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Meet the real Christine - The world's most haunted car, that inspired Stephen King - Part 1 of 6

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Meet the real Christine - The world's most haunted car, that inspired Stephen King - Part 1 of 6

Meet the real Christine - The world's most haunted car, that inspired Stephen King - Part 1 of 6

This video is part of a series about the history of Etiole and the World's Most Haunted Car. Etiole is an elderly homeless man/hermit living in the Ross Forest of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. He is the subject of many rumors and superstitions, with MUFON people believing him to be what they call an "amphibious alien". In the 1980s I let him sleep in my car at night, which lead to locals saying there was a "demon" living in my car. 


He appears to be a WWII Holocaust survivor who has suffered extreme physical deformities and serious mental health issues. He has a vast knowledge of ancient Jewish folklore and when asked what he is, he claims to be an obscure archangel known as Ertael.

This video was made to illustrate the article about the history of the car. The article with full Info on the hauntings, the truth of the car vs the rumors, and how it went on to become the basis for Stephen King's Christine, Trucks, and Maximum Overdrive is here:  (includes links to the other videos in the series)

The full interview with Etiole as well as the history of the rumors about him, can be found here:

Note the owners of the car are the Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, who were later used as the inspiration for Stephen King's Thinner movie. The Thinner movie was filmed on their farm, and this car was used in the opening scene when the cars were driving off Exit 5 out of Saco into Old Orchard Beach.

Stephen King used this family, their farm, and their cars in several of his movies, including Rose Red, Chinga, Christine, The Thinner, and Maximum Overdrive. Info about the Gypsies themselves can be found her:

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