hate him, this gush feast explains a LOT of the reason why people hate Avallac'h so much, and  leave you wondering even more than ever, why I like him.

The mod description reads:

>>Avallach Painting Replacement - This can be found in Avallac'h's secret laboratory during the quest "Child of the Elder Blood".  During this quest, it is heavily implied that Avallac'h has an infatuation with Ciri beyond simply trying to nurture her powers. This is confirmed during the discussion with Avallac'h's "Assistant"/Lover who is about as venomous as a viper toward Ciri during their exchange. In the laboratory, there is a painting of Avallac'h on the wall, which I always felt was a bit vain and self-serving. I decided to replace that painting with a painting of Ciri.  I think this suits the narrative better in that it really makes the tense exchange with the "Assistant" feel more like a confirmation. And during the ensuing destruction of the lab, the painting gets damaged to sybollically take it away from Avallac'h and get back at him.  To me, this adds a layer of tension and release, unlike the frankly juvenile story version which sees them draw facial hair on Avallac'h's painting.



*NOTE: THAT is the mod description I replied to, it was updated after in response to my reply and now says something different.*

Avallac'h teaching Ciri magic powers. I love how the game puts it that way, and than you read the novels a learn what TYPE of "magic" the magic man with the magic hands teaches to Ciri. 

I must reply because, supposedly Avallac'h's such a good tutor, everyone hears that line in the game. 

Did you notice Ciri says that just before talking to the blind woman, who asks Ciri "Ever known a man" and then tells Geralt, Ciri just got done having sex and it wasn't with you because you smell corpses and death and you’re not the man I smell all over her. Watch Geralt's expression as his mouth drops open and he glares at Ciri, because it finally hits Geralt why Ciri has spent the last 20 minutes gushing fangirl love for Avallac'h, including the line "Avallac'h's a good tutor" because, hey, Ciri just had sex. 

Ciri and Geralt just left Kaer Morhen, and there was no one there with them besides Avallac'h who, Geralt DID ask WHY Avallac'h wasn't going with them. Ciri explains, he's too tired, she just got him to sleep, because you know how it is they had to make up after their fight.

Ciri and Avallac'h had sex at Kaer Morhen, right after the snowball fight. The game comes right out and tells you that. I've explored every inch of Kaer Morhen and know what bed they did it in. Yes, the game developers, DID, leave evidence, you know in case a freak like me ever came along, picked up on what the old blind woman said and ran back to Kaer Morhen to see if they could find which bed Avallac'h was fucking Ciri in.

The game developers thought of everything, for fans like me who think of everything and go look to see, did the game developers think of this? Yes, they did. 

>>During this quest, it is heavily implied that Avallac'h has an infatuation with Ciri beyond simply trying to nurture her powers. 

That is more than implied in the quest to kill Imlerith. The game comes right out and tells you Avallac'h was fucking Ciri after Vesemir's funeral.

Most people miss what the blind woman says, after what Ciri says, but I've seen people hear it, understand, and than go: "Ciri what the fuck have you been doing with that Elf?"

Do you remember when Eskel asks Geralt:

"Who is this Avallac'h and what's Ciri been doing with him?"

What has Ciri NOT been doing with him?

Geralt answers: "Yennefer will explain, keep an eye on Avallac'h, he's not a friend."

Geralt and Yennefer, knew only limited information about what Avallac'h did to Ciri and part of what they knew was inaccurate because Ciri has a problem, called she's a chronic liar, and we readers see first hand what happens to Ciri and how different it is from what she tells Mommy Yennefer. Dozens of scenes, after dozens of interactions between Ciri and dozens of people, we readers see the interactions and than a few chapters later we see Ciri tell Mommy Yennefer what happened, and what Ciri SAID happened and what we SAW happen are never the same. Tis the case with Avallac'h.

When these people meet Avallac'h in the game, they've never met him before. They don’t know him. Geralt met Avallac'h briefly and spent a few hours talking with Avallac'h about Ciri and that's it. Ciri’s the only person in the game who knows Avallac'h, but, Ciri is a chronic liar and, so after she left living with Avallac'h, what Ciri told Geralt and Yennefer about Avallac'h is not what we readers saw happen.

Ciri told Yennefer that Avallac'h kidnapped her, held her hostage, and raped her.  Avallac'h did none of those things.

He rescued her from a man who had murdered Mistle (Ciri's lover) took care of her, treated her injuries, nursed her back to health, and because Avallac'h lives on the shore of a lake, on the edge of a monster infested forest, he put up a barrier to keep the monsters out to keep Ciri safe. Avallac'h took Ciri fishing on his boat, took her horseback riding around the lake, took her to the field to pick flowers, took her to the apple orchards to pick apples. Ciri and Avallac'h became best friends, and Ciri had a sexual awakening, but Avallac'h is an asexual, 2,000 year old virgin, who lives a celibate life, devoted to his beloved dead wife Lara Dorren, who left him before their marriage was consummated and Avallac'h refuses to cheat on her.

Ciri meets Avallac'h near the end of the series, so by this point we readers have seen 4,000+ pages of Ciri's vile, ruthless, vengeful, hate fuelled, vindictive, bloodthirsty, sly, sneaky, conniving, manipulative, down right evil ways.

We've watch Ciri go from an innocent 7 year old child, to a crack head prostitute at the ripe old age of 10, to a proud "lesbian" who castrates her way through every man she meets because that’s what "lesbian" means in the Witcher universe, where lesbians are psycho terrorist feminists NOT 2 women in love. Long before Ciri meets Avallac'h, we readers witnessed Ciri be the vilest, most promiscuous, most sex crazed, most evil rapist on the planet.

Ciri in the novels is a far cry from Ciri in the game. You can barely even tell the 2 are the same person.

Let me repeat this:

Ciri told Yennefer that Avallac'h kidnapped her, held her hostage, and raped her. Avallac'h did none of these.

Ciri and Avallac'h became best friends, and Ciri had a sexual awakening, but Avallac'h is asexual and a 2,000 year old virgin, who lives a celibate life, and Ciri starts demanding sex and Avallac'h is refusing to have sex with her, so he sends her off to have sex with King Auberon.

Every night Avallac'h dresses Ciri up, Ciri seduces King Auberon, Auberon sexually abuses but never has sex with Ciri and Ciri runs back to Avallac'h in tears.

In Lady of the Lake, Ciri tackles Avallac'h in his garden and rapes him while screaming "Make me pregnant right now, you ought to want to sacrifice yourself to me, I have your Lara's eyes"

Avallac'h at first shoves Ciri off and walks away, but she tackles him again, brandishing a sword and threatening to kill him if he doesn't submit to having sex with her.

Avallac'h is a Psion but he didn't see this attack coming. Now he's scared, because he realizes, Ciri does have magic powers - she has the power to block his ability to see her thoughts. While we readers watched Ciri spend 6 months planning this rape attack, Avallac'h was completely side blinded by it and didn't see it coming. Scared, he runs away, but takes a wrong turn, and becomes trapped in a dead end in the walled maze of the labyrinth hedges in his garden.

Ciri tackles him again, stabbing him with her sword, still demanding he make her pregnant, while she rapes him a third time.

Terrified, Avallac’h’s eyes darted every direction looking for an escape route, while Ciri's sex crazed fury unleashes it's Lorena Bobbitt terror on him.

Avallac'h again pushes Ciri away and tries to run towards the door in the garden wall, but he’s elderly, sick, has a lame leg that he drags when he walks, he simply can not run, and Ciri cuts him off, causing him to turn around to change direction and run into a statue of Lara Dorren, momentarily knocking himself out, allowing Ciri to tackle him and rape him a 4th time.

Ciri while raping Avallac'h again, points to the statue, starts making slurs about Lara Dorren, breaks both of Avallac'h's legs by driving her sword through the backs of his knees to make sure he can't get back up until she's good and done raping him, than drives her sword through his hip, into his testicles, and out his other thigh.

In the original short story, the scene is longer than the novel edition, where, Avallac'h now unconscious, passed out from loss of blood, is dragged by Ciri back to the lake, where she holds his head under the water, tries to drown him, while raping him a 5th time, than castrating him.

He finally fights back, punches Ciri in the face so hard that he knocks out her teeth and breaks her jaw, than he uses both hands to strangle her, throttling her, smashing her face on a rock.

Avallac'h calling her Creaganon, accuses her of stealing Lara from him, and Ciri realizes, Avallac'h is in shock and doesn't know who she is and is going to kill her.

The scene is brutal. Violent. It looks like Avallac'h’s going to kill Ciri, but Ciri, looks like Lara, and uses that to save her life, when she bursts out into her practised fake tears and starts saying: "I'm your Lara."

Ciri looks so much like Lara, that Avallac'h's mind snaps and we get a horrible revelation, an angry mob, didn't kill Lara, like the rumours had said for so long. Avallac'h did. He caught caught Lara in bed with Creaganon and killed them both in a fit of rage that he had forgotten about, until now. The whole rumour of an angry mob killing Lara, is how Avallac'h's broken mind remembered the attack, because he had blocked out the fact that he had killed her himself.

The shock of almost killing Ciri, along side remembering that he had killed his beloved Lara, made Avallac'h mute.

Ciri, tells the reader that Avallac'h's eyes are dead. She can't bring him out of the shock he's in and she immediately regrets raping and castrating him, and starts hugging and kissing him, begging him "Please forgive me, and if you can, forget."

Avallac'h's last words are: "Tis already forgiven and forgotten" and Avallac'h is no more, The Fisher King has taken his place. Avallac'h’ll never speak again, nor will he ever walk again. Mute and crippled, he drags himself on the ground, on his belly, back to his boat, where he stays for the next 10,000 years silently fishing on the lake.

In the ORIGINAL short story, but not in the novel reprints, Avallac’h dies. Ciri kills him. Throws his body in the lake. The Voidyanoy resurrect him. He becomes a mutated quasi-Elf-Fish-Man. They crown him their king, thus WHY he becomes known as The Fisher King and why he can breath underwater like a fish, but he never regains the use of his voice or his legs, lives under the water always swimming, only surfacing to sit on his row boat or the docks or the beach.

We shouldn’t see Avallac'h in the game at all. He by the time of the game, is the mute, crippled Fisher King. The Fisher King IS in Witcher 3, sitting on the edge of a lake, fishing, if you know where to look for him. A primary character in the game Witcher 1, he appears only as an Easter egg in Witcher 3. If you ever find him, take a close look at him. Compare his face texture to Avallac’h’s... they have all the same moles, scars, and blemishes, the same eyes and hair, just the Fisher King is wrinkled from old age and lacks pointed ears... they even wear the same blue tunic over brown pants, but the Fisher King’s are tattered to bare thread rags.

Ciri lied to Mommy Yennefer, when she told Mommy Yennefer that Avallac'h had raped her, for he didn’t, in fact it was the other way around. Ciri raped him.

So few players of the game know, what Ciri did, or why Avallac'h in the game is so very quiet, rarely says anything, and doesn't move hardly at all. Sits on the bed. Leans on the table. Limps badly when walking through the desert. Sits in the garden. Leans heavily on the side of the boat.

How many streamers have gotten to the tent, seen Avallac'h ordering everyone, even the sorceresses around, and say to their viewers: "He's getting out of control. We're gonna have to deal with him"

Few minute later, Avallac'h asks Ciri where she is going and Ciri says: "For a walk, or is that not allowed, because I might break my leg."

Avallac'h steps back, absolutely terrified, and let's Ciri leave without another word.

The streamer’ll notice this and ask: "What just happened? Why did he back down? That makes no sense."

It does make sense if you read the novels and know Ciri broke both of his legs and left him brutally injured, dying, in agonizing pain, after she raped and castrated him.

Avallac'h is scared of Ciri, and in that scene, he was falling back into his dominate ways, and Ciri reminded him about broken legs to put him back in line.

"Who is this Avallac'h and what's Ciri been doing with him?"

What has Ciri NOT been doing with him? Or to him.

The interactions between Ciri and Avallac'h in the game, are easily explained, if you read the novels and learn about what they did together.

>>>I decided to replace that painting with a painting of Ciri.  I think this suits the narrative better in that it really makes the tense exchange with the "Assistant" feel more like a confirmation. 

I agree with this change, if you read the novels that the game was based off of, you see Avallac'h for his very, very, VERY dark side, and see how extraordinarily obsessed with not only Ciri, but getting a baby out of her and going so far as to kidnap her, hold her hostage, blackmail her, and force her into bed with other men before having sex with her himself, all things the game never mentioned, so anyone who’s never read the novels is left clueless in what Avallac'h did to Ciri, or how far he's willing to go to keep EVERYONE from getting near Ciri without his permission.

I mean, just look at the scene when Ciri meets Avallac'h. That alone tells you how psycho obsessed stalker creep crazy in love with her he is.

She runs into him at random, while running from her lover's murderer. Avallac'h greets Ciri by name, he greets her horse by name, he starts talking about her friends and family, by name, He knows she is Cirrilla, he knows tis Kelpie, he knows Geralt’s lost his sword, he knows Yennefer is her adoptive mother, he knows Mistle was murdered 2 days ago, he knows her sword is named Zireal, and Ciri's freaking out of her mind, because she’s no clue who this guy is, what his name is, what he wants, why he's here, or why he seems know all about her.

Avallac'h is a simp.

A very scary one.

He's completely oblivious to that. Which makes him even scarier.

In his mind, he's just being friendly.

He thinks he's helping and in some ways he is, but, Ciri is scared out of her mind and he's too dense to understand how badly he is scaring her.

He sees the future, knows everything that is going to happen to her, and he sees her hurt, all her friends dead, and he can't take that. Ciri is alone. Geralt & Mommy Yennefer & Mistle are dead. Ciri’s gone into hiding. Scared. Alone. She wants to die. He sees Ciri's future and he doesn't want that, so, he decides, "fuck destiny, I'm going to change her future, I'm not going to let this happen to her" and that's when we see him, step out of the shadows and make an active attempt to become a part of Ciri's life.

Avallac'h is completely blinded by what he thinks is love. He’s so convinced that he’s helping the woman he loves, that he can't see how much he is scaring the shit out of her right now.

He's offering to help her, and she's just standing there stunned, her mind is reeling, because this guy has been stalking her every day of her life, since the day she was born, he knows everything about her, and she had no clue he was ever there. She rightly feels violated. Tis a huge invasion of her privacy. 

She's had a shitty week. Within the past 5 days, she's been locked in a dungeon, thrown in a pit of monsters, tortured, watched a dozen of her best friends (The Rats) tortured to death, been tortured by being forced to watch her lover Mistle tortured to death. She's wounded. Bleeding. On the run. Exhausted. Close to passing out. She can't go on much further and she knows it. There's a psychotic mage on her tail, a bounty hunter on her tail, an army on her tail, and now, there’s a total stranger standing in front of her, telling her he's in love with her, has been stalking her for 12 years, he knows what has happened to her this week, and he wants to help.

Ciri is scared, confused, tired, injured, bleeding to death, minutes from collapsing, dizzy, about to pass out, and she doesn't get the sense that this guy is going to hurt her, though he's freaking her out by telling her her entire life story, so she goes home with, Avallac'h who she doesn't even know his name. She’s scared of him, doesn’t trust him, but she's got Vilgefortz and Leo less than a mile behind, she's injured and can't run any further, and as scary as this stalker stranger who knows everything about her is, right now he seems to be the safest option.

Avallac'h can see the future, he knew, that she was in a place mentally, emotionally, physically, that if he showed up right then, like he did, she'd go with him. Had he stepped into her life an hour, a day, week earlier, she wouldn’t have gone with him. Had he waited a few hours, days, weeks, he would’ve missed the chance to get her. He knew this.

He knew the exact minute she was going to be the most vulnerable, least likely to resist him, and made sure to walk into her path at just exactly that minute. He planned to capture her, keep her as his wife, and get a baby out of her, via King Auberon, for a very long time. He's been plotting and planning this for years, patiently waiting in the shadows to grab her, when he knew she'd least resist.

Avallac'h rightly comes off as one of the top 3 villains of the Witcher franchise, because of how deviated, creepy, sneaky, sly, stalker scary he is. The game didn't bring that forward. The game hints to it, but the game assumes you read the novels and already know how psycho crazy obsessed with Ciri Avallac'h is. Many people play this game without reading the novels first and have no clue what Ciri’s already been through with Avallac'h, and how well, Ciri knows this guy who in the novels is one of her lovers. Ciri and Avallac'h are in 23 fade-to-black sex scenes in the novels and the game doesn't give you any hint that these 2 are not only friends, they are sex partners, who spent 24 full pages of the novels doing absolutely nothing but planning having a baby together by proxy via King Auberon.

Avallac'h is one of the Witcher novels' top 3 villains, after Vilgefortz and Leo Bonhart, and for good reason, his obsession with Ciri is monumental and lethal for anyone who gets in between him and his getting a baby out of Ciri. 

He's The Knowing One, a Psion who sees all, hears, all, knows the events of every life, the thoughts of every mind, of every person, on every planet, in every solar system, in every galaxy, of the entire universe, for the past, present, and future, he being the 130' serpent Elder God from whom all Elder Blood flows, the father of the Elder Bloods and the creator of Elder Blood, who appears in the form of an Elf as Avallac'h or the form of a Human as The Fisher King. You could hide nothing from him for that reason. He was the most powerful mage in the universe for that same reason, because he could look into the mind of any other mage and instantly know how to do every bit of magic they could do without years of study or training. 

The novels left no doubt that Avallac'h was insanely in love with Ciri on levels of mind boggling extremes, in spite of how abusive he was to her, and beating her up. You saw how much he hated hitting her and felt guilty about it afterwards, which he did NOT do with his other wives, he hit them too and didn't act guilty about it after like he did with Ciri, which of part of why Isillira and the other 4 Elf wives were so jealous of Ciri, because it was clear Ciri was Avallac'h's favourite wife, in spite of him throwing her in bed with the king, which is just whole other levels of WTF? 

Avallac'h is so insane bonkers out of his mind in the novels, and I love it. It's his total insanity that I love about him. It's why he's my favourite character. Everyone always says: "You wouldn't like him if you read the novels and found out what he did to Ciri" and my answer is always "Honey, I love him BECAUSE I read the novels. LOL! I'm fully aware what a douchebag piece of shit he is in the novels. I love him anyway." 

EVERYONE tip-toed around him scared out of their minds, terrified he'd rip them to shreds with his bare hands if he caught anyone talking about Lara, thinking about Lara, or looking at Ciri. Even King Auberon. Avallac'h was throwing Ciri in the king's bed demanding they have sex and give him a baby, but the King was so scared of Avallac'h that he didn't dare to sex with Ciri for fear Avallac'h would kill him if he did. In the novels Avallac’h was a bi-polar, manic depressive, volatile temper tantrum punching out anyone who got near him. 

Avallac'h's temper was fierce and every one was scared shitless of him because he was an expert in strangling people to death with his bare hands. He had no need to carry a weapon, he could use his mind to paralyse you, his sonic scream to shatter your brain inside your skull, or just snap your neck with his hands. He was viciously territorial of his 5 women, Ciri, and Lara Dorren and was always ready to kill any one who got near any of his women.

If you think of Avallac'h as a rabid, territorial bulldog who pees on all the corners and tears apart anyone who even dares look at his bitches, you'd be exactly right. The game didn’t hint to this at all.

His extreme possessiveness of his women was fierce, if you dared look at Ciri without his permission, he was going to smash his fist through your face and out the back of your skull with your brain in his hand. Was there ever a point that you thought Avallac'h in the game would do that?

Usually kind, loving, doting and gentle with his women, especially Ciri, Avallac'h had a short temper, wouldn't take no for an answer, was quick to hit anyone who talked back to him, and expected his women to instantly obey his commands. 

Avallac'h in the novels, was mean. **VERY, VERY, MEAN** And took shit from no one, not even Ciri, whom he loved nearly as much as he loved Lara.

The game didn't show Avallac'h the way the novels did. If they had, more players of the game wouldn't be left asking does he love Ciri or not? 

>>>Avallach Painting Replacement - This can be found in Avallac'h's secret laboratory during the quest "Child of the Elder Blood".  During this quest, it is heavily implied that Avallac'h has an infatuation with Ciri beyond simply trying to nurture her powers. 

Uhm, yeah. In the novels, Elder Blood is QUITE different from the game and "magic powers" is NOT what Ciri has, she's the last female in the universe capable of giving birth to a baby, thus why Avallac'h is villain number 69 to try to get a baby out of Ciri, out of 138 villains in the novels who tried to get a baby out of Ciri. Every male on every planet who wanted an heir was on a fast track trying to capture Ciri because her "magic powers" from Elder Blood was that she was the last living fertile female in the universe.

In the novels, Avallac'h was too busy with his hands up Ciri's panties teaching her how to masturbate for the king, to give 2 shits about teaching her magic. In one scene Ciri tells Avallac'h everyone says she has magic powers, and he laughs at her, says her powers are so rudimentary that she has only 1/1,000th of Lara's powers and Lara had only 1/1,000th of his powers.

What the fuck did Avallac'h ever teach Ciri other than how to better bed kings, here let me show you how it's done, uhm, ookaaaaay. That's a scene. 

Who is having Christian Grey tampon flashbacks right now?!?

Oh look Ciri's dirty. Ciri needs a bath. Here let me give you a bath before I send you to the king.


Avallac'h, what are you doing? Why are you doing it? 

Avallac'h is a virgin, but he knows every possible way to give women orgasms without ever having intercourse with them, and brags that he spent a full 100 years of his life, testing every possible way possible to do that, and has mastered the art of using his psychic powers to give women mind blowing orgasms with ever touching them, *(see the Miss Tilly scene in the game, yes they put this in the game as well, if you knew what you was seeing)* he spends 7 pages detailing the best way to stimulate Ciri's ovaries to give Ciri orgasms, unlike anything anyone else is ever going to give her.

7 pages.

Lots of details.

For 7 none stop pages of Avallac'h monologuing the joys of shrieking with joy over ovary stimulation.



After THAT bath, and Ciri staggering down the hall, because omg, I can't walk after that, hey let's get you to the king, now that your ready to be fertilized, uhm, are you sure she still even NEEDS the king, once you got done giving her a bath?

OMG! Avallac'h, I think we need to throw Christian Grey and his tampons out the window, you are so much better!

Oh wow! Avallac'h? What the hell are you doing to Ciri?

That is most definitely NOT magic that Avallac'h is teaching to Ciri in that bathtub.


Most definitely NOT magic.

Avallac'h has gentle hands, just like Mistle, uhm, has Ciri ever mentioned that? Don't worry, she will, several times, over the next 80 pages, every time she's in bed with King Auberon, you’ll get very detailed description of Mistel's hands, how great they are vs King Auberon's dry liver spotted hands, how rough and not like Mistle's they are vs Avallac'h's soft gentle hands and how Ciri wishes Auberon was Mistle with Avallac'h's hands, and oh gee, look at the sheets, why does that happen every time I think about Avallac'h?


Ciri, I know the answer, and it's called, you're not as lesbian as you think you are and that wasn't magic Avallac'h was teaching you. 

Avallac'h is a horny old man, who likes groping you, than watching other men grope you on his command and than takes sadistic delight in watching other men breed you on his command.

Avallac’h is sex crazy out of his fucking mind, but he’s refusing to lose his virginity. He’s a virgin and never going to have sex with you, but he’s going to do everything else to you and than get off on watching other men breed you.

Ciri, someone needs to sit you down and teach you about sex, because, that wasn't magic Avallac'h was tutoring you in, not magic, it's grooming and breeding and not magic.

Avallac'h does do magic, he can do magic, we've seen Avallac'h do actual magic, you know the kind that doesn't involve groping Ciri’s ovaries from the inside?

Avallac'h has some serious Christian Grey problems, on freaky tampon levels. And by this point we already had the campfire scene in the forest, with all those Virginia Wade’s BigFoot flashbacks.

Groping Ciri’s ovaries from the inside of Ciri’s ovaries, Christian Grey wasn’t even that freaky. BigFoot wasn’t even that freaky.

I have a question: How did you get hands up there? Is that even physically possible?

Avallac’h, how are you freakier than BOTH Christian Grey AND Virginia Wade’s BigFoot?

If you've never been horrified by men who find freaky uses for tampons **[HERE learn to be disturbed by tampons](**

Also... one most of the most asked questions I get from viewers is where the hell do you buy that 16 volume set of books that has been banned by every book store on the planet? **[HERE it is, all 16 volumes of the best fucking book ever written](** emphasis on fucking. Don't read before going on a camping trip. I can’t stop re-reading it... it’s OMG! The matted fur. I don’t know why, but I LOVE the matted fur.

Best book ever written or it was until I read **[chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake](** Do you realize Lady of the Lake was written 16 years BEFORE Cum For Bigfoot and Avallac’h’s fucking freakier? 

I seem to like men (or not-men, do Elves and Sasquatch classify as men?) who have EXTREME baby breeding fetishes, and psycho crazed lusts for pregnant women. Christian, BigFoot, and Avallac’h are all baby-breeding crazy out their gourds.

Side thought... Avallac’h wears a matted fur coat doesn’t he? Yep. Matted fur. I think I might have a fetish for matted fur and magic men with magic hands.

OMG! Avallac’h how did you beat BOTH Christian Grey’s tampon fetish AND Cum 4 Bigfoot in freakiness?

Magic Man with magic hands, yeah. That's Avallac'h's proudest skill that he liked to tutor Ciri about.

Moving on.

Does EVERY fictional man I like have the "Magic man with magic hands" problem? They do, don't they?

AND in the novels, it was Avallac'h, NOT Ciri, who had the sonic scream ability, Ciri cowered behind him while his scream shattered the brains inside the skulls of 5,000 attacking Unicorn soldiers. 

>>>This is confirmed during the discussion with Avallac'h's "Assistant"/Lover who is about as venomous as a viper toward Ciri during their exchange.

Her name is Isillira, she's one of the 5 wives Ciri met and slept with, with Avallac'h, when she lived with him as his 6th wife for 8 years in the novels.

If Ciri treated me, the way Ciri treated her in the novels, I probably would’ve punched Ciri’s face in. As a woman of colour married to a white man, I take HUGE offence in how Ciri treated Isillira in the novels.

She had black skin in the novels and Ciri is a white supremacist racist ass pig in the novels who called her a black monkey, citing that all blacks looked alike, and black monkeys all looked alike, and black people like her should be killed like monkeys. Ciri did that before she knew Avallac'h was a Psion, it's the scene where she finds out he's a Psion, and he's mad at her because after Ciri bullies Isillira, she runs to Avallac'h and lies to him and says Isillira was bullying her and Avallac'h tells her, he knows what Ciri did, he knows Ciri is lying to him, he saw the whole thing, he saw Ciri go out of her way to pick a fight with his Elf women just to TRY to make him hate them, Ciri thought she could get away with that because knew how much Avallac'h loved her, and thought that if she convinced him his wives were bullying her, he'd kick them out and it's just be her, just Ciri and Avallac'h alone - keeping in mind, Mistle is the love of Ciri's life and she had just been murdered and Ciri was kind of using Avallac'h as a replacement for Mistle, but Avallac'h dragged Ciri off by her ear, scolding her and telling her to stop being a vengeful little bitch and learn to get along with his other wives, it was why Avallac'h stopped letting Ciri sleep in the same bed with him and his wives and punished her to sleep alone in a separate room, which she hated, and than in almost the next scene we see Avallac'h toss Ciri in bed with King Auberon and it looks a lot like he did it because he was mad at Ciri for bullying his black wife over her black skin.

It's why Ciri in the game says: "You, I remember you, from Tir na lia"

Isillira responds with: "Funny, I thought those of our race all looked alike to you"

The game devs making Isillira WHITE in the game, when she was BLACK in the novels, changes dramatically the meaning of this dialogue in the game.

Most fighting between Ciri and Avallac'h's wives, was Avallac'h's fault for playing favourites. He'd had these women living with him for centuries and, overall, for the most part he’s good to his women, dotes on them a lot, and then suddenly he's neglecting them, fawning over Ciri, who is 2,000 years younger than him and is a human, and the wives are pointing out that he's making a fool of himself, old man chasing after this little girl.

We see a scene of Avallac'h and Isillira, hugging, kissing, Avallac'h leading her off to the boat to head to the island on the lake to be alone with her, and Ciri has just had a fight with King Auberon and ran from the palace, finds Avallac'h on the dock with his wife, and just pushes his wife aside and starts crying her eyes out about something the king said, and Avallac'h's response is to tell Isillira to go back home, I'm taking Ciri to the island instead, and we see this scene of Isillira glaring angrily at Ciri and Ciri smirking back at her going - he's mine, he like me better, nananaaah!

Ciri is a total bitch to Avallac'h's wives, and he's just letting it happen, so we it's understandable why Isillira hates Ciri.

It's 2 women fighting over the same man, one who is his wife whom he's been married to for centuries, the other the little teenaged home-wrecking trashy assed whore he's running around with, and not hiding it at all from his wife, he's doing it right in front of her. Ciri loves it. Ciri loves hurting people so seeing that she can break up this family, she's well, if you liked Ciri in the game, you might hate her in the novels, because she's a bully and she loves it. 

Worst part is, she doesn't give a shit about Avallac'h, Ciri’s using him because she knows she can, she knows all she has to do is drop her panties, shake her ass in his face and he's going do whatever the hell she wants and leave his wives standing on the dock, we see him do it over and over again, with his wives becoming more infuriated each time he abandons them and runs off with Ciri.

Ciri’s quite proud of the fact that she's broken up this family and she thinks Avallac'h has left his wives for her. That's why you see Ciri in the game go total meltdown on the lab and trash everything when she realizes, he didn't leave his wives, he's still with them, he's just running around with Ciri on the side and now keeping Ciri and his wives away from each other to avoid them fighting. 

Avallac'h is a large part of the problem. He doesn't want to leave his wives and he doesn't want to give up his teenaged adulteress either. Men like this are so bad for every female who gets near them.

Any wife is going to hate the other woman. 

Ciri IS the other woman in this situation. 

From Isillira's point of view, she rightly sees Ciri as the trashy little home-wrecking whore who's seducing her husband and breaking up her family, so it's easy to see WHY she’s angry, now that Ciri in the game, has killed her bodyguard, ripped the front door off the house, and is standing in her bedroom after breaking, entering, and murdering. Ciri's the other woman, and she committed 3 felonies in the last 10 minutes. She's about to commit another by trashing the house of the man who hasn't left his wife for her.

Ciri is FAR from sweet, innocent, kind, loving, good, or wholesome in the novels. The game devs made the quest in such a way, that the player wants to side with Ciri even though Ciri is the one in the wrong, and Isillira has every right to be angry with the adulterous bitch who's sleeping with her husband and now just broke into her house and killed her bodyguard.

Ciri's not so sweet, innocent, or wholesome when you look at BOTH sides of the coin and see WHY Isillira is so upset in that scene. 

Ciri is so flawed and messed up in the novels, which is why she's someone you can like and feel bad for her because, she is so multi-faceted and I wish the game devs had brought more of that in the game. There were so many sides to Ciri in the novels that we didn't see in the game, and Ciri in the novels is just so vastly different than Ciri in the game and I love Ciri in the novels so much more than Ciri in the game, especially her relationship with Mommy Yennefer and of course her relationship with Avallac'h, and I wish the game had put more focus on the Ciri/Mommy Yennefer dynamic and gone more in depth into Ciri's affair with Avallac'h because those 2 relationships, are my absolute favourite things in the novels.

OMG! The novels are so good! If you haven't read them, go read them. Ciri's story in the novels, is phenomenal. I just love it so much.

The game makes Ciri out to be this cookie-cutter cardboard sweet innocent waif, and she is so not that in the novels. 

I should hate Ciri and side with Isillira and be mad at Avallac'h, because yeah, they left her hanging. 

I feel bad for Avallac'h's wives because he and Ciri both treated them so bad. They didn't do anything wrong and Avallac'h just ran off with Ciri and Ciri wasn't the nicest person to them. But I like Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple. The dynamics of their relationship, is fascinating. 

Both of them are very sad, very depressed, very lonely people, and they were happy together. They made each other happy, for a short time at least. Ciri had so much hell in her life, and she became very mean, very spiteful, very hateful, very conniving, very vengeful, and we saw that go away, when she was horseback riding with Avallac'h around the lake, sitting under the apple trees talking with Avallac'h on the shore of the lake, and out on the lake fishing with Avallac'h off his boat. She was happy with him, and we so rarely saw Ciri happy.

The same can be said for Avallac'h, the wife he loved, left him, cheated on him, got pregnant to spite him, and than, got murdered, with him being held down and forced to watch her be cut up. The 5 wives Ciri meet, he did not love, he made no secret of that. They were just there as a diversion because he was so suicidal after Lara's death. The only time we see Avallac'h happy is when he was horseback riding with Ciri around the lake, sitting under the apple trees talking with Ciri on the shore of the lake, and out on the lake fishing with Ciri off his boat. He was happy with her, and we so rarely saw Avallac'h happy.

They brought out the good in each other.

Ciri loved Mistle.

Avallac'h loved Lara.

Mistle and Lara were dead.

Ciri and Avallac'h both needed a shoulder to cry on, and for a short while they were that for each other.

Than King Auberon entered the picture and shit hit the fan, and their relationship ended very badly with Ciri and Avallac'h at each others throats literally strangling each other, and both of them coming out of that wounded from almost killing each other.

They had a good relationship, I wish it had lasted and not fallen apart the way it did. They were good for each other, before things went bad their relationship fell apart. I wish their relationship had worked out. I liked them as couple a lot.

I liked seeing them, back together again in the game. I'm glad the game developers did that.

I love Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple, so much. They were both so bad for everybody they were with, except each other. They went together so well. They were best friends. Each of them could talk to the other. Be themselves. They both had Elder Blood and grew up hunted for it. They both became mean because of it. They both couldn't trust any body any more because everyone just wanted them for their blood. Because they each were Elder Bloods, neither had a reason to use the other for their Elder Blood, so they each felt safe with the other. They could together, be who they really were without fear of being used for their Elder Blood. 

Ciri needed that. 

Avallac'h needed that. 

They were both good for each other on so many levels. I hated how their relationship ended. You saw them both mentally tore apart by the end of their friendship. We see through the game that Ciri and Avallac'h got back together again, on some level at least. I am so glad we saw them friends again, in the game.

They were my favourite couple in the novels and in the game as well.

I feel bad for Isillira, he was with her first and she could’ve done better than Avallac'h. He never loved her. He treated her the same way Lara treated him and he never notice he was doing that.

>>>In the laboratory, there is a painting of Avallac'h on the wall, which I always felt was a bit vain and self-serving. 

Do keep in mind Avallac'h cloned himself to create Lara Dorren, than married her, so he is vain and self serving, very much, then she left him for Creaganon and died while 8 months pregnant, Avallac'h still has her body in his bed, now 200 after her death. Her baby gave birth to twins, who gave birth to Ciri's grandmother. Avallac'h being Ciri's 5th great-grandfather.

Ciri, is the exact image of Lara, they could pass as twins, and Lara, the clone Avallac'h created of himself, looks exactly like him. All 3 of them have golden blond hair that gleams like the sun, and entherial aquamarine blue eyes, and sharp triangular faces. It is impossible to tell Ciri from Lara or Avallac'h as any one of the 3 of them look completely identical, another thing the game forgot to do.

Avallac'h is VERY vain, and so in love with himself, that he simply cannot fathom the mother of his child looking like anyone other than himself. 

In some respects the picture of him, is fitting because of his vainness, but given everything else he did in the novels, including crowning Ciri Queen of Avalon, turning her into The Lady of the Lake, and worshipping her as his goddess, we can believe he's more likely to have a picture of her, than himself.

He flaunted his affair with Ciri in front of Isillira in the novels, it'd be so like him to have a picture of his lover, in his wife's bedroom, just because that is the way he was. He was such a dick to his wives, especially when Ciri was around. I have an easier time believing he'd put pictures of Ciri up just to rub it in his wife's face that "Look, I'm not going to let you forget I love her and not you", that would be so EXACTLY something he would do. He is just completely the type of a dick who would pull that type of a move on his wife.

We already saw drawings of Ciri on his desk, and he was a painter in the novels. He painted murals on walls, and bragged of having his work in museums. He was good painter, so why wouldn't he be painting pictures of Ciri? He so would do that.

I love this mod so much, because, tis EXACTLY the kind of painting novel-Avallac'h would have in his house.

>>>I decided to replace that painting with a painting of Ciri.  I think this suits the narrative better in that it really makes the tense exchange with the "Assistant" feel more like a confirmation.  

When Isillira, one of Avallac'h 5 wives, not his assistant, says "She will do what she must than Avallac'h can finally be free of her", she is referencing, giving Avallac'h a FEMALE baby, loot the altar in the lab to find the letter revealing that Caranthiar is the baby Ciri and Avallac'h had in the novels, contradicting the fact that in the novels the baby was female and Ciri had an abortion to spite Avallac'h, after she raped and castrated him, to make sure he couldn't father another baby in her or anyone else. Ciri's just a peach in the novels.

>>>And during the ensuing destruction of the lab, the painting gets damaged to sybollically take it away from Avallac'h and get back at him.  To me, this adds a layer of tension and release, unlike the frankly juvenile story version which sees them draw facial hair on Avallac'h's painting.

Yeah, I had the same thought when I got to this point in the game.. of course I also thought, wasn't it enough that she already castrated him, left him crippled for the rest of his life, never able to either walk or talk again, causing him to become the mute, crippled Fisher King, wait, why can Avallac'h talk and walk in the game? Did the game devs completely ignore page 179 of the novel Lady of the Lake?

Too bad the game didn't put the ravine full of tens of thousands of dead pregnant woman behind the lab, like what Ciri found behind the lab in the novels.

Avallac'h is a LOT darker in the novels than he was in the game.

End of spoilers. 

End of Avallac'h screaming fangirl gushing mindless illogical love for Avallac'h session. 

Wow, not very often a mod gets a response from me like this. 

I have so much mindless illogical love for Avallac'h, I can talk about how much I love him for hours, than people ask me why. I have no clue. I just find Avallac'h and all of his illogical madness fascinating. He's one of those characters that I want to hug because, you can see he is hurting so bad, he is doing the things he does because he's been so badly traumatized and his mind is just broken because he's been hurt so much and been through so much hell and he desperately needs someone to hug him and tell him, it's okay, you can calm down, everything's going to be alright, you don't have to do these weird things you are doing, you can tone the crazy a little bit. He needs a hug so bad, so he can calm down and breath and try to relax. But than at the same time he's one of those characters who is so broken, so traumatized, so hurt, and so far past the deep end, that you realize there is no way to reach him any more, he's too far gone, and you know that the best thing to do is run away screaming before he goes psycho on you.

His backstory is so heartbreaking, because we are told why he's like this, how he got this way, so we know the hell he's been through, and how horrifically he's been hurt. He's a character, you want to help, help him back to the way he was, before life threw shit at him, but you can see, life has thrown so much shit at him, in endless succession for so many years, that now he's broken so bad that he's probably beyond help.

Avallac'h, for all his demented insanity, is a very sad character. Unloved, unwanted. His whole life, spent his whole life wanting nothing more than to love and be loved in return and not only never finding that, but being used and abused, bullied, tortured, ostracised, shunned, neglected, and hurt at every turn by everyone he loved, until he just gave up any hope that anyone would ever love him and became the dark twisted character Ciri meet in the novels. His backstory of how he got the way he is, is soul crushing, because it's something that could happen to anyone, and does happen to people in real life all the time. He's a very believable character because everyone at some point in their life has felt the loses he has left, but most have had good times in between the bad to buffer the bad, and he did not. Which is so very sad.

In any case, I like this mod quite a lot. Bravo! Good job! 

I love Avallac'h so much and there are so few mods, that make him in the game, more lore-friendly to how he was in the novels, and you did exactly that with this mod. I love it. Very much endorsed. I definitely will be using this in the Avallac'h playthrough.

I agree, given what we were told not only in the game, but in the novels as well, Avallac'h would definitely had pictures of Ciri, not himself on the walls of the labs.

Or rather Lara. The paintings would have been Lara. He only wanted Ciri around because Ciri looked like Lara.


Since writing that, I received this following question in response to it, so, let’s continue on, shall we?

#FAQ: How can you like Avallac'h after what he did to Ciri?

What did he do to Ciri?

You are going to have to be more specific, because he didn't do anything to her.

Do keep in mind that I liked Avallac'h because of The Purple Bison scene, when Geralt met him... 487 pages before Ciri meets him.

The part where he raves and rants, for 7 pages straight, his hatred for sex and all things related to sex, specifically, the part where he compares Humans to cockroaches mindlessly fucking in every corner and professes to be asexual and incapable of understanding why every one and every thing can't stop fucking, because he can find no logical reason for the obsession with sex when sex offers nothing of excitement or fascination and provides no mental stimulation of the intelligence at all.

...yes... the part where he calls himself a member of the elite because he's a creature of such high intelligence that he has no need for sex beyond procreating and without a suitable mate he has no reason to procreate.

Avallac'h is asexual.

Not only is Avallac'h asexual, he's a very accurately represented asexual man. 

Asexual characters are as rare as hen's teeth in literature.

Accurately represented asexual men are even rarer to be found in literature.

I am asexual. I find the thought of sex repulsive. I am also fascinated by studying the sex habits of immoral degenerates to try to understand why it is they enjoy being immoral degenerates.

Avallac'h and I think very much alike.

Also: Etiole.



Always Etiole.

Is there anything I love more than Etiole?

Is there any obsession of mine that has lasted longer than my obsession with Etiole?

I discovered Etiole in 1978. And I've loved him ever since.

Google it. My love for Etiole is legendary. People have written books, made documentaries, and filmed movies about my love for Etiole. Buddy Hopkins, David Mack, David Ike, Whitley Strieber - they've each written books about me and my obsession with Etiole

Etiole - the infamous blue eyed, white, shapeshifting, reptilian alien. That Etiole.

Etiole, the Archangel Ertreal, known in Voodoo as the albino snake god Papa Dhamballa Weddo, known in Scandinavian culture as Uroborus a 130' (40m) serpent.

Hello, perhaps I should introduce myself: I'm EelKat, Etiole's friend, author of the non-fiction alien abduction books "Amphibious Aliens" and "For Fear of Little Men" and "The World's Most Haunted Car, The Real Christine, The Story Behind the Movie"... perhaps you've heard of me: I'm the most famous alien abduction case in the history of alien abductions.

And I love Etiole, in all his forms, no matter where he appears in movies, TV shows, in literature, in video games... 

I look for Etiole everywhere..., you had something to say against Avallac'h?

Do tell... by tread lightly, never underestimate how much I love Etiole.

I am EelKat, Etiole's friend, and I will hear nothing against him.

Do what is it, exactly, that you think Avallac'h did to Ciri?

#REPLY: He sexually abused her!

Did he?

I think not.

Oh dear... you haven't read the novels.

You have overlooked one very important thing: 

#The Witcher novels are a retelling of the 1130 novel: The Fisher King and His Lady of the Lake

The goal of the Witcher novels is simple: to tell the story of the childhood of The Lady of the Lake (Ciri) and how she came to meet and marry the Fisher King (Avallac'h).

#Ciri is The Lady of the Lake... one of the most vile, most evil, most deviated super villains ever created.

#The Lady of the Lake, is The Evil Faerie Witch Queen of the King Author series... a series based off of the story of The Temptation of Christ Jesus, by Satan, who leads the 12 Disciples astray

#The Fisher King (Avallac'h) is literally Jesus - holiest of holies

Notice Avallac'h, like Jesus, is an asexual virgin who travels with 5 prostitutes, and like Jesus lives a rather wild life, is a radical hermit, was tortured to death in a grizzly public execution, and was resurrected in a new form, like Jesus to become The Fisher of Men aka The Fisher King

#The Lady of the Lake (Ciri) is literally Satan - Jesus evil twin, hell bent of the destruction of humanity

#The 12 Knights of the Round Table (The Witchers & The Sorceress') are literally Jesus' 12 Disciples, who betrayed him 

The classic 1130 novel is based of the 4 gospels of the New Testament

#Avallac'h is literally Jesus

#Avallac'h's 5 prostitutes are literally Jesus's 5 prostitute: Mary Magdalene, Miriam, and the 3 Mary's sisters of Lazarus

#Ciri is literally SATAN

If you didn't know that, then perhaps you should brush up on your Bible, the King Author novels, and the witcher novels.

Ciri is just an evil psychopath who happens to also be the protagonist, so you are tricked by the author into liking Ciri, because you follow her in her adventures NOT because she is a good or heroic person.

If you are angry at Avallac'h, for the things he did, and find yourself among the people who hate him and call him the worst person in the Witcher franchise for it, than I know you've made a glaring error, and you have ONLY READ MY PROFILE and **HAVE NOT READ THE NOVELS**.

It may surprise you to learn that Avallac'h was by far the **LEAST SEXUAL** man in Ciri's life.

And as surprising too as it may sound, Avallac'h treated Ciri BETTER than did any other man she ever encountered... in fact, he treated her better than Mommy Yennefer did, who for all her love for Ciri was one of the most verbally abusive people in Ciri's life.

In fact, Avallac'h was the BEST person in Ciri's life... the LEAST abusive, the MOST kind, and the ONLY person who actually TRULY loved Ciri and tried to give Ciri a better life.

Avallac'h was also the ONLY person in Ciri's life who **DID NOT HAVE A MOTIVE**. 

Everyone had a motive: 

* Vesemir hoped to build stronger Witchers by draining Ciri's blood and force feeding it to 3 year old boys.

* Geralt hoped to cure his erectile dysfunction by drinking Ciri's blood

* Yennefer hoped that by mixing Ciri's blood with the scales of Golden Dragons and adding it to her food that she would get pregnant



#EXCEPT FOR AVALLAC'H, REGIS, and DIJKSTRA... the ONLY 3 people to NOT want Ciri for her blood.


As a child, Avallac'h was kidnapped, and forced to watch his mother, father, brothers, sisters, and pet ocelots, one by one be tortured to death, chopped up, cooked... and than they were force fed to him... by a female Human witch who was obsessed with Elder Blood and tortured him to try to get him to teach her how to use magic.

He was only 10 years old when this was done to him and he knew nothing about magic, and so could teach the witch nothing, but she did not believe him, so she tortured his family, his parents, his siblings, and his pets, forced him to watch, then made him watch as she cut them up and cooked them, and force fed his family to him.

Avallac'h is insane and deeply paranoid, suffers massive post traumatic stress disorder, lives in mortal terror of humans, hates the thought of magic *(he's NOT a mage in the novels, even though he is a mage in the game)*, can't bare the thought of eating meat for fear it is really the flesh of someone he loves, and can not function in normal society, living his entire live a homeless hermit, wearing ragged furs and hiding in caves... 

...all because he was born with Elder Blood, and was hunted for his blood, tortured for his blood, and when he was 10 years old he was force fed the flesh of his mother, brothers, father, sisters, and pets, because he had Elder Blood.

#Avallac'h became a vegan BECAUSE when he was 10 years old, he was forced to eat his mother, his father, his brothers, his sisters, and his pet ocelots.

#And this was done to him because he had Elder Blood.

He was rescued by his 14 year old sister Isillira, in a very Hansel and Gretel story, which ended with the witch trying to cook Isillira and Isillira instead cooking the witch, making a necklace of the witch's eyes and teeth, and wearing them to forever remind her why she fiercely protects her baby brother.

Avallac'h was so traumatized by the event, that he became a hermit, at 10 years old. He and his 14 year old sister Isillira fled society to live in the caves, her at first being his surrogate mother and later being his wife.

Isillira, by the way, is the Elf woman you meet in the game in Avallac'h's Skellige lab.

When you know what Avallac'h went through as a child because of his Elder Blood, than you understand why he feels so strongly compelled to protect Ciri from the men hunting her for her Elder Blood.

As I have said before, Avallac'h's backstory of how he became the deranged, homeless, lunatic Ciri encounters, is heart breaking. He has never known happiness or love and from early childhood has known nothing but a life of suffering, fear, and misery.

Of any character in the franchise, Avallac'h's backstory is truly the saddest, from his horrific childhood, to his life in hiding, to his love for Lara and her cruel treatment of him, to Lara's brutal murder, to the horribly rape attack from Ciri... it is easy to see why he becomes the mute, despondent Fisher King.

Avallac'h's life was nothing but endless sorrow, and the same can be said for Ciri. And the only scene in which we ever see either Ciri or Avallac'h happy, laughing, and smiling, is the one scene of them together, fishing on Avallac'h's boat, after horseback riding around the lake. 

Avallac'h and Ciri are both deeply sorrowful creatures, both desperately in need of a shoulder to cry on. And that was why they were so very good for each other. No one could understand the suffer of the other, as much as they could do for each other.

Avallac'h is the ONLY villain in the franchise, whom we are told his backstory and shown how and why he became what he did... and that is for a reason. Because he's NOT intended to be seen as a villain, he is intended to be seen as a WARNING TO CIRI... 

* We are meant to see Avallac'h, not as evil, but as a pitiful result of horrifying levels of abuse. 

* We are meant to see that THIS is what happens to Elder Blood children who are hunted for decades and driven to madness. 

* We are meant to see Avallac'h as a reflect of what will become of Ciri, if Vilgefortz isn't stopped.

Like the witch who hunted Avallac'h, murdered his family, and destroyed his life, Vilgefortz is hunting Ciri, killing her family, and destroying her life.

* We readers are meant to pity Avallac'h, not hate him, that is WHY we are shown his backstory.

* We readers are meant to see that THIS is Ciri's future if someone doesn't stop Vigeforzt before he destroys Ciri's life the way the other mage destroyed Avallac'h.

I am going to repeat this because it needs to be repeated:

#Of all the men in the novels, Avallac'h was by far the **LEAST SEXUAL** man in Ciri's life...and was the ONLY man who can be classified as **NOT ABUSIVE TO CIRI** as well as being the **ONLY MAN WHO WAS KIND AND/OR GOOD TO CIRI**.

If you are upset over how sexual Avallac'h was, but you are NOT upset over how sexual other men were to Ciri, than it is drasticly obvious you never read the novels at all, otherwise you would have known that of all the men in the novels, Avallac'h was by far the **LEAST SEXUAL** man in Ciri's life...

And if you find that shocking... than let me remind you of this fact: 

#...the Witcher novels were banned from being sold in America for 40+ years on grounds of being CHILD PORN following the sexcapades of a 7 year old girl: Ciri

Avallac'h is one of the LAST men Ciri meets, shortly before the novels end, and she meets him when she is 12 years old and he is her 69th sex partner.

Apparently Avallac’h being Ciri’s 69th sex partner, is an Easter Egg for something, as several hundred Ciri fans have said as much, though an Easter Egg to what I do not know. The reference of 69 is lost upon me.

I see 69 frequently is used at the end of usernames, ad I see many channels have channel points which say “Get a funny number, 69 or 42, at the end of your username for 15 minutes”. I see nothing funny about either number, though I am aware the number 42 comes from Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and means “the meaning of life the universe, and everything though I do not understand what that is supposed to be funny.

And I know every time we get to a 69 episode we can not put the EP # in the title of the stream, because 69, 169, 269, 369, and every other 69 is not allowed to be typed in the title of a Twitch stream, as apparently the number 69 is against ToS, but why the number is banned, I do not know.

Every time yet another Ciri fan shows up in my chat and babbles on the glories of how funny 69 is, I always ask them what it means and why it is funny, but to date no one has ever answered that question, so I have no idea why 69 is supposed to be funny or what it is an Easter Egg to.

Google has been less than helpful, as typing to search for a meaning to 69 only brings up vile immoral references to oral sex and similar vile immoral degradation and gives me no clue to any Easter egg or joke or meme or any funny thing at all.

American editions of the Witcher novels remove the ages of the characters...

* Yennefer is 15 years old when she starts having sex with 98 year old Geralt

* Triss Merigold is 10 years old when she starts having sex with 98 year old Geralt

* Ciri is 7 years old when she starts her life of prostitution, and 14 years old when the novels end

The game takes place 3 years after the novels end, meaning, in spite of what they look like:

* Yennefer in the game is the OLDEST female, and at 18 years old and the OLDEST sorceress, is the ONLY not-minor primary female character in the game

* Ciri is only one year younger than her adoptive Mommy Yennefer at 17 years old in the game

* while Triss Merigold, is barely yet a teenager at only 13 years old in the game

Also... contrary to what either the game or Netflix told you:

* Dandelion was 51 years old when he start "diddling" 7 year old Ciri. Diddling as the novels puts it, is a fancy word for "paedophile raping pre-pubescent girls" - Dandelion in a the novels is a child abusing, predatory serial rapist, who when you meet him, is being chased down by 12 angry fathers of 12 pre-teen children he'd raped

#KEEP IN MIND: The Witcher novels are EROTICA and EVERY CHAPTER of every novels, contains more sex scenes than the entire of all 16 volumes of Virginia Wade's Cum 4 Bigfoot.


#Elder Blood in the novels has nothing to do with magic powers and simply means the person is FERTILE in a universe that has gone completely sterile...


#The primary story of the novels, is the hunt of every fertile male on every planet trying to find the single, last fertile female in existence: CIRI



* There is a sex scene at least once in every 5 pages of all 4,000 pages of the novels


* There is at least one rape scene every 20 pages of all 4,000 pages of the novels


* EVERY MALE IN THE SERIES *including Geralt, Vesemir, Dandelion, Crach, Hjalmar, Eyhmer, and all the rest...* rape or make an attempt to rape Ciri BEFORE she is even 10 years old...

* ...with the exception of 3 men: Dijkstra, Regis, and Avallac'h and the ONLY 3 men in the entire franchise who DO NOT RAPE CIRI... which contributes to WHY those 3 are my favourite characters

The Witcher novels were banned from being sold in America for over 40 years, for a reason, and they were only recently re-published for sale in America because of the Netflix series, and the American editions of HEAVILY CENSORED to remove all character ages, and to remove MOST of the child-rape-glorification scenes

The American version of Lady of the Lake is a full 200 pages shorter than it's original, uncensored edition... and EACH of all 8 of the novels, lacks similar page numbers in it's American editions, because of COPPA laws and the fact that no publisher in America is willing to do 73 years in prison for printing child porn erotica

I'm afraid if you go into reading the Witcher novels expecting either Medieval Fantasy or a story even remotely close to the story found in the game, you are going to be sorely disappointed.


With all that in mind, let's go back to your question and give you an answer, shall we?

#FAQ: How can you like Avallac'h after what he did to Ciri? He sexually abused her!

Did he?

I think not.

In the scene we SEE him doing anything, he is always fishing.

It is ONLY in the scenes of Ciri fantasising IN HER HEAD about Avallac’h, that we are ever TOLD Avallac’h did anything.

#There is NEVER a scene of Avallac’h actually SHOWING him doing anything but fishing, riding his horse, painting, writing poetry, or playing a flute. These are the ONLY things we are ever SHOWN Avallac’h to be doing. 

#Every supposedly sexual thing Avallac’h “does” is ALWAYS a fantasy in Ciri’s head, followed by her looking to see where Avallac’h is and pointing out he’s NOT being sexual with her, but rather is fishing and seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that little lesbian Ciri can’t stop drooling over his penis... you know because Avallac’h doesn’t wear pants and lusting after penises is what every lesbian does, you know, according to straight men who write books about lesbians and haven’t got a clue what a lesbian is.

And yes...


#Ciri is bi-sexual NOT LESBIAN.




And before you say Avallac’h is being sexual by not wearing pants... no... he’s a fisherman... and he’s a transvestite.

Yes, Avallac’h is a transvestite. Game forget to tell you that, didn’t it?

Both Geralt and Ciri tell us that Avallac’h wears distinctly she-Elf garments.

And in the scene of him not wearing pants and Ciri not being able to concentrate on anything but his uncircumcised penis... Avallac’h is not circumcised, Ciri thought we needed to know that... you know it is with LESBIANS, spending all their time comparing penis sizes and shapes, because supposedly what LESBIANS do when they get together... they kiss each other while giggling about how great penises are, because the Witcher series was written by a man who couldn’t fathom the fact that LESBIANS are women who love women, not 2 girls kissing each other to get men horny.


And now here is Ciri on a boat, with Avallac’h, Avallac’h is talking, and we actually HEAR HIS WORDS coming out of his mouth, not Ciri rehashing it too us later... and he’s doing what he ALWAYS does when he talks... glorifying the glories that are Lara, vilifying the evils that are sex, and talking about building an Ark, a sip to fly from planet to planet, rescuing 2 of each of all life forms... his voice drifts off because Ciri is bored, and now we get: “One bridge, two bridges, three bridges, four bridge, Avallac’h is perching precariously as only Avallac’h can do on the edge of the boat trying to reel in fish. Avallac’h is wearing a lilac lace ballgown and has flung the skirt up over his shoulder to keep it from getting wet. The Elf isn’t circumcised. He has a foreskin like Geralt. I thought Geralt was the only one that had one of those...”

As you can see, Ciri is a deeply disgusting character on many levels of revolting. 90% of the time, if Ciri is talking, you just want to vomit because all she talks about is sex and penises. She definitely ranks as the most horrifyingly vile character I have ever encountered, in all of the more 30,000 novels I have read in the past 5 decades.

So many questions are brought up by this deeply disturbing seen of Ciri being a perverted, promiscuous peeping tom... like Ciri... how do you know Geralt has a foreskin? Why are you, a lesbian telling us this, at all? Why are you describing Avallac’h’s penis to us? What reason is there for this? 

Avallac’h’s life has been endless hell and abuse, he doesn’t need a shit head trampy ass whore sexualizing him. Ciri is such a disgustingly, vile piece of shit, and this scene, really hones in on just how horrible a piece of shit Ciri really is.


#SEXUALLY OBJECTIFYING SOMEONE IS A FORM OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT... and it’s even worse, when it’s done to someone who has openly stated they did not like being sexually objectified, which Avallac’h DID SAY 17 TIMES in 17 separate, different scenes!

Ciri is a fucking pervert!

It's no wonder Ciri's fans are perverted pigs just like her.

Do you realize in all my years on Twitch, I never once encountered a sex crazed lunatic in my chat, until I started playing Witcher 3 and have been bombarded with endless nothing but sex crazed filth being posted in my chat every time I stream Witcher 3? Which is a large part of why I had to set chat to emote only.

And before playing Witcher 3, I was always answering questions about the games and writing very long answers about them, just like this answer you are reading now, but sex was never a question. 

Witcher 3 attracts the worst gutter scum pieces of filth on the internet to it.



I've never seen anything like this before.

The Witcher games have amazing stories to them.

The Witcher novels, are full of astounding stories.

And yet, no one cares about the story, because all anyone cares about is sex.

I get bitched at constantly: 

* "When are you gonna do the sex quests?"

* "Why won't you play the sex quests?"

* "What is wrong with you, no one buys Witcher 3 for the game, all anyone wants is the sex quests. Fuck the story. No one cares about the story. It has the best sex of any game out there. Do the sex quests!"

Ever since I started playing Witcher 3, my chat has been nothing but steady, constant, endless sexual harassment from sex crazed maniacs who think of this game as nothing but a sex den.

And no one gives a shit about any of the characters in the novels, because there is so much sex in the novels, that all anyone does is read the sex scene, skip the story, read the next sex scene, skip the story, read the next sex scene... and than, if you say anything about the story they go: "Huh? I don't remember that. Where did that happen?"... so you try to explain to them what scene was just before it and "I don't remember that either", after explaining a few more scenes, you say "It was near this sex scene" and than they answer with: "OH! Yay, I remember that. I just skip over everything between the sex. I only read the Witcher books for the sex."


It's no wonder no one can find Avallac'h in the novels... he's asexual. 

The Witcher stories are utterly amazing... if they weren't so damned clogged up with sex perversion, they'd be perfect.

And yet the fucking sex perversion is the only thing people want from them.

Every sex quest in the game is optional. You can play the entire game without ever playing a sex quest. It's possible. And I've done it 12 times now!

And there is more to the novels than sex, but that's all anyone focuses on!

Every other question I get asked about the game or the novels is focused entirely on sex and there is so much more to the games and the novels than sex and I am so damned sick and tired of the endless none stop sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex questions posted in my chat!

And NO, I have no intention of turning chat back on, you are all a bunch of sex crazed perverts, just like fucking Ciri. It's no wonder you all like a trashy piece of shit like her, you all act just like her!

You people are not fun to talk to. You know that? You really aren't.

I think of Twitch chat as an extension of my home. It's like inviting people to stop by for tea and sit on my sofa.  

But I wouldn't let perverted, sex crazed gutter scum filth like you within a mile of my street, let alone invite you into my house for tea.

And I'm someone who was homeless, lived in my car, for 9 years. I'm very familiar with the lowest degradation of life, you piece of trash are way below that.

You people are absolute filth.

Look at this question here, the one I am answering right now. It's yet another question focused on sex.


Because you people have one track minds that can't think about anything else.

And I'm sick of it.

There is more to life than sex.

There are other things you can talk about.

I would like to have a NORMAL intelligent conversation with you, but you can't get your heads out of the gutter long enough to find a topic of conversation other than sex.

Like attracts like... it's no wonder these people like Ciri... they are as much filth as she is.

Ciri is nothing but filth. We’ve watched this trashy, little piece of shit, slut assed whore sexualize and objectify every man, woman, child, animal, horse (yes, horses – we get scenes of Ciri looking up under horse tails to lust after their genitals too) and monster she encountered. 

A person should be able to walk freely with no cloths on. And anyone who is asexual, could and would, and have no trouble with it at all. 

An asexual person finds no embarrassment in nudity, because they see nothing sexual about the body.

Cloths exist to protect oneself from burning of the sun or cold of the wind or wet of the rain or frost of the ice and snow. And when sun, wind, rain, ice, and snow are not an issue, there is no need for clothen at all.

And yet, people are forced to wear clothes, when there is no need to, but they still need to protect themselves from thing else: rape.

The #1 reason why people are forced to wear clothes, is to protect themselves from being raped.

A person SHOULD be able to walk down the street naked, if they so choose. But they can't, because people like Ciri, make up the bulk of society. People see a naked body and they feel the need to sexualize it, lust after it, and thoughts of wanting to rape it enter their mind, then they laugh and giggle and than they get angry and call the naked person immoral, to cover up the fact that they themselves are immoral.

Like the titty streamers of Twitch...often, those girls are not being sexual. Often they are NOT titty streamers at all, but just girls playing video games, and get accused of being titty streamers, because the men who view them, are too busy looking at their fully covered breasts, that show no cleavage at all, to even notice what video game the girl is playing.

Women SHOULD be able to stream fully naked, if they so choose, without fear of men sexually harassing them. But they can't because people like Ciri exist. Sites like Twitch have to have ToS rules against nudity to PROTECT girls from being raped, and that is deplorable. Sites like Twitch shouldn't NEED to make rules like that. But rapist minded men and women force the need for anti-nudity laws.

It's disgusting.

It is absolutely disgusting.

It's disgusting that society is so damned perverted and incapable of controlling their lusts, that people are forced to hide their bodies under cloth, in order to protect themselves from being raped.

There is nothing sexual about a naked body.

The ONLY thing sexual, is how you think about that body.

The naked person, is NOT being sexual.

You lusting after them is what is sexual.

And that shouldn't happen.

Look at how people talk, when they talk about sex, breasts, penises, ect... they laugh and giggle in embarrassment, and try to find alternate words, because they are too embarrassed to say nipple or testicles.


Because they think sexual thoughts while they are saying these words, and they don't want others to know it, so they giggle and laugh to try to cover up the fact that they started thinking about sex.

What a common trait asexual people have, one that we see with Avallac'h? They talk about "normally sexual" words, phrases, and topics quite freely, with a straight face, without laughing or giggling, and they use biologically correct words. They say penis, not eggplant, because they mean penis, a part of the human body, not eggplant, a large purple fruit that you stir fry with vegetables.

Many readers incorrect say Avallac'h is the most sexually perverted character of the franchise, because of how he talks. He's not embarrassed by sex, ovaries, vaginas, penises, and because he does not sexualize these things, he's able to talk about them just as freely as everyone else talks about the weather. He can talk about "normally sexual" topics over a meal and feel nothing. It's what asexual people do.

Asexual people are driven by a very logical, scientific, analytical mind. They also have very high IQs are among the most intelligent people in society. They study things. Studying things, learning, reading books, gaining an education, and learning new knowledge is for them every bit as exhilarating and orgasm educing as sex is for the illiterate, brain dead, flesh lusters of society.

An asexual person find deep satisfaction in studying everything. This is why most asexual people become scientists, doctors, lawyers, researchers, inventors, philosophers.

Asexual people find boredom in flesh.

Asexual people can not look at a penis or a breast and see anything attractive at all. It's just a peice of the human body. A piece of meat. It's as unappealing as uncooked raw hamburger beef. 

Avallac'h is fully within his rights to walk around naked if he wants to.

Every person has every right to be able to expect to be allowed to walk in public naked without being molested, sexually objectified, or raped.

And this scene, shows us how vile and disgusting a person Ciri is, for sexualizing, and elderly fisherman, who took his clothes off, so he could reel in his fishing lines, without the fabraic of his clothes getting caught on the rope and the water current pulling him under the boat and drowning him.

There was absolutely nothing sexual in what Avallac'h was doing.

And Ciri is a vile, low down, scumbag piece of shit for trying to sexualize Avallac'h in this and every other scene.

Avallac'h is asexual. He can look at a naked body and feel nothing. 

No arousal.

No excitement.

No fascination.

No guilt.

No embarrassment.

No desires.

No need to giggle and laugh.

He feels nothing.

No asexual person does.

That's asexual means. 

Asexual means feeling no sexual desire towards others.

It's why nudist camps can and do exist.

Nudist camps are made up almost entirely of asexual people with highly scientific minds.

Nudist camp exists because asexual people can live in a fully nude society without feeling any need to lust after each other.

It’s why when The too Gay For Old Orchard Beach lawsuit was happening, and the town hall was saying I was not allowed to own land I had owned since 1975, because they made the claim that I was a transgender person, a male to female, and Ben being my boyfriend, that made me gay according to them, and Old Orchard Beach, Maine has laws against gay people living in town, owning proprty, or owning businesses... and so, I took my clothes off, wore nothing but a purple cape that say “I’m Too Gay For O.O.B” and walked all 7 miles of our town, naked, walked from my driveway straight to the town hall, marched right into the town all.

I had to pay a $2,000 fine for walking around town with boobs and vags, but, that ended the lawsuit and no one in Old Orchard Beach is ever again going to accuse me of being a man dressed as a woman.

A lot of people since than have asked, how was I able to do that, citing that they would have been so embarrassed.

I’m asexual.

I see nothing sexual about the human body, not mine, not yours. So, when I was falsly accused of being a man, and the town of Old Orchard Beach tried to take my land that has been in my family since 1530, or the accusation that I was a gay man disjused as a woman, I had no issue proving to every person in the town that I was a natural born female, by walking through the town naked on October 21, 2016, to prove that I was a female and they had no grounds to take my land for being transgender or gay.

Also, I took the Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach lawsuit to superior court and that got stupid ass law changed. So, since 2016, gay and transgender people can now own land and businesses in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

But back on topic...

And this scene with Ciri and Avallac'h infuriates me, because it shows us just how callus a sexually abusive gutter scum piece of perverted trash Ciri really is.

#YES, is it Ciri who is the one being sexually abusive... not Avallac'h... though it is at first made to look like it is Avallac'h... the author wrote it that way, on purpose, to sideswipe the reader, take them by surprise when they realize... wait a minute... everything is the opposite how I thought it was... Ciri is the abuser... and it's been that way with everyone, every character, right along.

#THIS is WHY Ciri NEVER let's us SEE a character's actions.

#THIS is WHY Ciri never let's us HEAR a character's words.

#When a character does and says things for themselves, we readers are SHOWN the story and see it for what it is....

#BUT... when another character via their dialogue TELLS us what they saw and heard someone say, we readers are being TOLD a "witness account" and those are not to be trusted.

#EVERY SEX SCENE IS TOLD TO US, by Ciri, we never once see the sex scene happen first hand...

#...and this is a very important plot device which the author has used very well, as I will explain...

Now we see that she has encountered a crippled, invalid, elderly, asexual fisherman and are watching her bending her neck sidewise, twist around under the boat, to look up his skirts and describe his lack of circumcision.


What the fuck is wrong with her?

There were so many times, as I was reading the novels, where I just put the book down because I was so damned disgusted by Ciri and her filthy sex crazed mind.

Over and over again, hundreds of times, throughout every novel, I found myself saying: “I wish somebody would punch this fucking bitch in the face!”

#I was surprised when someone finally did punch Ciri in the face for being a peeping tom and called her out for her perversion, while punching her in the face over and over and over and over and over and over again in a wild animal fury, tearing the flesh from her face, breaking her jaw, and smashing out her teeth, while calling her a debauched, disgusting, filthy, perverted whore... completely enraged by the fact that Ciri was sexualizing him...

#I was not surprised that it happened, because, sooner or later, Ciri was bound to come up against someone who hated her lusting slut assed whore peeping tom habits and beat her up for it...

#What surprised me, was WHO finally did it: Avallac’h.

Avallac’h was very gentle, kind, and loving to Ciri. So it was completely unexpected, when he went full psychotic meltdown on her and nearly killed her.

#Avallac’h really does hate sex, A LOT.

#And Avallac’h really didn’t like being raped.

#And Ciri was fully deserving of every broken tooth, every broken bone, and every scar on her face.

#And Avallac’h would well have been in his rights to smash that fucking bitch’s brains out... he SHOULD have killed Ciri, he SHOULD NOT have stopped her. Ciri fully deserved to die for the sexual harassment she heaped on Avallac’h.

#I fully believe in death penalty for rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, castration, and genital mutilation  –  in fact, I’m the radical social justice warrior who runs the petition to change American laws to make the punishment for rape be execution. As it stands right now – the punishment for rape in America is 4 months in prison, and I find that deplorable.

#A lot of people hate Avallac’h for the scene when he beats the shit out of Ciri and almost kills her – but they completely ignore and turn a blind eye to WHY he did it... she had just raped and castrated him, after spending years sexually abusing him... and I think it’s deplorable that Ciri fans follow the “glorify the rapist, vilify the rape victim” mentality about Avallac’h.

The scene on the boat, is horrifying and criminal.

Ciri’s a piece of filth.

She’s been sexually abused herself, and he’s knows Avallac’h past, how badly he’s suffered, the endless years of abuse he’s been subjected to... and yet here she is, sexually objectifying him, something he has outright said he did not like being done to him.

So sane person, sits on a boat, trying to look up a fisherman’s legs to sit there comparing his dick to to everyone else’s.

Ciri is a complete fucking whore and this is absolutely unnecessary and does nothing but tell us what we already knew: Ciri’s a vile, perverted, disgusting whore who needs to be horse whipped and locked in prison. Disgusting assed trash like her shouldn’t be allowed to walk around free. No one is safe around sex crazed filth like Ciri.

Let me point out something here... 

#In real world, Medieval history, fisherman commonly took their clothes off, and stood on their boats naked, while pulling in large nets of fish or look hooking lines of fish... in fact, they still do, in the 21st century.


#Because if your cloths get wet, they will cling to the ropes/net and pull you down under the water, the strong current of the water will quickly pull you under the boat, and the weight of the net fish of fish will trap you against the boat and you will drown.

There are millions of fishermen all over the world, and this is what they do, and have done for at least 20,000 years.

There is absolutely nothing sexual, about a fisherman removing his clothes, and standing naked on the edge of the boat, while pulling up the load of fish in his nets and hooking lines.

I grew up in a fishing village in Maine... in my lifetime, I’ve seen well over 12,000 flaccid penises hanging out in the open, while a dozen or so naked men, stand on the edge of the boat, pulling up the lobster traps and shrimp traps and herring hooks and alewives nets... it’s what fisherman do, because it’s the safest thing to do.

You don’t gather around fisherman and gawk at their dicks hanging out while they pull up their fishing nets.

Avallac’h is a fisherman, so, yeah, of course he pulled up his skirts and hiked them up over his shoulder, when he started pulling the fish lines up on the boat. Why wouldn’t he? They is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is nothing odd or unusual or sexual in fisherman doing this.

The only thing odd or unusual about this scene, is Ciri spending the next 4 paragraphs doing nothing but a detailed comparison of Avallac’h’s penis to Geralt’s penis! What the fuck!?!

There is something wrong with Ciri. 

Ciri is a fucking nymphomaniac and a damned disgusting one at that.

Ciri has a constant, steady, non-stop excessive desire for sexual activity with defies any sense of logic and is way out of bounds of any form of moral decadency.

And there kind of IS an actual plot purpose to this scene... you see, if Ciri hadn’t been standing up in a tiny little row boat, trying not fall off the boat, while trying to angle herself so she could look up Avallac’h’s skirt to see his penis, she would not have hit her head on the 4th bridge, which is lower than the other bridges...

Yes, THAT IS actually important, because that’s how Ciri kills Eredin on page 182.

Avallac’h is leaned over the boat for multiple reasons, one he’s trying to pull a load of fish up on the boat, but two, the 4th bridge is very low and Avallac’h at 11’9” is very tall and the same height as Eredin. Avallac’h has to duck down and lean over the boat in order to make it under this bridge without bashing his head in on the fancy stonework.

On page 182 Ciri tricks Eredin into getting on to this same boat and Eredin gets his head bashed in on the 4th bridge, which knocks him down long enough for Ciri to drive her sword through the backs of his knees, hold his head under the water, drown him, and toss toss his body in the river to be washed away to the lake.

So you can’t say Avallac’h is being sexual by not wearing pants... no... he’s a fisherman... and he’s a transvestite... and he wasn’t thinking about sex in that scene. He was wearing a very fancy dress, and tossed the skirt up over his shoulder so as to not get his lilac lace ballgown wet while he was pulling a load of fish up on to the boat.

CIRI NOT AVALLAC’H was being sexual in that scene.

Ciri was the one lusting after Avallac’h, and Avallac’h was completely oblivious to it. As he often was with everything. 

I find Ciri’s sexualization of Avallac’h to be deeply unsettling and disturbing. As we readers have seen many times already by this point, Ciri is a vile, repulsive pig who sexually objectifies everything and everyone who gets near her.

Like attracts like, so it is no wonder the Ciri fans who attack my chat are vile, vomit worthy, irreprehensible, sex crazy, immoral degenerates just like Ciri.

I find people like Ciri and Ciri’s fans to be among the most disgusting pieces of shit on the planet.

Myself also being asexual like Avallac’h, I can understand Avallac’h’s horror at the discovery Ciri was having sex fantasies about him.

I see Ciri as every bit as a disgusting, barbaric, savage as Avallac’h saw her.

And being asexual, I can understand why it is Avallac’h was long in realizing Ciri was lusting after him.

Though he is The Knowing One, Avallac’h tended to ignore everything going on around him and was too lost in his own thoughts about Lara to be paying attention to Ciri or the fact that Ciri was having raging sex fantasies about him. 

Avallac’h was the type of man who, didn’t notice when a woman was attracted to him and was incredibly dense about picking up on the fact that Ciri wanted to have sex with him. A LOT.

There is never a point where Avallac'h does anything without first asking Ciri if he can and he never forces Ciri to do anything... 

*cough* ... since the original writing of this... a person contacted me and pointed out that I forgot about beach scene... yes... about that... no... nope, one did not forget... one never forgets the beach scene... one has analyzed in great detail the beach scene... one has drawn art of the beach scene, much to the horror of Ciri fans... no, I did not forget... I am fully aware there’s the beach scene. *sshhhh* We tend to publicly ignore that around here... **TWITCH SAYS WE HAVE TO... I used to have 23 panels here about the beach scene - Twitch said "NO!" and deleted them** and to they are not gone - I post nothing online unless I've first saves a backup of it on my web site and my computer hard drive - not even chat posts on Twitch chat - I have backups of every thing... if you ever wondered what it was my channel got banned for that week it got a temp ban... the beach scene was the reason... soooo we publicly - on Twitch - ignore the beach scene ... while privately making a whole lot of fan art of it... *cough*

And yes, I am aware that when Ciri said, no she wasn't going to give him a baby, Avallac’h’s response was to put a barrier around the lake, lock Ciri inside of it, and tell Ciri she wasn't ever going to see Mommy Yennefer again, if Ciri didn't give him a baby. 

Avallac’h basically had a temper tantrum and told Ciri if he couldn't have what he wanted, then he wasn’t going to let Ciri have what she wanted. He did most defiantly blackmail Ciri, into eventually saying yes. He was perfectly content to keep Ciri as his prisoner for the rest of eternity... 

BUT... he never forced her to do anything. He just didn't allow her to have freedom to to the things she wanted to do. Which, is different. 

It was very much a Beauty and the Beast situation of asking her for the same thing every day for years on end, and never acting on that request, because she kept saying no.

Like I said... he's no peach, and he most certainly is a villain, who did an awful lot of bad things. I’m not saying he didn’t. Crevan lived up to his nickname and was a sneaky, sly, conniving asshole, which was why people called him Avallac’h aka The Fox. He just happened to be a villain with morals and was willing to wait several centuries to emotionally wear Ciri down to consent, by holding her hostage.

..but he also never does anything sexual to Ciri at all, not once, EVER... because every supposedly sexual thing he does, is always shown to be a fantasy Ciri is having in her head, while Avallac’h is talking or fishing or painting or writing or playing music.

And, yes, I **AM** ignoring the beach scene... it’s not in the American edition; it’s not even in most European editions. It was in the original magazine published short story and was removed for the novel editions, so the bulk of readers are never going to read it or even know of it’s existence... plus, I already discussed it on another panel... scroll down far enough on my profile and you’ll eventually find it... so, we usually just step right over it like it wasn’t there... there was more than unicorns that caused the barrier to go down... Avallac’h can’t multi-task... moving on...

So, ignoring the scene on the beach... Avallac’h is asexual, he ZERO sexual attraction for anything, and he doesn’t understand that Ciri is sexually attracted to him. He’s completely oblivious to it *(outside of the beach scene, that was removed from the novels)*.

Avallac’h sees Ciri as his friend. Plus, Ciri is his granddaughter and he does see her that way.

Avallac’h deeply loves Ciri, but it’s not a sexual love. She’s his grandbaby, and that’s exactly how he treats her. And we see that, it’s not until the rape scene that Avallac’h realizes Ciri has sexual feelings for him, and we see him horrified by it. 

It’s one of the few scenes where we SEE Avallac’h’s actions and HEARS his words, from him, himself, not from Ciri rehashing it too us... we see him angry, very, very, VERY angry, scolding Ciri, calling her barbaric and savage, saying her sexual lusts for him are vile debauchery.

Avallac’h is VERY dense... because by this point we readers have seen quite clearly that Ciri is sex crazy out of her mind, and horny as hell every time Avallac’h’s near her, and he has NOT noticed that... it’s been 8 years... Ciri has lived with Avallac’h for 8 years, and her in-head sex fantasies about him have been getting crazier and wilder every time we see a new one, and every time Ciri started talking about sex, Avallac’h just kept sending her off to the King and figured that’d fix the problem, but than the king was refusing to have sex with Ciri which made things a lot worse.

Avallac’h remained completely clueless right up until Ciri brutally attacks and rapes him. Avallac’h has no sexual attraction to Ciri at all. NONE. And when it finally hits him that Ciri is sex crazy out of her mind and hell bent on sex with him at any and all costs, he’s absolutely repulsed by it.

And that’s when we also see Ciri’s sex fantasies for what they are. Avallac’h was never sexual with Ciri, not once, and Ciri has schizophrenia and can not tell the difference between fantasies in her head and reality. And the rape scene is what really hones that in to the reader, because, we’ve seen Ciri telling us some VERY sexual things about Avallac’h, but now, here we are, seeing Avallac’h himself, and we readers can now see the TRUTH from the sex lies Ciri has been telling us.

Avallac’h initially laughs at Ciri and pushes her away. He thinks she’s playing some sort of game. But than he realizes she’s serious, and he gets mad. Scolds her for thinking of him that way. And storms out of the room. He’s so angry he doesn’t even want to be near her. He’s absolutely repulsed by the fact Ciri wants to have sex with him.

But Ciri won’t let him leave, she runs after him, jumps on his back, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. He’s got a lame leg. He can’t walk good. Once she shoves his back he’s easily taken down because of his lame leg. 

Again he pushes her away, yells at her, and struggles to get up, something that is not easy for him to do. He’s elderly, has a bad leg, he’s needs help to get up. His cane is knocked too far away to reach and his women are back at home a sleep. He can’t get back up. Ciri takes advantage of that to rape him, and we see his angry change to shock and fear, and him struggling to get away from Ciri and because of his frail health he’s not able to.

And at the same time, we see Ciri, suddenly realize, that none of her sex fantasies about Avallac’h were real. It’s finally hitting Ciri that Avallac’h really is not sexually attracted to her, and that pisses her off. So she pulls out her sword and starts slashing and stabbing him, while demanding he make her pregnant, threatening to kill him if he refuses to give her an orgasm.

And we’ve already seen before that Avallac’h has post traumatic stress disorder and a raging phobia of swords, AND we know his hatred of sex boarders on phobia levels as well, so now we see him terrified. Avallac’h is scared out of his mind, while Ciri has gone full Lorena Bobbit on him.

The rape scene shows us how desperately deranged and utterly insane Ciri really is. It also shows us that ALL of the characters we’ve meet... ALL OF THEM... are not sex crazed rapists like Ciri had lead us to believe... and in fact, it was Ciri who was the sex crazed rapists, going after all those men, NOT all of those men chasing after her.

The unreliable narrator. That’s what Ciri is.

Had you read the novels you would have known that Ciri has schizophrenia and the entire Witcher series was very much like the movie “**[Sucker Punch](**”... about a girl with lots of adventures, who you find out at the end is in a straight jacket in a padded cell in an insane asylum, and nothing you saw in the entire movie was real at all, for it was just things she imagined in her own head.

By the time Ciri meets Avallac’h, we’ve seen Ciri experience a lot of strange things and have started to question Ciri’s sanity and the rape scene reveals that none of the sex things Ciri told us about Avallac’h was real.

Had you read the novels for yourself, you would have known that, but, it appears that you have read ONLY my profile and have not read the novels.

Keep in mind, the Avallac'h segment of the novels, lasts for only 32 pages and the series itself is over 4,000 pages long.

A LOT happens, which I have not mentioned at all, simply because, my only focus on my profile is Avallac'h himself.

So if you ONLY read my profile and do not read the entire novel series, you are left seeing only a tiny sliver of a fraction of the full story and you do not have an accurate image of the full picture.

You have only the Avallac'h segment, pulled out of the story to stand on it's own, without the full context of the rest of the story, and that DOES in fact change the perspective quite a lot.

When you look at my profile, without the full context of the rest of Ciri's story and without the events leading up to the Avallac'h segment, you are left, not having all the information you need to see what is going on.

When you have all the details and the whole story, you can clearly see that Avallac'h DID NOT sexually abuse Ciri.

Avallac'h can read minds, see thoughts, and take those thoughts and bring them to life in very realistic illusions.

And THAT is what he did.

There is NOTHING which Ciri experienced with Avallac'h, that Ciri DID NOT want to happen. Ciri imagined all of it and Avallac'h brought it to life for her.

Ciri was mentally in a very bad place and she had just tried to kill herself, so Avallac'h looked into Ciri's mind to find her deepest fantasies, her desires, what she fantasised about, and brought it to life, to try to help her through the trauma of Mistle's murder.

You need to understand Ciri's relationship with Mistle, and how badly Ciri was traumatized by Mistle's murder, to fully understand Avallac'h's actions.

Avallac'h had only one goal in mind: Save Ciri. And that is what he did.

He's a Psion, remember?

And the world of the Aen Elle Elves, was not real. Remember? You read the novels didn't you? You'd know that if you had. Or did you ONLY read my profile, and jump to conclusions from that?

It can not be stated enough:

#Avallac'h is a Psion!

And he's madly in love with Ciri and fully aware she is never going to love him because she loves Mistle, but he'll do anything for her... anything.

There is nothing he wouldn't do, if Ciri asked him to.

Mistle died a horrible death, which Ciri witnesses, and it destroyed her mind, drove her insane, turned her into a bloodthirsty, serial killing madwoman.

Avallac'h is a Psion - a creature that can see the future, and can use mind control to cast illusions and make you think you are seeing something, even though you are not.

In Chapter 7 of Tower of Swallows, just before Mistle dies... Avallac'h sees the future,  he sees everything that is going to happen to her, before this week ends: 

* he sees her getting hurt, 

* all her friends dying

* Geralt is dead. 

* Mommy Yennefer is dead. 

* Mistle is dead. 

* Ciri has gone into hiding. Scared. Alone. She wants to die. She kills herself from a drug overdose.

He sees that this is Ciri's future and it's happening now, it's starting right now and before the end of the week everything and everyone Ciri loves will be dead. Geralt, Yennefer, Mistle, The Rats, Regis,... all of them... 

#...they DO NOT live to the end of the novels. These characters DIE brutal deaths in the novels... and it mentally tears Ciri apart.

#Geralt, Yennefer, Mistle, The Rats, and Regis DIE and it's about to happen, the ends of the novels is fast upon you when Avallac'h enters the story.

Avallac'h doesn't want this. He doesn't give a shit about the people about to die. He couldn't care less if Geralt, Yennefer, Mistle, Regis, and the Rats all die... but he loves Ciri and he knows how much it'll tear her mind apart if they all die and all within a few hours of each other.

Ciri is going to kill herself is everyone dies and he doesn't want that, so, he decides, "fuck destiny, I'm going to change her future, I'm not going to let this happen to her" and that's when we see him, step out of the shadows and make an active attempt to become a part of Ciri's life.

Avallac'h has watched every day of Ciri's life from his mirrors, but he's never been a part of it. He's stayed out of her life. He doesn't interfere.

But he loves Ciri as much as he loved Lara and he can't bare to watch her life destroyed like Lara's was, so he goes against everything he believes in about not interfering in the affairs of humans and makes an active attempt to save Ciri's life.

Avallac’h visits Geralt and begs Geralt, you must go rescue Ciri right now. Mistle and The Rats are still alive. They can all be saved. Ciri won't kill herself if Mistle doesn't die.

Geralt doesn't give 2 shits about Ciri. Calls her a whinny, annoying cunt, says he's glad he finally got her out of his life. Says Dandelion is missing and he's going to go find Dandelion so they can go fuck whores.

Avallac'h pleads with Geralt, please go rescue Ciri, you don't know what is about to happen, you don't know what's about to go down. You can stop this.

Geralt ask for money. He wants 5,000 gold pieces or a bag of jewels. He needs to go to Mt Carbon to get a new sword made. Getting a new sword is more important to him than Ciri. If Avallac'h pays Geralt enough so Geralt can make a new sword, than and only than will Geralt consider, maybe, when he has time, after he rescues Dandelion first, maybe, he'll think about rescuing Ciri.

Avallac'h is a hermit. Penniless. Homeless. He’s a vagabond. He has no money, no gold, no jewels. He owns nothing but the ragged, matted furs he wears.

And if Avallac'h can not pay, then Geralt will not take the job to go rescue Ciri, because Geralt doesn’t car about “The Girl” and he says as much. Notice how Geralt **NEVER USES CIRI’S NAME and always calls her “THE GIRL” speaking of THE GIRL with disgust.**


Infuriated Avallac'h leaves, telling Geralt, that Geralt was destined to be Ciri's protector, and Avallac'h is taking over that job because Geralt is too incompetent and uncaring.

Even more infuriated Regis yells at Geralt for being a greedy, compassionless, money hungry fool, and Regis tries to hunt down Avallac'h, find out where Ciri is, because Regis cares about Ciri and he's willing to go rescue her even if Geralt won't.

But by the time Geralt told Regis what Avallac'h had said, it was already too late, Mistle was already dead, and The Rats slaughtered, and Ciri already loading up on way too much cocaine.

Avallac'h is a Psion, he saw Ciri's future, but he saw it only a few hours before it happened and there was no time to stop it.

No way to stop Mistle's death. No way to keep Geralt alive. No way to save Yennefer.

But Ciri, was not yet dead... though death was fast approaching. She had already taken the fistech... she had already killed Leo's men.

Avallac'h could not stop the massacre, he could not stop Ciri from overdosing herself... but he could keep her alive... long enough for the cocaine to leave her system... and that's exactly what he did.

Pay careful attention to Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake and you will see Ciri encounter warped versions of EVERYTHING she has encountered up to this point.

Remember Avallac'h's weird inexplicable ovary fetish? It's not the first time we have seen this... in fact, WHILE Mistle was being murdered by Leo, Vilgefortz was trying to shove the tubes of his egg sucking machine, up Ciri's ovaries, and Ciri was resisting, which was WHY they killed Mistle.

Remember Ciri fantasizing about sex with King Auberon, Emperor of the Elves... we had previously seen Ciri fantasize about having sex with Dunny, her father, Emperor Eymr.

What about Avallac'h's romance with Lara Dorren? Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake brings the Lara, Creaganon, Avallac'h lover's triangle right front and centre... but this is NOT the first time we have seen it... Ciri has been obsessed with the romance of Lara for 5 novels now... but was continually disappointed by the fact she couldn't find any stories about the Elf lover or who he was. Only stories of Lara and Creaganon. Never the Elf. The was never named, just mentioned in passing. Ciri was obsessed with wanting to know: who was the Elf Lara left behind? What happened it him?

And, how many times have we heard Ciri talking about wishing Elves had not gone extinct, because she fantasizes about having sex with Elves?




The world of the Aen Elle Elves, was not real. Remember? 

You read the novels didn't you? You'd know that if you had. Or did you ONLY read my profile, and jump to conclusions from that?

What happened just before Ciri met Avallac'h? If you read the novels, than you know.

But since you clearly have not read the novels are jumping to conclusions because you read my profile and have taken the events between Ciri and Avallac'h OUT OF CONTEXT, you don't have the full picture of what is going on.


Why did Avallac'h step in right now?

Because Ciri was trying to kill herself... she had just loaded up on a huge amount of cocaine... Ciri wanted to die.

What happened just before Ciri met Avallac'h? If you read the novels, than you know.

Mistle was murdered.

Ciri dearly loved Mistle.

Mistle was Ciri's lover.

Ciri loves Mistle as much as Avallac'h loves Lara. And Avallac'h knows this and he knows all to well the mental agony of losing someone you loved on soul mate levels.

Avallac'h loves Ciri, as much as he loved Lara, and he can't bare to lose yet another woman he loves.

That Ciri doesn't love him and never will, don't matter to him. He wants her to be happy.

Avallac'h wants to protect Ciri from the hurt he went through.

We are less than 100 pages from the end of the 4,000 page long Witcher franchise, and we are watching everything and everyone Ciri loves being murdered in brutal torture, while Ciri is being held down and forced to watch... while Ciri is finally being faced once and for all with the realization she **HAS NO MAGIC POWERS** and can do nothing to stop Mistle,, the Rats, Regis, Geralt, or Yennefer from being murdered.

Ciri is hanging in a cage over Vilgefortz dinner table.

While Leo and his men massacre The Rats - The Mafia of the Witcher universe - a vicious crime family, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, prostitutes,  lead by their Mafia Queen Bee the bloodthirsty man hating,, castration wielding social justice warrior feminist psycho crazed Mistle herself, who has devoted her life to one thing: 


Mistle, just like everyone else, only wanted Ciri for the powers, she thought Ciri had.

Yet another person, trying to use Ciri as a weapon.

The Rats are Ciri's best friends. .. or at least Ciri thought they were.

Renowned gangsters unlike anything the world has ever seen. And Ciri has lived with them for several years. And they've trained Ciri well.

Ciri snorts cocaine by the pounds.

Think King Auberon had a cocaine addiction? King Auberon couldn't snort as much cocaine in a year as Ciri could snort in an hour.

Crackhead Queen of Skellige - that's what Ciri was.

Minutes before Ciri meets Avallac'h, she's sitting on the table with Mistle's head, EATING cocaine, rubbing it on her gums, snorting it up her nose, then shoving it by the handfuls up her vagina.

Ciri is so high, she can't tell up from down, and the fires of Hell swirl around her as a black stallion, with wings made of fire, rises up out of the depths of Hell and commands Ciri... take the sword and kill the Humans.

Brandishing Mistle's head and dancing naked in wild abandon on chopped up bodies of The Rats, Ciri grabs Leo's sword and starts slashing her way through every last man in Vilgefortz castle, castrating them, then fucking their severed penises.

Fully naked Ciri bathes in penis blood, making a mask of it on her face.

Mistle has taught Ciri well. All hail lesbians, kill all men, forever Mistle's battle cry, and Mistle has kept Ciri so high on cocaine for so long, that Ciri is completely brainwashed.

But now Mistle is dead, and Ciri is completely insane.

While this is going on, on the other side of the room is a baby making machine, Vilgefortz, believes he will be the most powerful mage of time, if drinks Ciri's Elder Blood, but drink too much and she will die... so he built a machine to pump eggs out of Ciri's ovaries, and raise thousand of Elder Blood babies in glass jars in his lab.

He's been trying for days to get Ciri in this machine, but, Ciri is a wild hell cat, not easy to put in a jar. Thus WHY he ordered Leo to kill The Rats and Mistle.

With most of the men dead, Ciri jumps on the horse and flies through the sky to a cliff on the ocean, where a huge machine rises up out of the water... unfolding like a telescope and shooting ice laser beams at Leo's army as they try to catch Ciri.

A door opens on the side of this huge rocket ship, and the horse jumps inside, and a very Alice in Wonderland vs Dr Who, time warp down the rabbit hole spirals around Ciri to the tune of a flute, while apples, cotton candy, a giant Rudy stallion fall down the hole with her.

Ciri lands face down in the crotch of an 11'9" tall Elf with the biggest damn penis she's ever seen.

He's playing the flute and is the source of the music she heard.

He's sitting against The Tower of the Swallow, home of The Lady of the Lake, Queen of Avalon, all around him are dozens of naked Elf women, waving their panties over their heads, while pole dancing on and fucking the trunks of the apple trees.

Tall bright pink grass, made out of soft fox fur waves in the wind, while a bright pink boat made out of spun sugar candy flies through the air, purple bison with orange tiger stripes graze on the pink fur, and a herd of pink unicorns gallop in the distance.

Mirrors are everywhere. Hanging from nothing. Hanging from trees. Hanging from the tower.

The Elf is wearing a red satin lab coat, that reaches to the ground, has a high button collar, and hundreds of tiny black buttons, but is unbuttoned exposes his bare chest and his tattoos. He's wearing black leather gloves that go nearly to his shoulders and matching black leather thigh high boots with metal stiletto heels, a black whip hangs from his belt, and Ciri is trying to determine, if he's wearing skin tight black leather pants or are his pants painted on and he's actually not wearing any pants at all. A huge fox fur mantle is thrown over his shoulder.

He stops playing the flute and says: "What took you so long, you left me sitting here waiting for you for 400 years."

The next scene, Ciri's waking up in his bed and telling the reader that 8 years have gone by. Except he's not in bed with her and she's enraged that he's snuck off with his wives again, so she starts smashing mirrors... one mirror in particular: the portal to Lara Dorren's tomb.

He returns, find the broken mirror and they start fighting, at which point Ciri points out, she's been living with this guy for 8 years and she still does not yet know his name.

Ciri starts hounding the Elf for sex, so he starts demanding a baby from her, then sends her off to have sex with the king.

Every few paragraphs is interrupted by a voice telling Ciri to wake up, you must wake up, please wake up. Ciri ignores the voice throughout the entire of Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, but the voice keeps getting louder.

When you get to the rape scene, and Ciri runs away, leaving Avallac'h brutally injured, bleeding to death, the voice becomes clear and it's her old friend Starry Eyes, to tell her: "Wake up Ciri, The Fox has put you under his spell, nothing is real. Wake up, see the truth. There are no Elves. The Elves died centuries ago. Elves no longer exist. Elves are extinct. The Fox put a spell on you. wake up."

Ciri blinks several times, opens her eyes, and looks around. Tir Na Lia is gone. King Auberon is gone. The palace is gone. The pink fur grass is gone. The apple trees are gone. The Lake of Avalon is gone. Even Avallac'h is gone. Where Avallac'h was, is huge, serpent. For miles there is nothing but sand and desert. And a cliff overlooking a ravine, on which sits Avallac'h's lab, the only building to not disappear... behind the lab in the ravine, a sea of bones... bodies of tens of thousands of pregnant women.

Starry Eyes tells Ciri, now that you're awake, you can see The Fox for what he is - the Elder God, the father of all Elder Blood,  The Knowing One, Uroborus The Elder God, a 130' (40m) serpent, and you can see the Elf world for what it really is. There are no Elves. There never were any Elves. It was all a dream. NOTHING that has happened since you killed Leo's men, really happened... you passed out from a drug overdose and The Fox saw this and took hold of your brain. He looked into your mind, saw your greatest desires, and made them real for you. He built you the world you wanted. He's lonely. We Unicorns killed all the Elder Gods, but The Knowing One was mostly harmless, so we let him live, the last of his kind; we built this planet as his prison, there is no one here but him, he gave you the fantasy you wanted, brought to life your deepest desires, because he is lonely and wants a companion. He'll never let you go. He hid you from us behind a barrier, but now the barrier is broken and you can see him and his world for what they really are. He's weak, can not hold the barrier up right now. It's your only chance to escape. If you don't leave with me now, you'll be trapped here forever, alone with The Fox, and nothing you see will ever be real. He'll show you anything you want to see, no matter what it is, he'll do anything to keep you here, so that he is not alone. Lara was his creation. She grew in the form of an Elf because he took on an Elf form. But she was not an Elf. You are neither Human nor Elf, you are part of him, his blood, his creation, made only to be his companion, he made you and he wants you back."

Avallac'h is not an Elf. Avallac'h is The Fox, The Knowing One, Uroborus The Elder God, a giant 130' (40m) serpent.

There are NO Elves.

The Elves went extinct centuries before Ciri was even born.

Avallac'h didn't DO ANYTHING to Ciri.

Ciri overdosed herself on cocaine, and The Fox, The Knowing One, Uroborus The Elder God, a giant 130' (40m) serpent, put a magic barrier around her, and gave her a dream, bringing all her deepest sex fantasies about Elves to life.

NOTHING that Ciri did with King Auberon and Eredin and Avallac'h EVER HAPPENED, because it was all just a cocaine induced dream.

And HOW does the series end?

With Geralt and Yennefer murdered, and Ciri, realizing she has no magic powers. And remembering, there was a place where, ANYTHING could happen... Ciri loads up on cocaine yet again and returns to Avalon with Geralt and Yennefer's dead bodies.

In Avalon Ciri transforms into the blue skinned fish woman Dryad known as The Lady of the Lake, wife of The Fisher King, The Foxes new form.

And though they are dead and buried under the apple trees, Ciri sees Geralt and Yennefer wake up and live happily ever after on the shores of Avalon, while she sinks to the bottom of the lake to live with the The Fisher King.

Geralt and Yennefer are not alive, but Ciri has taken so much cocaine, that yet again, she has left the world, to live with the Elder God who loves her more than anything, a Psion able to look into her mind and bring to life illusions of her greatest desires, so real, that she can not tell reality from fiction.

And so Ciri lives, in the Mists of Avalon, until Sir Galahad arrives to take her to Camelot, where she will be finally free, and long last be reunited with Mistle.

#It's heavily implied that Ciri killed herself of a drug overdose and this illusion is the last thing she saw.

#How can you like Avallac'h after what he did to Ciri?  He sexually abused her!

He did not.

Any reader with good reading comprehension skills, can clearly see that Avallac'h DID NOT sexually abuse Ciri... in fact, he never even touched her.

Avallac'h was fishing.



Not touching Ciri.


Not dancing around with women.


Avallac'h was fishing.

There are several things to take into consideration here, most notably the fact that **CIRI IS THE NARRATOR**. 

Why is this important? 

Well, had you actually read the novels for yourself, rather than just reading my profile and jumping to conclusions, you would have known that Ciri is what the publishing industry knows as **THE UNRELIABLE NARRATOR**. 

* Ciri is a chronic liar and Ciri lies to everyone about everything... including Ciri lies to the reader constantly.

* Ciri is insane.

* Ciri has schizophrenia.

* Ciri believes she is the chosen one saviour of the world.

* Ciri believes her Elder Blood gives her magic powers.

#By the end of the series it is revealed:

* Ciri is NOT the chosen one saviour of the world.

* Ciri's Elder Blood DOES NOT give her magic powers.

* Ciri is insane.

* Ciri has schizophrenia.

* NOTHING Ciri has told us was real at all and EVERYTHING Ciri CLAIMS happened to her was all a dream.


#The Witcher franchise does the biggest, most hated no-no of an ending, the worst possible ending any author could give his readers: 

#Ciri wakes up on the last page to discover it was all a dream.

And THAT is what you need to take into consideration... because Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake is the first time the reader starts to suspect, something ain't right here... this looks more like a dream than reality.

Note that there are 2 narrators to the Witcher novels: Geralt AND Ciri.

* Geralt is level headed, thinks logically, and sees things exactly as they are.

* Ciri has schizophrenia, is a drug addict, is the single most sex crazy sex addict in the franchise, and NEVER sees things the way others do.

This is important, especially in terms of Avallac'h. Why? Because Avallac'h is asexual and Ciri is Dandelion times 10.

The careful reader who makes good use of reading comprehension, will notice that EVERY character Ciri meets, is previously meet by Geralt.

When Geralt meets a character, Geralt gives us a very clear cut and dry description of that character.

A few chapters later Ciri will meet that same character, and will give the reader a wild, paranoid filled, highly sexualized, drug addled, schizoid crazy description of that same character.

This is done quite specifically to show the reader one thing: that Ciri is insane and nothing Ciri says can be trusted as actual fact.

#The reader can NOT trust Ciri to tell the reader the TRUTH about ANYTHING.

No where do we readers see a most dramatic change in character than we readers do in Avallac'h.

According to Geralt, Avallac'h is 7'3" tall, wears tattered rags that are heavily stained and soiled. Smells very strongly of vodka and piss, both of which appear to be masking the scent of a very large reptile, with Geralt thinking Avallac'h is possibly a dragon disguised as an Elf, indeed Geralt states he came into this cave to talk to Uroborus The Elder God Serpent and did NOT expect to meet an Elf instead. 

AND Geralt tells us Avallac'h is fat... are we are not talking overweight... no, we are talking Dale the Whale ate Jabba the hut ate a dozen Boogie's fat... Avallac'h is so fat, he can not walk, and has to be carried by 6 Knockers.

A Knocker, is similar to a cave troll, but bigger, much, much, MUCH bigger. One of these things could easily lift a 5,000lb car over it's head and it takes 6 of these things to lift Avallac'h.

And again, we are told this is 130 foot long snake, disguised as an Elf. Geralt came here to talk to The Knowing One, Uroborus The Elder God, a 130' serpent, and was surprised to see The Knowing One appear to him looking like an Elf and not the dragon-like reptile he actually was.

Geralt makes a point to walk up to Avallac'h and SNIFF him, to see, is this an Elf or is it The Knowing One, Uroborus The Elder God, a 130' serpent. This is WHY Geralt tells you what he smells: vodka, piss, verbena perfume, a giant reptile, and something he can't quite place - wraith-like, possibly a Lich. Geralt thinks Avallac'h might be dead, possibly a wraith, and not know of his own death.

Geralt also points out, things are not right with this Elf... for one thing, the feature that makes an Elf an Elf is black skin and glowing red eyes, but this odd looking Elf has white skin, blond hair, blue eyes, and pointed ears. 

It is pointed out that Elves do not have pointed ears in reality and only have pointed ears in children's fairy tales and real Elves can be identified from shapeshifter pretending by the ears. Elves are so rare that most people only know Elves from stories, so incorrectly THINK Elves have pointed ears when in fact, Elves do NOT have pointed ears. Unlike Humans who are always white, Elves have black skin, and this is the ONLY difference between an Elf and a Human.

In fact, some crazy scientists go so far as to speculate, Elves are not a separate species and are in fact, just Humans with black skin. So it puzzles Geralt why Avallac'h looks like a FICTIONAL white skinned, blue eyed, pointed eared Elf from children's fairy tales, when Geralt knows that REAL Elves are just Humans with black skin.

Geralt, concludes that The Knowing One, Uroborus The Elder God, a 130' serpent, has taken the form of an Elf to seem less intimidating, more friendly, and less monster-like. Geralt concludes, the monster, was afraid Witcher Geralt would kill it on sight if it appeared in it's true form, so it took on the form of a fictional children's fairy tale style Elf to seem, less of a monster.

Geralt sits and quietly listened to Avallac'h talk, and so we readers, hear EXACTLY what Avallac'h has to say, from Avallac'h himself. 

Let me repeat this because this is the most important line of all:

#Geralt sits and quietly listened to Avallac'h talk, and so we readers, hear EXACTLY what Avallac'h has to say, from Avallac'h himself. 

#Geralt does not TELL the reader a rehash of what Avallac'h said, we actually hear the word straight from Avallac'h's mouth... something Ciri does not allow us to do later.


#Geralt SHOWS the reader what is ACTUALLY going on... 

#Ciri TELLS the reader what **she THINKS** she heard others say.

And what do we readers hear Avallac'h say?

That Avallac'h hates sex A LOT. 

He finds female genitalia revolting, disgusting, and can't understand why other males are so obsessed with the exoticism of sex, stating that he can see no excitement or fascination in sex at all. Avallac'h admits to being asexual and tells Geralt a story of how horrible it is to never be loved. 

Avallac'h is deemed as the most beautiful being to ever exist and has no shortage of female of all species wanting to have sex with him. And he hates it.

Avallac'h grew to hate women because no woman loved him, they just wanted to have sex with him. 

Avallac'h tells Geralt he wants a companion, someone he can talk to, someone who will NOT make demands for sex, someone who will love him for his mind, not his body, and he thought he had found that with Lara Dorren. 

Avallac'h fell in love with Lara, thinking Lara loved him in return, Lara became his best friend and they married, and...

#... to Avallac'h's horror, he found out on their wedding night that Lara expected to have sex with Avallac'h after they married, and Avallac'h wanted no part of anything to do with sex at all, not even with Lara.

In tears, Avallac'h tells Geralt that he regretted not having sex with Lara, because after Avallac'h refused to consummate the marriage, Lara became indifferent to him, stopped talking to him, and started leaving each night to party with Humans, and one day she came home clearly pregnant. 

Lara and Avallac'h fought over the baby, and Lara left Avallac'h for the baby's father Cregaggon of Lod.

Avallac'h tells Geralt, he thought Lara loved him, but like so many others, Lara lusted after his beauty, lusted for his body, and was incapable of loving him. Lara only wanted sex. Sex was the only thing Lara cared about. Nothing but sex mattered to Lara.

Love and sex are not equal.

Love exists without sexual desire.

Sex exists without love.

Avallac'h care bear the thought of sex, for in his mind their is nothing more horrible, more vile, more evil that sex.

Avallac'h bemoans the act that no one wants love, because everyone only wants sex. Avallac'h than goes into a rant on the evils of sex and how much he hates sex and how much he hates everyone who has sex, and that this is why lives like he does... a hermit, living in a cave, bathed and unkept, with monsters. 

Avallac'h has gone out of his way to TRY to make women not want him, because he is so fed up with how sex crazy women are.

THIS is Avallac'h, as Geralt met him, and notice, Geralt sits in silence, listening while Avallac'h TALKS to Geralt and the reader, via his own mouth.

All of this is VERY IMPORTANT, because Ciri is about to tell something quite different.

The Avallac'h who hates sex and wants nothing to do with sex on any level at all, is a far cry from the Avallac'h Ciri describes to us... but... the sex crazed version of Avallac'h is no different than any other character who Ciri has also described as sex crazed, even though we had seen that each of them was not sexual when Geralt described them either.

Ciri sees sex everywhere, because Ciri is forcing her own "morals" (or lack therefore) on others.

Ciri describes everyone as overly sex crazy, because Ciri is overly sex crazy.

And while we've seen Ciri paint an over sexual picture of other characters who were not sexual, Avallac'h is the first ASEXUAL character Ciri has meet and by painting an overly sexual picture of HIM, we readers are able to see how truly deviated, perverted, sex crazed, and utterly insane Ciri really is.

Avallac'h is NOT sexual at all, as can be proven by the very words we HEARD him speak and actions we SAW him do... but watch now as Ciri NEVER let's the reader HEAR Avallac'h speak and instead retells to us what she supposedly heard Avallac'h say... watch as Ciri never let's us SEE what Avallac'h is actually doing and instead TELLS us after the fact what she supposedly saw him do.

Than pay careful attention to the rare few times we do HEAR the words from Avallac'h's mouth and SEE his actions for ourselves.

What do we hear? With Ciri, just like with Geralt, Avallac'h bitches his hatred for sex.

What do we see? With Ciri, like with Geralt, Avallac'h can't walk, so is carried by Knockers, has 5 women who hold him up, rides his huge dragon-like Rudy horse, or sits on his boat fishing.

Always fishing.

Look too as Ciri described Avallac'h dressed pristine like a nobleman and seconds later Eredin scolds Avallac'h for not having washed his cloths in years. EREDIN not Avallac'h talks sexually about the bath. Avallac'h yells at Eredin saying Ciri doesn't need a bath because sex is vile and dirty and she's only here to have sex with the king.

We can SEE Avallac'h is upset, mad, angry, enraged at the fact Ciri wants to have sex with the King.

When the King tries to talk, Avallac'h ignores him and starts slapping his gloves on his hands deliberately splattering mud and manure on the King. AGAIN - we are SHOWN that Avallac'h is filthy, and now we see the Elves talking to each other about the fact that Avallac'h IS NOT dressed as Ciri TOLD us seconds earlier - he's covered in dirt, dust, mud, feces, and piss. They start talking about the piles of feces in his cave and the fact that he smells horrific because he sleeps in a dungheep...

...ENTER THE BATH TUB SCENE... where we readers NEVER ACTUALLY SEE Avallac'h... and are simply told by Ciri that she closed her eyes and OMG! This what I felt him do... but we readers never saw him even in the room.

What happened just BEFORE the bathtub scene?

Eredin and Avallac'h were arguing. Eredin was making sex jokes about Ciri, taunting Avallac'h, saying that Ciri looked like Lara and Avallac'h needed to give Ciri a bath to sexual relief.

We readers SEE this conversation. Ciri is NOT TELLING this. It's playing out in front of us. And Avallac'h is very upset. We SEE Avallac'h flustered, embarrassed, blushing, and than enraged and trying to strangle Eredin to death. And we HEAR Avallac'h's words from Avallac'h's own lips as he rails and raves and rants his hatred for all things related to sex and his horror that Eredin would make such a lewd barbaric suggestion.

Servants, grab King Auberon and quickly usher him out of the room, terrified Avallac’h is about to kill the King, as we readers WATCH Avallac'h have a full blown total meltdown over the mere suggestion that he have sex with Ciri at all let alone in a bathtub, because neither sex nor baths are getting near Avallac'h. He hates sex, he hates every one who has sex, he hates that Ciri is about to have sex with the King, but here she is, Avallac'h brought her to the King just like he was ordered to do but he doesn't like it...

...and yet, on the previous page Ciri TOLD use Readers (we did NOT hear Avallac'h himself say it) that Avallac'h ordered Ciri to have sex with the king to give him a baby.

Uhm... we have ONLY CIRI'S WORD that Avallac'h said this. We NEVER see Avallac'h say it, in fact, we DID see, Avallac'h' have an enraged meltdown upon delivering Ciri to the king, completely contradicting what Ciri claims, Avallac'h said.

Avallac'h is in tears over handing Ciri over to the King... and we saw Eredin, Captain of the King's royal guards ARREST Avallac'h, for NOT taking Ciri to the King, which is WHY Avallac'h is in front of the king right now. Eredin arrested Avallac'h and brought Avallac'h by force to the palace, with Ciri skipping along behind yapping joyfully "Oh boy! I get to have sex with the King, isn't that the greatest thing!"


Had you read the novels you would have SEEN Ciri call Avallac’h her gallor and accuse him of keeping her in prison, when she runs away from him and slams head on into an inviable glass-like barrier he put up around the lake.

In one of the few times we see Avallac’h speak for himself and not be his words rehashed by Ciri, he responds to tell her that there are worse dangers than monsters beyond the barrier. He is referring to King Auberon and Eredin.

Ciri tells us that Avallac’h fusses and worries over the barrier, and appears to be scared that something is breaking through it, but it looks as glass and she can see nothing on the other side.

Ciri notices that the barrier grows weaker if Avallac’h’s attention is detracted and he becomes emotional. So she starts trying to seduce him, which doesn’t do anything, seeing how he’s asexual and all, so she decided to attack his women.

Avallac’h is away from the group checking the weakening barrier when Ciri unleashes her white power psycho attack on Avallac’h’s black skinned wives. Hearing the women fighting Avallac’h gets off his horse, in the ONLY scene we ever see of this ancient elderly Elf walking on his own without help, to break up the fight between white suprematist bigot assed pig Ciri and the 5 black women.

Avallac’h drags Ciri off by her ear... yelling at her for her barbaric savagery, and calling her the spawn of Creaganon. The more emotional Avallac’h becomes, the more unstable the barrier becomes and while he’s yelling at Ciri, the barrier shatters at a weak spot and Unicorns come pouring in their attack.

It’s during the Unicorn attack that we see, both Avallac’h’s fierce battle mage abilities AND the viscous feriosicty of the 5 women who are his body guards, and Ciri cowers behind Avallac’h in mortal terror as Avallac’h unleashes his sonic scream that explodes the brains inside the skulls of everyone for miles around, leaving thousands of Unicorns dead.

The sonic scream terrifies Ciri who has never seen REAL magic before, she’s only ever seen the glamour spells of the Conclave of Sorceresses. Lara Dorren and Ciri’s mother Pavatte also had the sonic scream, but not like this.

The sonic scream weakens Avallac’h and Ciri witnesses what a Psion really is, when Avallac’h turns on the 5 women with him, and takes full control of their minds and bodies, and uses them to amplify the sonic scream by 5, to kill everything else in the area, at an even farther radius than is first scream.

And Ciri gets what she wanted... Avallac’h attempts to attack the Unicorns a 3rd time, but passes out, while Ciri clings to him terrified they are all about to die, and the 5 fierce Amazonian Elf woman surround Avallac’h ready to kill every last Unicorn that gets close to them.

But a shadow flies overhead as a huge Red Dragon soars through the shattered barrier, and lands before them, and a Paladin is gleaming red laquare scale armour, lands before them, quickly followed by 12 more dragon riders.

Avallac’h tries to run and the leader of the Red Riders gets off his Red Dragon, shoves Avallac’h to the ground and sits on him.

The leader of the Red Dragon Riders introduces himself as Eredin, Captain of the Guards, than asks Avallac’h “Did you tell her?”

“Tell me what?”

“You’re to give us a baby. Avallac’h was supposed to deliver you to the King, but he hide you from us, put up a barrier so we couldn’t find you. Old fool, tried to keep you for himself. Treason. Traitor. Just like you did with Lara, eh, Crevan?”

Eredin explains Avallac’h is allergic to the venom of Unicorn horns and is terrified of Unicorns.

Eredin fusses over Avallac’h’s injuries and points out that Avallac’h is an Elder Blood, they can’t risk him dying, he’s very important to the King. As soon as the King has yet another female Elder Blood to replace Lara, they are going to force Avallac’h to breed with her to create the Child of Prophecy: The Child of the Elder Blood, a Child with Two Elder Blood parents... it’s fortunate the barrier finally came down, The King’s men had been trying to break through it for 8 years.

Avallac’h and Ciri are dragged off to a campsite in the forest, where Avallac’h’s injuries are treated and Eredin orders his men to careful care of Avallac’h and the Swallow, but kill them if they try to escape. They are too be delivered to the King soon as Avallac’h is well enough to travel.

When Avallac'h delivers Ciri to the King, he does so under duress, in chains, and with Eredin calling Avallac’h a traitor.

Avallac’h DID NOT give Ciri over to the King willingly.




And immediately the bathtub scene happens... with Ciri again TELLING the reader about it, but us readers, we don't SEE it happen.

Ciri is constantly TELLING us Avallac'h is forcing her with the king, being sexual with her, demanding a baby... but it's all JUST CIRI TELLING US and the scenes we ACTUALLY SEE of Avallac'h, tell us that Avallac'h is against all of this and is very unwillingly submitting to  Ciri's demands for wanting sex.

This trend happens constantly. 

Not just with Avallac'h, but with EVERY character Ciri encounters.

Ciri is so damned full of herself that she can't imagine the possibility of anyone existing who is NOT trying to have sex with her.

Ciri is sex crazy and imagines everyone wants to have sex with he, and we've seen many times now that Ciri's sex delusions are a major problem, seriously out of control, but no where do we see it worse than now with Avallac'h who is asexual, anti-sexual, and completely hates all mention of sex.

This is WHY Geralt meets characters FIRST.

So we can see the TRUTH about that character, BEFORE Ciri sweeps in with her sex crazed lunacy.

We SEE Geralt and Avallac'h talking and we HEAR both sides of the conversation, we HEAR first hand what Avallac'h says, and we SEE Avallac'h's actions first hand.

VS Ciri TELLS us she talked to Avallac'h and TELLS us what he said, TELLS us what he did, but she NEVER let's us SEE his actions for ourselves, nor does she ever let us HEAR him speak... 

We SEE Eredin and Avallac'h talking and we HEAR both sides of the conversation, we HEAR first hand what Avallac'h says, and we SEE Avallac'h's actions first hand.

VS Ciri TELLS us she talked to Avallac'h and TELLS us what he said, TELLS us what he did, but she NEVER let's us SEE his actions for ourselves, nor does she ever let us HEAR him speak...

We SEE King Auberon and Avallac'h talking and we HEAR both sides of the conversation, we HEAR first hand what Avallac'h says, and we SEE Avallac'h's actions first hand.

VS Ciri TELLS us she talked to Avallac'h and TELLS us what he said, TELLS us what he did, but she NEVER let's us SEE his actions for ourselves, nor does she ever let us HEAR him speak...

Ciri does not want to reader to see or hear the truth, Ciri doesn't want the reader to know Ciri is a liar. Ciri is trying to hide her schizophrenia from the reader.

Do you see the issue yet?

Ciri is a chronic liar, nothing Ciri says is ever true, but to blind the reader, she TELLS us what she "sees" and "hears" instead of letting the reader SEE or HEAR the characters themselves.

And many readers will even be quick to tell you, the Ciri sections are VERY DIFFICULT to read, because there is "just so much exposition from Ciri, I just wish the other characters would be allowed to talk for themselves".

Yes... it is difficult to read Ciri's endless exposition, but it is a plot device, to clue the reader in on just how dangerously psychotic Ciri really is.

But Avallac'h is not the only character Ciri does this with. 

And that is WHY, Geralt steps in FIRST to meet a character to SHOW us the TRUTH about the character so we know who the character is, BEFORE Ciri spins her sex crazed web of lies to us.

The author uses Geralt to SHOW the reader what a character is REALLY like, so that we readers can see how truly demented and warped a perception of people Ciri really has.

A few chapters later, Ciri meets Avallac'h and tells us he is 11'9" tall, quite a big height from what Geralt told us. And while Geralt spent a lot of time talking about every aspect of Avallac'h, Ciri focus on one thing: is he wearing pants or are the pants painted on, damn that's the biggest penis I've ever see.

While Geralt sat quietly and let Avallac'h talk to the reader, we readers never hear Avallac'h talk, while he's with Ciri, because Ciri is too busy telling us what Avallac'h has just said.

Notice Geralt never once mentioned Avallac'h's hands, but Ciri, who has a hand fetish, and is obsessed with wanting to know the answer of "o what is that person's hands going to feel like shoved up my cunt?" talks constantly about EVERYONE'S hands, and most Ciri's commentary throughout the entire series is a running fantasy about everyone putting their hands inside her... and like we've seen her do with hundreds of other character, all Ciri ever talks about is Avallac'h's hands... and the constant disappointment of the fact that he DOES NOT touch her like she wants him to do.

No matter who Ciri is talking about, the only thing she ever talks about them is sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex...

Ciri has a one track mind and all she thinks about is sex.


We readers are told that Avallac'h is talking, but we readers are NOT shown his dialogue.

Instead we readers are told: "Avallac'h talked to Ciri, and that night Ciri thought about what he said."


Ciri spends the night thinking about sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, baby, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex with the King oh boy! sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, baby, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, OMG SEX WITH THE KING YAY - I'M GOING TO HAVE THE MOST POWERFUL BABY! sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, why won't Avallac'h have sex with me I want to have sex with him, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, Avallac'h should give me a baby, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex...

#Let me repeat this: **WE NEVER SEE AVALLAC'H TELL CIRI TO GIVE HIM A BABY OR HAVE SEX WITH THE KING!** We readers have ONLY Ciri's word that Avallac'h asked her to give him a baby via King Auberon, we readers never hear those words come out of Avallac'h's mouth.

AND... when we readers DO see Avallac'h talking to Ciri and we readers DO get the actual dialogue straight from Avallac'h's mouth, instead of rehashed by Ciri the next day telling us what Avallac'h said last night... **AVALLAC'H SAYS HE DOESN'T WANT THE BABY - HE WANTS CIRI!!!** Avallac'h in tears, tells Ciri he is lonely and wants her to stay with him and be his companion... and than his dialogue drifts off because Ciri is bored, starts counting bridges, and then starts talking about Avallac'h's pants, Avallac'h's hands, giving Avallac'h a baby, and starts planning to rape Avallac'h telling the reader she is so sick and tired of Avallac'h refusing to have sex with her.

To the careful reader with good reading comprehension skills, is becomes very clear that Ciri is obsessed with having sex with Avallac'h, but the reader will remember what Avallac'h previously told Geralt, and will than realize, Avallac'h is sending Ciri off to the king for sex for no other reason than Avallac'h is sick of Ciri asking to have sex.

Ciri is making a big stink about a baby, but we readers have YET to hear Avallac'h mention a baby at all.

And what about Avallac'h's touching Ciri?

Yes, what about it. READ EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE TOLD.

Ciri starts crying over her dead grandmother and Avallac'h pats her knee... instantly, Ciri's mind, does it's usual schizophrenic sex thoughts... then a few seconds later, we readers see that Avallac'h is still sitting beside Ciri, still fishing, he hasn't moved, all he did was pat Ciri on the knee to comfort her because she was crying. He didn't DO ANYTHING, let alone do anything sexual... but Ciri, who has severe schizophrenia, had a sex fantasy of what she THOUGHT Avallac'h did, and again, the careful reader, who is not, like Ciri, prone to suggestion, can clearly see, that Avallac'h hasn't moved, he's still fishing, and all he did was pat her knee, and Ciri's overactive, highly sex crazed, paranoid schizophrenic imagination put sex in places where sex wasn't happening at all.

What about Avallac'h's being sexual with his women?

Again, look at EXACTLY what we readers are told... Avallac'h walks with a limp, he drags a dead leg, he has female servants who hold him up and help him walk. And WHILE Ciri described the extremely elderly Elf, struggling to stand, barely able to stand on his own, let alone walk, Ciri starts fantasying about the women with him, lusting after them, telling the reader "Why are they with him, they should be with me", and suddenly, Avallac'h is running by naked with a herd of naked women running after him... but than, just as quickly, Avallac'h's is still standing on the docks while his women help him struggle to get on the boat... again... Ciri's overactive, highly sex crazed, paranoid schizophrenic imagination put sex in places where sex wasn't happening at all.

Avallac'h is NEVER sexual with Ciri at all. Not once.

What we readers see is what Ciri WANTS Avallac'h to be, alongside what Avallac'h actually is.

Ciri is sex crazy so she sexualizes everything.

Pay careful attention to EVERY SINGLE "sex scene" between Avallac'h and Ciri... we readers see Avallac'h, just as hateful about sex as he was with Geralt, than we readers see Ciri talking about Avallac'h's hands, and then the scene fades to black, and fades back in with Ciri masturbating and TELLING the reader, what supposedly happened between her and Avallac'h.

And yet, think back to Geralt.

In the scene with Geralt, we readers SAW EVERY AVALLAC'H DID.


We readers saw with our own eyes what Avallac'h did.

We readers heard with our own ears what Avallac'h said.

Not so with Ciri.

With Ciri we readers are TOLD BY CIRI what Avallac'h has done, but we readers never saw it happen.

We readers are TOLD BY CIRI what Avallac'h has said, but we readers never heard him say it.

In between this we readers see and hear King Auberon's words. We readers see the King's actions. We reader hear the king talk.

Every action we readers SEEN Avallac'h do with Ciri, matches Geralt's previous descriptions of Avallac'h. But everything Ciri TELLS us about Avallac'h, starkly contradicts... and is not there to show contradictions with Avallac'h, it is there to show us that **Ciri is an UNRELIABLE NARRATOR**. Ciri is a chronic liar and Ciri lies to everyone about everything... including Ciri lies to the reader constantly.

And we see even Ciri herself finally realize that she has been lying, during the rape scene, when it finally hits her: "OMG! Avallac'h really asexual! OMG! Avallac'h really doesn't want sex! OMG! I MADE UP all that sex stuff about him! OMG! He really wasn't being sexual when he touched me! OMG! He really did only give me a bath and didn't do anything sexual to me! OMG! He wasn't running around naked, he wasn't dry humping those women, he was just trying to get on the boat and they were helping him! OMG! He really does hate sex! OMG! I really do sexualize everything just like everyone says I do! OMG! I really am insane! OMG! I almost killed Avallac'h! OMG! I've been killing a lot of people haven't I? OMG! No wonder everyone is scared of me. OMG! What have I done. Avallac'h was my best friend. He just wanted to be friends. He never wanted sex, not with me, not with anyone."

We readers are shown WHO Avallac'h really is, when he meets Geralt, to show us readers, how truly demented, vile, evil, perverted, sex crazy, and utterly insane Ciri really is, when she describes a vastly different Avallac'h too us while Ciri does not let the reader see Avallac'h's actions or hear Avallac'h's words, for themselves.

Geralt let us see Avallac'h's actions and let use hear Avallac'h talk. But Ciri did not. Ciri TOLD us what Ciri wanted us to believe.

Avallac'h was never sexual with Ciri... Ciri lied to the reader... and even Ciri discovers that fact.

By the end of Chapter 5, we readers learn that Ciri is sex crazy out her gourd and she thought Avallac'h MUST also be sex crazy as well, because Ciri is so sex crazed out of her mind that she could not comprehend the existence of someone who hated sex.

We SEE and HEAR Avallac'h tell Ciri he hates sex, doesn't want sex - **17 TIMES!** And yet along side that we saw Ciri TELL us exactly the opposite of what we heard Avallac'h say with his own mouth.

By the end of Chapter 5, we readers learn that it is Ciri NOT Avallac'h who is the one who was insane.

By the end of Chapter 5, we readers learn that it is Ciri NOT Avallac'h who is the one who wanted sex.

By the end of Chapter 5, we readers learn that it is Ciri was fantasising sexual things about Avallac'h, but Avallac'h, was fishing and not paying any attention to Ciri's sex crazy lunacy at all.

Ciri was so sex crazed out of her mind that she convinced herself Avallac'h was doing sexual things to her, when he's the fucking Fisher King - an asexual virgin who has ZERO sexual thoughts or desires about anyone.

Any reader with good reading comprehension skills, can clearly see that Avallac'h DID NOT sexually abuse Ciri... in fact, he never even touched her.

Avallac'h was fishing.



Not touching Ciri.


Not dancing around with women.


Avallac'h was fishing.

Pay attention to every scene. Ciri obsesses sexually, then comments that Avallac'h is fishing. Ciri gushes sex fantasies, then complains Avallac'h won't stop fishing. Ciri bitches about wanting sex, than asks where Avallac'h is than remembers oh yeah he's fishing.

Avallac'h fishes.

He's a fisherman.

He's The Fisher King.


#How can you like Avallac'h after what he did to Ciri?  He sexually abused her!

He did not.

He brought to life, a secret sex fantasy that Ciri had, as a way to help her heal from the trauma of Mistle's death.

Prior to the scene with Avallac'h, Ciri had been raped and sexual tortured on monstrous levels by dozens of people. Over and over and over and over again.

Mistle, like so many before her, also raped and sexually abused Ciri, but unlike the others, Mistle was gentle. 

67 rapists had brutalized Ciri.

The 68th rapist, Mistle, was gentle.

Ciri was trying to kill herself of a drug overdose, after Mistle's death... Avallac'h kept her alive, by putting her into a coma, and bringing to life in her mind, a wild sex fantasy that we had seen in earlier scenes, Ciri talk about wishing she could experience.

Avallac'h didn't hurt Ciri, nor did he abuse her... he gave her a very realistic dream that she wanted, so that her body could heal from the massive drug overdoes she had taken after Mistle's murder.

The careful reader will notice, that at the start, Ciri is 12 years old, she lives with Avallac'h 8 years and grows up to become a young woman, but than when she wakes up, and tells everybody she's been gone for years, Yennefer tells Ciri - you were only gone 3 days and Ciri discovers, she's still 12 years old, no time has gone by at all, and she's again a child, not a grown woman married to an Elf.

Had you read the Witcher novels, and not JUST my profile, you would have known this.


There are also huge inconsistencies between the Avallac'h Geralt met and the Avallac'h Ciri meet just 2 days later, making it clear that the Avallac'h Geralt met was only 200 years mourning Lara's death, while the Avallac'h Ciri meet, had been married to Ciri for some 400 years, since 200 years after Lara's death, meaning the for this Avallac'h, it had in fact been 600 years since he had visited with Geralt.

Thus the line: *("What took you so long, you left me sitting here waiting for you for 400 years.")*

Avallac'h insists that Ciri is his wife, and she is The Lady of the Lake.

But Ciri insists that the Lady of the Lake had only just visited her a few months earlier, to tell Ciri her future, and this proves that Ciri is NOT The Lady of the Lake and Avallac'h has mistaken her for someone else.

All is revealed on the last page of the last novel, when Ciri now the wife of The Fisher King, has lived with him on The Lake of Avalon for 10,500 years, and is now laying naked on the shore of the lake, and a knight rides up to her, gets off his horse, and bows before her, "My Blessed Queen of the Fae, I have searched for thee, our dearest Lady of the Lake". Ciri interrupts him, "You are mistaken dear night, for I am Cirilla, not The Lady of the Lake". And as Ciri speaks, she holds out her hand, than let's out a cry as she sees that her hand shimmers with blue fish scales, her skin is blue, and Ciri has grown fish fins, gills, and fish scales, transforming into a Dryad, and she has no idea when this has happened.

And she remembers, as a small child 3 people visited her: The Lady of the Lake, her husband The Fisher King, both guarded by a knight - Sir Galahad - they were on their way to Camelot and stopped to tell Ciri of her future.

And Ciri now understands, Avallac'h's words so many years before, she IS The Lady of the Lake, and this is Sir Galahad, she's about to go with him to Camelot, but tells him, we must stop to visit a little girl on the way.

Ciri is The Lady of the Lake, Avallac'h is The Fisher King, and in the end Ciri and Avallac'h are husband and wife, as The Lady of the Lake and The Fisher King. She still loves Mistle. He still loves Lara. But together, they make each other happy in the sadness of the lovers they each lost.

Thus WHY you see my motto: **"Ciri & Avallac'h Forever"**

They ARE a cannon couple, and when the war ended, everyone was dead: Geralt, Yennefer, the Witchers... no one survived. But Avallac'h never let Ciri down, and he was still there for her when she returned to Avalon.

Ciri never loved Avallac'h, right to the last she still professed her love for Mistle, now dead 10,500 years, and Ciri and Avallac'h have left the world behind to live in the Mists of Avalon on the Lake of Avalon. Ciri & Avallac'h together forever.

#People who hate Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple are really going to hate how the Witcher novels end, because they end with Ciri married to Avallac'h, and them together forever.

FAQs: What is with all the rabbits running circles around Avallac'h in your game?

Avallac'h and his Barbagazi talking a nature walk through the forest.

In the novels, Avallac'h never went anywhere without his herd of hundreds of Barbagazi rolling around his feet.

While in actual real world folklore a Barbagazi is a small bearded man taller than a Leprechaun but smaller than a Dwarf, in the Witcher novels, a Barbagazi was described as a small round, rolling ball of orange fur, full of sharp teeth, resembling a cross between a vampire bunny rabbit and a furry pumpkin.

Normally man-eaters who would gather in mass hoards of hundreds to devour a man in parahnia like frenzies, we are told that Avallac'h's song lulled the Barbagazi into a peaceful nature, and they rolled around his feet playing like peaceful, harmless kittens.

Barbagazi were natives of the deep northern realms, seen only in areas heavily buried in snow. Because they were seen as deadly parasites, they were commonly hunted by Witchers even without contracts to do so, just to rid the world of them.

When Geralt first met Avallac'h, he described the scene as the highest concentration of monsters he had ever seen in a single place, and listed off dozens of types of monsters, hundreds of each type, moving in a mass hoard along with Avallac'h as though they were all one being.

At the beginning of this scene, Geralt was summoned by a FEMALE Druid *(why are there no female druids in the game?)* who tells Geralt that "The Ancient Unseen Elder God" has returned and wished to speak to Geralt. She informs Geralt that The Elder God is a giant serpent, who is a peaceful protector of monsters, and the god worshiped by the Druids, and they *(the druids)* will protect him from Geralt and any other Witcher who dares try to hurt him.

The Druid also informs Geralt that the Elder God serpent his very old, very weak, and because of a blood illness *(anemia)* he is terrified of bladed weapons and vampires, for fear he will bleed to death.  Regis, who is with Geralt, is told he can not enter the cave because he is a vampire, and Geralt is tld he must keep his sword *(he only has 1 in the novels)* outside and not take it into a cave with him.

Vanilla, unmodded grass.

Upon entering the cave, Geralt is startled to see an Elf with the monsters, but NOT see a giant serpent. After a weird scene of Geralt sniffing Avallac'h.

Geralt concludes that Avallac'h is most definitely NOT an Elf, smells nothing like an Elf, and is some sort of reptilian monster unlike anything Geralt has ever encountered before.

It is assumed that Avallac'h is a monster similar to a Dragon. Dragons in Witcher lore, have 2 forms, their Dragon form, and a Humanoid form that they shape-shift into so they can live among Humans undetected.

Avallac'h's being a monster himself and NOT an Elf as he outwardly appears, is given as the reason for both his immense age and why other monsters flock to him and do not fear him or harm him.

Avallac'h listed the Barbagazi as his favorite pets, referring to them as "my children" and treating them as though they were baby Elves.

Avallac'h had trouble speaking vocally and instead used telepathy to communicate with others. When speaking with Geralt, Avallac'h had 2 pet Echinops that spoke in unison for him.

While we see Archespores and Echinops in the game as nothing but mindless shambling man-eating flowers, in the novels, they were intelligent sentient beings who had families, lived in houses, invited Geralt to come over for tea, and had more in common with The Munsters and The Addams Family, then they do with the mindless flower-beasts we see in the game.

Ciri was the ONLY person, whom Avallac'h spoke to vocally, rather then through telepathy by putting his thoughts into Echinops and having the Echinops speaking for him. This is because Ciri complained that whenever Avallac'h used telepathy, it felt as though her brain was being crushed against her skull.

Ciri, pointed out that Avallac'h acted strange and unlike the other Elves, plus he did not blend in with other Elves for the following reasons:

* ALL Elves have black skin and red eyes.

* BUT Avallac'h has white shin and blue eyes

* Only SOME Elves have pointed ears, but pointed ears DO NOT define an Elf *(BLACK SKIN defines an Elf - there are no such thing as black Humans in the Witcher world)* and even what few Elves do have pointed ears, their ears are easily hidden from view by their hair, even Elves who have short hair

* Avallac'h's ears were VERY LONG and were held high over his head, like a jack rabbit; there was no way possible to high his super long, abnormally pointed ears which made him stand out among other Elves

* ONLY Avallac'h had the ability to lull monsters to him with his song; this was NOT an Elf trait, and it was "an Elder Blood" trait that ONLY Elder Bloods like Avallac'h could do

* ONLY Avallac'h possessed the sonic scream that shattered the brains of everyone for miles around *(the scream you see Ciri doing in the game, even though in the novels she did not have this ability)*... this was NOT an Elf trait and was an Elder Blood trait instead - Lara Dorren and Ciri's mother Pavatta, had a limited form of this ability

* Avallac'h had the ability to turn people into white marble statues; an ability he did not osses control over, and happened randomly when he lost his temper

Ciri takes to trying to find out why Avallac'h is so different from the other Elves, suspecting that he is not actually an Elf.

In her search for information, King Auberon tells Ciri that Avallac'h is in fact a giant serpent, the last of the Elder Gods, the creator of time, the creator of life, existed before time existed, will continue to exist after time ends, and is The Elder God from Whom all Elder Blood Flows.

King Auberon shows Ciri a statue of a giant 130 foot tall statue of a serpent ad tells Ciri that this is a life sized statue of Avallac'h in his true form.

King Auberon also tells Ciri that the giant pendant/brooch Avallac'h wears is what binds him to an Elf form, and Avallac'h reverts back into his true serpent form when the pendant/brooch is removed.

Multiple times in the novels we are told that avallac'h is "Asian" and once he is described as "Chinese".

Though the novels never says it outright, the info we are given, suggests that The Elder Gods are a race of Gorgons and are a subrace of Dragons, making Avallac'h a Gorgon, a type of Dragon.

With the info we are given, we are left to assume that Avallac'h is a snake-like Chinese Dragon that takes an Elf form to blend in with society.

In the novels Avallac'h did not know any Human languages and was unable to understand the "Common" language that was used by most races/species.

He could only speak and understand many hundreds of Elven languages and believed that all non-Elven languages were mindless grunts of beast trying to mimic speaking. He marveled that Geralt and Ciri knew Elvish and stated they were the only 2 Humans he hd ever meet who were more intelligent than cockroaches because they could speak Elvish. 

Ciri stated that when Avallac'h spoke, the words did not sound like words at all, but rather was a blended melody of what sounded like whale songs and bird chirps.

Avallac'h used his whale songs and bird chirp songs to lull/hypnotize everything and everyone around him, causing all monsters to become gentle and peaceful in his presence.

Avallac'h's ability to lull the vicious Barbagazi into a peaceful state is the clue that initially tips off anyone around him, that Avallac'h is a reptilian shapeshifting monster and NOT actually an Elf, making the presence of the Barbagazi an important plot point to Avallac'h's character in the novels.

The Barbagazi were an integral part of Avallac'h's character in the novels, he loved them almost as much as he loved Lara and was never seen without them. To see him in the game without his beloved pets, changes his personality quite a lot.

In The Avallac'h Playthrough, we are trying to remain as lore-friendly to the novels as possible, and while we change travel companions frequently, but we never go anywhere without Ciri, Friendly Dog, and the Barbagazi bunnies

What the hell is with the rabbits?
Why did you add all those rabbits to the game?
Was there an actual reason why you did that?

In the Witcher universe, you can tell how evil a character is, by the pets they keep. Sorcerers all have pets. Cats, dogs, owls, the usual stuff. Some keep monsters, one or two.


Avallac'h has cute, cuddly killer bunnies.

Avallac'h in the novels is a beast lord and monsters protect him. 

While rumors exist of Avallac'h being an evil, brutal murderer... the fact remains, that this can be proved a lie, by the fact that ALL animals and monsters trust him.

In the witcher lore, if a person has never shed the blood of an innocent, they will have the ability to talk to animals and monsters, and all animals and monsters will protect them and come to their aid.

Avallac'h is the ONLY character out of the 5,000+ characters that grace the Witcher novels, to possess this ability.

Ciri, Avallac'h, and Starry Eyes

No animal fears him.

No monster fears him.

He can call upon any animal, any monster to protect him.

Unicorns alone, stand against him.

In the novels Avallac'h will not carry a sword, because animals and monsters fear swords.

Avallac'h walks the world unarmed, never touching a weapon, never allowing a weapon to enter his presence, and as a result of this, he can be seen with a menagerie of animals and monsters gathered around him, ready to die for him.

His pet Echinops and Archespores, giant 8 foot tall killer flowers, travel at his side. He rides, not a horse, but Knockers - huge troll like beasts. While thousands of Barbegizes - rabbit like, pumpkin sized orange furred tribble like balls of sharp fanged, man eating fur, roll along the ground at his feet, ready to attack and devour any man who dares get near their dearly beloved Knowing One. 

Avallac'h refers to his tens of thousands of Barbergizes as "my children" and treats them with more care and love then he does any of his other pets, save his favorite pet Human (Ciri). 

To get close to Avallac'h one must first wade through his sea of Barbergizes first, and they are like furry rabbit shaped piranhas - one false move and they'll reduce you to picked clean bones in seconds. While Avallac'h shrugs, laughs at your demise, and than rushes off to gleefully write poetry about the colour of your blood and the sound of your dying screams.

>>"Stupid wtcher! Stupid witcher!"

>>He *(Geralt)* refrained from comment. He bit his lip and carefully moved past the echinops. The monster's spines swayed like sea anemone's tentacles.

>>Two immense barbergazis waddled across his path, jabbering and growling. From the ceiling came the flapping of webbed wings and a hissing cackle, unerringly signalling the presence of vampyrodes and vespertyles.

>>"He comes here, a murderer, a killer, a witcher! He comes down here, he dared! But he has no sword, the killer. Sos hows he means to kill? With his gaze?"

>>"Or maybe we kill him?"

>>The barbergazis babbled in a noisy chorus. One of them, as large as a mature pumpkin, rolled closer and closer and snapped it's teeth at Geralt's heels.

>>"Wiitch-tcha! Ba-stard!"

>>An immense cave painting was in the process of being created on the wall, which nature had seemingly prepared for that purpose. The painter a fair-haired elf dressed in a paint smudge mantle, ringed by a luminous halo.

>>"Sit down," said the elf without wresting his gaze away from the painting. He gestured to a boulder with a wave of his brush. "They didn't harm you, did they?"

>>"No, not really."

>>"You'll have to forgive them."

>>"Indeed I will."

>>"They're a bit like children. They were awfully glad you were coming."

>>Geralt watched in silence.

>>The elf dipped his brush in the paint. "The phallic cult was typical for primitive civilisations. The human race is yielding to physical degeneration. Its forebears had phalluses like clubs, but their descendants were left with ridiculous, vestigial little pricks."

>> ~~ *The introduction of Avallac'h and his hoard of monsters, page 236 of Tower of Swallows, the first scene he appears in, while painting giant penises on cave paintings.*

If you suddenly see hoards of rabbits on the horizon - run, just run. Run fast. For those are Avallac'h's Barbergizes and he's somewhere in the middle of their rolly-polly tumbling hoard.

Avallac'h comes off as a crazy cat woman, with thousands of killer rabbits instead of cats. THIS is how Avallac'h is described in the novels.

I wish they had made Avallac'h in the game, more like Avallac'h in the novels, as it takes something away from his character to see him without his ever loving hoard of flesh eating bunnies.

And... I've corrected this oversight. If you ever wondered why I play Avallac'h, with a herd of rabbits bouncing along at his heels, well, you've never read the novels, and now you know why I gave him a herd of bunnies to travel with.

Avallac'h loves his killer bunny rabbits, and they are a central part of his character in the novels, so to see Avallac'h in the game, without his pack of evil bunnies, leaves us without a lore friendly Avallac'h.

Lore-friendly Avallac'h just isn't lore-friendly without his killer bunnies bouncing around his feet. I'm glad I was able to find a way to fix this oversight and gve game Avallac'h his killer bunnies.

I'm not sure the logic of why Barbergizs are round rabbit like creatures in the Witcher. In folklore otherwise, they are similar to gnomes, halflings, or dwarves.

FAQs: Where is Roach? Who is Ruddy?

In the novels, Avallac'h was a fisherman and horse rancher. Ruddy was his red pinto stallion. Ciri stated that Avallac'h liked to dress up the horse in elaborate red and gold saddled with winged armor, making the horse look like a dragon from a distance.

In the novels, Avallac'h was extremely ancient, a very elderly Elf, and because of this was crippled and incapable of walking unaided, as such he rode his horse all the time, even indoors, and in the King's palace.

No one knew how old Avallac'h was, though he could remember 2,000 years of events, he was estimated to be well over 10,000 years old. He was the only living being old enough to have been alive when the Conjunction had happened.

In one scene we see Avallac'h without his horse, and instead riding on a liter-chair carried by 6 Knockers (Mountain Trolls).

He left Ruddy on the shore when he went fishing, staying on his boat or swimming in the water, as again, Avallac'h was incapable of walking on his own.

On a few occasion we see Avallac'h walking through the flower fields around the Lake of Avalon, in these scenes he is accompanied by The Wild Hunt who stay close to him and help him walk. The Wild Hunt are described as Avallac'h's 5 favorite wives, all 5 of them being black-skinned, red eyed, blond haired, heavily armed Amazonian she-elfs who wore nothing but gold glitter body paint and pistachio green lipstick.

In the novels, The Wild Hunt were the Amazonian women who traveled with Avallac'h and were a DIFFERENT and SEPARATE group from The Red Riders, who were the red lacquer samurai male warriors who rode red dragons and traveled with Eredin.

In one scene, Avallac'h leaves Ruddy in the stables when taking Ciri out onto hi boat. Upon returning from their boat ride, Avallac'h finds a small boy beating Ruddy with sticks and rocks. Avallac'h kills the boy by turning him into a white marble stone statue, then places the boy's statue in his garden alongside of his white marble statue of Lara Dorren locked in sexual embrace with Cregennan of Lod, in the scene which reveals that Avallac'h NOT an angry mob killed Lara and Cregannon.

Ciri stated that it was difficult to get Avallac'h's attention or find time to talk with him as he was always riding his beloved horse around the lake or fishing off a boat in the lake, and had little interest in anything else. Other then riding his horse or fishing off of his boat, the only other thing Avallac'h did was obsess over his desire to have Lara Dorren's baby.

When I removed Geralt from the game to play as Avallac'h, I also removed Roach from the game and replaced her with Ruddy.

And yes, I know sometimes I spell it Ruddy and sometimes I spell it Rudy... this is because it was spelt both ways in the novels... yet another inconsistency courtesy of Andrzej Sapkowski.

So, I'm reading the books. Where do I find Avallac'h?

#So, I'm reading the books. Where do I find Avallac'h?

First off, know this:








Unlike what you were told in the game, Avallac'h in the novels:

* Avallac'h in the novels, is NOT a scientist studying Elder Blood

* Avallac'h in the novels, is Ciri's grandfather & like Ciri has Elder Blood

* In the novels, Vilgefortz was the scientist studying Elder Blood.

* Avallac'h was a poet, painter, horse rancher, and fisherman in the novels.

* Avallac'h was also King Auberon's court mage and royal advisor.

* Avallac'h in the novels, is BOTH Lara Dorren's father & her husband

* Avallac'h in the novels, is mourning his dead wife who died while 8 months pregnant with another man's baby

* Avallac'h in the novels, has one goal and goal only: he wants Ciri to be Lara Dorren and have a baby with another man, so he can pick up life with his family exactly where they left off when Lara died

* Avallac'h in the novels, did not believe Ciri had any magic abilities/powers and said: "you have 1/1,000 of Lara's power, and Lara had 1/1,000 of my power"

* All that studying Elder Blood, Lara's family tree, doing experiments with Elder Blood gene ... in a load of phony baloney hooey horse shit fan fiction made up by the game developers and was NOT stuff Avallac'h did in the novels

* In the novels, Vilgefortz was the scientist studying Elder Blood, Lara's family tree, doing experiments with Elder Blood gene.

* In the novels, Eredin was NOT a villain, had no political goals, and was at one point one of Ciri's many lovers

* The bickering between Avallac'h and Eredin in the novels was caused by Avallac'h refusing to allow Eredin to have sex with Ciri

* Avallac'h in the novels, was the King of The Wild Hunt, NOT Eredin like the game told you.

* In the novels, The Wild Hunt was a group of 5 female wraiths, women who had died in child birth; Avallac'h took them to Human worlds each night to kill abortion bitches and rescue would be murdered babies

#So, I'm reading the books. Where do I find Avallac'h?

Not for a very long time. 

There are 8 novels in the series, spanning just over 4,000 pages.

Avallac'h is one of the very last characters introduced.... JUST BEFORE THE END OF THE SERIES!

He's a very minor character who shows up right at the end. 

He causes the turning point in Ciri's life resulting in her finally fighting back against Vilgefortz. 

So you don't meet Avallac'h until just before the series ends. 

Ciri's interactions with Avallac'h is one of the very last events to happen before the big climax at the end of the series. 

It is unknown why the game chose to have everyone call him Avallac'h because in the novel NO ONE called him Avallac'h, and if you are unaware of that, you could easily encounter him and be unaware you did so.

Avallac'h appears on only 32 pages and most scenes THE WORD AVALLAC'H IS NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE, making him a very easy character to miss.

We are told that Avallac'h is the ONLY Elf with white skin (all the others have black skin). 

We are also told that he is the ONLY ELF with blond hair, and that his hair is very long, reaching all the way to the ground. We are told the other Elves have black afros with streaks of brilliant red.

We are told that he is the ONLY ELF with blue eyes. We are told the other Elves al have glowing red eyes that look like molten lead. We are also told that Avallac'h had "slanted, almond shaped eyes like a Chinese person". *(There are a lot of racist descriptions like that throughout the novels.)*

ALL descriptions of "the white skinned Elf", "the blond Elf", "the flaxen haired Elf", and "the blue eyed Elf" are describing Avallac'h, and most times he is in a scene, this is how he is identified, rather that being named outright.

* Avallac'h is NOT his name, but rather a nickname Ciri, and Ciri ONLY uses for him. 

* His name is, Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha, which is how he introduces himself both to Geralt and later to Ciri.

* Geralt calls him "Purple Bison".

* Starry Eyes calls him "The Fox".

* Eredin and King Auberon call him "The Knowing One".

* King Auberon also called him "Master Mirror".

* The Skellige Druids call him "The Ancient Unseen Elder God".

* The Elves call him "The Ancient Elder God From Whom All Elder Blood Flows"

* In narration he is USUALLY tagged as "the Elf with the triangle face".

* Narration also tags him as "the mysterious Elf", "the flaxen haired Elf", "the blue eyed Elf", "the blond Elf", or "the Elf with gentle hands".

He appears briefly in a single scene in chapter 7 of the novel Tower of Swallows.

He shows up initially as a wraith guarding Lara Dorren's tomb, and then transforms into an Elf.

Geralt however was TOLD by the Druids that Avallac'h was a giant serpent that could shape shift. 

His goal in this scene? To rescue Ciri, because right now, she's in a cage with 8 hot pokers up her vagina in danger of destroying her delightfully ripe ovaries, and not being able to live up to her destiny of being The Mother of the Child of The Elder Blood, a child with 2 Elder Blood parents.

Avallac'h is seeking Geralt's help in rescuing Ciri and her ripe ovaries. 

By the time Avallac'h gets done yapping about the delightful joys that are Ciri's 12 year old ripe ovaries, most readers want to kill Avallac'h, and they won't even find out this guy who is obsessed with Ciri's ovaries is Avallac'h, for another 7 pages.

By the time they find out this guy is Avallac'h, they're ready to lynch him, tar and feather him, and torture him to death... because, the scene that introduces Avallac'h, focuses near entirely, on Ciri's ovaries and how much Avallac'h wants them. 

Most men get turned on by boobs or ass or something they can see... not Avallac'h, oh no, not Avallac'h. He's turned on by the thought of ripe ovaries, especially if they are in Ciri.

The thought of Ciri's ripe ovaries makes Avallac'h giddy with delight and shriek with joy.



That's how it's worded.

Giddy with delight.

Shrieking with joy.

If you have ripe ovaries, run from Avallac'h. He's insane.

I'm still trying to imagine Avallac'h giddy with delight and shrieking with joy.

What does Avallac'h giddy with delight and shrieking with joy, even look like?

Ciri once said in the game, to Geralt: "Avallac'h's different"... yep. Avallac'h's different all right. Oh boy is he ever different.

Ciri, you should have taken Starry Eyes' advice, grabbed your ovaries and run screaming as far away from Avallac'h as you could get.

And for people who like to say Avallac'h is scary... in the game... OMG... you want to see scary...

How about a scene of Avallac'h giddy with delight?

Uhm... okay.

...while waving a gnawed bone and debating ramming it up Geralt's rectum to see if Geralt will shriek with joy....

Uhm... damn. There's a scene to give you nightmares.

And Geralt.... he's sniffing the Elf... 


Geralt... why are you sniffing Avallac'h?

Can this scene get any weirder?


Yes it can.

And boy oh by is it about to.

And it's quickly followed by a scene... OMG... Avallac'h, what the fuck is wrong you?.... a scene of a statue of Lara Dorren, posed "lewdly" according to Geralt, and Geralt has the audacity to ask Avallac'h what he does with it.

Uhm... good god, what DOESN'T he do with this statue.

He has a list.

Avallac'h has a list of all the things, you never wanted to know, he does with this statue... including the line that there isn't anything that one could do with sex that he hasn't tried with this... uhm... it turns out not to be a statue.

Did I mention this scene takes place in Lara Dorren's tomb?

Lara... your husband went insane when you died. And you probably don't want to know what freaky shit he's been doing with your dead body.

It's no wonder you ran away from him and married someone else.

Avallac'h goes into, 7 pages of great detail. The statue, is not a statue, it IS Lara Dorren, and Avallac'h doesn't have sex with women, because Avallac'h's a necrophiliac.

Lara is the only person Avallac'h will have sex with and she died 200 years ago... but there she is in his bed. Oh. Yippy skippies.

Avallac'h's a necrophiliac. 


After THAT scene... any woman who doesn't run screaming from Avallac'h has got something wrong with her.

Yes, I know the irony of me saying that, but you know how it is... I'm the author of the Quaraun series... necrophilliac, necromancer Elves seem to be a weakness of mine.

From the joys of Cii's ripe ovaries to the joys of sex with a dead wife... while Geralt is... still weirdly sniffing the psychotic Elf.

Geralt... what the fuck?

Why are you sniffing the elf?

While Avallac'h details way too much detail of what he does with Lara Dorren's dead body... Geralt spends the bulk of the scene trying to figure out what kind of a monster Avallac'h is, because Geralt says he most definitely does not smell like an Elf and gives off the arua of a monster, not a humanoid being. 

In this scene Avallac'h also throws feces at Geralt, paints penises on the wall, and shows Geralt his tattoo... Avallac'h has a green dragonfly on his left ass cheek.

I also think Avallac'h is possibly gay and trying to seduce Geralt in that scene... especially considering Geralt has a shit fetish, he likes having sex in piles of shit.

Geralt.... why? Just... why? A shit fetish? Really? What the fuck? Uhm... Geralt, you're crazier then Avallac'h.... do you realize how hard it is to out crazy Avallac'h?

When we see Avallac'h's house later, it's spotless. He's a neat freak. But not in this scene, where he invited Geralt to visit him, and then decorated his house with feces, in preparation for Geralt's visit... which would send a different message, if that scene with Triss Merigold hadn't already happened.

According to Geralt, the best sex ever, is with someone while they are having projectile diarrhea, so you can have sex while rolling around in shit.

Geralt... your shit fetish makes me want to vomit.

And Avallac'h... what the hell? Not you too! Why?

Okay... what is wrong with Andrzej Sapkowski? What the hell? Why does EVERY single character have some sort of a shit fetish and what the hell, WHY does every single last sex scene have to include shit, feces, dung, manure, or diarrhea as though this was supposed to be erotic... what the hell? Why?

Andrzej Sapkowski how do you find shit, feces, dung, manure, or diarrhea to be erotic? Why can't you write a sex scene that does not include shit on the floor, ceiling, and walls? You need psychiatric help. You really do.

One thing's for sure, you either need to be a freak with a shit fetish, or have a stomach of steel to not vomit at every bit of feces that gets flung by you, to get through any sex scene in the Witcher novels. Good god!

Well, 4,000 characters before him were flinging feces at each other, so I'm not surprised to see Avallac'h doing it to. Couldn't have even at least one character who didn't do it, I guess.

As quickly as Avallac'h shows up yaps joyfully about the joys of Ciri's ripe ovaries, throws feces at Geralt, shows off his ass, paints penises on the wall, and parades his necrophilism around while being giddy with delight, ramming gnawed bones up Geralt's rectum, and shrieking with joy... he disappears and Avallac'h is not seen again for a very, very, very long time.

Uhm.... well. If any one knows how to make an entrance, I guess it's Avallac'h. 

Avallac'h shows up a 2nd time, this time on the final page epilogue of that same novel, when Ciri falls out of a portal and lands in his lap.

Oh joy of joys... he's giddy with delight and shrieking with joy again.... the ripe ovaries have finally arrived! "Our dear Lady of the Lake. Our glorious goddess! We have waited for your ripe ovaries for 400 years. What took you so long?"


Still going on about the ovary fetish, I see.

Why do I like weird men?

This guy has an ovary fetish.

How do you get a fetish for ovaries?

What the hell?

There are so many weird fetishes you will encounter in the Witcher novels. 

The shit fetish Geralt has, definitely the freakiest. But Avallac'h's ovary fetish definatly ranks 2nd place for being the freakiest fetishes in the Witcher novels.

How does someone develop an ovary fetish?

And why?

What is wrong with him?

Avallac'h is so damned weird.

Not as weird as Geralt, but pretty damned close.

And... Ciri... what the hell?

The guy introduces himself to your delightfully ripe ovaries, and you go home with him?

Uh... uhm... Ciri why are you not running? There is so much stranger danger in this scene, and so much telling us yet again, that Ciri is too retarded to use her brain.  This guy is greeting your ripe ovaries, not you... why did you go home with him?

What the hell is wrong with Ciri?

Think about it.

Sweeney Todd

If a complete total stranger, who is giddy with delight and shrieking with joy, walks up to you, a 12 year old girl who just fell out of the sky, and tells you that you have ripe ovaries and you are going to give him, his dead ex-wife's baby by proxy, via getting pregnant from yet another stranger... would YOU go home with him?

Why did Ciri go home with him?

On second thought...

You know... I'd probably go home him.

So I guess I shouldn't be questioning why did Ciri go home with him.

I suppose instead of questioning, what is wrong with Ciri, I should be asking, what the hell is wrong with me... I mean... I'm the one who likes this guy, waaaay more than anybody else and... I liked him because I read the novels. Boy is my mind warped.

Of course Sweeney Todd is another of my favorite fictional characters, sooo, I seem to have a habit of liking some pretty strange men.

Neither Avallac'h nor Ciri are seen again for a very, very, very, very long time as Geralt, a rarely seen character in the novels, takes the lead as the main character for several chapters as he and Regis set out to look for Ciri.

Why is it called The Witcher series? The Witcher is hardly ever in it. You frequently go 200, 300, 400 pages between a scene with Geralt. Ciri's the main character. But hey look, there he is, for a full 4 chapters. OMG! Wow! Geralt, actually having some page time.

Avallac'h shows up again in chapter 5 of the novel The Lady of the Lake, where we are told briefly where Ciri has been for the past 8 years, what she has been doing, and several back to back sentences telling us, pretty much everything you are ever going to learn about Avallac'h in one, single, solitary paragraph.

Now I have a question.

Why is Avallac'h 7' tall when Geralt meets him in Tower of Swallows, 11' tall when Ciri lives with him in Lady of the Lake and 5' tall in the game?

Why is Avallac'h a wraith guarding Lara's tomb when Geralt meets him in Tower of Swallows, perfectly alive and capable of being seriously injured when Ciri lives with him in Lady of the Lake and in the game?

Avallac'h in Tower of Swallows bares no resemblance whatsoever, to Avallac'h in Lady of the Lake, and neither have anything in common with Avallac'h in the game. It's like 3 totally different characters.

The extreme lack of consistency surrounding Avallac'h's character is frustrating and annoying.

And while I'm questioning things...

One of my biggest complaints with the game version of Avallac'h is the fact that the game tells us... LIES TO US... and tells us that Avallac'h is a scientist studying Elder Blood and trying to make a version of the gene that excludes the Human line.

This is a very big part of the game, it influences choices players make, and it makes Avallac'h look like a villain, look like he's using Ciri, at times it even makes it look like he hates Ciri and can't wait to be rid of her.

This was not the case in the novels.

Avallac'h is a pure blooded Elf and he has Elder Blood and he used his own blood to CREATE Lara Dorren and her genes. He doesn't NEED to study Ciri or her blood or try to create Elder Blood without the Human line, because Ciri's blood has almost ZERO traces of Elder Blood in it. "Rudimentary traces" was how Avallac'h worded it in the novels.

When one knows what Elder Blood is, one can easily understand why and how Avallac'h developed his ovary fetish.

Did you know... Elder Blood in the novels is NOTHING like what the game told you Elder Blood was?

Elder Blood has nothing to do with magic super powers and simply means that the person is fertile and capable of reproducing.

In the Witcher Universe, Elves were the original inhabitants of the world and Humans are the alien invaders from another planet. Human governments are actively mass slaughtering Elves and destroying all evidence of ancient Elves, while building massive metropolises on top of Elven cities to bury the evidence that Elves were here first.

Three races of Elves survived: The Aen Seidhe, The Aen Elle, and The Undon *(also known as The Ancient Ones or The Elder Gods)*

The Aen Seidhe or Mountain Elves, remained on their home planet, some fighting against the Human invaders, others making peace with and marrying the Humans. They are swarthy brown skin, black hair, and purple, orange, or green eyes.  Some had pointed ears the shape of small leaves, but not all Elves have pointed ears. The Aen Seidhe are taller then Humans, most standing over 7' tall.

The Aen Elle or Drow, fleed the planet, invading Avalon, the planet of the Unicorns. The Aen Elle have onyx skin, red, orange, or yellow eyes and black, gold, or red hair. Some had pointed ears the shape of small leaves, but not all Elves have pointed ears. The Aen Elle are taller then The Aen Seidhe, most standing over 9' tall.

The Undon *(also known as The Ancient Ones or The Elder Gods)* migrated and disappeared. The tallest of all, The Undon were over 11' tall, most were taller then Giants. They had albino white skin, pink, blue, or white eyes, silver, white, or flaxen blond hair, and long rabbit like pointed ears. They were also shapeshifting psionic reptiles who took an Elf form, but their true form was that of Cthulhu-like giant serpents. Avallac'h is the only known survivor. He "became" one of the Aen Elle, assimilating into Aen Elle society.

All Elves were considered by Humans to be "nature spirits" due to their deep simbionic connection with nature, and their ability to use mental will to heal illnesses, cause plants to grow, flowers to bloom. However many of the Aen Seidhe "lost touch" with nature after the Human invasion, many Elves forgetting how to heal nature.

With most Elves annihilated by the Humans, a vast blight swept over the planet. With the Elves no longer connected to nature, healing life energy and causing lush greenery to grow, the planet began to die, as vast desert sands swept over the mid regions of the planet decimated all vegetation, while icy blizzards swept over the north burying the world under mountains of snow.

The planet of Avalon was a vast desert wasteland when the Aen Elle arrived, but the area around King Auberon's palace in the Aen Elle city of Tir na Lia and the area around Avallac'h's palace on the Lake of Avalon, have become lush green, forested areas, with vast fields of flowers and apple orchards that always bloom.

Back on the now-Human planet, Humans began to kidnap, rape, and marry, the last surviving female Elves. Humans however, when intermarrying with Elves, spread an AIDs like illness that caused the mass deaths of nearly all Elves bringing them to the brink of extinction.

A side effect of the new disease Humans brought with them to the Elf planet, as that everyone, Elf and Human alike became infertile after contracting the illness. 

Once in a great while, an infected female got pregnant and gave birth, but she always gave birth to a sterile male.

It was discovered that The Undon *(also known as The Ancient Ones or The Elder Gods)* were immune to this illness, however, they had disappeared and were presumed to now be extinct, save for one male sage *(Avallac'h)* rumored to be living with the Aen Elle and passing himself off as an Aen Elle. He was referred to as The Ancient Unseen Elder God or simple The Elder Blood.

Panic over the lack of children, caused the rise of three groups: The Witchers, the Dryads, and The Wild Hunt.

* The Witchers, were a group of all males, who set out each night to kidnap little boys.

* The Dryads, were a group of all females, who set out each night to kidnap little girls.

* The Wild Hunt, were a group of Elves, one male *(Avallac'h)* and 5 females, who set out each night to rescue unborn babies, who were about to be aborted by their mothers.

Over time the Witchers learned to use drugs to mutate themselves into superbeings. Drunk on their lust for power, they took to torturing little boys in order to mutate them into demi-god-like super human monster killers. Geralt became the most powerful Witcher ever created.

Likewise, the Dryads learned to use herbs to mutate themselves into superbeings. Drunk on their lust for power, they took to torturing little girls in order to mutate them into demi-god-like super human monster killers. Ciri became the most powerful Dryad ever created, going on to become an actual Goddess: The Lady of the Lake, herself.

Avallac'h, being the last of his kind was very lonely and spent 700 years experimenting with his own DNA, to use his own blood to create a clone of himself. The end result was a female Elder Blood, who like himself was fertile and immune to the sterility illness. He named Lara Dorren, intending her to be his wife. However, she grew up to see him as her father and ran off to marry a Human, who was presumed to be sterile, until Lara got pregnant.

Lara's pregnancy was seen as a miracle, and a mad dash of rulers everywhere set out on a hunt to capture Lara, intending to drain her blood and use her blood to make a cure for the infertility illness.

At the same time, several conspiracy theory groups rose up... some worshiping Lara as a God and others condemning Lara as a cursed demon, or a possessed witch.

Lara died 8 months pregnant, most reports claiming she was torn apart by an angry mob.

Her unborn baby was cut out and rescued by an unknown Elf, later identified as Avallac'h, who switched Lara's baby with a Human baby, allowing Lara's baby to live and be raised in the royal family, while the real Human baby was killed by the mob.

Lara's baby grows up to give birth to twins, while she is in prison. One of her twins, grows up to be Ciri's grandmother, Pavette's mother.

Because Lara and each of her female descendants gave birth to fertile females, rumors of The Lara Dorren Gene spread far and wide, and mages, scientists, alchemists, kings, queens, and wealthy nobles everywhere set out on a mad dash to find any female who might possibly have a glimmer of of a trace of Elder Blood, in an insane attempt to cure the world's massive infertility problem before all races went extinct.

Notice that when I say: mages, scientists, alchemists, kings, queens, and wealthy nobles ... that includes rocket scientists, geneticists, cryogenetics physicists... things that most definitely do not exist in a Medieval world.

You remember how BOTH the game AND the Netflix series lied to you and said the Witcher universe was set in a Medieval timeline?

Forget that.

The novels are extremely Sci-Fi and are set in a world that has cloning, computers, cell phones, thigh high black patent leather stelio hooker boots *(which Ciri wears at Avallac'h's request)*, leather micro-mini skirts *(which again, Ciri wears at Avallac'h's request)*, ray guns, rocket ships, intergalactic space traveling star ships complete with planet destroying laser guns... it is most definitely NOT a Medieval world, not even close.

While the game and the Netflix series tells you the year is 1251 to 1257... the novels tells you instead that it has been 1,251 years since the event that destroyed the planet, causing world-wide infertility, sending this cyberpunk age society into the dark ages.... the FallOut4 game and the MadMax movies have more in common with the novels, then either the game or the Netflix series does.

There is a hell of a big difference between a a year 2525 society 1,251 years after an apocalyptic event and a Medieval society in the year 1251.

Avallac'h is a cytogenetics physicist living in a crashed starship.

It vastly changes the theme of the story, if they are a very Star Trek style sci-fi world 1,251 years after the apocalypse, rather then the year 1251 Medieval world that the game and Netflix series lied and told you it was.

Avallac'h became known as The Elder God From Whom All Elder Blood Flows, as he was the source of the Elder Blood used to create Lara Dorren, but he had completely vanished after Lara's death and was himself presumed dead.

When Ciri was 12 years old, the birth rate had dropped so drastically, that only 12 children had been born in the past 100 years.... **IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE**... not just on Ciri's planet, but ALL RACES on ALL PLANETS have gone sterile.

Ciri was not only one of those 12, she was also the ONLY one of those 12 children who was both, still alive, and fertile.

Ciri is the LAST fertile female not only on the planet, **but Ciri is the last fertile female in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE**, which causes countries, governments, races, and even planets to fight over her, as male leaders of every faction in the universe, go into a mad hunt to possess the universe's last fertile female and get her pregnant.

EVERYONE.... **EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THE NOVELS**... has one goal and one goal only:


Villefort, The Fox aka Avallac'h, and Leo... the 3 most notorious villains of the Witcher novels... the 3 men who were the most persistent in their obsession with capturing, owning, possessing, and breeding Ciri. Vilgefortz a viscous mage who wanted power, Avallac'h a lonely Elf who wanted a family, and Leo a sadistic circus owner who wanted a powerful gladiator he could make money with.

EVERYONE is trying to rape Ciri... and when I say everyone, I do mean, **EVERYONE**: including Geralt, Vesimire, Dandelion, Hjalmar, Crach an Craite, and all the villains too.

EVERYONE is dragging Ciri into their bed.

EVERYONE is seducing Ciri.

EVERYONE is demanding Ciri get pregnant.

EVERYONE is demanding Ciri give them a baby.

The entire story of the 4,000 page, 8 novel series is a race to see who can get Ciri pregnant first.

And in MOST of the 200+ sex scenes you will see Ciri in, she is just 8 years old.


While the GAME tells you Geralt and Ciri had a daddy/daughter relationship and Vesimire and Geralt trained Ciri to fight like a Witcher....

... in the novels, Geralt kidnapped Ciri for Vesemir's bloody, tortuous, vivisection experiments. Ciri lived at Kaer Morhen for only 3 months and was subjected to brutal torture at the hands of Vesmire the entire time. Vesimire, a mad scientist/deranged alchemist in the novels, was convinced that by draining Ciri's blood, mixing it with Witcher mutation potions, and then drinking it *(yes, drinking Ciri's blood)* that he could create not only a cure for infertility, but also could create more powerful Witchers who were not sterile.

Yennefer, in the novels, desperately wanted to give birth to a baby and believed that if she made an elixir out of Ciri's blood and Golden Dragon scales, she could cure infertility.

She adopted Ciri, PRETENDING to be her mother, becoming Ciri's beloved "Mommy Yennefer", but all the while, Yennefer did not actual love or care about Ciri at all, and simply pretended to care about her, to keep Ciri clinging to her, so she could spend Ciri's entire life, finding a way to use Ciri's Elder Blood to make a cure for infertility.

Ciri, had no super powers or magic ability in the novels.

Her Elder Blood simply gave her the ability to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy fertile baby, which could also go on to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy fertile baby.

I found the story of Elder Blood, as it was told to us in the novels, to be utterly amazing. The concept of an massive global pandemic causing all races of a planet to go infertile, resulting in a mad dash to save themselves from extinction by seeking out the last fertile female, to be very compelling and unique and is what kept me reading the novels, in spite of the many complaints I had with other things in them.

Sadly, I found the game's dime-a-dozen, cookie-cutter chosen one demi-god with magic powers, re-write of what Elder Blood is, to be a dull and boring retranslation of Elder Blood.

The game took something that stood out as very unique and twisted it into a yawn, boring, ho-hum, how many times have we seen this done in every game and movie under the sun?

I find myself deeply disapointed that the game did not stick with the original concept of Elder Blood as it was presented to us in the novels.

Mind Flayers, what most people think of when they hear the word "psion"

The game tells you Avallac'h is a sage, but it doesn't tell you what a sage is.

The novels tell us that a sage is a psion.

A Knowing One.

A person born with the psychic ability to look into people's minds and see their thoughts, memories, and dreams. 

A person who has psychic abilities and can see the past, see the future, and can hear the thoughts of everyone, everywhere.

Psions are incredibly rare, to the point that only 2 are known to exist. Both Elves. 

A female: Ida

And a male: Avallac'h.

We are also told that if a psion practices training their mind, they can not only HEAR the thoughts of others, but they can also CONTROL the thoughts of others, forcing their will on others, making others do as they desire them to do, turning people around them into thralls or mindless slaves.

Avallac'h is the only psion in the Witcher franchise, with enough control over his mind, to force his will on others. We see him doing this with the 5 women who stay at his side, when the Unicorns attack and Avallac'h, after casting a spell, is too weak to fight, so throws his thoughts into his 5 wives, while Ciri tells the reader the 5 women become his puppets and do exactly what he makes them do, like they were nothing but marionette puppets.

Avallac'h being last/only full blooded Elder Blood, is the only Elder Blood with the ability to take over the minds of others this way, and we are left to wonder, how willingly his 5 wives are with him.

We are told that, in addition to the ability to reproduce, being a psion is the primary power Elder Blood gives to anyone with Elder Blood. It's why Ciri is plagued with dreams of the future.

We are told that ONLY Elder Bloods can be psions. That Avallac'h, Ciri, Pavatte, and Lara were all psions BECAUSE they all had Elder Blood. And then we are told Ida is also a psion, but Ida is NOT an Elder Blood, meaning we have found yet another of Andrzej Sapkowski's extreme lack of any level of consistency at all.

We are never given an explanation how ONLY Elder Bloods can be psions, while, Ida who is not an Elder Blood is also a psion.

Ida also appears as a walk-by character appearing only in a single scene, and never seen again.

For most Elder Bloods the psionic powers are very minute, because so very little rudimentary traces of Elder Blood flows in their views, that all Elder Blood does to them is curse them with nightmares and insomnia.

But for Avallac'h's it's more then dreams. Avallac'h is a full blooded Elder Blood. He gets the full effects of the psionic abilities. We are told he lives on The Isle of Avallac'h on the Lake of Avalon, in a field, surrounded by a forest that is as wide as a 2 day horse ride from all directions. Only the Tower of the Swallow sits in the field. This is his home. Isolated from the rest of Elf society. A hermit. 

A hermit.

Living in isolation.

Precisely BECAUSE he is trying to get away from the endless thoughts of millions of other people, all in his head at once.

Avallac'h is The Knowing One... he knows EVERYTHING, every thought, passing through every mind, of every person, in every house, of every town, of every planet, of every galaxy, in the entire universe.

And he hates it.

He has no peace.

No quiet.

No silence.

Not ever.

Just the voices of millions of thoughts of billions of people, coursing through his head, every seconds of every day.

It's why he became a mage... so he could build massive barrier bubbles around his lake/island home, to block the sounds of the thoughts of the universe's population, so he can finally have peace and quiet.

In the boat ride scene, Ciri is sullen and not talking and when Avallac'h's asks why, Ciri says she has no reason to talk to him, because he is The Knowing One and has already seen her thoughts, so already knows what is wrong. And we see Avallac'h, once again in tears, as he often is, as he tells Ciri, he already knows why she is upset, but he wanted to hear her voice, he wanted to hear anyone's voice. He has no friends. 

No one will talk to him. 

It's been years since anyone has said anything to him, because everyone knows, he knows their thoughts, so everyone thinks there is no reason to ever say anything to him, and he admits, that he is going out of his mind from loneliness. 

And here, he begs Ciri, not only to talk to him, but stay with him, for he desires a friend, even more then he desires the child of prophecy. 

The baby he so desperately wants, he's willing to give up on, if only he had someone to spend time with him, who was willing to talk to him. 

It's the scene where we really see, how really sad Avallac'h is.

That baby is his entire life. He's spent 2,000 years of his life cloning himself to create Lara, only to lose her while she was pregnant, and now, he's willing to throw away his life's work, centuries of work, just to hear someone talk to him. He's that lonely.

Ciri doesn't hate him. He knows that.

She doesn't love him and she never will. He knows that too.

Ciri loves Mistel, and would be with Mistel right now, were Mistel still alive. He knows this as well. 

However, Ciri is the first person, since Lara, to treat Avallac'h as an equal, and he so desperately wants to be rid of his Elder Blood and be normal, that he's willing to give up everything, just to have someone to sit on a boat and talk to him.

Ciri thinks of Avallac'h as a friend.

Not only a friend, but her best friend.

The only person she can trust. He knows this.

He desperately wants someone to love him, but sees and hears all, so he knows no one ever will.

Yet he can see that Ciri, like him, hates her Elder Blood, just as much as he hates his own Elder Blood, and because of that, they share a bond, a connection, a friendship. He's desperately trying to cling to anyone who will accept him as a friend and he's not going to let Ciri go willingly, because she's the closest thing he's ever going to have to a friend and he knows that.

I don't think many readers, really stop and think about what is happening in this scene.

Think about it.

He knows EVERY thought in EVERY person on EVERY planet in EVERY galaxy in the ENTIRE universe.

And he knows what people around him think of him.

And everyone hates him.

A lot.

And he not only knows that, but he sees and hears the thoughts of the people who hate him, every day.

And he knows that NO ONE out there loves him, worse, because he can see the future, he also knows NO ONE will EVER love him.

Ciri is the closest thing, Avallac'h is ever going to have, to love. He knows that. And we see in this scene, that he doesn't really want the baby as much as he says he does.

The baby is just an excuse. He knows King Auberon is never going to have sex with Ciri, so Ciri is never going to get pregnant, and he admits that. He comes right out and tells Ciri that. He knows Ciri is never going to love him, but he hopes Ciri will love the baby and after the baby is born, will stay with him and the baby. He even asks her to.

We are constantly, in nearly every scene of Avallac'h seeing Ciri, seeing him, seeing thoughts, including hers.

Page 159:

*"Let's ride on a little and talk in private," he said cooly. "Your views, O Swallow, are a little too radical to be expressed in front of witnesses"*

*She did as he asked. They rode on in silence for a long while.*

*"I'll escape from you." Ciri spoke first. "You won't keep me here against my will. I escaped from the Isle of Thanedd, I escaped from the Trappers and the Nilfgaardians, I escaped from Bonhart and Tawny Owl. And I'll escape from you. I'll find a way to outwit your witchcraft."*

*"I thought," he replied  moment later, "that you cared more about your friends. About Yennefer. And Geralt."*

*"You know about that?" she gasped in amazement. "Well, yes. True. You are The Knowing One! So you ought to know I'm thinking about. There, in my world, they're in danger now, at this moment. And yet you want to imprison me here for at least nine months!"*

*The Elf said nothing while touching her knee.*

Yep. There he goes again. Touching Ciri in every scene. We ALWAYS know where Avallac'h's hands are. We don't know much else about him, but we always know where on Ciri his hands are at any given moment.

It's rather amazing how many pages you can go on like that without ever seeing Avallac'h's name. It's no wonder people struggle to find him in the novels. Though you never get a scene without his hands on Ciri, do you?

Lore-friendly Yennefer, with her huge afro hair, and white wardrobe with black lace trim... the way she was described in the novels. ... Yennefer's afro was practically a character in the novels, it invaded every scene of her, and she always wore WHITE DRESSES with black lace trim, so why did the game and Netflix give her short, straight hair and have her dressed in all black and pants?

And yes, as you can see from that quote, Avallac'h is a manipulative bastard.

He took full advantage of how Ciri felt for her beloved Mommy Yennefer, to get a baby out of Ciri, which is where the rest of this dialogue went to.

Them arguing over Avallac'h's insatiable desire for a baby and Ciri's insatiable desire for Mommy Yennefer.

This scene is interrupted by what Ciri calls "The Song of Avallac'h" aka his signing his whale song and bird chirps at a high enough pitch to explode the brains of everyone for miles around aka it was Avallac'h in the novels, who had the ability to do the sonic scream, NOT Ciri, like the game tells you.

But, this scene is also the first time Ciri comes to realize Avallac'h has the same abilities she has, on a much, much, MUCH bigger scale, because, while she has meer, teeny, little smiggin of Elder Blood in her, Avallac'h is a full blooded Elder Blood.

And when Ciri question, why Avallac'h wants the baby, he tells her about his rescue ark and the fact that he plans to rescue everyone from her planet. She asks why she can't just use her powers to move everyone from one planet to the other herself, and Avallac'h tells her that she doesn't have 1/1,000 of Lara's powers and Lara didn't have 1/1,000 of his powers, but he believes, that if he had a baby, with a baby that was born to Ciri and Auberon, his baby, via Ciri & Auberon's baby would have the power to do so.

Also, note that Avallac'h speaks in plural 3rd person about himself, using 'we' or 'us' instead of 'I' or 'me', etc. And OMG! A scene with Avallac'h that actually says his name. Those don't happen very often. But watch his fingers go crazy because Ciri is too far away from him to touch her, in this scene.

Also he's not wearing any pants in this scene, just a lilac, lace ballgown pulled up around his waist. Ciri thought we needed to know that, so, we don't get to hear everything Avallac'h said here, because Ciri got bored with what he was saying and decided to tell us other things, like, hey did you know Avallac'h is not circumsized. We apparently needed to know that. Ciri being a lesbian and all.

Page 174:

*Ciri didn't interrupt for fear he would begin playing again.*

*"The child that matters so much to us, " continued Avallac'h, fiddling with the pipes, "the descendant and bearer of the Lara Dorren gene, the gene that was specifically constructed by us, may save the denizens of that world. We have reason to believe that the descendant of Lara - and of you, naturally - will possess abilities a thousandfold more powerful than that which we, The Knowing One, possess. And which you possess in rudimentary form. In short, it concerns the possibility of transferring between worlds not only oneself, one's own indeed insignificant person."*

Yep. He did just call Ciri insignificant. But don't worry, she's going retaliate in 5 pages. I suppose that would be WHY we needed to know Avallac'h has a foreskin? Foreshadowing that Ciri's going to cut his penis off soon?

It is made very clear, that Ciri thinks Avallac'h is trying to seduce her, and that is WHY she has moved to the other side of the boat where he can't reach touching her, and his fingers are just running all over everything in reach now, because he can't reach Ciri....

HOWEVER... it is ALSO made very clear that this is Ciri's own phobias of men in general at work here and Avallac'h has ZERO sexual attraction to Ciri at all. In spite of Ciri fans saying otherwise, there really is no evidence that Avallac'h is trying to seduce Ciri ever at all, even though we see Ciri THINK this on several occasions.

We are given plenty of evidence that Avallac'h is not mentally stable, has a serious lack of social skills, is a hermit fisherman with very little in the way of manners or etiquettes,   and is 100% hung up on Lara to the point that he doesn't really seem to be aware that there are other people around him sometimes.

We are shown very clearly, many times that Avallac'h WAS *(a long time ago)* a nobleman with high breeding and impeccable manners, and he clearly THINKS he still has good manners, BUT he has been alone for several hundred years and seems to have forgotten what exactly it is that good manners are.

The scene when Ciri meets King Auberon is a perfect example of this.

Avallac'h and Ciri arrive at the palace in Tir na Lia, and Eredin escorts them inside and, Ciri points out that the place is spotless. She wonders how many servants it must take to keep a place this big, this clean.

While Ciri is wondering this.... Avallac'h rides into the palace on his horse, tracks mud all over the clean floors, gets off his horse *(In one of the few scenes we see of him standing up)*, removes his riding gloves, and uses them to start slapping the dust off his clothes from riding on his horse all day, all over King Auberon.

Eredin tells Avallac'h he needs to take a bath, King Auberon acts terrified of the thought that anyone dares tell Avallac'h he should do anything, and Avallac'h completely ignores both of them and asks Ciri if she's had sex with King Auberon yet today, is there a baby in her ripe ovaries yet.


Avallac'h has no filters.

No manners.

No filters.


Avallac'h doesn't give two fucks what people think.

Ciri has not yet had sex with Auberon at all, starts to say Avallac'h knows that seeing how she how she only just met Auberon 5 seconds ago, and Eredin now suggests Ciri take a bath... 

...and is met with Avallac'h having a meltdown over the fact that Ciri doesn't have time to take a bath, she has a King to fuck, he needs his baby.

Eredin, embarrasses Avallac'h with talk about Ciri looking like Lara, and Ciri immediately decides she hates Eredin because she's never seen Avallac'h blush before, plus she's amazed, that OMG! Avallac'h actually shut up for 5 seconds and was at a loss for words.

This is one of the early scenes of Ciri no longer thinking of Avallac'h as her enemy and seeing him as a fellow victim, as she watches Eredin and the other elves teasing, bullying, berating, belittling, and laughing at Avallac'h. 

It is clear Avallac'h is not often at the palace, or ever even comes into the city at all.

Ciri tells the reader she feels sorry for the crazy old Elf and begins to understand why he lives separate from the others, several miles outside of the city, alone on the island in the lake. He is unloved and unwanted, outcast from Elf society.

Ciri realizes too, how very much she looks like Lara, as all the elves in the palace gather to tease Avallac'h over his having not brought Ciri to the King like he had been ordered to do, because Ciri looked like Lara.

Ciri's views on the baby begin to change here as well, with her now realizing there are 2 vastly differing motives behind these elves wanting the baby.

* King Auberon wants to use the Elder Blood

* Avallac'h, just wants his dead wife and baby back

As Ciri watches Avallac'h's expression change, describing him as blushing and embarrassed, appearing as though he wanted to run out of the palace and hide, she also points out that the other elves are mean and cruel, and seem to follow Eredin's lead. The more Eredin bullies Avallac'h, the more everyone else joins in and bullies him as well.

This is now the second time Ciri has witnessed the harsh cruelty of Eredin's bullying Avallac'h. 

It appears Avallac'h has a problem with cleanliness, and from the way Eredin's talking, it appears this NOT the first time Avallac'h waltzed into the King's palace covered in dirt, grime, and filth.

And so when we later get to the scene of Avallac'h sitting in the boat, playing a flute, and wearing a woman's ballgown, and he suddenly flings the skirt up over his shoulder, and well he's not wearing any pants... it appears Avallac'h is a bit absent minded, and possibly displaying early stages of Alzheimer's and Dementia.

He seems to be oblivious to the fact that, he should put some pants on or at least some underwear. And he seems to have a problem remembering to bath or not just pee or shit in the middle of the floor.

Avallac'h is most definitely senile and his memory is not doing good either, something we see him admit to Geralt.

Avallac'h is very, very, very old. He's the oldest Elf. His age is unknown, but he recount 2,000 years of events. And it is very clear, that he's reached a point in his life where, he's having trouble taking care of himself.

If the reader remembers here, when Geralt met Avallac'h... the house was littered with feces. Geralt had trouble finding his footing because of it and later Avallac'h started throwing it at him.

And now here, we just witnessed Avallac'h ride his horse through the front door of the king's palace, tracking mud across a spotless floor, and them himself covered with dust from horseback riding on a dirt road, had had no issues shaking the dust off himself all over everything, including the king.

It puts some perspective on Avallac'h's lack of cleanliness, and further hones in the fact that, while Avallac'h used to be a nobleman, he really has been a hermit, alone, outcast, seperated from society, for way too long.

Avallac'h is old and he's struggling to even live any form of meaningful life anymore and ageism is a thing we are seeing going down here as the younger elves bully the ancient old Elf rather then, trying to help him.

And Ciri is realizing that as she's watching this go down, and we are seeing her here, starting to form a very strong emotional bond with Avallac'h because she feels sorry for him, pities him, and looks at this as though as though she was looking at her future.

Avallac'h fleed society because of his Elder Blood, and isolated from everyone, he's gone senile and insane and, this is the turning point when Ciri steps back and looks at herself.

Like Avallac'h she has spent her life running and hiding because of her Elder Blood and if she doesn't stand up and fight back, sooner or later, this'll be her life: old, insane, outcast, and bullied.

This is what drives Ciri to wanting to go back and fight Vilgefortz.

It's WHY Avallac'h's here.

It's his whole purpose in the series: to open Ciri's eyes, to what her life is going to become if she doesn't stop running from Vilgefortz. 

This is why Avallac'h is introduced so very late in the series, just before it ends, and why as quickly as he enters the story, he's gone.

His whole purpose for the story plot, is to be the turning point that sets Ciri to finally fight back against Vilgefortz... and this is the scene that both opens her eyes and bonds her to Avallac'h claiming him as her best friend.

Eredin, is having himself a grand old time, making fun of the fact that both Avallac'h and Ciri are filthy, and, tries to hurt Avallac'h even more, by saying it's probably why Lara left him.... he continues on to joke to the elves around them, saying that Avallac'h lives in a dung heap, and Ciri is the gold nugget Avallac'h found in the manura while rooting around like a pig.

Flustered by the verbal abuse he's suddenly being subjected to, Avallac'h insists Ciri doesn't need a bath, sex is dirty anyways, she's just going to get sweating and dirty while she does it, no need to clean up first.

Eredin insists Ciri not only needs a bath,  but Avallac'h needs her to take a bath, they'll both feel better once she looks even more like Lara.

Eredin suggests Ciri wear Lara's cloths, jewelry, make up, and perfume, making jokes of the fact that EVERYONE knows Avallac'h still has all those things, and then suggests Ciri get her hair recut and styled just like Lara.

Eredin takes to bullying Avallac'h over his obsession with Lara and we see Avallac'h wanting to run away and hide, almost in tears, while Eredin continues to berate him.... and Ciri tells the reader she hates Eredin more than anyone she has ever met because of how mean he is being to Avallac'h over his undying love for Lara.

Avallac'h punches a servant girl standing beside him, then drags Ciri off to give her a bath. And apparently Avallac'h just carries Lara Dorren's panties around with him everywhere because this is also the scene where he gives them to Ciri to wear.

We don't see the bath scene, but we do see the scene of Ciri, coming out of the room after the bath, which leads to so many questions, of what the hell did Avallac'h do to Ciri in the bathtub, to get the reaction Ciri has afterwards... including the question of uhm... the panties... and hands... always hands.

Ciri has her hands in her panties, when she is coming out of the bathroom, and, she tells you why.... because not even Mistle could do that...

Uhm... so... does Ciri still NEED to go have sex with Auberon after uh... THAT?

Avallac'h has gentle hands, just like Mistel, and gives Ciri better orgams then Mistle did.

Uh... okay.

There was a scene back in Tower of Swallows where Avallac'h told Geralt he knew how to fondle a woman's ovaries from the inside and give her mind blowing orgams. 

While being asexual and a virgin, living a celibate lifestyle, he did also brag that he has the ability to get females addicted to him simply by touching them.

According to Avallac'h, the female ovaries are the key to female orgasms.

Avallac'h just like saying the word ovaries as many times as possible.

One can only assume, we were told he could do this as foreshadowing to this bathtub scene.

You know, when I counted the times Ciri and Avallac'h are in sexual situations together... I forgot to count them taking a bath together and Ciri coming out of the bathroom with that comment about Avallac'h's hands and how good he is at putting Lara's panties on her.

Should we increase the number to 23?

I think we should.

And while I'm typing this up, I see page 177 and the line comparing King Auberon to Avallac'h vs Mistle: *"She closed her eyes and imagined it was Mistle. But she was unable to. For he was so unlike Mistle."*

Poor Auberon, ya just ain't doing it right... you need to get advice from Avallac'h because, boy does he know how to give Ciri the best orgasms she ever had, way better than Mistle... and... uhm... I wish we knew what Avallac'h had done when he gave Ciri a bath that left her coming out of the bathroom hungover from mind blowing orgasms.

I pity any Ciri fan who has to bleach their brain after Avallac'h in a bathtub with Ciri.

Uhm... I don't think I can quote the part comparing King Auberon to Avallac'h on Twitch... the short of it is, Ciri went from not being able to get excited over being in bed with Auberon, because he wasn't enough like Mistle, so she started thinking about how much Avallac'h's hands were like Mistel's hands back there when she was in the bathtub with Avallac'h, and... well we all know where Mistle's hands went...uhm... did I mention this was page 177?

I am so amazed that a lesbian can have so much orgasm all over the king's bed while thinking about a male Elf with gentle hands giving her a bath.

Apparently Avallac'h is so good with his gentle hands, that he doesn't even need to be in the room with her anymore.

How do readers call this lesbian literature or Ciri being a lesbian? Yes, I can see so much lesbianism on the sheets there.

And the bath was 8 weeks ago by this scene.

Damn. That was some bath Avallac'h gave Ciri wasn't it?

Yep. Good little lesbian Ciri, really wants Avallac'h a hell of a lot here, so much so, that she's about to run screaming from Abueron's bed, all the way to Avallac'h's bed, screaming: "AUBERON WON'T GIVE ME AN ORGASM!"

Turn page... oh look where we are...

Page 179, might as well quote it, while I've got the book out:

*"Well? Won't you sacrifice yourself? I've got Lara's eyes!"*

And then there's...

*"Avallac'h's face was as lifeless as a stone statue"*

Ouch. Poor Avallac'h. He had a hard time of it there.

And hey, since Ciri fans love to misquote it in my chat... here's this line:

*His hands shot towards her neck like snakes and squeezed like steel pincers. She understood that if he wanted to, he could have throttled her like a fledgling*

^^^His hands were on Ciri again.

*"You are not the daughter of Lara. You are the daughter of Cregennan. You are a thoughtless, arrogant, selfish Dh'oine, a simply perfect representation of your race, who understands nothing, and must ruin and destroy, besmirch by touch alone, denigrate and defile by thought alone. Your ancestor stole my love from me. Took her away from me. Selfishly and arrogantly took Lara from me. But I shall not permit you, O his worthy daughter, to take the memory of her from me."*

Yep. Nothing pisses off Ciri fans worse than THAT scene does it? Of course, most people ignore not only his words there, but also the fact that Ciri just raped him and castrated him. All they see is that he hit her and completely ignore WHY he hit her.

The Knowing One. Sees all. Hears all. Was too busy worshipping at the feet of a statue of Lara, to see or hear his attacker sneak up on him.

But where was we?

Page 179 always distracts me. Poor Avallac'h. He needs a hug.

Avallac'h hates that he has Elder Blood. He hates his powers. He wants to be rid of them. It's why he spends most of his days on a boat, on the lake, fishing - trying to block out the thoughts of everyone and just hear the sound of the waves.

And when you know this information about him, you suddenly realize how laughably stupid it was for the game developers to create the fan fiction that Avallac'h was a scientists studying Elder Blood and trying to create a version of the gene that did not include a Human line.

He fucking didn't NEED to try to create a version of the gene without a Human line, because he HAS ELDER BLOOD HIMSELF and is the LAST PURE BLOODED ELF!!!!!!

The inconsistencies between the game and the novels annoy me.

Chapter 5 head hops on insane levels, with Geralt telling this sentence to Regis in a Skellige blizzard and Ciri telling the next sentence to Avallac'h in an eternally blooming apple orchard.

The head hopping quickly turns to bed hopping, with slurred drunk sentences running on for miles without periods, as Ciri is jumping into King Auberon's red silk covered bed at the start of the sentence and waking up in Avallac'h's mink and fox covered bed of furs at the end of the sentence, and too hungover from fisstech/cocaine to know how she got from Auberon's bed to Avallac'h's bed or what happened in between.  

Uhm... yes, Avallac'h, please tell us what happened in between. Everyone really wants to know.

We are never told.

Although, while many readers, vocally speculate in my chat, that Avallac'h raped Ciri during these missing scenes... we know he didn't, precisely because Ciri points out with great disappointment, that no one had had sex with her while she was passed out.

Ciri expresses deep disappointment in no male Elf having had sex with her.

The bed hopping scene spirals on and on and on and on in an endlessly repetitive Groundhog Day style loop.

The bulk of Avallac'h's scenes are in chapter 5 of The Lady of the Lake, and Ciri's psycho crazed bed hopping scene being the bulk of the time you are going to see Avallac'h. 

Avallac'h is the giant serpent seen briefly in the same chapter, and is the Time Lord Mirror Mage controlling time, also seen in this chapter.

And then there are 2 scenes, where Avallac'h.... I have no clue... Ciri can't find Avallac'h, which, is, just OMG! He's actually not touching her for 5 seconds, how the hell did that happen? So she goes looking for him... and she finds him, running naked through a field, by the lake, playing a magic flute, while a herd of naked she-elves wearing nothing but gold glitter body paint, running after him, throwing their panties at him.

What the fuck?

And Ciri's response, the FIRST time we are shown this is: "Well, there goes Avallac'h and his gilded women again."


What do you mean... again? How often does he do this?

Is this his daily jog around the lake? What even is this scene?

You know... BEFORE this scene happens, we are also told he's near crippled, can't walk on his own, never gets off his horse because he's so extremely elderly that he can barely stand up, has a crew of 6 Knockers who carry him in a litter chair when he's not on his horse.... and now he's running through a field naked?

How? and Why?

Me thinks Avallac'h might be a tad bit senile.

Also in this chapter Avallac'h, NOT Eredin, is seen as "the King of the Wild Hunt" and The Wild Hunt, is a group of 5 female strip dancer wraiths, who help Avallac'h go to human world each night to kill abortion bitches and rescue their would have been killed babies. Ciri is told this story by Eredin, and Avallac'h tries to kill Eredin when he wakes up and hears Ededin saying this.

Ciri later finds the bodies of the dead women in a ravine behind Avallac'h's lab, and describes it as a massive sea of tens of thousands of bodies - all human.

In every single scene of Avallac'h and Ciri together, you are told where Avallac'h's hands are... he never stops touching Ciri. 

* Hugging Ciri. 

* Embracing Ciri. 

* Cuddling Ciri. 

* Nuzzling Ciri. 

* Kissing Ciri. 

* Squeezing Ciri's knee.

* Rubbing Ciri's thigh. 

* In Ciri's silver lace thong panties... 

Avallac'h gave her the silver lace thong panties. They used to belong to Lara Dorren.


Do you recall, 4 different times in the game, Ciri telling Geralt "Avallac'h's a good tutor". Each time implying he was teaching her magic and how to control her abilities.

There is only ever one scene in the novels of Avallac'h teaching Ciri anything: How to talk like Lara Dorren, how to wear Lara Dorren's cloths, and how to touch herself through the silver lace thong panties like Lara Dorren used to do for him... it's part of the beach scene that we around here, tend ignore and pretend didn't happen.

Oh, yeah, yeah, Avallac'h is a GREEEEEEAT tutor. Well, THAT ended well didn't it? Everyone almost died from Unicorns attacking.

Yeah, there are 2 rape scenes with Ciri and Avallac'h. We try to ignore the first one, but yeah, there it is.

When you get right down to it, all Ciri cares about is Avallac'h's gentle hands, that's why you never get told much else about him.

90% of the scenes with Avallac'h are simply Ciri monologuing memories of her childhood, interrupted by one sentence telling you where the Elf's hand is now.... 

* Avallac'h is "the Elf with gentle hands" who sits there quietly touching Ciri while listening to her talk. And **THAT IS HIS PRIMARY ROLE** in the novels.

NOTE: There are TWO Elves who do this. King Auberon is ALSO frequently seen touching Ciri. King Auberon is *"the Elf whose hands were NOT gentle like Mistel's"*

Mistle was a 40 year old pedophile who was prone to sexually abuse and molest 10 year old Ciri.

Ciri suffers from server Stockholm Syndrome after Mistle is murdered and judges everyone based on how similar or dissimilar their hands are to Mistel's hands.

After Mistle's death, Ciri became obsessed with finding someone who could touch her like Mistle did. Avallac'h fit the bill and that's the only real reason she liked having him around. She liked pretending he was Mistle while he liked pretending she was Lara Dorren.

Ciri frequently tried to pretend King Auberon was Mistle as well, but he didn't have gentle hands like Mistle did, so she kept running back to Avallac'h, while screaming at the top of her lungs, "AUBERON WON'T GIVE ME AN ORGASM!"

* Avallac'h is *"the Elf with gentle hands like Mistel"*

*  while King Auberon is *"the Elf with rough hands who is nothing like Mistle."* 

Both Elves were prone to touching Ciri while she talked. 

* Avallac'h she enjoyed, 

* Auberon she didn't. 

* Auberon did not give her orgams. 

* Avallac'h did.

The bulk of Ciri's interactions with Avallac'h, are her having a lesbian in crisis sexual awakening for how much she can't stop lusting after male Elves, who are more then happy to touch her all day long.

It's full on "OMG! I'm a lesbian, what am I doing! OMG! There's a penis, I can't stop drooling over it. I better cut it off and prove how lesbian I am."... uhm... Ciri's scary. No man in their right mind should get near her.

And where did Avallac'h's pants go? What the hell was that scene? There is a scene of Avallac'h talking, we don't know what he's saying, because he's not wearing any pants. He's wearing a lilac, lace ballgown, a she-elf dress, with the skirt hiked up around his waist, and Ciri is too distracted to hear a word he is saying, because OMG that's the biggest penis she's ever seen.

Avallac'h has one very long monologue for 7 pages, on the only boat ride with actually see him and Ciri take. We are told they spend most of their days together on a boat either in the lake or in the river, but this is the only time we see it happen. This is the longest scene with Avallac'h.

Page 179 happens right after that.

And here is the last time we see Avallac'h as Avallac'h, the next time we see him, he is The Fisher King....

and as this panel is very long.... I'm going to put the rest of this answer,  in the next panel below....

the panel titled:

#Part 2: The Fisher King - So, I'm reading the books. Where do I find Avallac'h?

Character size discrepancies and other inconsistencies from the novels vs the games.

Caranthir, at 11 feet tall, is the tallest character in the game and makes even Ge'els look small.

Interestingly, he is as tall as we were told Avallac'h was in the novels.

Consistency was not Andrzej Sapkowski's strong suit and he could not remember from one chapter to the next, what details he had previously written about a character and couldn't be bothered to turn back a page to see if he told the reader this character had blue eyes 1 page ago, or green eyes, so, why not let's say brown eyes on this page, fuck the reader, fuck consistency...

...the end result is in chapter 7 of Tower of Swallows we are told that Avallac'h is 7'3" (221cm) tall and in chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake we are told Avallac'h is 11'9" (359cm) tall. 

Either way... Avallac'h is fucking tall, taller than any other character, and Avallac'h in the novels was taller then the Ice Giant in the game... so why the hell is he only 5'6" (167cm) tall in the game?

Also, Avallac'h is very skinny in the game and... in the novels, from a distance, Geralt mistook him for Dijkstra, who was a whale waisted bluberous beer bellied mega-obese fat dude.

Geralt tells us that Avallac'h has the same overweight profile, 7'3" height, and dead left leg dragging limping gait as Dijkstra.

Before becoming The Fisher King, who was skeletal, and starving to death, there is no evidence that pre-Fisher King Avallac'h was skinny, in fact, there is much evidence to exactly the opposite, with all evidence pointing to him being very overweight, to the point that he was too fat to walk on his own. 

We are told Avallac'h could not walk and road around on a litter chair that was carried by 6 Knockers (giant mountain trolls) as they were the only monsters both big enough and strong enough to lift the giant Elf.

Avallac'h in the novels was like Dale The Whale from Monk.

Heck... evidence indicates Avallac'h was nearly as fat as Ciri, and Ciri in the novels was such a hugely overweight obese blubber butt that she made Jabba the Hutt and Dale the Whale both look like super skinny supermodel... why the heck is Ciri so skinny in the game, when you could fit 100+ game Ciris in just one of gluttonous blob, blubber packing novel Ciri's thunder thighs?

I deeply dislike that the novels gives use a hugely obese female main character, in a world where female main characters are unrealistically Barbie thin, and than the game, instead of making Ciri her BBW weight, turns her into a mega skinny Barbie doll.


Back to Avallac'h...

Geralt meets Avallac'h, and at the time, Lara Dorren has been dead 200 years. Avallac'h came through a portal to Geralt's world in this scene.

2 days later, Ciri falls into a different portal and lands on Avallac'h in his world.

Avallac'h tells Ciri that 400 years have passed since he talked to Geralt, even though for Ciri, it's only been 2 hours.

Ciri, lives with Avallac'h for 8 years, before they together move in with King Auberon and live with him several more years.

21 years go by, while Ciri is living with Avallac'h.

When Ciri finds and jumps through yet another portal, escaping Avallac'h and returning back home to Mommy Yennefer, only 3 hours have gone by for Geralt and Yennefer, even though for Ciri 21 years went by.... interestingly Ciri is still only 12 years old, even though in Avallac'h's world 21 years passed.

2 years pass in Geralt's world, and Ciri now 14 goes through yet another portal and find herself yet again in Avallac'h's world, but the world is now a dead desolate desert wasteland, and Avallac'h, now The Fisher King, has been living alone, the last survivor of his world, for 1,000 years.

3 hours in Geralt's world = 21 years on Avallac'h's world

2 days in Geralt's world = 400 years in Avallac'h's world

2 years in Geralt's world = 1,000 years in Avallac'h's world

Yet another inconsistency we see in the novels, but after the previous tens of thousands of inconsistencies in the novels, who's counting any more. Those numbers don't add up in terms of real world math, but those are the numbers the novels give us for the difference in passage of time from Geralt's world to Avallac'h's world.

Yet another inconsistency with Avallac'h is we are told that he is dead, and is a wraith who guards Lara Dorren tomb, that after he buried his beloved murdered wife and her Human lover in a single gave, that he laid down on top of the grave, too distraught to do anything and starved himself to death. 

Barely 4 pages earlier we were told he has a phobia of swords and vampires, because he is severely anemic, after spending 700 years draining his blood to clone himself creating Lara Dorren.

Avallac'h makes Geralt leave his sword outside, and while refusing to allow the vampire Regis in his cave at all.

Both of these things Avallac'h does out of fear he'll bleed to death if he gets hurt, because he's very anemic.

We are told he's dead and a wraith, and we are also told he is weak and terrified of dying and becoming a wraith, only 3 pages apart from each other. Either the author has some serious short term memories issues, those back to back pages were written very far apart, or Avallac'h is unaware he's dead.

And then, the next time we see him, it's 400 years later and he seems to be alive and sort of well. Avallac'h's being dead and/or being a wraith, is completely ignored and treated as though the author never told us this fact about him earlier.

In any case, each time we see Avallac'h in the novels, only minutes/hours/days have gone by for Geralt and Ciri, while 100s, somethime thousands of years have gone by for Avallac'h, so we see Avallac'h progressively older and his health ever more drastically deteriorated, each time we see him.

When Geralt first meets him, Avallac'h is alone, and while dragging his left leg, he is still self-mobile and able to get around on some limited basis, though we do meet the Knockers (mountain trolls) carrying the litter in this scene, indicating his mobility is getting bad at this point. Here Geralt compares Avallac'h to being near the same size, height, and weight as Dijkstra, who we know to be extremely obese on dangerously unhealthy levels.

2 days later when Ciri meets him, and 400 years have passed for Avallac'h, we now see him no longer walking, now never alone, now always with 5 women who hold him and help him walk, on the few occasions he gets off his horse, with him rarely getting off his horse, even in the house.

At this point Ciri tells us he is very lazy, never does anything on his own, relying heavily on the 5 women to do everything for him, and gives several descriptions that indicate he is too fat to do much, which is contributing to his inability to walk.

2 years for Ciri and 1,000 years for Avallac'h later, when we meet him as The Fisher King, Avallac'h is now alone, his wives, knockers, and horse have all died, he is paralyzed dragging himself on the ground with his hands on his belly, and living on a rowboat in the lake because he can still swim, but has no ability to walk any more. He is also now very skinny, very skeletal, and appears to be starving to death.

The worst inconsistency in the novels though, is what fuck race is Yennefer? First time we meet her we are told she is a pixie and bears no resemblance to a Human at all. Later we are told she is a grave hag disguised in the form of a beautiful sorceress. And still later we are told, she IS a sorceress, part Human and 1/4 Elf.

We are also told she is 15 years old when Geralt started fucking her, several years after she ran away from her father. Than later we are told she was 83 years old when she finally escaped her father, before meeting Geralt.

Uhm... ? ? ?

I hate inconsistencies. It's bad enough when a game or movie or TV show can't be consistent with the original novels, but you expect that sort of "artistic liberties" in a re-visioning of the original work, but damn, you'd at least expect the author to be consistent from one page to the next within the novels.

Part 2: The Fisher King - So, I'm reading the books. Where do I find Avallac'h?

#Part 2: The Fisher King - So, I'm reading the books. Where do I find Avallac'h?

* After becoming mute, castrated by Ciri, and crippled Avallac'h goes into hiding and takes on a Human form and from then onward is referred to as "The Fisher King".

The rape scene on page 179 and 180 is the last time Avallac'h has a speaking role. He goes mute on page 180.

The Fisher King as he appeared in the games. Witcher 1 and Witcher 3.

Avallac'h is next seen briefly appearing several times here and there throughout the rest of the chapters of Lady of the Lake, until the end of the series, described as "the funny old fisherman who lives on the rowboat in the lake".

Now mute, crippled, and dubbed "The Fisher King" he never talks in these scenes and uses only hand gestures to communicate.

Avallac'h's hands are now more important than ever, as he now speaks with sign language.

The Fisher King shakes Ciri to her core and changes her.

The vile, evil, promiscuous, brutal, violent, drunk, crackhead, smash and trash, rapist bitch, FINALLY has her eyes opened to what an evil piece of shit, she really is, when Ciri meets The Fisher King and realizes, OMG, this is Avallac'h, what have I done to him?

As The Fisher King, what little sanity Avallac'h had left, is now completely gone.

He struggled to take care of himself before, but he doesn't take care of himself at all now.

The Fisher King is wild, feral, lives on a rowboat in the Lake, eats raw fish and rats, hasn't bathed in years beyond swimming in the lake, hasn't changed his cloths in years either. 

Still in shock from Ciri having raped and castrated him.

Mentally and emotionally crushed after the only friend he ever had turned on him, and then jumped on a Unicorn and left him behind when all hell broke loose after King Auberon died and Eredin set his Red Riders on Ciri and Avallac'h.

We don't know what Eredin and his Red Riders did to Avallac'h, but we know how Ciri left Avallac'h... with both his legs broken, bleeding to death from being castrated, with no way to escape Eredin's Red Riders, when Ciri herself fled, leaving him behind.

Avallac'h was seen as a traitor: he tried to keep Ciri instead of giving her to King Auberon like he was supposed to, and Auberon died from poisoned fisstech that Avallac'h had made.

Accused of murdering the king over his love for a stupid Human, Avallac'h was now not only a traitor but a regicide. 

Ciri found the king dying, a few hours after she raped Avallac'h, and assumed that Eredin had killed the king, framed Avallac'h and would now kill Avallac'h as well.

In panic Ciri sets off to get Avallac'h, intending to get him out of Tir na Lia before Eredin killed him as well.

Eredin however chases Ciri and traps her at the edge of a giant river, where sits docked, Avallac'h's river boat, the pink one made out of cotton candy.

Forgetting the boat has no sails and no oars, and is flown over the top of the water, by use of Avallac'h's magic flute, which he always has tied to his belt, Ciri jumps on the boat, expecting to fly it away, only remembering the flute, after Eredin boards the boat with her.

Ederin and Avallac'h are the same height, making Eredin somewhere around 11 feet (335cm) tall, but unlike Avallac'h who is elderly and in failing health, Eredin is a captain of the royal guards, young and very strong.

Ciri knows immediately the error of getting on the boat, because now she is trapped.

Geralt in Witcher 1, in the Fisher King's house, watching him sleep

Remembering how fast she was able take down Avallac'h hours earlier, in spite of his massively huge size, Ciri pulls out her sword and we see a repeat of page 179, as Ciri dives behind Eredin and drives her sword through the backs of his knees... breaking both of his legs as well.

Planning to now jump off the boat, Ciri is surprised when we see the last spell Avallac'h casts, as the boat suddenly takes flight high over the river, and towards a stone bridge. Eredin now enraged by his injuries, is ready to kill, rather then capture Ciri, and stands up just in time to be knocked and knocked off the boat by the stone bridge.

And the huge massive barrier that Avallac'h kept up around the ciy to keep out monsters and unicorns, suddenly comes crashing down as a portal opens in front of the boat.... a portal straight back to Yennefer... with no time passed, exactly as Avallac'h had promised to do.

Starry Eyes, seeing the barrier come down, immediately intercepts the boat, pulls Ciri from it and jumps through the portal carrying Ciri.

The Fisher King and Dandelion, in Witcher 1, rescuing Geralt from the Knights of the Flaming Rose

Eredin sent the Red Riders to capture both Ciri and Avallac'h. 

Ciri escaped. 

Avallac'h did not. 

And what we see now, is the result.

While only 2 years have passed for Ciri, it's been centuries for Avallac'h. He's been alone on this lake, for a very long time now.

Ciri was 12 years old when she lived with Avallac'h, and though she lived with him for 8 years, when she returned home to Mommy Yennefer, only 3 days had gone by.

Now it is 2 years later, Ciri is now 14 years old, but for every year gone by in her world, 500 years have gone by in Avallac'h's world, so Avallac'h is now 1,000 years older, then when last she saw him.

Avallac'h, as The Fisher King an empty, hollow shadow of what he once was.

The Fisher King can not talk, can not walk. He crawls on the ground, dragging himself on his belly with his hands. Those hands we saw described so often.

It is clear Avallac'h has been tortured, for his injuries now are far worse then one Ciri left him with. The Aen Elle elves did not execute the one accused of murdering their king. Instead they kept him alive and tortured him. His mind is gone. There is no recognition of anyone in his eyes. 

Avallac'h's soft gentle hands that Ciri loved so much, are now broken, twisted, scarred, calloused, blistered, and bleeding from years of being used to pull himself along the ground.

The Fisher King's house in Witcher 1

The Fisher King's mind is as broken as his body.

And Ciri's mind is left reeling with the guilt of "I did this to him"

We have watched, for 8 volumes, 4,000+ pages of novel, as vile, evil, promiscuous, brutal, violent, drunk, crackhead, smash and trash, rapist bitch Ciri has beaten, murdered, brutalized, raped, and whored her ass through this huge massive story, without ever giving care or thought to her actions. 

Her blood lust has been insatiable. 

Her crazed sex crimes have been monumental. 

Ciri has left thousands of dead bodies in her wake, hundreds of slaughtered innocent babies and children in every town she walked through, dozens of brutally raped and castrated men in her path, and she never batted an eye, never felt guilt, no compassion, no remorse, no emotions at all.

Like the Terminator cyborg, Ciri kills without thought. She destroys everyone she meets.

What Ciri did to Avallac'h, we've seen her do a thousand times now.

The only difference here, is Avallac'h was her friend, and was the only person in her life, who truly cared about her and would have given his life to protect her. 

We can't even say that about Geralt or Yennefer, who while they cared about Ciri, they had their own agendas.

And Ciri knows this.

Geralt, in Witcher 1, stealing The Fisher King's boat

Avallac'h alone truly loved her.

Avallac'h alone was her true friend.

Avallac'h alone never would have hurt her.

Avallac'h alone would have willingly died for her.

And she in her cruel, selfish, vile, evil, sex crazed violence, turned on him for no reason and destroyed him.

And for the first time in her life, Ciri feels regret, guilt, remorse, and sees herself the way the rest of the universe sees her: as the vile, evil, promiscuous, brutal, violent, drunk, crackhead, smash and trash, rapist bitch, monster she really is.

Ciri FINALLY has her eyes opened to why people hate her, why people fear her, why people hunt her... when she meets The Fisher King, and sees what has become of Avallac'h, the man who was once her dear friend and is now this mute, crippled, homeless, destitute, hermit, living like a wild animal, no longer able to function in society on any level at all.

And when you get to that point, you are just 8 pages from the end of the novels, and the biggest twist ending you never expected coming, when everyone dies, and Ciri learns once and for all, she has no magic powers, no super abilities... 

Her Elder Blood, turns out it really was exactly what Avallac'h said it was: Ciri was the last fertile female in a society that had completely gone sterile. No magic. No powers. Just plump, ripe ovaries.

The Fisher King in Witcher 3, sleeping under the bushes beside the lake... as he did in the novels... Witcher 1 was very inaccurate in giving him a house on the lake, the games devs corrected this in Witcher 3, making him homeless like he was in the novels.

And this revelation, devastates her.... because Mommy Yennefer is dead, a pitchfork through her back, her arms wrapped around Geralt, who is also dead, the very same pitchfork through his heart, and Ciri, can't resurrect them. Can't bring them back to life.

While dear old Starry Eyes, the grand deceiver himself, not so good as he made himself out to be all these years, stands over Ciri, and tells her, you never had any powers, Elder Blood doesn't give you magic abilities. It just means you're the last female who can have a baby.

*(Did you know Starry Eyes is the English translation of the Jewish name: Lucifer? And Starry Eyes a reader beloved character, hailed by many as the BESt character of the franchise, is in fact Satan and has been the one steering Ciri into harms way this entire time.)*

And then Ciri remembers, there is a place, a mage, with the ability to create massive illusions, he built, once upon a time, and entire world for Ciri to live in. A place where she was safe from harm, protected, care for, and loved.... Avalon... 

The Elder God from whom all Elder Blood flows... he's still alive, crippled, mute, his mind broken, but she knows in her heart, he still loves her, he always will, and he'll do anything for her.... even rebuild the fantasy illusional world of Avalon, so Mommy Yennefer and Geralt, can live again, forever, in the field where the apple orchards always bloom and the unicorns run free.

Geralt wakes up, Yennefer waking up beside him, in a field of apple blossoms and unicorns, under the shadow of the Tower of the Swallow,  and the last thing he sees, is the Mists of Avalon closing in around the Lake as Ciri on a boat with The Fisher King, disappears forever to the Isle of Avallac'h in the Lake of Avalon.

The End.

Followed by a 1 page epilogue, which tells you that 10,500 years have passed and Ciri, now the wife of The Fisher King, has lived in eternal bliss, but that bliss has just been interrupted by the arrival of Sir Galahad, come from Camelot, with a request for The Lady of the Lake to meet with King Arthur.

Ciri insists she is not The Lady of the Lake, for when she was a child, The Lady of the Lake, her husband The Fisher King, and Sir Galahad a knight from Camelot visited her and told her of her future...

As Ciri says these words, she looks down at her hand and is stunned to realize her skin has turned green, and shimmers with blue fish scales and fish fins. She has turned into a Dryad, and she didn't know it.

And then it dawns on her: this is Sir Galahad and she is married to The Fisher King... OMG! I really am The Lady of the Lake.... and today is the day, I'm going back in time to visit the child version of myself.

The last line, of the last page, ends with Ciri, as vile, evil, and unrepentant as ever, plotting to rape and kill the sinless virgin knight Sir Galahad in Mistel's name and honour.

And there you have it, every single last Avallac'h scene in the WITCHER novels where to find them.

Told you there wasn't much.

Avallac'h's story is very, very sad. He loved more than anyone and was never loved in return. Life was very cruel to him.

No one ever loved him, and that's the only thing he ever wanted.

He is by far, the saddest, loneliest character of the Witcher franchise.

The story behind his character is heartbreaking.

There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved in return. Those are the words painted on the side of my car.

To find MORE info, more stories, more retellings of Avallac'h you need to look into books by Brian Froud, T. H. White, Howard Pyle, William Shakespeare, Marion Zimmer Bradley, or Sir Walter Scott or that movie starring Robin Williams or the Indiana Jones movie with Sean Connery in it and the cartoon Quest For Camelot, all feature Avallac'h/The Fisher King as a character .... all of which pre-date The Witcher novels by quite a lot.

Keep in mind Andrzej Sapkowski DID NOT create either Avallac'h or Ciri, both characters can be found in classic literature many, many hundreds of years old.

And as I've said many times before.... not everything on my profile about Avallac'h comes from either The Witcher novels or the Witcher games. I've been studying the history of this character for 50+ years now. He's been around in fairy tales and folklore for a very long time.

What you see in THIS panel that you just read, is ALL that comes from the Witcher novels.

Avallac'h is a very minor character in the Witcher novels, who appears in the Witcher novels as little more than an Easter Egg homage to his character in folklore.

You got a zoo traveling with you... what's that all about? 

It annoyed me that Avallac'h's caravan of monsters and nude women, which he was never seen without in the novels, was not in the game with him.

Avallac'h and a pet Drowner

The game leaves you thinking Avallac'h and Ciri traveled the universe alone the 21 years they lived together.... the novels, Avallac'h was a Gypsy King and traveled with a massive caravan, described as including his harem of hundreds of wives, hundreds of female human slaves, and a team of hundreds of monster bodyguards including barbagazi, echinops, vampirodes, and others....

...they herded with them a herd of horses and several dozen enslaved unicorns.

When Ciri was living and traveling with Avallac'h, she was living in a caravan that consisted of multiple THOUSAND members.

The game DRAMATICALLY changed Avallac'h's personality by not including his group with him.... and leaves players thinking Ciri was alone with him, when she was in fact one of his many "pets".

He classified Ciri as his favourite pet, assigned 5 of his nude she-elf warriors to guard her, and took Ciri out on daily walks like a dog.

My Avallac'h Playthrough is lore-friendly to the novels Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake, and set in the time period when Ciri was living with Avallac'h and traveling with him, thus you see me bringing into the game, various monsters, pets, and women from his caravan.

The only time Avallac'h being royalty is mentioned in the games, is in Witcher 1, when Ciri as The Lady of the Lake, tells you the story of The Fisher King who guards and protects her.

Ciri IS The Lady of the Lake, by the way... and the Hermit/Fisher King who guards her is Avallac'h. Witcher 3 never tells you and assumed you read the novels (and played Witcher 1) to know this.

Though the novels described Avallac'h wearing a serpent brooch, I opted to make the blue scarab beetle brooch from the game instead.

Though the novels described Avallac'h wearing a serpent brooch, I opted to make the blue scarab beetle brooch from the game instead.

I made it from FIMO, Super Sculpey, and a real Howlite gemstone dyed turquoise.

As of June 2020... I am currently sewing the red silk robes and fox fur coat that Avallac'h was described wearing in the novels.... I will likely make the serpent broach to wear with this version of his CosPlay.

The fur coat is the most difficult and most expensive part of The Avallac'h CosPlay to make as, at minimum it will take no fewer then 75 fox pelts to make it and as there are no furriers in America, I have to outsource to fox farms in Russia to get the pelts, and the cheapest pelts I have found run at $275 per fox skin.... meaning the fur coat will run at MINIMUM: $20,000 to make.

Once Avallac'h's fox fur coat is finished, The Avallac'h CosPlay will beat the Quaraun CosPlay becoming my most expensive CosPlay to make ever *(The Quaraun CosPlay cost $12,000 to make, and right now, before making the fox fur coat, The Avallac'h CosPlay has already run over $5,000 to make thus far)*

As I have have about half the pelts needed to sew the coat, I have started the construction of Avallac'h's fur coat, and CosPlay sewing streams have returned. Since January, my regular game stream schedule has been intermittently interrupted by CosPlay sewing streams *(see my VODs for the ones we've already done)*.

As the fox pelts are too expensive to order all at once, they are arriving in multiple smaller shipments throughout the year and, around late August or September 2020, they should have all arrived and we will once again be switching over to CosPlay sewing streams daily, as the full construction of the fox fur coat gets underway.

As leather and fur are a tedious difficult material to work with, it may take several months of daily 8 hour streams before the coat is finished.

Fortunately I have ordered the pelts with the heads and legs removed, but tail intact, so we will be able to jump right into sewing the coat without having to deal with processing the pelts first.

The arm bracers of the Avallac'h CosPlay... 

The arm bracers of the Avallac'h CosPlay... match the descriptions from the novels, and not what was seen in the game.

In the novels, Avallac'h was an archer, his ONLY weapon a crossbow, and wore leather archery bracers, NOT metal sword fighting bracers like shown in the game.

He was also a poet and carried on him, quill, ink, and scrolls *(seen in the brace above)*. This one is also engraved with lines of poetry written in calligraphy and carved directly into the leather.

Each of his bracers are different *(see the other photos on my profile)*

The other bracer, has real world alchemy charts and symbols carved into it, and holds trows of tiny glass potion bottles.

Both bracers are made out of real Bison hide/leather, same as they were in the novels.

The bracers were custom made for me by a SteamPunk Leather Armorer in Quebec.

Each bracer cost $175 to have made, making it $350  for the pair *(this number does not include international shipping, customs, etc)*

UPDATE: ...June 28, 2020:... The New Mask For The Avallac'h CosPlay!!!

I will soon have a new mask for my Avallac'h CosPlay. I found a jeweler to make me a much better one. Here are the photos she sent me of the finished mask... now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive! *(The girl who made it for me is in Moscow)*

It is made out of silver and crystal, is handwoven metal, chain, and beads, and cost $383


**UPDATE: July 19, 2020:**

I have received a notification from the post office. My package has arrived in the United States and is currently in 14 day quarantine in a distribution center in New York. Along with an apology for the delay, pointing out that all deliveries in and out of New York are put into quarantine because of Covid-19.

Avallac'h's mask as seen on Witcher 3

When people meet me in public and ask me if I'm CosPlaying Avallac'h, I always tell them:

#"Nope, I'm CosPlaying the psychotic fangirl who kidnapped him, locked him in her dungeon, and stole his clothes. He's mine and I'm not letting him go. He's down there with Lord Sesshomaru, Prof. Snape, and Scrooge McDuck."


*IMAGE: I wish they had put Avallac'h's yellow concept art outfit in the game. It is my favorite version of him to CosPlay*

Part of the reason I like CosPlaying Avallac'h is because I wear hijab and veils and there are very few CosPlays which can easily have a hijab or veil incorporated into them. However, Avallach himself being a deeply religious and moral character who usually keeps his head covered with a prayer shawl, scarf, or hood means I don't have to go without my head covered to CosPlay him.

The Covid-19 Mod put masks on Ciri and the elves, and turned our travel companions into Plague Doctors

Fast travel.... that thing we refuse to use...

I am continually amazed by the things viewers find to bitch about.

Fast travel is one of the top 5 most bitched about complaints with my Avallac'h playthrough.

Run, jog, and sprint are all removed from the game.

Walk speed was decreased. Slow walk speed was decreased. Injured walk speed was decreased.

We walk everywhere.

But our walk speed is as slow as the game's vanilla "slow walk" speed.

On top of that, we do not use Fast Travel... so when I say we walk everywhere, I mean, we walk everywhere.

Horse travel, boat travel, and swimming are used, though we rarely use the boat and are prone to swim.

We are prone to swim, more then walk, frequently swimming our way around Skellige or Novigrad or Velen or White Orchard for no reason at all, other then I felt like taking a swim around the map that day.

While the horse has 5 speeds, walk, trot, run, galop, and cantor, we rarely use trot, run, gallop, or cantor, favoring walk.

Walking through forests fields, and meadows is a long slow hike, that is slowed even more by the fact that we stop to pick every single last flower in the game and loot every single last loot item we find.

Horseback riding is likewise, interrupted by flower picking as we ride a few feet, get off our horse to pick flowers, ride a few more feet, dismount to pick more flowers, and that is what 90% of my streams are.

All of this causes some of the most pissed of, toxic, hate filled, infuriated fits of rage posted in my chat.

I find myself baffled and confused by the hate that our lack of using fast travel and walking everywhere attracts.

Nor do I see the point of why so many people, waste so much time and energy posting such horrible, hate filled posts over the fact that I play the game in a way that they find "wrong".

If how I play the game upsets you so much, it's a simple matter to either go watch someone else play the game in a way you do like or just play the game yourself.

FAQs: You know you can meditate anywhere, right?

FAQs: You know you can meditate anywhere, right?

You know I'm on my 11th playthrough, right?

I find this one to be rather laughable, especially considering the fact I'm on my 11th playthrough here with the 2nd Avallac'h playthrough.

But this has become such a common question/statement that, I suppose an answer is necessary?

Yes, you can meditate any time, any place, even in the middle of a busy city road, during combat, or beside monster nests.

But this irritates and annoys me to no end, every time I see someone do it in their game. 

*The Lindenvale Blacksmith, can be seen asleep in his bed, while Avallac'h meditates on the rug.*

And for those unfamiliar with the unmodded game, what they are questioning/complaining/puzzled about is the fact that when Avallac'h is tired, I will seek out a safe play to spend the night, rather then meditate where we stand. 

This often can take away from whatever we are doing as we quite regularly spend 15 to 20 minutes, or more, wandering around looking for a place to meditate. Leaving behind whatever quest or goal we had been working on.

And I do this as though we could not meditate anyplace we wanted, but rather as though the game was forcing us to.

In the vanilla, unmodded game, one has no need of sleeping, finding a place to spend the night, is not even an thing at all. I have added survival skills to my game

If you go back through all of my VODs you will notice that even before I added survival skills and sleep requirements to my game,  in the unmodded Geralt playthrough, the modded Geralt playthroughs, the Ge'els playthrough, the Regis playthrough, and the 1st Avallac'h playthrough - I always did this type of meditating that you see here, where we seek out a safe place to mediate.


Logic for one thing. Habit for another.

#Habit first. And how this habit developed for me...

You must remember that long before I took up streaming on Twitch in 2016, or making Let's Play videos on YouTube since 2008... I was playing video games in my spare time, just for the sake of doing so.

I know it's hard for your narrow mind to imagine, but there was a time when people played games for fun.

In fact, I still do.

It's why when trolls hit my channel hard and heavy, rather than giving up and leaving, like other streamers do, I just turned off chat and ket on go.

I'm not here to entertain you.

I'm not here to put on a show.

I'm not here to be your puppet.

I play games because, life is hell, and playing games is fun, and it helps me to forget, for a few hours at least, the hell that living in this world is.

I'm not here to play games for you.

I play games for me.

It's why I don't play popular games. Games that draw in viewers, followers, or subscribers.

I play the games I want to play.

I play them when I want to play them.

I play them how I want to play them.

Just as I have done since the first time I played a video game back in 1978.

Yes, as difficult as it may be for you to believe, people didn't used to play games to make money or gain followers.

Having fun, used to be the primary reason for playing a game.

And for, that still is the reason I play games. To have fun. Only this and nothing more.

Sadly these days, people forget there was once a time when people played video games for fun and had no audience watching. It is difficult these days to find anyone who plays games for fun, what with everyone thinking they can become the next big Twitch millionaire like Ninja, no one just plays games to have fun, because they see playing games as a get rich quick scheme now.

So sad.

Sometimes it feels like I'm the last person on the planet who just plays a game because that game is fun to play.

It especially feels that way when I read the countless questions people ask about how I play Witcher 3.

So many seem to be baffled that I don't rush my ass through the game, like they do, miss half the info the game gives us, and then rush blindly into the next game.

I'm constantly reminded that this game is very old and no one plays it anymore, with the question of "Why are you still playing this game?" followed by something such as: "What are you stupid?" Agan, it's never a question asked for any thought to find out why, but rather yet another hate filled accusation, yet again. Then followed by some rant on: "You'll never make money that way!" But who ever said I was trying to make money? Certainly not me.

It is constantly pointed out to me that if I wanted more followers, more viewers, and a better chance of getting noticed or making money, that I should play newer, more popular games.

#Two types of people make up MOST of the comments, questions, emails, and whispers I get:

* Psychotically deranged Ciri fans hell bent on killing everyone who is not a carbon copy of their Ciri ass kissing selves; they act like I only play this game specifically to piss them off, and they come right out and say that as many times as they possibly can; I am daily greeted on every social network by their obnoxious entitlement and their bizarre belief that everything I do is done specifically for the purpose of pissing them off; they are strangers to me, yet they act like I know who they are and their deeply hostile, violent behaviour is terrifying at best

* Money chasing slaves to mammon who are looking to make millions fast and are baffled that I'm not chasing coin too

It is VERY RARE that anyone ever contacts me because they want to be friends, or want to share in a mutual interest.

99.9% of all contact I get is:

* vehement hatred of why they hate everything I do and why it's all wrong, wrong, and more wrong, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch hate, hate, hate, hate


* bitching and moaning about how much they love money and need money and want money and how can I help them make money and why don't I seem to be chasing after the almighty dollar with them, money, money, money, money, views, follows, subs, bits, donos, money, money, money

I play this game, because it is the game I have fun playing. I play it the way I do because, for me, the way I play it is the most fun way for me to play it. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, and you are free to play the game in whatever manner is fun for you. I do not understand your anger, your rage, your hatred, or your feeling the need to contact me with those things.

#Here's the thing....

* Yes, I know this game is very old, doesn't attract a lot of viewers, rarely attracts followers, and is never going to send me to Ninja heights on Twitch

* I didn't join Twitch looking to find followers, viewers, subs, bits, donos, or to reach Ninja levels

* I'm crippled, bedridden, alone for weeks on end, have no one to talk to, am very, very, very lonely, and talking to characters in games is the only time I ever have anyone to talk to

* I play this game, because I can identify with many of the things which happened to many of the characters in their back story.

* I identify with Avallac'h more then others because many aspects of his backstory, especially the years of abuse he went through and the nightmare of what it is like to be a crippled elderly person alone for months on end, mirror event for event, things that happened to me in my life

* In short: I'm not here to make money or gain a following - I'm here because I don't have anything else left in my life

* I'm not looking to play popular games to attract followers; I play this game, because I like this game; I play as Avallac'h, because I like Avallac'h

* It is tiring and annoying and very, very frustrating to constantly be interrogated by strangers who feel the need to constantly question my motives for everything

There used to be a time when people did things for fun, for joy, as a hobby, because they liked it.

* Everything is not about making money - you sadly seem to have forgotten that

* There is more to life then collecting up digital fake friends on empty lists of followers that are nothing but meaningless numbers - I'm glad I was born 40 years before the invention of the internet and grew up knowing that friends were not random lists of numbers on the internet - and I pity this generation that doesn't know the difference between friendship and a list of numbers

* The world does not revolve around you - you are a stranger to me - I don't know who you are - nor do I understand why you think anything I do is targeted at you - I am deeply saddened that it is your belief that I play this game simply to piss you off - you need psychiatric help - please get it

* You are all uptight and hostile, filled with unwarranted anger, hatred, and accusations, about things that are meaningless in the grand scheme of life. - Is your life really so empty that you have nothing better to do then daily harass a crippled, bedridden, clinically depressed, suicidal elderly woman who is a complete and total stranger to you?

I play this game, because it is the game I have fun playing. I play it the way I do because, for me, the way I play it is the most fun way for me to play it.

It has nothing to do with right or wrong, and you are free to play the game in whatever manner is fun for you.

I do not understand your anger, your rage, your hatred, or your feeling the need to contact me with those things.

#I wish people would step back and read what they wrote, before they click the send button. It's clear they don't.

This question, is one of those questions, where some times it is asked by the truly curious, but more often then not, it comes with a side helping of raving and ranting on all the hows and whys my method of playing the game is wrong.

They act like I am playing the game the way I do, just to make their life miserable. They never once consider that I have no clue who they are and had no way of knowing I was pissing them off.

This question has gone unanswered for a few years now as I did not see much point in answering it, but a recent message from a person whom was very enraged, very upset, and acted as though I have Avallac'h meditate just to piss them off, has inspired me to sit down and write up an answer to this very frequently asked question.

#FAQs: You know you can meditate anywhere, right?

Yes, and as I said, a lot of my doing this is a long deeply rutted habit.

The Witcher series has been my go-to most fun game for me to play ever since the first game was released.

And as I said, Witcher 1 was a game I was playing long before Let's Plays on YouTube or streaming on Twitch.

Well, way back then, I had lots of console games, lots of city builder survival pc games, but only 1 really good RPG pc game: The Witcher (1) on disc. And I played the hell out of it. 

I think I must have played Witcher 1 at least 10 times just the first year I had it. I loved that game from the minute I started playing it. And I played it and replayed it for several years. Witcher 1, was my number 1 favorite game for nearly a decade. Long before Witcher 3 ever was released.

Half-Gnome/half-Human Jewish Kalablisst, Grandmaster Alchemist, and Geomancer Kalkstien. Note the tzitzit he is wearing.

In Witcher 1, meditation could only be done in designated places. And you had to earn that right. You could not just meditate any place you pleased and time you wanted to. 

First you had to make friends with someone in the village and run errands for them, until they decided you were safe enough to let you sleep in their house at night.

Once you had gained their trust, they would assign you a Judaica rug (a Jewish Prayer Rug) by their fireplace where you were allowed to sit and pray and then sleep for the night.

Every time you wanted to meditate, you had to remember where that person lived, go back to their house, find out if they were awake, ask if you could spend the night with them, then set up your Judaica rug by the fireplace and pray.

It was not an easy endeavor in some places of the game either. Not everyone will trust a Witcher and some refused to let you stay there. Others charged you fees of money or food, and no matter what else, you always had to provide your own flint and spend time starting the fire so you could pray on your Judaica rug. 

Fast travel and horse travel did not exist in Witcher 1, and rarely could you make friends with more than one person in any town. Meaning if you needed to meditate, you often needed to walk VERY LONG distances to find someone willing to let you stay in their house.

Meditating in Witcher 1 was a major process in the game and was not something you could do at the drop of a pin, like you can in Witcher 3.

Meditating had many purposes in Witcher 1

* It healed you.

* You could ONLY make your potions while meditating. 

Potions in Witcher 1 were NOT OPTIONAL like in W3. You NEEDED them in combat, and each bottle was 1 time use, after you drank it, it was gone, and you had to set out to gather all the ingredients to make it again for next time.

Geralt in Kalkstein's house in Witcher 1

* You had to ACTUALLY COOK your potions on a campfire or over a fireplace, and each potion took different amounts of hours to make... meaning sometimes you had to set up camp in someone's house for several days while your potions brewed.

* All your skills and talents could only be "bought", accessed, activated, while you were meditating.

Because it is assumed that you actually spent time training and practicing your new skills, they can only be accessed while you are brewing potions, meaning that the week or more you spend in your buddy's house waiting for your decoctions to simmer, you spent not only praying on your Judaica rug, but also exercising, reading your monster books to gain knowledge, and training new skills with your sword.

Because meditating was a process of a week or more spent in someone's house while you prayed, cooked potions, exercised, trained, and read up on monsters... and because most people hated Witchers and would kill you in your sleep... you HAD to find and establish a  "safe house".

While there are many people you can pick from, you need to pick wisely, because if you stay at a Human's house, no Dwarf or Elf or Gnome will allow you in their house; while if you stay at a Dwarf's or Elf's house, all Human houses are suddenly locked down.

You can not make friends with every possible person and whose house you sleep in at night, dramatically effects the game, including to change how quests play out and which game ending you will get.

I'm in the habit of always befriending Kalkstein (a Gnome), Thaler (a Human spy for the Scioteal) , Golan Vivaldi (Vimmie the Dwarf's cousin), and The Fisher King (Avallac'h as he appeared in W1), resulting in, I also always end up barred from most every Human house in the game and always get the Scioteal ending.

This is how meditation worked in Witcher 1. And I've got well over 10,000 in that game.

The Fisher King in Witcher 1... for some reason few people are aware that this is Avallac'h transformed into a Human form to disguise himself.

Meditation was a very big process and a major part of Witcher 1 gameplay, that dramatically affected the game story depending on where you choose to meditate.

In Witcher 3, meditating is tossed in almost as an afterthought, just so they could say: "hey look! meditation! An easter egg of Witcher 1". And that's all meditation in W3 is: an easter egg for W1. It serves no real purpose and you can play the game without it.

Well, 10,000 hours of making friends, running errands, getting permission, collecting flint from the swamps, setting up our Judaica rug by the fireplace,  and actually praying by the fire while facing Israel (because while the Jewish references are sort of hidden in W3 they are blatant and in your face in W1), I developed a habit of this is how meditation works in the Witcher universe.

Than Witcher 3 came along and Meditating suddenly had no purpose. All it did was heal you, that's it. And it was an instant "click one button" and boom you're done, endeavor that left me feeling empty, incomplete, and homesick for the long process of Witcher 1 meditating.

And so, while Witcher 3 has no meditating requirement and all it does is heal you at the mindless click of a button... I continue to use meditation as though this was Witcher 1.

And so while the W3 game has no requirement of doing so, and it is nothing more then me role playing, we have Avallac'h and Ciri seek out a house that we know is a safe place to stay and meditate on whatever rug we can find in their house.

That is the habit of having played W1 for so many hours before moving on to playing W3. 

#Then there is the logic aspect of why we do it this way...

As stated above the meditating process was a deeply embedded habit for me, by the time I started my 1st, blind playthrough of Witcher 3, and I had trouble adjusting to the new "useless" meditating method of W3.

It was only a few streams into the 1st blind playthrough, that I took up the habit of roleplaying the W1 meditating process, even though it was not required.

Meditating in The Ruby Room at Dandelion's Brothel

As such I never got into the habit that you see most streamers doing in this game, of simply pressing a button to heal yourself in combat.

Well, uhm... if you have watched me for any length of time, you will soon discover I have Kanner's Syndrome (Actual Autism) and any step outside of realism, reality, or historical accuracy is going to rub me the wrong way really, really, REALLY bad. 

You will likewise quickly realize I have a raging infuriated vehement hatred for fanfiction and anything straying from the canon way it was created by it's original author. 

Can you imagine, just for a minute here, that you are a real world Army soldier and you have been hurt in combat. Are you REALLY going to just snap your fingers and insta-heal? No, you are going to get out of combat, find a safe place where you can tend to your injuries, and then go back into combat.

And you could say, *"But this is Fantasy, Geralt is not real, who cares?"* And you would be well within reason for saying this, but... just because it's Fantasy, doesn't mean we have to toss realism aside completely now does it?

Same goes for reading the Bestiary or drinking potions or eating to heal, during combat.

Can you imagine a military man saying to the opposite army: "Can you not fire on me for a few minutes, I forgot to read my guide book on how to fire my rifle at you. I need to read up on this." While he pulls out his handbook in the battlefield, then casually reads it while eating an apple?

Why then do you think it's okay for Geralt to pause a monster in mid attack to pull out his monster manual and read it while chomping on raw meat?

A real warrior prepares BEFORE going to battle. 

As such, I have the ability to open the inventory and bestiary during combat deactivated in my game. 

Prep ahead of time or die in battle for lack of thinking ahead.

And again, this kind of logic is how I played the game, even back in my 1st blind playthrough, long before I ever used mods.

Much of the actions I take in this game are driven by real-world logic based on: "Could a REAL person do this?"

#And even more logic.... mixed with lore-friendliness...

Since Avallac'h is not a Witcher, one could conclude that we could forgo the meditating aspect completely.

Meditating at Lady Irenia's (the girl who runs the theater) House in Novigrad

Well, no, for several reasons.

* Avallac'h is Jewish and meditating is a Jewish tradition

* We did see Ciri sitting and watching Avallac'h meditating by a campfire, in the forest, in Chapter 5 of the novel Lady of the Lake... so, we know he does in fact meditate

* In that scene, Avallac'h had just suffered a heart attack and was too weak to travel; but had been in an open, populated area, where there was no one he could trust to stay with, so even in spite of his weakened state, he continued traveling onward, deep into the forest, until they came to a place that was safe for them to set up camp and stay for several days while he recovered.

* In the main story of the W3 game, during the quest Wandering the the Dark, Kiera tells Geralt of the Mysterious Elven Mage, whom we later learn is Avallac'h. Among the things she tells us, is that he was injured and asked to spend the night in her house. And because he was too sick to do so himself, asked her to make him a healing potion.

Meaning we know Avallac'h to be in the habit of seeking out safe places to sleep, and not just setting up any place. 

*The Lindenvale Blacksmith, can be seen asleep in his bed, while Avallac'h meditates on the rug.*

We know he meditates to heal himself, which is not surprising as this is an Elf habit to begin with.

The Witchers adopted it from Elves.

And we know that Avallac'h is prone to seek out the help of other mages, herbalists, and alchemists to make his potions.

It is therefore not only logical, but also lore-friendly for Avallac'h to NOT just meditate anywhere, and to instead seek out a safe place to do so, either secluded in a forest or at the home of someone he feels he can trust.

Plus with survival skills added to the game, Avallac'h gets tired and has a need to rest.

And so, yes, you see us doing exactly that in the game. Seeking out safe places to rest and heal. Usually, as seen in the image above, we use the homes of the merchants we frequently buy from and sell to.

*The Lindenvale Blacksmith, can be seen asleep in his bed, while Avallac'h meditates on the rug.*

And we only do Alchemy at the homes of Alchemists and Herbalists.

Do keep in mind that this is NOT a normal questing run of the game and rather is an open world run, where we are role playing Avallac'h lore friendly to his character as he was in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake.

The Vaporizing Mod....

In both the novels *(page 158 of Lady of the Lake)* and the game *(the quest with Yennefer to investigate the decimated forest in the Skellige Cataclysm Site)* we were told that Avallac'h possessed the ability to vaporize everything for miles around him, when he was cornered, threatened, protecting Ciri, or suffering from a panic attack.

In the novels, this was done by singing a whale song while increasing the pitch to brain splattering levels, causing people's brains/skulls/heads to explode.

I made a mod to give Avallac'h in the game, this same enemy decimating ability by changing Aard to give it:

* 80,000 physical damage

* 80,000 frost damage

* 80,000 elemental damage

* 80,000 moral damage

* 80,000 shock damage

As well as increasing the range from 32 feet diameter, to 800 feet radius.

While also changing the visual effects (seen in the image above), by changing the particle counts, lighting, fx, and sprites.

The result is, one hit from Aard, does a whopping 400,000 damage to ALL enemies in an 800 foot circle around Avallac'h.

However, the tradeoff is Avallac'h NEEDS to have 100% Adrenaline levels to cast this spell, AND it has a chance to miss-fire/not cast (casting normal Aard instead) if his health is low, if he is tired, if he is hungry, or if he i thirsty.

This is a full re-write of the combat system.

My ever baffled question of why the hell is Avallac'h so small and Yennefer so tall in the game?

Avallac'h and Yennefer, vanilla, unmodded.

In the novels Avallac'h is *MORE THEN* 7'3" (221cm) tall, while Yennefer is 4'2" (127cm) tall. He is the tallest, and she is the shortest characters of the novels... 

In the novels, gnomes and dwarves are taller than Yennefer (who is half human, 1/4 pixie, and 1/4 elf, in the novels). Yennefer in the novels, is around the same height as UMA is in the game.

While, also in the novels, Avallac'h is taller than Giants, Cyclopes, Trolls, and Knockers.

Let me repeat that: 


Avallac'h could pick Geralt up, drop the tiny human on his shoulder, and Geralt could sit on one of Avallac'h's shoulders, while the Elf continued to walk over a great distance in only a few steps, which we saw happen.

Avallac'h's exact height is not given, we are told that Dijkstra is 7'3" (221cm) tall, weighs 350lbs, and drags his left leg when he walks. Geralt, upon first meeting Avallac'h, saw the Elf from a great distance, and mistakenly assumed it was Dijkstra due to the height, weight, and gait being similar. Upon getting closer Geralt realized the error, pointing out that the Elf was even bigger than Dijkstra. 

Geralt marvels over the fact that he's never seen an Ef this huge before, and points out that the Elf is even bigger then the Echinops, Trolls, and Knockers that accompanied him. 

Upon leaving Avallac'h, Geralt borrows one of the Knockers to ride, as Roach can not be found, and Geralt worries that the 5 remaining Knockers who carry the Elf on a litter-chair, will not be enough to lift him.

When Ciri meets Avallac'h, she tells the reader, that the Elf is unlike any Elf she had ever encountered, stating that he was so huge, that even when he was sitting on the grass and she was standing up in front of him, she still had to stand on tip-toe and crane her head up to see his face.

Based on the description Ciri gives us, Avallac'h is somewhere around 11'9" (359cm) tall in the novels.

Ciri also tells us that Avallac'h IS NOT an Aen Elle Elf, but rather LIVED WITH the Aen Elle Elves, and towered over them.

Ciri also tells us that most of the Aen Elle Elves were over 9 feet (275cm) tall.

According to Ciri, King Auberon and the rest of Aen Elle Elf society, with the exception of Eredin, was terrified of Avallac'h, by sheer virtue of the fact he was so big that he could have killed any one of them with the swing of his hand.

Also in the novels, Avallac'h was an extremely ancient, elderly, skeletally thin, anorexic, crippled Elf who could not walk on his own, and when not riding on his giant red-dragon-horse-hybrid steed Rudy, he rode in a litter-chair carried by 6 Knockers - the only monsters big enough to lift the giant 350lb elf... 350lbs was him near starved to death and looking like a living skeleton, so he was much heavier when younger and healthier.

Avallac'h in the novels was HUGE and made the Wild Hunt of the game look tiny!

Avallac'h was big enough to carry Geralt on his shoulder and pick up Ciri in his fist!

Avallac'h in the novels was to Ciri as the BFG was to Sophie... which is why it is so laughable to see so many Ciri fans accusing him of rape.... how do you rape someone when your dick is as big as her entire body? Did you people ever think of that? We are dealing with a literal giant here. 

Did you people even READ the descriptions of how mind-bogglingly huge Avallac'h is in the novels? 

Even Eredin had to stand on tip-toe and crane his head back to look Avallac'h in the eye. Ciri had to stand on the back of her horse to even get close to seeing Avallac'h's face. Avallac'h was in the habit of sitting on the ground, when Ciri talked to him,  just so she could stand and see him face to face. This guy was MASSIVE!

The size the Ice Giant is in the game, is the size Avallac'h was in the novels.

So how does the game explain making Avallac'h be 5'6" (168cm) and Yennefer 5'8" (173cm) in the game? 

Avallac'h is at minimum a full 21"(54cm) and up to 75" (190cm) shorter and Yennefer a full 18"(46cm) taller, in the game, then they were in the novels

FAQs: But what about Mistle? Ciri is a Lesbian.

Do you even know what a lesbian is?

Yes, having babies with Elves, seducing Kings, raping men, flashing your pussy in front of virgin knights to try to get them to break their vow of celibacy...yes, those are are oh soooooooooo CLEARLY things ANY lesbian would do.

Good god! Do you even know what a lesbian is?

A lesbian is a female who is in a romantic relationship with another female, and likes having sex with females, and seduces other females.

* Lesbians do NOT have sex with males

* Lesbians do NOT have babies with Elves

* Lesbians do NOT seduce Kings into their beds 

* Lesbians do NOT rape men

* Lesbians do NOT flash their vagina in front of virgin knights to try to get them to break their vow of celibacy

* Lesbians do NOT shove their face in a man's crotch, while he's having an orgasm over strippers dancing for him, then oogle at his erection that's 2 inches from her face, while yapping joyfully at the fact she's never seen such a large penis before

* Lesbians do NOT jump in bed with a sleeping male Elf to wake him up by giving him a lap dance 

* Lesbians do NOT spend 8 weeks daily demand "Fuck me now you pointy eared mage" to male Elves

* Lesbians do NOT hold a sword to a male Elf's throat, while tearing his pants off and screaming "Make me pregnant right now or I'll slice your head off!"


And on that note... what the hell is wrong with Avallac'h? Why is he chasing her again? When she's not trying to rape him, she's trying to cut his head off. She beats him up on a daily basis. When her sword isn't aimed at his throat, it's aimed at his dick. He is so damned masochistic. I guess it's a good thing Ciri's a sociopathic sadist. 

But please tell me again, how is it you can call Ciri a lesbian, when she can't get her face out of Avallac'h's crotch while he's masterbating to she-elf strip dancers? 

I'm surprised Ciri  didn't rape Avallac'h in that scene too, she clearly wanted to and she certainly didn't need to hold a sword to his throat to get his pants off then, now did she? 

In fact he was at a point in that scene, that I really don't think he would have tried to stop her if she had. 

And considering he was shoving fisstech/cocaine under his foreskin, I think he was too high to even know Ciri was there.

And Avallac'h in the novels, is such a slut.

The prostitutes in the brothels don't prace around half naked as much as he does.

And prance is the word that's used. He doesn't walk, he prances, and promanads. Ciri described seeing him "prancing precariously as as only a male Elf can do" and later "perched precariously, like a bird". Ciri constantly tells us that Avallac'h reminds her of a bird because of the way he struts, prances, and perches on things. 

And that's another thing... he perches on things. No matter where they are or what they are doing, he always has to find the highest thing around, to climb up on it, sit on it, and play his flute while perched like a bird. He perches in trees, on tables, on the backs of chairs instead of sitting in the seats of chairs, on the bow of the boat instead of sitting in the boat. He always has to be sitting on the edge of something, higher up than anyone else, and Ciri constantly describes the fact that he has very good balance because no human would be able to perch on the edges of things without falling off.

She said he seemed more like a bird of prey then the fox people always said he was, and stated she often felt like he would sprout wings and fly away if he could.

But boy is he ever a slut. He's the sluttiest slutty tramp we ever encounter in the novels.

He struts around waving his dick in front of Ciri, literally. He's prone to pulling his pants down and shaking his dick around. He's ...uhm... crazy. And he knows full well what he's doing to her.

Avallac'h is the biggest man whore of the entire series.

And... how the hell did a wild, crazy, obnoxious, super hyper active guy who has a stripper name (The Purple Bison) and dances around naked, with hoards of stripper girls dancing around with him... get re-translated into the shy, quiet character we saw in the game?

He's prancing around with no shirt on today, dancing on park benches with no pants on the next day, next thing we see he's fully naked running through a field playing his flute like the damned pied piper, while a hoard of she-elves run after him throwing their clothes off... what the hell? 

Twice. We see two different scene of Avallac'h running thru a field naked, playing a flute, while a horde of stripper girls wearing nothing but glitter body paint, run screaming after him waving their clothes in the air.

What the fuck?

And the first time we see this we also see Ciri standing there watching while thinking: "There goes Avallac'h with his gilded girls again."


What do you mean again? What is this a daily thing for him?

What is this? Is this like his daily morning jog around the lake? Is this how Avallac'h gets his exercise? By streaking around the lake while hoards of women run after him? What the hell even is this scene?

Every time Ciri tries to find him and talk to him, he's running around naked, with a hoard of screaming groupy she-elf fan girls screaming and running after him, like he's some type of rock star. It's hysterical.

Ciri reaches a point where she stops trying to figure out where he is, and just looks around thinking: "now where are Avallac'h's gilded women, I knew he'll be wherever they are".

The scene when they go on a boat ride, we see Ciri wandering around the palace looking out the windows for gold glitter, and sees some glitter down at the river dock, so heads there, and low and behold, there is Avallac'h... in a lilac ball gown... uhm... on top of Isillira who is wearing green lipstick, and the gold glitter painted nude girls climbing all over him...  it appears they  got some sort of weird orgy going on, who knows what... there's at least 20 kama sutra positions happening in this, but well, at least Avallac'h was wearing clothes this time... 

If you thought Avallac'h was a pervert in the game.... damn... he's a saint in the game compared to how much of a pervert he is in the novels.

Oddly, we are also told that Avallac'h is a virgin, who for religious reasons is refusing to have sex with any of these women. And apparently, NOT having sex with these women, is what is keeping these women with him. 

Ciri storms up and demands to talk to Avallac'h, and what does she have to say: "AUBERON IS REFUSING TO GIVE ME AN ORGASAM!"

Auberon, by the way, in yet another male Elf who Ciri is being soooooo lesbian with, in his bed every night.

Also if you didn't know Ciri has been sleeping with both Auberon and Avallac'h every night, for the past 8 weeks, at the time of this particular scene. She starts out the night in Auberon's bed, and after an hour or so runs screaming all the way to Avallac'h's bed and spend the rest of the night cuddled up with Avallac'h.

We see Ciri all over Auberon, stripping him naked, doing stripper dances for him, and a hell of a lot of heavy petting going on on his part, but he hates humans and so can't get excited over her.

So, Ciri runs bawling her eyes out, screaming at the top of lungs, all the way to Avallac'h's bedroom, lands on him while he's asleep with his hoard of gilded girls, and does the exact same thing, she just did to Auberon, now doing it to Avallac'h, who has no trouble having erections over Ciri, and while he's refusing the have sex with her, he's fine with letting her give him lap dances, fluffering herself in front of him, and... we get told that Avallac'h has gentle hands, just like Mistle did, and is very good at giving Ciri orgasms with them.

Yep... that's DEFINITELY Ciri being a lesbian, while a perverted male Elf has his hands up her vagina.

The most sexual scenes you are going to encounter in the novels are between Ciri and Avallac'h.

Well... it's night time again, and Ciri has just come from Auberon's bedroom and couldn't find Avallac'h in his bedroom, because... he was dressed like a woman and doing who knows what with these women on the dock.

Avallac'h is laying on the dock squashed under a pile of women, while wearing a purple dress... while Ciri is stamping her feet and screaming at the top of her lungs: "AUBERON WON'T GIVE ME AN ORGASM!!!!" and he just kicks the women off of him and declares: "Let's go on a boat ride!"

His gilded girls try to go on the boat and he runs around like a madman, shooing them all away. Isilira is fuming, so we get to see Avallac'h dry hump her....

And people actualy wonder what Ciri is talking about when she meets Avallac'h's sister Isilira in his bedroom, in his lab, in the game, and Ciri walks up to Isillira and says: "I remember you!"

Yeah... I bet. Ciri had a front row seat to watching Avallac'h dry humping his sister while he was wearing a purple ball gown... I can only wonder, how much fisstech did Avallac'h shove up his dick before Ciri walked in on this scenes?

"I remember you!" Yeah. That's probably hard to forget.

So, after dry humping his sister while wearing a purple ball gown, Avallac'h then grabs Ciri and drags her off to a boat. Where Ciri spends half the boat trip mentally describing the lilac, lace and gauze dress Avallac'h is wearing.

And while she is wondering why he's wearing a dress, he hikes it up around his hips, and oh look, he's not wearing any pants again, what a surprise. 

So we get yet another scene of Ciri describing Avallac'h's dick...

And if you thought Ciri wasn't horny enough over Avallac'h... seeing Avallac'h dressed like a woman, has got Ciri at the horniest we ever see her, as she starts plotting to rape Avallac'h in this very scene.

Well, in the original 1130 novel the Witcher series was based off of, we were told that before he became The Fisher King, he was a lecturous philanderer. I guess Andrzej Sapkowski wanted to make sure he got that part right.

Avallac'h is a damn gigolo. He makes Dandelion look like a sainted virgin. Avallac'h is the sluttiest slut of the whole franchise. 

Well, he certainly didn't act like that in the game, now did he?

I wish they had made Avallac'h in the game act like the slutty man whore he was in the novels. We never see him with anything fewer than 5 naked females rubbing themselves all over him. He's always playing his magic flute that causes females to rip off their clothes and throw themselves on him. And I don't know how he gets anything done, he never stops masterbating long enough. He's absolutly sex crazy out of his freaking mind. And Ciri loves every second of it. She lusts after him so freaking bad.

Yep, Ciri is sooooo lesbian, that she has to drop everything she is doing and go watch Avallac'h masterbate, climb on top of him while he's doing it, and then spend 4 freaking pages face down in his crotch talking about his erection.

And face down, yes, as in she had her panties in his face while she was face down between his legs. Yes, that Kama Sutra scene has lesbian written all over it.... what the freaking fuck?

Do you REALLY think a lesbian would do that?

Ciri was horny as heck every other page of the entire series, but no one got her hornier then Avallac'h did.

Clearly you are a straight person who is clueless to what the word lesbian means.

There is one chapter of the series, where Ciri joins a gang... and actual gang, like Blood and Crypts... evil son of bitches bastards, whose only goal in life is to cause as much annarchy, chaos, bloodshed, and violence as possible.

Little 10 year old Ciri, is filled with awe and wonder, when she encounters The Rats, and it's 40 year old peadophile gang leader becomes Ciri's idol and hero, who Ciri declares she hopes to be just like one day.

The 40 year old peadophile gang leader takes little 10 year old Ciri under her wing and gets her drunk, teaches her how to take drugs, then one day puts drugs in Ciri's wine and rapes her.

#NEWSFLASH: Being raped by a female, is still rape, not lesbianism.

There is a scene in the novel, where Ciri is raped by a female. This is what Ciri fans are referencing when they call Ciri a lesbian.

And guess what...

#Bit of a newsflash, but you do know that Andrzej Sapkowski DID NOT create either Ciri or Avallac'h, don't you?

#Ciri and Avallac'h were a couple created by an unknown author around the year 1130 in the Medieval novel titled: The Fisher King and His Lady of The Lake.

#Ciri and Avallac'h were a married couple in the original novel that was written 889 years ago.

#Ciri was NOT a lesbian in the original novel written in 1130, nor is she a lesbian in Andrzej Sapkowski's retelling

In the original novel, Ciri was:

* an unnamed character known only as The Evil Witch Queen

* arrived in Avalon mysteriously and demanded Avallac'h protect her from an unnamed evil that was supposedly hunting her

* she was attacked by an unnamed evil army, and Avallac'h did not protect her because he was at a party with a lot of other women

* exactly as she did in Andrzej Sapkowski's retelling, in the original 1130 novel she punished him by breaking his legs, raping him, castrating him, and then holding him under the water and drowning him the Lake of Avalon

* having killed the Faerie King of Avalon, she then crowned herself Queen of Avalon and took over the peaceful, fertile region, turning it into a destitute, famine ridden wasteland

* she uses her evil magic powers to terrorize the citizens of Avalon and nearly destroyed the entire country

* upon learning that Avallac'h did not drown as she thought he had, she sets out on a boat to cross the treacherous waters and monstrous waves of the Lake of Avalon, intending to find him and kill him; however giant waves shatter her boat and she drowns

* at the bottom of the Lake of Avalon, she is found by fish people who take her to their maimed king The Fisher King, who resurrects her and takes her back to the surface, to the island he lives on in the lake

* she repents of her evil ways, marries The Fisher King, and Avalon flourishes under there rule

* she becomes known as The Lady of the Lake, 

* founds group called The Knights of the Round Table, 

* becomes obsessed with finding the cup of Christ and sends her Grail Knights out to find it; 

* plans the peaceful kingdom known as Camelot and sets young Author as it's ruler, giving him the sword Excalibur

#The Fisher King and his Lady of the Lake was the first novel in the series, which would later include other famous novels including: 

* The Sword in the Stone; 

* Merlin, 

* King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table; 

* Otto and the Silver Hand, 

* and more than a dozen other novels which would eventually become known collectively as 

#The Legends of King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table.

In the original novel, Avallac'h was:

* one of the Knights of the Round Table, 

* was the only Grail Knight to not fall from the path, 

* had hundreds of wives, same as he did in Andrzej Sapkowski's retelling

* was the Grail Knight who found the cup of Christ and went on to guard it for eternity becoming immortal

* was the Grail knight who married The Lady of the Lake

* was the Grail knight who was also known as The Maimed King of Avalon, and was also sometimes known as The Fisher King

* Avallac'h was the same name he had in the original 1130 novel

* and he was a Faerie not an Elf, 

In the original novel King Auberon's name was King Oberon, and Ciri was known as The Evil Witch Queen for most of the novel, being revealed as The Lady of the Lake in the final chapter. 

The Fisher King and his Lady of the Lake was one of the first of the King Arthur/Camelot Ledgands, with Ciri/The Lady of the Lake and Avallac'h/The Fisher King being 2 of the oldest characters from literature.

#Lesbianism was not a part of the original novel as it was written in 1130, and Andrzej Sapkowski's retelling, is only that: a modern day retelling of a couple whose relationship was created nearly a thousand years ago.

The lesbian aspect was brought into Andrzej Sapkowski's retelling through a character named Mistel.

Who is Mistle?

Mistle is a 40 year old female peadophile, who is more or less a female version of Fagan from Oliver Twist. She leads a gang of children, known as The Rats, whom she teaches to be drug dealers, prostitutes, murderers, and thieves.

Mistel is the woman who introduced Ciri to drugs and got Ciri hooked on fisstech (cocaine), resulting in Ciri being a crackhead at 10 years old.

Mistel is the woman who introduced Ciri to drinking and got Ciri hooked on being a gutter scum drunk at 10 years old.

Mistel is the woman who introduced Ciri to prostitution and had Ciri addicted to whoring herself to men at 10 years old.

Mistel is the woman who introduced Ciri to brutal combat fighting (no, Ciri did not learn to fight at Kaer Morhen, like the game told you) and taught her the art of taking down full grown men, double her size, in a matter of seconds, so she could rape then castrate them, because, as Mistel taught it - raping and castrating men is what lesbians do.

Mistle's favorite pastime is getting children drunk on wine that is drugged with fisstech (cocaine) and then raping the children once they are passed out from a drug overdose.

Every child Mistle rapes, she brands with a rose tattoo, to mark that the child is hers - her prisoner, her victim.

The so called "lesbian" scene featuring Ciri, is 10 year old Ciri being drugged, raped, and tattooed by Mistle.

The 40 year old peadophile drug dealing gang leader took the 10 year old girl, got that 10 year old child drunk, put cocaine in that 10 year old child's wine, and then the 40 year old peadophile drug dealing gang leader raped the 10 year old girl while that 10 year old girl was passed out from a drug overdose. 

Before the 10 year old who was overdosed on date rape drugs woke up, the 40 year old peadophile drug dealing gang leader  put a rose tattoo on the girl's thigh to brand the child as yet another of her victims.

Let me reword that...

Mistle took the 10 year old Ciri, got that 10 year old Ciri drunk, put cocaine in that 10 year old Ciri's wine, and then raped the 10 year old Ciri while 10 year old Ciri was passed out from a drug overdose. 

Before the 10 year old Ciri who was overdosed on date rape drugs woke up, Mistle put a rose tattoo on 10 year old Ciri's thigh to brand the child as yet another of her victims.

I've seen so many people say Ciri's sex scene with Mistle is "the most beautiful, sweetest, cute lesbian relationship ever written"... !!! What the fuck?

A 40 year old peadophile drugs, date rapes, and brands a 10 year old child and you call that beautiful, sweet, and cute?!?!?


What are you using for brains?

What the hell is wrong with you?

Why would you say that?

#Why are you supporting rape?

Why would you call a 40 year old raping a 10 year old, a sweet relationship?

 Of all the 68 peadophiles to rape Ciri while she between the ages of 8 and 14, she declared that she most enjoyed being raped by Mistel, because Mistel had gentle hands and did not beat Ciri while raping her. 

Because 10 year old Ciri said Mistel had gentle hands while raping her, and it felt better to be raped by someone who didn't beat her while raping her, idiotic straight readers with no clue what a lesbian is, claim that Ciri is a lesbian.

#I'm sorry, but that IS NOT A LESBIAN! That is a child being raped by a peadophile!

Mistel is a monster. A horrible peadophile who preys on small children.

Mistel is one of the absolute worst pieces of shit to grace the Witcher novels.

After being raped by Mistel, we then see Ciri chase down, seduce, and rape 4 different male characters, while declaring she was pretending to be Mistel.

Mistel and The Rats get murdered by people who are trying to clean up the gangster Bloods and The Crypts wannabes.

Because her favorite rapist dies, Ciri, suffering from some serious Stockholm Syndrome, starts raping and murdering men in Mistel's memory.

We see Ciri proclaim she is a lesbian BECAUSE SHE RAPES AND MURDERS MEN in Mistel's name!

What the freaking fuck?

#A lesbian is 2 women who love each other and have a romantic relationship together.

#Raping and murdering men, doesn't make you a lesbian.

Raping and murdering men, makes you a psycho terrorist, who rapes and murders men.

A female raping a male, makes that female straight and lusting after penises, not a lesbian in love with another female.

Early in their relationship, Ciri told Avallac'h that he had gentle hands like Mistel and began asking him to do to her the things Mistel had done to her. 

The thought of raping a child horrified Avallac'h who refused to do to Ciri the shit that Mistel had done to her. 

Avallac'h, the biggest damned pervert of the series, was shocked and horrified, by the thought of raping a child.

We see Ciri holding a sword to Avallac'h's throat and DEMANDING he do to her the things Mistle did to her, and Avallac'h ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to rape Ciri and he pays dearly for it, because Ciri castrates him in that scene.

Avallac'h gets castrated because HE REFUSED TO RAPE A CHILD.

The thought of rape horrified Avallac'h, who in spite of his overly sexual ways, actually had morals.

In one of the most horrific scenes of the franchise, Ciri pretended she was Mistel and brutally and violently raped Avallac'h, he got away from her 3 times, so she broke both of his legs and drove a sword threw his thigh and into his testicles, leaving him crippled, infertile, and unable to walk for the rest of his life, she then raped him a 4th time, and then after begging him to forgive her, she raped him a 5th time, this time pretending she was his dead wife Lara instead of Mistel.

Later Ciri chases down a seduces a few more men, raping and brutalizing them... each time doing so in Mistel's honor.

Ciri later returns to Avallac'h, finds he is now The Fisher King, crippled, mute, and unable to take care of himself, and she feels guilty and stays with him, becoming his wife and living with him on the Lake of Avalon, where her mutations finally take effect and she turns into the Dryad named The Lady of the Lake.

On the final page of the series, Ciri is sunbathing on the lake when Sir Galahad rides up. 

Enraged that someone found her hideout with Avallac'h, Ciri, outloud agrees to go with the knight, but in her head declares, in Mistel's name, that she is going to rape and kill the knight to prevent him from telling anyone else how to find her and The Fisher King.

There you go. The extent of Ciri's lesbian relationship was simply this:

* Ciri at 10 years old gets date raped by a female peadophile, who branded Ciri with a tattoo while Ciri was passed out overdosed from the date rape drug.

* After the rapists is murdered, Ciri sets out to raping, brutalizing, and murdering  every man she can find in Mistel's honor.


What the fuck is wrong with you idiotic straight people who are calling ^^^THAT^^^ lesbianism? 

You stupid straight jackasses need to get your heads out of your asses and STOP STEREOTYPING LESBIANS AS MAN-HATING TERRORISTS!

Mistel was the worst villain of the series. A sick, twisted, sadistic, psycho terrorist, who branded lesbians as peadophiles, rapists, and man-hating murderers, who only murder men to prove females are the greatest.

I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks Mistle and Ciri are good representations of lesbianism, have b-b's for brains.

Mistel is a perfect example of how lesbians SHOULD NOT be represented as fictional stereotypes like her make real world lesbians look bad.

Let me reword that again in a way that might show you how bad Mistel's relationship with Ciri really is:

* A 40 year old peadophile drug dealing gang leader kidnaps your 10 year old daughter

* Next the 40 year old peadophile drug dealing gang leader got your 10 year old daughter drunk

* The 40 year old peadophile drug dealing gang leader put cocaine in your 10 year old daughter's wine 

* Then the 40 year old peadophile drug dealing gang leader  raped your 10 year old daughter while your 10 year old daughter was passed out from a drug overdose. 

* Before your 10 year old daughter who was overdosed on date rape drugs woke up,  the 40 year old peadophile drug dealing gang leader  who kidnapped and raped your 10 year old daughter put a rose tattoo on your 10 year old daughter's thigh to brand your 10 year old daughter as yet another of her victims.

#Still think ^THAT^ is beautiful, sweet, and cute?

#Maybe you should think twice before glorifying a rapist.

You should be horrified, deeply, deeply horrified and TERRIFIED of ANY sick piece of shit who tells you Mistel and Ciri are a sweet, cute lesbian couple. You should lock up your children and call the police any time a fan of Misel, calls what she did to Ciri sweet and cute, because that fan is DANGEROUS - they not only support rape, they support the rape of small children.

Run from anyone who says Ciri is a lesbian, because they are deviated pervert who enjoys watching drunk, drug dealing gangsters rape children, and they should be locked behind bars were they belong.

Mistel was a sick piece of shit who abused Ciri worst than anyone else in the series.

The Witcher novels are weird on so many levels of weird, but even weirder then the novels, are the fans of Mistel who glorify her as a good representation of lesbians in literature, and worse, Ciri fans who call Ciri a lesbian, when she's so not lesbian that she can't stop raping evey man she sees... 


You could call Ciri bisexual at best and even that's a stretch when all she does is hunt down men for forced, non-consensual sex.

#Go find a REAL lesbian and try explaining to them why you think Mistel or Ciri are good fictional representations of what REAL lesbians are!

I didn't work my ass off, spending years in court, getting laws changed to make it legal for LGBTQA+ citizens to own property and businesses in Maine, just to watch sick ass straight men, make a mockery of what they think lesbians are.

As for Ciri being a lesbian...I'd guess that both her husband and their baby, would disagree with you.

Go read Lady of the Lake.

Oddly, I've found that Ciri fans are horrified I've got Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple in my game... and I'm left to wonder, 

#if they are SUCH BIG CIRI FANS, LIKE THEY CLAIM TO BE.... why then have they never read the novels to find out more about Ciri? 

If they had, they would have learned that Ciri and Avallac'h were a couple for a very long time, 8 years the first time they were together, 21 years the next time they were together, and them ultimately marrying and staying together for 10,500 years...and them having a baby together.

If they are so horrified by Ciri hugging Avallac'h in my game, then they really better stay away from the novels where we see Ciri and Avallac'h

* hugging, 

* embracing, 

* cuddling, 

* nuzzling, 

* groping, 

* grinding, 

* dry humping, 

* having orgams over each other, 

* sleeping together, 


* having sexual intercourse. 

With there being a total of: 

* 3 dozen scenes of Ciri and Avallac'h being ammorus together, 

* 8 scenes of them sleeping together, 

* 8 scenes of them having orgasms while fluffering each other,  


* 5 scenes of them having sexual intercurse together.

... and Avallac'h is a very minor character appearing on only 32 pages of the series more then 4,000 pages, so he and Ciri were all over each other every time he showed up in the novels.

Plus, in the end Ciri marries Avallac'h, she becomes The Lady of the Lake, he becomes The Fisher King, and they live happily ever after for 10,500 years on the Lake of Avalon in Camelot, where Ciri is the Fairy Queen of Avalon, wife to The Fisher King, the maimed king of Avalon.

And all of that happens 2 volumes after Mistel died.

Nope... I wouldn't call a female, who is as hung up on a male, as much as Ciri is hung up on Avallac'h, a lesbian. Bi-sexual, maybe, but definitely not lesbian.

Meet Mistle...

Did you know there used to be a mod *(seen in image above)* that allowed you to play the game as Mistle, traveling with Ciri?

Ciri's child raping, gang leader, drug dealing, peadophile, serial raping, mass murdering, lesbian lover from the novels, was seen as so controversial, that it became one of the few mods to ever be banned by Nexus staff.

The outfits seen in the image above, was how Ciri and Mistel were described as dressing in the novels.

The Mistle mod was one of the most advanced Witcher 3 mods ever made, including a fully custom 3d model and wardrobe for a character that never appeared in any of the games, but was one of the leading, primary main characters of the novels.

The mod creator reuploaded it calling it an "alternate look for Yennefer" mod instead, removing all references to Mistle from the mod... but the tell tale red rose tattoo is still seen on Mistle's inner thigh in the current "alternative look for Yennefer" version of TheMistle Mod.

In spite of being one of the novels' primary main characters with more page time then Triss or Yennefer combined, Mistle never appeared in any of the games, due to her being so vile, so evil, so immoral, that the game developers decided including her in the game would hurt sales and cause anti-pedophile children's rights activist groups and LGBTQA+ rights groups and woman's rights anti-rape groups to boycott the game.

In the novels Mistle is the 40 year old peadophile who kidnaps 10 year old Ciri, introduces Ciri to drinking, drugs, and prostitution. 

Mistle was notorious for kidnapping children, getting the drunk on wine laced with fisstech (cocaine) then raping the unconscious overdosed child and branding said child with a rose tattoo.

This is what Mistel did to Ciri when Ciri was just 10 years old and is how Ciri came to have the same red rose tattoo as Mistel.

Mistle took Ciri under her wing, and together with her very violent Bloods & Crypts style gang, 'The Rats', Mistle taught Ciri the fine art of seducing, raping, and castrating men, explaining that THIS is what the meaning of being a lesbian is.

The Witcher novels "definition" of Lesbianism, is one of the worst, most horrific misrepresentations of lesbians as man hating terrorists and child rapists, ever seen in any form of fictional media. 

While I love the Witcher novels, I highly recommend all real world lesbians steer clear of these books, have a stomach of steel if they do dare read these EXTRORINGAILY ANTI-LGBTQA+ novels,  and use The Witcher novels as an example of HOW NOT to write a lesbian.

Andrzej Sapkowski should be ashamed of himself for the utterly deplorable way he misrepresents what a lesbian is, in the Witcher novels.

Sadly, yet another equally horrific anti-LGBTQA+ troupe gallops through the Witcher novels: the infamous "kill your gays" troupe.

LGBTQA+ characters appear in the Witcher novels in the HUNDREDS.... and most all of them are in the novels for fewer then 3 pages before they are brutally murdered and/or mutilated

Mistle was brutally murdered and beheaded, just 2 days before Ciri meets Avallac'h and was the reason Ciri clings to Avallac'h so badly, as he was the only one there for her when Mistle died.

Avallac'h is yet another LGBTQA+ character *(Avallac'h is openly asexual)* who gets hit by the "kill your gays" troupe. He is ultimately brutally raped, castrated, and left crippled for the rest of his life, as punishment for his refusal to have sex with women.

FAQ: I just read the novels. Oh my god! Avallac'h is so damned mean. He's like, really, really mean. Wow. I didn't expect that.

#FAQ: I just read the novels. Oh my god! Avallac'h is so damned mean. He's like, really, really mean. Wow. I didn't expect that.


He is.

He is bitter, angry, morbidly depressed, and very, very bitchy.

He is brutal, violent, strangles pregnant women to death, beats small children to a pulp, and he, not an angry mob murdered Lara Dorren and Creegannon of Lod.

Avallac'h has absolutely no control over his temper at all and flies off the handle in violent fits of rage in just about every scene he is in.

He kills every other person who gets near him, in wild outbursts of total rage, and he never uses weapons, killing people like a wild animal, with his bare hands.

And this is why Ciri trusted him... because he was insanely defensive, protective, and possessive of Ciri on extreme over the top levels. Any one looked at Ciri in a way Avallac'h didn't like and Avallac'h was going to punch his fist through their face and out the back of their head with their brain in his hand.

Ciri was the ONLY person, with whom Avallac'h made any attempt to keep his temper under control. He had not intended to kill his beloved Lara Dorren, but rather killed her in a wild fit of jealous rage and deeply regretted it after, and was terrified he would do the same thing for Ciri. We are shown several times Avallac'h mad at Ciri and punch his fist through walls, though a servant, we are shown his flared nostrils, glaring eyes, and clenched fists in almost every scene of him. 

We see Ciri notice these things and go out of her way to see just how far she can antagonize him before he finally does hit her. 

She TRIES to make him hit her.

She constantly gets in his face daring him to hit her.

Ciri is one of those psycho bitch girlfriends who you would like to just shove her head in a meat grinder, because you are so damned sick of her disrespectful, snot nosed arrogance.

It is VERY difficult to find anything even remotely likable about Ciri in the novels.

Ciri is a MEGA psycho bitch. Extreme mean girl bully.

And when Ciri finds someone she can antagonize and needle and bully... she goes full fledge psych bitch on them to see just how far she can push them.

We've seen Ciri do this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, with dozens upon dozens of people.

Ciri is constantly getting raped, beat up, punched out, and runs her whining ass back to Mommy Yennefer : "Ohhh boo-hoo-hoo, they hit me and I don't know why, I twern' doing nothing! Waaaaah!"

Yeah, right.

People hit her after she spent 5 straight pages of "Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! Hit me, I dare you! I'm gonna hold my breath until you hit me, just you wait and see! Nananananaaa!" 

Ciri is the type of psycho creep who shoves your head down a toilet then flushes it, then shoves you in a locker, then runs off slapping her ass going, nananananahhhh! You can't stoooop meeeee!"

Ciri is insane.

I spent the first 6 volumes of the novels saying: "Somebody please beat this bitch's face in with a brick!"

Then I got to page 179 of Lady of the Lady.


Somebody FINALLY punched the filthy fucking little shit bitch in the face in like she so desperately deserved.

But the last person I expected to see do it was Avallac'h!

My hero.

While I don't like men who beat up women... I absolutely hate women who do the boo-hoo he's so mean, when he ISn't mean, they just got their ass whipped like they deserved.

I deeply dislike women who don't know their place and are disrespectful to the men in their lives.

Bitches who antagonize men are just as bad, if not worse then men who beat up women.

I've lived with both.

My uncles were monsters. Brutal, bastardly wife beaters and child abusers. But there were aunts who were far worse, women who needled their husbands into wild rages, just because they knew they could.

I've known women like Ciri, in real life, and if a woman like that gets pulverized by the man she's needling, well it's her own danmed fault.

And that's something I don't like about Ciri fans.

Ciri fans are quick to call Avallac'h abusive, because he hit Ciri ONCE, after she put him through 8 years of mental, emotional, and physical abuse, with him turning the other cheek every step of the way.

Ciri beat him up all the time.

We see scenes of Ciri stabbing him with knives, punching him, hitting him, kicking him, biting him, smashing everything he owns, ripping up clothes, breaking mirrors, 

.... we even see a scene, where Ciri tells him, she's going to deliberately get pregnant, just so she can hurt him by having an abortion... *(Page 159 Lady of the Lake)*

...and we see another scene, where she takes his beloved horse and runs it around the lake in a mad gallop, not stopping until the horse fucking collapses, just so she can run back to him and tell him she tried to kill his horse, look it's out there collapsed on the ground almost dead, nananananah! *(Page 157 Lady of the Lake)*

Ciri is such a psycho bitch that she is willing to kill babies and animals, just to try to hurt someone when she gets mad at them.


How would YOU like it if a psycho bitch broke into YOUR house and killed YOUR baby, because she was mad at you?

How would YOU like it if a psycho bitch broke into YOUR house and killed YOUR beloved cat or dog, because she was mad at you?


And than, after 8 years of this shit, Avallac'h finally hits her ONCE.... because she just got done castrating him, after raping him, and was holding a sword to his throat about to cut his head off.

That wasn't an abusive man beating up a woman....

That was a battered man, fighting back in self defence while a psycho rapist was trying to murder him.

If you can call Avallac'h an abusive man, Honey, then you don't know what an abusive man is.

I've lived with abusive men, and believe me, Avallac'h is not even close to being abusive.

Ciri spends years, daily smashing Lara's belongings, ripping up Lara's clothes.... and even smashes the magic mirror that is the ONLY portal Avallac'h has to Lara's tomb, leaving him unable to return to Lara's grave as he was in the habit of doing every night. 

And when Avallac'h, in tears, asks Ciri why she destroyed the portal, Ciri's answer is: "Because I could, and there's nothing you'll ever do about it, so there, nanannaanannanaaaaaaah!"

Ciri, immediately steps back and tells the reader: "This is a very dangerous Elf" and that from the look in his eyes, she expected him to kill her, but then says he instead punched his hand through the wall, left the room, got on his horse, and rode endlessly around the lake for 8 days without stopping. 

When he finally stopped riding the horse, he refused to go back inside and started sleeping by a campfire on the beach of the lake. 

Ciri assumed he was tired of seeing her break everything he owned and that that is why he wouldn't go in the house anymore and she stopped breaking things in the hopes he would come back, but he never did and never would for the rest of his life. 

It is 3 years before Avallac'h speaks to Ciri again. And Ciri realizes she has very badly upset him and doesn't know how to bring him out of the deep state of suicidal depression she has triggered in him, by destroying the portal to Lara's tomb. 

This is when we first see him spending his days doing nothing but fishing, and Ciri comes to the conclusion if she wants to spend time with him, she's going to have to spend her days fishing and horseback riding with him.

It is made very clear in this scene, that had anyone else destroied Lara's things and the portal to her tomb, that Avallac'h would have killed them without a thought, but because it was Ciri who did it, Avallac'h was mentally torn between wanting to kill her and his belief that she WAS in fact Lara resurrected. 

And we see Ciri start trusting him after this point, when she realizes, no matter what she does, he's never going to hurt her, which she took to mean, that she could get away with anything, and she almost does. 

Ciri takes full advantage of this, going mega wild out of control in her mean girl mega bitch mode and no matter what she does or says to anyone, Avallac'h continues to defend and protect her, even though he SHOULD have thrown her over his knee and belted the devated little manipulative psycho bitch's damn ass like she deserved.

Thing is you compare how Avallac'h treats Ciri to how every other man in the novels treated Ciri... and Avallac'h was by far the LEAST mean, as well as the MOST good to her.

Ciri was beaten, battered, raped, and abused by every single man in her life.


That includes Geralt, Vesimire, Dandelion... they were horrible, awful, abusive men who treated women like trash.

There is nothing kind, good, loving, moral, or decent about them either. Not one thing.

Geralt, Vesimire, and Dandelion are vile, drunk, women beating, rapists every one.

All three lack morals, desancy, and dignity.

All three reval in their debauche lives of sin.

Vesimire is the worst of all. He kills on average 3 children every week. Little boys all under 10 years old. Because it's FUN to strap children to torture devices, slice their veins open, pour poison into the wounds, and watch them wriggle and scream as they die in agony.

Vesimire is by far the vilest, meanest, most evil bastard of any piece of shit ever put in literature, ever. 

And yet, people who call Avallac'h mean, at the same time glorify vile pieces of shit like Geralt, Dandelion, and Vesimire.

Vesimire wanted Ciri's blood to make stronger Witchers with.

He wasn't training her at Kaer Morhen, he was abusing her.

There is not one, single, solitary scene of Avallac'h being mean to Ciri.

Everyone else, yes, but not Ciri.

Not only is he mean, he's very violent, takes flack from no one, thinks nothing of killing anyone who talks back to him - even small children, has entire galaxies scared shitless of him, frequently punches out anyone who dares disagree with him, strangles to death anyone who dares say Lara Dorren's name in his presence, demands EVERYONE fall to their faces and worship him or be killed instantly, keeps slaves, has an explosively violent temper, is extremely dominant, and demands absolute obedience.

Avallac'h don't take no shit from no one. And he especially won't let anyone hurt a baby. 

Avallac'h is a  baby rescuing vigilante. And this is one of the primary reasons I like him. He stands his ground, puts high morals and standards over clowning around and jesting, rules with a firm hand, and punishes immorality and debauchery without batting an eye. He gives orders, expecting perfection, and makes no level of leniency for laziness or excuses.

His abhorrence for drunkenness, vengeance, immorality, and his fierce protection of his wives, his putting family over everything, alongside  his love for children and babies, and tender gentleness with his wives, and fierce violent protection of his women and children, make him a man who I would gladly name leader of my people and put in place as Clan King.

Is he really, ACTUALLY "mean" though?

Not in my mind.

Look at when he is mean.

Look at why he becomes mean, what triggers it.

Avallac'h loves babies and hates people who kill them. It's rare to find a man in real life who wouldn't kill a baby, even their own. Real men hate babies. Avallac'h doesn't. Real men kill babies. Avallac'h kills baby killers. 

Avallac'h calls himself a "fauna rights activist" and a "protector of the innocent". He's only ever mean to those who are mean to "the innocent". He's mean to those who are mean t babies and animals.

In the real world, a man who doesn't kill babies is among the rarest thing there is. Real men are evil. All they care about is sex. They don't care about your health. They don't care about your safety. They only care about their dicks. And babies are in the way. Men massacre babies without batting an eye. 

Avallac'h's love for babies, alongside his fierce, violent protection of babies and their mothers, marks him as a rarity among men and a hero beyond any hero out there.

Avallac'h is gentle and kind to those who deserve that gentle, kindness.

I had my first "miscarriage" at age 14 when one of my uncles decided it was bad for business for me to be pregnant, so tossed me in a shower stall, and kicked my belly until I passed out. I woke up 3 days later, still in the shower stall, the entire bathroom a bloodbath.

ALL 7 so-called "miscarriages" have been that way. Outright murder.

Ben was the father of every murdered baby and he not only doesn't give a shit, he goes so far as to say, none of the babies were his, goes into wild, violent meltdowns accusing me of being "unrighteous and unfaithful", so he doesn't have to care... but when I was 12, he bought the exclusive rights to me, and I've not been with anyone else since.

Ben's cold, callous uncaring about the deaths, murders of his own children, at the hands of my uncles, is the number 1 primary reason why I like Avallac'h... 

I grew up in a child prostitution ring. I'd been raped more than 500 times by the time I was 8 years old. And I was only one of hundreds of little girls between the ages of 4 to 14, kept locked in cages not fit for a dog. Many starved to death. Most, died from being beaten to death, by the fathers of their rape babies, who were willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to beat a pregnant 8 year old to death in order to hide what they did from their wives and employers.

Most were just sadistic bastards who just wanted to pay money to beat a child to death for the fun of it... more fun to do if that 8 year old happened to be pregnant with his baby.

I learned young that men hate babies. Men kill babies for fun. Men take delight in killing unborn babies and watching it's dying mother bleed to death afterwards.

#THAT'S WHY I LIKE AVALLAC'H. We girls desperately needed someone like him. A man who valued life. A man who thinks of babies as the most precious thing there is. A man willing to kill any one who dares hurt a baby.

You may see Avallac'h as mean. But he's only mean to people who are mean to babies.

I was only one of the 140 nieces, my uncles regularly chained down, then jumped on their stomachs while they were pregnant. David was the worst. He was a 6'4" weight lifter, he'd tie the girls down, then beat their bellies with his 200lb weights.

Not everyone lived through their so-called "miscarriages". Nearly half died with their babies.

We females were seen as livestock.

Kept in cages, even puppy mills wouldn't dream of using.

Let out long enough to be raped by strangers.

Our rape babies beaten out of our bellies, on the orders of their fathers, who the uncles blackmailed more money out of. Pay money to beat the 8 year old child carrying your rape baby, ensure no one finds out what you do in your spare time.

That is what I grew up with.

Daily being raped from the time I was 4 years old

When any of us children got pregnant, our bellies were crushed, to hide what they were doing.

We girls needed a man like Avallac'h in our lives.

Had there been a real man out there who cared about life, cared about babies, more than 300 little girls and their unborn babies, would still be alive today. They wouldn't have been raped then beaten to death, by sadistic men, mostly priests, who pay money to do that sort of thing.

You may see Avallac'h as mean for beating to death women who murdered their babies, but I don't. I see him as a hero for daring to rescue those babies and murder those bitch ass child abusers.

In the real world, a man who doesn't kill babies is among the rarest thing there is. Real men are evil. All they care about is sex. They don't care about your health. They don't care about your safety. They only care about their dicks. And babies are in the way. Men massacre babies without batting an eye. 

Avallac'h's love for babies, alongside his fierce, violent protection of babies and their mothers, marks him as a rarity among men and a hero beyond any hero out there.

Avallac'h is gentle and kind to those who deserve that gentle, kindness.

He's stearn and "mean" only to those who are vile pieces of shit, deserving of a brick to the face.

If you see Avallac'h as mean, then you are probably someone who also likes to fill your head with conspiracy theories about real world police officers, claim government leaders are illuminati members, wouldn't do well in the military, spend the bulk of your life dodging authority, and have something to hide, scared you will go to prison if found out about... and in that case, you should be sacred of someone like Avallac'h who upholds justice and enforces the law.

Authority figures are seen as mean, only because they have the strength to hold their ground in the face of adversity.

Only a vile, evil bastard commiting crimes and living with something to hide, sees authority figures as mean.

If you see police officers as mean, then yes, of course you would see someone like Avallac'h as mean.

Sexual deviants see sexually deviated thugs like Geralt and Dandelion as heroes, because of their sexual perversions and fuck-you attitude towards the law.

Unlike Geralt and Dandelion who are nothing but vile, disgustingly repulsive, self-centered, uncaring, sex-crazed, gutter scum pieces of trash, Avallac'h is a man with compassion, morals, empathy, kindness, and decency.

If you see deviated, immoral, sex offending criminals like Geralt and Dandelion as heros, then yes, of course you are going to see a moral, just man like Avallac'h who upholds the law, and punishes criminals, as mean.

Here's the way I see it: Avallac'h is seen as mean, only by people who have problems with authority figures.

Avallac'h is seen as mean, only by people who are criminals with something to hide from law enforcement.

Yes, he's definitely someone you don't want mad at you. Get him mad and you'll be dead before you have time to know you've pissed him off.

But look at what gets him angry: bullies pushing their wives around, animal abusers beating up horses, lazy scumbags getting drunk, abortion bitches murdering innocent children... things that make Avallac'h mad and send his temper flaring, are vile, immoral things that SHOULD cause a man to be abhorred and reviled.

Any good moral decent real world man, would and SHOULD beat to death a man who beats up women.... just like Avallac'h does. I applaud a man who has the decency to beat to a pulp men who beat up women.

Any good moral decent real world man, would and SHOULD beat to death a man who beats up animals.... just like Avallac'h does. I applaud a man who has the decency to beat to a pulp men who beat up animals.

Any good moral decent real world man, would and SHOULD beat to death a man drinks alcohol.... just like Avallac'h does. I applaud a man who has the decency to beat to a pulp men who drink alcohol.

Any good moral decent real world man, would and SHOULD beat to death a woman who murders her own baby.... just like Avallac'h does. I applaud a man who has the decency to beat to a pulp a woman who murders her own baby.

Avallac'h doesn't just preach morals, he actually lives those morals and has the balls to enforce morals, laws, and decency with a harsh, firm hand that makes no leniency, no exceptions.

I wish more real world men were like Avallac'h and had the balls to stand up for good moral behavior and enforce decency.

So, yes, while he can seem to be "mean"... it depends on how you look at it...  

...a good, moral, decent person WOULD NOT see Avallac'h as mean; rather they would see him as a strong leader, someone to look up to...

...while only an immoral, debauched person who shuns authority, and supports abortion, drinking, animal abuse, and spouse abuse would classify Avallac'h as mean.

It says a lot about our current society's lack of moral decency, when 91% of 24million Witcher fans vote Avallac'h as the least-liked, most-hated character of the franchise.

He is arguably both the meanest and most dominant character of the entire Witcher franchise.... he is also one of the BIGGEST characters of the series.

Keep in mind, that while very small in the game, Avallac'h in the novels was 7'3" (221 cm) tall and weighed 350lbs... or even bigger, as we are later told he is 11'9" ... either way, that's HUGE. Avallac'h was a giant, and could and frequently did snap people's necks with his bare hands.

But you stand out as quite different from others who have pointed this out.

Most people say he is "so mean to Ciri".


Avallac'h is NOT mean TO CIRI.... everyone else however... yes, he is, very, very mean.

To Ciri we see Avallac'h always kind, loving, and gentle. 

And while we see him several times impatient and losing his temper with Ciri, we also see him, hold his temper and walk away from Ciri when he gets upset with her.

This is not the case with everyone else.

Avallac'h has a very, very, very, very bad temper. We see him punch people out, throttle people, strangle people... and yes, we do eventually see him doing all 3 things to Ciri during the rape scene on page 179 of ady of the Lake.

An ElderBlood with almost no control of his loose canon over the top explosive emotions, he also frequently has full on meltdowns that result in one of 2 results:

* Him letting loose his brain exploding, sonic whale song scream that insta-kills everyone for miles, by their heads blowing up

* Him too enraged to scream, with nostrils flared, fists clenched, and eyes closed... everyone around him turning into white marble statues

While seen in the game as calm, quiet, and emotionless... in the novels he was completely the opposite, with his over the top bipolar emotions exploding on everyone, every scene he's in.

Avallac'h has the ability to control his sonic scream, and is more likely to do it at a defense mechanism to protect his women (Ciri included)

When angry he has almost no control of what happens around him, with objects exploding, and people turning to stone.

While many rumors exist about how Lara Dorren died, with Elves saying she was murdered by Humans and Humans saying she was executed by the Elves... the reader eventually learns the truth of how she died when the reader is shown the white marble statue of Lara and her lover Creganon locked forever in sexual embrace, revealing that Avallac'h caught his wife cheating on him and accidently turned the lovers to stone in a fit of rage.

Portrayed in the novels as psychotically insane and having completely lost touch with reality,  Avallac'h's mind teaters on a dangerous edge as he swings back and forth between suicidal and homicidal.

In complete denial over having killed his beloved wife while she was 8 months pregnant with another man's baby, Avallac'h takes to hunting down pregnant women about to have abortions and cuts out their unborn babies, then strangles the women to death.

Avallac'h's obsession with Lara swings out of control when he discovers that Lara's 4th great-granddaughter, Ciri, looks exactly like Lara and could pass for Lara's twin.

Convinced that Ciri IS his beloved dead ex wife Lara, resurrected, reincarnated, and come back to him,  Avallac'h asigns himself as Ciri's fierce protector and personal bodyguard, appearing as the mysterious invisible entity who helps recuse Ciri from the torture cages of the sadistic bounty hunter Leo, giving her the sword Zireael and the fire-winged pegasus named Kelpie.

Ordered by King Auberon to kidnap Ciri and deliver her to King Auberon's Palace in Tir Na Lia, Avallac'h instead kidnapped Ciri and takes her to his own palace on the Lake of Avalon, then sets up an impenetrable barrier to keep out King Auberon's army.

In Avalon, Ciri finds herself crowned Queen of Avalon, forced to marry Avallac'h the King of Avalon, transformed into The Lady of the Lake, and made head-wife over Avallac'h's 500+ wives. And struggles daily to convince Avallac'h to call her Ciri not Lara.

Completely convinced that Ciri is Lara, Avallac'h demands Ciri to have an illegitimate baby, so that he can pick up where he left off with Lara.

And while Ciri has lived through sheer hell for the past decade, we readers suddenly see Ciri living in paradise, wanting for nothing, for 8 pampered years of total peaceful bliss.

During the 8 years she lives with him in Avalon, Ciri forms are strong emotional bond to Avallac'h whom she refers to as her best friend, her only true friend, the only person she can trust, and we see many scenes of Ciri with Avallac'h horseback riding, picking apples, fishing on the lake, camping on the beach, hugging, kissing, cuddling, embracing... 

...and we see that with Avallac'h, Ciri is happy for the first time in her life., with Avallac'h Ciri has no cares or worries, is not hunted, is protected, is loved, and is treated with gentle, tender, loving, kindness, something she has never experienced before.

And then comes the day when an army of Unicorns breaks through the barrier, and Ciri witnesses Avallac'h's brain splattering sonic whale scream for the first, second, and third time, as he takes out 3 waves of the army, instantly exploding 5,000 soldiers.

Avallac'h is critically injured in the attack, and Ciri fears they'll be killed, when a knight in gleaming red lacquer armor, riding on a red dragon, swopes in to rescue her and Avallac'h. 

The Red Knight Dragon Rider, Eriden , a character who is nothing like what we saw in the game, takes care of Avallac'h until he recovers, and makes friends with Ciri while doing so.

Ciri is stunned to learn that Avallac'h is seen as a traitor, is accused of mutiny because he kept Ciri for himself instead of delivering her to King Auberon like he was supposed to do. 

Realizing she knows almost nothing about Avallac'h, Ciri questions Eredin about him, and is told a horrifying story of who and what Avallac'h really is.

According to Eredin, Avallac'h went insane after the death of his beloved wife Lara, and gathered up a group of wraiths, women who died in childbirth, and together, Avallac'h and these dead woman, were known as The Wild Hunt. 

Eredin tells Ciri that each night Avallac'h and his Wild Hunt set out at night to capture pregnant women who did not want their babies and would have had abortions, bringing the women here to Avallac'h's lab, where he cuts out the fetuses grows them to babies in jars in his lab, and strangles the ungrateful bitch ass abortionists to death.

Ciri is horrified by this story, but laughs at Eredin, telling him that Avallac'h is her best friend and is too kind, too gentle, too loving to ever hurt anyone. Ciri alsi states that The Wild Hunt are just fairy tales meant to scare children.

Avallac'h wakes up while this conversation is happening and lunges at Eredin in a violent, infuriated rage, intent on strangling the Red Knight to death.

While Avallac'h and Eredin struggle together, Ciri falls back in surprise, totally stunned by Avallac'h's sudden violent outburst. And this is the first of several times Ciri says to herself: "This is very dangerous Elf."

Escorted to King Auberon's Palace, by Eredin and his Red Riders, Ciri marvels at the response citizens have as Avallac'h walks through the streets and people fall to their faces in terror, worshiping him, and calling him The Elder God. Ciri silently questions why are these people so scared of Avallac'h.

One couple refuses to bow as Avallac'h passes, and Ciri notes that Avallac'h's eyes and nostrils flared in rage over someone not worshiping him. On a walk a few days later, Ciri walks past here again and sees a pair of white marble statues that look like the couple, standing where they had stood.

Upon meeting King Auberon, Ciri points out in 8 different scenes, the fact that the King was scared shitless of Avallac'h and Avallac'h appeared to be the one in control of the empire, pulling the strings behind the scenes, with every Elf she met scared shitless of being throttled to death by him.

Over the course of the next several weeks Ciri witnesses men, women, children, nobles, soldiers, palace guards, and even King Auberon himself,  flee in terror from the sight of Avallac'h, and Ciri continually points out that more and more white marble statues are showing up throughout the city, the palace, and the gardens.

Two things stand out through it all: 

* 1: mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors at every turn... hanging from every tree, on every wall, along every road, ... the entire city of Tir na Lia in practically built of out mirrors... upon questioning the Elves, Ciri quickly realizes that Avallac'h is a mirror mage, and the mirrors of his eyes and ears, that he sees all and hears all that happens near a mirror, any mirror, anywhere on any planet.

* 2: Snakes. Huge, giant, 130' tall statues of snakes. Everywhere. In every room. In every garden. On every street. ... Upon questioning the Elves, Ciri is told that these are statues of The Elder God from whom all Elder Blood flows, the creator of life, the creator of Elder Blood...  And Ciri is told by King Auberon, that Avallac'h is The Elder God from whom all Elder Blood flows, The Creator of Elder Blood, and that Avallac'h is NOT an Elf, but rather, he is a giant serpent big enough to swallow planets.

Again, Ciri is told Avallac'h leads The Wild Hunt and murders pregnant women to rescue their babies.

Fights start breaking out between Ciri, Auberon, and Avallac'h as Avallac'h starts accusing Ciri of stealing his blood, and Ciri learns from Avallac'h himself, that he spent 700 years cloning himself and draining his blood to create Lara Dorren.

After one boat ride with Avallac'h, Ciri witnesses Avallac'h have a full on meltdown when he sees a small stable boy beating up his beloved horse Rudy. Avallac'h grabs the boy by his not pointed ear, and drags him to his lab, leaving Ciri alone with the horses, to wonder why the child doesn't have pointed ears like Avallac'h.

Ciri was of the belief that the several thousand children who live with Avallac'h and his 500 wives are Avallac'h's biological children.

The next day Ciri can not find Avallac'h and heads to the stable to see if he is with his beloved horse Rudy. Instead of Avallac'h, Ciri finds two little girls crying. When questioned, the girls tell Ciri that the stable boy was their brother and they fear Avallac'h has killed him.

Puzzled, Ciri questions why they are scared of their father, whom Ciri saw are nothing but kind and loving, and the girls try to run away, but Ciri grabs them to stop them, pulling their hoods off and revealing they do not have pointed ears either.

Ciri puzzles over why Avallac'h's children are Humans and not Elves like he is, completely ignoring the info Eredin told her about his murdering pregnant women to rescue their would be aborted babies.

Ciri witnesses' Avallac'h's wild insanity, when he spirals back and forth between accusing her of stealing Lara's blood, saying she IS Lara, demanding she give him a baby so he can remake Lara again, and giving him a baby so he can raise Lara's illegitimate baby.

Ciri starts to wonder which of Avallac'h's bipolar demands is the thing he actually wants and starts trying to get him to open up and talk to her, which reveals that he is very sad, very lonely, and spends the bulk of his time slicing his wrists trying to kill himself and taking way to much fisstech(cocaine) to block out the pain of how alone he feels.

Realizing he's heartbroken over Lara's death, and struggling to find the will to live, Ciri stops correcting him when he calls her Lara and, suddenly has a change of heart about the baby and says she'll give Avallac'h a baby, in exchange for him returning her back to Mommy Yennefer, which he agrees to do, but asks Ciri to stay and raise the child first, saying he'll return her to Mommy Yennefer after the baby is grown, resulting in Ciri's infamous pro-abortion rant on how not only will she murder his unborn baby, but she'll also go to every planet and stab the belly of every pregnant women in the universe to kill all babies so he'll never have a baby ever.

Eredin overhears Ciri telling Avallac'h she wants to go home to mommy Yennefer, and pulls Ciri aside, again, telling her about Avallac'h's Wild Hunt, this time handing her poisoned fisstech that Avallac'h had made, stating that Avallac'h will never let her leave, and if she really wants to leave, the only way she'll get out of here alive is if she kills King Auberon and frame Avallac'h for it.

Horrified, Ciri states neither King Auberon nor Avallac'h has ever done anything to hurt and she'll not hurt them. Ciri goes on to state Avallac'h is her best friend, the only friend she's ever had, and she'll never hurt him.

Enraged over what Eredin has proposed, Ciri ran from the city to walk in the fields and runs into her old friend Starry Eyes, who tells Ciri, the same story Ciri has already been told by Eredin twice, Auberon once, and several citizens... that Avallac'h is dangerously insane and is leading the Wild Hunt across the universe each night hunting down and mass murdering pregnant women while raising their fetuses in jars in his lab.

Yet again, Ciri refuses to believe Avallac'h would do such a thing. And Starry Eyes takes Ciri to Avallac'h's lab, and shows her the ravine behind the lab, and Ciri is horrified to see the sea of tens of thousands of corpses.

When Ciri goes to confront Avallac'h about this, she finds him in his garden, and is even more horrified by the scene here, which reveals to the reader how Lara died, when we are shown Avallac'h lining up dozens of white marble statues of small children, around the garden's centerpiece: the white marble statue of Lara Dorren, with the statue of Creaganon now sawed off of it.

Ciri at first thinks nothing of the statues until she realizes the new one that Avallac'h is setting up... is the missing stableboy.

And so... yes... we do see Avallac'h being very mean.... just... never to Ciri.

And because readers of the Witcher novels seem to be incapable of mentally grasping how tall an 11'9" (359cm) tall person is, here is a picture of an 11' tall character beside a 12 year old girl ... The BFG & Sophie... to show you the ACTUAL height of Avallac'h beside Ciri in the novels, that you may see how VERY, extraordinarily, extremely  inaccurate Avallac'h's tiny height in the game is...

And when you see how big of a size difference there is between Avallac'h and Ciri.... you begin to see why I say you idiots who are accusing him of raping Ciri are, well, idiots. It's kind of not physically possible for someone Avallac'h's size to rape someone Ciri's size.... of course, he's a eunuch anyways, so, you have to be overlooking that part too, when you accuse him of rape.

You can also see why Humans were so damned terrified of Avallac'h... he could kill them by stepping on them like they were cockroaches... a fact that he even points out when he says that to him, humans are the same as cockroaches are to humans.

When you realize the extreme size difference between Avallac'h and Ciri, you can also realize why he treated her like she was a beloved pet cat or dog or hamster, rather then treating her like an equal or a lover.

And, when you realize how much hugly bigger Avallac'h is, not only of Humans, but also of the Aen Shiede and Aen Elle Elves, you can also then understand why he never had sex with ANY of his 500+ wives, and why he set out to clone himself to create a mate like himself, creating Lara Dorren.

And when you realize the huge size difference between Avallac'h and EVERYONE else, even other Elves, you can than understand why he is so sad and lonely and depressed and suicidal. He is truly alone. There is no one else like him and his huge size, makes him incapable of fully interacting with anyone else as an equal. 

Think about it... how can you think of anyone as your equal, when EVERYONE is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand?

Sadly far too many people fail to pay attention to what they read, and completely overlook and outright ignore the information they are told about Avallac'h's incredibly massive size difference.

We are even told WHY he is so much bigger than all the other Elves.

We are told that Avallac'h is the LAST of his kind and that he is the ONLY pure blooded Elf left alive.

We are also told that the Elves are getting smaller over time, because they are mating with Humans and each generation is smaller than the last because they are becoming more and more Human.

Most Elves die of old age around 400 to 500 years old, because their blood is so intermingled with Human blood that they no longer have near immortal long lifespans. Avallac'h's age is unknown. When Geralt asks his age, Avallac'h lists of a timeline of events spanning 2,000 years and stats that he can not remember any further back from then, but remembers that he was already elderly and considered ancient way back 2,000 years ago.

Ciri points out too that many Elves do not have pointed ears, and the Elves who do have pointed ears, their ears are very small, the points easily hidden under their hair. However, Ciri points out that Avallac'h alone, has long pointed rabbit-like ears, so long and knife-like that they can not be hidden under his hair. Avallac'h being pure blooded, and thus an Elder Blood, still has the long pointed ears of the ancient Elder Folk, unlike the current generation of Elves who have more Human like ears.

In short, Elves are no longer Elves, but a Human-Elf-Hybrid race, with Avallac'h being the last true Elf left alive.

When Ciri asks King Auberon how old Avallac'h is, King Auberon tells her a dramatic tale, sating that Avallac'h IS LITERALLY GOD, stating that Avallac'h existed before time began, will continue to exist after time ends... AND King Auberon refers to Avallac'h as The Master of Mirrors... 

*(Yes, Avallac'h IS Gaunter O'Dimm - remember O'Dimm's dying words in Elder Speech at the end of his quest.... he outright tells Geralt that this is not the first form they met in, nor will it be the last, because he IS TIME and therefor CAN NOT DIE.)* 

King Auberon tells Ciri that Avallac'h is not an Elf at all, but rather the broach he wears, traps him in the form of an Elf. King auberon shows Ciri the statue of a giant serpent and tells Ciri that in his true form Avallac'h is in actuality the giant snake whom is known as The Ancient Unseen Elder God From Whom All Elder Blood Flows. King Auberon explains that Ciri has Elder Blood, because she is a descendant of Avallac'h. 

In the end King Auberon says Avallac'h has no age, because Avallac'h IS Time itself, he can stop time, make time move faster, make time move slower, and move forward and backward through time. 

King Auberon tells Ciri that being time itself, Avallac'h existed before life was created, before time began, and that Avallac'h is the Elder God who created all life.

And, so you don't have to ask... yes, I've got a thing for The BFG too. I have ever since I read the novels, some 40 years ago. I was incredibly disapointed in how unlike the novel, the movie was. The BFG is up there with Avallac'h, Lord Sesshomaru, Scrooge McDuck, Dr. Shuu, Gargamel, Jafar, Jaaraxel, NegaDuck, and Prof Snape in my top 10 favorite fictional characters list. Yes, I am aware 3 of those men are birds.

FAQs: But Avallac'h kills people. He's a murderer. How can you like a murderer?

#But Avallac'h kills people. He's a murderer. How can you like a murderer?

Can I swing this back at you with a name change or 2, to show you how utterly ridiculous you are being with this question?

>>>But Ciri kills people. She's a murderer. How can you like a murderer?

Ciri, in the novels, is a mass murderer. She takes sadistic delight in murdering babies, small children, elderly, innocent villagers, and her personal favorite is to hunt down pregnant women and stab them in the belly to kill their unborn baby.

Ciri also takes delight in animal abuse, torturing other people's pets, torturing her own horse Kelpie, and watching small helpless animals suffer.

Raping men is another of Ciri's favorite pastimes, as is castrating them after raping them. 

And nothing gives Ciri more delight then hunting down crippled, invalid, elderly men too weak to run away from her, then raping, torturing, and mutilating them, before castrating them and crushing their bones leaving them to blood to death.

#But Avallac'h kills people. He's a murderer. How can you like a murderer?


Who kills more people? 

* The vegan pacifist fauna rights activist (Avallac'h) or the killer for hire (Geralt)?

Who kills more people? 

* The baby rescuing vigilante who rescues babies from abortions (Avallac'h) or the woman whose primary goal in life to to hunt down every pregnant female and stab her in the belly to rid her of the evil that is children (Ciri)?

Who kills more people? 

* The polygamist with 500 wives who has 500 wives so they can raise the thousands of would be aborted children he rescued  (Avallac'h) or child murdering, serial killer who devoted his life to torturing children to death for the fun of it and murders on average 3 children under the age of 10 every week  (Vesemir)?

Are you bitching about the mass thousands of 10 year old boys that Vesmire murders?

Are you complaining about the mass thousands of men and babies Ciri murders in her glut lust to prove lesbians are the greatest?

are you bitching about Geralt just slicing and dicing everyone every day, everywhere he goes?

And yet, we are TOLD OUTRIGHT that no monster or animal feared Avallac'h and flocked to him, because they could smell that he had never shed innocent blood?

You my friend are a hypocrite. 

#But Avallac'h kills people. He's a murderer. How can you like a murderer?


Who does he kill?

He only kills abortion bitches, sluts, whores, sexual deviants, and prostitutes. It's not like he's killing anyone that has any worth or value to the world.

I'm sorry, but I really don't have an issue with Avallac'h cleaning up the world by killing immoral, gutter scum pieces of trash.

Avallac'h is the greatest hero since Jack the Ripper.

The more abortion bitches he rids the world of the safer place the world is for children.

He's only ridding the world of deviated, abortion bitches who value sex over life. 

Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Eliminating abortion bitches from the world is what ANY good, moral, decent man would and SHOULD do.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.... If they didn't want to be murdered, then they shouldn't have been murderers, now, should they have?

Avallac'h is the epitome of what every man SHOULD be... so horrified by the thought of sex fiends murdering their own babies... so horrified that he executes them and makes sure they never murder another baby ever again. 

#Avallac'h is the greatest hero since Jack the Ripper.


He doesn't kill people.

And he's not a murderer.

He executes abortion bitches.

He rids the world of beasts who run around pretending to be women, but are really nothing but baby murdering monsters. 

Avallac'h is a good, decent, just, righteous man who eliminates evil, vile child murderers from the planet.

I love him for that and I wish there were more good, decent, just, righteous, abortion bitch eradicating men like him out there in the real world.

Avallac'h is what every real man should strive to be: a man abhorred by sin and has the corade to do the right thing and rid the world of evil.

Women should love and protect their babies from harm. If a woman can't or doesn't want the child she created while slutting her whore bitch ass around, then it is her responsibility to do the right thing and find a childless woman who wants a baby and see to it that her child gets a good home with a mother who will take care of it.

There are not enough decent women in the world.

Men have the responsibility of protecting women and children and when they see a woman or child being hurt it is their responsibility to stop them from being hurt.

There are not enough decent men in the world.


#And because I am sick and tired and absolutely fed up with the steady, none-stop sexual posts in my chat which I have now learned (October 21, 2019) are being caused by the slanderous, sexually enhanced statements, rumors, and outright lies being made and spread by another streamer.... who has taken not only to spreading wild sexual rumors about me via her Twitch streams, but is also spreading such slanderous rumors on her Discord as well, and has at least 5 of her streamer friends doing the same on their streams and Discords, and as it now turns out are responsible for sending the bulk of the sex-crazed perverts to post vile, rape-supporting, sex talk in my chat, ...

#which was the reason I stopped interacting with chat - I just got tired of chat being nothing but endless sexual harassment...

#something I am now learning they have been doing since as far back as August 2018 (yep, we have finally found the source of the "Deserve to be Raped Raids" that happened daily from August 2018 to February 2019).... the bulk of it instigated by 2 of her chat regulars.... 

#Before you watch any of my streams, first watch these VOD: 

* 35 min VOD [The Purple Bison Scene... My Reaction To Being Called Out On Someone Else's Stream aka Why I like Avallac'h]( 

* and this  2 hour VOD  [Page 179 of Lady of the Lake aka Why I don't like Ciri and Why I absolutely hate, loath, and revile Ciri's psychotic fan base](    

* and this 1 hour VOD [Avallac'h is a dungeon master with torture devices and hurt Ciri? What the F...? My response to the craziest accusation I've ever heard](

* and this 20 minute VOD [the hilarious side effect of removing nudity from the game - how making the lore-friendly Wild Hunt mod gave me 300+ new followers in one day then lost me 370+ followers the next day](

* this 10 hour stream that includes a 7 hour rant from me and Ben both [WARNING! The high priest is here and we both went off on anti-sex, abortion bitch bashing rants that'll twist most sensitive snowflakes](

* and also this 2 hour VOD:  [The Fisher King & The Lady of The Lake:  The Real People vs The Original Novels vs The Witcher Versions or Why I Like Avallac'h & Hate Ciri](

#Pay damned close attention to everything I say in those 6 VODS and don't you DARE post in my chat, message me, or talk about me in your stream UNLESS YOU'VE WATCHED THOSE FIRST and are certain you ACTUALLY KNOW WHO I AM AND WHAT I STAND FOR!


Every viewer's worst nightmare... Ciri in bed with Avallac'h....

Every viewer's worst nightmare... Ciri in bed with Avallac'h....

No, this was not streamed.

I do all the sex quests off-stream, so you have never seen a sex quest streamed.

I have screen shots of Avallac'h in bed with every named female character in the game. Yennefer. Triss. Tulip. Philipa. Corinne Tilly. Margarita... the list just goes on and on ... 


Uhm... to have lots of screenshots of Avallac'h naked?

I don't know.

I went through a "let's throw everyone, including Ge'els, in bed with Avallac'h" phase.

If Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple bothers you, you probably want to stay VERY FAR away from my channel... also... don't read the novels.... they are in 22 sex scenes together, just in 1 chapter of the novels.

If Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple bothers you, you probably want to stay VERY FAR away from my channel... also... don't read the novels.... they are in 22 sex scenes together, just in 1 chapter of the novels.

Image from Passiflora Brothel Girl 3 Quest, with my mod that turns Triss, Yen, Shani, Kiera, Jutta, and all the brothel girls into Ciri.

And no, this quest was not played on stream, nor are any of the sex quests. 

I love Avallac'h, you've probably noticed.

This upsets people, quite a lot.

I also love Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple.

This upsets people even more. Chat is set to emote only because after ignoring 7,000+ death threats, one of you decided to arive at my house with a gun. He's in prison now. Chat is set to emote only. And I still love Avallac'h and like him with Ciri. 

Sorry, sending me death threats, and arriving at my house with a gun, has not changed my feelings for Avallac'h, nor has it stopped me from throwing Ciri in his bed. The only effect it has had around here, is now you can't interact with me in chat. Enjoy!

#Sorry, but if you are here looking for Witcher sex quests, you've come to the wrong channel. I've never played a sex quest from ANY game on stream yet. AND I mod ALL of my games to completely remove nudity from them.

Know too, that if you see ANY streamer playing the Witcher 3 sex quests on stream, they are in serious ToS violation!

Read the ToS page and what it says about Witcher 3... people get banned for playing the sex quests on stream all the time

Twitch has 3 lists of games:

* whitelisted - you can play the whole game

* blacklisted - total ban from being played

* greylisted - can be played WITH EXCEPTIONS and/or has specific twitch rules regarding what you can or can not do on stream; it also says greylisted games are at risk of being moved to the blacklist if too many streamers violate the restrictions

All 3 of the Witcher games are greylisted and contain specific instructions to NOT PLAY ON STREAM the sex quests, stating that you must minimise or blackout the game screen if playing the sex quests, otherwise do the sex quests off stream

3 or 4 streamers get banned EVERY WEEK for playing the Witcher 3 sex quests on stream... if Twitch catches you doing it, YOU ARE GONE - not a suspension, a full on ban!

Witcher 3 is the only game I watch, A LOT of streamers lose their account somewhere around either Yen's unicorn quest or Triss's lighthouse quest... I see it happen every day

If you are looking for a streamer to play the sex quests, tread carefully.... do know that if you ask a streamer to play a sex quest, you are at HIGH RISK of causing that streamer to lose their channel.

This channel is marked 18+ because I talk about VERY political current events, especially my extreme hatred for rapists and abortion bitches, I have a lot of very controversial views that are often seen as highly offensive, however, the gameplay part of the streams remain PG13. 

There is a panel on my profile that explains why my channel is marked as 18+ read that for more info.

FAQs: Why you got Ciri and Avallac'h in the sex scenes together?   I thought you said this was a lore-friendly playthrough. That ain't lore-friendly, is it? .............................................. Why do you have Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple? I didn't think they had that kind of a relationship.   ..............................................     You've referred to Avallac'h as Ciri's husband and Ciri as part of Avallac'h's harem.  Where did you get this info? 

The 7th novel in the series: Lady of the Lake.

If you were horrified seeing how sexual everyone was with 8, 9, 10, and 11 year old Ciri in the first 6 novels... ready for eye bleach worthy horrors when you see how overly sexual the Aen Elle Elves are in their sex orgies with Ciri, because you ain't seen nothing in the first 6 novels that even comes close to the wild sex orgies you'll see 12 year old Ciri having with Auberon and Avallac'h in the 7th novel.

In spite of him being her great-grandfather, in the 7th novel, we see Ciri and Avallac'h in the most graphically detailed sex scenes of the entire franchise. 

Yes, I know the game does a good job of hiding their relationship, though if you pay attention to what you are told, you find out Ciri and Avallac'h have sex right after Vesemir's funeral (yep, the game DOES TELL YOU THIS IF YOU PAY ATTENTION) 

And long before you meet Avallac'h in the game, you are told that Ciri was living with a Mysterious Masked Mage, so you head to his Velen hideout, to find out if he's there. Pay attention to bedroom as you search Avallac'h's Velen hideout... Ciri lived with him here for quite some time and there is only one bed.

Back to the novels...

In the 5th chapter Ciri falls out of a portal and lands on top of an Elf who was sitting in the field playing a flute. The Elf turns out to be Avallac'h, King of Avalon and Court Mage to King Auberon (Emperor over the other lesser kings). Avallac'h takes Ciri to his palace on the Lake of Avalon and adds her to his harem of several hundred wives (whom Ciri pints out are both elf and human).

Avallac'h refers to Ciri as a replacement for his now dead ex-wife Lara Dorren, and forces Ciri to wear Lara's clothes, tries to teach her to talk and act like Lara, and goes so far as to try to get Ciri pregnant because Lara was pregnant when she died.

While we never see it happen, the series of events imply that at some point during her 8 years living on the Lake of Avalon, Avallac'h forced Ciri to marry him. We see scenes of 5 lesser wives tending to Ciri and trembling in fear at Avallac'h's temper when they can not keep Ciri under control. 

Whether or not a wedding ever took place is unclear, but what is made clear is that Avallac'h sees Ciri as his primary wife and forces his other wives to serve her.

Later in the same novel...

After Geralt and Yennefer die/are murdered, Ciri asks Starry Eyes to help her take their bodies back to The Lake of Avalon to be healed. 

Avallac'h by this point is now The Fisher King and agrees to resurrect them in exchange for Ciri staying with him and becoming his wife.

Starry Eyes dies during the process of the resurrection, Ciri is transformed into an Elven goddess called The Lady of the Lake, and spends the rest of her days living on the Lake of Avalon with The Fisher King/Avallac'h.

Yes, I know it pisses off people who hate Avallac'h to find out he's Ciri's lover AND her husband, but the fact remains, the novel series ends with them staying together as lovers.

While you can continue to ask me questions, and I will continue to answer them. bitchy psycho meltdowns are no longer tolerated online or offline.

No, questions from Twitch chat  had nothing to do with why chat was turned off. Chat was turned off because the streamer who did the drunk stream raids with the raid message "deserved to be raped" showed up at my house and did $30,000 in damages to my car, put my 82 year old dad in the hospital with a ruptured kidney, and killed my cats then nailed my cats' heads to the door.



[This VOD tells you why](

The Bedroom in Avallac'h's Velen Hideout

The Bedroom in Avallac'h's Velen Hideout

...mentioned above, in the answer to the question:

FAQs: You've referred to Avallac'h as Ciri's husband and Ciri as part of Avallac'h's harem. I didn't think they had that kind of a relationship. Where did you get this info?'s a picture of the bed previously mentioned...

We are told that Ciri and Avallac'h lived here together for "quite some time" and that they had planned to meet back up here again, but Avallac'h was chased out by the Wild Hunt and Ciri had a run-in with the Crones, so they never made it back here.

Swimming...every viewer's worst nightmare, other then Ciri in bed with Avallac'h...  and swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming....

Swimming...every viewer's worst nightmare, other then Ciri in bed with Avallac'h...  and swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming....

Swimming, like fast travel, is one of the most bitched about complaints with viewers.

As every regular knows, when we start swimming, it could be hours, days, even weeks worth of streams, before we stop.

I just plain love swimming in this game. I can not explain it, but swimming in Witcher 3 is so relaxed... unlike swimming in Subnautica which is the single most stressful thing I have ever done in any game.

Part 1: can't give Avallac'h combat... and how do you know what spells he uses... he never does anything... he's never in combat, he never casts spells... how can you give him combat based off anything?  But King Auberon.... and Avallac'h ... and... Wikipedia... and... but... but Wikipedia says... and Some thoughts on dealing with trolls 



Let me just copy and paste this message that showed up in my chat every day for about 2 weeks...

*"How can you give Avallac'h any comat. Witcher mages don't fight in the books. He doesn't fight in the game. Only power Avallac'h has is convincing Ciri to get in bed with an impotent king."*

These posts were always followed with lines such as: "I know, I read the books"

Uhm... REALY... you think Auberon is an impotent king... AND you ACTUALLY read the books... my, my, my... you do know that Auberon being impotent is a RUMOR started by the very sane Reddit poster who started the RUMOR that Avallac'h raped Ciri, right?

Can I take a few hour break while I go roll on the floor laughing at you?

Yeah, I know Wikipedia says King Auberon never has sex with Ciri because he's impotent and erectile dysfunction...

...but that's NOT what it said in the novels, you freaking idiot!

###You can ALWAYS tell someone is lying about having read the books if they accuse Auberon of being impotent or Avallac'h of being a rapist... as the ONLY place you can find Auberon accused of being impotent and Avallac'h raping Ciri is on the Witcher wiki page that was a copy-paste of the Reddit post which said those things. These facts DO NOT come from the novels.

On the contrary - it's AVALLAC'H not AUBERON who is impotent and suffers from erectile dysfunction... we are told that in BOTH Tower of Swallows and Lady of The Lake.

Avallac'h in the novels had absolutely no interest in sex. He was hung up on his dead ex-wife Lara Dorren to the point that he abstained from sex since her death 200 years prior. Ciri throws herself on him several times and he pushes her aside, stating he refuses to be swayed from his memory of Lara. Ciri goes so far as to tell Avallac'h outright: "You should want me, I look like your Lara"... while she is raping him. Avallac'h only ends up having sex with Ciri because she rapes him while holding a sword to his throat threatening to kill him if he doesn't make her pregnant.

We are told in both Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake, that Avallac'h is a very old, very ancient, elderly Elf with no libedo. In his conversations with Geralt about sex, he tells Geralt that he finds sex boring, stating that the first hundred years of his life were spent in pursuit of every possible form of sex and now that he'd tried everything possible to do with sex, he found sex lacking in excitement and fascination.

Avallac'h dominated over Ciri until she raped him. Ciri discovered that Avallac'h was scared of sex and could be controlled by whomever could force sex on him, thus how he became her severant. Avallac'h lives in mortal terror of Ciri. Knowing that he is scared of sex, Ciri sexually abuses Avallac'h to keep him submissive to her.

Ciri in Witcher 1, tells Geralt that Avallac'h is her faithful servant who will never leave her and never disobey her. When Geralt chides her for keeping a man so old around, Ciri sasses back at him telling him that keeps Avallac'h around for sex... she admits that she keeps him under her control by raping him into submission.

Over the course the 8 novels of the series, we see Ciri kidnapped and nearly raped by 5 dozen characters... Ciri spends the bulk of her time in the novels being terrified of men and expecting every last man she meets to want to rape her.

Because of this, Ciri lives in mortal terror of getting near any bed, especially any man's bed, as well...


...and yet...

...shortly after meeting Avallac'h, we see Ciri, snuggle up in bed with him, with no fear that he'll rape her, quite simply because she is aware he has no sex drive and thus she felt safe sleeping with him, knowing he wouldn't try to rape her, because he couldn't.... at this point, Ciri had already been told by Avallac'h his desire to have her baby and Auberon's going to father it because he (Avallac'h) couldn't.

Avallac'h wanted a baby from Ciri and Auberon agreed to make her pregnant because Avallac'h couldn't do it himself... Avallac'h would not have let Auberon near Ciri otherwise... he made that VERY CLEAR... Every time Auberon got near Ciri, we saw Avallac'h becoming increasingly more aggressive, more violent, more frustrated, until he reached the point of having a total meltdown and beating Ciri nearly to death over it.

Auberon never wanted to have sex with Ciri at all, Avallac'h is the one who wanted to have sex with her. Auberon didn't like Avallac'h and used Ciri as a way to cuckold Avallac'h.

We see EIGHT separate scenes of Auberon cockcolding Avallac'h this way... every single scene, Auberon brought Ciri almost to the point of orgasm... and then left the room TO FRUSTRATE AVALLAC'H!

###And had you read the NOVELS themselves, rather then WIKIPEDIA you would have KNOWN that!!!!!

We are told Avallac'h uses fistech BECAUSE of his low sex drive, and that unlike everyone else who shorts the powdered cocaine, he puts it under his foreskin.

We see a scene where Avallac'h gives Auberon fistech, telling Auberon to use it this way, and Auberon says he doesn't need to and takes to snorting it instead.

Eredin witnesses this, steals fistech from Avallac'h, mixes it with poison, and then uses that to kill Auberon and frame Avallac'h and Ciri for murdering the king.

* NO ONE questions that Avallac'h is the murderer because 

* EVERYONE knows he was insanely obsessed with Lara Dorren and had not had sex in 200 years since her death... and 

* EVERYONE knew Ciri looked just like Lara and Avallac'h was becoming aggressive to everyone who got near her... and

* EVERYONE knew Avallac'h was the one who wanted to fuck Ciri and was sending to to Auberon to watch Auberon fuck her...

* EVERYONE knew Auberon hated Avallac'h and was REFUSING to fuck Ciri, just to frustrated Avallac'h...

* so when Eredin killed the king and made it look like Avallac'h did it... NO ONE questioned it 

* Avallac'h was royalty... he was next in line to be king after Auberon... Eredin needed to get BOTH Auberon and Avallac'h out of the picture to crown himself king, and used the fact that Avallac'h COULDn't have sex with Ciri and Auberon WOULDn't have sex with Ciri, to get rid of both of them

The fact that this person REPEATEDLY day after day, persistently posted messages in my chat saying: *"Only power Avallac'h has is convincing Ciri to get in bed with an impotent king."* was precisely why I ended up changing my profile here, to include a detailed look at EVERYTHING Avallac'h and Auberon do in both the novels and the game, simply because I got sick of that troll posting that message so often in my chat.

This copy pasted repeated post was followed each time by 3 other posters, joining in, to repeat, near copy-paste posts each day, where they began "agreeing" with the first poster in saying that they too had read the books and played the game and that at no point in either the books or the novels is Avallac'h ever seen casting spells or using any type of combat....

...they then followed up those posts by bragging that they were "friends of KNG" and that the only combat mods worth using were made by him , followed by some gibberish about the W3EE mod (and the fact that no one who plays the game without W3EE actually knows how to play the game), then several long posts gibbering on about the fact that my spending 8 months to build Avallac'h's combat scripts, was a waste of time, because, as they said already, "he has no combat or spell use in books or game".

* the KNG they are referencing is the same KNG who is the creator of [Avallac'h's Axii flute mod](, by the way... 

* I'm also using [16 of the 21 mods created by KNG]( in my Avallac'h playthrough)

* I'm wondering if these 4 people REALLY know KNG and if so, if KNG knows they are running around Witcher streams of Twitch chat dragging his name through the mud?

I checked, all 4 of these posters, came from the same stream each time, and once I found that out I started hosting said stream to watch said stream's chat, and found the streamer was instigating these questions, and non-stop talking about me in their stream, resulting in their chat talking about me... and me getting lots of emails informing me of @mentions in that chat, and then those chatters showing up in my chat, to not ask these questions, but rather to make accusatory demands in my chat...

A troll doesn't say anything they actually believe and instead just tries to incite anger or chaos. They learn only just enough of a topic to be able to sound like they know the topic, just enough to incite anger in those who do know the topic. Trolls are deceitful and treacherous. Trolls have no loyalty to one side or the other and will quickly switch sides, depending on how much of a fight they think they can get started.

People who know the topic can quickly pick out a troll by the simple errors that troll makes. In this case we have a group of 4 trolls who delight in starting chaos on Witcher streams. 

I find myself amused by the topics they chose to use on my own streams... and the blatant errors they unknowingly made. For example their bringing up KNG of Nexus ... I'm VERY familiar with KGN's work. I have used at one time or another every single mod KNG ever made. I'm currently using 16 of KNG's mods. KNG is one of the top modders on Nexus... if you go to Nexus looking for Witcher mods, KNG's mods will be the first ones to show up, alongside Ghost Mode and W3EE, because they are the top most downloaded mods on Nexus. These trolls gave themselves away by mentioning only these 3, but then getting most of what they knew about those mods wrong. 

These trolls gave themselves away again by quoting info found on Witcher Wiki, but quote that info saying they found it in the novels. It is info, however that is incorrect... (saying King Auberon was impotent) a common rumor spread by people who had not read the novels and had only read random posts on Reddit. 

Additionally, while claiming to have read the novels... one of them said Avallac'h was a game only character who did not appear in the novels, while one of the others started that he had no combat scenes in the novels.

The trolls once again gave themselves away, by making claims to have played the game, yet also stated Avallac'h had no combat scenes in the game AND stating that neither the game nor the novels gave any mention to him casting spells or using magic.

These errors gave them away as trolls who had never played the game, and never read the novels, knowing only random things they had read online, many of those things in error, only learning enough info to try to get fights started.

A troll doesn't say anything they actually believe and instead just tries to incite anger or chaos... and this is why I do not argue with trolls. They are uneducated idiots not worth arguing with.

Questions I'm fine with... trolls trying to start toxic fights (which is what these 4 posters were doing) I'm not...  generally I simply answered their "questions" (chiding demands) and went on with playing the game. Since they couldn't start a fight with me, as I completely refuse to fight with anyone, they tended to leave within 20 minutes of their arrival.

However, sadly, as it became quite clear, these trolls were looking to start fights, they did on occasion find hot tempered responses shot back at them from others in my chat... and in these instances they unleashed wild hellfire furies... since they couldn't get me to fight with them about Avallac'h, they would quickly switch characters to Triss, Yen, Ciri, or whomever the poster they were arguing with was defending.

While they clearly knew the popular mods of Nexus, and were well versed in what is said on Witcher Wiki, it was painfully obvious that they had never read the novels, never played the game, and only knew enough info to start fights between fans.

I've since seen these same 4 users, on other streamers' chats, doing the same thing... they often jump into chat with the post: "Witcher 3 is a Skyrim ripoff" and usually are quick to start a chat war of Witcher vs Skyrim. They excel in getting Triss vs Yen wars going in chat. They can be seen starting white Ciri vs black Ciri NetFlix battles in nearly every Witcher stream on Twitch... a pack of rabid wolves, they move from one Witcher stream to the next, carefully examining what fandoms are in said streamer's chat and then try to start fights... if you watch enough Witcher streams, you'll pick them out fast, and most likely you already have encountered them and know who they are.

And no, none of these 4 posters were banned, not one of them were ever even timed out, in my chat, as I never saw anything they said or did as ban worthy... you really do have to overstep lines to get banned here... and yes, from time to time you can still see them show up in my chat, though less frequently now. Apparently I'm a streamer who they deemed no fun to lash out at as I'm quick to pick on Avallac'h along with them, and they were never able to make me lose my temper.


They seemed to think, I was enough of a raging fan of Avallac'h to be offended by their making fun of him, and failed to realize, no makes fun of Avallac'h more then I do. Had they watched my streams before landing in chat, they might have known I tease and bully Avallac'h pretty steady and am of the habit of going out of my way to kill him every chance I can get.

You do got to remember, I don't take anything about my fandoms seriously, because, unlike some fans, I can separate fiction and fantasy from reality. And while I'm currently doing a lore-friendly run with Avallac'h, this is my 3rd Avallac'h playthrough and previously I had Avallac'h running around in rabbit ears and neon pink underwear. In short, I do this because it is fun and if you are looking for someone to fight with about Witcher fandoms, you did come to the wrong place...

...of course they also failed to Google me and find out who I am... I have spent the last 50 years being the forerunner of standing up to bullies... since I was 12 years old I've been on front pages of newspapers and the subject of tv news internationally... I'm the child that founded the Procter & Gamble Boycott, got the words 'not tested on animals" on your shampoo, and spent 27 years of my life shutting down animal test labs, put in prison more then a dozen peadophiles, and made it legal to be gay in Maine.... you really think with my background I'm going to bat an eye at an online bully in Twitch chat... or let it go without comment... who knows, I may just make wiping every last chat troll out of Twitch my next goal... and you know me, I succeed in EVERYTHING I put my mind too. I'm THAT tenacious and stubborn.... I remained P&Gs thorn in the ass for 27 years, remember?

These 4 trolls clearly do not know me or my battle cry: 

###Self trust is more important than social conformity. 

I CosPlay 24/7 and drive a car with 2.5million marbles glued to it... do you really think I care about conforming to what YOU think I should do in my streams, how YOU think I should play Witcher 3, or only like characters YOU think are socially acceptable to like?

Honey, I survived being a child in a child prostitution ring that murdered little girls who didn't conform... because I never let the abusive, rapist, pedophile take my self worth.... I never backed down from them, not when I was 8, and not today 50 years later... and I've made sure sure every one of them went to prison.

Part2: can't give Avallac'h combat... and how do you know what spells he uses... he never does anything... he's never in combat, he never casts spells... how can you give him combat based off anything?  But King Auberon.... and Avallac'h ... and... Wikipedia... and... but... but Wikipedia says... and Some thoughts on dealing with trolls 

Google me... and then rethink the importance of your insignificant, petty trolling. You ain't nothing but a worthless, meaningless little fly, to be squashed without thought... remember that, for that's all a chat troll is to me. I dare you to walk in my shoes and survive. These 4 trolls, and all others like them, are nothing but annoying little brats seeking attention... they know nothing of real life, they know not what it is to survive the horrors of the real world... if they did, they would not feel the need to try to get attention, by trying to hurt faceless strangers.

Their lives lack purpose and meaning, their lives are as worthless as they make them.  Like vile parasites, they bring no good and do nothing but harm.

If truly desired to be meaningful members of society they would do something worthwhile and meaningful with their lives. They would seek to help others instead of seeking to do harm.  They will live their lives never amounting to anything, never doing anything of any praise worthy note, because they choose to live their lives causing pain and suffering.

All trolls are like this. No amount of arguing with them or telling them they are wrong will do any good. Which is why I do not argue with such such small minded dimwits. They are like my uncles - idiot abusers, looking for someone to hurt. 

They are miserable, because they choose to be. They are worthless, because they chose to live worthlessly. Their lives have no meaning because they do not choose to commit meaningful acts.

Until trolls, bullies, and abusers make an active choice to turn their lives around and start doing good, stop doing evil, they will never have a life worth living and will continue to slog on in their lives lacking purpose and meaning, their lives continuing to be as worthless as they make them.

Only you, yourself, can give your own life meaning.

Only you, yourself can make your life worthwhile.

Trolls do not realize this. They have no self worth and seek to bring others down to their level, rather than striving to better themselves and rise to the top.

That's all an online troll is... someone who chooses to be worthless gutter scum, rather then choosing to do good... so, to my own viewers, please remember this: don't feed the trolls. They are worthless, nothings, whos lives amount to doing nothing meaningful, they contribute nothing good to society, they do nothing to try to help mankind, they do nothing to stamp out injustice, and helping to spread evil, is all they are good for... and they know it.

If you do encounter them, just do what I do, chat cheerfully with them, do not lose your temper, smile and talk to them, pick on your fave characters right along with them, don't get mad, don't block or ban them, answer their questions calmly and logically... they WILL quickly leave... they always do.  

Sweetness, sugar, and honey, go much farther than salt and vinegar... you've seen how fast these trolls slip away from my chat.

I've see streamers lose their tempers, yell and scream, block them and ban them and time them out and they go wild after that. Don't feed the trolls. Don't let bullies bully you - they only have as much control as you give them. They are trying to start a fight. If you don't fight with them, they don't win. Don't give in. Don't bend to their whims. Don't break. This particular group, is very obviously trying to start fights and leaves when they see they can not get fights started.

I wish more streamers were better at keeping calm and not letting trolls like this trigger them... there wouldn't be so many trolls on Twitch if streamers would stop feeding them with salty fights.

But in any case... these particular trolls did bring up some interesting issues, and so let's go ahead and answer their concerns shall we?


###So you proved you know how to read Wikipedia... you want to try ACTUALLY READING THE NOVELS now?

You do realize that reading Wikipedia... is not the same thing as reading the novels, right?

You also realize that the BULK of what is written on Witcher Wiki is INACCURATE and written by people who never read the novels and are simple copying and pasting stuff they found on Reddit, right?

The novels never once say that King Auberon was impotent.

Not once.

It states that He is Lara's biological father and Ciri looked just like his daughter and he wanted nothing to do with incest.

It also states that Ciri was 12 years old and Auberon was repulsed by the idea of fucking a child.

We are also told Avallac'h's wives are also his daughters and his daughters daughters by him, his daughter' daughters, daughters by him... basically ALL of his wives are his daughters and his daughters from his other daughters... because he's a pure blooded Elf... he's the LAST living pure blooded Elf... ALL other elves have some level of Human blood in them, so... he's intent on only fucking his daughters and granddaughters... if it ain't related to him, Avallac'h ain't fucking it

We are also told that Avallac'h tends to get his wives pregnant with in days of their FIRST ovulation period... in other words between the ages of 8 and 14 for most of them. He's quite intent of making sure he's right there to make them pregnant the second they can be made pregnant. Age means nothing to him, all cares about and all he TALKS about (in the novels) is young virgins' ripe ovaries.

Yes... Avallac'h has got issues... I'm well aware he has some serious problems with regards to his breeding program how he judges who to breed and when to breed them.

It likewise states that Avallac'h himself was lusting after Ciri and had no issues with the fact that she was his 5th great-granddaughter or the fact that she was still a child, and Auberon was upset by this and ordered Avallac'h to never have sex with Ciri, while proclaiming he (Auberon) was to father the baby... it states that he did this not to father the child, but rather to prevent Avallac'h from fathering the child because he knew Avallac'h would not disobey a direct order from the king.


^^^^THAT is most certainly NOT Auberon being impotent.

When Ciri tells Avallac'h that Auberon was refusing to have sex with her, Avallac'h states that: 

"Auberon has seen 640 seasons. He is old. He needs time." 

That line alone, is what Wikipedia is referencing. But is completely overlooks the fact that Auberon himself tells Ciri that he will never let her have a baby because he doesn't want Avallac'h to have any more power then he already has.

No where in the novels are we told Auberon was impotent... we are told over and over again, over  that he was repulsed by what Avallac'h was doing.... Auberon was AGAINST incest and sex with young girls... AND was trying to prevent Avallac'h from getting his hands on a baby from Ciri.


So, now that we've addressed your reading Wikipedia and calling that reading the novels... let's look at the combat issues they brought up...... the next panel because I ran out of room here...

Part3: can't give Avallac'h combat... and how do you know what spells he uses... he never does anything... he's never in combat, he never casts spells... how can you give him combat based off anything?  But King Auberon.... and Avallac'h ... and... Wikipedia... and... but... but Wikipedia says... 

As for combat... uhm... you claim Avallac'h is not in combat in either the game or the books?

In the books we are told: 

* Avallac'h was a warrior -general, battle mage who lead the Wild Hunt for many centuries, across many galaxies, murdering many millions, stating that Avallac'h himself took sadistic delight in killing tens of thousands of humans with his bare hands.

* We see Avallac'h in combat in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, when Unicorns attack and he unleashes his deadly sonic scream that explodes the heads of everyone in the army's front lines.

* In the same chapter when Ciri tries to run away from Avallac'h, he snaps his fingers and she suddenly appears beside him. She runs away 8 times and he does this every time, laughing while he does it. Every time she appears beside him, we also get told where his hand is on her, with him groping her and becoming sexually excited over her running away from him, and his ability to keep her trapped - in essence of scene of a cat playing with it's captured mouse... this is what he is doing to her when the unicorns attacked, thus why his attention was not on his surroundings and the unicorns were able to sneak up on him.

* Seconds after Avallac'h massaquers the unicorn army, he passes out and Eredin shows up to tell Ciri he'd been trying to break through Avallac'h's barrier for weeks, ever since Ciri's arrival. He tells Ciri Avallac'h was to take Ciri to Auberon, but instead was keeping her for himself, and had put a barrier around Auberon's city Tir na Lia and another barrier around Avallac'h's palace and lake... both barriers weakened while Avallac'h was playing cat and mouse with Ciri and shut down completely when Avallac'h passed out.

* Twice we see Avallac'h pull out a flute and another time panpipes, and use music to control the minds of everyone around him. He can use the pitch of the music to teleport things. His favorite thing to teleport is clothes off of women.

* Avallac'h also uses the flute and panpipes to control his boats and ships. A Helmsman and a Navigator, Avallac'h captains boats without oars and ships without crews, sailing the vessels through the air or on the water, simply by which song he plays on the flute and panpipes.

* In one scene we see Ciri thinking that she is glad she has Elder Blood because she is able to block Avallac'h's Axii flute spells and resist throwing her clothes off... Avallac'h immediately informs her she is foolish to think she can either resist him or hide it from him, because he is The Knowing One and can see and hear everything, past, present, and future - the curse he lives with for also being born with Elder Blood. The narration here, tells us that in spite of how powerful Ciri's blood is, Avallac'h's is a thousand times more powerful for he is not only the most powerful mage in the universe, he is also the most powerful being.

* Known too as Master Mirror and The Man of Glass... Avallac'h uses mirrors to travel through time and space, walking through mirrors to go any place, any time. His palace contains thousands upon thousands of mirrors, and each mirror in his palace, has a sister mirror somewhere in the universe.

* Ciri spends an inordinate amount of time, smashing Avallac'h's mirrors, persistently stating she'll stop him from traveling anywhere if he doesn't tell her which mirror it is that will take her back home

* King Auberon is in possession of the mirror that Avallac'h made, which is the portal to Ciri's world. Auberon keeps it because he not only does not want Ciri to use it, but he also does not want Avallac'h to use it. While Avallac'h is a Human Rights Activist and wants Ciri's baby to use to cure the White Frost and save the Humans from the damage he did to their planet, King Auberon hates Humans and doesn't want Avallac'h to have a baby from Ciri, thus why Auberon refuses to have sex with Ciri and won't let Avallac'h have sex with her either. By keeping Ciri and the magic mirror that is a portal to her world, King Auberon ensures that the Humans will die and Avallac'h will not be able to save them.

* King Auberon tells Ciri that Avallac'h is a serpent in his true form, not an Elf and that his pendent holds him in Elf form. Auberon says Avallac'h is made out of Time and thus can control time, make it move as fast or as slow as he wants. Auberon states that Avallac'h is the creator of life, existed before time began, can not be killed, and will continue to exist after all life has ended. According to King Auberon, Avallac'h is an ancient Elder God, the original Elder Blood, the source from which all Elder Blood comes.

* In both Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake we see Avallac'h turning living beings into stone, white marble statues.

* When Ciri is escaping the planet of the Aen Elle, Avallac'h uses his flute to sail his boat through the sky, with Ciri on board, to get her to the unicorns; then casts a planet wide barrier to prevent Eredin, the Wild Hunt, and the Elves from following her, then when Ciri is safely out of range, casts a planet wide blizzard that instantly kills EVERYONE on the planet, freezin the entire Aen Elle to death, turning them into the Frost Wraiths we later see in the game

* the Conjunction of Spheres was caused by Avallac'h, casting a spell to open a portal between 2 universes - the spell went away because Unicorns interrupted him; this interruption caused the portal to collapse on itself and suck monsters and elves off their own planets onto Geralt's planet (which is NOT Earth); this even also caused the icy cold of deep space to be sucked into every portal he had ever opened... aka Avallac'h CAUSED the White Frost... ever since then Avallac'h has had a phobia of using portals and an obsession with undoing the damage he cause, thus how he came to devote his live to finding a way to end the White Frost

In the game we see Avallac'h in combat 3 times:

* the Battle of Kaer Morhen when he uses a vortex spell to override Ciri's attempt to mimic Avallac'h sonic scream

* during the Sand Crab battle of Through Time and Space quest, Avallac'h is seen using  frozen ice form of Quen to cast barriers around himself, a frozen ice form of Axii to stun the monsters, a frozen ice form of Aard to blast the monsters into shards; ones that are frozen and don't break, we then see Avallac'h spin around on tip-toe Whirling his staff over his head, then let out Xena-style battle scream while smashing his staff through the monster's head, bashing it in

* if you use debug console to spawn Avallac'h into ANY quest of the game, he will ALWAYS join Geralt in battle and repeat the attack moves he does in Through Time and Space

* in Tedd Dearith The Final Age, we see Avallac'h cast a huge barrier that the Sorceresses can't get through, then casually tossing meteors at Geralt and Yennefer, while opening a intergalactic gateway portal between two parallel universes

Also in the game...

* EVERY green Golem wrapped in spell scrolls was created by Avallac'h (only the GREEN ones - not the red, blue, yellow, fire, earth, or ice ones)... in total you will come up against 12 of Avallac'h's green Golems throughout the game... EVERY TIME you fight a green Golem, that is a spell Avallac'h cast and Geralt is thwarting

* EVERY puzzle lock in the game... is found in one of Avallac'h's labs, houses, or hideouts.. all those statues needing turning, mirrors needing positioning, green flames needing organizing... every one of them is a spell cast by Avallac'h

* the spell that gets cast on Geralt, causing him to have to fight himself... Avallac'h cast that spell as well

* the zenovox Keria gave Geralt was built by Avallac'h

* the wraith lamp Keira gives Geralt was made by Avallac'h

* the eye of nehaleni Keria gives Geralt, was made by Avallac'h

* the cataclysm event, that left a crater in the forest beside the Druids Grove in Skellige, was done by Avallac'h when he cast a spell to vaporize the Wild Hunt... he first opened a portal to Velen and tossed Ciri in it (because just like in the novels, Ciri in the game has no ability to open portals or teleport by herself and can only do so if Avallac'h first opens a portal for her)

* the quest Wandering in the Dark, when Geralt and Keira chase Avallac'h through his Velen Hideout - ALL the traps, puzzles, and monsters you fight, are all spells cast by Avallac'h, except for the Nithral-HellHound fight which is cast by Avallac'h's son Caranthir

* when Geralt stupidly leaves the sorceresses alone with Avallac'h on Avallac'h's boat, Avallac'h tells Geralt to hurry back because he fears the sorceresses will turn on each other; when Geralt returns a few hours later, all of  the vicious, headstrong, takes no-orders from no man sorceresses are now calmly being Avallac'h's obedient yes-men, obeying his every whim without question, dutifully running off to carry out his orders

* Avallac'h already had the sunstone in the novels; he uses mind control to get Ge'els to tell Geralt to go find it... Avallac'h tells Geralt the stone has been lost and needs to be found, when Geralt finds it, it has puzzle locks and a green golem guarding it.

FAQs:  .............................................. What does lore-friendly mean?  .............................................. 

*Avallac'h with lore-friendly hair colour. (He's blond in the novels.)*

The term "lore friendly" means *"deriving from the original, canon, source material"*.

In the case of the Witcher series, lore-friendly means: *"information gleaned from the 8 novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski"*. This is because the novels are the source material.

The novels were written some 30 odd years before the game was made. The game was fan-fiction based off of the novels.

If the infomation is found in the game, BUT NOT in the novels, than that information is not lore-friendly.

For example, in the game, Avallac'h has black hair that has turned grey, yet in the novels he was blond. This means a black-haired or grey-haired Avallac'h is a fan-fiction translation of the character, while a blond Avallac'h is lore-friendly.

In the game, Geralt is shown as a caucasian skinned, well muscled man, which is extremely NOT lore friendly, because in the novels, he was described as looking thin, guant, sickly, frail, and weak. He is described as "lacking pigment" meaning he was totally white, like milk or snow, not a peach coloured caucasian. Bandits often thought they could easily beat him up because everything about his appearance indicated he was a weakling. They were always surprised to discover how deceptively strong he was.

Geralt in the game Witcher 1 is lore-friendly, but Geralt in the game Witcher 3 is NOT lore friendly.

Likewise Ciri in the game is also NOT lore-friendly. The game shows a 33 year old, white haired, caucasian Ciri, with a small scar on her face, a little bit of slightly heavy eyeliner, and  wearing pants.

Yet in the novels, Ciri was described as "looking like an Elf" and Elves in the novels had black skin. She is described as standing out because her green eyes and ash grey hair did not match her skin colour and made her look even more like an Elf. 

In the novels Ciri did NOT have a scar on her face... she had NO face at all, because her face was sliced off, leaving her completely disfigured and only recognizable by her eyes. 

In the novels, Ciri NEVER wore pants because she was a lesbian and hated anything to do with men and pants were things men wore. Ciri refused to wear pants and always wore dresses and long skirts. 

Ciri's make-up in the novels, was described as being put on in stripes, going heavily across her eyes, over her brows, and down to her cheekbones and looked as if she were wearing a mask over her face. 

And finally Ciri in the novels is only 12 years old.

Ciri in the game is NOT lore friendly.

Like-wise the fact that Lara Dorren is a clone of an Elder God named Avallac'h, is lore-friendly, because this is how she came to exist in the novels.

However, the game version of Lara Dorren, born of a mystical birth, is fan-fiction, because it contradicts the original source material which states that Avallac'h, being the last of his kind, was lonely so cloned himself to create a wife for himself.

Lore-friendly Avallac'h, when traveling, would be wearing a tight fitted high neck red tunic with black buttons down the front, tall black boots, long black leather gloves that reached to his elbows, and a heavy cape made of mink.

Lore-friendly Avallac'h, when at home, would be wearing gauze purple robes of a feminine cut.

Lore-friendly Avallac'h always wore a large pendant that was a serpent, entwined around itself and eating its tail.

It is lore-friendly for Ciri and Avallac'h to have a sexual relationship, because this is how they were created in the novels.

It is likewise lore-friendly for Ciri to have a baby with Avallac'h, because, again, this is how their relationship was written in the original source material aka the novels.

In other words EVERYTHING found in all 3 games, that was created BY THE GAME DEVS is NOT lore-friendly and is only FAN-FICTION.

 .............................................. Playing a Lore-Friendly Avallac'h and what exactly that means: .............................................. 

IMAGE: Vanilla, unmodded Avallac'h, as he looks without any mods added to him - the real npc character from the game, not the Gerallt Doppler Player Character.

...this is one of my fave pictures of Avallac'h (it comes from the quest Through Time and Space... who'd a thunk?)... a screenshot from before I started modding the game, so Avallac'h as he should look.

* Avallac'h was seen in the novels, lazily strolling around field picking flowers, making flower wreaths to wear, and overall acting like a hippie. Avallac'h frequently annoied Ciri (unintentionally) by his refusal to ever be in a hurry, and by his endlessly interrupting important tasks by running off in fields to pick every flower he saw. Avallac'h is portrayed in the novels as having OCD and suffering from Punding, and once he sees a flower, he can not, walk by it, he MUST stop what he's doing to pick it. He will continually, obsessively, pund his way across a field picking every last flower if someone (Ciri or a herd of attacking Unicorns) doesn't step in the forcibly stop him. You see me playing Avallac'h Lore-Friendly to the novels and sidetracking quests to run off and pick flowers.

* When playing as Avallac'h we never sell Verbera and Beggartick, and also never pass any Verbena or Beggartick without stopping what we are doing to pick them. Avallac'h's favorite flower is verbena which he uses to make perfume out of (which he wears). Fisstech is made out of Beggertick flowers and Avallac'h makes fisstech. 

* Avalac'h collects Human skulls. He owns thousands of them. Supposedly they are trophies he kept of the Humans he's killed. So in game whenever we collect a skull while looting, we store them all in our stash.

* Avallac'h is a vegetarian and and animal rights activist. He has full on meltdowns in the novels, if someone eats meat or harms an animal. When playing as Avallac'h you see me selling off all the meat we loot, and avoiding fighting/killing wolves, dogs, and bear.

* Mages in the Witcher-universe take a vow that locks them into their ability to use magic. If they break that vow, they lose their ability to use magic. Avallac'h took a vow of honesty, and thus he ALWAYS speaks the truth. EVERYTHING he says is always 100% true, he is physically incapable of telling a lie. As a result of this, when playing through quests, I always pick whatever answer is the most truthful one.

* In the novels, Avallac'h openly admitted his raging sexual lusts for Ciri, and made her wear skimpy silk skirts slit up to her thigh, black lace, and long silk scarf tied round her neck. He also made he keep her hair long and loose. By far the single most perverted character of the entire franchise, Avallac'h went out of his way to keep Ciri always close to him, was constantly described as touching, stroking, caressing, hugging, cuddling, kissing, and embracing her. Her took great pleasure in gently pulling Cri close, embracing her, while nuzzling her neck, this being something he does to her often in the novels. Avallac'h is also the only character Ciri has sexual intercourse with, in spite of getting tossed in bed with several other characters throughout the novels.  While Ciri tramps her prostituting, slutty whore ass in front of some 5 dozen men throughout the novels, Avallac'h remains the only character in the entire franchise she ever has sex with, and that via her beating the hell out of him, then raping him. We altered Ciri in the game to match the way Avallac'h made her dress for him in the novels. We've also added the ability for Avallac'h to hug Ciri in the game.

* Avallac'h communicates with tree spirits, rock spirits, and plat spirits, and as such will not harm Leshens, Knockers, Archespores, Echinops, and Trolls. So, we try in game, to avoid fighting any of these creatures (not all appear in game).

* Avallac'h's very devoutly religious character. His fictional religion is heavily influenced by real-world Muslim and Jewish cultures, and heavily influenced by Kabbalism. As such he prays often throughout the day, refuses to eat meat, will not touch pork at all, does not drink alcohol, and goes weeks on end without food drinking only water and not speaking (a form of Ramanadah). Because this is a pivotal part of his character, we try to remember to do these things in game.

* Avallac'h jumps on beds. We don't know why. But when looting houses we make a point of jumping on everyone's bed, just to keep our crazy little Elf happy.

* After being brutally raped by Ciri, Avallac'h suffers from some serious PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome. He lives in absolute mortal, traumatized fear of Ciri, and is terrified to disobey anything she says. Though we hate Ciri's slutty, rapist bitch whore ass, we spawn her in as Avallac'h's travel companion because, ever since she raped him, he's terrified to be out of her shadow.

* Avallac'h's favorite colour is purple, thus why we gave him a purple unicorn.

* Avallac'h's clothes should be red and purple, not blue and brown, and his hair platinum ash blond not black gone grey. Sooner or later you will see me get around to making a mod to make his clothes and hair lore-friendly.

* Avallac'h is infertile, a side effect of the radioactive magic he uses. he is obsessed with finding a cure for the infertility that most mages suffer from. The novels are not fully clear on the hows and whys, but curing infertility somehow involved gold dragon scales and green olives, both of which you can loot in the game, from Avallac'h's boat, Velen hideout, his brothel apartment, and his laboratory. Due to his canon obsession with these items, we never sell them and our stash has become quite full of them.

* Avallac'h in the novels collects shiny reflective things. Has a massive mirror collections. Collects antiques, especially silverware. And spoons. Thus when we find such items in loot, they all go straight to the stash and are not sold.

* Avallac'h in the novels has hoarding issues. So we gave him hoarding issues in the game. Thus why our stash now suffers some serious lag issues when loading. :P

* Avallac'h in the novels is constantly surrounded by a variety of monsters, including a large herd of Barberzis (which are more or less man eating bunnies) so we gave him a motley crew of monsters and animals to travel with him, including a herd of bunny rabbits. What type of creatures travel with him in game depends on my mood and changes from one day to the next.

* Avallac'h likes racing his horses around lakes, something Ciri chided him for as he forgets to let his horses rest. In the novels Ciri and Avallac'h had a daily past time of racing their horses around the lake. Ciri considered Avallac'h her best friend, and racing horses with him was her favorite thing to do with him. It was a thing they liked doing together daily, and thus we do this often and at random in the game.

* Avallac'h and Ciri are constantly hitting each other in the novels. Ciri is EXTREMELY violent and hits, punches, and beats Avallac'h up often. He puts up with is silently for weeks, before finally losing his temper and viciously fighting back. I've coded into their characters, them to randomly hit each other. It is both annoying and hysterical, because I've no control over when they do it and it is known to often disrupt battles and quests, and I've no way to make them not do it.

* Though quick to become proper, silent, shy, and sullen in the presence of other Elves while trying to hide his infatuation for Ciri, when alone with Ciri, Avallac'h's personality changed dramatically with him acting like a wild giddy toddler. The two of them often running off together and acting like children, chasing each other through fields. We can and often do, do this in game.

* Avallac'h, in the novels was said to be the most powerful mage of the entire universe. It was one of his spells that caused the Conjunction of Spheres.  In Lady of the Lake we see him unleash a deadly sonic scream that explodes the brains & heads of everyone for miles around. Twice we see him cast a barrier spell that engulf an entire planet. The 2nd time he does so, he also casts White Frost on the planet causing everyone on the planet (Eredin and The Wild Hunt included) to die from a horrific planet wide blizzard - this is how Eredin and The Wild Hunt became wraiths/undead Elves. When frightened, Avallac'h has panic attacks and loses control of his powers accidentally vaporizing entire cities, leaving behind nothing but a massive crater. (We see him do this in the game causing Skellige's "Magical Cataclysm Site".) I have coded Avallac'h to have the same spell casting abilities he had in the novels. 

* In the novels, Avallac'h is The Knowing One, an ancient Elder God, the first and only natural born Elder Blood. All the Elder Blood children, Ciri included, are descendants or clones of Avallac'h. Contrary to what the game tells us, in the novels, Avallac'h was sad and lonely because there was no one else like him, thus he cloned himself to create a partner (Lara Dorren) with his same powers, so he could have someone like himself to talk to. Unfortunately she left him for a human, leaving him heartbroken and suicidal. He killed himself after Lara and her lover Creggan was murdered by an angry mob, becoming the Wraith of Moorhoge, haunting the caves of Skellige and Velen. He is described as hovering in the air, his feet never touching the ground, and being engulfed in a green/blue halo of light glowing from him. Thus I have coded him in game to be engulfed in the same glow.

* Suspected of being a type of guardian Wraith known as a Lubberkin, Avallac'h is the protector spirit who watches over all of Lara's ancestors (Avallac'h is Ciri's 5th great-grandfather), fiercely defending them from harm while alive, and guarding their graves after their deaths. He is able to take a flesh form and is often mistaken for being a living Elf. Very few people are aware Avallac'h died centuries ago. In the game, you can find his bones laying on top of Lara's grave. The wraith lamp that Kiera gives to Geralt, is Avallac'h's wraith lamp, which she took from the hand of his skeleton. Because of this, I have spawned in his Wraith Lamp and we us it instead of Cat Potion, when walking at night or in caves.

* His real name is Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha, his title is The Great Avallac'h (Avallac'h is NOT his name) known as The Knowing One. Avallac'h is a psion, a creature with massive brain powers, capable of hearing the thoughts of everyone for miles around, able to see everything that has happened in the past, and everything that will happen in the future. Avallac'h can see every possible future path, but does not know which will come to path, thus he can see every possible choice Ciri will make and every possible result, resulting in his extreme paranoia that Ciri will die, resulting in his overly clingy protective behaviour around her. Because he can hear every thought of every person for miles around him, he is often overwhelmed by the endless voices in his head driving him mad, thus he avoids entering cities, and lives in caves deep below mountains to block out the sounds of millions of people's voices. Because of this, we play him constantly fleeing from cities and spending time in various caves for no reason at all... this makes it difficult to play quests in the city, and results in us being in caves even when no quests tells us to head to a cave.

* Unlike other mages, Avallac'h was born with his powers and thus is known as a Sage instead of a Sorcerer. Sorcerer's must draw on something else's power, fire mages draw on the power of fire for example; whereas Sages have power in their blood and need not draw out outside sources the way sorcerers do. Sages are thus more powerful, but also grow weaker from spell casting much quicker. Because he draws on himself for power, in the novels, he casts HUGLY overpowered spells, but he also collapses unconscious after casting such a spell as his physically exhausts him. Without someone there to protect him, Avallac'h can be easily captured, tortured, and killed after casting a spell, and thus in the novels, he never sets foot outside with being surrounded by bodyguards. In the novels, his crew of bodyguards included 5 nude Amazonian she-Elf warriors, 2 Echinops, a Knocker, vampyrodes and vespertyles, and hundreds of barbergazis (sharp fanged killer bunny rabbits). Because of this, I have spawned these things in as his travel companions in the game.

* Though everyone fears him and trembles in terror at his presence, Avallac'h himself is a very fear-filled, phobia prone person. He'' attack viciously and violently when cornered and threatened, become more violent than normal if Ciri is with him, fiercely protecting her. His spell casting attacks are deadly with him able to vaporise people simply by pointing a finger at them. However, he rarely resorts to violence, and if has the option to do so, will flee, while dragging Ciri with him and abandoning everyone else. He prefers to turn and run, rather then stand and fight. He's quick to hide while someone else fights the danger for him. As such we play him in game this way and do more running from enemies then actually fighting them.

* In the novels, Avallac'h was quick to order his body guards to fight, while he himself was running away. Thus we play him running from fights, while having bodyguards that do the fighting instead.

* There is a rape scene in the novels. Ciri raped Avallac'h. I hate rapists with a vengeance.  I was raped when I was 12 years old and again when I was 14. There is nothing on this planet I find mod vile and disgusting then a rapist. That said, be prepared to hear me do A LOT of raving and ranting on how much I HATE Ciri and her vile rapist bitch self, every time I see her trashy, rapist ass show up on screen. Gutter trash like Ciri doesn't deserve to live. If you start fangirling over that evil, vile rapist you'll get an earful from me up one side and down the other.  Rapist trash, pieces of shit like Ciri are worse than murderers and should be given the death sentence.

Part 1: ..............................................  My response to complaints in my chat about Avallac'h and Ciri as a couple.... .............................................. 

*(IMAGE: Geralt Doppler V2 Avallac'h, with skin swapped Yennefer to Ciri wearing a random noblewoman's dress. Avallac'h seen here with many additional items added to him via V2 Doppler's sandbox feature.)*

The full answer can now be found [HERE](

My response to complaints in my chat about Avallac'h and Ciri as a couple....

The other day someone had an interesting meltdown in my chat. If you were watching the stream, you saw it. If not, what happened was they flipped out over my having Ciri travelling with Avallac'h.  Several posts screaming: "forbidden romance" and "taboo romance" and "date rape guy", later, they went total meltdown when they realized we were walking into the "It Takes Three To Tango" sex scene.  Apparently they didn't realize Ciri was in the sex scenes in this playthrough. They began complaining of being "deeply disturbed" and "scarred for life".

In any case, I asked them what their issue was, and they stated that Ciri and Avallac'h were not a couple in the game, and I shouldn't be making fan fiction of them together.


Clearly this person has never read the novels the game was based on... but... I'm gonna assume they also got the Dead Ciri ending when they played the game, because, had the NOT got the Dead Ciri ending, they would have also gotten the in game info about Ciri and Avallac'h having sex after Vesemir's funeral.


That happened.

But if you didn't get the snowball fight, you didn't the mention of them having sex either, because it's the snowball fight that triggers Ciri and Avallac'h to have sex in the game.

And if you think, but he wasn't having sex with Ciri  in the game... no, if you pay attention, he was. Ciri and Avallac'h are sexually active in the game, and the 5 path of swallow choices you make to get the ending are either going to strengthen their relationship or destroy it. How close the 2 of them are at the end of the game determines if Ciri lives or dies.

In the scene that takes you to the snowball fight or a night drinking... **pay careful attention to the conversation Geralt has with Ciri**. 

The scene starts out with Ciri and Avallac'h fighting, and Geralt left to decide what to do, when Ciri storms off refusing to speak to the old Elf, and Avallac'h slinking away depressed.

If you go with the night drinking option, Geralt spends the night belittling Ciri because she's with Avallac'h, has a lot to say about what a terrible person Avallac'h is, tells Ciri to train to be a Witcher and forget about mages and their magic, and ends with Ciri upset and running off to the far end of the castle to be alone and think about what Geralt said. 

If you go the snowball fight option, Geralt never mentions Avallac'h and instead talks about Vesemir's death. This scene ends with Ciri hugging Geralt and saying she's got to go find Avallac'h and cheer him up because he's more upset then she was.

This choice changes The Sabbath quest when, Ciri wakes Geralt up and says we gotta go kill Imlerith. If you picked the snowball fight, you'll get 2 additional things that will not be there if you picked the night of drinking. 

#1) There will be the option to ask Ciri how she found out the info, and where is Avallac'h. Ciri will tell you that she spent the night with Avallac'h and he's the one who told her about Imlerith (in the drinking option, she doesn't spend the night with him), and in the snowball fight option she will also add that they have to leave now, quickly, quietly, because she "just got him tired enough to fall asleep".

#2) When trying to get past the old woman at the gate, if you picked the snowball fight, she will ask Ciri and additional question: "Have you ever had a man?" Makes a point to sniff Ciri then add "Nevermind, I got my answer." At which point Ciri gives Geralt a terrified glance, to see Geralt glaring at Ciri infuriated, as he suddenly realises Ciri just had sex and only one with them at Kaer Morhen was Avallac'h.

But then the game was based on the novels, which were written some 30 years before the game was made.

Ciri lives with Avallac'h for 21 years. At first living with him in his palace by the Lake of Avalon, then the 2 of them living together in King Auberon's palace at Tir ni Lia, then the 2 of them traveling together from planet to planet while hiding from Eredin. In the end the 2 of them return to Avalon where Ciri becomes known as The Lady of the Lake and Avallac'h becomes the Old Hermit/Fisher King who lives with her guarding and protecting her.

In both the novels and the games W1 and W3, Ciri describes Avallac'h using the words: 

* my most trusted friend

* my only true friend

* he's the only friend I have ever had

* he is the only person I know I can trust

* he doesn't want me for my powers

* my teacher

* my mentor

* my guardian

* my protector

* he hides me from others, those who seek to use my powers

* he brings me food and protects me

* he protects me and keeps me safe

* I can be who I really am with him


* my lover


Part 2: My response to complaints in my chat about Avallac'h and Ciri as a couple....

In the novels, while Ciri is traveling with Avallac'h they are described sleeping together by the campfire, with (12 year old) Ciri cuddled against him, and him embracing her.

Prior to meeting Avallac'h Ciri has trouble sleeping, gruesome nightmares haunt her sleep, night terrors wake her up through the night. Fears and paranoia prevent her from falling asleep.

Ciri describes only being able to sleep peacefully, when sleeping with Avallac'h, stating that she feels safe and protected in his arms, knowing that he will never let anyone hurt her.

While Ciri is living with Avallac'h, we are told that the two of them sleep together in the same bed. We are also given a very detailed description, not only of the bed, but also of what Ciri wears in bed. 

The bed has red silk sheets and a soft fur blanket made of mink. Ciri wore black silk, with black lace stockings, and silver gossamer panties. 

While he treats his wives as though they were his sisters, Avallac'h responds to Ciri as though she was his wife. He orders her around, but she rarely listens, and he's quick to back down and take orders from her, obeying everything she tells him to do. 

When living with King Auberon, Auberon would not allow Ciri and Avallac'h to share the same bedroom, and would make Ciri stay with him (the king) at night. When King Auberon fell asleep, Ciri would sneak out and go back to Avallac'h's room to sleep with him.

In Tower of Swallows, Avallac'h tells Geralt that most male Elves are sterile from birth, the few that are born fertile become infertile within the first 100 years of their life, the problem is compounded by the fact most Elves use magic on some level which reduces then sterile at an even younger age. 

The issue is made worse by the fact that she-elves ovulate only once every 20 years and 70% of all babies are born female. He states that babies are highly sought after because fewer then a dozen are born every 100 years. 

According to Avallac'h, as of the year 1251 there were fewer then 10,000 Elves left alive and only a few hundred of those were male, with the majority of males being older then 400 years old.

Avallac'h states that he was taken by King Auberon to live with the royal family, because he was not only an Elder Blood, but also because he was one of the few males still fertile.  Avallac'h was given hundreds of young fertile she-elves and used as a breeder. 

He never states if he has any children or if so, how many; though he does state that because babies were so rarely born and fertile males are so hard to find, that things like incest and a girl's age were things he learned to ignore. He stated it was best to breed females between the age of 14 and 21 and indicated that many of his wives were also his daughters and granddaughters.

A powerful mage, bound in dimeritium to cancel out his ability to cast spells, young Avallac'h was a sex slave in King Auberon's court. 

Avallac'h is both younger and older then Auberon. By the years of their birth, Auberon is around 640 and Avallac'h around 430, however, due to differences in flow of time, and the fact that he time travels, Avallac'h is now 2,000 years old instead of 430, resulting in his being much older then Auberon in spite of being born 200 year after Auberon.

Avallac'h proved himself to be very loyal and obedient to the king. And unlike other breeders was willing to obediently seduce females into willingly copulating with him. He was able to get even the most unwilling females to mate with him. This via his gentle nature and his method of using fisstech. 

Unknown to the females, Avallac'h was prone to putting fisstech in their drinks to get them to lose their inhibitions putting them in a state of  disorientation and then also putting fisstech under his foreskin before sex, resulting in getting his lovers becoming addicted to sex with him, via them actually being addicted to the fisstech.   

His habit of using drugs to trick women into having sex with him, without the women being aware he drugged them, is why most readers of the novels, refer to Avallac'h as: "that date rape guy". 

We do see Avallac'h attempting to do this with Ciri in the novel Lady of the Lake, when he starts putting fisstech in her food, drinks, make-up, verbena perfume, and bathwater, though he never attempts to have sex with Ciri and instead puts her in bed with King Auberon, whom Avallac'h has also drugged.

Ciri often found herself  going to Auberon's bed and waking up in Avallac'h's bed with no memory of what happened in between or how she got from one room to the other. After the drug wore off in the morning, Ciri was unable to remember what happened while under its influence and described feeling woozy, hung-over, confused, dizzy, sluggish and uncoordinated for several hours after waking up.

In spite of being only 12 years old, Ciri was already a fisstech addict for several years before meeting Avallac'h, and was aware that Avallac'h was drugging her and not only did nothing to stop him, but went out of her way to look for his fisstech to take more of it on her own. There are scenes of Ciri stealing Avallac'h's fisstech and snorting the raw powder.

Avallac'h's ability to win the trust of females and get them to mate with him willingly, resulted in his becoming a spy and assassin for the king. Avallac'h excelled at winning the trust of women, luring them into his bed, using fisstech to get them addicted to sex with him, and once gaining their trust, get political information from them.

Avallac'h ended up becoming addicted to killing women via strangling them to death while he fucked them, as a result of his job as the king's assassin.  Part of why he refuses to have sex with Ciri is because he's scared he will kill her.

Fast becoming the king's most faithful, loyal, and obedient servant, Avallac'h swiftly moved up in ranks, becoming the second in command of the entire Aen Elle, and is next in line to be king after Auberon dies.

Once gaining the position of court mage and royal advisor, Avallac'h begame putting fisstech in the king's food, causing thee king to be susceptible to obeying any order Avallac'h gave him and thus Avallac'h took over ruling the planet, using King Auberon as his puppet.

Now old Avallac'h is the king's court mage and royal advisor, second in command of the entire planet, but is still a prisoner on a short leash.

The irony here is while Avallac'h  was a prisoner in the breeding program, he did not entirely hate being used as a breeder, and now today he owns and runs the very same breeding program, himself now kidnapping elves and forcing them to breed.

He tells Geralt that after 100 years of being forced to have sex so often, he wants nothing to do with sex anymore. Sex now bores him. He is now however, 2,000 years old and the king continues to demand he father children, thus the reason he set out to cloning himself. 

Avallac'h states that copulation has no use to him anymore as no child will come of it and tells Geralt that, it has been over 200 years since he last had intercourse. He states that sex lost fascination and excitement centuries ago as their was nothing new to be done with it and he had tried everything there was to try already. 

It was because of Avallac'h saying this that Ciri felt safe to sleep in his bed with him, in spite of his none stop talk of wanting to have a baby with her.

While Avallac'h and Ciri were shown to be sleeping together, it was rare for them to have sex and rare for them to behave sexually towards each other. 

In spite of his overly perverted and excessively lewd dialogue, (which appears to be a side effect of the many centuries of sexual abuse he lived with) Avallac'h has a low sex drive and very little interest in the actual act of sex, which is typical of most elderly male Elves. 

Because Avallac'h was not constantly trying to have sex with Ciri (the way other men were doing to her) Ciri felt safe sleeping with Avallac'h, knowing he'd never force himself on her while she slept.

While he never made any attempts to have intercorse with her, Avallac'h was constantly seen touching Ciri, often very sexually and took great pleasure in touching her is such ways to cause her to orgasm.

Through the series, several dozen different men and women, are described as holding Ciri doen, spreading her legs and touching her in ways that leave her having violent orgams. In every case Ciri is seen fighting back, viciously trying to stop the abuse... with the exception of only 2: Mistel and Avallac'h.

While many people touch Ciri in graphicly sexual ways, Mistel and Avallac'h remain the only two whom Ciri enjoying being touched by, and went to them asking for more, in both cases calling them her lovers. 

King Auberon was likewise described as touching Ciri in very sexual ways, but would never let her orgasm. With Ciri described as hating what he was doing to her and wishing it was Mistel doing it. 

Ciri saw Avallac'h as a replacement for Mistel, after Mistel died, largely because he had the same soft, gentle, feminine touch that Misel had, making it easy for Ciri to imaging it was Mistel, not Avallac'h who was touching her.

Avallac'h was fully aware that Ciri loved Mistel, not him, and was pretending he was Mistel when he touched her. He did not mind this as long as he got to be the one touching Ciri.

King Auberon was described as nightly sexually abusing Ciri, bringing her almost to the point of orgasm then leaving her, at which point Ciri would run crying to Avallac'h, who sang to her while she cuddled against him. 

Ciri would beg Avallac'h to fuck her and finish what Auberon had started. Avallac'h refused to fuck her stating that she belonged to the King and he could not, but he did fondle her allowing her to orgasm.

When riding their horses, while traveling, Avallac'h is described as taking the reigns of both horses, pulling Ciri's horse so close that her leg is pressed against Avallac'h's while they ride. Something that early in their relationship made Ciri uncomfortable, but that she later enjoyed, and then later when she stopped living with him, she came to miss.

Avallac'h is described in several more scenes with Ciri, as nuzzling, caressing, stroking, touching, kissing, hugging, embracing, fondling, and holding Ciri. 

There is one scene of him slipping his hand up her thigh, under her skirt, and into her panties.

We also get a scene of Ciri masterbating in front of Avallac'h, while they are in bed together. 

And there is a bath scene of Avallac'h undressing Ciri and bathing her and brushing her hair and redressing her.

There is a scene when Ciri goes looking for Avallac'h, finds him with Isilia, and Avallac'h kicks his sister-wife out of his bed, to run off alone with Ciri instead.

There is a scene when Ciri rapes Avallac'h, which leaves him conflicted in how he feels about sex, as being raped triggered that fascination and excitement, he previously said sex had lost for him, but also left him deeply traumatized and fearful of Ciri. Avallac'h suffers both PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome as a result of Ciri raping him. In total Ciri rapes him 4 times.

There is a scene of Avallac'h and Ciri having sex in the garden, that is not entirely consensual on Avallac'h's part, bur rather something his did because Ciri asked him to and he was too scared of her to say no.

Ciri was highly mistrustful of Avallac'h when she first met him, largely because so many men before him, had kidnapped her, demanded babies from her, then tried to rape her. She expected him to do the same.

While Avallac'h talks about sex a lot, he also very old and has a very low sex drive and goes decades between having sex with anyone. He is more interested in talking about sex then actually doing sex.

Avallac'h is in the habit of watching other while they have sex, and was prone to kidnap people he thought would make a good couple, keeping them imprisoned together, under the belief that trapped together they would become lovers. These kidnapped couples often did become lovers and Avallac'h was obsessed with watching his imprisoned "breeding pairs" fuck each other. 

Avallac'h had unhealthy obsessions with pregnant women, whom he kidnapped, and extracted their fetuses for his experiments.

When he found females who produced healthy babies consistently, he kept them as breeders, instead of returning them back to their home planets.

While Avallac'h himself, almost never had sex with anyone, he was overly addicted to his weird "live action porn" that he had going on in his lab, and spent most of his time watching the kidnapped couples fuck each other, often demanding they fuck each other on command.

Avallac'h was likewise in the habit of tossing Ciri into King Auberon's bed, simply because he wanted to watch someone fuck Ciri. 

At first against the idea of Auberon fucking Ciri, Avallac'h became obsessed with putting Ciri in Aburon's bed and took up the habit of bathing Ciri, while sexually touching her, "preparing her" to be fucked by Auberon.

We also get a detailed description of how Avallac'h takes fisstech (a type of cocaine)... which is also how we know Avallac'h is uncircumcised... along with a description of why he uses it that way. Fisstech = viagra for very old elves. Did I mention Avallac'h is very old, and there's actually a medical health reason why he talks about sex constantly and then won't have sex with anyone. Which is also why he's content to let Ciri sleep with him, without ever having sex with her.  

*(When King Auberon refuses to have sex with Ciri, Avallac'h gives the king fisstech, saying it'll cure his "problem" but then King Auberon shorts the fisstech instead of using Avallac'h's method and it doesn't have the same aphrodisiac effects on King Auberon that it has on Avallac'h because of the difference in how they take it.)*

Since Lara's death, 200 years before Ciri was born, Avallac'h has abstained from sex completly and is considered a "reformed virgin".  Which appears to be the primary reason behind why he was tossing Ciri in bed with Auberon. Avallac'h made no secret of wanting Ciri, but also refused to cheat on Lara and was getting off on the idea of watching someone else fuck Ciri instead.

The first time Avallac'h has sex after Lara's death, it is by Ciri raping him, because she is frustrated by his constant talk of sex, but his absolute refusal to cheat on Lara and loose his restored virginity.

Auberon never did fuck Ciri and Ciri got fed up with Avallac'h's obsession with wanting to watch others fuck her, thus why she raped him, because as she put it, he really wanted to fuck her himself and somehow had it in his head that he wasn't allowed to, and the only way Ciri was going to stop him from forcing her on Auberon was if she just fucked Avallac'h herself and let him get wanting to fuck her out of his system.

Part 3: My response to complaints in my chat about Avallac'h and Ciri as a couple....

Ciri's plan almost worked. But she underestimated how Avallac'h would respond to being raped. She assumed he wouldn't mind, based on how sexual he acted around her. She did not expect him to be angry and beat the crap out of her. Did not expect him to destroy his lab because of it. And did not expect him to then lock himself in his room and refuse to eat for weeks on end.

After raping Avallac'h, he never again threw Ciri in bed with Auberon again however. Avallac'h also destroyed his lab and released his prisoners. 

For some reason, before Ciri raped him, it never crossed Avallac'h's mind that he was sexually abusing his prisoners by forcing them to fuck each other in front of him.

We later see Avallac'h write a letter that he never sends and tucks away in a book. The letter stating that he deeply regrets ever taking Ciri to King Auberon and wishes he had had the courage to stand up to Auberon and never let Auberon abuse Ciri. He ends the letter stating that sending Ciri to Auberon destroyed the relationship he and Ciri had when she lived with him on the lake, that he wants that relationship back with her and will do anything to restore it.

You can loot this letter in the game, if you explore his house enough to find it.

When Geralt asks The Lady of the Lake, why The Old Hermit lives with her, she bluntly states that women need a man for sex and he is the only person she trusts to be her lover.

Avallac'h in the novels is elderly, described as old and weak, and often too frail to get out of bed. Ciri, when frightened by something would run to Avallac'h, jump in bed with him and cling to him terrified, while his hugged her and sang whale songs to her until she fell asleep.

Though 5 foot 6 inches tall in the game, Avallac'h is 7 feet 3 inches tall in the novels. However, while most Aen Elle Elves in the game are around 7 feet tall, in the novels they were around 9 feet tall, making Avallac'h still the smallest Elf among them. Avallac'h's being very short and having a calm, quiet, docile nature, left Ciri feeling safer with him, then any of the other Elves.

Even though Avallac'h is the smallest and weakest of the Aen Elle, described as frail compared to the rest, he is also described as having the strength 10 times that of a human his same size and was easily able to protect her from most threats, again causing her to feel very safe with him.

Ciri has seen both sides of Avallac'h, and is aware that his calm, quiet, docile nature is a result of many years of training himself to suppress both his powers and his temper...


* She saw him annihilate an entire planet with the wave of his hand, something he did to protect her; burying the entire planet in a blizzard, instantly freezing everything; the same frozen planet he would later take Geralt to see in the game Witcher 3

* She saw him use his whale song to slaughter an entire oncoming army by exploding their brains inside their heads by raising his voice to a high pitch.

* She saw a human stable boy whipping Avallac'h's horse, and Avallac'h though nothing more then an angry glance, turn the boy into a stone marble statue, which Avallac'h then put in his garden with his other life-like statues that included lots of statues of children in various poses of throwing stones and yelling insults and the statue of both Lara Dorren and Creaggon of Lod locked in sexual embrace for eternity.

* Ciri made the mistake of thinking Avallac'h would never get mad at her and that she could get away with doing anything to him; this resulted in her abusing him multiple times, with him never responding to the abuse; she went too far though and the 4th time she raped him, he beat her nearly to death, something he immediately regretted doing to her; realizing how much stronger he was then her, she backed off on abusing him afterwards, scared that if she pushed him too far again, he'd kill her next time *(and he does kill her in the game if you get the Dead Ciri Ending)*

Ciri is aware that Avallac'h, like herself, possesses Elder Blood and like her has lived his life hiding from people who wanted to use his powers, but unlike her has learned to control his abilities, and no longer has to hide because he now knows how to use his powers to protect himself from people who seek to use him as a weapon.

While said to be the most powerful, most deadly, and most evil being of all, Ciri knows that Avallac'h only gained this reputation because people were scared of his Elder Blood powers and hurt him, causing him to need to defend himself. 

Avallac'h remains calm, peaceful, and docile when left to himself, however, like Ciri, he is often hounded, beaten, kidnapped, threatened, tortured, bullied, and abused because of his Elder Blood powers, and when pushed far enough, he lashes out viciously like a wild rabid animal.

Like Ciri, Avallac'h rarely uses his powers and would rather forget he had them at all. Also like Ciri, his powers are deadly when he becomes upset and loses control of them.

Ciri originally thought she was Avallac'h's equal, falsely assuming their powers to be the same. However, Avallac'h is a natural born Elder Blood - the ONLY natural born Elder Blood, and Ciri is simply a mutation born of a clone that Avallac'h had made of himself. Avallac'h's Elder Blood powers are described as being: *"a thousand times greater then Ciri's she having only rudimentary traces of his full power"*. Thus Avallac'h truly is a God, while Ciri only has traces of god-like abilities.

Avallac'h can not only open portals between world and walk through time and space, he can also create worlds and destroy them with just as much ease.

When Ciri asked King Auberon what Avallac'h is, since he is clearly not an Elf and the Elves refer to him as an Elder God, King Auberon says: 

"He is time. He is the beginning of life and the end. He is the creator of worlds. He created time. He controls time. He existed before time begame, and in the end after all life ceases to exist, he will still exist and rebuild it all."

It is through King Auberon, that we learn Auberon does not want Ciri having Avallac'h's baby BECAUSE of Ithalline's Prophacy, which states that such a baby, born from the Elder God would be the end of everything. All life everywhere.

For whatever reason, Avallac'h obey's King Auberon, and Auberon knows this and has set out to end Avallac'h's reign of madness and insanity, by NOT letting him have a baby with Ciri.

King Auberon is reviled to be yet another of Avallac'h's clones, like Lara. Like his daughter Lara, King Auberon has also learned to block Avallac'h from reading his thoughts, unlike Lara, he's not been foolish enough to let Avallac'h know this. Auberon has convince Avallac'h that he had a vision, that Ciri must have her baby with Auberon, not with Avallac'h, and thus Auberon keeps the worlds safe from the Child of the Elder Blood by seeing to it that it'll never be born, because he (Auberon) will never give Ciri a baby and Avallac'h is too superstitious about dreams to ever touch her as long as he believes Auberon is to father the baby.

And thus Ciri learns that King Auberon, like everyone else, is using Avallac'h and Ciri both... once again, Ciri finds herself manipulated because of her Elder Blood and now she sees that Avallac'h too is being manipulated. 

This pisses Ciri off and forges her feelings for Avallac'h as se becomes ever more aware of the extent of the abuse he's lived with for 2,000 years.... the abuse she can expect to have to live with, if she doesn't do something to stop this.

Ciri starts to see that Avallac'h is not evil, but rather he's been driven insane by centuries of abuse and never being allowed to live his own life. Ciri finds this more horrifying then anything else she has ever encountered, because she realizes that this is what her life will become. 

Ciri sees Avallac'h as a window to her own future... an Elder Blood Child driven to the brink of madness because no one ever loved him and everyone his entire life used him for his powers.

Ciri is also aware that most of his actions, which cause people to call him evil, are a result of the abuse he received in his childhood, being orphaned so young, and spending most of his life isolated from society, living as a hermit since childhood, causing him to have no concept of social skills, no understanding of how to interact with others, in spite of his being The Knowing One. 

Ciri pities Avallac'h, citing that he needs someone to love him, wants someone to love him, but because of his wild, feral, parentless upbringing doesn't know how to interact with others, resulting in everyone being afraid of him and it is clear the things he does are him lashing out because he feels unloved. Ciri realizes he is not evil, he is frustrated with being alone, being abused, being hunted. She understands how he feels because she too lives cursed with Elder Blood and everyone treats her the same as they did him.

Ciri identifies with Avallac'h, knowing that he has been where she is, that he too was once a child, kidnapped, caged, and used by power hungry mages as a weapon.

Ciri looks up to and idolizes Avallac'h, striving to become like him, knowing that he overcame his abusers, gained control of his powers, and is now free to live life as he chooses because today everyone is too scared of him to dare try to take advantage of his powers. Today everyone calls him The Elder God and trembles with fear at the sight of him. Ciri wants to be seen as a god as well, so people will stop trying to hurt her, and knows he is the only one who can teach her to control her powers, because he is the only one with the same powers.

Ciri and Avallac'h have a strange twisted relationship. Both have lost the one the actually love. Avallac'h lost Lara, Ciri lost Mistel, and both openly admit that they are using each other as replacements for their lovers.

In the end, you have two very lonely people, outcast from society because they have the powers of a god, able to understand each other and to make each other happy. Both of whom have god-like powers that caused people to use and abuse them horrifically. Both of whom were emotionally crippled by society, neither of whom are able to function in normal society, both of whom are content with the company of the other and are able to build a world for themselves where they are finally able to live in peace and happiness at last.


So.... if you are going to flip out over me putting Avallac'h and Ciri together in my playthrough, you sure as hell better run screaming from the Witcher novels that the game was based off of, because Ciri and Avallac'h live together for 21 years and they are very sexual with each other the whole time.

... and then in the end, she goes back to him, they end up staying together with them becoming immortal and staying together for eternity.

And yes, as you can see, Avallac'h is an incredibly sexual character. An excessively perverted, overly sex crazed, sexual predator,  with endlessly lewd dialogue, Avallac'h by far ranks as the single most overly sexualized character of the entire Witcher franchise.

When you hear me say, they tamed him down a lot for the games... I do mean they tamed him down A LOT!

And with him being such a minor character in the novels (appearing on only 32 pages of a 4,000 page long 8 volume series) it's quite astounding that they chose to use him as a primary character in the game...though, in spite of his lack of page time in the novels, he does have a huge impact on Ciri's life and does affect how the novels end.

Making the Avallac'h CosPlay... the pendent fresh out of the oven and cooling... the setting it made out of Super Sculpey (gold metallic, bronze metallic, and matte black, marbled together), while the stone in the center is a turquoise howlite...

A scarab beetle in the game, Avallac'h's pendent was a serpent in the novels.

While is doesn't seem to do anything in the game, as the game never mentions it... in the novels, the pendent holds Avallac'h's body in the living flesh form that he usually appears in.

Without the pendet Avallac'h appears in his true undead form.

Avallac'h is dead and is a wraith. The type of wraith he is not said, though through he is described as a Luberkin and a Lich, and therefore is an immortal guardian specter who protects anyone with his bloodline lineage. 

Though immortal, his flesh form can be injured or killed. He takes the same damage as he did while alive, can become sick, weak, or tired, and is no different then any other living being.

However, being a lich, means after his body is destroyed (killed) he can be resurrected again, if one finds the phylactery that contains the spell holding him alive.

This is how Geralt was able to resurrect Avallac'h once again during the Ugly Baby quest.

 .............................................. Bringing Avallac'h's beloved Barabgazi into the game... .............................................. 

Referred to by Avallac'h as "my children", in the novels Avallac'h was always surrounded hundreds, sometimes thousands of of Barbargazi.  

In real folklore a Barbargazi is a small man similar to a dwarf, however in Witcherlore what Avallac'h says is a Barabargazi is described as a small furry animal that rolls along the ground, has sharp fangs, in sentient and capable of speech. 

Geralt described them as looking like a cross between rabbits and pumpkins. 

It was said that they were something akin to land dwelling piranhas, capable of devouring a full grown man in seconds, leaving nothing but bones.

Avallac'h's Barbargazi adored him, worshiping the Elf, calling him master and leader. If any one raised their voice or made threatening moves towards the Elf, the Barbargazi were quick to defend him, even without his ordering them to.

People lived in mortal terror of Avallac'h, fearing he would tell his hoard to attack. No one dared get close to Avallac'h, nor tried to hurt him, for fear of having to wade through his sea of Barbargazi to get to him.

That his Barbargazi were removed from the game, resulted in a terrible change of Avallac'h's character, making his personality in the game, dramatically different from what we saw in the novels.

Avallac'h's Barbargazi were created using the [Spawn Companions mod](

FAQs: ..............................................  Did I hear that right, do you really hate sweet old Uncle Vesemir? How can anyone hate Papa Vesemir? .............................................. 

*Avallac'h wants to push Vesimier off this balcony. You can see it in his eyes. :P*

###FAQs: Did I hear that right, do you really hate sweet old Uncle Vesemir? How can anyone hate Papa Vesemir?


For starters I read the novels.

...I'm wondering, where in the hell you or anyone else got the idea that child abusing, son-of-bitch, jackass bastard was "sweet".

Sweet old Vesimier?


What is sweet about an old man who devoted every one of the 600 years of his life to kidnapping children then torturing them to death?

You do know that guy is the Witcher maker, right?

###He mass murdered TENS OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT HUMAN CHILDREN in his glut lust to build Witchers!

And you don't even have to read the novels to know that... he admits as much, in the Ugly Baby quest, while he's got Avallac'h strapped down to a torture table vivisecting him!

Good god!

Sweet old man?

7 out of every 10 children he kidnapped, died in agony of violent seizures and brain hemorrhaging.


I'm sorry, but your sweet old Uncle Vesemir was a serial killing, child murdering monster.

But hey... I like Avallac'h... and he kidnaps little girls for his breeding program, so.... who am I to tell you not to like Vesemir. 

At least Avallac'h didn't murder the children he kidnapped and he did take care of them, in spite of what else he was doing.

FAQs:  .............................................. Why did you remove Ciri's Super Powers and have her fight with a sword? .............................................. 

Modded Avallac'h, modded Ciri, [modded grass](, [modded clouds](, [modded trees](, [modded weather]( , [modded shadows](, [increased draw distance](, [animals and monsters wind enhancement](, [Realistic Contrast Textures aka The RCT mod](, and  the [1.000 Times Worse v1.1 Reshader]( - are all visible in this image.

###FAQs: Why did you remove Ciri's Super Powers and have her fight with a sword?

In the novels, Avallac'h kidnapped Ciri when she was 12. At that point her ONLY power was the gift of sight - she had dreams and visions of the future. 

In the novels Ciri has no superpowers, doesn't blink, doesn't open portals, and can not travel through time and space.

Ciri just has visions in the books - you don't see her with any powers at all.

ALL of the powers they gave her in the game are powers Avallac'h had in the books - that sonic scream thing for example, he uses in the books to wipe out a whole army that was after Ciri.

In the books, Ciri is teleported out of prison to her horse, but has no idea how it happened. The first thing she sees is a portal in a tower, so she jumps into it - and lands in Avallac'h's lap, where she learns that he is the one who teleported her out of prison and opened up the portal in the tower.

This happens after, helpless little weakling Ciri, who has no powers at all, sits in prison for many days and has given up all hope of escaping.

Pointing out here that prior to this, she had been captured and tortured 5 dozen other times, and was never able to escape from any of them either.

In the books - Ciri's blood has powers NOT Ciri has powers and people were draining her blood and using it to power their spells.

Avallac'h, like Ciri, has Elder Blood and spent most of his life escaping, fleeing, and hiding from people who likewise wanted to drain hs blood and use it in their potions and decotions.

Avallac'h became a mage so he could learn to fight back against the mages who were obsessed with using him as a battery to power their spells.

Like Ciri, Avallac'h's Elder Blood only gives him the gift of sight, thus Avallac'h lives with vision and dreams that torment him and cause him to live in traumatized terror of everything.

Because of his Elder Blood, Avallac'h can see the future, the past, and hear the thoughts of everyone for miles around. These powers get stronger the older he gets and is why people refer to him as The Knowing One.

###^THAT^ is what Elder Blood does. Lara, Pavatta, Alvin, and Ciri, like Avallac'h, are all cursed with visions of an apocalyptic future.

Each of the Elder Bloods responds to the visions differently - Alvin becoming a priest, founding The Eternal Fire Church in an attempt to save humanity from the Endless Cold, while Ciri seeks to become a Witcher to fight the monsters that she sees rising up in the Time of the White Cold.

Of all the Elder Bloods, ONLY ONE has any actual "super powers": Avallac'h. And this has nothing to do with hs Elder Blood, but rather was a side effect of 2,000 years of frevered devotion to training himself to be the most powerful mage in the known universe.

I think the logic they used in the game, was that Avallac'h was teaching her, so she learned to do the same things he could do, even though in the books, she had no ability to do anything even remotely close to what he could do.

If you've read the novels, you know how utterly terrifying Avallac'h's abilities are, as he is able to vaporize anything with the pitch of his voice, can explode brains inside of skulls, can cast citywide and planet wide barriers, can turn people to statues made of white marble, and can call down planet wide blizzards that freeze every one on the planet to death in seconds. 

That, in addition to knowing every thought of everyone for miles, being a telepath, being able to control others by taking over their minds, talking to animals and monsters, teleportation through time and space, the ability to fey step from one planet to another, the ability to walk through mirror to go to the past or future, resurrection of the dead, healing wounds, restoration of flesh, and being an herbalist and alchemist besides.

But back to your question...

I'm playing the Avallac'h playthrough, lore-friendly to the novels Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake, and Ciri had no magic abilities or super powers in the books.

We know from the games, that Geralt and Yennefer are resurrected, The Wild Hunt kidnapped Yen, and then Ciri took Geralt to Kaer Morhen, after which she fled with Avallac'h.

We are then told that Ciri and Avallac'h spend 5 years of Geralt's time, fleeing the Wild Hunt, before Avallac'h opens a portal to a planet in the future (CyberPunk 2077) and takes Ciri to live there. Avallac'h and Ciri live for many years on the CyberPunk planet, but Ciri then worries about Geralt after having a nightmare of him attacked by a botchling, so Avallac'h takes Ciri back to Skellige, arriving just 6 months after they left, landing in the Druid's Grove.

Though she was 12 when he took her away, he has now returned her home, 4 years later at the age of 33, meaning she lived with him on the CyberPunk planet for 21 years.

Immediately after returning, he and Ciri were attacked by the Wild Hunt. Yen and Geralt use the mask to learn that Ciri was injured in the attack, and Avallac'h opened a portal and tossed her in it, intending to jump in with her, but was himself wounded before reaching the portal, so closed it so the Wild Hunt could not follow her. 

Like he did in the novels during the unicorn attack, Avallac'h unleashed his sonic scream, vaporising the Wild Hunt, leaving them melted to their armor like a Philadelphia Project and causing the "Magical Cataclysm Site" by the Druid Grove. He then opened another portal and fled to Velen, seeking out Keria asking her to make him a potion to heal his injuries.

Notice the first thing Yen says to Geralt upon arrival that the "Magical Cataclysm Site" by the Druid Grove. 

###"Geralt! Unicorns were here!"

If you've read the novels, you know that Tir na Lia is a planet owned by unicorns and turned into a prison-planet to house an ancient Elder God, who is contained on the planet, so long as he wears a magic broach that keeps him there. However, if someone learns how to control the brooch, they can control the Elder God (same way on controls a Djinn or Genie) and use him for his powers.

The unicorns made the brooch to trap the Elder God, whom they also referred to as "Master Mirror" because of his ability to walk through mirrors and his habit of placing hundreds of mirrors everywhere on every planet, so that he could move swiftly through time and space with ease. (Yes, in the novels Avallac'h is Master Mirror aks Gaunter ODimm aka The Elder G.O.D.)

The unicorns have made the Wild Hunt their prison guards and THAT is why (in the novels) the Wild Hunt is after Avallac'h and Ciri ... because Ciri has broken Avallac'h out of prison.

The unicorns have sent the Wild Hunt to capture Avallac'h and bring him back to his prison planet.

Ciri has gained control of the brooch and is now controlling the Elder God, has helped him escape the prison planet, and is planning to use him to open a portal and defeat the White Frost. Thus why Avallac'h is so very obedient following Ciri around doing whatever she asks.

Ciri has no powers to do anything on her own and relies heavily on her ability to control Avallac'h to get him to cast spells and open portals for her.

All Ciri can do is swing a sword.

And that is why I removed Ciri's special attacks and super powers and have her only able to fight with a sword.

It is not lore-friendly for Ciri to have the super-powers she had in the games. It is lore-friendly for Ciri to wield a sword while giving orders to Avallac'h and Avallac'h having said super powers, and using them on command, because Ciri controls the brooch he wears.

Answering the question:......  ..................................................... So, I know everyone keeps saying Avallac'h is a pedophile, but now I just read that Geralt and Dandelion are pedophiles too. I can't find any ages mentioned in the novels. Where are these people getting the character ages? ..................................................... 

You are reading the 2018 American release Kindle English edition aren't you?

It's heavily censored.

If you want to see the character ages, as well as the more violent sex scenes, and the 10 deleted Avallac'h scenes, you'll need to track down 1st edition copies of the novels.

The original unabridged edition is not allowed to be published in America because of Federal government COPA laws.

ALL references to the ages of Ciri, Yennefer, and Triss Merigold are DELETED from the 2018 American edition.

In the 1996 edition Ciri is 12 years old in her sex scenes with Avallac'h and Auberon, 

...while Yennefer is 15 in her sex scenes with Geralt and Triss Merigold is the youngest at just 10 years old in her sex scenes with Geralt.

ALL of Dandelion's women were under 16 when he raped them, with Ciri being the youngest at only 7 years old.

Avallac'h is 2,000+, Auberon is 468, Geralt is 198, and Dandelion is 51.

#Dandelion is 51 years old, he NEVER has consensual sex with ANYONE, ALL of the girls he rapes are under 16 years old, and his preference is for girls between the ages of 4 and 10 because chances are unlikely they will get pregnant.

#WHOOPS! Did the Netflix series forget to tell you Dandelion was an old man, a peadophile, and a serial rapist of toddlers?

#Never judge a book and it's characters by it's TV series!

There are ZERO females over the age of 16 in ANY of the Witcher novels' more than 300 sex scenes.

There are ZERO males under the age of 50 in ANY of the Witcher novels' more than 300 sex scenes.

The American editions are more than 400 pages shorter then the original 1st editions. 

A LOT was removed for the American release of the novels, because the American government would not allow some of the more violent child rape scenes to appear in the American editions.

Most people read the American editions and usually only after playing the games, so have a mental image of Ciri, Yennefer, and Triss as adult women when they read the novels and remain blissfully unaware that Ciri is 12, Yennefer is 15, and Triss is 10.

Also, here's something to think on:

Did you know that the scene of Ciri and Avallac'h having sex, while Ciri was 12 years old, was written in 1994 and published in 1996.

Did you also know that in both 1994 and 1996, the age of consent in America was 10 years old?

Age of consent in America, was increased from 10 to 18, on September 26, 1997.

At the time the scene was written, in 1994, and at the time the scene was publish 1996, age of consent was 10 years old and Ciri was 12 years old, meaning no, nt even the law is going to back you up in caling Avallac'h a pedophile.

Also the defanition of a pedophile is a man who has sex with children who are under the age of 4 years old.

Before you sling words or laws around, you might first want to read a dictionary and some law books.

My much longer answer [can be found HERE](

FAQs: I keep seeing people saying Avallac'h is overly sexual with Ciri, but after playing the games and reading the novels, I don't see it. What are these people referencing? Do you know?

Again... you people have some serious issues and it really is rather quite annoying. What the hell? Why all the endless questions about sex? 

Short answer: No. Avallac'h was not sexual with Ciri.

And people are getting that info from a YouTube video, where the YouTuber read the Witcher novels on stream, but changed the names of the characters "Vilgefortz" and "Leo" to "Avallac'h" in order to change the story and make avallac'h look more evil.

Unfortunately, they made no disclaimer of the fact that they were changing the novels by changing character names, and with the release of the Netflix series, many people are rushing to "read" the novels via watching someone else read them on YouTube, and many are finding these hoaxer's videos and thinking they are actually reading the novels.

The full 10,442 word long answer.... [can now be found HERE on it's own page](

FAQs: Do you hate Ciri?

#Did I hate Ciri BEFORE 712 Ciri fans arrived in my chat chanting "deserve to be raped"? 


#Did I hate Ciri BEFORE 712 Ciri fans arrived in my chat chanting "kill EelKat"? 


#Did I hate Ciri BEFORE Ciri fans arrived at my dad's apartment, did $30,000 vandalism damages to my car, shot bullet holes in my dad's front door, and beat up my 82 year old retired fireman dad leaving him hospitalized with a ruptured kidney? 


#Do I hate Ciri?


#But boy do I have a burning hatred for Ciri's fans now.

I am utterly amazed at the extreme levels of massive wide spread mental retardation that seems to be an epidemic among Ciri fans, who clearly don't have enough brain cells to dot an I.

The fact that I've encountered over 7,000 arranged Ciri fans ALL OF WHOM start every sentence with the phrase: "I'm so pissed off", tells me that not a once of them has enough brain power to think for themselves.

When 7,000 all start a sentence with the same phrase, 6,999 of them a too braindead to say anything they thought of themselves.

It's called Herd Mentality. One person says a thing, and the brain dead masses, blindly fall in line and parrot that thing back without thinking about what they are saying.

Not only am I amazed that these 7,000 Ciri fans are so retarded that they ALWAYS start every sentence with the exact same phrase "I'm so pissed off..."... I'm also amazed that they are so retarded, that they think me playing the game as Avallac'h automatically equals I hate Ciri.

If I hated Ciri, do you REALLY think I would have her as a travel companion, fighting monsters alongside Avallac'h in every single stream?

If I hated Ciri do you really think I would have devoted 4 months of my life to building mods to make her as lore-friendly as possible to how she was described in the novels?

The 2 year long, steady, constant, daily onslaught of endless accusations of hating Ciri simply because I play the game as Avallac'h, alongside every comment starting with the phrase I'm so pissed off", has taught me that the average Ciri fan is a brain dead retard not worth the life God gave them.

#Do I hate Ciri?


I don't like some of the things she did that were totally illogical, made no scene, and resulted in making her character look like a whinny, annoying, self-centered, snot-nosed brat who wanted everyone to kiss her ass or die horribly.

For example: 

* why kill all the children of a village that had nothing to do with anything, just because you were mad at some guy who killed your lover years ago and you decided to vent on whoever was nearby?

* why decree that all babies must be killed, and declare that all pregnant women must have their babies forcibly aborted... just because your lover died?

* why demand every male you see have sex with you, and then when you meet a crippled elderly man who is an asexua virgin and won't have sex with you... why spend 8 weeks hunting him down, rape him, break his legs, rape him again,  beat him nearly to death, rape him again, then castrate him... all to punish him for not obeying your comand to have sex with you?

The thing I hate the most of all, is when Ciri fans declare that the crippled elderly man deserved to be raped, and then parade around my channel chanting deserved to be raped in my chat, and spend an inordinate amount of time glorifying rape.

Rape is ALWAYS WRONG and NEVER DESERVED, and I really, really, really, really HATE that people can glorify rape, if it was done by a character they like.

Sorry... but the rape scene, made it impossible for me to ever look at Ciri the same way again.

If you want to continue to love Ciri, take my advice and DO NOT read the novels. You really DO NOT want to know what a terrible person she really is.

FAQs: You said you don't like Geralt and Dandelion because they are immoral, but how is Avallac'h any different?

I liked Geralt and Dandelion both in the games. All 3 games. But... then I read the novels and found out what vile, immoral pieces of trash both of them were.

OMG! What the fuck! Vile perverted pieces of shit. Both of them.

The game makes Geralt out to be a hero rushing around to rescue people. Not so in the novels. All he does is jump from one prostitutes bed to the next. There is less sex in a 400 page Erotica novel then there is in a single 30 page chapter of the Witcher novels. It's disjusting.

The novels focus near entirely on shoving Geralt's dick in your face every page that it's not hoving Ciri's 8 year old vagina in your face. 

The series contains 4,000 pages of needless sex scenes that do nothing to move the plot forward and are only there for gratuitous titillation. 

The extreme levels of lewd perversion in the novels, made them a difficult slog to get through. The story is great, but the endless, needless sex scenes are annoying.

But Geralt in the novels is just the most vile, gutter scum piece of trash in literature. I can't understand how anyone could make it through even the first chapter of the first novel and find a reason to like him.

There is never a scene when Geralt goes off to help or rescue anyone, of his own free will, and in every case he ONLY helps a person if the offer of sex as payment is there. 

Geralt cares only about 2 things:

* How many cunts can I fuck today?

* How much gold can I make today?

He is a sex crazed, greedy piece of shit.

I absolutely can't stand vile, immoral trash like them. Not in real life. Not in fiction either.

While the game makes out Geralt and Dandelion are playboys, it doesn't even scratch the surface of the vile, evil, date rape, gang bang shit those two sick bastardly sons of bitches were doing in the novels.

Did you know that Geralt in the novels, has the ability to mentally cause a change in his pheromones, and if a woman says no to having sex with him, he uses a combination of this an axii to "change her mind"... it's outright rape! 

How is Avallac'h differant from Geralt and Dandelion?

Geralt and Dandelion are adulterers and rapists. They have sex with women they are not married to and rape anyone who says no.

Avallac'h is a polygamist, asexual, a virgin, and a eunuch. 

That means Geralt and Dandelion are cheating on their women,  lying about their sex lives to their women, spend an inordinate amount of time hiding these women from those women.

Geralt is worse because he and Yennefer are married, so Geralt has the added aspect of cheating on his wife, and not only cheating on his wife, but doing so with her best friend(s).

Geralt and Dandelion both take great delight in hunting down married women and seeing how long they can toy with her before they get caught by her husband.

Geralt and Dandelion both prefer prostitutes to other women, because they don't have to worry about the women's well being, they don't have to provide for them.

Geralt and Dandelion don't have the balls to be man enough to take responsibility for their actions; they are cowards who shirk responsibility. 

Avallac'h is with more women then Geralt and Dandelion combined, heck, he has more women then EVERY other man in the series combined, but Avallac'h is married to those women. He takes care of his women. He provides for them.  He is man enough to take responsibility for his actions.

FAQs: Do you hate Geralt? Every time someone says how terrible a person Avallac'h is you compare him to Geralt and start listing off horrible things Geralt did.

Yep, I do list off stuff he did.

Nope, don't hate him.

I'm simply pointing out that these people who are mega fans of Geralt are lashing out at Avallac'h for doing something, when Geralt did the same thing ten fold over and they think nothing of it.

I calling you idiots hypocrites.

The things Avallac'h did that were bad, couldn't even dot a single 1 on the millions of horrifically evil things Geralt did.

You love Geralt and overlook the mountains of innocent children he's murdered, the thousands of women he's raped, and then you lash out at Avallac'h for punching in self defence a female who was trying to murder him.

You are a hypocrite.

I want to know, if they hate Avallac'h for doing a very minor thing, why do they not also hate Geralt for doing that same thing on massive levels.

These people complaining about Avallac'h, love Geralt, yet turn a blind I to what Geralt did, and I want to know why they are having such a freaked out meltdown over Avallac'h while ignoring completely what Geralt did.

Their double standard is illogical.

They keep calling Avallac'h a date rapist, yet Avallac'h never raped, nor tried to rape any one.

And yet:

Ciri is is rapist.

Geralt rapes several people throughout the novels.

Triss rapes Geralt.

Eredin tries to rape Ciri.

Mistel rapes Ciri.

68 other men, including Hjalmar, Gen. Voorhis, Dandelion, and other prominent "good" and "beloved" characters, try to rape Ciri.

There are so many rapists and rape scenes in the novels and yet, the one guy who never raped or tried to rape anyone, is getting called "the date rape guy" in my chat on a near daily basis.


Why are these people, fans of rapist Ciri, fans of rapist Geralt, fans of rapist Triss, ignoring that Ciri, Geralt, and Triss are all rapists, while accusing Avallac'h of rape when he never raped anyone?

Viewer asked question: Damn dude, I just saw Netflix Witcher. Have you seen how big Geralt is? That gap between 5'11" (my height) and 6'1" is huge!

Viewer asked question: Damn dude, I just saw Netflix Witcher. Have you seen how big Geralt is? That gap between 5'11" (my height) and 6'1" is huge!


Yeah... the gap between novel Geralt's 5'10" and being described as skinny, skeletal, and looking sickly (thus why so many bad guys thought they could beat him up easily - no one expected the little 90lb weakling to have super strength) and Netflix's 6'1" big muscled dude is pretty big too;

Heck, you at 5'11" is taller the Geralt was in the novels.

I'm disapointed Netflix Geralt looks like big hulking game Geralt instead of every-Joe novel Geralt :( 

Kind of changes his character quite a lot to have him not looking like the easy to beat up weakling no one expects to be able to fight :(

It disappointed me back when the game made Geralt look so different by making him a big muscle dude, and now Netflix went and made him an even bigger muscle dude; it's a slap in the face of every little-average Joe that Sapkowski was trying to inspire

Oh well, so much for Netflix saying they were going by the novels and not the games

Because it gets complained about a lot, let's address the fact that I have BOTH Ciri and Isillira and 4 other women all traveling with Avallac'h.

Ciri and Avallac'h forever... and Isilira as well, because I have no issues with polygamy and see no reason why he can't have both of them.

I'm a 5th generation fundamentalist Mormon. There are more then 400 people in my family. My grandfather had 2 wives. My mother had 2 husbands. My uncle with the most wives, has 5 wives, while my aunt with the most husbands, has 8 husbands. The average wife has 8 children, while the wife with the most children gave birth to 23 children.

When I say I have no issues with polygamy, there is a reason, and it's because I grew up in a polygamist family and polygamy is "normal" for us. Couples who don't marry and couples without multiple spouses are seen as bizarre in FLDS culture.

Our church was founded by a man who had 68 wives at the time he founded the church and more than 200 wives by the time of his death.

In the 200 years since our church was founded, more than 10,000 of our members have been arrested, been given life in prison, and/or executed by the Federal government of the United States of America, land of the free, that has a law making polygamy a federal offensive you can death penalty for, the same country where federal law gives child rapists only 4 months in prison.

My people are classified by the American government as a "crime family" and our religion classified as "a terrorist organization"  by virtue of men having multiple wives. 

And yet, adultery, couples living together unmarried, women wearing pants, and prostitution are perfectly legal in this country, that gives freedom ONLY to sinners and punishes, violently, men who dare love more than one woman and do the right thing by marrying her instead of just keeping them on the side as adulteress mistresses.

Polygamy is a VERY triggering, touchy subject for me, because my family has been harassed and persecuted for decades because of it.

So when people come into my chat in full bitch mode, going off on a rant over how upset they are pissed that I have Avallac'h with all of his wives traveling with him, they really hit on a raw nerve with me.

Even worse are the deviated infideles who dare try to sexualize polygamy into a vile sex fetish. Nothing is going to piss me off faster than a gentile glorifying polygamy as a way to get a lot of sex. Polygamy is about creating a strong family unit, not hoarding up sex slaves. 

Andrzej Sapkowski actually portrayed polygamy pretty accurately. Something you rarely see in literature, seeing how most people are sex crazed idiots who think polygamy = sex, sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

In the novels, Avallac'h had 5 wives whom he never went anywhere without. And while he was deeply depressed over the death of his favorite wife, Lara Dorren, it was also made clear that he deeply loved and doted on all of his wives.

We also saw Ciri quite content to sleep in bed with Avallac'h and all 5 of his wives.

And that they did not sleep on an actual bed, but rather Avallac'h wore a huge fox fur coat made out of hundreds of fox pelts sewn together and, at night he took it off, laid it by the campfire/fire pit and he and his wives, and Ciri, curled up together in a pile, like a pack of wild foxes all tucked in together in a communal sleeping den.

Avallac'h is NOT his name. Avallac'h is an Elven word that means "The Fox". His name is Crevan.

People dubbed Crevan "The Fox" or "Avallac'h" because of his fox-like behaviour, stating that he acted more like a fox than an Elf. He was said to have many fox-like traits including being sly and sneaky. Among the list of Crevan's fox-like behaviour was his tendency to sleep in a den, on a pile of furs, with all his wives piled on top of him and around him, while he slept.

I should note that in the Witcher universe couples DO NOT sleep together, and not only sleep in separate beds, but also sleep in separate rooms, and Avallac'h's habit of communal sleeping with a pile of women sleeping on top of him, was pointed out because it was seen as bizarre, animalistic behaviour for a man and a woman to sleep in the same bed.

In the Witcher novels, Avallac'h is the ONLY character who does not sleep in a separate bed from his wives, and rather sleeps with them in the same bed as them.

And we even see this carried over into the game. Pay attention to the houses in the villages and cities of the game. Go into the houses at night, after 10PM and look around. What do you see? Men sleep in one side of the house, women sleep on the other side. Men and women do not sleep together in the game.

Every house in the game. 

Except for Pali Gap.

In the Pali Gap *(aka Avallac'h's Laboratory in Skellige)* bedroom, you see the largest bed in the game. A massive 4-poster bed, plenty big enough for 10 people to sleep in all at once.

While the game only shows us Isillia in the Pali Gap bedroom, the size of the bed, indicates, that all 5 of Avallac'h's wives live there, the game devs just didn't have the balls to outright show polygamy to an American audience, not given America's history with polygamy.

Nothing would have tanked American sales faster than a character being shown as openly polygamist.

A married man *(Geralt)*, cheating on his wife *(Yennefer)*, with her best friend *(Triss)* and coworkers *(Kiera and Fringilla)* than fucks every whore and prostitute he finds on every street corner, is a-okay in America, because yay for adultery, but a man who is married to 5 women and is faithful to them, gotta hate him. It's the American way.

But, back to the novels...

As protective as Avallac'h was of Ciri, we also saw him being just as protective of his wives, especially when racist pig Ciri has a white power meltdown on them, in the scene that revealed that all 5 of Avallac'h's wives **INCLUDING Isillia** had black skin.

When we see Avallac'h's 5 black skinned wives in tears because Ciri has just spent the afternoon calling them monkeys and saying they all looked alike, we see Avallac'h drag Ciri away by her ear, while scolding her for her bigotry and racism.... and he stops letting Ciri sleep in the same bed with him and his wives after that, citing he is disgusted by Ciri's racist behavior and Ciri's deplorable treatment of his wives.

Avallac'h makes Ciri sleep by herself in her own bedroom **AS PUNISHMENT** for her racist behaviour. Which at first Ciri thinks is great, but after a few nights alone, she quickly realizes how lonely she is and how safe and comforted she had felt sleeping snuggled up between Avallac'h and his 5 wives.

Avallac'h is shown as insanely protective of Ciri in all things, but he drew the line at her bullying his wives and wouldn't put up with Ciri hurting the women he loved.

Ciri struggled with her love for Avallac'h and her psycho crazed white power hatred for black people, and often found it difficult to spend time with him, knowing that all 5 of his favorite wives were black.

Avallac'h eventually took to sending his wives away whenever Ciri was around, because he feared Ciri's extreme hostility towards black people would result in Ciri attacking, hurting, or even murdering his beloved black wives.

Ciri's extreme hatred for black people was what made it impossible for her to stay with Avallac'h. Ciri had no issues with Avallac'h having multiple wives, she only had issues in his refusal to get rid of his black wives on Ciri's orders.

We are reminded that Avallac'h was many thousands of years old, and that his life had been devoted to his favorite wife, Lara Dorren, and that he added the additional wives after her death, largely because he was suicidally depressed and could not sleep alone, and that he never sex with any of his women and was still a virgin.

The 5 wives who stayed with him at all times, had been with him for 200 years and took care of him now that he was elderly and struggling to get around. They are described as being fierce Amazonian warrior women and viciously protective of their husband.

When 12 year old Ciri enters the picture, and realizes Avallac'h is both obsessed with her and will protect her at all costs, she also assumes she can order him around and get him to do anything she demands... including, getting rid of the 5 wives that have been with him for two centuries, simply because Ciri doesn't like black people and does not want black people in the same house with her. 

Ciri expected Avallac'h to kiss her white ass and kick out all the black people in his life. She did not expect him to defend the rights of black people and tell her racist white ass to go burn in Cregannon's grave.

Avallac'h has an EXTREMELY dominant, alpha-male personality. He really doesn't like being told what to do. He likes to be in control *(he's very much a control freak)*. He's also very violent. Though we never see him violent with his women, we do see him get violent with his female servants, we see him beat a child to death, we see a pile of tens of thousands of dead bodies behind his laboratory and are told he is the one who killed them with his bare hands, we see him with a volatile violent temper, and eventually we see him nearly beat Ciri to death after strangling her, breaking her jaw, ripping off most of her face with fingernails, and smashing out most of her teeth.

This scene of Ciri ordering Avallac'h around and bitchfeast white powering at his black wives, is the first time we also see Avallac'h's temper flaring up, and we are giving plenty of clues here to show us that this guy really DOES NOT like being told what to do, especially when it's a female telling him to do it, and even more especially when it involves his women, who we seem him being extraordinarily protective and defensive of.

Avallac'h very definatly treats his women like they are his property and no one... **NO ONE**... is going to do anything to threaten anything he deems as belonging to him.

We almost immediately see him dominating over Ciri as soon as he meets her, taking full control over her life, acting like she belongs to him, and being viciously protective and defence of her on insanely extreme levels.

Avallac'h ranks as one of the most, if not the most, dominate, possessive, head strong alpha male in the entire Witcher franchise.

And Ciri picks up on this immediately, when she first meets him. Ciri has dealt with several very dominate, territorial alpha males in her life already, and she mentally tells the reader that she therefore knows how to deal with Avallac'h, expecting to be able to use his chauvinist male pig egotism against him.... and this backfires on her very badly, because while she has dealt with dominant alpha males in the past, they were 30 to 40 year old humans, and this particular dominant alpha male is the oldest living Elf, and the most powerful sorcerer in the universe, is over 2,000 years old, and has had a millennia of training in his extremist territorial dominance.

Avallac'h's possessive protectiveness of Ciri, knows no bounds. He will literally do anything to protect her. But, as we see in this scene, he don't take shit from no one, not even Ciri, and he especially doesn't like anyone trying to get between him and his women... not even Ciri.

When Avallac'h refuses to cast out his 5 black wives, Ciri finds herself stunned and shocked that anyone, let alone Avallac'h, dares disobey her. She finds herself even more stunned by the fact that he dared raise his voice to her, yell at her, and hit her back when she hit him.... all things 12 year old white power arrogant egomaniac Ciri did not expect, given how she was used to billions of people in the universe kissing her Elder Blood ass.

And you can immediately tell when first meeting Ciri in the game, she's a low life piece of shit, because she's wearing pants, so, it's not surprising to see her displaying the typical low life, piece of shit habits of pants wearing infidels, like hating black people. I mean, really, would you expect any less from a deviated piece of shit, vile enough to be seen in public wearing pants? Ciri has no morals. None, at all.

Had Ciri not been a vile, black hating, white power, racist bigot, there never would have been any issues between Ciri and Avallac'h and his wives, because Ciri had no issues with polygamy and was perfectly okay with Avallac'h having many wives. Ciri's only issue was that the wives were black and Ciri hated black people.

Avallac'h's Lover: Isilira in the game vs Isilira in the novels...

Seen above: From the Lore Friendly Wild Hunt Mod, Avallac'h's favorite wife Isilira now fights, carries a bow, and is a warrior wearing pistachio green.


In the game, we see Isilira only briefly, and we see her dressing in bright pink, sitting primping at a mirror, and then yelling at Ciri. 

If you find and read Avallac'h's diary, which seeing how only 3 people out of the 24million+ people who've played the game, have ever found it, chances are high you are not one of those 3 people you never read it.

But if you find and read Avallac'h's diary, you are told a grizzly tale of who Isilira is *(according to the game devs)*. The book explains that Isilira is Avallac'h's older sister. And tells us, that when Avallac'h was 10 years old, he was kidnapped and tortured by a human mage, referred to as "the evil witch". 

The story goes on to tell us that Avallac'h has Elder Blood and the witch drained his blood to drink it and become powerful. When this does not work, she demands to know the secret to how to activate Elder Blood, but Avallac'h in this scene is a very small child and does not know the answer. So the witch kidnaps his parents and siblings, and one by one, tortures them to death and force feeds them to Avallac'h. 

But he still does not know the answer and the witch does not believe him, so she kidnaps his pet ocelots, and tortures them to death, and forces him to eat them too.

Unknown to the witch, one sibling escaped capture: a 14 year old girl, Isilira. And one day while the evil witch was cooking, Isilira sneaked up behind her and killed her. And eat her. Saving her eyes which Islilra now wears as earrings and her teeth, which Isilira now wears as a necklace.

Isilira and Avallac'h fled society, and the 14 year old girl, becomes the deeply protective sorigate mother of her horrifically traumatised 10 year old brother.

That is who Isilira is, according to the book, in the game, written by the game developers.


#...that is not what the novels tells us.

In the novels, Isilira is what Ciri described as "a fierce Amazonian elf-woman, carrying a bow, and wearing pistachio green". She is one of the 5 women who never leaves Avallac'h's side, and acts as both his lover and bodyguard. We see scenes of Avallac'h, hugging and kissing, and being very sexual with her, scenes described to us, by a very jealous Ciri, who very desperately wants to have sex with Avallac'h. 

In the novels, Avallac'h is Ciri's grandfather, and he loves her very dearly, but he sees her as exactly what she is: his favorite grandbaby. He has no sexual or romantic feelings for Ciri, though he loves more then anyone else ever loves her. This infuriates Ciri, because Ciri, is a sex crazed lunatic who thinks she has to fuck everything that moves. 

When Ciri tells Avallac'h she want to have sex with him, he is horrified by this, tells her that such a thing can never be, asks her to put such thoughts out of her head, asks her to never tell anyone she thinks of him in this manner, asks her to never mention it again, and send her off to have sex with King Auberon, to get her sex urges out of her system.

When Ciri first meets Avallac'h for the very first time, he is with Isilira, he is playing pan pipes, while Isilira strip dances in front of him. Ciri is immediately jealous in this scene, and she doesn't even know who Avallac'h is yet. 

The next time we see Avallac'h, he's gotten off his horse, and Isilira is standing beside him, her arms around him, holding him up, because we are told he can't walk, he's too old, he's ancient, he's very elderly. 

Avallac'h leans heavily on her, relying near entirely on her strength to support him and hold him up, while he walks to great Ciri. Again, Ciri tells us how jealous she is.

Barely a page later, we see Avallac'h picking flowers, while his 5 elf-women, stand in a circle around him, their bows aimed and ready to kill any threat that might stop by.  Ciri, riding her horse around them, sees Avallac'h kissing Isillira and yet again, tells us how jealous she is... THIS TIME, we are also told, that Isilira has black skin. 

Avallac'h gets on his horse and rides around the lake, telling his 5 elf woman, to stay and protect Ciri. They protest, he scolds them, and they reluctantly guard Ciri.

Avallac'h does not get far, when he turns back, because he can hear the women fighting. 

#When he arrives back to their location, Ciri is calling Avallac'h's 5 black elf women, monkeys, telling them they all look alike. 

#The 5 black elf women, see Avallac'h and run to him in tears, explaining what Ciri has been saying, while Ciri, raging inferno, lashes out at Avallac'h, telling him that he is white and ought to know better then to be fucking black women.... 

#THIS is WHY, Isilira, in the games, greats Ciri by saying:

#CIRI: "You! I remember you. From Tir na Lia!"

#ISILIRA: "Funny, I thought those of our race, all looked alike to you."

#By making Isilira in the game WHITE, instead of BLACK, like she was in the novels, her words here in the game, lose their meaning, and most people playing the game end up falsely thinking it is Islira who is racist against humans, when in fact the racist one, is Ciri, who hate black people and in the novels has several monologues on how she wants kill everyone who is black, including Avallac'h 5 black wives.

The next time we see Isillra in the novels, Avallac'h is on his horse, Ciri is on her horse, Ciri is crying over her dead mother and grandmother and missing Mommy Yennefer, Avallac'h is rubbing Ciri's leg trying to calm her down, and Ciri *(and most readers)* translates this to Avallac'h being sexual, when quite clearly he is not, and is doing what pretty much ANYONE is going is going to do in this situation, when there friend is bawling their eyes out, you rub their shoulder, you rub their leg, you rub their back... it is not a sexual response at all. 

The fact that we have seen Avallac'h being sexual with the 5 she-elves, means we also know what he acts like when he is being sexual and we can clearly see the difference in how he touches Ciri vs how he touches the 5 she-elves.

Ciri however takes this to mean Avallac'h is sexually attracted to her, tells the reader that the 5 elf-women are walking along beside the horses, so Ciri, decides to gallop off, trying to get Avallac'h to chase her to the beach, so she can seduce him and have sex with him... all seems to be going according to Ciri's plan, because Avallac'h is old and senial, and keeps forgetting that Ciri is Ciri and not his dead wife Lara. ... sooo, NOW he IS being sexual with Ciri.

Because Ciri is seducing Avallac'h, Avallac'h's attention is no longer on holding up the massive barrier spells, one around the Lake of Avalon keeping him and Ciri safe from monster attacks and another around the city of Tir na Lia, keeping him and Ciri safe from King Auberon, Eredin, and the Red Riders... 

Both barriers come down, because Avallac'h is focused on his lust for Lara, and immediately the Unicorns attack, nearly killing Avallac'h. 

And we see Ciri scared to shit, terrified out of her fucking mind, when she realises, she almost got Avallac'h killed and without him, there ain't no one on this alien elf planet who gives a shit about her. 

#Remember how Ciri in the game is oh, soooooo powerful. All full of magic. Has that sonic scream. Is a big brave fighter... 

#Well, in the novels, there isn't one single, solitary iota of magic in Ciri at all. She's a weakiing with no powers and is too big of a coward to fight anyone.

When the Unicorns attack, Avallac'h grabs Ciri and runs for the horses, but realizes too late, he and Ciri are very far away from both the horses and the 5 elf women. 

Terrified, Ciri clings to Avallac'h, hiding behind him, convinced that he and her are both about to die, because Avallac'h carries no weapons, is very old, very sickly, and very weak. 

And while she has heard rumors that he is both the most powerful and most feared sorcerer in the entire universe, Ciri has yet to see Avallac'h cast a spell or use any magic at all.

However, he is the one and ONLY Elder Blood Elf. He is the last PURE BLOODED Elf. He is The Elder God From Whom all Elder Blood Flows. And this makes him the most powerful being of all the universe, capable of drawing on the energy of the earth, the water, the planets, the air, and pulling it all inside of himself, then lashing it back on his attackers, in a massive brain exploding, eye bursting, eardrum shattering sonic scream that kills everything around him in a 5 mile radius.

Ciri, still clinging to Avallac'h tells the reader she's never seen anything like it. The heads of all the Unicorn, exploded as Avallac'h's voice steadingly reached a higher and higher pitch. But she also tells us, is weakened him. His physical body, was not strong enough to withstanding pulling so much energy inside of himself. Ciri tells us, he's now very weak, struggling to breath, and she fears he will collapse at any minute, and she and him will both be murdered by the 2nd round of Unicorns, now bearing down on them.

Meanwhile, Ciri also tells us, the 5 elf women, have formed a circle around her and Avallac'h and have drawn their bows, ready to kill the attackers. But there are only 5 of them, and hundreds of attackers riding down the hill towards them. 

Ciri has never seen Elder Blood in action before. Avallac'h is the first full blooded Elder Blood Ciri has ever met, so she is stunned, when she sees that he is too weak, to pull the energy of the Lake into himself, so instead, he draws the energy out of the lake and puts it in the the 5 elf women, and once again, starts to sing what Ciri calls: "The Song of Avallac'h", which she describes as starting out sound like bird chirps, increasing to a whale song, then becoming very high pitched, and exploding the brains of everyone outside of the barrier that he has put up around himself, Ciri, Rudy, Kelpie, and the 5 elf women.... but this time, unlike the first sonic scream, which came from Avallac'h... this time, it came from the 5 elf women, who Ciri described as paralyzed, puppets, fully taken over, no longer in control of their bodies, as Avallac'h wielded his deadly sonic scream through them.

Now on his knees, no longer able to stand, in a field of thousands of dead Unicorns, a 3rd round of Unicorns bears down on them. Ciri is still clinging to Avallac'h, holding on to him for dear life, and tells us, he's not doing good, he can barely breathe, and fever wracks his body. He tried to unleash his sonic scream a 3rd time and passes out. While Ciri tries to wake him, the 5 elf women, start to shot their arrows at the Unicorns, knowing full well their are just way too many.

A black skinned, black eyed, black haired samiria knight wearing red lacquer scale armor and riding a red dragon, swoops in, scoops up Avallac'h and Ciri, and rides for the forest, while ordering 12 other red clad knights on red dragons, to kill the Unicorns. 

The 5 elf women run after the knight. And Ciri, tells the read that this is blackest black person, she has ever seen, and therefore, because black skin is caused by being evil, he must also be the most evil person to ever exist. *(if you are black, by the end of Ciri's interactions with Eredin, which last for only 8 pages, you will hate Ciri so damned bad. She is most vile, white power, white supremacy, black hating, racist pig I've ever encountered in literature.)* 

When racist bigot bitch Ciri, asks the vile, evil, repulsive black bastard who dared touch her lily white skin, what his name is, he tells her, he is Eredin, Captain of the Palace Guards, and he had heard Avallac'h's scream, and came to help his "dear brother". 

Eredin refers to Avallac'h as his brother, and the way they interact, it appears they are brothers, in a sense that they grew up together, and it appears most likely that Avallac'h was adopted, because he's also the ONLY Elf with white skin and while Eredin calls him "brother", Avallac'h also, states that he is last of his kind and has no siblings.

The novels tells us, Avallac'h has no siblings and is the last of his kind. So why does the game tell us that Isillira is his sister?

Back to Isillia in the novels.

After the Unicorn attack, we don't see Isilira again for quite some time. However, we do see several scenes of Ciri, jealous, raging, black hating, bigoted inferno, telling the reader that she is sitting on a balcony, or by a window, in her bedroom, or in King Auberon's bedroom, or the dining room in the Palace of Tir na Lia... that she sits in these places, to watch for Avallac'h on the riverbank, where she can see him, hugging, kissing, humping, and signing to his 5 black elf women. 

Ciri is waiting for Avallac'h to have sex with them, because she wants to watch, but Avallac'h is asexual so he's not having sex with anybody, especially not Ciri, which infuriates Ciri.

Avallac'h in the novels is portrayed as being extremely lustful, and capable of giving women orgasms by singing to them and using his psychic powers to sexually satisfy them without ever having to have sex with them. Resulting in these women are rabidly addicted to him like he was a drug and cling to him in a wild, desperate, sexual desire, that defies logic, and they will do anything for him.

And Avallac'h is a bit of a deviated bastard, when it comes to using women to get what he wants. 

Avallac'h keeps female bodyguards because females are vicious fighters and fierce protectors of things they love. He seduces them, and sleeps with them, but refuses to have sex with them.

Avallac'h never intends to have sex with any of his women, but he is always hugging, kissing, and rubbing his crotch all over them, which has got the 5 elf women, addicted to him and madly in love with him, resulting in, he has the best damned bodyguards ever because they love him and they will kill for him. And this infuriates Ciri.

The last time we see Isilira, we see that Avallac'h has started trying to keep his 5 elf women and Ciri separated from each other. 

Ciri's jealous nature and her sexzilla attraction to Avallac'h, has made Avallac'h's 5 women become very upset, argumentative, and angry. All of which Crevan says he dislikes. 

Avallac'h is very docile, very peaceful, and very, very, very lazy. 

In one scene Ciri described Avallac'h, saying that he reminded her of a stuffed peacock, sitting around looking pretty all day while his  flock of drab coloured females took orders from him.

Avallac'h deeply dislikes fighting, arguing, contention, and lifting a finger to do anything if he can get one of his women to do it for him.

But with his women upset and arguing with Ciri constantly, Avallac'h is now having trouble getting his women to obey his every whim, meaning Ciri's slutty ways are starting to become a rather big problem for Avallac'h.

And Ciri's sex crazed actions and constantly trying to get between Avallac'h and his women, has upset him quite a lot because it is upsetting his peaceful balance of symbiotic mind meld harmony he had with his 5 elf women. In one scene, he said as much and asked Ciri to stop because it was causing problems for him with his women.

Avallac'h and his women are boarding a river boat. As is usual, 4 of the she-elves are wearing nothing but gold glitter body paint, while gathered around Avallac'h, and Isillia, Avallac'h's favorite, is dressed in pistachio green and hanging on his arm, kissing him. 

Ciri runs up, interrupts this, screaming at the top of her lungs **"AUBERON IS REFUSING TO GIVE ME AN ORGASM!"** and Avallac'h quickly pushes Isillira away, asks the 5 women to go back to his room and wait for him. 

The 4 in gold, do as they are told, while Isilira, the one in green pistachio, starts to speak Elvish words that Ciri has never heard before. 

The indication is that Isillia is swearing worse than a drunken pirate. 

Avallac'h is clearly embarrassed, now by Isillira as well as Ciri, and obviously wishing to avoid a fight between the 2 sex crazed females who are now both fighting over him and are ready to rip each other's throats out.

Avallac'h takes Ciri's arm and asks her to get on the boat, which she does, expecting Avallac'h to get on the boat with her, but when she looks to see where he went, he's now very sexually making out with Isilira on the dock. Then tells her, to back to his room, which she does, while continuing to spout Elvish obscenities at Ciri.

We do not Isilira again after this. Which is understandable as we are at this point in the story just 2 pages from page 179, and the last we will see Avallac'h in the novels as well.

Anyways, there you have it... the WHY, behind why I changed Isilira in the game, to be a bow carrying warrior wearing pistachio green.

For some reason, writing this, has resulted in, right now, I'm sitting here eating pistachios. Oh well.

FAQs: Why have you got Ciri acting like a slutty prostitute?

Because in the novels Ciri WAS a slutty prostitute.

Please keep in mind that the Witcher novels were written by a 60 year old man whose only reason for writing the books was to put a 12 year old's vagina on display as often as possible.

The Witcher novels, uncensored, have been banned from publication in America right since the beginning. The English editions sold in America are censored, many scenes with Ciri are either abridged or outright deleted.

It took 30 years for them to see an English translation because chid porn is illegal in most English speaking countries.

If you did not know that's what the Witcher novels were, well, you might want to do a little research into them before reading them.

If you were expecting to read Fantasy novels, you'll be VERY disapointed.

The Witcher novels tell the sexual journey of an 8 year old girl.


At the start of the novels Ciri is 8 years old and she is only just turned 14 when the novels end... and the series is about her sexual journey.

Is it any wonder the novels were banned in America and did not see an English translation until more then 30 years after they were published, and ONLY saw an English translation after the game became popular?

Ciri is 8 years old at the start of her slutty, cunt displaying journey, and only 14 years old by the end of it.

Remember too that Ciri NOT Geralt is the main character of the novels.

Between the age of 8 and 12 Ciri is in bed with 68 different men, in full graphically displayed nudity.

The actual intercourse sex scenes are rare, few, and fade to black; however the foreplay and child molestation scenes are graphically detailed and span 3 to 8 pages of graphic description of who is shoving what (often hot pokers) up 8 year old Ciri's dripping pussy... yeah... disturbing... I know.

Most of the sex scenes are is such gruellingly, graphic detail of a child's reaction to being raped that the novels almost read like a Horror story... and yet the author wrote these intending them to be Erotica, which says sadly tells us that the author himself is a peadophile.

^^^^THAT^^^ is why you see so many people who are fans of the game, go on to hate the books, the author, and eventually hate the game too and start boycotting the entire franchise.

Yes, the game is based off of rape fantasy child porn erotica and had to make HUGE  changes to several characters, most notably Ciri, Triss, and Avallac'h,  in order to legally publish the game in America.

In the novels, Ciri is a slut, a prostitute, and a whore on levels that would cause most real world prostitutes to blush.

If you are offended by a child prostitute being the main character of the novels, then DO NOT read the Witcher novels!

But yes, my goal is a lore-friendly Ciri and in the novels Ciri is the vilest, immoralist, sluttest, trashiest, shittest whore you are ever going to encounter in media, so that's how you see her acting.

Much like the musical My Fair Lady and the movie Pretty Woman, we saw the Ciri/Avallac'h segment of the novels being about a wealthy nobleman taking up a dare to turn a trashy street whore into a lady he could present to the King.

Seen above, is slutty tramp Ciri hugging Avallac'h, while his wife Islira fumes in the background.

Yep, I called Ciri a slutty tramp. 

Want a list of other things that describe lore-friendly Ciri as she was seen in the novels...

Drunk... by the age of 12 she was drinking more than Geralt and Regis combined.

Drug addict... loves her fisstech and stuffs it in every hole as often as possible.

Whore... has trouble keeping her panties on whenever she sees a man. 

Murderer... can we even begin to count the bodies?

A serial rapist who was seen to have brutally raped, then castrated, an asexual man because she was angry that he had no interest in having sex with her.

Baby Killing Abortion Bitch who states babies are nothing but parasites who destroy their mother's lives and should all be killed before they get a chance to be born. Her love for abortion stems from her addiction to raping men to prove she's a lesbian, and the following need to murder the result/hide the evidence.

Black-hating white-power racist who says you can tell how good or evil a person is by the color of their skin and stated that people with the blackest skin was most evil of all.

Home Wrecker... takes great pleasure in seducing married men, getting them to leave their wives, then brutally beating them to death in a self proclaimed way to prove lesbianism is the best.

The worst representation of lesbianism ever seen in any media... clearly written by a straight man who had no clue the difference between a psycho-feminist-super-extremist-man-hater-rape-addicted-terrorist and an actual loving romantic relationship between two women.

Only calls herself a lesbian because at the age of 12 years old the 40 year old Mistle got her drunk and raped her, and 12 year old Ciri thought being raped by a drunk 40 year old female was way better than the 68 times she was previously raped by men.

Often hailed by straight fans with no clue, as the best lesbian couple in literature, Ciri's "romance" with Mistel consisted of 12 year old Ciri being drugged and made drunk by 40 year old femalle peadophile Mistel, who proceeded to rape 12 year old Ciri while she was drunk then tattooed a rose on her leg, in a territorial psycho-serial-rapist justure to brand Ciri as yet another of her victims.

Ciri's relationship with Mistle delves into huge stereotype of branding lesbiams as psychotic, predatory peadophiles and is by far the WORST representation of lesbianism ever seen in literature.

Is so addicted to being raped by every man she sees that she goes out of her way to try to be raped and she then brutalises, castrates, rapes, and murders moral decent men because of their refusal to rape her on her command.

Comes to a "anime ending" where she never develops as a character, never repents, never turns her life around, never becomes a better person, never develops into a person you can look up to or be proud of, and continues to be an immoral, drunk gutter scum, drug addicted, whoring, serial raping, mass murdering, man hating, baby killing, vile and disgusting piece of shit, right up to the very last sentence of the very last novel when we see her deviated mind begin plotting the demise of pure hearted virgin knight Sir Galahad by throwing off her clothes, revealing herself to be the Lady of the Lake and seducing him to his watery doom at the bottom of the Lake of Avallon.

I could go on but... you get the idea.

Still think Ciri is the greatest piece of shit you ever met?

If you love Ciri and want to continue to love her... DON'T read the Witcher novels and find out what a deviant little villainous piece of shit she really is. Avoid the novels and continue living in your delusions that she's your sweet innocent little waifu.

And don't translate this into my hating Ciri.

Just because YOU are a prostitute hating douchebag, doesn't mean I hate prostitutes.

Give me a good girl character and a bad ass prostitute character and I am far more likely to side with the prostitute.

Heck, show me a real life goody-toe-shoe girl and I'll show you how big of a hypocrite she it and why you should never turn your back on her. At least a prostitute is honest with you about who she is and what she does.

I am so fed up with and sick and tired with holier then thou jackasses, glorifying Ciri as some sweet angel, then finding out what a trashy slut she really is, then showing up in my chat to give me hell over it.

Just because you are a stuck up, arrogant jackass who is horrified to learn what Ciri's sex life is like, doesn't mean you have to turn into a rabid wolf and hunt down anyone who isn't willing to hate her alongside your prostitute hating ass.

Ciri's being a prostitute doesn't bother me at all... why would it? You DO know who I am and what I do for a living right? I've worked in the adult entertainment industry for more than 40 years.  If you got issues with Ciri's sex life, I can guarantee you'll have issues with mine too.

Only issues I got with Ciri is she's a drunk, she's a rapist, and she kills unborn babies out of spite just to keep someone who wants the baby, from having the baby. Ain't got no issues with her sex life at all.

FAQs: How can you stand that filthy bastard! He was pimping her out to other Elves. Avallac'h turned Ciri into a fucking prostitute!!! Ciri should've stayed with Mistel.



Get it right.

Ciri was slutting her ass around for many years before she met Avallac'h.

Avallac'h simply supported Ciri in her life choices and set about finding her more or less descent men to slut her ass to, so she'd stop getting the crap beat out of her by the men she was whoring around with. Avallac'h was deeply concerned about Ciri's safety. He made sure she was safe in her chosen career as a hooker.

Avallac'h also had massive phobias about Ciri's health. He didn't let just any man have her. The men were heavily screened and tested before Avallac'h would approve them as sex partners for Ciri. He didn't want her getting sexually transmitted disease, which was a high likelihood had she continued on the way she was going before meeting him.

So, you've read the novels and you know what Avallac'h did... did you also forget everything Ciri did in the previous 6 novels before she meet Avallac'h?

Did you forget that before Ciri met Avallac'h she was running with a gang called "The Rats" who were the equivalent of the Bloods and the Crypts, and that they are the ones who got Ciri hooked on being a hooker, as well as being the ones who got her into drugs, turned her into a piece of shit gutter scum drunk, and was whoring her around to anyone and everyone in exchange for drugs, while never once giving a fuck who then men they whored her out to were?

Did you know that in her early days as a hooker, back when she was only 8 years old, that she was constantly getting beaten up and injured, but the Rats didn't give a fuck as long as they got their drugs?

Did you know that the Rats' leader Mistle, the women most readers refer to as "that great representation of gay romance" was about 40 years old when she got 10 year old Ciri drunk, raped Ciri, then put a tattoo of a rose on Ciri's inner thigh while Ciri was unconscious from a drug overdose, as a way to brand Ciri as one of her conquests?

Did you know that Ciri was the victim of attempted rape, 68 times, between the age of 8 and 12, because she was whoring herself around in scummy areas, a prostitute without a pimp to look out for her?

Did you know that rather than being a self-righteous, judgmental dick like YOU, Avallac'h supported Ciri in her desire to be a prostitute, and set about to finding her safer situations, safer places, and safer men to whore herself out to?


#Why are YOU so hung up on Avallac'h's attempt to protect Ciri from getting hurt, but YOU think date rapist Mistell and her gang of abusive, low life, gutter scum, thugs are greatest pieces of shit to ever happen to Ciri?

Avallac'h never hurt Ciri. He looked out for her and protected her. He tried to keep her safe. He was in love with her and was willing to give his life to save her. Avallac'h TRIED to make Ciri be a lady and stop being a hooker, but Ciri WANTED to be a hooker and since she was gonna do it anyways, Avallac'h tried to make sure she was safe while she did it.

Mistle used, abused, and raped Ciri. Mistle is the one who turned Ciri into a hooker (when Ciri was only 8 years old). Mistle gave 8 year old Ciri drugs and beer and vodka, and drugs mixed with beer and vodka. Mistle put tattoos on Ciri while Ciri was passed out from an overdose. Mistle tossed Ciri on anyone just to get a laugh at watching thugs rape a child.

I'm sorry, but, you telling me Mistel was a good loving lesbian relationship for Ciri, while calling Avallac'h a date rapist, just has me wondering what the fuck is wrong with you?

Avallac'h never once raped Ciri, he never even tried to. He also never sexually abused her.

Mistel DID rape Ciri and not only did Mistel sexually abuse Ciri often, but she let other people rape and abuse Ciri in exchange for drugs.

...but let's get back to your question...

#How can you stand that filthy bastard! He was pimping her out to other Elves. Avallac'h turned Ciri into a fucking prostitute!!! Ciri should've stayed with Mistel.

You say that like it's a bad thing. What do you got against prostitutes?

Clearly I don't hate pimps or prostitutes, considering Ciri and Avallac'h are my favorite couple from anything.

So you think Avallac'h is evil because he took a scummy whoring, homeless prostitute off the streets, gave her a place to live, taught her how to be a lady, and got her a respectable position as a cortasen to the king, so she no longer had to fuck random strangers anymore? He also got her off the dangerous street drugs she was taking, by switching her addiction to purer, safer drugs, not exactly a recommended way to get people off drugs, but he did try to change her from being a psycho violent crack head to a more subdued laid back less violent dope head.

What is it you hate more? That Ciri was a prostitute or that Avallac'h was a pimp who took her off the streets and gave her a better life?

Also I'm wondering what sort of mindset you are coming from here? Perhaps you are too Christian for the Witcher series, maybe? Clearly you are of the mindset prostitute = evil.

You do realize you can't express you vehement hatred for prostitutes without also saying you hate Ciri, right? Ciri is a prostitute after all, and she was one long before Avallac'h entered her life, so he had nothing to do with her being a slutty tramp.

But again I must ask... why are you so full of hatred for prostitutes?

Can I ask what you have against pimps?

Can I ask what you have against prostitutes?

Have you ever met a pimp in real life?

Have you ever met a prostitute in real life?

Have you ever talked to a real world pimp about his/her life choices?

Have you ever talked to a real world prostitute about his/her life choices?

Did you know that contrary to popular stereotypes, most pimps do deeply care about their prostitutes and are looking out for their health, safety, and welfare?

Did you know that prostitution can be a very dangerous job and that girls with pimps are less likely to get hurt, used, abused, taken advantage of, or run in with the "wrong crowd"?

Would you know a real world prostitute if you met one?

If you did met a real world prostitute, how would you treat her?

Would you be as judgmental of her and her pimp as you are of Ciri and her pimp?

Has it ever occurred to you that by hating Avallac'h for being Ciri's pimp, you are also saying that you hate Ciri and don't feel any need for Ciri to have someone there to look out for her health, safety, and well being?

Has it ever occurred to you that people are generally fans of fictional characters, whose life choices are very similar to their own real world life?

Did you ever stop to think that everything YOU are a fan of, is somehow something you feel a connection to and are able to identify with because that fictional character's life is so similar to your own real world life?

Has it ever occurred to you that by being such a super big fan of Ciri you are a fan of a prostitute and feel a connection to a prostitute and for some reason you identify with this prostitute?

Did it ever occur to you that seeng how Avallac'h and Ciri are my favorite couple FROM ANYTHING, any media at all, not just from the Witcher franchise, that might mean I feel a strong bond not only to them, but also to their lifestyle?

Did you ever wonder how an unemployed woman without a job can afford a $5,000 super powered gaming computer that can run 3,000 mods on Witcher 3, get a $12,000 paint job on her car, wears real fur coats, has 2,000+ cosplays many of which cost multiple thousand each to make, collects antique cars, has a motorhome, lives on a beach, is able to stream video games on Twitch near 24 hours a day without any need for subs-bits-views-or-followers, and could continue to list things, but thinks it's a waste of time talking to you?

You know what, I can't help but feel sorry for you and your bitter hatred of people you don't understand. And I wonder, why it was you felt the need to have a total meltdown in my chat, simply because you loved Ciri in the game and then read the novels and found out she was not what you thought she was.

You know what? Prostitutes are a fact of life and they aren't going anywhere. If more real world prostitutes like Ciri, had more real world pimps like Avallac'h, the streets would be much safer for girls.

You don't like the novels, fine.

The novels shattered your ability to like the game. Okay.

So why don't you get let go, drop it, and move on?

Why must you daily have hissy fits and temper tantrums in my chat?

I like the game. So what?

I love the novels. Big fat fucking deal.

What business is it of your to try to trash on me because I like something you hate?

Why don't you stop being an obnoxious piece of shit long enough to go think about your life choices, get the hell out of my channel, and leave me alone?

I'm not bothering you, why are you bothering me?

#And there are actually still people who wonder why I have turned off Twitch chat.

While you can continue to ask me questions, and I will continue to answer them. bitchy psycho meltdowns are no longer tolerated online or offline.

No, questions from Twitch chat  had nothing to do with why chat was turned off. Chat was turned off because the streamer who did the drunk stream raids with the raid message "deserved to be raped" showed up at my house and did $30,000 in damages to my car, put my 82 year old dad in the hospital with a ruptured kidney, and killed my cats then nailed my cats' heads to the door.



[This VOD tells you why](

FAQs: How are the Witcher novels your favorite books if Ciri is the main character and you hate her so much?

I don't hate Ciri... I'm sick, tired, and fed up with the boo-hoo, crybaby, bitchy, demeaning, demanding, death threatening jackasses who where in my chat on a daily basis for almost 9 months (from August 2018 to February 2019) doing nothing but saying Avallac'h deserved to be raped and poor Ciri, see my waifu look what he did to her.

Avallac'h didn't do nothing to Ciri.

It was Ciri NOT Avallac'h is the sex crazed pervert.

We are now told that Avallac'h is very powerful psion - a creature with psychic brain powers capable of controlling the will over every person in entire continents.

He can see and hear every thought for miles and miles around.

He sees all, hears all, knows all. Thus why people address him as The Knowing One.

No one can hide anything from him.

No one can plot against him, because he already knows what they are thinking.

The only way to defeat him is to get him so distracted that he's no longer focusing on everything around him any more...

...and what has Ciri been doing ever since his brain called her brain stupid? Distracting him.... more and more and more...

He can move objects with his mind.

He can build planets with his thoughts.

And he built this planet for Ciri... EVERYTHING that has happened since Ciri arrived, happened ONLY BECAUSE Avallac'h saw these things in Ciri's secret innermost fantasies, so he brought to life EVERYTHING she wanted.

Ciri has long loved Elves, but they are so rare, nearly extinct. She's barely ever seen one, She fantasizes and lusts after Elves... thus why the Ancient Elder God, The Knowing One, took on the form of the very Ef Ciri had made up in her mind to fantasize about. Why he created an Elven Kingdom and made all the Elves in it lusting after Ciri.

THIS is what Ciri WANTED.

The world of the Aen Elle Elves, doesn't exist, the Aen Elle went extinct long ago.

This world is all an illusion created by The Knowing One, in an massive attempt to make her love him, the way Lara never did, by giving her absolutely everything she ever wanted.

But there was one flaw in all of this... The Knowing One has no sex drive, seems in fact to very likely to probably also be a virgin, and can't even begin to comprehend what it is Ciri ACTUALLY wants... which is to have sex with an Elf.

And so while everything in this world is overly endlessly sexual, no one is ever actually having sex with her and it's driving her out of her mind.

Avallac'h was just trying to be what Ciri wanted him to be and he simply can not do what she wants and is tired of trying anymore... maintaining this massive illusion is exhausting him and he can't keep it up much longer.

And Ciri has figured this out, though she hasn't yet realized Avallac'h is not an Elf, and she also has not yet been able to break through the illusion to see what the real planet underneath really looks like, so she has not yet grasped, just how HUGE of a mega sized spell The Knowing One is casting and now struggling to maintain.

Ciri has only one thought on her mind: She is going to have sex with Avallac'h one way or another.

And if he won't have sex with her willingly, then she has to get him so distracted that he can't read her thoughts any more, so she can sneak up on him and rape him.

Thus we see Ciri go hyper sex crazy and do nothing but talk about sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex...

Ciri is so immoral on so many levels of vilness.

I just want to kill her and one else who talks about sex. Lewd perverts are so vile and disgusting.

Ciri is so immoral.

Absolute unrighteous debauchery on a stick.

Good god!

Look how utterly vile and evil Ciri is!

Nothing tells us how evil she is, like when she's running around demanding sex from Avallac'h... a sainted holy grail knight! A moral, decent, righteous, virgin!

sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex...

Here just go have sex with the King and leave me alone. I'm used to no woman ever loving me and only wanting me for sex. WHY WILL NO ONE LOVE ME! I'll just make this poisoned fisstech while I have a psychotic breakdown over being asexual and tell Ereiden to give these drugs to you to kill the King after he gets done fucking yet another woman I can't have.

#There were only 3 people on that planet: Ciri, Avallac'h, and the Starry Eye Unicorn - no one else was real. Auberon, Eredin, The Red Riders, the Wild Hunt, and all the rest WERE ILLUSIONS CREATED BY AVALLAC'H to fill Ciri's fantasy world with people. 


Every detail of that world was something Ciri made up in her imagination and Avallac'h brought to life for her.

And I am so sick of jackasses in my chat harping on it and having meltdowns because they don't like that I'm playing the game as Avallac'h!

I don't hate Ciri.

I know it can seem that way, but, you wouldn't see me letting Avallac'h drag her around with him everywhere, if I hated her.

I do however hate the cry baby shit had jackasses that keep showing up in my chhat and whining...

#"But poor Ciri, she my waifu!"

#"Ciri's so sweet, so kind, so innocent, so good..."

and then lashing out at me over Avallac'h, screaming and yelling and having absolute total bitch feast meltdowns in my chat calling him a rapist, an abuser, and a long list of other things THAT HE IS NOT.

I'm not in your chat having bitch feast over Ciri or belittling you for your fandoms so why the fuck are you bullying me over mine?

You like Ciri, fine. Why are you going psycho crazed nutjob meltdown in my chat over her?

You hate Avallac'h, good for you. Why don't you go find fellow Avallac'h haters to talk to about how much you hate him, instead of being psycho troll jackass cyber bullies in the chat of someone who does like him?

What the hell is wrong with you people.

And then you jackasses have the nerve to show up at my house and trash my car?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

It's no wonder you hate Avallac'h so much, he's a stalker just like you and you don't like how much he reminds you of yourself!

Will you please just go drop dead and get the hell out of my life?

I actually like Ciri quite a lot.

I hate that she did some incredibly shitty things and we never saw her feel any guilt, remorse, or desire to repent.

You got to remember, I LOVE villains.

I'm all about villains.

Disney villains. Star Wars villains. DC villains. Marvel villains. Anime villains. Dark Horse villains. Harry Potter villains.

Gi'me villains. All villains. I love villains.

One of the things I love about the Witcher novels is EVERYONE is a villain... Geralt, Yen, Triss, Regis, Dandelion, Vesimire... not a shred of goodness, morals, or decency in any one of them.  Jackasses, miscreants, evildoers, and debauched villains to the core... every one of them.

The Witcher novels contains no good people. Not one. It's nothing but a massive story of hundreds of villains all trying to out villain each other. It's amazing on awesome levels of so much villainy. I love it.

Normally I'd love Ciri. She's the most vile, evil villain of any villain in the Witcher franchise.

The problem is she is too unbelievable as a villain.

No one is EVER purly 100% evil. All villains always started out good and ubderwent some trauma that set them on the path to villany. They are frail beings who need love and understanding and they always have morals somewhere... 

#In every well written villain you can find a line they will not cross, something that makes you realize, yeah, they are not 100% MAWHAHAHAHA kill everything for the fun of it evil.

#Ciri lacks this.

There is no line too great for Ciri.

No level of immorality that Ciri will not cross.

There is never a point when Ciri shows guilt or remorse or ever stops to think "Maybe I shouldn't be doing this"

Ciri comes off as unbelievable, unsympathetic, and unrelatable because she is 100% pure evil, hell spawn of satan, with no line she won't cross, nothing that is so evil she won't do it. Ciri is simply evil for the sake of being evil, because being evil is fun.

I love villains, but good villains (well written villains) have flaws that remind you they are human (or human-like), they have things they love, hobbies that are not evil, they have families and friends and pets, they have people they love and care about, people they will never hurt, people they will die to protect, they have a more or less normal life doing normal things and are not 100% evil 24 hours a day (even Hitler loved dogs, children, and painting landscapes).

Well written villains do not see themselves as evil. They are NOT out there trying to be evil for evil's sake. They are not evil because evil is fun. They have actual goals and motives, something drives them.

Even Avallac'h, one of the most evil villains of the Witcher universe, is driven by things that make him a well written character. He's the last of his kind, driven by loneliness to take drastic measures in search of a female of his kind. Takes to spending 700 years building a mate (Lara Dorren) in his lab only to watch her be brutally murdered 21 years later.

In spite of the evil acts we see Avallac'h commit, we see him refuse to tell a lie, never break a promise, shun drinking alcohol, writing poetry, painting, hoarding up hundreds of pets whom he loves deeply, take in homeless women and children lavishing them with clothes and food treating them like beloved children, standing up as the only elf who is a human rights activist, shunning use of weapons, using magic for good, only casting violent spells when he needs to defend his family. We see him laugh, cry, love, hate, afraid, ... he's a normal person who does normal things, lives a normal life, and happens to also do bad things as well. 

Avallac'h is not evil. He does evil acts when he's backed into a corner and scared for the life of someone he loves. He commits crimes with an goal of a good result. He's someone who believes the end justifies the means. Avallac'h shows guilt and remorse when he does bad things. He hates that he has to hurt someone to help someone else. We see him actively go out of his way to try to find peaceful alternatives so no one gets hurt. Avallac'h is not a bad person, in spite of the bad things he does.

The same can not be said of Ciri.

Ciri is evil for the sake of being evil.

Ciri does bad things because Ciri likes doing bad things.

Ciri hurts people because hurting people is fun.

Only once do we ever see Ciri show any hint of guilt or remorse and even then it's nothing but crocodile's tears used to save her life... in the rape scene, after raping and castrating Avallac'h, utterly destroying any hope he had for having a family, killing his need to seek out a mate... we see Avallac'h unleash an enranged fury unlike anything Ciri's ever encountered, as he beats the hell out of his attacker, shattering her face, knocking out her teeth, crushing her bones, and strangling her about to snap her neck... Ciri, while Avallac'h's hands are locked around her throat... FAKES guilt for what she did to him and begins pleading for her life, begging him to forgive her.... Avallac'h, soft hearted idiot that he is, is moved by her FAKE crocodile tears and let's her live, them himself runs away in tears, devastated not only by what she's done to him, but also horrified by the realization he almost killed her, something he didn't want to do.

While Avallac'h, already suicidal and suffering crippling depression, is utterly destroyed by this event, and flees society becoming The Fisher King... we see Ciri, brush herself off and smuggly go back to her life as an evil, manipulative, psychopath hell bent on destroying the lives of everyone around her without any true feelings of guilt or remorse for anything she's done.

While I hate many of the things she did... more than that, I hate that she showed no remorse or guilt for the things she did.

I like what Ciri could have been. She had potential to do great things, to become someone you could look up to.... if only she had turned her life around and stopped being a vile, remorseless piece of shit.

My biggest disappointment with Ciri is that she never changes her life around and becomes a better person. 

Ciri starts out an innocent 4 year old little girl who is subjected to one hellish torment after another.

By the time Ciri is 10 years old she is a vicious, violent, bloodthirsty, drug addicted, drunk whore, slutting her ass around, murdering everyone in sight, and all in all become a total spawn of satan demon child.

At first you can pity her and cry for her and want to hug her and tell her not everyone is evil... 

...but you watch her grow up to become a thousand times more vile, more disgusting, and more evil then the adults who massively abused her in her childhood.

You spen 8 novels, over 4,000 pages, following her life, watching her become a progressively more vile and shitty person every step of the way, until you see her reach monumental levels of pure emotionless cruelty for the fun of it.

You watch her go from an innocent child to a super villain more vile and disgusting then every villain of Marvel and DC combined.

It becomes harder and harder to care for her the more her story progresses.

She becomes more rotten, revolting, and disgusting every step of the way.

But you keep reading because YOU KNOW the main character of every series ALWAYA reaches a turning point. They always see the error of their ways and turn their life around and become a good, king, loving person you can root for in the end.

And yet, Ciri never does. She reaches the last sentence or the last page of the last novel... and we see her grinning her smug evil grin as she plots the demise of a man she knows to be a pure hearted virgin knight whom has never committed sin.

She remains evil right to the bitter end.

And this disapointed me to no end, leaving me feeling that the novels suffered a cheap anime ending and we as readers were cheated out of ever seeing Ciri become the hero she was meant to be.

She never progresses as a character. She never stops being bad and starts being good. She comes to an anime end of "What the fuck?".

Normally you follow a main character through a segment of their life. You watch them do shit, take shit, do some more shit, eventually they start to feel guilty and come to the realization they need to repeat and start trying to be a good person, turn their lives around, and climb out of their own shit to become a person you can root for and look up to.

Ciri never does that. Ciri never reaches a point of thinking maybe she should stop drinking, stop doing drugs, stop sluting her ass around, stop murdering unborn babies, stop raping men, stop being a racist pig, stop acting like a jerk, stop being a dick, and try being a good person for a change.

Ciri reaches the final page of the series and we see the last sentence end with Ciri plotting the demise of Sir Galahad.

I wanted to like Ciri, but she she never felt any guilt or remorse for any of the shitty things she did and she remained an unrepentant, worthless, gutter trash piece of shit right to the very last page.

That said....

The Witcher novels are an utterly amazing set of dozens of short stories featuring hundreds and hundreds of incredibly well written characters.

It is impossible to not be drawn into the stories and stay riveted the entire time.

I own 300,000+ books and have attempted to read 10,000+ of them.

I rarely make it past the 1st chapter of a book. What few occasions I can slog through chapter one, I've usually tossed the book by chapter 3.

If you've ever watched me play the game, you know how bad my attention span is and how easily I'm sidetracked.

I get bored very easily and I lack the patience to slog through 4 or 5 chapters of "introductory build up prologues" that are typical of most novels.

If you don't hook my attention and toss me into the action right from page 1, you will have a hard time getting me to keep reading til page 10.

It is very, very, very rare for me to make it to the end of a novel.

Even rarer still, is it that I will move on to read novel 2 of a series.

It is so difficult for me to fall in love with a novel enough to inspire me to read a series, that I can count every series I have ever read:

The Little House on the Prairie series

The Retief series

The Three Investigator series

The InuYasha series (manga - yes, all 588 volumes)

Uncle Scrooge Adventures (comic book - yes all 7,000+ volumes)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series

The Harry Potter series

The Witcher series

There you have it. The only books that have ever captured my attention to the point that I made it not only through volume one, but went one to read and re-read every volume in the series.

Each of these series have 2 things in common:

#1: Well written characters that I can love and/or hate... 

Characters I feel strong emotions for... not always character I like, as can be seen with Ciri. Yes, there are aspects of Ciri I deeply hate with a vengeance and there is not much about Ciri I can find to like... but that's the thing right there... Ciri triggers my ire so bad that I couldn't stop reading. 

It doesn't take too much to create a character I can like... but to create a character I can hate on such strong levels? THAT is truly difficult.

It is rare for me to feel strong emotions for a fictional character. 

Most fictional characters I feel nothing for at all. Indifferent. Bored. Just not interested.

But Ciri... Ciri triggers me so bad. I have never before encountered a character who had so much depth and insanely overpowering hold on my ability to hate her.

People often comment on my love for Avallac'h... but you must remember, he is a minor character who doesn't show up until right at the very end of the last 2 novels. I had to get through a hell of a lot of hating Ciri before I even discovered Avallac'h, so no, it wasn't Avallac'h that kept me reading because he shows up on the last page of volume 6.

But we did see Avallac'h step in as the first kind, loving, caring person to enter Ciri's life. The first person to ever try to help her... and she turned around and attacked him with an unprecedented viciousness... it was how cruely and horribly she treated him, returning absolute pure evil for his good, that endeared me to Avallac'h, because Avallac'h was in love with Ciri and there was no one she ever hurt worse than him.

Had my horror at Ciri's endless, merciless, cruelness not been so great, you likely would not have seen me side with Avallac'h so hard.

#2: A well written and well paced story that took me on adventures with those characters and had me wanting to know what happened next.

While Ciri is a vile, disgusting person I'd just like to shove off a cliff, her story is a mind boggling, none stop roller coaster of endless twists and turns that drag you through dimensions and jump you across planets, send you racing with herds of unicorns in barren deserts, and reeling for escape as evil men hunt her down...

I've read the Witcher novels 9 times now.

It is so difficult to find a book I can get to the end of, let alone one I want to re-read, and then imaging how much more difficult it is to find a set of 8 novels that I can not only get to the end of but go back and read again... and then read them 9 times?

Andrzej Sapkowski is a very talented and amazing writer, because he's done something no one else could ever do: he's given me a character I fell insanely in love with, a character I hate with a vengeance, and a world I can't get enough of.

So yes, I can hate Ciri and still have the Witcher novels as my favorite books.

Why do you got Ciri always hugging Avallac'h?

The hugging animation pisses off Twitch chat so bad. Some of the worst, most hate filled, raging, infuriated comments have appeared in my chat while this animation was happening.

It always amazes me how upset everyone gets when they see Avallac'h hugging Ciri.

It also amazes me how many people think this feature is a mod and are unaware that Ciri hugging Avallac'h is something from the base vanilla game, so this is NOT something I added to the game.

Of course, it also amazes me how every time Avallac'h hugs Ciri, he ends of about 30 feet away from where he started out and is left staggering around, too dizzy and stunned to walk. Also, like meditation, time moves forward one hour for each hug. 

Clearly much more than a hug is going on to result in an hour of time passing and Avallac'h stumbling around too dizzy to walk after each hug. And given their grinding and dry humping scenes from the novels, one can only imagine what happens in the hour that passes during these animations.

I did not write the code for this feature and have not edited it in any way. (Though I have changed to voice tag from Geralt's to Avallac'h's so Avallac'h speaks with his voice not Geralt's voice in these hug scenes now)

The code is in Ciri and triggers every time she gets too close to Avallac'h while he is looting dead bodies.

Interestingly, the code does not trigger when we play as Geralt, though we can force it to trigger if we go to Corvo Bianco. At Corvo Bianco Geralt can hug Ciri. For some reason Avallac'h can hug Ciri anywhere.

But why did I leave this code in them, after I found out it was there and why did I never remove it?

Because in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, we see Ciri and Avallac'h cuddling, hugging, embracing, and kissing more than a dozen times, not including their 2 sex scenes that chapter also contains.

Ciri refers to Avallac'h as "the only friend I have ever had", "my best friend", "my only true friend", and "the only person I can trust". She says these things because, like her, Avallac'h has Elder Blood, and like her, he too seeks a normal life free from people hunting him for the power of his mystical blood. Because Avallac'h has Elder Blood himself, and unlike Ciri knows how to control his powers, he has no incentive to seek out Ciri's powers, and instead seeks to protect her from people who want to abuse her powers.

Because he is an Elder Blood like her, Avallac'h is the ONLY person Ciri is ever able to fully trust, Ciri never even fully trusts Yen or Geralt. As a result of this we see Ciri forming a strong bond to Avallac'h, with her allowing him to get coser and more physical with her then any one else (except for Mistel, Ciri's other lover.)

While Ciri makes it known that her primary lover and the person her loves most is Mistel, we see too Ciri cling to Avallac'h desperately after Mistel dies, as her fear of losing both her lovers turns her excessively paranoid, and results in her hugging Avallac'h multiple times throughout the day, on a daily basis for the entire of the 8 years she lives on the Lake of Avalon, before moving in with King Auberon in Tir Ni Lia.

Upon moving from Avalon to Tir Ni Lia, we see too that Avallac'h goes with her to Aueron's palace, and though Ciri is now the King's concubine, we see her bond with Avallac'h not broken, as she nightly flees the King's red silk covered bed, to seek comfort in Avallac'h's mink fur covered bed, where we again see the constant references of Ciri and Avallac'h cuddling, hugging, kissing, and embracing.

Ciri and Avallac'h were all over each other in the novels, and their constant public displays of affection resulted in Avallac'h being bullied and teased by the other Elves who were shocked and horrified to see him (a pure blooded Elf) having an openly romantic relationship with her (a quarter elf, with mostly human blood).

We eventually see Avallac'h outcast from Elf society, branded a traitor because of his becoming a "human rights activist". His love for Ciri reaches the point of him losing everything: his palace, his lands, his titles, his family, his wives, his people, with him outcast from both Elf and Human society, becoming a wandering homeless vagabond, eventually becoming the Hermit otherwise known as The Fisher King.

FAQs: Why do you say Ciri is an evil, vicious violent killer?    ..............................................  Why do you call Ciri a mass murdering psychopath?   ..............................................  Why do you say Geralt didn't teach Ciri shit?

#1: Ciri only lived at Kaer Morhen for 3 months, one single solitary summer when she was just 8 years old.

The whole story you are told in the GAME about Ciri being trained at Kaer Morhen by "daddy Geralt" and "Uncle Vesemir" is 100% pure poppycock fanfiction created by the game devs as part of their FAN FICTION daddy/daughter relationship they also created.

In the novels there was no daddy/daughter relationship between Geralt and Ciri. Quite the opposite, Geralt hated Ciri's guts, called her a bitch, frequently tried to get rid of her, and when Ciri was being tortured to death, Geralt said good riddance to her and went to celebrate his good fortune of finally getting rid of her by spending a week drinking with Regis and fucking whores with Dandelion.

Meanwhile, evil, psycho bastard Vesmire was too busy mass murdering kidnapped children, to give a shit about Ciri, let alone train her.

No. Ciri's training DID NOT come from Kaer Morhen.

#2: Ciri was captured by a bounty hunter and put in a gladiator style fighting ring, where she was forced to fight monsters or die, in front of a live audience.

^^^THIS^^^ is where Ciri learned how to fight monsters NOT Kaer Morhen.

This scene also showed us that Ciri didn't have one ounce of magical abilities.  All those super powers she supposedly had in the game? Well, where were they when she ACTUALLY NEEDED them in order to stay alive?

No where. Because her super powers are FAN FICTION created by the game devs. Only this and nothing more.

The worst part of this is Ciri could have NOT killed anything or anyone in the ring.

Ciri COULD have turned on the ring owners and killed them, then set herself and the other prisoners free, but SHE CHOOSE NOT TOO because killing things for entertainment was TOO MUCH FUN.

#3: In the novels, Ciri was very CRUEL and COLD HEARTED. Ciri LOVED killing things. Ciri DELIGHTED in watching things suffer. Ciri ENJOYED hurting anyone and everyone FOR THE FUN of it. It made Ciri HAPPY to see things suffering as they died.

Because of her time as a gladiator, Ciri developed an insatiable bloodlust and loved to kill everything and every one that got near her.

Think of Ciri as the evil bully child who loves to shove your head down a toilet and rip wings off of butterflies and you'd be right... except 8 year Ciri is sadistic and delights in torturing people to death.

We see much later in the series, Avallac'h trying to tame her and teach her how to be a lady, while exclaiming in horror that she had been turned into a wild, barbaric savage by the men who had abused her. Rather then being able to tame her, Avallac'h finds himself constantly beaten, tortured, and brutalized by Ciri and her wild, snarling, animalistic behaviour.

Remember that when she lived with Avallac'h, Ciri was only 12 years old and Avallac'h in the novels was described as being 221 cm (7 feet 3 inches) tall and weighing 35 stone (490 lbs). While still the smallest elf (the other elves were over 11 feet/340cm tall), Avallac'h was HUGE and 12 year old Ciri took him down like he was an ant.

Interestingly... Avallac'h is Ciri's changing point. After raping, castrating, brutally beating, and nearly killing Avallac'h, we see Ciri show emotion and a shred of moral decency for the first time in her life, when she realizes how badly she's hurt her only friend and breaks down in tears begging Avallac'h to both forgive her and try to forget what she did to him.

#4: Ciri delights in and promotes rape and abortion in the most horrifying display of mocking real-world lesbians ever seen.

Ciri thinks rape is dandy and rapes men often, then castrates them and has abortions because Ciri is a lesbian and according to the Witcher universe lesbians are man-hating psycho terrorists who run around raping and castrating men as a way to prove lesbianism is the greatest.

I shudder every time I hear a straight person declare the Witcher novels as "gay literature" and call Ciri "the best representation of lesbianism ever".

The Witcher novels parade the kill your gays trope of levels of extreme, and make lesbians out to by psycho-terrorists whose only goal is to kill all men. It is by far one of the worst representations of lesbiamism I have ever encountered in literature.

The author's extreme hatred for lesbians is preached from every page and at least 800 anti-gay, soapbox preaching pages of the 4,000 page long series could easily be deleted without affecting to story in any way at all.

That he designed Ciri to be a man-hating psycho terrorist lesbian hell bent of raping, castrating, and murdering every man on the planet, while murdering the babies that resulted from her raping men, shows how truely dark, twisted, and evil the 12 year old psycho raping, baby murdering Ciri truly is.

#5: Ciri is a white power racist who wants all blacks to be killed.

One of Ciri's favorite mottos to quote throughout the series is "white is good, black is evil", and she constantly reminds herself that she can tell how good a person is by how white their skin is and how evil a person is by how black their skin is.

In one of her most horrifying monologues of all, she declares that she sides with Avallac'h against Eredin because:

"Avallac''h is white, Eredin is black. Avallac'h is as white as he is good, Eredin is as evil as he is black."

#6: Ciri in the novels is a drunk, a drug addict, and a murderer by the time she is 10 years old.

Ciri ranks as the vilest, evilest, scummiest, sluttiest, smuttiest, drunkest, most violent, most drug addicted, gutter trash piece of shit child ever seen in literature. She makes the children in Lord of the Flies look like sainted angels.

There is nothing good, kind, loving, moral, decent, or even remotely likable about her slutty, drunk, drug addicted, immoral, sadistic, murderous ass.

Like I've said before... NOTHING you see about Ciri in the game is canon to the novels. 

Game Ciri is a 33 year old kind hearted, super powered demi god with a thin supermodel body

Novel Ciri is a fat 12 year old bloodthirsty beast, so unsympathetic, animalistic, and violent that she can't even remotely be classified as human.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

If you love Ciri in the game and want to continue to love her, then DO NOT read the novels, because you'll be deeply heartbroken when you learn the true piece of shit Ciri really is.

I was able to overlook her gutter scum piece of trash habits of drugs and drinking, and I was able to push aside my horror at her blood lust for killing everything... but there were things that pushed Ciri too far over the edge of vileness and made her completely unlikable for me:

#1: She misrepresents lesbianism. 

Lesbianism is two women who love each other, not a psycho-terrorist raping and murdering men for the fun of it.

#2: Ciri's white power black bashing is downright awful.

As a non-white person myself, I have lived through Ku Klux Klan attacks on my family. Giant white crosses erected in my yard. My cats' heads cut off and nailed to my door. A bomb blowing up my house. My cousin having his head cut off and left at the crossroad of my street.  Ciri being a poster child of Ku Klux Klan sentiments, turned me off any ability to like her, as it hit way too close to home.

#3: Ciri is an abortion bitch.

The abortion rant she has on page 158 of Lady of the Lake, turned off nearly every last shred of ability I had to like Ciri.

I've had 7 miscarriages. My whole life I wanted children. Nearly 30 years of my life was spent in that goal. I'm elderly now and any hope of children is gone.

There is nothing that breaks my heart more then selfish ingrate bitches, capable of having children, then murdering them. There are so many childless women who would be right there to adopt that unwanted child, and yet, it's mother just murdered it rather then find it a loving family.

The worst part of all... Ciri had someone who offered to take the baby and raise it. Avallac'h. Avallac'h actually WANTED the baby. He asked Ciri to give it to him, he told her he'd take it away and raise it himself, she'd never have to see it again. The fact that Ciri had someone willing to take the baby, makes her an even more shitty of an abortion bitch.

Ciri is such a cruel, heartless piece of shit.

I got to the abortion scene and thought there was nothing she could do that would disgust me more...

...I was wrong.... because just 20 pages later I found out:

#4: Ciri is a rapist.

Rape should never be glorified. And yet, in September 2018 we saw a group of Ciri fans raid my channel with the raid message "deserved to be raped"... a massive raid of 369 raiders, chanting that they thought Ciri was a hero because she raped men.

Yes, this is why and when I turned off chat and raids.

I am someone who has post traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia, as a result of being raped. Chanting your love for rape in my chat was the worst thing you could have done.

I truely, deeply, and sincerely wish that all 369 of those raiders are brutally and violently raped... so that they might learn what REAL rape is and NEVER again promote rape.

It was the rape scene on page 179 of the novel Lady of the Lake, that turned me off from Ciri completely and made me unable to feel any love, pity, sympathy, empathy, or compassion towards her character ever again.

My biggest disappointment with Ciri is that she never changes her life around and becomes a better person. She never progresses as a character. She never stops being bad and starts being good. She comes to an anime end of "What the fuck?".

Normally you follow a main character through a segment of their life. You watch them do shit, take shit, do some more shit, eventually they start to feel guilty and come to the realization they need to repent and start trying to be a good person, turn their lives around, and climb out of their own shit to become a person you can root for and look up to.

Ciri never does that. Ciri never reaches a point of thinking maybe she should stop drinking, stop doing drugs, stop sluting her ass around, stop murdering unborn babies, stop raping men, stop being a racist pig, stop acting like a jerk, stop being a dick, and try being a good person for a change.

Ciri reaches the final page of the series and we see the last sentence end with Ciri plotting the demise of Sir Galahad.

I wanted to like Ciri, but she she never felt any guilt or remorse for any of the shitty things she did and she remained an unrepentant, worthless, gutter trash piece of shit right to the very last page.

Thing is I did like Ciri quite a lot before I got to Lady of the Lake.

Ciri in Lady of the Lake is SO DIFFERANT personality-wise from how she was in the previous 6 novels that it was hard to think of her as even being the same character.

I think Ciri's huge changes is due partly to the fact that it was 14 years between the author writing the 6th novel and writing the 7th novel, and it shows - A LOT. 

It's clear that by waiting 14 years to write the next novel, he also forgot a lot of the stuff he wrote in the previous 6 novels - the consistency errors from the first 6 novels to the last 2 novels are horrific - and extreme - characters have different eye colors, different hair colours, Avallac'h was a dead wraith in the 6th novel and perfectly alive in the 7th novel... in one novel we are told Ciri and Dandelion are the same age and grew up together, while in another novel he's 40 years older than her. Triss has green eyes in this novel, blue eyes in that novel, and brown eyes in another novel. Ciri has BLACK skin in one novel and WHITE skin in another novel.... the inconsistencies are bad...  really, REALLY bad.... and they are at their worst in the last 2 novels which were written 14 years after the 6th novel was.

The novels were self published without a consistency checking editor and it shows.

FAQs: How can you hate Ciri? Everyone loves Ciri. aka Why chat was removed   ..............................................  aka Why you should never spend 4 months daily posting "Deserved to be raped" in the chat of a person who was raped and has agoraphobia and post traumatic stress disorder as a result   ..............................................  aka a look at what it's like to live with PTSD

I don't hate Ciri. What I hate is being constantly harassed by her fans because I like Avallac'h. THAT is what I hate.

Why are you such a dictatorial dick that you think everybody has to like the same things you like?

I'm sorry, but I'm not a communist like you, so I can like whatever character I want to like. I don't have to ONLY like characters you like. I don't have to hate characters you hate...

#and I shouldn't have to put up with steady constant, daily, non-stop harassment because I happen to like a character who you don't like.

Do you REALLY think that by harassing me you are going to make me like Ciri?

#NEWSFLASH: You are not making e like Ciri more, no, in fact by harassing me, you are making me like her EVEN LESS!

The Undertale fanbase isn't this toxic!

Homestuck fanbase isn't this violent!

Freddy Fazbear's fans don't even act like you!

Ciri's fanbase is so bad, so toxic online, so violent offline when they arrive at your home, so viciously vindictive if you don't worship Ciri's ass on their whiny, annoying, demanding commands, that they are worse the the fans of Undertale, Freddy Fazbear and Homestruck combined!

Boy is it clear WHY they like Ciri: they are vicious, violent, whiny, annoying, communistic, snot brats JUST LIKE HER!

I didn't start out hating Ciri, but boy do her psychotic fans make me want to kill her.

But by constantly having the glories that are Ciri shoved in my face by her mega toxic fans, I am now on a fast track to hating Ciri more than anyone just because I'm getting sick and tired of her toxic fanbase that makes Undertale, Homestuck, and Freddy Fazbear's fan bases look like sweet sugar plum dumplings.

But I never liked Ciri. Not even in the game, long before I read the novels. She rubbed me the wrong way right from the first time we see her snot nose brattiness in the tutorial, when she's still just a kid. Then we see her in her adult shit-faced smug brattiness when she meets the Baron, again when she's taking advantage of Dandelion... and her bitch-feast monologue that she does in Isle of Mists was the coffin nail that made me thoroughly disgusted with her through the rest of the game... and then 3 playthroughs later I red the novels and found out what a mega size piece of shit she REALLY was.

But you want to know WHY?

WHY does her bitch face piece of shit ass not attract me to her flashy boobs like it did you?

You REALLY want to know?

I guarantee you'll regret knowing.

You really don't know WHO I AM, do you?

You couldn't ask that if you did.

You WOULDN'T ask that if you knew I was and what I lived through.

The thing that makes or breaks any novel, any movie, any story, is the main character, and how well we relate to the main character's reactions to the world around them.

At 14 years old I was kidnapped, and while I watched the other 4 children be brutally murdered, one his chest crushed, another his head snapped off, one chopped up, and the other her leg ripped off and her intestines pulled out... I survived. 

When you hear me tell you I was brutally raped, left crippled for the rest of my life, you rarely hear me tell you the full details. 

If you know what to look for, Google can provide you not only with the news reports, but also photos you didn't want to know existed. I didn't go mute immediately. That happened in the court room, while a lawyer was raving and ranting and repeating over and over again the details of Tajid's death. 

I survived, only because the police arrived and Lisa was caught in the act of torturing Tajid to death. Had the police not arrived - I would have been next. 

Five were kidnapped. Five were tortured. Two were still alive when the police arrived. Only one was still alive by the time the murder trials started. 

Lisa was executed.

 Gas chamber. 

She'll never hurt anyone again. But that didn't make me feel safe. Knowing Lisa died and will never torture anyone to death again... only taught me, I have one less person to fear. But she lived next door. 

Five houses down. How many other neighbors do I have? 

I think about ^^^THAT^^^ when I see the things Ciri does. Idiots in my chat, like to boo-hoo the battle cry of: "oh pooooor Ciri, she went through so much. Of course she wants to kill everyone."

You really think Ciri went through anything?

What the hell did she go through?


Not one damned thing.

And YOU live one hell of a sheltered, pampered life, if you think ANYTHING Ciri went through was bad or made her deserving of your pity.

Ciri encountered a few minor bumps on the road of life and translated that as a reason to kill. Why? Because she, apparently JUST LIKE YOU, is such a sheltered, self centered, arrogant, pampered spoiled brat, that she, like YOU, doesn't know what ACTUAL traumatizing shit REAL children go through.

Ciri was so young when her mother died that she doesn't even remember her mother and FEELS NOTHING over her death.

Ciri's kidnappers left scars on her face, but you know what, so did mine. Did you know I had to have plastic surgery to rebuild my face?

Ciri doesn't have believable reactions to the very simple, and very minor things that happen to her.

Her overblown, self centered, kiss my ass or I'll kill you, reactions don't MATCH the level of things she went through.

You broke a nail, so what? Oh boo-hoo. It'll grow back. You don't kill everyone in the room because of it. Damaging your perfect manicure isn't a reason to pull out a machine gun.

You stubbed your toe, whimer, whimper, pity party. You know what, in a few hours it won't hurt anymore, so get over it and stop killing people. It wasn't their fault you're a clumsy klutz.

Everyone is always crying: "But poooor Ciri, she went through sooooo much."

I read all 8 novels, waiting for something to happen to Ciri... and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO HER!

So I reread the novels.

Nope. I didn't miss anything. She's just a whinny, annoying brat who is mad at the world and has to kill everyone for no reason at all, nd never once does ANYTHING ever happen to her.

I've now read all 8 novels 9 times each, going over the text with a fine toth comb, trying to find what it is that her fans say she went through. 

"But she went through soooooo much!"




She didn't.

She didn't go through shit and you're crazy if you think she did.

Not one thing.



Are you Ciri fans telling me that YOUR lives are so dull, so boring, so uneventful, so pampered, that you think ANYTHING Ciri went through is anything close to harsh?


I pity you then, the moment something DOES happen to you in your life, because you certainly won't be ready to handle even a broken nail.

Worse... I shudder to think that YOU are on the outside of prison bars, if you think for one second that ANYTHING Ciri went through justifies her mass murdering rampages... because it says a lot about you... and I fully expect to see you become the next cold hearted Ciri shooting up everyone in your school.

Ciri is a pampered spoiled brat, whom nothing happens too. She doesn't have one single, solitary real stress inducing event happen to her...

...and yet at 12 years old she kills, murders, tortures, rapes, and maims her victims, for no reason at all other then, her childhood was sooooooooo bad. 

Uhm... really?


She's 12 years old and gripping about her shity childhood like she was a 60 year privileged white dude, griping that he only had 2 butlers growing up when his best friend has 4, and it made his life soooooo unbearable.

 She's a frigging queen, made queen at 8 years old and lived in the lap of luxury. 

Sure, her mother died, but did you see Ciri's reaction? Ciri doesn't bat an eye. Doesn't shed a tear. Heck, she finds out her mom is dead and what does she do? Goes off to play with Hjalmar.  

Ciri doesn't give a fuck that her dad just murdered her mom because since when does Ciri have a heart or shed a tear? 

She got kidnapped and nearly raped several times, but never once felt fear or sadness, rather her sadistic mind enjoyed every minute of it.

Ciri was such a spoilt brat, that at 12 years old she was ripping off her panties and demanding grown men fuck her, and when she discovered the guy isn't devated enough to fuck a child, she beats him, tortures him, rapes him, castrates him, and leaves him with broken bones that never heal, leaving him paralyzed and unable to walk for the rest of his life.

Where is the "But pooooor Ciri, she went through so much"?

Did she?




She didn't.

Ciri didn't go through shit.

Ciri doesn't do a thing, but bitch and moan about how much she went through.

She's using psychology to CONVINCE the reader she went through a lot, by saying she went through a lot. That ain't Ciri going through shit. That's playing mind tricks with the reader.

And when I see Ciri, do you know what I see? 

Lisa Bolduc. 

A cruel, emotionless, sadistic rapists who takes delight in mutilating and torturing her victims. 

Ciri is the main character of the novels and we as readers are supposed to identify with the main character.

We are supposed to feel a connection.

The main character of anything is supposed to represent who we are and who we want to become.

If a main character is to represent who we want to be, then they must first understand who we are. 

Ciri is no hero. 

There is nothing in Ciri to like.

Nothing in Ciri to love.

Nothing in Ciri to pity.

Oh I can identify with her all right... I can identify her as Lisa Bolduc, the woman who kidnapped me and my friends, raped us, tortured us... 5 were taken. Only 1 survived. She murdered my friends and I watched every second of it happen.

Have you ever heard me tell you "That's not what it looks like when someone head is cut off"... do you want to know HOW I know what it looks like when a person losses their head?

Have you ever heard me tell you "That's not what it looks like when someone's entrails are ripped out"... do you want to know HOW I know what it looks like when a person has their entrails ripped out?

Lisa Bolduc is how I know.

I survived, and I haven't been able to live life ever since.

So I KNOW FOR A FACT... that when a child goes through the things Ciri went through, she isn't going to grow up to become the cold hearted, emotionless, unfeeling, uncaring, mass murdering psychopath that we see Ciri grow up to become.... do you know why I know that? 

Because Ciri didn't go through one tenth of the shit I went through in my childhood, and I didn't grow up to  become the cold hearted, emotionless, unfeeling, uncaring, mass murdering psychopath that we see Ciri grow up to become. That's how I know.

I can't relate to Ciri.

Ciri doesn't have realistic human responses to trauma.

Real humans don't break a finger nail, then go psycho meltdown and kill everybody because of it. But Ciri does exactly that.

Ciri is shallow. Hollow. Unfeeling. Cold hearted. Emotionless. Robotic. She never smiles. She never cries. All she ever does is hate. And kill. And pillage. And rape. And murder. And maim. And revel in delight while she does it.

I can't relate to Ciri as a human, but I can relate to her repulsiveness in how much she acts like Lisa Bolduc... a psychotic child killer who kidnapped and tortured to death my best friends. I was 14 and I lived through it. The youngest of us, was Annistatia, the one who had her leg ripped off and her intestines ripped out... she was 6 years old and it took her 5 days to bleed to death.

Don't tell me I should like Ciri or feel any type of sympathy or pity for her. She acts like Lisa Bolduc, a real world criminal who got the death penalty for the child murdering crimes she commited. And Ciri deserves no less.

Ciri doesn't represent who I want to be. I have no desire to be a mass murdering rapist.  And I find every fan of Ciri terrifying, because you can't idolize someone as a hero unless you want to be like them, and that means YOU want to be a mass murdering rapist just like Ciri.

What I want to know is why do YOU relate to Ciri?

We need to relate to our heros in order to care about them.

#So you tell me, WHY, why do you care about Ciri?

You do realize my profile did not have one thing here mentioning Ciri... NOT ONE PANEL... and that I've only added these panels about Ciri because I am TIRED OF BEING HARASSED by Ciri fans who can't stop bombarding me with gushing Ciri love.

And yet not one of you can tell me WHY you like her.

The most common answer is: "But EVERYONE likes Ciri?"

Okay... so when everyone shoots themselves as a comet flies overhead, be sure to shoot yourself too okay. 

Are you telling me that YOU ARE REALLY THAT RETARDED that you ONLY like someone if "everyone else" likes them first?


The second most common answer is: "But she's so op. She's like super man".

Uhm... you haven't read the novels, have you. Ciri has NO POWERS in the novels.

The sonic scream, that was Avallac'h who did that in the novels. 

*(Ciri's sonic scream was GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION)*

Traveling through time: Avallac'h was the one in the novels who did that. He was the ONLY person who could. 

*(Ciri being "The Lady of Time and Space" was GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION)*

Opening portals? Again, that was Avallac'h. Ciri only ever jumped into portals after he opened them first. 

The power to go anyplace, anywhere, any time... you guessed it... that was more GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION that did not happen in the novels. Ciri only ever traveled through time and space if she happened to trip and fall into a portal avallac'h left laying around.

Ciri never trained at Kaer Morhen so had no sword skills. (Training at Kaer Morhen was more GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION) So there was no sword-fighting Ciri in the novels for you to strive to be like.


* Do you relate to her because, like Ciri you murder children?

* Do you relate to her because, like Ciri you are a crackhead and can't stop shoving cocaine up your nose?

* Do you relate to her because, like Cri you rape elderly senior citizens?

* Do you relate to her because, like her Ciri you are too drunk out of your mind to know what you are doing?

* Do you relate to Ciri because you are a spoiled brat like Ciri is?

* Do you relate to Ciri because you are shallow, emotionless, robotic and have no personality like Ciri does?

* Do you relate to Ciri because of your 24-7 constant none stop whining, bitching, moaning, demanding, and tossing death threats in everyone's face like Ciri does?

* Do you relate to her because, like her, 12 year old you just wants to kill everyone? 

* Do you relate to Ciri because at 12 years old you had an abortion just like Ciri?

* Do you relate to Ciri because like Ciri you prove how lesbian you are by raping and murdering men?

* Do you relate to Ciri because at 12 years old you were shoving your cunt in the faces of men while demanding they make you pregnant right now, just like she did?

* Do you relate to Ciri because you demand men make you pregnant just so you can have an abortion to prove what a great lesbian you are?

* Do you relate to Ciri because just like Ciri you believe all blacks are evil and must be murdered so whites can live in peace without being influenced by blacks?

* Do you relate to Ciri because you end every sentence with: "Because I felt like it and there's nothing you can do about it so there, nanananananah!" just like Ciri does?

Are you telling me that you are 12 years old and are about to buy a gun and shoot everyone in your school, so you can be just like your hero, who at 12 years old mass murders everyone around her just because she felt like it, so there, nananananah?

#What is it about Ciri that you are idolizing?





#White power, hatred for all things black?

#Horrible anti-gay tropes that stigmatize lesbians as man hating, man murdering terrorists?

#Which of those horrible acts do you do and find Ciri relatable for?

* Are YOU a rapist? Is that why you relate to a rapist?

* Are YOU a murderer? Is that why you relate to a murderer?

* Are YOU a drug addict? Is that why you relate to a crackhead?

* Do you belong to a gang? Is that why you relate to a gag member?

* Are you a drunk? Is that why you relate to a drunk?

#WHAT are you identifying with?

You can't tell me you like her because she overcomes those things because, guess what... she NEVER DOES! 

In the very last paragraph or the very last page of the very last novel, what do we see Ciri doing? Laying nude on the beach shorting her crack, drinking her beer, and plotting to rape and murder Sir Galahad.

So, nope, you can't be looking up to Ciri as a role model whoever overcomes those things and turns her life around to become a better person.

Not only does she NEVER become a better person, never turn her life around... she never learns her lesson either and continues to be a gutter scum piece of trash right to the very end.

And you can't say you like her for her looks or boobs either, because in the novels, SHE HAS NO FACE and SHE HAS NO BOOBS.... she has  hred of rotted flesh hanging from her skull, and is so flat chested everyone thought she was a boy. And she was fat, rolly-polly, chubby, and obsess.

Big boobed, beautiful Ciri with a slight scar on her cheek is GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION. 

There was no big boobed Ciri in the novels.

There was no beautiful Ciri in the novels.

There was no knock kneed skinny assed bimbo Ciri in the novels. Ciri in the novels was fat, fat, fat.

There was no scar on her cheek in the novels because she had no cheek to be scared.

You can't say you like her for her demigod super powers, because in the novels, SHE DID NOT HAVE ANY POWERS AT ALL!

Super powered demigod Ciri is GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION.

There was no demigod Ciri in the novels.

There was no chosen one Ciri in the novels.

There was no super powered Ciri in the novels.

Sorry, but, can you stop quoting the fan fiction shit the game told you long enough to tell what about Ciri IN THE NOVELs... do you like, want to emulate, look up to, or what to be like?

FAQs: Blond hair!!! Black face paint!!! Blue eyes!!! Huge scar!!! Why does Ciri look like this?

White haired, green-eyed, pants wearing Ciri with a slight scar on her cheek is GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION CREATED BY THE GAME DEVELOPERS.

Novel Ciri had long blond hair that turned to dread locs, which she kept rolled in ashes (thus why people called her the ashen haired maid - it was because she rolled her braids in ashes). When her dread locks are brushed out in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, we are told she bum length golden blond hair that gleamed like the sun.

The full 1,787 word answer to this question [can now be found HERE](



Ciri's psycho crazed mega toxic fans have hit Nexus HARD this month and as of this week, NEARLY EVERY SINGLE MOD MADE FOR CIRI, by EVERY mod creator out there was deleted off Nexus this week.

So much sadness.

This includes: 

* the amazing [blond dreadlocks]( you see me using in this photo 


* the [ashes war paint face mask]( also seen in this photo


* the blue eyed Ciri mod also seen in this photo

#My 3 all time favorite mods for Ciri are GONE!!!



So much sadness over this.

I loved these 3 mods so much.

Also gone is 

* Ciri's [Clan of the Cave Bear Bloody Red War Paint Face Mask](  another beautiful face mod we use so often

* Ciri's [Celtic Blue War Paint Face Mask]( - yet another amazing face mod we often use for Ciri

* Ciri's White dread locks mod is also gone

* Ciri's grey dreadlocks mod is gone too

* Ciri's black dreadlocks mod is gone as well!

So many great mods that you know so well from seeing me use them here in my streams are all gone, gone, gone, gone!

*UPDATE: November 2019 - the mod creator of Ciri's blond dreadlocks has fallen under heavy attack for making this amazing mod and has set it to private. I don't know if they will give access to it by request or not, but as they have not yet deleted it and only set it to private, the link above goes to the message the mod creator put up about the harassment they have received over this mod. I'll leave the link here. Perhaps you can contact them and ask for a private link to it? I don't know. So sad, because this mod is utterly amazing. It was my favorite Ciri mod ever made and I'm so sad to see it gone. But I understand why - I saw the horrific hate comments that were posted on it and they were utterly deplorable. Such a shame. The loss of this mod is truly a great loss to the Witcher community)*

For those who have not read the novels... and are complaining that I changed Ciri to have blue eyes and yellow-blond hair... there are TWO Ciri's in the novels, the REAL Ciri and an False Ciri, the imposter who sits on the throne.... REAL Ciri has blue eyes and golden blond hair, while the imposter Ciri has green eyes and silver-white-blond hair.... YES, that means Ciri in the game is the IMPOSTER Ciri, and NOT the REAL Ciri.... and as I wanted REAL Ciri traveling with Avallac'h, I changed her eyes to blue and hair to gold.

Blue eyed, blond Ciri, dressed in black and purple and hiding the scars on her face behind a hood and black face paint... as she was described in the novels Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake.

And for people who complain about my having Ciri blond...

#In the novels there were TWO DIFFERENT GIRLS, both named Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon.

One was the REAL Ciri, DAUGHTER of Emperor Emhyr var Emreis.

The other was the FALSE Ciri, WIFE of Emperor Emhyr var Emreis.

Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, was looking for his 7 year old daughter, after he realized the assassin he hired to kill her, instead captured her and sold her to Leo Bonhert's gladiator circus.

Emperor Emhyr var Emreis found a girl who looked near duplicate to Ciri, trained her in how to be his devoted, dutiful, yes-man, married her, then made her the "fake" Duchess and Queen over various locations.

People who knew the REAL Ciri, where able to immediately tell the False Ciri was an imposter, because of the **COLOUR OF HER HAIR.**

The REAL Ciri had **GOLDEN BLOND HAIR, the colour of the gleaming sun**, which she kept styled in dreadlocks rolled in ashes, as a sign that she was mourning the death of her beloved grandmother. 

The REAL CIRI, had **ENTHRAL BLUE EYES** that appeared to have been kissed by angels from heaven, giving them **the exact colour of a CLEAR BLUE SKY**.

The REAL Ciri, was also described as flat chested, had no boobage at all, and was extremely obese, described as gluttonously fat, and pacing more blubber then a whale.

The REAL Ciri, had massive scars on her face, with most of the left side of her face gone completely and nothing but bone exposed.

BatMan's Harvey Dent/Two Face had more face then REAL Ciri did.

The REAL Ciri, nearly looked like Ghost Rider, with most of her face been raw bone, thinly covered with rotted tissue.

The REAL Ciri, was so hideously ugly, that people could not look at her without vomiting.

The REAL Ciri, looked EXACTLY LIKE HER 4th great grandmother Lara Dorren, who was Avallac'h's clone and look exactly like him.

The novels state that Avallac'h, Lara Dorren, and the REAL Ciri, looked so completely identical to each other that it was nearly impossible to tell them apart.

We are told that the only way to tell Avallac'h, Lara Dorren, and the REAL Ciri apart was that Avallac'h was 11' feet tall and had paler, aquamarine eyes, while REAL Ciri was extremely obese, gluttonously fat and waddled around like a blubber filled whale, while Lara Dorren was merely chubby.

After her face was maule, it was easy to tell which was REAL Ciri.

Whereas the FALSE Ciri, had **SILVER BLOND HAIR, similar in colour of the hair of Witcher Geralt, the White Wolf**, causing people to mistakenly assume she was Geralt's daughter, because she looked so much like him.


The FALSE IMPOSTER Ciri was very skinny, slender waisted, and had big boobs.

The FALSE IMPOSTER Ciri had a tiny, slight, barely noticeable scar on her cheek.

The game devs designed game Ciri after the description of the FALSE Ciri imposter, giving her silver-blond hair and green eyes, and giving her big boobs and being skinny, with only a tiny slight scar on her cheek, instead of designing her after the REAL Ciri, who had blue eyes and golden blond hair that gleamed like the sun, with flat chest, no boobs, no face, exposed skull bone instead of a face,  and a waistline fit for an overweight walrus.

#In other words... Ciri in the game is the FAKE, FALSE IMPOSTER Ciri and is NOT the REAL Ciri!

It is very logical and lore-friendly that Avallac'h would have used the fake False Imposter Ciri as a decoy to draw out her enemies, and thus seeing him with the green-eyed silver-blond Ciri in the game, makes sense....

...and if you get the Dead Ciri Ending you are even told as much.

After the game ends.... close the game and reload it.... you'll get an Easter Egg load screen that will LOAD ONLY ONCE, so pay careful attention to what Dandelion says to you as it plays.

It tells you that after the events at the tower, everyone searched far and wide for Ciri, but that she was nowhere to be found, and neither was her mentor, the Elven Sage Avallac'h... all trace of both of them had vanished as though neither of them had never been there at all and the whole thing was just an illusion cast by the mage, to keep Ciri safe on the Lake of Avalon forever.

The Dead Ciri ending, is the TRUE ENDING of the game, and if you wait for the Easter Egg load screen that tells you what happened, you find out that Ciri in the game NEVER WAS THE REAL CIRI AT ALL and everything you did in the game, was done to protect the REAL Ciri, who was STILL in Avalon, where she was at the end of the novels.

The game developers made Ciri look like the green-eyed, silver-blond FALSE CIRI imposter ON PURPOSE, because in the end, you find out Ciri never returned at all.

#Everyone who read the novels, knows that the REAL Ciri has blue eyes and golden-blond hair,  is boobless and obese, with massive amounts of face lose leaving most of her skull bone exposed, while the imposter Ciri has green eyes and silver-blond hair, is big boobed and skinny, with only a slight, tiny scar on her cheek.

#Anyone who read the novels, would have recognized IMMEDIATELY, that a silver-blond, green eyed, big boobs, tiny waisted, stick thin Ciri with a tiny cheek scar in the game was the False Ciri.

In my Avallac'h Playthrough, I have the REAL Ciri traveling with Avallac'h, thus why I changed her eyes to blue and hair to golden-blond.

But Avallac'h was forcing Ciri... she didn't really want to have sex with....

Was he?


Did you read those scenes?

Don't give me that:

"Oh poooor Ciri, Avallac'h was sooooo mean to her!" bull crap.

Ciri was a sex crazed horn dog.

Avallac'h couldn't keep Ciri off of him, and he certainly did his fair share of pushing her away, running away from her, saying "no" every time she demanded he fuck her, and lecturing her on all the reasons why he couldn't, shouldn't, and wouldn't ever have sex with her.

Ciri absolutely refused to take no for an answer and we see her ultimately raped Avallac'h because she's Queen of Cintra and every one has to do what she says or else, including fuck her on command even if they don't want to.

Ciri describes how horny she gets around Auberon, Avallac'h, and Eredin, every time one of them gets near her, and she was doing this BEFORE Avallac'h ever mentioned sex, babies, or Auberon.

First time Ciri sees Avallac'h, she describes the field of flowers, the unicorns running by, and how tight that elf's pants are... (in a scene that brings back memories of Goblin King Jareth in Labyrinth starring David Bowie's pants), she spends 4 sentences focused on his tight black leather pants and the fact that they look like they are painted on him, before she ever looks up at his face and starts describing his sharp cheekbones, blue eyes, and triangular face.

Ciri then described the fact he's got no shirt on and goes back to describing his super tight pants again... and vaguely notices that he said something to her but she's not sure what he said because... those tight pants.

Keeping in mind she just fell out of the sky and landed on this complet total stranger, and is face down in his crotch, describing his overly tight pants, and it hasn't occurred to her she probably ought to get up off of him and stop oogling at his erection that's 2 inches in front of her face.

And while you could point out a decent man would have pushed Ciri's face out of his crotch, I can point out a decent woman wouldn't have needed the man to ask her to get her face out of his crotch.

She points out that the half naked Elf has several fully naked female Elves with him, and she apparently fell out of the portal and landed on him while he was getting off on watching the naked she-elves dancing. Then she goes back to describing his erection in his way too tight black leather pants again, because apparently she hasn't taken her face out of his crotch yet and he doesn't seem to be bothered by this at all, either.... in fact, he just starts playing a flute while she lays on top of him with her face shoved in his pants.

Did you notice that the first time we see Avallac'h in the game, he's naked and the camera is focused on his crotch... if you've read the novels before playing the game, you know instantly who this character is gonna be because that's how he entered the novels too.

It takes her eight days of yapping about his pants, while moving in with him, before it occurs to her to ask him what his name is.... Ciri is that awe struck by Avallac'h's apparently very large penis, that it takes her 8 days to come back to her senses and ask: "Hey by the way, you never told me your name."

Of course, in the novels, Avallac'h is 7 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs 490 pounds, so... yeah... he's the biggest man Ciri's ever seen at this point, so stands to reason he's got the biggest cock she's ever seen too.

Then again... Avallac'h thinks her reaction is hysterical and goes into monologue comparing his dick to "the little vestigial pricks of your human men". It's not the first time we've seen Avallac'h bragging about his oversized penis and it won't be the last... this guy really loves his dick.

Avallac'h stands out as having the single most lewd, perverted, vulgar mouth in the entire Witcher franchise. He can't stop talking about penises... he also likes to paint penises on anything and everything.

Known also as The Purple Bison, for obvious reasons... Avallac'h is a painter and a poet, who signs his name by drawing a purple bison that has orange tiger stripes, a giant erect dick, and a green dragonfly tattoo on it's ass.  Because you know, among Avallac'h's many tattoos he has a green dragonfly on his left butt cheek.

Avallac'h also has a snake tattoo... want to guess where that one is? Hint: we also know Avallac'h is uncircumcised and shoves fisstech under his foreskin.

And people actually ask me: How can you read a novel 9 times?

You think reading Lady of the Lake 9 times is a lot... I've read JUST chapter 5 only, 23 additional times.

When Ciri sees Avallac'h promadaring around the lake with 5 of his wives, she has a full on jealous meltdown and only calms down when Avallac'h takes her to the other side of the lake, then embraces her and starts nuzzling her neck, to which she immediately responds with wanting to have sex with him and becomes disapointed when he does nothing more.

Ciri is in the habit of running into Avallac'h's room and jumping on him, every time he's in bed with one of his wives, then vocally has temper tantrums over him spending more times with his wives then with her.

Ciri clearly likes jumping on this guy every time he's having an erection over someone else, and Avallac'h finds this amusing, but his wives argue that Ciri is a slut and are upset that Ciri is seducing their husband and he's not trying to discourage it.

Ciri ASKS Avallac'h to fuck her. He blatantly said no. Then went into a monologue of all the reasons why he both shouldn't and wouldn't.

All of this is before we ever see any scenes of Avallac'h behaving sexually with Ciri.

When Avallac'h tells Ciri he wants her to let Auberon get her pregnant, Ciri's response is to become giddy with excitement and ask: "So I get to have sex with the Alder King?"

When getting ready for her nightly sex romps with King Auberon, Ciri spends an inordinate amount of time trying on panties in front of Avallac'h, masterbating herself in front of him, between each pair of new undies she puts on.

While tossing her silver thong panties at him, 12 year old Ciri tells Avallac'h she'd rather have his baby then Auberon's baby, and yet again ASKS Avallac'h to fuck her. 

And again, Avallac'h says no, while trying to put Ciri's panties back on her and asking her to stop acting like a barbaric savage. 

He then lectures her on the fact that she needs to stop acting like a slut and start acting like a lady, and then tells her he abstains from sex and will never have sex with her or anyone else because he completely refuses to cheat on his dead ex-wife Lara Dorren.

12 year old Ciri spends an inordinate amount of time shoving her pussy in Avallac'h's face. Avallac'h ALWAYS pushes her away and chides her, telling her to stop acting like savage and behave like a lady.

Ciri goes overboard in trying to seduce Avallac'h every chance she can get... and every time Avallac'h at first nervously laughs it off, then asks her to stop, and then gets mad and tells her to stop embarrassing him.

Ciri is a horny slut and takes to meltdowns and temper tantrums every time she shoves her cunt in Avallac'h's face and he refuses to fuck her.

We see Ciri over and over and over again slutting her ass off to Avallac'h.

Avallac'h however, is quite proud of the fact that he has not sex with anyone in more than 200 years. He says so often. He also says so every time Ciri asks him to have sex with her, something she does often.

While Avallac'h is very perverted and likes watching others have sex, is prone to rubbing up against women, frequently masterbates, and delights in watching naked women dance for him, he also absolutely, completely refuses to cheat on his dead ex-wife Lara Dorren and has not had sexual intercourse at all since her death 200 years ago.

For 8 weeks Ciri nightly goes to King Auberon's bedroom, expecting to have sex with him, bt he hates humans and refuses to have sex with her....

...every night after King Auberon leaves the bedroom, Ciri runs crying to Avallac'h's bedroom where she says: "He refuses to let me have an orgasm!".

Avallac'h explains Auberon is old and needs time, Ciri demands if Auberon won't give her an orgasm then Avallac'h must do it instead, and he does, while continuing to refuse to have intercourse with her.

After 8 weeks of Auberon refusing to let Ciri have an orgasm and Avallac'h giving her orgasms at her request but refusing to have intercourse with her, Ciri finally rapes Avallac'h because, as she put it, she's fed up with him flaunting himself in front of her and not letting her have him.

Yes, you do see Avallac'h being incredibly sexual with Ciri for most of the 32 pages he appears on...

...BUT... every step of the way it's Ciri pulling the strings, and you only ever see Avallac'h being sexual with Ciri when Ciri DEMANDS  he do so.

Of his own free will, we never once see Avallac'h behaving sexually with Ciri. He only does so when she is screaming, yelling, demanding, and having a temper tantrum.

It is ALWAYS Ciri not Avallac'h who brings up the topic of sex.

It is ALWAYS Avallac'h desire to stop Ciri from having temper tantrums and embarrassing him in public, that causes Avallac'h to reluctantly agree to obey Ciri's demands that he be sexual with her.

There is NEVER a point when we see Avallac'h initiate sex.

There is never a point when we see Avallac'h WILLINGLY have sex with Ciri.

We see Avallac'h henpecked, abused, intimidated, threatened, and with a sword held to his throat.

Avallac'h has a massive phobia of swords and once Ciri discovers this, she's quick to release all she has to do is hold a sword to Avallac'h's throat to get him to obey any demand she orders him to do.

No. Avallac'h never forced Ciri to do anything, whereas Ciri forced Avallac'h to do quite a lot.

How any one can read those scenes and think Avallac'h forced Ciri to do anything, is beyond me.

Over the course of the novels, we see Ciri having increasingly more and more sexual encounters with progressively more and more perverted characters, and we see Ciri trying to get away from all of them.

Then we see Ciri with Avallac'h, and she's all over him as much as he's all over her.

And while 68 other characters TRY to have sex with Ciri, Avallac'h goes on to be the only character who actually does have sex with Ciri.

You remember in the game when Eskell asks Geralt: "Who is this Avallac'h? What's Ciri been doing with him?" and Geralt answers with: "Yen can tell you. Just keep an eye on him. He's not a friend."

You understand now why Geralt said Avallac'h was not a friend... AND you understand too why the game devs choose to word Eskell's question specifically as "What's Ciri been doing with him?"

... any one who's read the novels, as soon as they hear the words: "What's Ciri been doing with him?", will immediately answer. "Oh Ciri's been doing a lot with him. BOY  has Ciri done a lot with him. She probably done everything in the Karma Sata with him. LUL"

We are left asking, is there anything Ciri HASN'T done with Avallac'h? Any form of sex she hasn't had with him? Any sex positions they haven't tried?

 "Who is this Avallac'h? What's Ciri been doing with him?" 

Yeah, Eskell, great way to word that question. Want a list of all the things Ciri has done with Avallac'h?

FAQs: Why you got Ciri and Avallac'h in the sex scenes together?   I thought you said this was a lore-friendly playthrough. That ain't lore-friendly, is it? .............................................. Why do you have Ciri and Avallac'h as a couple? I didn't think they had that kind of a relationship.   ..............................................     You've referred to Avallac'h as Ciri's husband and Ciri as part of Avallac'h's harem.  Where did you get this info? 

The 7th novel in the series: Lady of the Lake.

If you were horrified seeing how sexual everyone was with 8, 9, 10, and 11 year old Ciri in the first 6 novels... ready for eye bleach worthy horrors when you see how overly sexual the Aen Elle Elves are in their sex orgies with Ciri, because you ain't seen nothing in the first 6 novels that even comes close to the wild sex orgies you'll see 12 year old Ciri having with Auberon and Avallac'h in the 7th novel.

In spite of him being her great-grandfather, in the 7th novel, we see Ciri and Avallac'h in the most graphically detailed sex scenes of the entire franchise. 

Yes, I know the game does a good job of hiding their relationship, though if you pay attention to what you are told, you find out Ciri and Avallac'h have sex right after Vesemir's funeral (yep, the game DOES TELL YOU THIS IF YOU PAY ATTENTION) 

And long before you meet Avallac'h in the game, you are told that Ciri was living with a Mysterious Masked Mage, so you head to his Velen hideout, to find out if he's there. Pay attention to bedroom as you search Avallac'h's Velen hideout... Ciri lived with him here for quite some time and there is only one bed.

Back to the novels...

In the 5th chapter Ciri falls out of a portal and lands on top of an Elf who was sitting in the field playing a flute. The Elf turns out to be Avallac'h, King of Avalon and Court Mage to King Auberon (Emperor over the other lesser kings). Avallac'h takes Ciri to his palace on the Lake of Avalon and adds her to his harem of several hundred wives (whom Ciri pints out are both elf and human).

Avallac'h refers to Ciri as a replacement for his now dead ex-wife Lara Dorren, and forces Ciri to wear Lara's clothes, tries to teach her to talk and act like Lara, and goes so far as to try to get Ciri pregnant because Lara was pregnant when she died.

While we never see it happen, the series of events imply that at some point during her 8 years living on the Lake of Avalon, Avallac'h forced Ciri to marry him. We see scenes of 5 lesser wives tending to Ciri and trembling in fear at Avallac'h's temper when they can not keep Ciri under control. 

Whether or not a wedding ever took place is unclear, but what is made clear is that Avallac'h sees Ciri as his primary wife and forces his other wives to serve her.

Later in the same novel...

After Geralt and Yennefer die/are murdered, Ciri asks Starry Eyes to help her take their bodies back to The Lake of Avalon to be healed. 

Avallac'h by this point is now The Fisher King and agrees to resurrect them in exchange for Ciri staying with him and becoming his wife.

Starry Eyes dies during the process of the resurrection, Ciri is transformed into an Elven goddess called The Lady of the Lake, and spends the rest of her days living on the Lake of Avalon with The Fisher King/Avallac'h.

Yes, I know it pisses off people who hate Avallac'h to find out he's Ciri's lover AND her husband, but the fact remains, the novel series ends with them staying together as lovers.

While you can continue to ask me questions, and I will continue to answer them. bitchy psycho meltdowns are no longer tolerated online or offline.

No, questions from Twitch chat  had nothing to do with why chat was turned off. Chat was turned off because the streamer who did the drunk stream raids with the raid message "deserved to be raped" showed up at my house and did $30,000 in damages to my car, put my 82 year old dad in the hospital with a ruptured kidney, and killed my cats then nailed my cats' heads to the door.



[This VOD tells you why](

FAQs: How can you stand Avallac'h, he's such a pervert.


He is. 

Avallac'h is by far the most perverted character of the entire Witcher franchise.

And obviously it doesn't bother me, otherwise I couldn't like him, could I?

And if you've read the novels, you also know that Avallac'h isn't "real"... he's Ciri's imaginary friend. Avallac'h is a very ancient wraith, a Lich Lord, the ghost of an Elven Mage whom commit suicide, and he takes whatever form Ciri WANTS him to have, and does whatever Ciri WANTS him to do.

Which means that it's Ciri, not Avallac'h, who is the pervert, because, he's just a wraith who is acting out Ciri's every fantasy.

And if you only played the game and never read the novels, then you have no clue how much of a pervert he really is either.

If you only played the game, then the only thing you know about him is he has a penthouse apartment on the 3rd floor of a brothel, he masterbates while drawing furry-porn of bunny eared human women, he draws porn of Ciri, he draws A LOT of porn of Ciri and has it hiding all over his house, he's stalker crazy obsessed with Ciri and has a massive 3 story tall shrine of her in his bedroom, his sister is a prostitute who works at Crippled Kate's, his sister is also his wife, he apparently fucks his sister every time he wants to fuck Ciri, he has lots of rope in his bedroom, he has a hookah in all 4 of his in-game bedrooms (Velen hideout, cabin on ship, brothel apartment, and Skellige lab), comments on liking fiery women after Ciri shoves him aside and punches a soldier, tells Geralt he wants to tie Ciri up and teleport her away....

But that's just Avallac'h in the game...

Then there's Avallac'h in the novels who has fetishes so freaky even Christian Grey would be too embarrassed to try them.

Dandelion, the franchise's other resident pervert, enters the novels, being chased by 12 angry husbands all ready to kill him because Dandelion has gotten all 12 of their wives pregnant.

You get one hell of an introduction to Dandelion... and before I started playing Witcher 3, one of my brothers, the one who introduced me to Witcher 3, asked me one day what I thought of Dandelion (a character I already knew from the 2 previous games.)

While not that popular in America, if you went to Germany, Japan, or Brazil, you would find I'm a rather famous Erotica author, known for writing some very specific (rape fantasy, breeding monster porn) fetishes. My most popular series of novels has 130+ volumes published since 1978 and features a very perverted Elf Wizard as a main character. Quaraun - The Pink Necromancer.


In Erotica.

His primary lover is BoomFuzzy the Unicorn.

A unicorn.

A dead unicorn.

Let that sink in for a minute and you'll figure out why so few of my novels are available for sale in America. Did you know 27 of my novels are banned in America? I write novels that heavily focus on incest, necrophilia, and not-quite furry fetish stye beastiality.

What has that to do with Avallac'h?

Well, if you never read the novels, you don't know how much he REALLY loves his dead ex-wife Lara Dorren.

That probably needs repeating...

#Avallac'h loves his DEAD ex-wife Lara Dorren more then you really want to know.

Do you remember in the game in the quest Wandering in the Dark, when you and Kiera chase Avallac'h through his Velen Hideout and you find Lara's Dorren's tomb and Geralt tells Kiera, it can't be Lara's actual grave because he knows where her body is.

Let me repeat that:

#Geralt knows where Lara Dorren's dead body is... he's seen it.

Did you ever wonder HOW Geralt knew where Lara's body is?

Better yet, have you ever wondered WHERE is Lara Dorren's body?

After a discussion on my thought about Dandelion, my brother, well aware of the types of novels I publish, and the fact that I own more the 3,000 Fabio novels (dub-con bodice ripper rape fantasy erotica)... recommends Witcher 3 to me with the following reason for doing so:

"There's this Elf, he's just like Dandelion.Basically the elf version of Dandelion... only worse."

Me: "Wait, there's something worse then Dandelion?"

My brother: "Way worse. Three pages." He shakes his head. "I'm reading Tower of Swallows. Three pages."

Me: "What do you mean three pages."

My brother: "You'll love him."

He changed the subject after that as we were at a birthday party and party stuff was going on and interrupted him.

I've since found those 3 pages. My brother was right. Three pages. That's all it took. Three pages of Avallac'h using 15 variations of the word penis, at minimum 7 times each, while defacing human art by graffiti painting giant purple penises on it, only stopping long enough to throw feces at Geralt, call Geralt a monkey, tell Geralt to be a good little ape and go climb back up his tree, and then spend 7 pages and grueling graphic detail, explaining how to make women of any species have orgams.

7 pages into the, the infamous Purple Bison scene that introduces us to Avallac'h, Geralt asks who he is and we learn, OMG, this excessively perverted freak is Avallac'h.

Wow is he different in the novels then he was in the game.

And as if the scene wasn't weird enough already, Avallac'h incexplicable decides to teleport Geralt to Avallac'h's garden... for uhm... reasons... weird reasons that defy logic on so many levels, as Geralt comes face to face with the statue of a nude dead she-elf, in an incredibly lewd pose, and, ...

...Geralt makes the mistake of asking what the hell this freaking statue is supposed to be...

...and Avallac'h tells him.

Boy does he tell him.

Avallac'h has sex toys, including this very disturbing sex doll, that used to be Lara Dorren... not a statue OF Lara Dorren, no... This IS Lara Dorren... Avallac'h took her dead body and turned it into a stone statue, so he could continue to have sex with her after she died. Then he tells Geralt in detail what he does with his Lara Dorren, statute, sex toy, that he built out of his ex-wife's dead body.

#Yeah.... and you thought Avallac'h was perverted in the game.

#You... have... no... clue.

In the novels Avallac'h brags to have tried every type of sex possible with every type of sentient life form possible. He includes beasiality and necrophillia in his list of things he's tried.

His wife Lara Dorren is also his daughter. Ciri is his 5th great-granddaughter. Clearly incest doesn't faze him as he's had sex with both of them.

Lara was only 21 when she died, and Ciri is 12 in the first sex scene we see of her with Avallac'h (who was 2,000 years old at the time), so sex with minors doesn't faze him either.

Avallac'h is a BDSM fetish freak who makes Christian Grey look like a normal guy with a few quirky kinks.

Avallac'h prides himself in being an expert in how to make any woman have mind blowing orgasms... without have sex with her.

Avallac'h is a porn star, his stripper name is: The Purple Bison.

In the novels Ciri described Avallac'h as wearing black leather pants so tight they appeared to be painted on, with black leather gloves that went past his elbows, black leather thigh high boots, a black leather whip hung from his hip belt, and a high necked red silk tunic that reached to the ground, and was left unbuttoned except for one button at his throat, leaving his chest bare.

We see a scene of Avallac'h taking 5 of his wives for a walk around the lake... like they were dogs... with them wearing dog leashes, and NOTHING ELSE. Their bodies painted with gold glitter paint.

Avallac'h is a psion (a creature with the powers of mind control and telepathy). He can use his brain powers to mind fuck women, giving himself and them orgasms without ever touching any of them.

Avallac'h possess the ability to teleport things. His favourite thing to teleport is the clothes off of every woman that walks by him. He thinks taking women's clothes and hiding them from them, then watching the frantic women run around naked is hysterical.

Ciri prides herself in having brain powers nearly as strong as Avallac'h's and is able to be the only female in the palace who's cloths didn't vanish whenever Avallac'h started mentally stripping everyone.

Avallac'h has an insatiable lust for pregnant women... a dangerous fetish that often ends with him killing said women by cutting their unborn babies out of them.

Avallac'h is a chubby chaser and will toss aside skinny women for fat girls.

Avallac'h draws porn.

Avallac'h masterbates with fisstech to porn drawings of Lara and Ciri.

Avallac'h is into voyeurism - he gets off on watching others have sex, and is known to kidnap young girls and force them in bed with other Elves just so he can watch.

Avallac'h is NOT his name, but rather a very, bad derogatory term that other Elves called him so often that he started using it as his alias.

Crevan Espane Aep Corahman Macha, in his youth was an assassin. A magnet for women, he was able to seduce anyone into his bed, get them to tell him anything, and then with his bare hands, snap their necks while fucking them.

Described as a sly, sneaky fox slipping into a henhouse and killing everyone before anyone had a chance to scream - The Great Avallac'h aka The Sly Sneaky Fox was what people began to call him. 

Because of his past, Avallac'h's fetishes now often get out of control and he has a reputation for snapping women's necks, killing them, while he's having sex with them.... it's why he REFUSES to have sex with Ciri. He's scared he will kill her and he doesn't want to hurt her, because unlike the other women he's with who are nothing but toys to him, he loves Ciri.

Since the death of his ex-wife Lara Dorren, he abstains from sex refusing to cheat on Lara. However, he can still be seen rubbing up against women, grinding, dry humping, fondling, and over all doing pretty much everything but actually naked skin on skin intercourse. (Clearly he has trouble abstaining from sex.)

When Ciri meets him, (in a scene that brings back memories of Goblin King Jareth in Labyrinth starring David Bowie's pants), Avallac'h is in the middle of a sex orgy with several fully nude she-elves who are strip dancing in front of him. Ciri falls out of the sky and lands on him... literally landing face down in his crotch, while he's having an erection over the girls dancing for him... Avallac'h translates this as "destiny" and Ciri hasn't been able to get rid of him since.

Did you notice that the first time we see Avallac'h in the game, he's naked and the camera is focused on his crotch... if you've read the novels before playing the game, you know instantly who this character is gonna be because that's how he entered the novels too.

The number 1 reason most people hate Avallac'h is because, we see 8 separate scenes in which Avallac'h dresses Ciri up in trashy outfits, dressing her up like she was his personal Barbie doll, and then merrily taking her off to some other Elf's room, so Avallac'h can jerk off while watching this other Elf fuck Ciri in front of him.... you know because he's refusing to have sex with her himself, because he's scared he'll accidentally kill her, like her does most of the women he fucks.

Over the course of the novels, we see Ciri having increasingly more and more sexual encounters with progressively more and more perverted characters, and we see Ciri trying to get away from all of them.

Then we see Ciri with Avallac'h, and she's all over him as much as he's all over her.

And while 68 other characters TRY to have sex with Ciri, Avallac'h goes on to be the only character who actually does have sex with Ciri.

You remember in the game when Eskell asks Geralt: "Who is this Avallac'h? What's Ciri been doing with him?" and Geralt answers with: "Yen can tell you. Just keep an eye on him. He's not a friend."

You understand now why Geralt said Avallac'h was not a friend... AND you understand too why the game devs choose to word Eskell's question specifically as "What's Ciri been doing with him?"

... any one who's read the novels, as soon as they hear the words: "What's Ciri been doing with him?", will immediately answer. "Oh Ciri's been doing a lot with him. BOY  has Ciri done a lot with him. She probably done everything in the Karma Sata with him. LUL"

We are left asking, is there anything Ciri HASN'T done with Avallac'h? Any form of sex she hasn't had with him? Any sex positions they haven't tried?

 "Who is this Avallac'h? What's Ciri been doing with him?" 

Yeah, Eskell, great way to word that question. Want a list of all the things Ciri has done with Avallac'h?

And you thought he was perverted in the game... LOL

If you are looking for fast paced, action filled game play, you are in the wrong place... ..............................................   Avallac'h is a crippled, elderly elf, so... run, sprint, parry, dodge, and roll have all been removed from the game.... and much to the horrors of most of Twitch chat: eating, drinking, pucking, looting, sleeping, urinating, defecating, and "other" animations have been added. .  ..............................................  And even more to the horrors chat bitchers,  survival skills have also been added meaning Avallac'h REQUIRES food, drink, and sleep or he'll die.  ............................................. Think of this as a flower picking, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, & looting simulator playthrough and you'd be about right.

The loot animations, are the #1 most bitched about modification I have made to the game... 

Avallac'h loots in real time, and he's crippled so it takes him a bit of time to bend down to loot and then even more time to stand back up...

Meaning no more vanilla insta-looting as you run by things. We now must patiently wait for the crippled, elderly elf to slowly take his time when looting... and repeat that wait... for... each... and ... every.... single ... item ... of ... loot. 

Wait till you see the sleep animation... yep, we actually have to sit here and wait for him to sleep... Tat animation is 1 minute per hour, so if he sleeps 2 hours we have to wait 2 minutes of real time before we can do anything in the game again.

These real time/survival skills animations (looting, gathering herbs, eating, drinking, vomiting, urinatiting, defecating, and sleeping) are not vanilla to the game and are added as part of my many ever expanding attempts to bring even more realism to the game.

You think people complained a lot about my playing as Avallac'h or my dressing Ciri slutty... you should have been here to see the onslaught of bitching hate that was caused by the real time animations that slowed the game down to a stand still and irritated viewers who want to watch a fast paced game.

Loot animations... the most hated change o all... who'd a thunk!



The loot animations are not going anywhere.

Sorry to hear how much you hate them, but I love the real time animations and they are here to stay.

 ..................................................... FAQs: What is the difference in Witcher 3 Difficulties:  ..................................................... 

*Avallac'h & Ciri in matching fur coats*

#Just the Story 

* enemies have -50% health then Geralt and do same damage amount as Geralt does to them.

* meditating restores full health

#Sword and Story 

* enemies have 10% more health then Geralt and do 40% more damage than Geralt does.

* meditating restores full health

#Blood and Broken Bones 

* enemies have 20% more health then Geralt does and do 130% more damage than Geralt does to them.

* meditation does not heal you

#Death March 

* enemies have 80% more health then Geralt does and do 230% more damage to Geralt than he does to them.

* meditation does not heal you

#New Game Plus (NG+)

* allows you to replay the game a 2nd time, keeping your end game level and any weapons or armor you already have

* whatever the standard monster health and damage is, the NG+version is doubled; however Geralt's health/damage levels remain the same

* 3x as many monsters/enemies are thrown at you (if it was throwing 10 Ghouls at you in standard game it's 30 Ghouls in NG+)

* this means means every difficulty mode of NG+ is 4x more difficult then it's standard version was

* steam rolling monsters in NG+ is not possible

>>>Most people expect to steam roll the monsters in NG+ and find themselves VERY FRUSTRATED when they realize that NG+ is basically Death March on Steroids x Insanity Mode... there are many reasons for this, including but not limited too:

* nearly every armor, weapon, potion, skill, mutation, decoction, and sign (Aard, Igni, etc) works differently in NG+ then they do in the standard game... some do more damage, some do less damage... there are more than 700 differences just in combat between NG+ and standard.

* Geralt levels up differently in NG+... in the base game for every level you gain, Geralt gains vitality... in NG+ for every level you gain, the MONSTERS/ENEMIES gain vitality, but Geralt DOES NOT!

* NG+ throws more monsters at you - if you thought 10 Drowners attacking you every half hour was bad in the base game... you'll be driven mad by 30 Drowners climbing up your ass every 15 minutes in NG+

* In NG+ the game gets A LOT HARDER to play every time you level up because your combat and signs bonuses DECREASE instead of increase.

* Monsters in NG+ have additional attacks, moves, and skills they did not have in the standard game

>>In essence in NG+ Geralt gets WEAKER with each level up while monsters get STRONGER, making Death March NG+ game play a total nightmare for the average gamer

* Death March has most people running back to the safety of Dark Souls.

* While Death March NG+ makes Dark Souls look like a children's board game


>>>IMPORTANT NOTE: You can ONLY play NG+ after you reach level 35 but BEFORE you reach level 70... meaning you MUST end the game at level 69 or lower, because once you reach level 70, you cancel out the ability to start NG+

* NG+ DOES NOT stack, meaning you CAN NOT play NG+ a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time... if you want to play the game a 3rd time, you start at level 0 once again

* The game ENDS at level 100 even if you have not yet finished the main story... the game STOPS when you hit level 100. You will not be able to progress forward any more, once you reach level 100


* NO! You can NOT go past level 100 without mods!

* NO! You can not play NG++ to increase levels past 100, because the game has no NG++ or NG+++ or NG++++, etc ability.

* NO! Levels and NG+ do not keep stacking each time you replay the game!

* Yes! The game ALWAYS RESETS back to level 0 every time you replay it!










>>>My modded game has Death March rec-oded to be DOUBLE. Meaning Death March enemies have 160% more health then Geralt does and do 460% more damage to Geralt than he does to them. 

>>>Also in my modded game, MOST enemies now spawn in 15 to 35 levels higher then player character current level (vanilla game they spawn in at 5 less to 5 more levels)

>>>I have made a mod that gives monsters the attacks, bonuses, and abilities that the novels, bestiary, and game lore tells us they have


Also, while Geralt's health starts out at 3,500 vitality and leveling up adds 500 to 5,000 to vitality depending on current level and difficulty mode.... meaning that by the time you reach level 100, Geralt could have a vitality of upto 350,000


* I have removed this Player Character health leveling feature entirely from the game, and put a new one in its place, that I made specifically to match Avallac'h.

Avallac'h is the oldest Elf, very ancient, at least 2,000 years old, and was very weak, slow moving, and frail because of his extreme old age.

In both the game and the novels, Avallac'h is described as elderly, sickly, weak, and in poor health. Avallac'h had a heart attack in the novels and we were told it was not the first one he'd had. We were told his heart was very weak and this greatly contributed to his moving very slowly.

Avallac'h suffered PTSD, was prone to panic attacks, was extremely paranoid, and all of these made him at very high risk for having yet another heart attack. Most of the other Elves carefully tiptoed around him careful to not startle, frighten, scare, anger, or upset him because they were afraid he was too weak to live through another heart attack.

We saw in both the games and the novels, that while he had the will to fiercely protect Ciri, he did not have the physical strength nor the health needed to back up his fierce willpower, and was easily knocked out, injured, and taken down by an enemy.

Because of this, I made it so that...

* Avallac'h's health/vitality starts at 500 and DOES NOT increase as he levels up

* Most monsters in the unmodded game hit for minimum 700 vitality; but in my game, most are modded to hit for at least 2,000 vitality... so one hit from almost anything kills Avallac'h, requiring me to do a lot of extra planning and invasive action in order to keep Avallac'h alive

Because of how I've coded him vs how I've coded the monsters, and the fact I'm playing on NG+ Death March, it's EXTREMELY difficult for me to keep Avallac'h alive... Avallac'h dies on average every 7 to 12 minutes... 

Meaning Avallac'h needs "outside help" to keep him alive.

In the novels, Avallac'h had the ability to cast barrier spells that were impenetrable.  He maintains one around him and Ciri at all times, and huge hoards of attacking armies spent 8 years trying to break through it and could not.

* Thus I have changed Quen in the game to create a barrier spell that is very similar to the one described in the novels. As long as Quen is active, nothing can hit or harm Avallac'h at all, and Quen instantly vaporizes them. Quen takes damage with each hit, does not heal itself, and eventually goes down, leaving Avallac'h vulnerable to attack again... as a general rule it takes around 20,000 vitality worth of enemy hits to deactivate this "Quen" barrier, which allows Avallac'h to temporarily walk through a battlefield unharmed, allowing him to get close enough to a monster to kill it with one hit.

* Because his sonic scream in the novels, can not be exactly replicated into gameplay, Avallac'h has the vaporizing ability put into Aard. His Aard hits at an 800 foot radious and does 8-million vitality damage, USUALLY allowing him to wipe out EVERY monster or bandit in the entire area with only one hit... however this doesn't always trigger and can miss-fire if he is too sick, too fatigued, or his vitality is too low

Because Avallac'h's vitality is so low and he takes damage so easily and dies so quickly, armor has been changed to give armor more "real world" style abilities of protection.

* Armor, cloths, gloves, pants, boots have all been re-coded in my game so that they provide levels of protection based on materials (plate metal provides more protection than leather which protects more plain cloth, etc)... this is done by giving each type of clothes vitality - though nothing adds more then 2,000 total; meaning I can by combining certain items, get Avallac'h's vitality up to 10,000

* The drawback is survival skills are added to my game... fatigue being one of those skills - in addition to adding protection, armor now also adds weight, according to materials - again plate armor being heavier then leather and so forth.

* Meaning that while a heavy plate chest armor may add 2,000 vitality, however, it also adds weight, which drains Avallac'h's vitality over time as he becomes more tired... meaning if he put on the armor JUST BEFORE fighting an enemy he would have +2,000 vitality, but after wearing it for 2 hours, his vitality will have reduced to +1,800 and so on.

In other words, there are huge advantages to having Avallac'h wearing heavy armor, but there are just as many disadvantages as well. While it gives him the protection (vitality boost) to stay alive, it also added the weight that exhausts him quickly hampering his ability to even fight at all.

>>>NOTE: Because Avallac'h's 3D model is so much smaller then Geralt's 3D model, MOST of the armor in the game does not fit him. Chest armor is way too big for him, while boots and gloves are way too small for him. I had to change the 3D model sizes of several chest armors and boots in order to make them wearable for Avallac'h. I have only changed long robe-like chest armor and light weight boots so far. Thus most armor in the game is still unusable for Avallac'h.

>>>>Avallac'h's 3D model is different from MOST of the 3D models in the game. It is one of about a dozen 3D models categorized as "a censored file"... meaning an actual person was photographed for the texture file (meaning Avallac'h is one of the few characters in the game with genitals - that are pixelated out - but, they are there. 

*Which is rather ironic considering that Avallac'h is a eunuch and shouldn't have genitals anyways.*

>>>>>Meaning also a real person was hooked up to a computer that created the 3D model to the exact size and shape of the real actor's body. 

>>>>>>The result is, Avallac'h's hands and feet are MUCH bigger than the hands and feet of most every male character in the game, because his body proportions are accurate to a real person's while the other characters -Geralt included- were made by a graphic designer who created the 3D model "by eye" resulting in Geralt's proportionally smaller then real world hands and feet and larger than real world chest.

The short of it is that for Avallac'h's 3D model, a real live actor stood there for hours, hooked up to hundreds of wires, while a computer scanned his body and made the 3D model...

...while a 3D artist digitally drew Geralt's 3D model...

...resulting in body proportions being accurate on Avallac'h's 3D model, but extremely inaccurate body proportions in Geralt's 3D model, resulting in it being almost impossible for Geralt's clothes to be worn by Avallac'h without huge changes being made to the models of the clothes.

In any case, armor has had huge changes to stats... such changes include:

* only armor that should logically protect from burning have burning protection

* only armor that should logically protect from poison have poison protection

* only armor that should logically protect from cold have frost protection

* only armor that should logically protect from piercing damage have piercing protection

* and so on and so forth for the more then 200 various types of protection stats that vanilla armors provide

In addition to those armor changes, there are  still experimental work in progress changes that are affected by the environment and weather.

Meaning such things as:

* thick, padded, fur trimmed coats, boots, gloves provide warmth; 

* lightweight flowing cloth ones provide cooling, 

* heavy boots slow down speed in muddy rain, 

And so on and so forth.

Additionally....Cold and heat, rain and wind,  also effect Avallac'h, though this feature is not working properly yet (as of Feb 28, 2020) and is still a work in progress... 

* ...but this is WHY when in cold areas like Skellige yo see my change Avallac'h and Ciri's clothes to be warmer furs, while stripping them down to their underwear in warm climates like Toussaint... 

* Avallac'h's vitality goes down if he gets too hot or too cold, and he can die from it and has to change his outfits accordingly

* Weight HEAVILY affects Avallac'h... including how much weight he is carrying in his inventory 

* Weight has been added to ALL ITEMS - books, food, flowers, herbs, ingots... items that in the vanilla game are 0 weight, now have real world weights

* Life skills added to the game, include the need to eat, drink, and sleep (urination and defecation are also added to the game, but are deactivated for Twitch streams, for obvious reasons - yes, chamber pots, outhouses, and water closest in the game are now usable - and in the vanilla game every house has one if you take the time to look for them, I just made it possible to use them)

* Fisstech is now a makeable/cookable and usable item

* All food found in game, can now be cooked/made

* Avallac'h MUST eat and drink and sleep... he can become sick and/or die from starvation, thirst, or exhaustion.

* All food and drink stat/abilities are changed as a result. Snack food provide only small alleviation of hunger, while full meals fully resort vitality... unless he over eats and starts vomiting from eating too much which makes him sick and his vitality drop instead of increase. 

* Alcohols, cause severe impairment, diably signs, add high miss chance to combat, and induce vomiting.

* Fisstech gives Avallac'h a 200% boost of vitality and stamina, but also a 75% increase of toxicity, and increases the speed of fatigue. Taking before combat it makes in invincible, but it doesn't last long and long term hurts him worse than anything else.

* While he needs to eat, Food (and fisstech) can make Avallac'h sick... which triggers with a vomit animation, and then starts decreasing his vitality. Until he heals, he can no longer cast signs, and takes a huge debuff in combat (meaning he has a decrease in chance of hitting his target)

* Stamina and adrenaline in my game do not do what they do in the vanilla game.  Avallac'h's combat is Adrenaline based not stamina based, allowing him the cast back to back signs, seconds apart without the need to wait for stamina to refill... however, his adrenalin has to stay at maximum to do this, if his adrenaline levels drop, he has to wait for them to go back up to cast signs again.

* Fear is added to the game, though there are no HUD markers to show it - Avallac'h in both game and novels was described as very paranoid and prone to flee rather then fight... we only saw him fight when he was cornered and had no other option... his sonic scream *(yeah, Avallac'h not Ciri did this in the novels, AND he did it in the game causing the Cataclysm Site at the Druid Grove)* was triggered by massive fear panic overload and was capable of vaporizing everything for miles around.

* ...thus he needs his fear levels to increase in order for his adrenalin levels to increase... meaning if Avallac'h is calm, he can not fight... seeing enemies in the area he can not run up to then and attack them... they MUST attack first, to trigger his fear to activate, causing his adrenaline levels to start rising before he is able to cast signs ... this makes gameplay a huge challenge and means I can not as a player attack first or initiate combat with enemies who did not first attack us

* also, because Ciri was a huge distraction in the novels and Avallac'h had trouble casting spells if Ciri was distracting him, he's also coded that he can not cast spells or use weapons if Ciri is standing too close to him

* All items in game can now be made/crafted (dolls, mugs, plates, jewelry, etc)

* There are 100+ new food items and crafting items added to the game that did not appear in the vanilla game

* All monster parts, plants, and crafting items found in Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 are now also found in Witcher 3

* all potions, decotions, and alchemy items found in the novels, Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 are now in Witcher 3... more than 300 new alchemy items are in my game

* Alchemy can no longer be made during meditation and can only be made at an alchemist's or herbalist's house *(this is because we saw 2 scenes in the vanilla game, of Avallac'h while traveling, stop and seek out a mage and ask to use their equipment, rather then make potions on the road; and there was nothing in the novels to suggest he WOULD NOT do this, even though nothing in the novels said he would do it either)*

* Alchemy potions have to be remade after each use - use it, it's gone and must be remade

As a real world Hoodoo Rootworker, I know for a fact that making a decoction out of flower petals requires hundreds of flower petals. An ounce of Rose Water requires the boiling down many, many hundreds of rose petals.... because of this it annoyed me, that Geralt makes indefinitely refilling bottles of potions from just 1 single, solitary white myrtle petal. Because of this all alchemy recipes are changed to reflect real world hoodoo rootwork potion making

* Alchemy recipes are all changed and now require hundreds of flower petals, monster parts, and other ingredients to make each one, requiring a massive amount of gathering up thousands of each herb or monster part just to make a few bottles of potions

* Animations are added to the game to match the survival skills, including vomiting if getting sick, and passing out if over fatigued

In the novels Avallac'h had a horse-like creature, that Ciri said looked like a cross between a horse and a dragon, she referred to it as "Avallac'h's Rudy Horse" because of it's red fur. *(Eredin and each of the Red Riders also had one, though theirs were heavily armored)*... while it was always with Avallac'h there is very little info about it. There is more info about the one Eredin rode.

* Based on what little info there is, these horse-like red-dragon-creatures were capable of carrying huge, massive amounts of weight, and with this info in mind, I have changed Roach in the game into Avallac'h's Rudy, while also making the horse able to carry 18,000lbs of weight.

* Stash chests are removed from the game as there is no logical reason why Avallac'h would stash his belongings in the homes of these various humans

* The stash inventory is now carried on the horse - however, we can only access the stash if standing beside the horse, so can not access it from inside buildings or if we have walked away from our horse


#NOTE on reaching high levels in Witcher 3, as  since breaking the world record, it has been asked how to do it...

>NO! You can NOT go past level 100 without mods!

>>NO! You can not play NG++ to increase levels past 100, because the game has no NG++ or NG+++ or NG++++, etc ability.

>>>NO! Levels and NG+ do not keep stacking each time you replay the game!

>>>>Yes! The game ALWAYS RESETS back to level 0 every time you replay it!

>>>>>I contacted the person who held the previous world record (512) to find out how they were able to bypass the game stopping at level 100 and NG+ not stacking, and then I did the same thing they did, in order to reach and pass their world record.

#REMEMBER the game stops at level 100 and NO, you can NOT stack NG+ to get past this.... there is no way to play the game past level 100 unless you alter the game engine, forcing it to keep counting levels passed 100.

* I am able to play the game past level 100 because I altered the game engine itself, allowing the game to keep counting levels up to 9,999.... I still had to start NG+ before reaching level 70 in order to trigger NG+, as I have not yet figured out how to alter the code to allow NG+ to start at any level

* I did test out altering the game code to cause stacking NG+, to see if it was possible. It is possible, but when you trigger an additional NG+ after your first NG+, the game becomes HIGHLY UNSTABLE and a lot of quests no longer trigger - I've not yet figured out how to fix that and it's not a high priority mod for me to work on so it'll be a while before I work on it again, if I ever do at all

FAQs: Do you recommend I read the novels before playing the game?

^ In the novels, this girl had black skin, and Ciri called her a monkey. Ciri claimed that she could not tell Isilira from Avallac'h's other wives because they all had black skin and according to Ciri all blacks look alike because they all look like monkeys.... page 159 of Lady of the Lake.

It is the REASON, in the game, when Ciri finds this girl in Avallac'h's bedroom, this following conversation happens:

#CIRI: "You! I remember you. From Tir na Lia!"

#ISILIRA: "Funny, I thought those of our race, all looked alike to you."

#By making Isilira in the game WHITE, instead of BLACK, like she was in the novels, her words here in the game, lose their meaning, and most people playing the game end up falsely thinking it is Islira who is racist against humans, when in fact the racist one, is Ciri, who hate black people and in the novels has several monologues on how she wants kill everyone who is black, including Avallac'h 5 black wives.

And that is just one of the many HUNDREDS of black bashng, white power scenes from racist pig Ciri in the novels, that inspires me to answer your question with a resounding:


And be prepared... by time you get to the end of the novels, you will HATE Ciri, Geralt, Dandelion, Triss Merigold, Crach an Craite, and most of all, the vilest piece of shit of all: Vesimire... characters who in the game, you had no reason to hate at all.

#Do you recommend I read the novels before playing the game?


In fact, for MOST people I would advise staying away from the novels. 

The novels are NOT what most people think they are. For starters, they are NOT Fantasy novels, but rather they are political manifesto rants of the author, whose one and only goal is to push his morals, values, religion, and extremely anti-liberal, pro-fundy-conservative agenda on the readers, and attempt to do so by using fantasy-like parable stories to show examples of why his agenda is the only agenda and prove his way is the only one true way.

The extreeme black bashing, gay hating, white power message preached from The Witcher novels a struggle for me to read. There were many times when I was horrified and disgusted by the blatant kill all gays message that gallops through the novels. And Ciri's kill all blacks, gory to all whites monologue made me just want to run Ciri's head throw a meat grinder. Ciri is the most vile, black hating, white power, racist bitch I have ever encountered in literature.

I was constantly putting the book down, disgusted by the author's black hating, gay hating, female hating, "I'm a proud straight white dude, fuck all females, fuck all blacks, fuck all gayz" message.

I found myself continually torn by hating the horrific message the author was preaching, while loving the gay, lesbian, asexual, black, and female characters that he was massaquring left and right. His extreme hatred for the blacks, gays, lesbians, asexuals, and females that he was slaughtering on every page to priove how great strat white males are, just made me love characters that he was trying to convince us readers to hate.

His extreme levels of brutal torture of Avallac'h, is a big reason why I fell in love with Avallac'h. Avallac'h in the novels, is asexual but in love with a female, and we see his life torn apart, when she, his wife Lara, reveals she only wants him for sex and he refuses to have sex with her, so she spites him by getting pregnent by another man. We see him bullied, outcast from society, becoming a hermit, all because his refusal to have sex makes him the laughing stock of everything. The baby is Ciri's 3rd great grandmother, and Ciri, a lesbian (sort of) looks just like Lara so Avallac'h, thinking he doesn't have to worry about sex with a lesbian, tries to get Ciri to be Lara... but then Ciri turns out to not actually be a lesbian, turns into a psycho crazed sex addicted freak and starts trying to get Avallac'h to have sex with her, which he, being asexual, refuses to do, so Ciri rapes Avallac'h, 4 times, then upon realizeing, yeah he really doesn't want sex, she breaks his legs by running a sword through his knees, his hips, and runs a sword through his testicles, because that's what lesbians do to men who refuse to have sex with them, in the Witcher universe, where lesbian means rapist of men not 2 women in love.

Every letter in the LGBTQAI+ string of letters, gets hit by the author's extreme hatred of all things not straight... even asexuals, as we see in the Avallac'h's story when the kill your gays troup lashes out at the A = asexual of the LGBTQAI+ group.

It makes me both hate the author and love the characters, hate the novels, but love the story.

I have a deep love hate relationship with the Witcher novels, and while I deeply love some of the characters, I hate the anti-gay, anti-black, anti-female message the novels preaches from every page.

But I do believe that MOST people who read the novels are going to be far too offended and outraged by the anti-gay, anti-black, anti-female message to be able to read enough of the story to learn to identify with and love the blacks, gays, and females that the author wants so desperatly to make you hate.

And one has only to look at the Witcher 3 streamers who watched the Netflix series, loved it, started playing the game, loved it, started reading the novels... and only made it a few chapters in before making a stream saying they were not going to finish the game and would not be watching the rest of the Netflix series, once they found out how horrible the hate message of the novels was.

We have seen dozens and dozens and dozens of streamers make streams like this now, saying they wished they had never watched the Netflix series, wished they had never started the game, wished they had known before, how horribly, terribly, anti-black, anti-gay, anti-female the novels really were.

VERY FEW people who start reading the novels, will make it more then a few chapters into the first novel before they are so fed up with the author neglecting the story in favor of preaching at them, that they toss the whole series aside and never pick it up again.

The few who do make it past the first 2 novels and reach the 3rd novel, will highly likely be so horrified with the change from Geralt as main character, to Ciri as main character that they will toss the series in the garbage can not even bothering to sell their copies on eBay because they are so outraged that something this biggoted, this racist, and this much in favor of promoting child porn and legalizing rape of children 

*(yes, that IS one of the primary messages and goals of the series... if you did not know the legal system regarding rape in Poland, you might want to look it up, basically rape of children is seen as okay because men NEED to relieve themselves and the author, wishes to legalize rape of children worldwide, not just in Poland... be prepared to be horrified by the incredibly horrifying pro-legalizing-rape message the Witcher novels is going to pound into the reader's face every 3 pages)*

When you realize hoe VERY EXTREME the messages in this political manifesto masked as a Fantasy series really is, you'll be utterly horrified that anyone thought to write something, this extreme... and you'll suddenly understand, why there are far more people who cry for an all out boycott of the Witcher series, then there are people are fans of it.

Forget EVERYTHING the games and the Netflix series told you, when you pick up the Witcher novels, because you are about to venture into one of the wildest, most bizarre, psycho-author, social justice warrior, political manifestos ever published.

You have to slog through page after page after page of dull, dry, boring manifesto rants, before getting to snippets and paragraph of story plot, followed by page after page after page after page of even more dull, dry boring political manifesto rants before reaching the next 2 or 3 paragraph snippet of story again.

If you like reading Ernest Hemingway and find works like *The Old Man and the Sea* and *Hills Like White Elephants* to be the best works of literature ever written, then you'll love the Witcher novels.

Side note:  Ernest Hemingway is one of my top favorite authors and *The Old Man and the Sea* and *Hills Like White Elephants* are 2 of my all time favorite stories. 

I love *Hills Like White Elephants* and when you know THAT story, what it's about, what it's message was... in the 1920s, when NO BODY talked about such things.... and then you read the Witcher novels, chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, and see THE EXACT SAME STORY of *Hills Like White Elephants* in the dialogue between Ciri and Avallac'h, with roles reversed, and the FEMALE *(Ciri)* being the one wanted an abortion while the MALE *(Avallac'h)* is trying to stop this baby murder from happening... then you start to realize, why I love Avallac'h so much, and how, in spite of everything else in the Witcher novels, the Lady of the Lake went on to be my favorite novel.

Ernest Hemingway, wrote a part 2, to *Hills Like White Elephants*... *For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn*

I love Ernest Hemingway. But most people don't. Few like his work. And most find his style of writing... with ZERO character names, no punctuation, and no "he said" or "she said" tags, to be jarring and near impossible to read.... and the Witcher novels are the same... they read like Ernest Hemingway himself wrote them, the same manifesto ranting, the same lack od character names, the same lack of punctuation, the same lack of "he said" or "she said" tags, and the same in your face political messages.

If you don't like Ernest Heminway, you wil NOT like the Witcher novels.

I should also point out, I LOVE Literary Slice of Life Political Manifesto Moral Stories, it is my favorite genre. I rarely read fiction because I find fiction dull, dry, and boring. I read hundreds of non-fiction books, every year.

And when the Witcher novels were first recommended to me, I put off reading them for 5 years, because I THOUGHT they were Fantasy novels, and I should also point out that I absolutely HATE Fantasy novels, and find things like *Lord of The Rings* and *Game of Thrones* to be among the most boring things ever written. 

If you like *The Lord of the Rings* or *The Game of Thrones*, you will HATE the Witcher Novels.

I HATE Fantasy novels.

Yet the Witcher novels, are my favorite novels now, after I read them, and found out they were NOT Fantasy novels, but rather were Literary Slice of Life stories, written in the Ernest Hemingway format, and while I disagree with MOST of the social justice warrior ranting the author puts out their... I admire his drive, his passion, his utter ballsiness and not giving 2 shits about stepping on sensitive snowflake toes.

In this day and age, most authors are too busy worrying about not stepping on sensitive snowflake toes to write with the actual passion they feel, and that's sad.

Just because the bulk of society disagrees with you on morals and values, doesn't mean you should feel pressured into NOT expressing your feeling on those morals and values.

Like I said, I disagree with MOST of the message's this author is putting out there... but I respect that he had the balls to put that message out there.

What are those messages? Lets give you a list...

If you are black, or support BlackLivesMatter, know that the author is incredibly white power, and main character Ciri is such a hugely overbearing black hating bigot, that she was voted by The Ku Klux Klan, as the fictional character who is the most ideal female whom little girls should look up to and strive to be more like. If you are black, read something less black bashingly racist, like Huckleberry Finn. It's far less offensive. The constant black bashing. Okay, we get it, you hate black people, can you get back to the story now? This is an author who doesn't know when to quit. We got the message, you hate black people, can you stop beating it over our head now? Damn! 

The Witcher novels are books that NO supporter of Black Lives Matter should get near... they will quickly become the books you hate most of all.

No fan of Ciri who is a supporter of Black Lives Matter, should EVER read the Witcher novels... you'll want to beat the crap out of her bigoted black-hating, racist ass so damned bad.

Once you find out how horrifically extreme Ciri's hatred of blacks is in the novels, you'll think Derek Chauvin was a good guy... yes, Ciri is THAT bad when it comes to her black hatred in the novels. 

If you are female, know that the author is a menminist (a male who hates females) and writes females as though they were the most demonic nazis to ever exist and must be exterminated, elimitaneted, and annihilated.  Daleks desire to exterminate Humanity far less then Andrzej Sapkowski desires to exterminate all females in the universe.

It's worse if you are Lesbian. If you go to Amazon book reviews you will find that The Witcher novels have 122 5 star reviews all of which call the series "The Best Lesbian literature ever written!" These reviews are written by obveously straight people without a clue.

Main character Ciri is touted by many of her fans as "a lesbian" and again, it is clear people who call Ciri a lesbian are straight and do not know what lesbian means.

A lesbian is a woman who is loves another woman.

What does the Witcher novels tell you a lesbian is? A female peadophile who kidnaps and rapes little girls, then trains the little girls to seduce, rape, and castrate men, because the ultimate goal of lesbians to to kill all men. 

Lesbians also roam the streets in search of pregnant women to stab them in the belly and rid them of the "parasites" implanted in them by men.

Lesbians in the Witcher novels are hell bent on killing all men, all pregant women, all children, all babies, and leaving the world an all female utopia.

Yeah.  Good portrayal of lesbianism, right?


It is horrible that in this day and age, there are still people out there who don't know what lesbian or gay mean.

Here's something to consider... if you are a male fan of Ciri, grab hold of your penis and run, because novel Ciri is a serial Lorena Bobbit.

The author is Polish, Jewish, and a WW2 concentration camp survivor.  As such, his hatred for Christians is phenomenal (though understandable), and every sentence of the Witcher novels drips with pro-Jewish kill all Christians propaganda. Humans are ALL portrayed as very unabashedly Christian and Nazi while Elves and Gnomes wear sackcloth and ashes, tzitzit, prayer shawls and locks, and speak real world Hebrew, while the Humans massacre them in grizzly, historically accurate, WW2 concentration camp brutality. *(Avallac'h is a Jewish rabbi... did you know that?)* 

My family, we are part Jewish, and it's breath of fresh air to see Jewish culture, Jewish history, Jewish characters in any media, because you don't see it that often.... but damn... not like this. The constant glorification of Judaism.... it's not done in a good way.  It leaves the reader thinking, great, you're proud of your religion. Good for you. Can you stop hate feasting on every one now? You really are making your religion look bad when you do that. Stop giving people who hate Jews a reason to hate Jews even more! The war ended 80 years ago, yeah a lot of people in my family died in concentration camps too... now get over it! You are making your people look worse not better!

If you play the games, you'll come to love several characters, who the games give you no reason to dislike.

But when you read the novels, those very same beloved characters, show their true colours, and it ain't pretty.

The most beloved characters of the games, are NOTHING like they were in the novels, and in the novels, they are vile, immoral, degenrates. Child rapists. Murders. Saditist tortures.

In the game Vesimire tells you he regrets making Witchers, and glad he hasn't done it in hundreds of years.... and yet the time period of the game, is just 3 years after the end of the novels.

No, the story of the novels, IS NOT in the game, NONE of the games contain ANYTHING from the novels.

The novels end with nearly every character, included Geralt and his WIFE Yennefer, both dead. The game developers did not like the ending, and made the games as a "What if.... Geralt had not died...."

#Keep in mind too, that the games were made 30 years AFTER the 8 novels were published. These are very old books, and the games are nothing but fan fiction inspired by the books, and ARE NOT the story of the books, and because the games are FAN FICTION created 3 decades after the novels were published, the game devs changed characters A LOT!

Remember Vesimire, who the game tells you, regreters making Witchers and hasn't done it in over a hundred years? Yet the game is set 3 years after the novels end?

First chapter. First novel. Vesimire is running out of children to torture, and his glut lust for their screams, his sexual arousal at watching them die, is not being forfilled, because he has run out of little boys to torture to death in sadistic glee.

So what does he do? He sends out Geralt to kidnap more children from the nearby village.

Geralt kidnaps 3 little boys for Vesimire to have erections over while torturing, within the first 20 pages of the start of the series.

First sentence of the first novel puts Geralt's erection in your face. But that ain't nothing compared to the graphicly detailed erections he gets while hunting, stalking, capturing, restraining, little boys 3 to 9 years old.

Yeah. Geralt and Vesimire are BOTH pedophiles, with a thing for sadistically abusing very small boys, the game forgot to tell you that bit about Geralt and Vesimire didn't it? And we aren't even 30 pages into the 8 volume series yet.

And that's just the beginning.

Vesimire, a beloved character in the game, in the novels is a sadistic deviated symbolic portrayal of Nazi Generals and lines up thousands of children to goostesp march them in to the slaughterhouse, as merrily as young Andrzej Sapkowski watched being done to his friends and siblings being marched into gas chamber train cars of Poland's horrific mass slaughter of Jewish boys.

Vesimire was one of my favorite characters in the game. After reading the novels, every time I see Vesimire in the game now, I just want to shove a machine gun down that bastard's throat. He is the most vile child molesting, child abusing, child murdering monster in literature. He is so evil, he makes peadophile Catholic priests look good.

And then there are characters like Geralt. There's nothing to hate about him in the game. You see this caring, loving daddy daughter relationship he has with Ciri. And then you read the novels. He hated her so much.  All he cared about was sex, drinking, and money. Geralt in the novels was an immoral, debauched, bastard. There's nothing likeable about him at all. He's a filthy peice of shit, who treated Ciri worse then most of the villains did. Who knows where the game got the daddy daughter relationship, because it certainly wasn't in the novels. 

And Regis. One of the best characters in the game, was a vile, drunk, gutter scum piece of trash in the novels.

Crach and Halmar an Craite, no reason in the game to dislike either of them. No reason in the novels to not hate them. They BOTH tried to rape Ciri when she was 7 years old.

If you are pro-abortion, be prepared for one of the grizzliest anti-abortion scenes in literature, a ravine full of tens of thousands of gutted females, their unborn babies ripped from their bellies, and their discarded bodies left in a heap to die as unwanted refuse, like would have happened to their babies had The Wild Hunt not rescued the soon to be aborted babies from the abortion bitches now laying in heaps at the bottom of the ravine behind Avallac'h's lab.... 

Though I should note, that I don't have any issues with the anti-abortion stuff in the Witcher novels, I simply point it out, because I know a lot of readers will find it upsetting... me? I have even mentioned that one the primary reasons I like Avallac'h is his extreme hatred for abortion and his being a baby rescuing vigilante? 

I personally find nothing more glorious in the Witcher novels then the ravine full of tens of thousands of mutilated abortion bitches. Praise be to Avallac'h, more power to him, may he kill them all. 

But I realize, most delight in the mass murder of babies, because they are immoral degenerates who value sex over life, which is why 5,000 babies are murdered in America every single day, and thus why I point out, chances are high, you are going to hate Avallac'h's scenes because he desperately wants a baby, can't father children, will stop at nothing to get a baby, and is kills everyone who killed their own baby. The game kind of forgot to tell you Avallac'h did that, didn't it?

The extreme anti-abortion preaching in the Witcher novels is actually the biggest WHY of all, behind why I like the Witcher novels and am able to overlook the parts of it that I don't like. It's rare that any author has the balls to speak out against abortion. Most authors are too afraid of stepping on sensitive snowflake toes.

Google me... I'm EelKat, founder of The Procter & Gamble Boycott, I coined the term "not tested on animals" and got it put on your shampoo bottles, and one of my longest running protest/boycott/petition is legalizing death penalty for abortion bitches. ... I've had 7 miscarriages that were caused by jackass bastards kicking me in the stocmah with the intention of killing my baby, they ruptured my ovaries and I can't get pregnant anymore, and America has laws that says a woman over 45 years old can't adopt... there is NOTHING I have ever more in my life then to have children, so if you killed your baby, I want you dead.... I will not stop that petition until death penalty is legalized for abortion and every last abortion bitch is executed. So I hail Avallac'h as a hero.... though, the average person, thinks killing babies is great and will find the anti-abortion agenda of the Witcher novels a bit disturbing.

Did you know that Americans mass murder more babies EACH MONTH, then the number of Jews the Nazis mass murdered EACH YEAR of the War? An average of 3MILLION babies are mass murdered in America EACH YEAR. 

The Nazis killed fewer Jews in the totality of the War, then the number of babies murdered by their own mothers EACH YEAR in America.

Since 1990, more then 90MILLION babies have been murdered by their vile, immoral, sexually degenerate American mothers.


It's largest genocide in Human history.

But moving on, back to the things I find very disturbing about the Witcher novels.

While I personally have no issues with the mass murder of abortion bitches, I have HUGE issues with child porn...

Andrzej Sapkowski is a pedophile and the Witcher novels are outright rape fantasy child porn. Brutal depictions of Ciri's 8 year old vagina being tortured and raped is front and center in the reader's face every 20 pages.

Ciri is only 14 years old when the novels ends. She's 12 in the sex scenes with Avallac'h, Auberon, and Eredin. She's 10 years old in her sex scenes with Mistle. And 68 of the rapes scene occure BEFORE that, when she is 7, 8, and 9 years old.

You can tell us she was raped, without giving us a line by line 10 page detail of the whole thing. We readers did NOT need the go-pro camera shoved up her cunt to give us full view of the rape. Nore did we need full descriptions of an 8 year olds orgasms. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you write that? I'm sorry but those scenes are incredibly unnessaracy, and serve no purpse at all other than to tell us the author has a series problem with being obsessed with a little girl's private parts, that did not need to be put on display every few pages. That is my biggest complaint with the novels. Andrezj Sapkowski has a serious problem and anyone who spends THAT much time writing about a child's vagina, probably should be in prison. Those scenes SHOULD NOT be in the novels. There was no need for him to write them at all. And they are the biggest reason I tell people NOT to read the Witcher novels. This is an author who need some serious help. And I can't help but ask: How many little girls did he rape to research writing those scenes? What the fuck? Why would you write something like that? It's so unnecessary on so many levels. He ought to be ashamed of himself for writing shit like that about little girls.

Yennefer is 15 in her sex scenes with 198 year old Geralt. Triss Merigold is 10 in her sex scenes with Geralt.

Dandelion is 51 years old in the novels, he never has consensual sex with anyone, his preference is for girls 4 to 10 years old because chances are low they'll get pregnant from him raping them..... Ooooh... did the Netflix series forget to tell you that?

I'm so very glad I played the game before reading the novels, so my mind was able to see Ciri, Triss, and Yen as adults in their novel sex scenes. I would not have made it through those several hundred sex scenes of the novels otherwise.

There is NOTHING Andrzej Sapkowski hates more then the LGBTQA+ community. It is his deepest wish that they all be gathered up and mass genocide executed. And the Witcher novels ranks are the #1 most anti-LGBTQA+ literature ever written. At 8 volumes and over 4,000 pages long, there is at least 1 gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, or transgender person killed in a massively brutal, gore filled blood bath EVERY 3 PAGES.... with the novels featuring an astounding more then 1,700 LGBTQA+ characters being brutally murdered in mind numbingly graphic detail.

The insane levels of gay-hatred. It's over the top. It's needless. You've made your point. You hate gays. We get it. The extreme graphic details, on every 3 pages, tells us readers, you the author have got some SERIOUS mental health issues. It's not normal to graphicly detail that much torture, that much mutilation, that much gore, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. You've made your point. You want to kill all gays. Can you stop killing gay characters for 5 seconds and get back to the damned story? Please? You got a serious problem here.


For 90% of people looking to play this game, I highly recommend you DO NOT now or ever, read the novels.

Had I read the novels BEFORE I played the game, I never would have played the game.

While the story of the novels is amazing, the entire story could be told in around 200 pages, without wading through the additional 4,000 pages of black bashing, gay hating, child vagina lusting propaganda that you have to slog through to get to the story.

The story is amazing, but the political raving and ranting, the non-stop author bashing his agendas in your face, are over the top and distract from the story on huge levels.

You get a page or 2 of story, followed by chapter after chapter of off topic raving and ranting politics, then another page or 2 of story, then a few more chapters of the author bashing you in the face with political agendas... it makes the Witcher novels VERY difficult to read, because the flow of the story is broken up so badly.

If you like reading the political manifestos of social justice warriors, you'll love the Witcher novels, but if you were looking for a Fantasy novel... know these are NOT even close to being Fantasy novels. Heck, the novels are not even set in a Medieval timeline... the 1251 date is 1,251 years after a cataclysm destroyed most of the planet, not the year 1251... they have computers, TVs, light bulbs, electricity, rocket ships, in the Witcher novels. Setting wise, the novels have more in common with the game FallOut4 then they do the Medieval Fantasy world seen in the game Witcher 3. or seen in the Netflix series.

The novels have almost nothing in common with the game, and the Netflix series is based far more off the game then it was the novels, no matter what Netflix tells you.

The Witcher novels are nothing short of Andrzej Sapkowski's manifesto response to Hitler's Mein Kampf and most people are way too deep in sensitive snowflakeness to be able to stomach reading the Witcher novels.

I would only recommend the Witcher novels to someone who was Jewish or a history buff studying the mental effects Nazi concentration camps had on people like Andrzej Sapkowski.

On top of all that is the added problem that Andrzej Sapkowski wass clearly never trained in how to write. His grammar is horrific. Consistency is non-existent. Characters change A LOT from one scene to the next, simply because the author was so caught up in preaching his manifesto that he couldn't be bothered to remember, was this character a pixie, a hag, or a hunchback? Was that character 5 feet tall, 7 feet tall or 11 feet tall? Did this character have black skin or white skin? Did that character have green eyes or blue eyes, I can't remember, let's say brown this time.

It's a BIG problem. There is no attempt for consistency on any level at all.

For example: When Yennefer is introduced, the author tells us she is a Pixie, bears no resemblance to a human, and at under 4 feet tall, is shorter then a Gnome, or a Halfling. Yeah. Uma in the game is taller then Yennefer in the novels.

Then later, we are told that Yennefer is a grave hag, and shapeshifts to pretend to be a Human.

Still later we are told, her Elf mother, sat on her after she was born, crushing her bones, making her a hunchback, her human father beat her mother to death and daily beat Yennefer. At 83 years old Yennefer finally escaped her father.

Geralt tells us Avallac'h is 7'3". Ciri tells us Avallac'h is 11'9". When Geralt meets Avallac'h, Avallac'h is dead, has been dead for 200 years, commit suicide when his wife Lara Dorren died, and now the wraith guarding her tomb, which he can not leave.

Two days later when Ciri meets Avallac'h, 400 years have gone by for Avallac'h, since he saw Geralt, and now he's perfectly alive and not a wraith and not in Lara tomb.

The Netflix series struggled over should they have a black actress or a white actress play Ciri, because when Ciri is introduced to us, we are told that because she is 1/4 Elf, she also looks like an Elf, and could not be identified as a Humans because of her onyx skin. Onyx is black. 

Pointed ears are not the identifying feature of an Elf in the Witcher novels, black skin is.  Only Elves have black skin. Humans do not. People had trouble identifying Avallac'h as an Elf, because he was the ONLY Elf who had white skin, not black skin.

7 novels later, Ciri has her infamous meltdown, where she explains that, Avallac'h is good, in fact, he's the ONLY good Elf, because he's the only white elf, and all other elves are evil, because all other elves are black, and no human ever murdered anyone, because black people are the only people capable of murder. Yeah, Ciri's a black hating racist pig in the novels. 

Ciri is NEVER described as or identified as white, and ONYX is the only skin color we are ever given for her, however her extreme hatred for black people, "suggests" that she is NOT black, even though, we are told she is.

Those types of inconsistencies run rampant through the novels and are jarring for the reader, who has to constantly stop reading and flip back through the pages to question: "Wait, didn't the author say THIS back here, why is he saying THAT now?"

The inconsistencies are easy enough to overlook, but the racism, the anti-gay agenda, and most especially the child porn... it's disturbing to so much of it on such extremes.

And THAN there is Andrzej Sapkowski's shit fetish. Oh, yes, shit fetish. Did you know Geralt says that the best sex he's ever had, was with a woman (if you can call a 10 year old a woman) while she was sick and having projectile diarrhea. Yep. That's a thing you are going to encounter when you meet shit bitch Triss Merigold herself, who quite literally is the queen of shit.

There is no sex scene, not one, in the novels that does NOT feature shit, feces, diarrhea, dung, poop, manura, and other choice words to describe the sewage that Geralt likes to roll around in while having sex.

If you are a fan of Geralt and hope to someday have sex with him, make sure you shit all over your bed first, then rub the mashed dung all over your titties, because that's what Geralt likes.


Be prepared for more then 300 feces tossing, shit flinging, dung mashing, vomit inducing sex scenes.

And EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER.... ALLL OF THEM.... has some level of a shit fetish, yes, even Avallac'h... he's got it too. No one escaped that one. Not one single character. They all got it.

Like I said.... the story itself is great, but the needless stuff, is just so needless. Especially the black bashing, gay hatred, and child porn. Those things are horrible and did not need to be in the novels. They were just so unnessaray on so many levels.

It's one thing to write a character who hates someone because of skin colour or who they love, whatever, but it's another thing entirly, to be an author who hates black people and gay people so much, that your hatred of blacks and gays takes over the story and buries the story so deep that we readers struggle to find any story hidden under you kill all blacks and kill all gays agenda.

I'm horrified by the extreme levels of racism and bigotry that spews out of the author and smothers the Witcher novels. And I really find it very difficult to recommend reading the novels for that reason.

If you can read them, and step back and look at the author, for the horrible racist, bigoted, pedophile he is, and be just as horrified as I am, well, yeah, then I recommend the novels.

But even then.... all the child porn sex scenes.... how do you recommend a book, that's primary objective is to objectify and fetize raping children? It would be one thing if the story told us she was raped and moved on. But it doesn't do that. And that's something I have a huge issue with. Andrej Sapkowski needs some serious psychiatric help. A man his age, should know better then to write scenes like that about a small child. Those were not written to horrify readers, they were written to tittilate readers, and just wrong on so many levels. He sghould NOT have done that, and I'm horrified, that because of the popularity of the Netflix series, now millions of children, teens, and young people are rushing to read the novels, and these novels were banned in America for nearly 40 years FOR A REASON.... America has laws against child porn, and that's exactly what those scenes are.

I struggle with liking the story and hating the other stuff that didn't need to be there. The story is amazing, but you have to wade through so much shit to get to the story. I love the story of Ciri's struggle to get away from all these horrible people, but I found myself so horribly disjusted with so much of so many things, that in spite of loving the story, I just can't recommend anyone read the novels at all.

The novels are so good, but at the same time, so bad. It is painully obvious that they are the self-published manifesto of a small minded bigot with erotic obsessions for toddlers. The series desperatly needed an editor to remove the manifestos and child porn. Had those things been removed from the final draft before publication, I could recomend the novels, but with the manifestos and child porn in tack, I simply can not.

If you do decide to read the Witcher novels... tread carefully, keep a vomit bucket near by, and make sure you got a stomach of steel. You're gonna need it.

FAQs: How can you like Avallac'h after what he did to Ciri?

What did he do to Ciri?

This question baffles me, partly because Avallac'h never did anything even remotely bad to Ciri and partly because since May 2018, I have been asked this by more than 700 people, making it the single most asked question I have received, regarding this game.

In most cases this question is accompanied by the words: 

"If you read the novels, you wouldn't like him."

And yet, I have read all 8 Witcher novels 9 times now, and I like Avallac'h BECAUSE I read the novels.

Nearly every time this question is presented to me, it also comes along side the words: "Look at what he did to her face!"

Yes. I saw what he did to her face. 

#And I also saw why he did it. 

#Did you?

For those who do not know, there is a scene in the novels, where Avallac'h tries to strangle Ciri, and punches her in the face, so hard, that he breaks her jaw and knocks out most of her teeth.

This is the scene that these 700+ viewers are referencing, when they ask the question:  "How can you like Avallac'h after what he did to Ciri?"

These questions are also usually accompanied by such lines as: "Poor Ciri" and "Avallac'h deserves to die".... or most often the line that resulted in 218 of these viewers/streamers being banned by Twitch and losing their accounts: "deserved to be raped".

And I would like to present to the people asking the question: "How can you like Avallac'h after what he did to Ciri?" with a rebuttal question:

#How can you like Ciri after what she did to Avallac'h?

And I have in fact asked these people this question, and in every case all they can say is: He deserved it, look what he did to her.

But I want to know, how can you say he deserved what happened to him? 

WHAT did he do to deserve what Ciri did to him?

Let's take a look at what Avallac'h did to Ciri, shall we? And in turn, what Ciri did to him...

*(This information comes from the 7th novel of the series Lady of the Lake, mostly from Chapter 5, which is where we are given the bulk of information about Avallac'h and Ciri's relationship with him.)*

* Early in the series, a 7 year old Ciri, meets a knight named Sir Galahad, who tells her he has brought The Lady of the Lake and her husband The Fisher King to visit her, because The Lady had an important message to deliver to Ciri.

* The Lady of The Lake, tells Ciri that she will suffer a harsh childhood because of her gift, her Elder Blood, but to endure it, because in the end, all will work out and she will come to find great happiness

* Skip ahead 3 novels to Tower of Swallows, where we see some of the worst scenes of rape, abuse, and torture in the entire series, as young 12 year old Ciri is captured by Leo and Vilgefortz, and goes back and forth between being used in Vilgefortz lab experiments, and being put on public display in gladiator fighting rings forced to fight monsters or die as entertainment

* We are told throughout the series, that monsters ONLY FEAR PEOPLE WHOM HAVE SHED INNOCENT BLOOD. And when we are introduced to Avallac'h, we are told he lives in a cave in Skellige, with the Druids, a cave that also houses thousands of monsters, including Barbagazi, Vampirodes, Echinops, and Archespores, all of whom Avallac'h refers to as "my children" and they look to him as their protector.

* We are told *(by the omnipresent-narrator)* in this very first scene introducing Avallac'h, that he was a very peaceful person who abhorred bloodshed, violence, vengeance, retribution, war, and weapons. And we are told that Avallac'h did not have the blood of innocents on him, as he had never shed innocent blood. 

* Geralt tells the reader that he had heard rumors of the existence of people who were so pure, so innocent, and so virtuous, that no beast, no animal, no monster feared them, but he had never witnessed such a being before. 

* Geralt proclaimed that Avallac'h could had never shed innocent blood because no beast, no animal, no monster feared him. And all beasts, all animals, all monsters flocked to him for safety and protection.

* The Druids of Skellige, in this scene, are presented to the reader as fierce warriors, protectors of nature, ready to kill any who cut down trees, ready to slaughter all who kill monsters... and they view Geralt as a danger and a threat and because he is trying to enter the cave of The Ancient Unseen Elder God whom they worship.

* The Druids block Geralt's way, stating The Elder God carries no weapons, has a fear of swords, and because so much of his blood has already been drained by those who seek Elder Blood, he also fears vampires. Geralt leaves his sword and his vampire Regis outside the cave, and enters it, marveling over the fact that so many beasts, animals, and monsters have gathered here in one place, telling the reader that there are an astounding many thousands of monsters here.

* In this first scene we see Avallac'h through Geralt's eyes, described by Geralt, in a flashback, as he tells Regis what he found in the cave. What he found was a creature that Geralt could not identify. 

* A creature that had appeared as an Elf, but the aura of it was not that of an Elf's. It was something else hiding in Elf form. It appeared to be a wraith, likely a lich, and was guarding Lara Dorren's grave, which was also in the cave.

* The Elf tells Geralt many things, and focuses predominantly on the topic of sex and babies. Then tells Geralt he knows Geralt lost Ciri, knows where Ciri is, turns on one of his spaceship's computer monitors showing Geralt that Ciri is hanging in a cage with hot pokers being shoved up her vagina, and asks Geralt to go get her.

* Geralt, declares he hates that cunt bitch Ciri, is glad to be rid of the whinny, annoying, little cunt bitch, and says she will not go get her, because he would rather go rescue Dandelion instead, because funking whore with Dandelion in more fun the babysitting some whiny, annoying, cunt bitch child.

* Geralt's calling Ciri a cunt bitch and refusing to go help her, infuriates Avallac'h, who points out Geralt just proved everything Avallac'h had said about sex true: that sex is evil and drives Humans to not care about their families because they are too busy satisfying their dicks to take care of their loved ones. Geralt points out Ciri is not his family, he doesn't love her, doesn't give a shit about her, she's not his problem.

* Avallac'h tells Geralt, Geralt had been destined to be Ciri's protector, but since Geralt has proven time and time again that he hates Ciri, has lost her deliberately several times now, and Ciri is right now being sexually abused in ways that will destroy her ability to have babies, and Geralt doesn't give a shit and has refused to rescue her... therefore Geralt has had his right of destiny removed and not only is Ciri being assigned a new protector, but she will be taking so far away, that Geralt will never have to put up with suffering seeing her again.

* When Geralt tells Regis what the Elf said about Ciri, Regis becomes infuriated and wants to kill Avallac'h, but Geralt says The Mysterious Elf, had no evil in it, pointing out that Geralt could sense no innocent blood on the Elf's aura. Geralt says this Elf has never hurt anyone, never shed innocent blood, and was truly and deeply concerned about Ciri's health and well being, though understand why anyone would the cunt bitch. Geralt heads out to get Dandelion and doesn't give rescuing Ciri another thought.

* In the very next scene Ciri finds a silver sword has appeared below her cage, the cage door mysteriously unlocks, and a black demon horse with wings of fire appears... the horse tells Ciri to grab the sword and kill the bastards who are torturing her, then get on his back and he'll take her to the tower where she'll be safe.

* Ciri grabs the sword, names it Zireal, kills everyone in the room, jumps on the pegasus, names it Kelpie and rides to Tor Zireael (The Tower of Swallows), which turns out to be a rocket launcher of a cryogenetics spaceship and shoots ice rays at everyone freezing them all. 

* The door on the tower turns out to be an elevator shaft down into Avallac'h's cave, which turns out to be a spaceship that crashed on the planet 2,000 years ago (revealing that the Conjunction of Spheres was just a silly superstition myth, the Medieval mind had conjured up to explain the flaming spaceship that fell out of the sky, crashed into their planet, and sunk under the ocean, just off the shore of Skellige. 

* The novel does a total Matrix mind-fuck on the reader, when Ciri meets Avallac'h, calls him a sorcerer, and he says he's not a mage, but rather a scientist trapped on their planet, the last survivor of the Aen Seahvane, living here on Avalon (Avalon being the name of his ship.) 

* Throughout Ciri's life, every time something bad happened to her a portal opened up and sucked her out of the bad situation.

* She would find herself in strange deserts, and never be there long before a Unicorn, with Stars in it's eyes, rescued her and brought her back to Mommy Yennefer.

* No matter how many times Ciri tried to tell people that she FELL into portals and DID NOT open the portals herself; no one believes her and everyone thinks she is lying to hide the fact that she's using her Elder Blood to open portals

* Ciri maintains that some mysterious unseen mage is opening the portals and pulling her in to them; and a unicorn is bring her back; but everyone laughs and tells her to stop making up tales and just admit she's doing it with her Elder Blood

* While being tortured by Leo and Vilgefortz, a mysterious black pegasus named Kelpie appears and telepathically tells her to ride with it to Tor Zireael (the Tower of the Swallow)

* This happens while Leo and Vilgefortz, had Ciri hanging in a gallows (cage) over their dinner table, and shoving 8 hot pokers up her vagina. 

* The cage mysteriously unlocks and opens and Ciri jumps on the pegasus that flies for the ocean cliffs, with Leo and his soldiers on their tail

* Just as Ciri thinks the demonic horse is about to jump her to her death off the edge of the cliff, a huge tower rises up out of the ocean, and starts shooting laser beam ice bolts at Leo and crew, as the winged demon horse flyings into the towers opening doors, and an huge space ship's elevator shaft sucks Ciri and Kelpie miles down under the ocean

* Ciri tumbles out of the spaceships missile launcher elevator shaft and lands on top of a blue eyed blond elf who looks so much like Ciri they could be twins

* And while the first 6 novels are set in a Medieval world, the 7th novel does a total Matrix mind fuck on us and shows us that Ciri is now in the heart of a spaceship from 5,000 years in the future, that crashed on her planet 2,000 years ago and is the event that the so called "Conjunction of Spheres" really was.

* This is how Ciri met Avallac'h.

* Avallac'h took the wounded, dying, bloody Ciri back to his palace on the Lake of Avalon, where he took care of her and nursed her back to health.

* And we learn that Avallac'h was the ship's surgeon and cyronogentics physicist and the only survivor when it crashed. 

* The ship itself was a rescue ark, on its way to a dying planet,  and was to freeze all life, all plants, all beasts, all animals, all monsters, all humans, all elvs, and take then to a safe planet, unfreeze them and let them go. 

* The ark never made it to the dying planet and the crashed ship is now leaking and freezing the entire north of Ciri's planet, but Ciri doesn't belong here on this planet anyways and Avallac'h has been using the ship's tractor beam to try to get her back.... yep, portals don't exist in the Witcher universe... they were just the ship's tractor beam pulling Ciri back to the ship, all along.

* We find out yet again, that Lara Dorren was a clone Avallac'h built of himself, because he was a lone on this planet with no home of ever getting back home, and wanted a companion, who like himself had synthetic, disease resistant blood.

* Avallac'h never refers to it as Elder Blood, instead referring to it as a synthetic lab-created, disease resistant blood, and points out that he can not die unless someone kills him with a weapon, because his synthetic blood heals whatever sickness and disease he gets.

* Ciri says her Elder Blood has magic powers and everyone wants to kill her for it and Avallac'h laughs and tells her magic is just a stupid peasant supastition. Her Elder Blood as she calls it, has no magic ability, it is just resistant to all diseases and Ciri is immortal because of it, and just like Avallac'h will live forever, so long as no one ever murders her.

* Avallac'h points out that he cloned himself to create Lara Dorren, and had not expected Lara to be able to get pregnant by a human, as that had never happened before. He also points out his people don't have sex and have no babies or children as they've no need to procreate, seeing how they are immortal due to their synthetic blood. 

* When no one ever dies, there is no need for any one to ever be born, so, it has been many thousands of years since the last time any of them has had sex and the knowledge of sexual reproduction has been lost.

#Yeah... Avallac'h literally has no clue what sex is.

* Avallac'h is a virgin and is studying human reproduction to try to figure out what the hell sex is to learn how one should go about reproducing without cloneing.  Which is why he talks about sex so much, because he's trying to figure out what sex is.

* Because Avallac'h's society has been so many millennia since anyone as died, and they therefore forgot what sex was because reproduction was no longer necessary... this also means babies are very rare, and very highly prized, in this society that has erracticated death by illness and lives in so much peace no one kills anyone.

* This fact, contributes, to Avallac'h's obsession with rescuing babies.... and his abhorred shock over the discovery that here on Ciri's planet, babies are just tossed away on a whim, murdered by selfish mothers who abort them before birth.

* While Avallac'h views humans as cruel, cold hearted, barbaric savages because of their endless wars and violence, the thing that abhors him the most is how easily they can shed innocent blood and murder unborn babies.

* Avallac'h tells Ciri that on his world, most males are born sterile, and that in the past 100 years, only 12 babies were born. Of those 12, 7 were sterile males. He also says that the females of his race, ovulate only once every thousand years, and become sterile after giving birth. Meaning each female only has one child... 

* but for some unknown reason Lara got pregnant very young, when she was only 21 years old and Lara's baby did the same, not only that but she gave birth to twins... and this trend continued down the line, with fertility growing stronger each generation... THIS is why Ciri is so special.

* It has been thousands of years since anyone of their race was born naturally, and not born sterile. Thousands of years since any female gave birth to more than one baby. 

* Avallac'h states that something went wrong when he cloned himself to create Lara Dorren and he inadvertently created a new gene which he has named The Lara Dorren Gene. 

* Avallac'h tells Ciri that because she is Lara's 4th great granddaughter, she has the Lara Dorren Gene, and is the key to saving her (and Avallac'h's) race. He wants to take Ciri with him, back to his home planet and is building a new ship for that purpose.

* When Ciri refuses to go with him, stating she wants to go back to Mommy Yennefer, Avallac'h asks her to give him a baby to take home with him instead, which Ciri agrees to do, but this gets complicated because Avallac'h as we have already been informed, doesn't know what sex is or how babies are naturally born.

* Avallac'h explains that Lara Dorren's gene was different, because Avallac'h did not have the correct equipment to clone himself properly here. It took him 700 years to clone himself and create Lara Dorren, and he used his own blood, and injected it into the fetuses of unborn babies, he'd cut out of women who didn't want them. This is not how it should have been done... 

* Avallac'h explains that by using his own blood, instead of using the lab created synthetic blood, that somehow he inadvertently created a fertile specimen: Lara Dorren. And her gene increases in fertility with each generation.

#And you thought Elder Blood gave Ciri "magic powers" right? Yeah. It doesn't. And why the game devs created that load of let's give Ciri OP magic power bull-shit is beyound me, because the novels' original version of what Elder Blood was is far more interesting then the game version that just gives her magic powers.

* Avallac'h is presented to us, alongside a theme of abortion. And we see that because babies are so rare on his home planet, he has taken to becoming a baby rescuing vigilante here on Geralt's planet. 

* And while we are told by some characters that Avallac'h is evil because he kidnaps pregnant women, murders them, then keeps their babies (thus where all his thousands of small child servants came from)... we are also told that these women were about to kill their unborn babies, and he rescued them, from their ungrateful, abortion bitch mothers.

#Remember... by this point we have been told many, many times that Avallac'h has NEVER SHED INNOCENT BLOOD. We are not being told that he has never killed anyone, just that he has never killed anyone who was innocent and undeserving of death.

* We have already seen Andrzej Sapkowski wield his social justice warrior agenda hundreds of times throughout the novels... his hatred of gays, lesbians, and blacks being preached from the pages at the expense of a lot of the story plot is... 

* and now with the appearance of Avallac'h in the story, we get to be bashed over the head with Andrzej Sapkowski 's extreme hatred of abortion, as the gay-bashing and black-bashing get put aside for 32 pages, to let abortion bashing take center stage.

* Avallac'h has a crippling phobia of swords, and when Ciri recovers her injuries and fears him to be yet another gallor (torturer) like Leo and Vilgefortz; Avallac'h has a silver sword named Zireal made for Ciri, telling her that if she ever felt afraid of him, she could kill him.

* Avallac'h is a psion and speaks via telepathy; when Ciri complains that telepathy hurts her, stating it feels like her brain is being crushed, we see Avallac'h start speaking vocally, something he has never done before and has great difficulty with as he has never used his vocal cords before. We learn here that while he doesn't care if he's hurting others, he does not want to hurt Ciri.

* We see immediately after this a scene of 5 of Avallac'h's wives gang up on Ciri and start bullying her, and Ciri calling these black women "monkeys" and stating they "all look alike"; we see here Avallac'h scolding Ciri, asking her to stop acting savage and barbaric, and when his wives take this as an excuse to be even meaner to Ciri, causing her to start crying, Avallac'h suddenly lashes out at them, chases them away, and we see the first of many scenes when Avallac'h hugs Ciri and starts singing his whale songs to her.

* This becomes a routine event - every time Ciri is upset, she runs to Avallac'h and cuddles against him while he hugs her and sings to her; Ciri describes these songs as sounding like whale songs, mixed with bird chirps, and states the only time she feels safe is when Avallac'h is singing to her.

* Avallac'h was a horseman with herds of very fine horses. He gave Ciri his prize stallion, a black pegasus named Kelpie

* Avallac'h is a lesser king among the Elves, the King of Avalon and his wife Lara Dorren was Queen of Avalon. Avallac'h tells Ciri that she looks exactly like his dead wife Lara, and begins calling Ciri both "Lara" and "my Queen", then rescinded from his throne, giving it to Ciri, making her The Queen of Avalon.

* Avallac'h gave Ciri a vast wardrobe of hundreds of fancy dresses and ball gowns, that used to belong to his dead wife Lara Dorren.

* Referring to Ciri as both "my Goddess" and "my Queen", Avallac'h takes to worshipping Ciri, as though she was a God, assigns himself as her servent, slave, and bodyguard, and becomes very protective of her, treating her as though she were The Holy Grail

* Though Ciri beat him up on a daily basis, often seriously injuring him, Avallac'h never once raised his hand to her, nor did he ever yell at her, instead always remaining very patient, kind, and loving towards her, in spite of the horrific levels of abuse she subjected him to.

* Knowing how much he loved his dead ex-wife Lara Dorren, Ciri made a habit of daily smashing Lara's things, breaking everything breakable, ripping everything rippable, and sadistically taking delight in making Avallac'h cry. In every one of the 32 pages he is on, there is no page where we DO NOT see Avallac'h crying.

* Avallac'h on his horse Rudy and Ciri on her pegasus Kelpie, took daily horseback rides together around the lake of Avalon, for 8 years; during that time forming a strong bond, which resulted in Ciri calling Avallac'h "my best friend", "my only true friend", "the only friend I have ever had", and "the only person I can trust".

* We see a dozen scenes of Ciri and Avallac'h doing activities together, often racing their horses around the lake, taking boat rides on the lake, playing together in the fields by the lake, picking flowers, and spending a lot of time doing nothing but sitting and talking.

* Every single scene of them together, we are always told where Avallac'h's hands are and what he is doing with them... he is always touching Ciri and this stands out from the rest of the series.... because prior to this we have seen 68 other men touching Ciri and Ciri always pulling away. With Avallac'h we see the opposite, seeing Ciri getting closer to him, snuggling against him.

* Avallac'h is asexual, celibate, and a virgin. He refuses to have sex with anyone. Because of this Ciri was in the habit of climbing in bed with him at night, to fall asleep in his arms, because she felt safe with him, knowing that unlike every other man she had ever met, he would never force himself on her, and knowing that he would fiercely protect her from anything and anyone who tried to hurt her.

* In spite of being told he is asexual, the reader also sees Avallac'h growing strongly emotionally attached to Ciri and falling in love with her. And this results in we see Ciri and Avallac'h hugging, embracing, cuddling, snuggling, nuzzling, groping, grinding, dry humping, having orgams, sleeping together, and having sexual intercourse. With there being a total of 3 dozen scenes of them being ammorus together, 8 scenes of them sleeping together, 8 scenes of them having orgasms while fluffering each other, and 5 scenes of them having sexual intercurse together.... and Avallac'h is a very minor character appearing on only 32 pages of a novel series that is more than 4,000 pages, so he and Ciri were all over each other every time he showed up in it.

* After a hellish childhood of abuse, constantly kidnapped, abused, raped, and molested, Ciri lived 8 peaceful years with Avallac'h, finally able to have a normal life, free of fear, free of being hunted, free of being abused. We see Ciri at her happiest while she is living on the Lake with Avallac'h, and we see them both happy and content with each other's company, both of them free to be themselves with each other without fear of being hurt or judged.

* Like Ciri, Avallac'h has Elder Blood and also had a horrific childhood filled with abuse, torture, and being hunted by mages and rulers looking to use him as a weapon.

* At the age of 10, Avallac'h was kidnapped by a human mage who drained his blood, using it to power her spells. When he tried to fight back, she kidnapped his parents, siblings, and pet ocelots, then tortured them to death in front of him, and then cooked them and force fed them to him. This event resulted in Avallac'h growing up to devote his life to becoming the world's most powerful mage so that no one would ever again hurt him or anyone he loved.

* When mages become mages they take a vow that binds them to magic. The vow is always something difficult for them and is different for every mage. As long as the mage does not break their vow, they continually become more powerful, however, if they ever break their vow, they lose the ability to use magic. Because of this mages are very rare. Fewer than 20 female mages exist in the universe and only 2 male mages are known to exist: one human and one elf. Avallac'h being the elven one.

* Avallac'h was previously known for being a notorious liar and took a vow of honesty. Because of his devotion to the goal of becoming the most powerful mage, Avallac'h became the single most honest person to exist in the Witcher universe, never once telling a lie or breaking a promise, in the 2,000 years since taking the vow of honesty... this resulted in him becoming the most powerful, and most feared, of all mages in the universe.

* Avallac'h is the last of his kind, an Aen Servave Elf, living among the Aen Elle elves. He is NOT an Aen Elle elf like the game told you. ... Being the last of his kind, Avallac'h finds himself very lonely and desperately wanting a female companion whom is like himself.

* Because of his Elder Blood every one fears him, and so Avallac'h decides to clone himself to create a female with Elder Blood so that he will no longer be the only one. He spends 700 years working on this and eventually creates Lara Dorren, his female clone, whom like him, has Elder Blood.

* At 21 years old, Lara leaves Avallac'h, because she sees him as her father, not as her husband. She marries a human Creaganon of Lod, and is soon pregnant by him.

* Avallac'h tries to get Lara to come back to him, but gives up when he finds out she's pregnant.

* At 8 months pregnant, Lara and Creganon are attacked by an angry mob of humans and elves. The Elves murder Cregennan while the humans torture Lara, one by one cutting off her fingers, then her hands, while she begs for mercy for her baby... in a near identical torture scene to what was done to Avallac'h's mother and sisters. ... Avallac'h is here for some unknown reason and tries to save both Lara and Creganon, however, both die.

* Lara, knowing Avallac'h will never break a promise, due to his vow of honesty and extreme devotion to maintaining being the most powerful mage of all time, in her dying breath makes him promise to protect her baby. 

* Avallac'h cuts the still alive baby out of Lara's dead body and initially intends to keep the baby, but is attacked by the mob who want to kill Lara's baby.

* Avallac'h flees to a nearby human palace, and there finds a cradle with a new born baby in it. He switches the babies and flees with the human baby, leaving Lara's baby to be raised as a princess in the human palace. 

* We are not told what happened to the human baby and are left to assume, Avallac'h used it as a way to escape the mob, by giving it up to them, letting them think it was Lara's baby.

* Avallac'h devotes the rest of his life to being the guardian of Lara's baby, watching it from afar, via his magic mirrors. Unfortunately the girl dies at 21 years old, leading Avallac'h to believe all of Lara's descendants will die at 21. Before she dies, she gives birth to twins and adopts a third baby. Avallac'h takes to watching and protecting all 3 babies throughout their lives.

* One of the babies goes on to be Pavatta's mother. Pavatta, is of course Ciri's mother, and thus we see Avallac'h watching over and protecting Ciri from the day she is born, thus why he was around to rescue her from Leo and Vigiztfort. 

* Ciri looks exactly like Lara, and Avallac'h becomes convinced that Ciri IS Lara reborn. Believing Ciri to be Lara reincarnated and come back to him, Avallac'h does not return Ciri back to her adopted mommy Yennefer, after rescuing her, and instead, takes Ciri to his palace in Avalon, where he presents her to his servants, slaves, and bodyguards, as his wife, their queen, to be obeyed always.

* After rescuing her from Leo and Vilgitforzt, Avallac'h put a glass-like, barrier bubble around Avalon, to keep anyone from finding Ciri and hurting her. 

* When Ciri recovers, she initially assumes Avallac' to be yet another man seeking to hurt her for her powers and tries to escape, but runs to the glass-like bubble barrier and can find no way out, and spends her first few days with Avallac'h, by running around the edge of the barrier trying to escape.

* Ciri in these 1st days with him, acusses Avallac'h of being a gallor keeping her prisoner, but he insists that the barrier is not to keep her in, rather it is to keep attackers out. He tells her she is not his prisoner, he is just trying to protect her from people who are trying to hurt her. 

* In between trying to escape, we see a scene of Ciri wandering the field, picking flowers, while Avallac'h aimlessly wanders with her, talking about, who knows what, because Ciri isn't listening, she just tells us he hasn't stopped talking for the past few hours, and is cheerful and seems quite happy.

* During this scene they reach a hill of red flowers that overlooks the palace, and Ciri comments that this looks like the hill overlooking her grandmother's palace. And we see Avallac'h go deathly silent. 

* Ciri points out that Avallac'h has stopped talking, and stopped walking with her, as she continues to talk about the strange red flower that grows on the hill overlooking her grandmother's palace... "Fennawiedd, my grandmother called it. they say it only grows in the place where an Elder Blood has died. I wonder who died there."

* When Ciri realizes Avallac'h is no longer following her, she goes back to find him, and finds him in tears and is unable to console him.

* Ciri tells us that Avallac'h remains silent for 8 days and seems to be in shock. When he does speak again, he accuses Ciri of stealing Lara's blood and demands she give it back to him.

* With Avallac'h's mental state in question, he seems to have had a total personality change, as he starts called Ciri Cregannon and accusing her of taking Lara from him; then starts calling Ciri Lara demanding she give him the baby she had promised him.

* Confused and frightened, Ciri runs to Kelpie and tries to escape Avalon, but can find no way out of the barrier.

* We never again see Avallac'h address Ciri as "Ciri", instead now calling her "Lara" when he's depressed, "spawn of Cregannon" when he's angry, and "Loc Hellian" (Lady of the Lake) when he's lost in a semi-lucid drugged state.

* After several weeks of Ciri trying to escape, we see Avallac'h, who is very ancient, over 2,000 years old, and suffers from poor health, being very physically weak and frail.... we see him become ill and no longer able to keep the barrier spell up. As his health fails, so too does the barrier.

* We see Ciri realize two things - 1: the barrier is weakening Avallac'h, who is constantly powering this spell - and 2: Avallac'h is a peadophile highly sexually attracted to Ciri and the barrier weakens every time she seduces him.

* So we see 12 year old Ciri at her whore assed sluttiest, when she takes to throwing off her clothes and prancing around in nothing but silver lace thong panties, every time Avallac'h is with her.

* Avallac'h tries to ignore 12 year old Ciri's constantly masterbating in front of him, on a daily basis for weeks on end, and tells her to stop because he can't risk the barrier coming down, explaining that she doesn't know what's on the other side of it and how much danger she is in.

* Ciri discovers that the barrier also weakens whenever Avallac'h yells at his wives for bullying Ciri, so, in between being a 12 year old dripping pussied white whore, Ciri also starts fighting with Avallac'h's black Jewish wives, as we Ciri the white power scenes that resulted in the Ku Klux Klan listing Ciri the number one fictional character for little girls to look up to; as well as getting the Witcher novels listed by The Ku Klux klan as the official books of The Ku Klux Klan.

* Yep, Ciri and the Witcher novels, sit alongside Papa John's Pizza and PewDiePie, on the Ku Klux Klan's official website, as the "best representatives of White Power sentiment"... that's HOW BAD Ciri's over the top black hating racism got in the novels... bad enough to win her the award as "the most ideal female for girls to look up to and emulate".

* So, white power 12 year old porn star Ciri continues shaking her naked ass and fluffing her dripping pussy in front of a peadophile Jewish rabbi while spewing the worst racist hate ever seen in history at his black wives.

* And we see Avallac'h going out of his freaking mind, trying not to beat the crap out of the slutty, spoiled brat jackass, that so clearly needs a belt buckle to the face, I as a reader wanted to just beat the slutty piece of shit whore to a pulp;

* Several times we see him raise his hand to Ciri, while Ciri gets nose to nose with him yelling: "Hit me, I dare you!" but we also see him always back off and never hit Ciri, instead scolding himself for letting a savage, barbaric human get to him.

* Ciri continues accusing Avallac'h of keeping her prisoner, demanding he prove she's not his  prisoner by taking the barrier down, while Avallac'h continues to tell her she's not his prisoner, his planet is more dangerous than she can imagine and the barrier is keeping dangers out.

* Ciri retaliates by being EVEN MORE of a white power shit head racist dick to Avallac'h's black wives, and takes this opportunity to shove her 12 year old child porn pussy in the reader's face every other sentence.

* We've had 6 previous novels to show us that Ciri is a deviated, perverted, conniving, racist, hate mongering, violent, brutal, savage, drunk, whore assed, psycho bitch, valley girl crackhead, with the single most ugly personality you'll ever encounter in any form of media,  but in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, we see the shit faced 12 year old slut REALLY let loose her shit.

* Among other things we see Ciri do in this chapter, we also see her murder, rape, maim, and rant the glories of abortion, including to declare that her primary goal in life is to rescue women from the parasites that are babies, by murdering the unborn babies of every pregnant woman on the planet

* After the rape scene and the abortion scene; this scene of 12 year old Ciri going total porn feast strip show in front of a man she suspects of being a peadophile, while spewing horrific black-bashing obscenities at his black wives, is one of the top 3 scenes that shows us how truly evil minded and ugly hearted a vile person Ciri really is.

* There are several scenes throughout all 8 novels that left me asking: "Is Ciri mentally retarded?" This was one of them. 

* It is painfully clear that Ciri was dropped on her head at some point and has very little in terms of brain cells to function with. Her answer to everything is masterbate to distract it, or shove a sword in it to kill it. And scream obnoxiously the entire time. She has no other responce to anything. Ever. Not once in over 4,000 pages. It's really annoying. 

* Every other page of all 8 novels, I found myself thinking: "Somebody PLEEEAASE hit that bitch and shut her the fuck up! Good god does she ever stop whining? She is such an annoying brat. Oh there she goes shoving her pussy in the reader's face again. God, how the hell retarded is she? Does she know how to do anything else? Will somebody please beat the crap out of her. She NEEDS it so bad."

* Avallac'h can't take Rosemary's Hell spawn Baby's child porn freak shows any more and runs off to wander aimlessly around the lake.

* The five wives who go with him everywhere follow him, and Ciri, still spewing every black-hating racist line she can think of, follows them.

* An all out cat fight breaks out when Avallac'h's black wives decide they've had it with this white power racist piece of shit harassing them, and decide to defy Avallac'h's orders and beat the crap out of Ciri, to get her to stop following them, so they can be alone with Avallac'h.

* That plan backfires when Avallac'h has a total meltdown on his wives and beats them up for beating Ciri up. Orders them and not Ciri, to stop following him, then grabs Ciri and drags her to the lake... screaming and yelling all the way there, with Ciri telling the reader how terrified she was, because this is the first time she's seen Avallac'h go into one of his incredibly violent, psychotic breakdowns... and we see Avallac'h throw Ciri on the ground and get on top of her in what very probably would have been  a scene where Avallac'h raped Ciri, because that is very clearly what was happening here, had he not been interrupted, by... omg! The barrier came down.

* When the barrier comes down, almost instantly an invading army attacks Avallac'h's palace and tries to capture Ciri, and Avallac'h already worked up into a wild frenzy, proves himself a very powerful sorcerer not to be reckoned with, when he unleashes his sonic whale scream that explodes the brains of hundreds of soldiers, completely obliterating and vaporizing all 3 waves of the attacking army.

* We see this repeated 3 times, as this vast hoard, lead by Starry Eyes himself, attacks, with more soldiers pouring in through a portal, after Avallac'h obliterates each round of them.

* With Ciri in tow, Avallac'h runs for his horse Rudy, then spurs the horse towards the forest... but is cut off by yet another portal opening up and hundreds more soldiers attacking.

#We are literally seeing here, a massive army of about 5,000 soldiers attacking ONE ELF and being obliterated in mass waves of head exploding, brain splattering bloodshed, while 6 women, one of them being Ciri, cower behind him

* Terrified, Ciri clings to Avallac'h while telling us, he's not doing good, his breathing erratic. The 5 wives have caught up to them, and Ciri marvels as Avallac'h seemingly attacks them, but then realizes, he's too weak to do his sonic whale scream again, and has telepathically projected it into the five wives, while Ciri's old friend Starry Eyes The Unicorn opens up another portal and orders yet another hoard of hundreds more soldiers to attack

* With the five wives, no longer in control of their actions, Avallac'h turns them into deadly weapons, forcing all 5 of them to do the sonic whale song scream, instantly killing this new round of soldiers.

* Avallac'h falls from his horse. Terrified Ciri tries to wake him up, as the five wives surround him, threatening the soldiers, as Starry Eyes opens yet another portal opens up and even more soldiers pour out of it.

* We see Ciri at one of her most terrified moments as she now fears her old friend Starry Eyes is about to kill her new friend Avallac'h, and can't wrap her mind around the viciousness of The Unicorn's attack

* And as Ciri believes all 7 of them are about to be massacred, a dozen giant 11 foot (335cm) tall Elves wearing red armor and riding on red dragons, show up, close the portals and kill the last of the soldiers.

* Monstrously giant sized Elves riding on the backs of fierce red dragons enter the battlefield as the dragons begin slaughtering the Unicorns and the red armored giant Elves form a circle around the fallen sorcerer, under the battle cry of "Protect The Elder God".

* Eredin and his red armored dragon riders enter the story, and Cirri immediately feels that Eredin is a threat, due to his having the blackest skin of any black person she has ever seen. 

* This is the first of the only 4 scenes in which we will see Eredin in the novels.

* Horrified by what happened to his brother (brother?), we see Eredin scolding Ciri for Avallac'h's present condition, and see Eredin carry Avallac'h to a safe place deep in the forest, set up a camp, and the fuss over Avallac'h's injuries while worrying that Avallac'h will die.

* Ciri tells Eredin Avallac'h was keeping her prisoner, and Eredin says no, Avallac'h was hiding Ciri from King Auberon. Eredin explains that Avallac'h had been ordered to find Ciri, capture her, and bring her to King Auberon, because Auberon wanted a baby from her, that he'd use to create a weapon. 

* Eredin explains that Avallac'h is a pacsafist and abhors wars and weapons, thus why he was hiding her from King Auberon.

* Eredin explains that they knew Avallac'h had found Ciri, as soon as they saw the barrier go up, and that a war between the Elves and the Unicorns had been going on outside the barrier as both were trying to break the barrier down to get to Ciri.

* Ciri looks around at the massive fields of dead Unicorns, Elves, and Dragons, and for the first time realizes that this battle had been going on all along, ever since her arrival, and the entire time Avallac'h has been holding the barrier up to keep Ciri safe from the war that she had not been able to see happening outside the barrier.

* This revelation immediately changes how Ciri feels about Avallac'h, with her no longer feeling he was keeping her prisoner, and now seeing him as her protector.

* Drawing so much energy into his body, to wipe out so many several hundreds of soldiers at once, nearly kills Avallac'h, leaving him unconscious for several days, and we see the tables turned, when Ciri, who has a chance to escape Avalon, instead stays and nurses Avallac'h back to health, while commenting that she had not before realized how old and frail he was.

* Ciri finds herself amazed that someone would risk their life to protect her, as no one has ever done this before, not even Mommy Yennefer or her boyfriend Geralt. We no longer see Ciri worried about the barrier, now grateful that it is there as she is able to breathe a sigh of relief and live without fear, knowing that Avallac'h is keeping the barrier up to protect her.

* Eredin, we learn is very worried about Avallac'h's safety and frail health, and we see a side of Eredin that the game never told you about, as he tenderly takes care of both Avallac'h and Ciri, while Avallac'h is injured.

* While the game showed Eredin as a major power crazed, ass-wipe super villain, NOT ONCE is he portrayed as even remotely evil in the novels. We see no hint of power driven motives, and see only a Dragon Rider who wears red armor and battled for justice. Eredin is portrayed as super strong, super righteous, Paladin or Holy Knight

* And when you know that Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake is supposed to be a retelling of the King Arthur tale "The Fisher King and His Lady of the Lake"... and we know that Avallac'h is The Fisher King, was one of the Grail Knights, specifically The Knight of the Round Table  who found The Holy Grail, fiercely protected it and became The Immortal Knight.... we can see now the reason Eredin, yet another grail Knight, called Avallac'h "brother" as the Lady of the Lake's 12 Grail Knights of The Round Table considered themselves brothers and all 12 of them would do anything to protect The Holy Grail aka their beloved Lady of the Lake, who as we later learn, is Ciri

* Yep, Eredin, the primary monstrous villain of the game, is a sainted holy Grail Knight in the novels

* Eredin says Avallac'h is now a wanted traitor, because he not only refused to deliver Ciri to King Auberon, but he also put up the barrier to keep out King Auberon's army.

* Ciri asks Eredin who Avallac'h is, stating that he is very engematic and secretive and leaves every night, but to where she doesn't know.

* Eredin explains that Avallac'h is the leader of a group called The Wild Hunt, and they go to human worlds each night, looking for pregnant women, whom Avallac'h abducts, tried to convince to marry him, then cuts out their unborn babies to use in his Lara Dorren Gene Experiments, if they refuse to stay and be his wife

* When Ciri asks why Avallac'h is so obsessed with Lara, Eredin explains that Avallac'h is the last of his kind and cloned himself to create Lara because he was lonely and wanted a family. Lara left him for a human however, had the human's baby, and Avallac'h hasn't been right in the head ever since.

* Lara was 8 months pregnant with Creaganon's baby when she died, and she made Avallac'h promise to raise the baby... a promise he did not keep, and when the child dies a few years later, he blames himself for not keeping the child and raising it himself, believing if he had protected the child, it would not have died.

* this causes Avallac'h to develop a vicious vengeance against abortion and forming the group The Wild Hunt (A GROUP OF WOMEN WHO DIED IN CHILDBIRTH and are now wraiths who protect children) to raid abortion clinics to rescue babies and execute their ungrateful mothers.

>>>Yeah... not what the game told you The Wild Hunt was, is it?

* Ciri laughs at Eredin and says The Wild Hunt is just a myth. Eredin responds to say: "How do you think you got here?" pointing out that she is a prisoner of Avallac'h and his wraith women, and Avallac'h is demanding Ciri have Lara's baby because Ciri has Lara's blood.

* Eredin says Avallac'h is trying to build another Lara, but it's different this time... he's not cloning himself this time, because it took too much of his blood to make Lara and Avallac'h almost died to make her and doesn't have enough blood left to clone himself again.

* Avallac'h wakes up while Eredin is telling Ciri this and immediately lunges at Eredin's throat and tries to strangle him, but Eredin laughs and shoves Avallac'h aside, pointing out that Avallac'h is no longer the King's young assassin, able to snap necks with ease. 

* Eredin reminds Avallac'h that Avallac'h is old, weak, feeble, and senile, and while still the most powerful mage ever known, he's no longer as powerful as he once was, as can be proven by the fact that the barrier came down simply because he was sexually excited by Ciri. 

* And Eredin reminds Avallac'h that Ciri was meant for Auberon, again stating that Avallac'h is a traitor because he tried to keep Ciri for himself.

* We see Avallac'h frustrated as his own ill health and inability to kill Eredin, while Ciri tells the reader that she can sense Avallac'h is a very, very, very dangerous Elf, but that he's too old to act on this anymore. 

* Between Eredin's words and Ciri's inner thoughts in this scene, we are painted the picture that Avallac'h was once a very powerful, very fiercsome, very vicious, and very evil sorcerer driven by an insatiable lust for power, but all that came to an abrupt end when he started getting old and wanted a companion, gave up his life for Lara, and then went insane when she left him; has spent the last 200 years hoarding up every female he can find to make up for Lara leaving him, and is now an extremely ancient elderly man nearing the end of his life and suffering the serious ill health effects of old age.

* Ciri states that she fears to know how powerful a sorcerer Avallac'h was when he was younger, if what she's seen so far is him too weak to maintain his spells anymore. Ciri reminds the reader that she has met nearly every mage there is, and even in his weakened state Avallac'h has more power then all of them combined.

* We then see Ciri have yet another white power, black bashing inner monologue, as she compares the colour of Avallac'h's skin to the colour of Eredin's skin, while she tries to decide who to trust. 

* Ciri finally concludes that Avallac'h has the whitest skin she has ever seen and that no one with white skin is capable of doing bad things, while Eredin has the blackest skin she has ever seen and every one with black skin, has black skin only because they are evil, and you can tell how evil a person is by how black they are.

* Ciri concludes that Avallac'h is therefore the least evil person ever born because of his whiter than snow skin, while Eredin is the evilest person ever born, because of his black as onyx skin. She ends the monologue by saying: "White, black, black white. Avallac'h is as good as he is white, Eredin is as evil as he is black".

* From this point on, we see Ciri inseparable from Avallac'h, with her trusting him blindly, (even when shown the bodies of the pregnant women he murders - to which she says he didn't do because no one with white skin ever killed anyone or committed any other evil act), and protecting him just as fiercely as he protects her.

* From here on in, Ciri and Avallac'h are a deeply devoted couple that defy logic in their psychopathicly driven, twistedly insane blind devotion to each other, that mirrors the relationship between The Joker and Harlequin or Bonnie and Clyde.

* And no one... not even Starry Eyes the Unicorn, Geralt of Rivia, or even Mommy Yennefer, can convince Ciri and Avallac'h to turn on each other.

* In spite of the fact Avallac'h is the ONLY Elf who DOES NOT have black skin, due to his being albino, Ciri takes to calling Eredin "The Black Elf" due to his being so blacker than the rest of the Elves, all of whom are black.

* With the barrier down, Ciri can see the world outside of Avalon for the first time and another palace towers over the distance forest. King Auberon's palace of Tir ni Lia, which looks down over Avallac'h's palace here on the Lake of Avalon.

* Over the years, Ciri falls in love with Avallac'h and starts trying to convince him to have sex with her. He translates this into meaning she wants a baby, and sends her to have sex with King Auberon to get pregnant. (Avallac'h is King Auberon's court mage; King Auberon is the Emperor of the Elves, the king over the lesser kings; he is also Avallac'h's cloest friend and they refer to each other as "brother".)

* While in Avalon, we saw Avallac'h and Ciri living in a peaceful bright coloured, LSD paradise... the instant they move to Auberon's kingdom of Tir Ni Lia we see the entire world turn very, very, physically dark

* The first thing Ciri sees as they enter Tir ni Lia, is 2 giant serpent statues at the gate of the city, and VERY Cthulhu style cultists worshiping the snake statues.

* As Ciri and Avallac'h walk into King Auberon's city, we see EVERYONE stop what they are doing and fall to their faces, worshiping Avallac'h like he was God, with some calling him "The Knowing One" and others calling him "The Elder God"

* We see too in this scene that Ciri notices for the first time the pendant Avallac'h is wearing - a serpent that is the same as the serpent statues on every street corner in Tir ni Lia; she also notices that his robes are covered with embroidered snakes

* We also are told that Avallac'h walks into the city surrounded by an army of black-skinned nude warrior women, carrying crossbows and wearing only gold glitter paint, and that THEY are The Wild Hunt, a group that Avallac'h controls

* We see Eredin and his male dragon rider warriors, The Red Riders, meet Avallac'h and The Wild Hunt, and we are told VERY SPECIFICALLY in this scene that the Red Riders are NOT the Wild Hunt; and the Wild Hunt are also female HUMANS

* Eredin and his dragon riders at first bar the way, not letting Avallac'h and his Wild Hunt into the city; but Avallac'h reveals Ciri to Eredin, and introduces her as Lara come back to them, stats he's brought her to Tir ni Lia for Auberon to get her pregnant (as per the original plan) and Eredin orders the Red Riders to let Avallac'h and The Wild Hunt into the city

* In a scene that's straight out of Call of Cthulhu, Ciri described the citizens of Tir ni Lia as serpent worshiping cultists wearing long yellow robes, dropping to the ground as Avallac'h walks by, then following him to Auberon's palace in a mass hoard, worshiping Avallac'h every step of the way, while chanting praises of The Elder God having returned with their queen (Lara Dorren)

* Ciri points out that a few do not bow as Avallac'h passes them, and describes Avallac'h reaction to this, stating his eyes flickered with rage, his hand clenched in fury, and his nostrils flared like an angry horse.

* While we are told Auberon is the king over all elves and Avallac'h is but his subject, we see that Auberon is clearly terrified of Avallac'h and ANYTHING Avallac'h orders, King Auberon obeys without question and Ciri marvels over this as she looks around King Auberon's palace of Tir ni Lia and sees that every inch of the building it covered with serpents, serpent statues, and mirrors. Lots and lots of mirrors. Thousands of mirrors in every room, in every hall, and the serpent statues here are massive - some over 100 feet tall.

* When Avallac'h orders Auberon to get Ciri pregnant, Auberon agrees to this and we see him so scared here, we wonder who is really ruling the elves.

* Ciri, at her sex crazed giddiest, runs off with Auberon overjoyed to finally getting to have sex with an elf. Only to find Auberon locks her in  his bedroom, while he paces back and forth scared out of his mind, rambling over what to do, how to stall the Elder God, and completely ignoring the fact that sex crazed slutty assed Ciri  is now in his bed, striped naked, and strip dancing for him.

* Do you remember how the game told you Avallac'h was forcing Ciri against her will to warm Auberon's bed... yeah... about that... Ciri is a total slut in the novels, and there was no one forcing her to do anything.

* After an hour od Ciri shaking her ass in Auberon's face and him not seeing it because he's having a total panic attack over the arrival of The Elder God in his city... Auberon leaves the room and Ciri, runs after him, cant find him, so runs screaming all the way to Avallac'h bedroom, screaming "Auberon is won't give me an orgasm" and jumps on top of Avallac'h once again demanding he have sex with her. 

* So we find out Avallac'h has no issues giving Ciri orgasms, he just ain't gonna have sex with her... he'll do everything else though. 

* So Ciri starts obsessing over Avallac'h's hands, comparing his hands to Mistel's hands (Mistel being Ciri's female lover who was murdered), stating that she has trouble deciding if she likes Avallac'h or Mistel more because Avallac'h has very gentle hands.

* Ciri spends the next day wandering Tir ni Lia and as she passes the yard of the people whom had not worshiped Avallac'h, points out that white marble statues of those people, now stand on their front lawn.

* The following night Avallac'h escorts Ciri to Auberon's bedroom, gives Auberon hell for not having sex with Ciri, and we now see Auberon... try to do stuff to Ciri... and we get Ciri telling us about Auberon's hands. 

* Ciri has a hand fetish we learn. Ciri tells us Auberon does not have gentle hands and she regrets spending the night with him, wishes Mistel was still alive, and when Auberon break her immersion by running out of the room, Ciri once again runs scream to Avallac'h, and finds him with his sister.... yeah.

* Well, considering Lara is his daughter and Ciri is his 4th great granddaughter, are we really surprised to find Avallac'h in bed with his sister?

* And considering how sex crazy Ciri is, are we any less surprised to see Ciri jump in bed with them and join them?

* The only thing I think we can find surprising in this scene is Avallac'h kicking his sister out of bed, then chasing her out of the room, because he'd rather have Ciri.

* You met his sister in the game by the way: Isillira is the girl wearing the pink dress, the one you find in his lab.

* So Ciri spends yet another orgasm filled night with Avallac'h, and the next night  is once again dragged by Avallac'h back to Auberon, who again lectures Auberon on all the reasons, hows, and whys Auberon must get Ciri pregnant.

* And this time Ciri tells the reader that there are new white marble statues in Auberon's room; very lifelike females that look eerily like Auberon's lovers... who seem to have gone missing.

* Avallac'h's baby obsession takes center stage as we see him devolve into gibbering madness, raving and ranting about Lara's blood and accusing Ciri of stealing it.  

* Taking more fisstech then Ciri does (and considering how big of a crackhead Ciri is, that's pretty hard to do), Avallac'h's ramblings about babies become wild, as we start to see that he is suffering from some serious PTSD over Lara's murder and the loss of her baby, which he deeply regrets having left in the human palace.

* King Auberon's fostech addiction, makes everyone else's fisstech addictions look like scholl children with candy. The more fistech Auberon takes, the more violent he becomes.

* Fights between King Auberon and Ciri start to get out of control, as Auberon takes to sexually, emotionally, and physically abusing Ciri, resulting in Ciri running to seek comfort from Avallac'h more and more often.

* It quickly becomes clear that Avallac'h's sanity is teetering on a dangerous edge, as his dark side unleashes on Ciri and he demands Ciri be Lara and give him Lara's baby.

* And we can now see why Avallac'h avoids sex, as the thought of sex triggers him into wild psychotic suicidal meltdowns over his guilt at not raising Lara's baby as he had promised to do.

* With Ciri demanding sex more and more, and so self absorbed in her sex crazed demands that she is completely blind to how badly she's tearing Avallac'h's mind apart, we see Avallac'h spiral into a total obsession with going back and undoing what he did, and raising Lara's baby instead of giving it up. 

* Ciri starts investigating the background history of the Elves she is living with and finds that King Auberon plans to use the baby to build a living weapon to wipe out all humans from the universe, while Avallac'h just wants a chance to go back and raise Lara's baby instead of giving it up. 

* Ciri spends a lot of time inner monologuing about whether or not to have a baby at all, and then come to the conclusion that she doesn't want Auberon having the baby and she shouldn't have the baby because the risk of Auberon using it start a war against humans was too high... 

* ...but Ciri's growing pity for Avallac'h's quickly deteriorating mental state, causes her to conclude, she needs to have the baby and give is to Avallac'h, not Auberon, because the guilt of losing Lara's baby is tearing Avallac'h's mind apart, and Ciri believes that having a baby to raise is the only thing that's going to keep Avallac'h from killing himself.

* Though in the previous novel... Geralt told us that Avallac'h already had killed himself and was now a wraith. We were told then, that after he took the baby to the human palace, Avallac'h had buried Lara and Creaganon, then laid down on top of the grave and never got up; either starving himself to death or dying from a broken heart.

* We saw a scene of Geralt contemplating destroying the wraith, and trying to decide if Avallac'h was a Dunny, Trow, or Lich, but ultimately deciding the wraith was harmless as all it did was guard Lara's grave and use mirrors to watch over Lara's descendants.

* Because the wraith took a physical flesh form and appeared on first glances to be alive, had died from suicide, appeared to not know he was dead, stayed at Lara's grave, acted as a guardian to Lara's kin, and spent to bulk of his time trying to commit suicide over and over again, but couldn't die because he was already dead, Geralt concluded that Avallac'h was a Lich, but was harmless, and so Geralt didn't bother trying to banish the wraith, instead leaving it at Lara's grave where he had found it.

* When we see Ciri worrying that Avallac'h will kill himself, we also realize here that Ciri is unaware that Avallac'h is already dead, and is a wraith/lich.

* And while Ciri is unaware of Avallac'h's undead state, the reader is aware, and can take the info we learned previously from Geralt, and add it to the info we are getting now from Ciri, Eredin, and Auberon, and thus the reader can see the true horror of what is happening here...

* Avallac'h is cursed. Trapped for eternity in a loop of endless guilt over the promise he did not keep: Lara's dying request, that he raise her child. Avallac'h not only broke the promise he made to the woman he loved, he broke a deathbed promise, and gave up her child.

* Now undead, forced to relive in his mind, Lara's death over and over again, Avallac'h is desperately trying to undo what he did... but with Lara dead and no way to bring her or her dead baby back, the curse can not be lifted from Avallac'h's wraith and his soul is trapped in this nightmare forever.

* By this point the reader now has enough information, to know just exactly what it is, The Wild Hunt is, and the horrifying truth of what they do...

* Desperate to free himself of this curse, Avallac'h has taken to gathering up a group of dead women - wraiths like himself, and formed the group known as The Wild Hunt, and every night, he sends these wraith women out to search the human worlds looking for pregnant women, pregnant women they bring back to their lich lord leader, Avallac'h...

* ...and Avallac'h keeps the women, tries desperately to convince them to marry him and give him their child to raise.... but when the poor terrified women refuse to be his wives, he kills them, cuts out their still alive babies, dumps their bodies in a ravine behind his lab, then takes the fetuses to his lab and tries to use Lara's blood to turn them into Lara's baby, so he can keep his promise and raise Lara's baby, in vain hope of lifting the curse and freeing his soul.


#And we learn to see Avallac'h as the saddest, most sympathetic, yet also the evilest and most horribly vile, of any monster to grace the Witcher franchise.


* And yet... if he really that bad? Because we also learn that he's taking the pregnant women out of abortion clinics.

 I know EXACTLY what it feels like to spend your entire life wanting a baby and being horrified to see people killing unwanted babies on a whim.

If Avallac'h wants to gather up an army of wraiths and invade the human world every night, abducting women from abortion clinics, forcing them to have their babies, then murder the bitches and toss them in a ravine... than I say....

MORE POWER TO HIM... may he successfully eradicate every last bitch in every abortion clinic.

I can't see Avallac'h as a villain. 

* All Avallac'h is doing is rescuing babies and showing the abortion bitches what it is like to be mindlessly slaughtered and dumped in a garbage heap... what's wrong with that?

No... I REALLY don't see anything wrong with what Avallac'h is doing. 

* Those tens of thousands of dead pregnant women in the ravine behind his lab are just worthless abortion bitches who were about to murder their babies and toss their dead babies in a dumpster... what goes around comes around... 


#Avallac'h is only doing to those women, exactly the same thing those women were about to do to their babies.


#I see Avallac'h as a hero, not a villain. He's the unsung champion of unwanted babies.


* And by this point in the novels, we have already witnessed Ciri's horrific abortion bitch activities and rants, including to have already heard her declare she plans to go around the world looking for pregnant women and rescuing them, by stabbing them in the stomach and killing their babies.

* And with the reader knowing info that Ciri does not have... the reader can see just exactly what a dangerous thing it is that baby murdering psycho terrorist abortion bitch Ciri is doing, in her sex crazed, sexzilla rampage of trying to get Avallac'h, a baby rescuing, executioner of abortion bitches, to have sex with her.

* We see scenes of Eredin and later Auberon  telling Ciri to stop pushing Avallac'h with demands for sex, because she doesn't know how bad his baby obsession can get out of control - they've seen him get like this before; 

* Eredin points out that Avallac'h often kidnaps pregnant women and cuts out their babies, Eredin warns Ciri NOT to get pregnant because Avallac'h will kill her if she does

* while Auberon adds that Avallac'h has jars full of stolen fetuses in his lab, because he's trying to turn them into Lara's baby that he lost; 

* Auberon tells Ciri he will NOT have sex with Ciri nor will he let any other elf have sex with her, because if Ciri ever gets pregnant, she'll find out what Avallac'h is really like, and she won't want to see that 

* but Ciri says she doesn't care, and gives them all hell, because she says she doesn't give a shit about anyone's feelings, she just wants to have sex with one of these damned elves, so she starts threatening to kill all of them if none of them starts having sex with her.

* After 8 weeks of Auberon refusing to have sex with Ciri because he hates humans and Avallac'h being clueless that Ciri wants to have sex with him, not have a baby with someone else, Ciri decides to rape Avallac'h. 

* Being a psion who can read minds, means no one can sneak up on Avallac'h or hurt him, because he sees every thought in everyone's head... so Ciri spends weeks training her mind to block Avallac'h's psionic ability so that she can sneak up on him and rape him.

* One day Ciri and Avallac'h go on a boat ride on the river. They spend all day on the boat, and when they return that night, Avallac'h goes to the stables to check on his horse Rudy.

* Upon entering the stable, Avallac'h and Ciri see a stable boy throwing rocks at Rudy and hitting the horse with sticks. Avallac'h has full on meltdown on the boy, and drags him out of the stable by his ear.

* The next day Ciri can not find Avallac'h anywhere so, heads to the stable to get Kelpie to look for him. While there she meets 2 of Avallac'h's human servent girls crying and asks them what is wrong. They tell iri the stable boy is gone and they fear Avallac'h has killed him like the others.

* When Ciri asks what others, they tell her Avallac'h has no patience for unruly children and turns them into statues, because that's what The Elder Gods do. It was why the Unicorns fought against The Elder Gods and annihilated them, whipping out their race completely. Avallac'h is the last one.

* Ciri takes Kelpie and goes looking for Avallac'h, but instead finds her old friend Starry Eyes (a unicorn) who asks her to go with him to to Avallac'h's lab

* Avallac'h's lab sits on the edge of a ravine, and the ravine is filled with tens of thousands of bodies of dead women... 

* Tens of thousands pregnant women, kidnapped from abortion clinics, their babies have been cut out, and their still alive bodies tossed in a massive mountainous pile of other dead bodies, left like unwanted fetuses, still alive, left to slowly bleed to death in a piles of others like them.... the abortion bitches, being made themselves into discarded abortion refuse, while their babies live on.

* The dead women in his ravine, are not decent, moral women, but rather nothing but worthless, murderous cunts who kill babies on mindless whims.

* And when we as readers, learn that the dead women are pure evil monsters, nothing but worthless gutter trash pieces of scum, we see that Avallac'h is not even close to evil, as all he is doing is ridding the world abortion bitch scum. Slaughtering the fictional pieces of trash, just as we real world righteous should do to real world abortion bitches. The sooner real world laws are passed to make abortion punishable by death penalty with no trial, the better.

No righteous person is ever going to shed a tear for a piece of crap who murdered who own baby.

And likewise, no righteous person can see any evil in anything Avallac'h does when he rescues the unwanted babies and tosses their mothers in a heap of abortion refuse, like they were about to do to their babies.

* And so, while everyone is SAYING Avallac'h is a villain... while Ciri is telling us he's not got a shred of evil in his heart, and the narrator is telling us Avallac'h has never shed innocent blood, and then we see that he's only being branded as evil because he's rescuing babies that would have been aborted... we quickly see that appearances can be deceiving and he is the champion of unborn babies, the eradicator of abortion bitches, and therefore is a hero, not a villain.

The thing I like so much about the Witcher novels is that they are very disturbing. They take you out of your comfort zone and force you to look at issues real people face every day, but do it in such a bizarre way that you can't ignore it.

There are no good characters and there are no evil characters. The entire cast is a messed up shade of grey, every character driven by deep set morals, that to them make sense. No one is evil for the sake of being evil. All are doing good in their own minds. And it forces you to look at what is good and what is evil.

The game falls short of the novels, landing flat on its face, with this. While the game pulls you into the character's lives, it does send you on the same rollercoaster of emotions, the novels send you through.

* The Unicorn tells Ciri of a battle between The Elder Gods and the Unicorns, telling her that the Unicorns eradicated the Elder Gods and destroyed their Elder Blood line, but that one still lives: The Fox; the unicorns built this planet into a prison, and keep The Fox here

* The Unicorn tells Ciri that the Fox is different from the other Elder Gods, that he was the first, and he created time, controls time, and can not die, because while the others were just demigods, this one actually IS a god

* The Unicorn tells Ciri The Fox is very lonely and that nothing she sees on this planet is real, it is all a vast illusion created by The Fox, a world built out of fantasies he read in Ciri's mind, a paradise built to keep Ciri happy, so she'll stay with him and never leave him

* The Unicorn points to the sea of dead bodies that spread on for miles and tells Ciri that The Fox is powering this massive illusion with the blood of pregnant women... it's why he send The Wild Hunt out every night.

* The Unicorn explains that The Fox created the Wild Hunt so that they could go to worlds in search of pregnant women and bring them back here to him

* Ciri says she does not believe Avallac'h would do any of this, stating that he has always been kind and loving to her and accuses Starry Eyes of lying to her

* Starry Eyes reminds Ciri that Avallac'h once called himself a Fox and said that Ciri was his little chicken trapped with him in a henhouse

* Starry Eyes confirms what Avallac'h has already told Ciri - that he arrived here from another world, but Starry Eyes tells a different version of the ship's crash

* Starry Eyes claims the Elder Gods arrived heavily armed and attacked the planet, mass murdering everyone, and only the Unicorns and this one Elder God whom the Unicorns call The Fox (Avallac'h) survived and he remains here as their prisoner.

* According to Starry Eyes, there are only 3 people left alive after the war: Avallac'h, Ciri, and Starry Eyes... and EVERYONE ELSE, including Geralt, Yennefer, and all the rest NEVER EXISTED and ARE NOT REAL because they are all just an illusion cast by Avallac'h


* And with this in mind, we now see the REASON why every male Ciri has ever met, is trying to have sex with her.

* And while Ciri goes through 68 men fighting over whose bed she's going to be in next... Avallac'h comes along and is the ONLY guy who is NOT trying to get in bed with her.

* Yeah. In spite of all his baby talk, Avallac'h never once tries to have sex with Ciri and when she tries to have sex with him, he flat out refuses to.


He says it... after 8 years of living with him, and him never once trying to have sex with her, Ciri says she wants to go home to Mommy Yennefer and Avallac'h comes right out and says why he REALLY wants Ciri: "I'm lonely. No one ever talks to me. I can't live a normal life because of my Elder Blood. You understand that. You talk to me. No one else does." 

* In spite of his constant talk about wanting a baby, we never once see Avallac'h try to actually do anything to get that baby, and when faced with losing Ciri, he comes right out and admits all he really wanted was someone to talk to.

* We remember was again, that Avallac'h doesn't know what sex is, and everything in Ciri's life has been about getting her to have a baby.

* That night Ciri is once again with Auberon, and seeing how Auberon his staring blankly at a mirror and refusing to have sex with Ciri, Ciri decides to ask him about the serpent statues that are all over the city and that are also here in Auberon's bedroom.

* Auberon tells Ciri that the serpent statues are statues of Avallac'h; explaining that Avallac'h is not an Elf, and that the serpent pendant he wears keeps him trapped in an Elf form, hiding his real form; 

* Aubeon says the Unicorns control the pendant and that as long as he wears it, he can not leave this planet as the pendent binds Avallac'h here

* According to Auberon, whoever controls the pendent, controls Avallac'h

* This is why in the game we see Avallac'h obey Ciri's every whim, because in the game Ciri controls the pendent Avallac'h wears, which in the game is a scarab beetle, not a snake like it was in the novels

* Ciri and Auberon start fighting over Yennefer and Ciri works herself into a raging inferno, starts demanding Auberon makes her pregnant right now, and Auberon has a full on meltdown, threatening to put Ciri in Avallac'h's lab and let Avallac'h torture her

* Ciri leaves Auberon's room to go yell at Avallac'h, can't find him, so heads outside, marches past the stable, barely notices the stone statues of those two servent girls she had talked to this morning, and screams and yells her way all the way to the garden

* Avallac'h is here in the garden, moving his statues around, because he added a new one, that of the stable boy who had been beating his horse yesterday

* Ciri stops her rant, long enough to marvel at the fact that the stable boy is now a statue and she starts looking around at how many statues of children there are here

* At the center of the garden, is the statue of a naked she-elf, and Avallac'h is putting dozens of statues of small children around her, all looking up at her

* Ciri has never seen this statue of the she-elf before, but the reader has, and if the reader paid careful attention to Avallac'h's conversation about Lara Dorren with Geralt in chapter 7 of the novel Tower of Swallows, then the reader knows who this elf girl is, and the horror of what Avallac'h is doing in this scene as he positions statues of small children all around her... and the reader is now fully aware of truly insane Avallac'h really is

* Ciri marches past the statues, upto Avallac'h and starts giving him hell because he should be the one to get her pregnant not Auberon

* Avallac'h is completely taken by surprise as he had not heard Ciri sneak up on him, and more horrifyingly for him... he had not heard her thoughts.

* Avallac'h is suddenly terrified of Ciri, as he realizes Ciri has been training her mind to block his ability to read her thoughts, and he doesn't understand why Ciri would do that as he had thought she trusted him; we see Avallac'h now feeling threatened and looking around for a way to escape

* As soon as Avallac'h tries to run, Ciri tackles him, drags him to the ground and rapes him; while screaming "Make me pregnant, right now, you ought to want to, I look like your Lara!"

* She rapes Avallac'h 3 different times, with him running away from her each time, and the 4th time she decides to break both his legs, then rape him, then castrate him to punish him for refusing to have sex with her to begin with. 

* Avallac'h responds to this by punching Ciri, resulting in breaking her jaw and knocking out most of her teeth, then strangling her, to try to get her to stop attacking him. She only stops attacking him when he starts throttling her and cuts off her ability to breath. 

* WOW! and YAY! Somebody FINALLY beat the crap out of the bitch and shut her up! THANK YOU! But I never expected it to be Avallac'h to be the one to finally give the psycho bitch the broken jaw she so desperately deserved.

* Though he could have, AND SHOULD HAVE killed her, he let's go of her as soon as she stops attacking him. He had no intention of hurting her and was merely trying to get her to stop hurting him. As soon as Ciri let's go of him, Avallac'h stops strangling her. Avallac'h immediately tries to escape, and Ciri tackles him yet again.

* And we see Ciri at her sadistic worst in this scene, when, with fake crocodile tears she says: *"Avallac'h... please... please.... forgive me.... and if you can... forget."* Ciri's fake tears, stop Avallac'h from escaping and we hear the last words he ever says: *"I always forgive you. Tis already forgotten"* 

* and we see Avallac'h not try to get away, but instead hug Ciri when she gets close to him... and she once again attacks him, taking advantage of the fact that he'd let down his guard for her tears, and  she now rapes him a 5th time, this time saying "I'm your Lara" at which point he gives up fighting her and becomes despondent, going into shock, and never saying another word, the rest of his life.

* In the previous novel when Geralt met Avallac'h, we were told Avallac'h had in his house a statue of Lara Dorren. Ciri has never seen this statue, but the reader has, and knows it when they see it again.

* As Ciri leaves the rape scene, we see the scene pan away to show where this happened, and what it was Avallac'h was looking at that triggered him going into shock and not able to speak again when Ciri said the words: "I'm your Lara": we are back at the place where Geralt met Avallac'h, the garden with Lara Dorren's statue

* The readers who has made note of every detail and picked up on every clue, now knows that Avallac'h killed Creagganon and Lara, and as she died, Lara made Avallac'h promise to take care of her baby... which he promised to do and then didn't... and out of some twisted sense of guilt, he turned Lara's body into a statue and is now killing children, turning them into statues, and giving them to Lara

* And we are reminded that a mage loses their powers if they ever break their vow...and Avallac'h took a vow of honesty... and the reader now learns that there was no angry mob... Avallac'h killed Lara Dorren when he found out she was pregnant with Cregagon's baby and he made up the story that a mob killed her.

* Ciri flees the palace, and as she does... the world literally falls apart, as trees twist and turn into dead corpses, the palace walls crumble turning into human skulls... Avallac'h's massive illusion spell crumbling and the reality behind it being revealed at last... and Ciri for a brief second, sees not Avallac'h but rather a giant serpent, wounded, bleeding, and dying.

* As quickly as things fall apart, we see the world rebuilt and Ciri, not sure if anything that happened this day was real or just a dream.

* When Ciri tries to talk to Avallac'h the following day, she is stunned and confused, by the fact that he is terrified of her, locks himself in his room, and casts barrier spells around himself to keep Ciri from getting near him. Cold, cruel, and emotionless as ever, Ciri can not understand why the man she just raped, crippled, and castrated is scared of her.

* Avallac'h's legs do not heal properly and he is never able to walk again. The searing pain from his injuries, results in him crawling to the lake and staying on the shore of an island in it, spending years trying to use the lake's cold water to ease his pain. 

* Ciri crippled Avallac'h in the palace garden of Tir ni Lia, and he crawled all the way back to Avallon, which we are told is 2 days to get to by horse, meaning about 7 days to get to walking, and he was paralyzed and crawling on his belly, meaning it took him several WEEKS to crawl back to the Lake of Avalon.

* Because he can no longer walk, Avallac'h takes to living on a small row boat in the lake, where he spends most of his time either fishing off the boat or swimming in the cold water trying to relieve the pain he's in. As the centuries pass, he becomes known as The Fisher King, a mute, crippled hermit, who used to be King of Avalon.

* In later chapters we encounter The Fisher King many times, eventually seeing Ciri marry him and live with him at the end of the series... but we never see him able to use magic. 

* The lie Avallac'h told about the mob killing Lara, when he had killed Lara, wiped his ability to use magic.

* and yet, we are left to wonder, if he really did lose his powers or not, because he continued to be the most feared and most powerful mage for 200 years after Lara's death, and spent 200 years telling people an angry mob had killed Lara, and he only lost his powers AFTER he realized what he had done.

* Skip ahead, many, many, many, many chapters, to the very last chapter of the series, and the final scene that ends the franchise...

* Leo is dead, Vilgefortz is dead, Geralt and Yennefer have a big wedding. And as we wind down to the last 10 pages of the novels, it appears that everyone is going to live happily ever after...

* And then just 8 pages from the end, all hell breaks loose as a race riot tears the city apart and Geralt tries to stop it

* Geralt steps in to save a villager, but doesn't see the boy with a pitchfork.

* Yen sees the boy and tries to push Geralt out of the way

* The boy skewers BOTh Yen and Geralt, in front of Ciri, who tries to use her Elder Blood to save them and is horrified to learn... Elder Blood HAS NO POWERS!

* For 8 novels now we have seen the world rise up against Ciri because her blood supposedly has powers, but we have NEVER seen one spark of power from Ciri... 

* This is the first time Ciri tries to call on her supposed Elder Blood power and we see her horrified to realize the truth: Elder Blood HAS NO POWER, it was all just a superstition

* All the hell she has gone through in her life has BEEN FOR NOTHING! The supposed powers of Elder Blood was nothing but a myth all along and her whole life has been hell because of people believing in silly superstitions

* Starry Eyes the Unicorn is there with Ciri when Geralt and Yennefer die and he explains to Ciri that he knew she had no powers all along; no Elder Blood has ever had powers; not Ciri, not Pavatta, not even Lara Dorren; the only power any of them had was the same powers any mage had... the power of their own mind; 

* Elder Bloods are no more or less powerful than anyone else... they just became powerful because they were told from birth that they were powerful, so they believed they could do powerful things without question

* Starry Eyes tells Ciri: you are not an Elder God, you just have his blood, you can't do the things he can do; you can't restore life to the dead

* And we see Ciri, remember Avallac'h... The Elder God from whom all Elder Blood flows... she remembers that he was able to bring to life an entire world filled with people... a dead, barran, prison planet, with nothing but desert sands and wastelands, turned into a world full of apple trees that always bloomed, and living, breathing people that he built out of the corpses of dead women

* Ciri demands the Unicorn take her, Geralt, and Yennefer back to The Lake of Avalon, back to The Elder God, back to Avallac'h

* Starry Eyes protests this, telling her, the world is dead, the paradise she lived in, the people she lived with, it was all an illusion powered by the blood of tens of thousands; if she returns to Avalon, millions will suffer and die, just to pamper Ciri's vanity

* Ciri says she does not care. Mommy Yennefer's life is worth the deaths of everyone in the universe and if that's what must happen to resurrect mommy Yennefer and her newlywed husband Geralt, than that is what will be

* Head jumping happens as Geralt takes over as narrator now

* Geralt wakes up to see apple blossoms over his head. He looks around and Yennefer is beside him, also waking up. Beside them are the blood remains of Starry Eyes the Unicorn, now dead.

* Geralt remembers that he and Yennefer died, and recognizes that they are now in Avalon, and immediately realizes what Ciri has done

* The last thing Geralt sees as he runs maddly for the Lake to stop stop Avallac'h from taking Ciri, is Ciri on a boat with The Fisher King as the mists of Avalon close around the lake, making an impenetrable barrier that Geralt can't get through

* This is followed by a 1 page epilogue, that shows us Ciri, 10,500 years later, nude and sunbathing on a beach on the Lake of Avalon... 

* Ciri has lived in a world of peace in the paradise of Avalon that The Fisher King has built for her for 10,500 years; and though she knows millions of innocent lives have been murdered to maintain this world, she does not care, because mommy Yennefer and her husband Geralt are immortal now, trapped her forever in Avalon, but no one can hurt them ever again and Ciri is content now the wife of The Fisher King.

* Ciri's thoughts are interrupted when a knight named Sir Galahad rides up and addresses Ciri as The Lady of the Lake

* Ciri yells at the knight, telling him she is NOT the Lady of the Lake, explaining that when she was 7 years old The Lady of the Lake and her husband The Fisher King, accompanied by a knight had visited her and told her all the things that would happen to her in her future...

* Ciri looks down at her hands, and realizes that she now has blue-green skin, covered in fish scales, and she has fish fins; she remembers that she took the Dryan Mutations as a child, a few days before The Lady of the Lake visited her... her Dryad mutations have finally set in and Ciri is now a Dryad

* As she talks to Sir Galahad, she suddenly realizes she is now the wife of The Fisher King and this knight is the knight she had seen riding with The Lady of the Lake all those years ago.

* In the last sentence of the novels we see Ciri now The Lady of the Lake, tell the knight to take her to visit a child whom she has a message for... while in her mind, plotting to rape and kill this knight so that no one will ever again find the LaKe of Avalon and interpret her paradise with The Fisher King.

* This is how the novels end. With Ciri and Avallac'h together forever. Geralt and Yennefer together forever. Ciri fully aware that this comes with the cost of the blood of millions of innocents used to power this huge spell. And Ciri ensuring that no one ever changes that.

Yes, Avallac'h was a very evil villain, but tell me what exactly Avallac'h DID TO CIRI, other then try to help her, be her friend, protect her from harm, and give her a better life? 

And look at what she did to him in return.

Avallac'h never did anything to Ciri. He was always kind, gentle, loving, and protective of her. The only time we see him hurt her, is when he fights back in self-defense, while she is brutally torturing, mutilating, and raping him. She left him maimed and crippled, unable to talk or walk. She absolutely destroyed his life, and why you people continue to harass me, with this, baffles me to no end.

I have learned, that out there are at least 700 people, who are such hugly devoted fans of Ciri, that they can turn a blind eye to what she did, and hate her victim, because he fought back and tried to defend himself.

Let me ask you something: Do you what it is like to be beaten up, so bad, that you can't walk?

Do you have any idea, how much pain that kind of an injury causes?

You want to know something?

I do.

Page 179 of Lady of the Lake, is WHY I like Avallac'h, because I can sympathize with what Ciri did to him.

Did you ever pay attention to where I'm streaming from? Have you ever noticed, that I play this game, from bed?

November 14, 2013, while putting my paint supplies in the back seat of my car, just after 10PM, at Southern Maine Community College, as I was getting ready to leave class, someone ran up behind me and beat me with a baseball bat, damaging the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments of my spine, hip, leg, and knee, leaving me bedridden and paralyzed for 5 months.

MIRs revealed:

* that 3 discs in my lower spine are ruptured ...

The discs are the soft spongy, fluid filled sacs between the vertebrae, that cushion the bones; with these ruptured, that means the raw bones rub against each other, slowly wearing down the surface of the vertebrae, causing my spine to over time become deformed, putting pressure on the spinal column- the bundle of nerves inside the vertebrae.

The pressure on the spinal column, causes the nerves to be pinched, resulting in sharp lighten strike sensations, going from my spine, into whatever part of my body, that particular nerve controls. This mostly affects my left arm and right leg, which is why I am limited to playing keyboard and mouse driven games as I can no longer play console games due to limited use of my left hand.

MIRs revealed:

* crushed sacroiliac joint and damaged nerve bundle inside of it

The sacroiliac joint is the bone that connects your hip to you spine, and is connected to your tailbone.

Sitting down puts pressure on your tailbone, in turn putting pressure on your sacroiliac joint, in turn putting pressure on both your spine and hip. This is normal. Getting up and stretching your legs relieves the uncomfort and you can sit again.

However, with my injury, I can not sit down at all, because the sacroiliac joint does not cushion the other bones as it should, and instead, causes sharp shooting pain to radiate into the surrounding areas. Sitting for too long causes severe inflammation in my lower back and right hip, to the point that my whole body is thrown into a high fever.

An additional side effect of the crushed sacroiliac joint, is a loss of bladder and bowel functions, due to damage of the nerves that control these body functions. This means I have to wear adult diapers, because I have no feeling of sensation in my bladder or lower intestines, and do not know ahead of time if I need to pee or defecate.

For this I was sent to New England's top neurosurgeon, scheduled for surgery. However, at the neuro center further tests, MRIs, and x-rays revealed that the damage to the nerve bundle was so bad, that removing the pressure caused by the crushed bone, would actually cause more damage, resulting in my being fully paralyzed from the chest down, a side effect of which would be also paralyzing my lungs, possible my heart, putting me on full life support and a very high rate of dying soon after surgery.

2nd and 3rd opinions agreed, that surgery was not an option as the risks of fully paralyzing me for the rest of my life, was way too high.

MIRs revealed:

* hip dysplasia

This means that the hip bone itself is broken, and femur (leg bone) is pushed up inside of the hip bone. The cartilage that should cushion the two, is destroyed and no longer there at all.

What should be a ball and socket joint that rolls freely when walking, is instead punctured one inside of the other, fused together, and is raw bone grinding on raw bone, loud enough that people around me, can hear the crunch of the grinding bones, while I am walking.

This was not discovered until 2015, nearly 3 years after the injury happened. At the time in 2013, doctors focused near completely on my knee and spine, and no x-rays or MRIs were done of my hip. They did not examine my hip until 2015, when it reached a point of my no longer being able to bend my leg at all.

Because the broken bone had nearly 3 years to heal before it was even discovered it was broken, the hip bone and leg bone had grown back around each other, forming one solid bone, instead of two seperate bones.

This fused hip joint, is the reason I was laying down in bed, while playing games, and is the reason I am unable to sit in a chair, and is the reason I am unable to walk properly, and is the reason I will never again run or dance.

At first in a wheelchair and told I would never walk again, I was determined to relearn to walk, and defied doctors, refusing to use the wheelchair, instead using a walker and crutches and forcing myself to relearn to walk.

It took me 18 months to relearn to walk without the aid of a walker or crutches. Using leg braces for many months after that, and relaying heaving on a cane.

It is now September 2019 (6 years later) and I still struggling to walk unaided, but am able to move around in my house, by holding on to furniture and walls while moving.

My ability to walk outdoors is still very limited, my right leg drags lame, very difficult for me to lift it up high enough to step on/off curbs, climb stairs, avoid tree roots, etc. I rely heavily on a cane for support when I am walking, and without the cane quickly fall and then struggle desperately to stand back up.

I can not jog or run and likely will never be able to do either ever again. I also can no longer dance. Previous to this happening I walked 13 miles a day on the 7 mile long beach where I live, and daily aquajogger. I also did belly dancing, aerobics dancing, Tahitian dance, hula dance, and zumba. These are all things I'm likely to never have the ability to do ever again.

The struggle to regain my ability to stand at all, was over a year, and it has now been 6 years regaining the ability to walk. Hope of ever running, jogging, or dancing again, is not feasible, given the nature of my injuries.

However, I was also told I would never walk again, and, as you can see, I've proven these doctors wrong.

I started making videos online in 2004, back then on MySpace, moving to YouTube in 2008, and moving to Twitch in 2016.

It was in 2015, a year before my switch to Twitch, that you saw me focus more on gaming and by 2016 move almost completely to gaming with vlogs and how-to videos becoming less frequent. This was due largely to my injuries, which meant none gaming videos were very difficult for me to make, whereas gaming videos were easier to make.

While I have played video games since 1978, my gaming setup changed dramatically in 2016 when I moved from YouTube to Twitch to focus on full-time gaming and leaving vlogging behind almost completely.

With the change to online gaming full time, required to the change in my equipment. Thus you saw the building of the massive gaming rig computer I use today *(which is about to get yet another update and overhaul pending the release of CyberPunk 2077)*

When the computer was first set up, a stream was done of setting it up, and that is when most of my viewers learned that I played games from bed, with the computer itself rigged up on a platform suspended over the bed, and two massive tables on either side of the bed, holding the rest of the equipment. The entire thing was bolted to the wall and rigged with steel pipes to support the weight of a computer system that weighed well over 100 lbs.

The entire set up was literally a bed, that had been turned into a massive computer system, and looked more like a space aged hospital bed then a gaming computer, and cost over $15,000 to build.

The 48 TB computer cost $5,000 while the Tempurpedic Mattress cost $7,000; this did not include the cost of the monitors (2), keyboards (there are 3), and bedframe, or any of the rest of the set-up.

With over $5million in medical bills, the building of this massive computer system bed, was seen by most locals as pure madness, however... with me literally trapped in a bed for days, sometimes weeks on end, and no one willing to spend time with me now that I can't get out of bed to do things with them outside, it's been years since I've had anyone to talk to and streaming games, is literally the only contact I have with people anymore, now that I have this injury. So, full priority and all of my savings went to having this computer-bed built.

Now you tell me again, WHY you like Ciri... or rather WHY I should like a woman, who did to her best friend, the exact same thing, that was done to me.

You ask me, how I can like Avallac'h? Look at how I live. If there's anything I can identify with, it's what it feels like to be crippled by a psychopath, to have your life destroyed.  I know what it is like to live with a real world injury, like the one Avallac'h had done to him by Ciri.

How can I like Avallac'h, after reading the novels? How the hell, can you like Ciri, after reading the novels?

Really step back, a take a good long look, at what it is you like, and ask me again, why you think, I should like a person, who did what Ciri did to Avallac'h?

And don't do the "But pooooor Ciri, she went through so much!" thing, because I'm tired of hearing it.

Yeah, you're right, she went through shit, and not once did she stand up for herself.

During the first 12 years of her life 68 different men kidnapped her, beat her, raped her, molested her, and abused her... and she never once did a damned thing to any of them.

And the one man who comes into her life, who doesn't treat her like shit, and actually tries to be decent to her, she beats him up on a daily basis, then goes psycho meltdown on him leaving him crippled for the rest of his life. Why?

Do you really think, what Leo and Vilgefortz did to Ciri justifies what she did to Avallac'h? It doesn't. There is no excuse for being a dick to someone who never hurt you. Just because someone else abused you doesn't give you the right to become an abuser yourself to someone who never hurt you.

It was Leo and Vilgefortz who treated her like shit, if she wanted to go bat shit crazy psycho on someone, it should have been them, not the man who rescued her from them.

I like Avallac'h for the same reason, I don't like Ciri.

#THE DAMNED BABY.... just like I keep saying and you refuse to accept.

But heck... you know I also like Leo and Vilgizforts too, right?


The 3 biggest bass asses of the franchise. Evil on a stick, every one of them.

And while you endlessly ask, why I like Avallac'h... maybe what you SHOULD be asking is how can I like Leo?


Let's see..  he kidnapped Cirii, force feed her fisstech, put her in gladiator rings to fight to the death for entertainment of nobles, oh yeah.... and cut Mistel's head off... YAY!

Can we gather up a party and all go dance on Mistel's grave?

Oh yeah,, plus he's the guy who was shoving 8 hot pokers up Ciri's vagina while she's hanging over his dinner table in a cage... what's not to love about that?

I mean... he's shoving hot pokers up the vagina of a serial raping, child murdering, spouse abusing, white-power, black hating, racist pig, abortion bitch... 


Yes! yes! Yes! Torture the abortion bitch! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her! Kill the damned baby murdering rapist!

There are 2 things I hate more than ANYTHING ELSE:

* Rapists

* Abortion bitches

They are the 2 most vile types of people to walk the face of the earth. And Ciri is BOTH.

As a woman who has had 7 miscarriages and spent 50 years of my life in the hell of fertility clinics.... never able to have children, a side effect of having been brutally raped when I was 14 years old... and children being the one thing I wanted most in life... you tell me why I should like someone who rapes people and murders babies?

I cheer on Vilgefortz and Leo in ALL the monstrous shit they put Ciri through... BECAUSE SHE DESERVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

As for Avallac'h... I know EXACTLY what it feels like to spend your entire life wanting a baby and being horrified to see people killing unwanted babies on a whim.

If Avallac'h wants to gather up an army of wraiths and invade the human world every night, abducting women from abortion clinics, forcing them to have their babies, then murder the bitches and toss them in a ravine... than Isay....

#MORE POWER TO HIM... may he successfully eradicate every last bitch in every abortion clinic.

While I can see both Vilgizforts and Leo for the vile repulsive men they are... I can't see Avallac'h as a villain. All he's doing is rescuing babies and showing the abortion bitches what it is like to be mindlessly slaughtered and dumped in a garbage heap... what's wrong with that?

No... I REALLY don't see anything wrong with what Avallac'h is doing. Those tens of thousands of dead pregnant women in the ravine behind his lab are just worthless abortion bitches who were about to murder their babies and toss their dead babies in a dumpster... what goes around comes around... he's just doing to those women, exactly the same thing those women were about to do to their babies.

I see Avallac'h as a hero, not a villain. He's the unsung champion of unwanted babies.

You do realize I have mentioned SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES that I like Avallac'h because of his extreme radical hatred of abortion and his over the top obsession with having a family that focused 100% on getting a baby out of that cunt abortion bitch Ciri, right?

And when it comes to Avallac'h... can you REALLY think of a BETTER punishment for a shitty, child-hating, cunt abortion bitch like Ciri, then forcing her to get pregnant and NOT allowing her to kill the baby?

No..., unlike you.... I don't hate him for doing that to Ciri.

#Do keep in mind I am one of the front runners of the petitions to make abortion a crime punishable by the death penalty - a petition, I've been the front runner of since 1978.

I'm sorry if a Jewish rabbi kidnapping pregnant women from abortion clinics, forcing them to have their babies, then enacted God's punishment on them by executing them for murdering children, causes you to see him as a villain... but... yeah.... I just don't see anything wrong with what Avallac'h is doing.

There is nothing he does in the novels that makes me see him as a villain.

I'm always baffled by Avallac'h's extreme devotion to Ciri. Ciri is the single most abusive woman I have ever encountered in any of the 10,000+ novels I have read in the last 50 years. She has a super ugly personality, is the most mega self-righteous, valley girl mega bitch you'll ever see in a novel, and is endless non-stop abuse.

Part 1: FAQs:  .............................................. How can you like Avallac'h when he's a lying, cheating, bastard?.... :  .............................................. A Look At Why Avallac'h cannot and will not tell a lie. Why he always speaks the truth. .............................................. 

The full answer can now be found [HERE](

###FAQs: How can you like Avallac'h when he's a lying, cheating, bastard?

Is he?

If you have a dictionary nearby, would you please go take a look at it, educate yourself, read it. While you're there look up the definitions of the words: "lying", "cheating", and "bastard".

###There is never a point when Avallac'h tells a lie. 

Not in the game. 

Not in the novels. 

And there is a reason for it.

Important thing to remember is Avallac'h never lies, he ALWAYS tells the truth. Witcher-series mages, take a vow that binds them to magic, if they break the vow they lose their ability to do magic; the vow is different for every mage and is always something difficult for them; Avallac'h took a vow of honesty - he literally CAN NOT tell a lie; 

Avallac'h rarely told the truth before becoming a mage (2,000 years ago), which is why no one trusts him, he was a known chronic liar, 2,000 years ago. 

His inability to tell the truth, was why a vow of honesty was put on him, because it was something he was expected to fail, but he really wanted to be universe's most powerful mage, he's very goal driven, now he is extremely honest because vow forced him to never lie.

In 2,000 years Avallac'h has spoken the whole truth and nothing but the truth and has not wavered from the truth, not even for a hint of a white lie. 

Avallac'h is extremely power driven, he likes having everyone scared of him, and he will lose his powers if he ever tells a lie; Avallac'h is described in novels as both the most powerful and most evil sorcerer of the known Witcherverse, because of his refusal to break his vow and keeping that vow for 2,000+ years.

You could point out the contradictions about him, like the fact that he opens portal and teleports with ease, yet Geralt is told he can not... if you pay attention though, Ciri is the one who says he can not (and Ciri is a chronic liar - RARELY does the truth come out of Ciri's mouth - 9 times out of 10, if Ciri said it, you can be sure the OPPOSITE of what she said is true). 

You could than point out the portal scene at Miss Tilly's house, but pay close attention to Avallac'h EXACT words. He points out that the portal is unstable and he can not guaruntee he and Geralt will not get separated in an UNSTABLE portal.

Then upon returning back to Miss Tilly's with Ge'els in tow, Avallac'h tells Ge'els and Geralt they have to wait for him to stabilize the portal so they don't get separated this time.

He did not lie about not being able to use the UNSTABLE portal, once the portal was stabilized, he had no trouble at all.

Avallac'h uses carefully phrased sentences, that could seem to mean one thing and be easily misinterpreted, but when taken literally, he said exactly what he meant.

Most people ASSUME Avallac'h is lying, because the average person INTERPRETS meanings into words and speak in slang. Avallac'h uses words literally, by their dictionary meanings and does not use interpretations or slang.

###Everything Avallac'h says is ALWAYS 100% true. He is the single most honest character of the franchise.

And so I ask again, why is it you say he is a liar when nothing he has said was a lie?

Likewise, there is never a point when Avallac'h cheats anyone, not in the conventional terms of cheating someone out of something (money, possessions, etc) nor in the sexual term (cheating on a wife or lover).

There is never a point when Avallac'h cheats anyone, not in the conventional terms of cheating someone out of something (money, possessions, etc) nor in the sexual term (cheating on a wife or lover).

I assume you are referring to the she-Elf in his bedroom at Pali Gap. Isilira. Ciri and Isilira are both fully aware of the existence of the other.

Islira is one of the 5 wives that ganged up on Ciri in the novels. These 5 were just a few of the HUNDREDS of wives Avallac'h is described as having.

Avallac'h is a polygamist.

If you want a full and detailed explanation of how and why Avallac'h came by his wives, [a much longer answer is here on this page in the "Avallac'h In the Game" section.](

As stated there, polygamy is the standard practice among Aen Elle Elves. The wealthier a male elf is, the more females he has in his care, simply because he can afford to provide for them.

That Avallac'h has HUNDREDS of wives shows that he is immensely wealthy.

The reason for this lifestyle is the fact that the Aen Elle Elves are nearing extinction. Only around 10,000 elves survive, only a few hundred of these are male. Leaving THOUSANDS of females alone and without a male mate, if a one-wife society was practiced.

Males who are able to afford to do so, take in hundreds of females. 

Avallac'h himself, tells Geralt that he lets his women do what they want in terms of who they choose to have sex with, citing that he has no interest in sex with any of them, and is merely providing a safe home for them as part of his family, because he's wealthy enough that he can support that many women in his household.

Avallac'h refers to the she-elves who live with him as his sisters, not his wives, and they refer to him as their "dearly beloved brother". Though they are in fact his wives, he neither views them or treats them as such.

###The folly of most players of Witcher 3, is not finding out the identity of the she-elf in his bedroom at Pali Gap. Most players, fasly asume Isilira to be a wife, hooker, girlfriend, or prostitute... and reach the end of the game unaware that she is Avallac'h's very protective older sister.

It is important to remember here, that like Ciri, Avallac'h was born with Elder Blood. He is in fact the FIRST and ONLY natural born Elder Blood. He cloned himself to create a companion so he wouldn't be alone. He named his clone Lara Dorren and raised her, which resulted in her seeing him as her father, not her husband, thus she left him for Creaggon of Lod.

ALL other Elder Blood children, including Ciri, are descendants from the child Lara had with Creagon.

Avallac'h does not know how or why he was born with Elder Blood and became a scientist to try to find out what was wrong with himself. He was intent on FINDING A CURE for himself, so that he could be free of his Elder Blood "gift" that had cursed him to not be able to live a normal life as a part of normal society. 

Avallac'h was never accepted into society and lived an isolated hermit existice the entire of his 2,000 years of life, ever since he was just 10 years old. He is incredibly sad and lonely, feeling that no one loves him because he was cursed to be born with these powers that he doesn't want.

Avallac'h spent 700 years building Lara in his lab, something he did because like Ciri, as a child he was outcast, bullied, abused, kidnapped, tortured, and used in other mages experiments. Throughout his youth Avallac'h was hunted down by everyone, because people wanted to use his powers, same way they are now doing to Ciri. 

As a child Avallac'h was forced to watch his parents, friends, and siblings murdered by the mages who kidnapped him because he was unable to control his powers and the more his didn't use his powers properly, the more of his family his captors killed, in their attempt to train him to use his powers.

Only one sister survived and he and her fled society becoming hermits, while Avallac'h tried to teach himself how to control his powers, so he could fight back against the mages trying to use him as a weapon.

###And the game TELLS you that this happened to him... IF you search his bedroom and look for his sister's diary, where she retells her attempt to rescue her 10 year old Elder Blood brother from a Human mage who had kidnapped him... the very same mage that murdered the rest of their family.

Most people meet the she-elf in Avallac'h's bedroom and assume he's cheating on Ciri with some "other woman" and are so enraged by the end of the cutscene, that they never loot the bedroom and never learn that this is Avallac'h's SISTER.

After the cutscene, after trashing his lab, if you return back to the bedroom, you will find a diary that you can loot, which will tell you that the she-elf is his Avallac'h's older sister. Unlike the other wives, Isilira is his real sister. 

In reading her diary, you'll also learn that as a child, Avallac'h was kidnapped and tortured by a Human witch. Isillira, herself a child, set out to rescue her brother and likewise was captured and tortured.

In a story similar to Hansel and Gretel, the elven brother and sister were held captive by the witch, who planned to eat them in order to absorb the boy's Elder Blood and thus gain his powers. The witch turned the sister (Isilira) into a slave, while continuing to torture the boy (Avallac'h).

Both children eventually escaped, but not before watching the witch murder and eat, one by one, every member of their family who came to rescue them.

We also learn from this horrific story, that the reason adult Avallac'h is a vegetarian, is because the Human who held him captive, killed his pet ocelot (a large cat similar to a small spotted panther), cooked it and forced him to eat it.

According to the diary, Avallac'h was child of only 10 and Isillira a young teenager only 14 at the time of their being kidnapped and tortured by the human.

The children escaped with the help of an elven sorcerer, which is what inspired Avallac'h to himself become a sorcerer. Upon escaping, Isillira killed the witch, by stabbing knives into her eyes. It is said Isillirra wears a necklace made out of the human witch's teeth, to never forget what the witch did to her brother.

Avallac'h and Isillira became orphans at a very young age, having only each other to turn to. Isillira raised young Avallac'h, becoming his adoptive mother. These elven children, grew up brutalized by Humans, with Avallac'h growing up fearful and paranoid, while Isillia grew up fierce and mean.

Deeply traumatized by this event, the fearfully paranoid brother clung to his older sister, the sister becoming fiercely defensive of the boy.

Avallac'h and Isillira remained living together their entire lives, both very protective of the other, both living in mortal fear of humans, after their childhood experience of having been kidnapped and brutally tortured by one.

Had you read the diary in Avallac'h's bedroom, you would have known that Isillira is Avallac'h's sister and she is fiercely protective of him, especially around female humans, whom she sees as a threat, fearing he will be hurt again, as he was in their childhood.

It's through the diary that Geralt learns Avallac'h is another Elder Blood like Ciri, and that Avallac'h is not interested in Ciri's powers because he too has been hunted and tortured for his Elder Blood. Avallac'h doesn't want people doing to Ciri the things that were done to him, which is why he is helping her and protecting her. 

Avallac'h didn't have any one to help him learn to use his powers, that's why he's helping Ciri learn to use hers, so she won't have to suffer through the hell he went through.

Had you looted the bedroom and read the diary (which is one of the longest books to read in the entire game) you would have learned that Isillira is more like a protective mother hen, to Avallac'h, then anything else, and because of what one female human did to him as a child, she hates all female humans and is not letting Ciri near him because she fears he'll be hurt again.

In spite of his now being well over 2,000 years old, Isillira still sees Avallac'h as her baby brother, still treats Avallac'h like a child, and remains fiercely defensive of him, not letting anyone near him.

Back to the novels...

Avallac'h also states to Geralt that while he was younger he had sex often, was addicted to sex, had tried every possible way, form, and type of sex there was to try, and after 100 years of none stop sex, got bored with sex and sought out love instead.

Avallac'h tells Geralt that he fell in love with Lara, and they were to wed, but she cheated on him with Creaggon and left him. She died 8 months later in childbirth, moments after being brutally tortured.

While everyone else tells one or the other of 2 different versions of Lara's death, all end by saying there was only one surviving witness to the day the mob attacked: The Great Avallac'h, The Knowing One, but that he was changed after the mob attacked, became a hermit, and no one had seen him in 200 years.

Geralt is the first person to talk to Avallac'h after Lara's death, and by that time Lara had been dead 200 years.

When Geralt asks which of the tales of Lara's death are true, Avallac'h says none of them.

He states that he was with Lara and Creaggan the day they died, and that the mob consisted of both Elves and Humans. That the Humans killed Creaggan by skewering him, then burning him alive, while the Elves brutally tortured Lara.

Avallac'h states that he too was captured and tortured that day. Stating that his wife (Lara Dorren) was murdered by a mob of racists, an event he was held down and forced to watch, as they cut her fingers off one by one, then cut her unborn baby from her belly. 

Avallac'h states that he tried to save both Lara and Creaddan but there were too many in the mob and he was only able to save the baby. 

Avallac'h tells Geralt that he originally tried to bury Lara and Creaggan in his own family crypt, but he was attacked by his family, who beat him up, tried to kill the baby, and dug up the graves.

Avallac'h next tells Geralt that he then tried to bury Lara and Creaggan in Creaggan's  family crypt, but he was attacked by the Humans who likewise, beat him up, tried to kill the baby, and dug up the graves.

Avallac'h next says that he fled Elven and Human society, originally planned to raise the baby, but too many people knew him and knew he had it, thus fearing Lara's baby would be killed, he hid it in the Royal family, taking the royal family's real baby and switching it with Lara's, because it had been born with Human features, laking pointed ears and having canine teeth. Thus how Ciri came to be born in the royal family a few generations later.

Avallac'h never says what happened to the royal family's real baby, and it is implied that the mob caught up with him, took the baby, and killed it assuming they had killed Lara's baby.

Deeply traumatized by watching people he loved murdered in front of him, once again, a repeat of the events he witnessed in childhood, Avallac'h is unable to continue on in life.

Avallac'h, while telling Geralt this, is described as being surrounded in a glowing halo of light, similar to a wraith, and hovering several feet in the air, his feet not touching the ground. 

Geralt takes mental note of the fact that the elf appears to be a guardian wraith and suspects Avallac'h's guaunt skeletal features are caused by his having starved himself to death. Geralt finds himself pitying the elf and wondering if Avallac'h is even aware that he has died.

Throughout the series, in every one of all 8 novels and all 6 games, you hear Geralt say a Wraith can not be killed. Wraiths can only be bound to a place or item and that place or item locked away so no one will ever see the wraith again. Wraiths are immortal. They do not die, because they are already dead.

We are also told that some wraiths, retain their flesh bodies and do not look like typical wraiths, because they are unaware they died, and they remain looking as they had at the time of their death. Such is the case with Avallac'h.

Liches are a type of wraith, that can be captured and bound in a phylactery. We do not find out what type of wraith Avallac'h actually is, until the Ugly Baby and Isle of Mists quests of the third game, when we are told that Eredin knew what type of wraith Avallac'h was and was able to bind Avallac'h's soul to a phylatory, transforming Avallac'h into Uma, and then breaking the phylactery to trap him.

ONLY a lich, can be bound to a phylatory like that. And THAT is truly terrifying, because there is NOTHING more powerful than a lich.

Bound to something a lich can be held at bay and kept harmless. Free of their bounds, a lich is the single most powerful creature known.

Once free of the Uma curse though, we see Avallac'h stay with Ciri, never leaving her side, EXCEPT for the 2 times she ORDERS him to stay at Dandelion's brothel to wait for her, and obediently does so.

And if you know the lore behind a lich, you know how truly terrifying it is that Ciri has one in her control and has it obediently taking orders from her.

To tame a lich is no small feat, and this tells us A LOT about the true levels of Ciri's powers. That Ciri has tamed a Lich and bound it to her, tells us that Ciri is now the most powerful being of all time.

**Back to where we left Geralt in the cave with Avallac'h, as he tries to determine what type of wraith he is dealing with....**

Avallac'h continues the story, now telling Geralt that this cave they are in, is Lara's resting place, that he brought Lara and Creaggan here and buried them in a single coffin, their bodies forever locked in loving embrace, adding: "I could not separate the lovers in life, I will not seperate them in death."

Geralt examines the remains and states that indeed this is the skeleton of a female elf and a male human, but than points out that there are 3 skeletons here. 

Geralt points out that in addition to the couple buried in the coffin, there is also the unburied bones of a male elf laying on top the coffin.

Geralt is unable to determine if Avallac'h died from a heart attack caused by grief, if he poisoned himself, or if he simply laid down on the coffin and never moved again, dying from starvation. In any case, Avallac'h, after burying Lara and Creaggon, laid down on top of the coffin and never got up. When or how exactly he died is unknown.

Avallac'h completely ignores the existence of his own skeleton there, and continues talking as though Geralt had said nothing.

Geralt remains confused as to why he is in this cave with Avallac'h, continues to wonder where his swords and Regis were zapped away to, and starts to fear the wraith talking to him may have darker motives for bringing him to this cave. But Avallac'h, just continues talking about sex, while painting penises on the wall.

The Elf states he's bored out of his mind in this cave and Geralt asks him if he wants to die, while reaching for his silver sword, then remembering the first thing the elf had done was zap his swords and Regis back out of the cave.

The Elf states he's bored out of his mind in this cave and Geralt asks him if he wants to die, while reaching for his silver sword, then remembering the first thing the elf had done was zap his swords and Regis back out of the cave.

Becoming ever more distrustful of the mysterious elf in Lara's tomb, Geralt starts looking for a way to escape and finds the tunnel he came in has vanished and the room has no visible means of entering or leveling.

Seeing that the Elf is now lost in writing poetry, Geralt thanks the elf for inviting him to visit and says he will be on his way, hoping the elf will open up a door of some sort and let him leave.

The herd of killer bunny rabbits laugh hysterically, while archespores and echinops all start talking at once. Avallac'h quiets his "children" and tells Geralt he can't leave because he's being punished for not looking after Ciri like he was supposed to be doing.

In essence, for Geralt, Avallac'h is Satan and spending an eternity locked in this cave with Avallac'h is Geralt's version hell, and this is what Geralt has to look forward to when he dies, if he doesn't get Ciri back... and Geralt suddenly realizes the horror of his situation and the fact that this Elf is perfectly capable of keeping Geralt here forever and is now threatening to do just that, because Avallac'h is pissed that Geralt has lost Ciri and intends to continue to punish him in this manner until Ciri is found.

Geralt asks what Avallac'h knows about Ciri, now realizing that Avallac'h is a Lubberkin - a wraith that guards it's kin and protects anyone who has it's blood. (Remember here that Avallac'h is Ciri's 5th great-grandfather). Her entire life, Ciri has clearly had a guardian spirit looking out for her. It was long suspected that someone had a hand in all of Ciri's miraculous escapes and rescues. Geralt is now realizing that he is face to face with Ciri's guardian spirit and he's not happy with recent events surrounding Ciri... events that were Geralt's fault.

Geralt immediately begins to fear that Avallac'h knows what has happened... that Geralt went off drinking, partying, and fucking and left Ciri alone and unprotected, while partying with Dandelion and Regis. Only to awake from their drunken stupor the next morning to find that Vilgestforze had at long last hunted them down and kidnapped Ciri.

Avallac'h says he knows perfectly well where Ciri is and that it's all Geralt's fault that Ciri is right now hanging in a gallows over Vilgefortz dinner table, being tortured in front of dozens of soldiers.

Avallac'h has remained outside of Ciri's life, watching over her from a distance... but he's now watching for the third time as someone he loves his being brutally tortured to death.

Spurred on now, by the memory of being caged and tortured himself as a child, forced to watch helpless as his family was murdered... then forced to watch his wife Lara murdered, again helpless to save her... the now undead Avallac'h is immortal and undefeatable, and enraged to see yet another member of his family (Ciri) right now being tortured to death.

Ciri has now had most of her face, ripped from the bone, an injury that is a far cry from the small scar you see her with in the game.... and it is this fact that has infuriated Avallac'h, for Ciri looked identical to his Lara, and watching Ciri's face mutilated, triggered his mind back to the day Lara died, causing Avallac'h to have difficulty being able to tell Lara from Ciri... something Geralt quickly realizes, and becomes terrified of Avallac'h for, because he is aware the dead Elf can no longer tell that Ciri is not his beloved Lara.

Having already seen that Avallac'h was able to teleport Regis out of the cave, Geralt quickly tries to calm the enraged wraith, by asking Avallac'h if he can send him to where Ciri is right now.

Avallac'h says he can, and he will, if Geralt really intends to rescue Ciri.

Avallac'h then tells Geralt that he'll send Geralt to wherever he wants to go, because he's The Knowing One, he knows everything, can do anything, he's a god and he'll send Geralt to where ever it is that Geralt's heart most wants to go right now.

Avallac'h pulls out the SunStone and tells Geralt to touch it and  it'll take him whatever his heart most desires. Avallac'h hands it to Geralt, and before Geralt can say anything, the wall turns into a projection, showing everything going on in Geralt's thoughts, as if watching a movie at a theatre.

Avallac'h laughs like a crazed manic and points to the projection, while yelling at Geralt for lying to him. The projection shows not Geralt rescuing Ciri, but rather Geralt bored with being forced to look after the whinny, annoying, little bitch brat Ciri whom he hates.... and Geralt wanting to do nothing but drink with Regis and Dandelion, while fucking prostitutes.

Geralt suddenly realizes that this is no ordinary Elf, that he's face to face with the elven Elder God known as The Knowing One, the original Elder Blood, whom is Ciri's ancestor. The One who sees all, knows, all and from whom nothing can be hid.

Geralt tries to process what is happening, when the image changes and now, 2 projections are being shown: Ciri being tortured AND Dandelion likewise captured and being tortured.

Avallac'h tells Geralt: "You can't save them both. Whomever you save, the other will die. Choose, I'll send to either."

Geralt, knowing the legends of The Knowing One, knows that the elf can not and will not tell a lie, and that both things he is watching are happening right now. Assuming that Avallac'h cares about Ciri and won't let her die, but also assume that Avallac'h will do nothing to save Dandelion, Geralt choses Dandelion and instantly finds his swords returned to him, Regis once again by his side, the cave and the elf gone, and a Knocker waiting to take Geralt to where Dandelion is.

Regis asks what happened, but Geralt refuses to answer, instead heads to rescue Dandelion. Hours later with Dandelion and crew rescued and in tow, Geralt tells Regis and the others what happened, and the whole crew heads back to Avallac'h's cave intent on demanding the elf send them to Vilgefortz castle to save Ciri. But the elf, his killer rabbits, his towering monster flowers, and Lara's grave have all vanished, and nothing but the Purple Bison cave painting remains - which Regis smashes in an attempt to find Avallac'h. (and you can find the smash up remains of the cave painting in Witcher 3 game, if you look for it. It's in Skellige.)

While Geralt was rescuing Dandelion, Ciri found her cage mysteriously unlocked, and ran from the castle, found her black pegasus Kelpie, and made a mad dash across the night with Vilgefortz's men on her heels.

Recognizing the area as a place she had seen in a dream, Ciri changes direction, to head for the safe place she had gone to in the dream: a tower overlooking the cliffs.

When Ciri arrives at the ocean cliffs, she is disapointed to find the tower of her dream, is not here and she is now trapped. While trying to decide if she should jump in the water or turn and fight, the cliff opens up like a volcano, swallowing Vilgefortz's men, as a huge tower rises up out of the ocean. Without thinking Ciri jumps into the tower, and finds herself teleported to the other side of the universe, to a planet some 5,000 years in the future of her own....

When she finally comes out of the portal, she lands in the lap of an Elf who is playing a flute and watching naked she-elves run through a field, under the shadow of the very same tower that is now a part of a vast palace overlooking the Lake of Avalon.

The novels change dramatically at this point, with Ciri, now high on fisstech, wandering side by side with Avallac'h, through a world that Ciri described as looking as if it was made out of spun sugar candy.

The events change so vastly, that many readers theorize that the entire of chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, may have in fact been nothing but a dream, that Avallac'h put in Ciri's head, and that the attacks by unicorns were the unicorns breaking through Avallac'h's dream state barrier trying to bring Ciri back to the realm of the living, while Eredin's attacks, were him trying to get throw Avallac'h's dream state barrier to get Ciri away from him.

It is unclear how much of what occurs in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, is real verse something Avallac'h put in Ciri's head while trying to heal her injuries. Reality or dream, either way, Avallac'h's spell over Ciri breaks when she lashes out at him and rapes him, causing him to become terrified of her, allowing her to break free of his spell and return back to Geralt.

###So... back to your question... no... there is no evidence that Avallac'h ever cheated on anyone, ever.

Avallac'h had abstained from sex since Lara's death, remaining faithful to her, now 200 years. Ciri is the first and only person Avallac'h has had sex with since Lara's death, and that was only because Ciri raped him.

Avallac'h's wives, especially Isillira, do not like Ciri, because Avallac'h has a monogamous nature, in spite of being a polygamist. Avallac'h only wanted to be with Lara, and his other wives saw Lara as a threat. Then he only wanted to be with Ciri, and they saw Ciri as a threat.

Ciri is a threat to Isilira, because if male Elves start taking only 1 wife, that leaves thousands of she-elves with no husband, due to the fact male elves are very rare, while their a thousands of females. It would mean she-elves would have to get off their lazy asses, get jobs, and stop sluming off the males that choose to take them in.

In essence, being Avallac'h's wife, meant not being homeless, always having a roof over your head, always having food to eat, and the freedom to have sex with whoever you want, because he has no interest in sex with any of them. The short of it is, he was more or less running a homeless shelter for bitchy women too lazy to try to take care of themselves.

###There is no evidence of Avallac'h ever cheating on anyone.

And I'm sorry, if you are narrow minded, but the fact remains, polygamy does not = cheating. I grew up in a polygamist culture and am well acquainted with polygamist lifestyle.

There are 400+ people in my family. My mother was child #8 of 12 children, her father had with his 1st wife. He had 2 wives. My mother had 2 husbands. The man in my family with the most wives has 5 wives, while the woman in my family with the most husbands has 8 husbands. There are no women in my family who've given birth to fewer then 4 children, most have had 8 children. The female who has given birth to the most children had 23 children

We are Gypsies of Persian descent and polygamy has been a part of our culture for some 5,000+ years.

Part of why I like Avallac'h is because of the extreme levels of accuracy that went into his character... if you didn't know, Avallac'h's character was based off of Middle Eastern Gypsy culture. Everything from his clothes to his hair to his religion to his diet to his magic practices to his personal family life, mirrors near exactly to real world Gypsy culture. 

Do you have any idea how rare a thing it is to see Gypsies portrayed in fiction ACCURATELY? 9 times out of 10 Gypsies in fiction are nothing but white trash, slutty assed, belly dancing whoreish bimbo prancing the boobs and booty around. Immoral, indecent, and a total mockery of everything real Gypsies stand for.

A bastard is an illegitimate child born to a whore, prostitute, or unwed mother.

And Avallac'h is quite proud of his pure-royal birth. 

His real name is Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha. Which translated to English means "The Silver Fox, son Caomhan of Macha"

The Silver Fox (Crevan Espane) is the name he was given at birth, by his mother.

Because he is a pure-blooded Elf (a rare thing, as most Elves now have human blood) he uses a lineage title with his name (the same way race horse breeders and AKC dog breeders do) thus the name Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha to show his blood line.

Crevan means fox.

Espane means silver.

Caomhan is his mother's name.

Macha is the town where he was born.

His full name, with title is:

Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha, The Great Avallac'h, The Knowing One.

Avallac'h is a title, not a name. Few people seem to be aware of this.

 .............................................. Avallac'h in the game... The crippled, elderly Elf stopping to rest, while Geralt impatiently tries to continue their trip to Tir Na Lia. .............................................. 

Another unmodded picture from Through Time and Space, imagine that?

Important thing people often overlook is WHY Avallac'h is sullen, silent, doesn't talk much, and acts secretive and shifty...

Avallac'h is scared of Humans.

Avallac'h is terrified of Ciri.

In the novels, Avallac'h is old, weak, and crippled. He collapses and passes out easily, from very little exertion.

In the game, Avallac'h has now been critically injured, is suffering from serious nerve damage, damage which we are told has affected his brain, causing him to have lost much of his memory, also causing him to have lost much of his ability to read the thoughts of others, and has caused damage to his overall nervous system resulting in 2 very outwardly visible symptoms: constantly twitching fingers and frozen pupils that no longer react to light. 

While they are aware of his injuries, we also see Avallac'h is trying desperately to hide how bad his injuries are, from the Humans around him.

We see him, only just awake from a comma, trying to keep up with the Humans around him and constantly needing to stop and rest, unable to keep up.

The Humans Avallac'h is traveling with include a group of 6 very power hungry female Human mages. And yet, we know too that nothing terrifies Avallac'h like the presence of female human mages.

We know too that Avallac'h, like Ciri, has Elder Blood, a fact he is trying to hide from the Humans he is traveling with. While they know he is different from other Elves, and is different from other elven mages, they are unaware how different he truly is, or why. Avallac'h dearly guards the secret that he possesses Elder Blood, terrified that he'll be abused and tortured if anyone finds out.

As a 10 year old child, Avallac'h was kidnapped by a female mage, a human witch, who believed that by drinking the blood of an Elder Blood child, she would gain it's powers. The young Avallac'h was kept in a cage, while the female Human mage drained his blood, using his blood to power her spells.

When he tried to fight back, she killed the boy's pet ocelots and force fed them too him. She did the same to his parents and siblings when each tried to rescue him.

His 14 year old sister Isillia, whom loved her little brother dearly, murdered the witch, rescued her brother, and fled with him, becoming his adopted mother and raising him in isolation. The two children living in mortal terror of humans and mages after that.

This was Avallac'h only interaction with Humans. It left him deeply traumatized and living in mortal fear of Humans, believing them to be nothing but monsters.

For centuries Avallac'h believed Elves were superior to humans because Elves were not cruel, brutal barbarians... and then his own people turned on him, brutally torturing him, imprisoning him as a sex slave breeder, intent on finding a female Elder Blood and  force breeding him to her creating a god. 

Avallac'h was paired with a female Elder Blood, Lara Dorren, whom he fell in love with, but she did not love him in return and left him for Creaggan, a human mage, further deepling Avallac'h's distrust of humans.

Avallac'h, when angry, turns everyone around him to stone, and upon catching Creaggan and Lara having sex, accidently turned the two of them to stone. Horrified by what he'd done and unable to face the fact that he had killed his beloved wife, Avallac'h made up the story of Lara and Creaggon being killed by a mob and kept the statue of Lara and Creaggan in his garden, slowly driving himself insane from seeing it there every day.

After several failed pairings, including pairing him with Lara Dorren, Avallac'h is paired up with quarter-elf Ciri, but soon the King is murdered with Ciri blamed of doing it and Avallac'h blamed at telling her to, and Avallac'h helps Ciri escape from his people,  causing him to be seen as a traitor and being cast out of Elf society.

Humans hate him because he's an Elf. Elves hate him because he dared love and protect a human Ciri). The human he loves, does not love him in return. Ciri is very vocal about her love for a dead female, Mistel. Ciri is constantly abusing Avallac'h, beating him up, and destroying his things. Seeing Ciri as Lara reborn and come back to him, Avallac'h is torn by his devotion to Ciri and shitty way she treats him.

Avallac'h is depressed and suicidal. In the novels, he openly admits to Geralt that he wants to kill himself as he can bare his life of loneliness no more.

Avallac'h is The Knowing One, called this because he can see and hear the thoughts of everyone. He can see the past, he can see the future, he can see your memories, he can see your desires, he can see your plots and plans for the future. And thus he knows everything. No one can hide anything from him. No one can keep secrets from him.

Avallac'h is fully aware that every one hates him, no one loves him, and nt only will no one mourns his death, most would be overjoyed to be rid of him... being The Knowing One, he can see all thoughts, and if fully aware of how very hated and unloved, he truly is.

Avallac'h is The Knowing One. He can see and hear the thoughts of everyone around him. He is daily bombarded with the true thoughts people have about him, that they hide behind their fake friendships.

Avallac'h retreated to the underground caves, to live deep below the mountains, in an attempt to try to block out the endlessly hearing every thought in every head of every person around him.

He desperately desires for someone to love him and is fully aware no one does.

And now, in the game, Avallac'h is on the run from Elves who want him dead, see him as a traitor believing he helped Ciri murder their king.

And forced to travel, not only with Humans, but female Human mages, the very type of Human he fears most of all.

And he is now very old, very weak, in extremely poor health, recently injured and not yet recovered from his wounds, losing control of his nervous system - and thus losing his ability to see the thoughts and plans of those around him, causing him to feel even more threatened, terrified that at any minute the Humans he's now relying on with turn on him at an minute... and trying to also hide the existence of his sister from them, terrified they will hurt her if they discover her existence.

Avallac'h barely stand up... watch him through out the game ... he leans on the table, uses chairs, tables, railings, and walls to steady himself when he stands up, is usually sitting on a bed or chair, the one time we see him walking he walks in a very slow staggered zig-zag unable to keep proper balance, and he spends most of his in game time leaning on the railing of his ship desperately trying not to fall over.

Few players pay attention to these details, few notice how old, how sick, or how weak Avallac'h is, and likewise fail to see the sheer terror in his eyes every time a human (and Geralt) talks to him.

If you played Witcher 1, you will have learned that Avallac'h is bi-sexual and had a male half-gnome lover: Kalkstein. 

The quests you did with Kalkstein were specifically to "help resurrect the mysterious mage who killed himself after that evil bitch Lara Dorren spurned him for Creaggan"... Triss and Kalkstein BOTH tell you that resurrecting the mage is vital to finding the ashen haired girl (Ciri) because Ciri was last seen with his wraith.

If you followed the Triss path of Witcher 2, you had sex on the statue of Lara and Creaggon... right after she told you the Roses of Remembrance ONLY grow on this statue after they Lara's elven lover killed himself there.... and tells you once again that resurrecting this mage is the only way you are gonna get Ciri back, because she was last seen with him.

Remember that Triss was a student of Kalkstein, thus why Triss, like Kalkstein is a powerful Pyromancer (Fire Mage).

The first half of the Witcher 3, you are told by Keira that a mysterious mage wraith shows up at her door looking for Ciri and you, head on a mad dash to find him, and doing so results in sending you to Novigrad looking for none other then Triss and Kalkstein.

You find Triss's apartment ransacked and a huge section of the building burned, alongside a pyre that was erected in her front yard, intended to burn her at the stake.

Desperate to find Triss you head looking for Dandelion, whom you are now told was working with Kalkstein and Triss trying to find Ciri and help her repair a broken phylactery to "heal her friend" (keeping in mind that the ONLY thing a phylactery does is act as a containment prison from a type of wraith known as a Lich.)

In your search to find Dandelion, you learn that he, Ciri, Triss, and Kalkstein had been trying to resurrect Avallac'h ... a continuation of quests you did with Kalkstein in Witcher 1 ... and learn that that burnt down, blown up apartment of Triss's was the site of Kalkstein's murder.

You now learn that Kalkstein was the first mage in Novingrad who King Radovid killed, but that Kalkstein, knowing they were coming for them, to protect Triss, Dandelion, and Ciri, straped bombs all over himself, and acted as bait to give the others a chance to escape...

...the Witch Hunters not thinking to search the old gnome, set up a stake in Triss's front yard at Glory Gate and burned him right then and there... resulting in an explosion that took out half the city, and sent fireworks into the sky spelling: "Radovid Sucks Flaccid Cock" across the sky.

Days later, Geralt finds Uma, and Yennefer resurrects him to his original living form: Avallac'h.

Not yet recovered from very serious injuries sustained during the Trail of Grasses, Ciri send the crippled Avallac'h to... Glory Gate... the site of Kalkstein's murder, to stay with Dandelion.

Avallac'h is a psion, The Knowing One, he not only sees thought, but also events. 

Remember here that Kalkstein was Avallac'h CHOSEN lover.... but Avallac'h was used as a breeder and was forced to have female lovers as well.

Avallac'h left Kalkstein for Lara. Lara left Avallac'h for Creaggan. Avallac'h comit suicide after Lara's death. Kalkstein spent the last 200 years trying to resurect Avallac'h. 3 weeks before Avallac'h is resurrected, Kalkstein is murdered. And Ciri, who gives no fucks for anyone's feelings, send Avallac'h where?.... to the location of Kalkstein's murder.

And THEN, players wonder why Avallac'h runs terrified into Dandelions and locks himself in the Ruby Suit, refusing to open the door for 5 weeks. (Yes... 5 weeks pass from the time of the Battle of Kaer Morhen to Geralt and Ciri's arrival at Dandelions... read the dates and passage of time notifications at the bottom of the screen.)

Avallac'h is already scared out of his mind... and now on top of everything else, he's just found out his one-time lover Kalkstein was murdered only days ago, at this very location Ciri has sent him to.

And players wonder why Avallac'h has locked himself in the Ruby Room?.... meanwhile I wonder why people don't pay attention to the story and how are they so clueless to why Avallac'h is acting like he is, when the game spells it right out for them?

Far too many people play the game and call Avallac'h a cold emotionless person, without stepping back to look at why he's shut down so bad: he's literally terrified out of his mind and too scared to do anything.


There are 3 paths you can take with Avallac'h, depending on how you treat him in your dialogue options with him, that dramatically change how he acts around you, things he says to you, and wither or not you have future options to speak with him.

If you gain his trust, he will confide in Geralt, talk to Geralt more frequently, reveal more clues you need to know about the final boss battle, and not act so bitchy around Geralt.

If you stay neutral with him, neither winning his trust, nor getting him upset, he will continue as he was, sullen and moody, and you will not lose options to talk to him, but you also won't gain extra options to talk to him and be left in the dark about important clues that would have vitally helped you in the final boss.

If you piss him off, get him angry, lose his trust, he'll shut down, become even more moody, more sullen, more bitchy, and you'll lose most or even all future options to talk with him.


Avallac'h wants a friend.

More then anything else in the world, Avallac'h wants there to be someone who he can talk to and just be himself with. He doesn't have that.

Throughout the novels Avallac'h refers to Geralt as "my friend" and Geralt laughs at the idea that someone like Avallac'h could ever have a friend, let alone think of a near stranger like Geralt as being his friend.

Geralt has never done anything in the novels, to make Avallac'h not think of Geralt as his friend.

When in the game, Avallac'h continues to think of Geralt as his friend....

...until Geralt said, in front of a wounded and dying Avallac'h, to the other Witchers "keep an eye on Avallac'h, he's not a friend".

This phrase was the first thing that starts Avallac'h down the road of not trusting Geralt.

You as the player, have to option to continue down that path and make Geralt drive Avallac'h away, or repair their friendship and win Avallac'h's trust back.

How you play out your interactions with Avallac'h, determines how much or how little important info you have ahead of time, about the final boss battle.

Did you know Avallac'h has bedbugs? One of the many strange facts we know about him.

In my attempt to translate the writing tattooed on his chest, I discovered and interesting detail... Avallac'h has bedbug bits on his back, side, shoulder, and right arm.

I knew Keria had bedbug bites, because she complained in the game of having them, and so I checked her file and yep, she does in fact have bedbug bits on her arms. We were not told this about Avallac'h though, so I had not thought to look for them, and had I not been translating his tattoos, I would not have noticed them.

The words on his chest, btw, are Haitian Vudo Veevee, specifically, protection symbols.

Avallac'h is also left handed, uncircumsized, and is missing his canine teeth.

Yes, I know way too much about this character.

We also know Geralt has lice. And most of the inns have cockroaches. 

I love the amount of details that go into this game. Even the weird ones like these. How many games add details like this?

Wow, someone actually asked me a civilized, not hate filled, not trolling, not accusatory question, and it didn't even include death threats - you mean I actually have viewers who aren't rape supporting jackass pieces of shit? Who'd have thunk. Let's answer a question that was not asked in verhemant hatred ..............................................  Who do you ship with Avallac'h more? Ciri or Lara Dorren?

*NOTE: This panel has been here since August 2018, making it both the oldest, as well as the longest panel on my profile. Spanning 63,113  words, this one panel would print out on paper to 183 pages - I know because I printed it up to find out. The average viewer tells me it takes them 4 days of several hours each to read this, the biggest panel on my profile.*

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Thus I have moved it to it's own dedicated [PAGE HERE](

FAQs: But Ciri is the Chosen One, she's like Jesus. How can you not like Jesus?

Uhm.... so, you are saying that a crackhead who murders babies, tortures animals, and rapes elderly men... is the Messiah?


Uhm... how did you come to that conclusion?

One of the longest articles on my profile, this   15,626 word answer [can now be read HERE.](

....................................................  ....................................................  ....................................................    Answering viewer response to Avallac'h having sex with Ciri 22 times in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake:  ....................................................   Wait, that was Avallac'h? I'm confused. It's been a while since I read the novels, like 5 years. I thought Avallac'h was the scientist who was studying Ciri. He kept her locked up in cages and tortured her. I forgot about the sex crazy guy with the baby. Was that Avallac'h? Wait, who was the scientist then? Wasn't Avallac'h the scientist obsessed with studying Elder Blood? Wasn't Avallac'h the scientist who was hunting Ciri all those years? Wait, I'm confused, the sex crazy one, that was Avallac'h? Then, who was the scientist obsessed with Elder Blood and spent all that time torturing Ciri, then?  ....................................................

*Image - Vilgefortz: Vilgefortz was the scientist-mage with the dungeons and torture chambers. Vilgefortz kept Ciri locked in cages and had his buddy Leo torturing her.*


Viewer response to [THIS VOD](


Answering viewer response to Avallac'h having sex with Ciri 22 times in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake:  


Wait, that was Avallac'h? I'm confused. It's been a while since I read the novels, like 5 years. I thought Avallac'h was the scientist who was studying Ciri. He kept her locked up in cages and tortured her. I forgot about the sex crazy guy with the baby. Was that Avallac'h? Wait, who was the scientist then? Wasn't Avallac'h the scientist obsessed with studying Elder Blood? Wasn't Avallac'h the scientist who was hunting Ciri all those years? Wait, I'm confused, the sex crazy one, that was Avallac'h? Then, who was the scientist obsessed with Elder Blood and spent all that time torturing Ciri, then?  


No, Avallac'h was NOT the scientist studying Elder Blood.... the GAME tells you he is, but this info from the GAME is fanfiction created by the game developers and GREATLY CONTRADICTS what we were told in the novels.

In the novels, Vilgefortz was the scientist studying Elder Blood.

Avallac'h was a poet, painter, horse rancher, and fisherman in the novels. 

Avallac'h was also King Auberon's court mage and royal advisor.

Avallac'h was married to King Auberon's daughter Lara Dorren and was next in line to be King over the Aen Elle Elves because of this.

Avallac'h in the novels HAD Elder Blood and wa the ONLY Elf who did. Because of this he cloned himself to create a female mate for himself whom had Elder Blood like himself. He did this by taking the fetus from King Auberon's wife and injecting his own DNA into it, resulting in the creation of Lara Dorren.

Lara Dorren has 2 fathers as a result: both Avallac'h and King Auberon are her father.

Lara Dorren is Ciri's 4th great grandmother and because Avallac'h is Lara Dorren's father, Avallac'h is Ciri's 5th great grandfather.

Avallac'h was a minor king over a realm named Avalon, while King Auberon was the ruling king over all of the elves, including king over all of the lessor and minor kings.

Avallac'h had no interest in politics and was bored with his job as King Auberon's royal advisor, which is a job that was forced on him, because he was a Psion, and was not a job of Avallac'h's own choosing.

Everyone in the novels addressed Avallac'h as The Knowing One, because of his psionic ability to see the future, the past, and hear the thoughts of everyone for miles around. 

Avallac'h was worshiped as a God and was frequently referred to as "The Elder God" thus why anyone with his bloodline was referred to as "The Elder Bloods". 

The Skellige Druids and the Aen Elle Elves referred to Avallac'h as "The Ancient Unseen Elder God from whom all Elder Blood flows". Both the Skellige Druids and the Aen Elle Elves worshiped Avallac'h as their primary deity.

Avallac'h did not like any of this and simply wanted to be normal, have a normal life, and raise a normal family.

Avallac'h's desire for a family led him to hoarding up wives, both she-elves and female humans, but his repulsion for sex led him to never have sex with any of them, resulting in them all one by one cheating on him, which left him heart broken and bitter and stating that females only care about sex and none wanted love.

He blamed the unfaithfulness of females on their being normal and not having Elder Blood, thus resulting in him spending 700 years cloning himself to create a female with Elder Blood, Lara Dorren. His belief being that because she was the same as him, she would love him and accept his love without demands for sex.

Avallac'h isolated himself from society for the 700 years that he was creating Lara, and this resulted in his deep, possessive love for Lara growing to obsessive levels many centuries before she was even born.

Lara Dorren proved more sex crazy then any one else, and Avallac'h's narrow focused obsession with her, drove Lara to the bed of Creganon. 

Avallac'h waved off Lara's cheating as "a youthful fling" stating that Creganon was already 30 years old and would only live another 60 years at most, and that once Lara realized how short lived humans were, she's return to him (Avallac'h).

However, Lara became pregnant with Creganon's baby and Avallac'h went into a jealous rage, and as we eventually find out, killed Lara and Creganon himself, but because he told no one what happened, rumors circulated that Lara and Creganon were murdered by an angry mob.

Lara died 8 months pregnant and only 21 years old. According to Avallac'h Lara and Creganon both died embracing each other and their blood when mingled together caused red flowers known as Feainnewedd to grow up from their corpses. *(Which was the cause of Avallac'h's later, flower picking obsession.)*

Avallac'h tells others that he was there when Lara died and she pleaded with him to raise her baby, which he promised to do, but then left the baby with Humans and did not raise it.

Lara's daughter grew up to give birth to twins, and she too died at the age of 21.

Avallac'h became filled with guilt over the death of Lara's daughter, believing that if he had kept the baby and raised it as he had promised to do, she would not have died. This resulted in him going insane (more so then he already was) and becoming obsessed with the need to go back in time to raise Lara's baby and keep his promise to Lara.

Jump ahead 200 years to Ciri.

Ciri, it turns out looks completely identical to her 4th great grandmother Lara Dorren, so much so, that Avallac'h is convinced that Ciri IS in fact Lara, reincarnated and come back to him to give him a chance to keep his promise and raise her baby.

In the 200 years since Lara's death, Avallac'h still finds the thought of sex with female repulsive and openly admits that his refusal to have sex with Lara is what caused her to cheat on him. He states that though he loved her, he never had a sexual desire for her and still loves her, but still has no desire for sex with her.

Meanwhile, Vilgefortz the scientist-mage with the dungeons and torture chambers has spent 8 years hunting Ciri and now finally has Ciri locked in cages and has his buddy Leo torturing her.

Avallac'h finds out about this, asks Geralt to go rescue Ciri. Geralt declares Ciri is a whinny, annoying cunt itch and hes glad to be rid of her and goes off to get drinking buddy Regis and fuck buddy Dandelion t celebrate the fat that Ciri is being tortured to death by Leo and Vilgefortz by getting drunk at a nearby brothel and fucking whores.

Horrified that Geralt doesn't give a shit about Ciri and cares only about his own dick, Avallac'h throws feces at Geralt and draws giant penises all over the wall while raving and ranting that sex is evil and Geralt is horrible for caring about satisfying his own penis rather then helping Avallac'h to rescue Ciri.

Since he can't get Geralt to help, Avallac'h instead sends Kelpie, a black pegasus with fire wings, to go give Ciri a silver sword and help her escape. 

Ciri takes the sword, does her bar room dancing, panty throwing scene, then castrates all the men, makes a mask out of their severed penis blood and Kelpie flies her to a tower, tosses her in a portal and she lands face down in Avallac'h's lap, in a flower field in an apple orchard, on the Lake of Avalon.

Avallac'h yaps about DESTINY, while the Starry Eyed Unicorn tells Ciri to run from The Fox.

And Avallac'h, never once introducing himself, leaving Ciri to wonder who the hell is this guy, tells Ciri she has ripe ovaries and it is her destiny to give him a baby.

Ciri decides that since this guy who she's never seen before, can't stop talking about sex, it must be okay to go home with him.

After 8 weeks of joyfully yapping that Lara is giving him a baby, while Ciri keeps saying "I'm Ciri, not Lara", Avallac'h FINALLY remembers he never told Ciri who he was and the reader finds out for the first time that this raving lunatic has a name: Avallac'h.

Yep... after a full 2 chapters of not knowing who this guy is, the reader is FINALLY told, that THIS is Avallac'h... and if you played the game before reading the novels you are left going... WHAT THE FLYING FUCK... HOW IS THIS Avallac'h? This guy isn't even close to ANYTHING like what we saw in the game!

By this time we've been told he has long blond hair that touches the ground, he's 7'3" tall, wears long red silk dresses *(DRESSES - Ciri points out that Avallac'h is a transvestite and is wearing the DRESSES of she-elves)* and a HUGE fox tail fur coat, and thigh high black leather stiletto hooker boots.


...wait... the transvestite Elf with the red silk dresses, big fur coats, and ground dragging blond hair... is Avallac'h?

Avallac'h is a fucking drag queen in the novels.

Where the hell did the game developers come up with the version of him we see in the game?

Also... in the game, Avallac'h is all prim and proper in how he talks... not in the novels!

In the novels Avallac'h is branded as MEGA INSANE every time he opens his mouth. The guy can't string a full sentence together and make it sound legible. He says "we" for "me" and "us" for "I", speaks in one super long run on sentence, with incredibly bad grammar.

He has worse dialogue then the back hills stereotype of hill billy mountain men.

If you encountered a real person, in real life, who spoke the way Avallac'h speaks in the novels, the first thought in your mind would be: "This is an uneducated retard"

In the game you see Avallac'h comparing people with big words "pragmatist" and "idealist"... the novels, I seriously doubt if Avallac'h would know how to even pronounce those words, let alone know what they meant.

While people CALL him The Knowing One and say he is super smart... in the novels, when Avallac'h actually opens his mouth and starts talking, it's hard to think he's not severely mentally retarded.

In the novels, Avallac'h speaks like a small child, acts like a small child, and has 100% ZERO social skills on any level whatsoever.

It is made very, very, very, VERY clear that Avallac'h is NOT mentally stable, is NOT nearly as intelligent as people around him say he is, and is a hermit who goes centuries between contact with other people.

Ciri picks up on this fast, at first seeing him as a crazed gallor keeping her prisoner, and later when she sees the cruel and brutal way he's treated, bullied, and pushed around by the other Elves, Ciri pities Avallac'h realizing he is the way he is, because he's never had a friend, never been loved, is ostracised by society, and is incredibly lonely.

Avallac'h and Ciri spend their time horseback riding around the lake, picking flowers in the fields around the lake, fishing off a boat on the lake, and sleeping together on the beach at a campfire by the lake.

Ciri finds out Avallac'h, like her, has Elder Blood and that his hatred for sex steams from a very dark childhood of slavery as a breeder.

Avallac'h has spent his entire 2,000 years of life in hiding from people, mostly mages, witches, sorcerers, and politicians who saw his blood as a weapon, a tool....

Just as crazed, demented madmen like Vilgefortz and Leo hunted her, tortured her, studied her, so to did others hunt Avallac'h, tortured Avallac'h, studied him, and drove him insane.

...and Ciri realizes that THIS is what she will become if she doesn't fight back now.

Ciri's seeing Avallac'h as being what her future self will be like, is what bonds her to him as a friend, and binds the two of them with an unshakable love for each other that defies all logic.

This is when we also see Ciri, agree to give Avallac'h a baby, because she suddenly realizes, that unlike everyone else who is trying to get a baby from her to turn the baby into a weapon, Avallac'h just wants to have a normal family and be a normal person like everyone else.

Unfortunately for Ciri, she decides to give Avallac'h a baby, too late... King Auberon has sent Eredin to take Ciri away from Avallac'h by this point and King Auberon ALSO wants a baby from Ciri, one he can turn into a weapon, and Avallac'h is too scared of King Auberon to try to get Ciri back from King Auberon, and instead starts trying to convince Ciri to have sex with the King, bare his baby and then, give that baby to Avallac'h.

When the king is murdered, Eredin blames Ciri saying Avallac'h put her up to it, while Ciri blamed Eredin of framing her and Avallac'h.

Ciri escapes Eredin, gets seperated from Avallac'h in the process, and ends up right back where she started: captured by megalomaniac mad scientist Vilgefortz, who once again locks Ciri in cages, starts torturing her, and obsessively studies her blood trying to figure out how to weaponize it.

...and as this answer got very long [it can now be found HERE](

Challenge Rules We Are Following In This Playthrough:

*Image from the quest It Takes Three To Tango, with Avallac'h, Ciri, and Ge'els... yep. That happened. We'll likely replay it with Avallac'h, Ciri, and Auberon... you know just to be lore-friendly... except I hate King Auberon - he is such a bastard. But then again, I like Avallac'h. Bit of a conundrum there isn't it? Who is the worse bastard of the two? Avallac'h's no peach, but his backstory makes him a sympathetic character in need of so many hugs, while King Auberon, I just want to kick him off a cliff. Of course, any sane female, would grab her ovaries and run screaming from Avallac'h. How do you get an ovary fetish? What is wrong him?*

This is my 11th playthrough of Witcher 3 

* - it started May 13, 2018 

* - is an open world non-questing run 

* - I am completely rewriting the game to match Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake

* - we are playing the game as Avallac'h, travelling with Ciri, largely roleplaying, as though this WAS chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake

* - Ge'els often travels with us, for no reason other then, I like Ge'els

* - Friendly Dog travels with us, ever since we rescued him in his quest 

* - Roach, like Geralt, is no longer in the game

* - Rudy, Avallac'h's horse in the novels, has replaced Roach

* - glitches and crashes happen often as we build & test the mods live on stream

* - we do absolutely nothing but ride our horse across the map, pick flowers, swim across Skellige, loot every last everything, and make millions of crowns selling flowers and loot to merchants... and that's it... that's ALL we do, every single stream

* - we role play as though Starry Eyes HAD NOT rescued Ciri off Avallac'h's river boat in her fight against Eredin, and act as though Ciri & Avallac'h did NOT get separated and are now fleeing Eredin's Red Riders

* - I completely rewrote the script of [The Random Encounters mod](, resulting in Ciri and Avallac'h are being chased by The Red Riders, who attack frequently

* - [survival skills]( have been added to the game - Avallac'h needs to eat, drink, and sleep throughout the day or he WILL die

* - I'm using [this mod]( too - uhm... yeah... full immersion survival skills, I guess? or maybe we just like torturing Avallac'h? I don't know - do you realize how many times we have died while swimming in cold Skellige water because of this mod - yep, this mod can kill him - well, as the mod description says: "Remember to keep those jewels warm!" - I don't, I forget constantly - I'm female I don't remember to think of those things - probably the most bizarre mod anyone ever thought to make and I love it

* - and this playthrough will likely go on daily for the next 3 or 4 years

It is my 2nd Avallac'h Playthrough.

My 5th 100% Completionist Run

My 1st open world run.

In addition to playing as Avallac'h in a previous run, I have also previously played as Ge'els (my 1st none Geralt run) and Regis (my 2nd none Geralt run). As I am going for all ends of the game with Avallac'h you will likely see at least 2 more runs playing as him. 

There will likely be another Ge'els run at some point, and I'll probably do a run playing as Ciri with Avallac'h as a travel companion (completely reverse of what I'm doing right now) at some point in the future.

The Twitch gameplay has 100% ZERO nudity (I have completely removed all nudity from the game - see other panel for more info) and the actual gameplay is more or less PG13... however, my lewd potty mouth, makes the streams M18+ regardless of the PG13 gameplay.

#Challenge Rules We Are Following In This Playthrough Are:

* Playing as Avallac'h

* Glass Canon Alchemy/Frost Mage Build  

* staff, shovel, crossbow, & signs only

* walk, swim, & horse riding only

* no armor, no swords, no hud 

* no sex (Avallac'h in the novels was an asexual priest, proud of not having had sex in more than 200 years - Ciri had to rape him to get him to have sex with her - see page 179 of Lady of the Lake)

3 swords are being allowed, though rarely used:


* the Ofier Steel Dumpling Sword (Hearts of stone dlc) - which adds +200 vitality regen during combat

* the Silver UnSeen Elder Vampire Sword (Blood and Wine dlc) - because Avallac'h has a mega ton load of debuffs against vampires, so needs help when fighting Bruxa

* the Devil May Cry Dante's Sparda Demon Sword which is both silver and steel (a nexus mod) - which does 8,000 damage and is the only way Avallac'h can cut down the endless onslaught of Wild Hunt attacks  I've added to the game

* Avallac'h was an expert archer in the novels and carried a crossbow and black leather whip in the novels, thus we are using the crossbow as his primary go-to weapon

#In the novels we are told Avallac'h is extremely ancient, elderly, crippled, has a lame leg, is in very frail health, passes out frequently, often ends up unable to get out of bed, struggles to even stand, has difficulty walking, staggers when he walks, walks incredibly slow,  can not run, and rides his horse all the time because it pains him so bad to try to stand; we are also told he daily swims in the Lake of Avalon because the water soothes the pain in his leg.... because of this...

* walk speed has been decreased by 10%  - Avallac'h in game now walks as slow as he did in the novels

* no running  - I have removed run from the game because in the novels Avallac'h could not run

* no sprinting  - I have removed sprint from the game

* we do a lot of horseback riding with no goal in mind - riding our horse for the sake of riding our horse, and because it's lore friendly for Avallac'h to always be on his horse

* we do a lot of swimming in Skellige, just because we like to swim in Skellige, and because it's lore-friendly for Avallac'h to be doing a lot of swimming

Because of Avallac'h's crippled state, the following rules also apply:

* no parry - I have removed parry from the game

* no dodge - I have removed dodge from the game

* no roll - I have removed roll from the game

Due to having accidently caused both The White Frost and The Conjunction of Spheres, Avallac'h in the novels had a phobia of portals and avoided their use at all costs, so...

* no fast travel

* walk, swim, and horse travel only

* fast travel is only used when changing maps as I've not yet figured out how to move between maps otherwise


* no boats - just because I don't like the boat mechanics in the game - it is however lore friendly for Avallac'h to use a boat as often as he did a horse... the novels he was the navigator and helmsman of The Wild Hunt (not Caranthir who was not in the novels at all) and Avallac'h owned an entire fleet of ships and boats, including interstellar galactic traveling helmships, large river boats, and the small fishing boat we often saw him fishing off of in the Lake of Avalon; 

Avallac'h in the novels was both an expert boatsman and an expert horseman, with horses and boating taking up near every minute of his free time. He was obsessed with fishing to the point he neglected most everything else to spend every minute possible out on the lake on his boat fishing. Because of this people referred to him as "The Fisher King".

In the novels Avallac'h was not an Elf, but rather a giant snake-like Elder God, who took the form of an Elf to seduce Ciri. He took a human form when fishing off his boat.

Thus in the games Witcher 1 & 3, we saw Avallac'h as an Elf and his alter ego The Fisher King as a human, same as he was described in the novels.

Because the game made The Fisher King near identical to how he was described in the novels, I have done nothing to modify him in the game. And you often see me spawning him in as a travel companion.

It was rare to see Avallac'h without a horse. If he wasn't on a horse, he was on a boat. 

He and Ciri developed their strong bonded friendship because of Ciri's love of horses and boats, which resulted in her spending nearly every day of the 8 years she lived with Avallac'h joining him to horseback ride around the lake or joining him on his boat while he went  fishing on the lake.

Because of this, Ciri's file has been edited to code her to always ride a horse every time Avallac'h rides his horse.

* and we ride the horse whenever possible

* we ride horses everywhere

* if a quest tells us to go somewhere, we jump on a horse and pretend fast travels do not exist

* for a while I had a mod that removed fast travel, however it corrupted our save file and had to be removed, so now we just ignore the existence of fast travel

#Weird thought... in the game, Avallac'h never once says the word "ovaries", yet in the novels, every other word out of his mouth was "ripe ovaries", "baby", or "Lara"... and he was chasing after Ciri because she had ripe ovaries that he wanted to put a baby in, so she could give birth to Lara's baby by proxy because Lara died 200 years ago.... Avallac'h's a little bit insane.... but... how does one mod or role play Avallac'h's weird ovary fetish into the game?

We were told in the novels that Avallac'h has a phobia of swords, was not skilled in weapon use, and had little knowledge of combat.  In the novels he did not carry swords and did not wear armor.

As such...

* we no longer use weapon/armor repair kits

* at first we were using a mod that deleted repair kits from the game, but it's script was glitchy and caused more problems than it was worth, so now we just sell repair kits when we find them

* when we need repairs, we jump on a horse and trot to the nearest blacksmith and pay them to do the repairs

Avallac'h in the novels used fisstech as a painkiller and got addicted to it

* fisstech in the game has been recorded and is now usable

It annoys me that potions automatically refill when we meditate.

It annoys me that the game is filled with flowers needed for making potions, yet we only make each potion once.

It annoys me that no flowers were used when meditating auto refills the potions.

I liked Witcher 1 Alchemy that sent use grinding for hours picking flowers, used up potions when we used them, and required us to make each potion again after drinking it.

I have completely overhauled the alchemy system to be near the same as in Witcher 1

* potions no longer refill on meditating

* if we drink a potion it is GONE - no more magical auto-refills

* we can no longer make potions anyplace we choose

* just like in Witcher 1 we now must seek out safe and appropriate places to make potions 

* we can only brew potions at "safe zones" which also have "brewing equipment" (must have a campfire or fireplace; must be in the home of campsite of non-hostile/friendly towards us residents)

* alchemy recipes are now more realistic (80 flower petals instead of 1 for example)

* alchemy recipes take more ingredients (7 now instead of the vanilla 2 - no longer 1 alcohol and 1 type of flower, it is now 1 alcohol, 1 type substance (5 to 7), 1 type of monster part (3 to 9), 1 mutagen,  and 3 types of flowers (20 to 90 each)

* we now must pick every flower we see, because even with 100+ white myrtle in our pockets, just making 1 potion can empty our stores

* real time flower picking animations have been added to the game - it takes Avallac'h 23 seconds to pick each and every flower

One stream in this playthrough, we decided to see how many flowers were in the Skellige flower field and how long would it take us to pick every last one - four 12 hour streams later we had picked over 6,000 flowers and successfully picked every last flower in the field... 

...this went on to be the first of  a series of flower picking streams

* we tend to devote entire streams to flower picking and do it often

* we also devote entire streams to looting villages, and do so weekly

* we devote entire streams to swimming around Skellige

* we devote a huge amount of stream time to horse back riding for the sake of horse back riding


I raised horses most of my life, stopping only when my health reached the point that I could no longer take care of horses.

Horseback riding was a HUGE part of my life for more than 30 years.

I miss horseback riding deeply.

This real world love of horseback riding has been reflected HEAVILY in all of my Witcher 3 Playthroughs, right from my very 1st blind playthrough.

#The ability to ride a horse through a huge open world is probably my NUMBER ONE BIGGEST ATTRACTION to this game.

 Before we started playing as Avallac'h, way back in my 4th Playthrough... we went full Team Roach, and did a playthrough where we ONLY did things we could do with Roach... 

My "Team Roach" Playthrough was not a completionist run as there are a lot of quests you can't do on horseback.

With these facts in mind...

* we devote a huge amount of stream time to horseback riding for the sake of horseback riding

* good 60% to 80% of all my streams are devoted to horseback riding

* we use Roach Cam, so often devote entire streams to dressing up our horse in fancy gear then flipping on the Roach Cam to get all those head on, under hoof, side shot screen shots of Rudy that you see all over my profile.

* because I get so focused on horseback riding, I often forget where we were going, what we were doing, and it is often not for 2 or 3 streams later that I remember "Hey, we got on the horse to go do that quest"

* as of July 2019 there are 200 photos of Rudy on my profile here and more will come

* open world, sandbox run

* quests rarely happen


This means that Avallac'h MUST eat and drink specific amounts of food within specific amounts of times of the day, and he MUST sleep. Also because it doesn't show anything, the "immersice testicals" feature also turned on, so Avallac'h has to be careful when jumping on his horse.

* eating now required - eating animations are added to the game

* drinking now required - drinking animations are added to the game

* sleeping now required - meditating and sleeping animations added to the game

* it possible to get sick - puking/vomiting animations are added to the game

* turned off on Twitch, but urinating, defecating, and ejaculation animations are also added to the game

* immersive testicles is turned on - tight pant, being kicked, swimming in cold water, and jumping on the horse incorrectly all SEVERELY impact Avallac'h's vitality

* carry weight now causes fatigue and loss of both vitality and stamina if Avallac'h is carrying too much in his inventory

* eating/drinking too much, too often, or not enough, too long between, causes vitality and stamina debuffs

* if Avallac'h is too hungry/tired/thirsty during combat, his vitality and stamina start dropping and he will pass out during combat

* Avallac'h takes damage from casting spells and can kill himself along with the enemies, if he is too tired while casting signs.

If you watch my off-Twitch streams (the ones on PornHub and xHamster) ALL the additional survival skills featur