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NOTE: Chat is set to emote only on my Twitch channel and my personal contact information has been removed from my website and every place else, due to the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of false reports of "information", along with vile hateful memes about the murder of my family being sent to me by trolls who think mocking the murder of my family is funny.

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the of the April 10, 2015 kidnapping of my 12 children by 14 Ku Klux Klan men who invaded our home and the subsequent May 15, 2015 murder of 10 of the 12 whom had their heads nailed to my front door. If you have information about the case, give it to him not me. He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 


Please be aware that nearly every page on this website contains spoilers to something. I talk about a lot of fandoms, and go into great detail analyzing them when I do.

If I am talking about The Witcher series, InuYasha, Disney Ducks, the Quaraun series, or any other fandom, you WILL encounter spoilers about it.

If I'm analyzing an author's (Hemingway, Poe, Rowling, etc.) writing style you WILL encounter spoilers for their books.

If I'm talking about movies, cartoons, TV shows, comic books, novels, plays, short stories, video games, or pretty much anything else, you WILL meet spoilers along the way.

No matter who it is or what it is, if I am talking about it, I'm going to be talking about it WITHOUT avoiding spoilers.

This website is full of spoilers for lots of many things and this is your only warning!

Turn back now if you want to avoid seeing spoilers!

The Princess Bride predicting Covid-19?

Avallac'h's a Good Tutor?
Of What? How to Better Bed Kings?

If you could recommend I watch one VOD that best represented your channel, which would it be?

This one....

Disney vs Google the YouTube Boycott

Disney vs Google:
The YouTube Boycott & How It Effects Us Content Creators


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Disney vs Google:
The YouTube Boycott &
How It Effects Us Content Creators

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Disney tried to buy out Google? If you laughed at that thought, then you haven't been watching the news, because that's what's going on right now, and why I titled this page. Disney vs Google: The YouTube Boycott & How It Effects Us Content Creators

Today's question about using Google AdSense comes from the SBI content creator's forum, which is private (costs $30 a month to join) and is pointless for me to link to here as the majority of readers on my site do not have SBI accounts and won't be able to access it.

Now the question had nothing to do with the boycott or Disney vs Google, but you know me... long winded and changing topics, resulted in that's what I talked about.

Here's the question:


Hi everyone, I'm new to Adsense and couldn't find the answer to my Q in google Adsense help.

My Q is this:

1.  Does every page require to build a new Ad unit? (a new code?)

2. Suppose I'm about to put 2 different Ad units on a page (same size), should I build 2 different Ad units?

3. How can I avoid from watching the same Ads on the same page? 




See? Absolutely nothing to do with Disney vs Google at all! LOL!


Let's go get my answer and you can read it for yourself and see how it went from answering this question to rambling about Disney vs Google. 

You'll see that I start out answering her question, then, ramble off topic...

While my original answer to this question (Disney vs Google: The YouTube Boycott & How It Effects Us Content Creators) appeared on a thread in the SBI private forums, my answer here on is longer and has more detail then the one posted on the original forum.

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