Maine UFO Sightings

Years ago, I created a Squidoo lens titled Amphibious Aliens, about an alleged "EBE" encounter. Within the months following that article's publication, I began receiving requests to make more Squidoo pages on the topic of various paranormal subjects. One of the most requested (and soon, also most popular) types of Squidoo lens for me to make, were ones that aggregated YouTube videos into topic based collections. 

Now in 2017, with our new website here to replace the hole left by Squidoo's demise, I am once again being asked to rebuild those compilations of YouTube videos that had been part of the Amphibious Aliens Squidoo lens series.

And so, as you have requested, here they are...

(Do keep in mind U.F.O. stands for "unidentified flying object" and does not mean aliens or extraterrestrials. I have Autism, I prefer to use dictionary definitions of words, not urban slang. I also prefer to look at facts and evidence and believe that there is always a logical, scientific, none alien, non extraterrestrial explanation for things seen. I do not believe in aliens, space ships, flying saucers, or extraterrestrials and am only providing you with these pages, because you asked for them and it's easier for me to just make the page, then be bombarded with emails every hour asking "will, you make it? will you make it? will you make?....  There's nothing more annoying then a ufologist obsessively emailing you the same question every 15 minutes for weeks on end. If you feel like aliens are invading earth or otherwise out to get you, please see a psychiatrist. ~EelKat)


June 14th 2015 @ 9:15 pm

U.F.O. in Maine..

Published on 8 Feb 2014

I Bruce W York filmed this today saturday after noon 2/8/2014 at aprox 5:00 pm. Did anyone else see anything around this time in the sky? Does anyone know what this is or was? 

UFO Fleet Over Maine! Sinister "Alien Sphere" Found In Space 12/22/16

Published on 21 Dec 2016

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Ep. 6 Sean Mckenna UFO Lights Buxton Maine Dec 19 - 2016 2:25 pm

Published on 22 Dec 2016 

Video captured by Sean Mckenna

Editing by Citizen X

High Alert!! Military Jets Intercepts UFO Fleet!! Shocking Police Video 11/25/2016

Military Jets Intercepts UFO Fleet!! Shocking Police Video 11/25/2016 What Just Caused A Meteor Change In Direction? Joe Corcoran UFO Sighting in Maine, Aug 28, 2016 

Case 77585 - Cumberland County, Maine - July 4, 2016

Published on 12 Jul 2016 

This case remains under investigation by Maine MUFON. Please be cautious with any video until a final case determination is made. Most UFOs are resolved as something natural or man-made.

REAL UFO Video Footage in the night sky - not fake

Uploaded on 23 Sep 2008

Footage taken on September 17th 2008 between 8pm and 9pm, in Boothbay Harbor Maine, on a hotel room deck at the Tug Boat Inn, one of the most popular places in the harbor. 

UFO Midcoast Maine April 2009 Filmed by Me Hale Kaden

UFO Midcoast Maine April 2009 Filmed by Me.

Not seen until put on computer.starting at 0:21 on time you will see it go from the right to the left very big download this video and play it on windows media player for a better view.

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