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FAQs: Blond hair!!! Black face paint!!! Blue eyes!!! Huge scar!!! Why does Ciri look like this?

Let's Take A Look At My Blue Eyed Blond Ciri and Why I Made Her Look That Way... 

FAQs: Blond hair!!! Black face paint!!! Blue eyes!!! Huge scar!!! Why does Ciri look like this? Let's Take A Look At My Blue Eyed Blond Ciri and Why I Made Her Look That Way...

FAQs: Blond hair!!! Black face paint!!! Blue eyes!!! Huge scar!!! Why does Ciri look like this?

Let's Take A Look At My Blue Eyed Blond Ciri and Why I Made Her Look That Way... 

Many things amaze me about the questions, comments, whispers, messages, exclamations, accusations, emails, and other forms of contact I have received since starting The Avallac'h Playthrough May 13, 2018.

One of the things that baffles me, is how outraged Ciri fans get over the fact that in my game Ciri has blue eyes and blond hair.


Absolutely infuriated.

Ever since the addition of a blue eyed, blond Ciri in my game, I have seen a dramatic increase of Ciri fans accusing me of hating Ciri, simply because I changed her eyes from green to blue and her hair from white to blond.

Blond hair!!! Black face paint!!! Blue eyes!!! Huge scar!!! Why does Ciri look like this?

Let's take a look at my blue eyed blond Ciri and why I made her look that way... 

All images on this page are from:
The Witcher 3: 
Wild Hunt 
|Game of the Year Edition| 
Completionist Run: 
The Avallac'h Playthrough
(Watch It Live HERE)

Ge'els, Ciri in DLC gear, and Avallac'h - all vanilla, without mods changing how they lookGe'els, Ciri in DLC gear, and Avallac'h - all vanilla, without mods changing how they look

White haired, green-eyed, pants wearing Ciri with a slight scar on her cheek is GAME ONLY FAN-FICTION CREATED BY THE GAME DEVELOPERS.

Novel Ciri had long blond hair that turned to dread locs, which she kept rolled in ashes (thus why people called her the ashen haired maid - it was because she rolled her braids in ashes). When her dread locks are brushed out in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, we are told she bum length golden blond hair that gleamed like the sun.

Ciri modded with long white hair, gothic make-up, and Syana's armor with Avallac'h in White OrchardCiri modded with long white hair, gothic make-up, and Syana's armor with Avallac'h in White Orchard

In just the chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake alone, we are told Ciri has blue eyes 3 dozen times. There are nearly 200 times total in all 8 novels where her eyes are described as blue.

Ciri did not have a scar on her cheek because she didn't even have a cheek. The entire side of her face from her forehead to her throat was COMPLETELY REMOVED LEAVING NOTHING BUT BARE BONE.

Because she had no face, people ran screaming from the sight of her.

Ciri used a mixture of lard, ashes, charcoal, and fisstech, to make a black paste that she painted over her entire upper half of her face, to make it look like she was wearing a mask. This resulted in less people running from the sight of her.

Lore-friendly Ciri with golden blond dreadlocks rolled in ashes, blue eyes, mask of ashes, and ass bearing micro-mini skirt - all as described in the novel Lady of the LakeLore-friendly Ciri with golden blond dreadlocks rolled in ashes, blue eyes, mask of ashes, and ass bearing micro-mini skirt - all as described in the novel Lady of the Lake

Ciri abhorred wearing pants, only wore long dresses, and wouldn't have been caught dead wearing pants.

When living with Avallac'h, he made Ciri wear Lara Dorren's long silver-grey, black, lilac, and purple gowns.

Ciri was a prostitute in the novels and Avallac'h was her pimp. When Avallac'h sent Ciri to be King Auberon's whore, he had Ciri wearing thong panties, ass exposing micro-mini-skirts, thigh high stiletto boots, and topless, wearing only a lace scarf around her neck.

I changed Ciri in my game to have blond dreadlocks rolls in ashes, have a much more disfiguring scar, wear black face paint mask, and wear the black-purple-silver-lilac gowns she was described wearing in the novels.

Lore-friendly Ciri with golden blond dreadlocks rolled in ashes, blue eyes, mask of ashes, and skimpy black dress, as described in the novel Lady of the LakeLore-friendly Ciri with golden blond dreadlocks rolled in ashes, blue eyes, mask of ashes, and skimpy black dress, as described in the novel Lady of the Lake

Ciri looks like this because I don't like fan-fiction and I find myself deeply disturbed by the levels of extreme liberties and fan fiction mania the game devs took and went with Ciri.

The author created the characters a specific way because he had a specific image of them, and it's a deep disrespect to the author and mega slap in his face for the game devs to take his characters and turn them into something completely different and not even close to being like they were in the novels.

And so I'm editing Ciri (and everyone else) to remove the fan-fiction crap the game developers gave them, and revert them back to the way Andrzej Sapkowski made them.

I've almost got Ciri's face and hair the way I want it. I want to make the dreadlocks longer, because her hair was described as quite long after Avallac'h brushed the dreadlocks and ashes out of her hair. 

I finally got the colour right though - golden yellow like the sun, like it was described after the ashes were washed out...

I can't imagine going 4 years without washing your hair and just continually smearing ashes into it... it makes me want to go wash my own hair just thinking about it.

Ciri in the novels was such a unclean, filthy, slob.

Even pigs keep themselves clean.

What the fuck?

Four years without bathing and grimming ashes into you hair that entire time? Just one more thing to evidence how utterly retarded Ciri is.

I think she can win the prize for the biggest retard in fiction.

I had dreadlocks for almost a decade and they required constant care and washing, more so then without dreadlocks - Andrzej Sapkowski definitely did not research caring for real dreadlocks before writing how Ciri rolled ashes in hers! 

Also I want to make the scar more like it was in the novel. 

I've got it much bigger now than in the vanilla game, wider, longer, more noticable, under one eye, over the other eye, across her forehead, and forcing one eye shut, and I like how it looks at lot, but it's still not exactly like what the books described. 

I like it as it is, but I'm not completely satisfied with it yet, so will be working on it more later. Plus I need to make her hair hang down over the scar, covering her face, like how she brushed it trying to hide the scars.

I love the fisstech/ ashes/ lard makeup mask I've got her wearing now.

Covering her scars, her entire forehead, brushed into her hair, under the hairline, and giving her blond hair a grey overcast, same way it was described in the novels, when she tried to make it look like her scars were part of a mask and not part of her face. 

I matched it near exactly to how it was described in the bounty hunter gladiator fighting rings, and it's what she was wearing on her face when she meet Avallac'h and while she lived with him in Avalon, before they moved to Tir ni Lia with King Auberon.

So I won't be doing any more work on that. 

I also changed her eyes to pale blue, same as Avallac'h's, because the novels said Lara had the same eyes as Avallac'h, and because Avallac'h, King Auberon, and Eredin all described Ciri's eyes as exactly the same as Lara's. 

They made her eyes green in the game, even though there are more than a dozen scenes in the novels that call her eyes "clear blue", "sky blue", "pale blue", "blue like angle wings", and "ethereal blue". 

It bothered me a lot that the novels say so many times, over and over again, that Ciri has blue eyes, golden blond hair, dreadlocks, a horrifically disfiguring scars that she tried to hide by painting on a mask of ashes, and always wore long dresses refusing to wear pants; and then in the game we see her with green eyes, white hair, a tiny barely noticeable scar, no ashes face painted mask, and wearing pants. 

It bothered me too how in the novels she was called "the ashen haired maid" because she rolled ashes in her dreadlocks, but then in the game she was referred to as having "ashen coloured grey hair". 

There's quite a big difference between having ash grey hair and rolling ashes in your blond dreadlocks! I'm so glad I fixed it so she now has blond hair with ashes in it instead of grey/white hair. 

She was such a great character in the novels, I didn't like how much they changed her in the game, so I'm making her as much like the novels as possible. 

Over all, I love that I've got Ciri looking so much like she was described in the novels now. 

There's not much work left to do now. Mostly just minor tweaking here and there.

*March 19, 2020 Update: And because of so many complaints (an insane, whopping 300,000+ emails) that I have too many pictures of Ciri with Avallac'h, I have just now corrected the issue, by uploading 500 additional images of Ciri, not only with Avallac'h, but with naked Avallac'h and in bed with him. And I've replaced the pictures of then clothed and hugging, with pictures of them undressed and doing other things. Lucky you! Enjoy!

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About This Game Play:

This current mod-making playthrough, is prep for a future fully-lore-friendly playthrough....

The ultimate goal of my mod making playthrough, is to make every character as lore-friendly as possible to how they were described in the novels.

Most specifically though we are transforming as much of the game as possible to match Chapter 5 of the novel Lady of the Lake, when Ciri lived with Avallac'h the first time, on The Lake of Avalon.

This current playthrough is largely a lot of test runs of hundreds of mods. It is being played open world with quests rarely happening, to allow us to run tests of various mods as I build them.

Due to the fact that the game engine, scripts, and other files is often open and being edited while I'm playing the game, this current playthrough is very unstable with bugs and glitches happening  daily and game crashes happening, sometimes as often as every few minutes.

You are witnessing a live overhaul and full rewrite of the game, that when finished will be used in a complete (more normal style) playthrough of the game.

However do not expect to see the lore-friendly playthrough any time soon. 

I began building this overhaul mod May 13, 2018 and have worked on it daily for 4 to 12 hours a day, all of it streamed here on Twitch, and... 

...while we've now altered over 12,000 script files, more than 7,000 textures, several hundred meshes, 400+ xml files, dozens of ini files, and have now begun work on changing 3D models...

...this project is far from finished and could see as much as another 3 years of daily work before completion.

Computer  stats: 

Motherboard: Asus Z170

Processor: i7-7000 @4.20GHz

RAM: 16 GB

Graphics Card: NVirdia 1070 GTX

Capture Card: AVerMedia Live Gamer HD

NOTE: Chat is set to emote only on my Twitch channel and my personal contact information has been removed from my website and every place else, due to the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of false reports of "information", along with vile hateful memes about the murder of my family being sent to me by trolls who think mocking the murder of my family is funny.

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the of the April 10, 2015 kidnapping of my 12 children by 14 Ku Klux Klan men who invaded our home and the subsequent May 15, 2015 murder of 10 of the 12 whom had their heads nailed to my front door. If you have information about the case, give it to him not me. He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

FAQs: Can I visit you?

FAQs: Can I visit you?


No, I do not allow home visits from anyone for any reason - not any more. 

I used to, but never again.

Reason: I'm a little bit famous, in fact, I'm quiet a lot famous, and in the past, I agreed to a home visit, and that person, didn't recognize my name at first, until they met me face to face and immediately realized who I was, and where they were standing - my farm was in a rather famous movie, so it's easily recognized by anyone who has ever seen that movie, and that movie, it's a BIG movie, written by an even more famous than me Maine author, and while I write under a penname, my face is on my books, and I'm easy to recognize, and that last time I let someone into my home - they realized who I was, what my farm was, what movie I was connected to, and they ran to social media to tell their friends they had meet me, including to publicly post where I live... by the end of the week I had dozens of paparazzi and some 30,000 (yes thirty thousand - yes I am that famous) screaming fanboys from all over the country in my driveway and the local police had to send out 42 officers to try to deal with it - the mass influx of tens of thousands of trespassers did huge amounts of damage to my farm, my property, my crops, my cars... and resulted in the murder of all of my children. 

To this day police don't know who killed them, just that it was likely a crazed fan who saw my home address posted online by some other fan.

With the police and FBI not knowing who murdered my family, I'm left unable to trust anyone.

Who can you trust, in a case like mine?

I've no family to turn to, they were murdered.

I've no friends, what few fans didn't chase away, got hased off after being suspects by the police and FBI.

That's why I'm crippled. That's why I'm alone. That's why I have post traumatic stress disorder. 

You don't know what it's like, to have 10 children children murdered, their heads nailed to your front door, and than try to recover from that. And be left with police shrugging and saying all leads lead to dead ends.

And you, are left with a broken spine. Having to relearn how to walk, not even able to mourn your family being murdered, because you're injured so bad yourself, you're just trying to stay alive.

And than, after years of recovery and physical therapy, alongside years of police investigations, FBI investigations, and being left with no answers. The attackers still a mystery, who they are or why they did it, who are they, no one knows, what was their motive, no one knows.

To go from a large family, to being alone, like that, it's hell to live with. And no one understands. People pity you, feel sorry for you, and move on with their lives. While you are left alone. With no answers and no one to talk to because, everyone you would have talked to is now dead.

How many parents know the pain of a murdered child? Not many.

If you've not lived through it yourself, you can't even begin to understand it.

I'm sick of people's pity. I don't want your fucking pity. 

I want a friend.

I'm tired of hoping there'll be someone out there who understands how I feel.

I like my privacy and thanks to the murder of my entire family, I'm a lot more famous now than I was back than, and social media was uncommon back than but now today everybody has it - that means the risk now is far greater than it was before, I don't want a repeat of that incident, those trespassers did several $million in damages to my farm and members of my family (now dead) were badly hurt, I don't want to go through something like that again, that's why I now have bodyguards and I don't let anyone near my land any more for any reason at all.

The fact remains: 

* I didn't used to have PTSD.

* I didn't used to live alone.

* I used to have a family.

* My entire family was murdered.

* I've spent the past 5 years dealing with police and FBI and lawyers and court... and running into endless deadnends with police and FBI to this day, not knowing who crippled me or murdered my family.

You'll have to excuse me if I'm a little paranoid about people entering my home, but that's one of the side effects of having all your children murdered and police and FBI clueless as to who did it and suspecting that most likely it was a crazy fan who got my home adress off social media after another fan posted it there.

I like my privacy and I do NOT trust psycho-fans to respect it, because I have 4 decades of personal experience with the fact that fans have ZERO respect for the homes/property/pets/family of any famous person they are a fan of and they will ALWAYS run to social media to brag "OMG! Look who I met! Here's their address, go meet them too!"; yes I have become excessively, overly, paranoid about people getting near me, my family, my property, my cars, and my land, but there is a very good and well justified reason for it.

The very reason I no longer allow any one near my home, is the same reason I am now looking for a dog.

I'm tired of being alone, for years on end.

I couldn't go out and get a dog after it happened, I was too busy in the hospital being paralyzed, then then too busy relearning to walk, in between endless weeks of police and FBI interviews.

Now things have stabilized. I'm walking again, more or less; police and FBI come by less and less frequently as the leads grow ever colder. News reporters have more pressing things to talk about like Covid19 so no longer bug me endlessly for interviews.

Life goes back to normal... except, my family is dead and I'm disabled and alone.

I need someone to keep me company, as I am finding the loneliness of an empty home with a family that will never return, unbearable.

I suppose I should have been aware of the covid-19 issue, but, I rather preoccupied with dealing with both the murder of my family and recovering from 3 strangers beating me with golf clubs, so I was a little bit too busy to pay much attention to the news. 

Yes, I would LIKE visitors, but experience has taught me that no one ever wants to be my friend. They always have a motive. They always want something.

So no, you can't come visit me.

Before I'll let you visit me, you need to prove I can trust you.

And for me to trust you, you first have to prove it wasn't YOU who killed my family.

Why should I trust YOU?

Can YOU prove, that YOU did not murder my family?

What evidence can YOU provide, to prove that YOU were not involved?

To everyone talking about gun reform after this week's Colorado shooting, here my thoughts:

To everyone talking about gun reform after this weeks Colorado shooting, here my thoughts:

Mass shootings happen everywhere often, it's rare they make the news... for example ... in Lewiston Maine, exactly 2 hours BEFORE this shooting in Colorado, there was a shooting in Lewiston, Maine - it was not in the news - if I wasn't local, I wouldn't have known about it.

In America, there is an average of 300 mass shootings EACH AND EVERY DAY, as well as shootings of only 1 or 2 people occurring at a rate of more then 500 per day.

That mass shootings do not make news headlines more often, is the ONLY reason so many people are surprised.

An average of only 1 in every 2,000 shootings ever gets reported on national TV.

That YOU did not know this, simply shows that you are someone who does not pay attention to what goes on daily around you in your own home town and home state.

#That so many people are marveling at the mass shooting, simply tells me that the bulk of society has it's head shoved up their own asses and are too blind to see what it happening in their own town every day.

The ONLY time a mass shooting appears in the news is if:

* 1 - it was a school shooting done by a child

* 2 - it resulted in the death of a police officer

* 3 - the shooter was someone famous - and usually only if they are a sports player, while actors, authors, singers, especially rap singers, commit mass shootings on an alarmingly frequent basis, but usually football stars and basketball players are the only ones who make news headlines when they commit mass shooting

Some states, like California, Massachusetts, and Illinois, have so many mass shootings PER DAY, that the daily newspapers have a column that is titled: **"TODAY'S SHOOTINGS"** which is simply a list of street addresses and times. It item on the list reads like this: *"Shooting at 10:38AM on Main Street, 3 wounded, 2 dead."* These lists will often have 10 or 12 or more shootings, for EACH DAY! 

(I worked for Guy Gannett news paper publishing firm for 21 years; they publish many large newspapers, including the Boston Globe)

#DAILY mass shootings are so common in some states, that the newspaper keeps a daily list of today's shootings!

Mass shootings are so common in Maine that I have both witnessed and captured on camera, more than 200 of them JUST since 2015.

March 2020 - 4 men with guns broke into my elderly neighbours house and gunned him down in his bed while he slept - it was not in the news - had the shooting not woken me up and I been standing in my driveway when the police took out his body I would not know it had happened.

February 14, 2019, my cousin was killed in a WalMart shooting in Scarborough, Maine - it was not in the news - I only know it happened because a family member died.

July 2013 - a different cousin was killed in another shooting - it was not in the news - had it not been a family member who died I wouldn't know it happened.

June 2001 another cousin was killed in another shooting - at the San Diego ComicCon - he was shot by a police officer - he was a by stander who got shot by a paranoid, racist police officer shooting at someone who it turned out did not have a gun and was just a black man wearing a hoodie walking by minding his own business - it was not in the news - had it not been a family member who died I wouldn't know it happened.

November 2015 and July 2016 - Scarbughouh WalMart was evacuated because a local white supremist group - a group of about 30 people armed with guns - "took over" the WalMart and started shooting at black and Muslim customers - I was one of the people being shot at because of how I dress, they mistook me as Muslim even though I was not - it was not in the news - had I not been a shopper in the store those 2 days and been one of the people being shot at, I would not know it had happened

In August 2016, there were 5 shootings in a single week in Old Orchard Beach, Maine... one involved a group of 70 people with guns driving through town shooting anyone they suspected of being gay - it was not in the news, I only know it happened because they shot 30 bullets into the front of my house and 50+ bullets into my neighbours house - they claimed I was a male to female transgender gay man even though I'm a natural born woman

My neighbour 2 houses down - a town counsel men of Old Orchard Beach - has had 7 FBI raids on his home the past 4 years - each time removing over 100 illegal assault rifles... he was charged with shooting 4 people in one of the gay shootings done by the group of 70+ people - he was not arrested and is still on the town counsel - had the state police and FBI officers not come to our house to tell us to stay inside during the raid, I would have known about it, because it was not in the news.

Between 2015 and 2021 - I have MORE THAN 100 local mass shootings here in Maine were CAUGHT ON CAMERA during my livestreams on Twitch - not one of them was on any news station.

Maine has one of the LOWEST crime rates in the country.

News stations rely on the police department to forward the reports of these shootings to them, so that the news reporters can reports on the shootings happening.

Gun reform will solve nothing. Because when all is said and done, a gun is nothing but a piece of scrap metal and on it's own all it can do is lay harmlessly on the ground.

A gun can harm no one, unless it is wielded by a dangerous person. The person, not the gun, is the problem.

A person who would shoot somebody, is STILL going to hurt people, even they did not have a gun. They would build a bomb, or wield a knife, or even a wooden fence post. If they want to cause harm, they will, gun or no gun.

Yes, a gun makes it easier for them to hurt more people at once, but take their guns away, and they will just find something else to hurt people with. EVERYTHING is dangerous in their hands because THEY THE PERSON is dangerous.

I live in Maine - the place in the world that has more guns per person than anywhere else on the planet - Maine has just under 2 million residents, and just over 17million leally registered guns and estimated another 5million illegal guns.

Maine is a wild forest region, 3/4s of the population NEED their guns to survive, because they eat deer, moose, squirrel, fox, coywolf, fisher, duck, turkey - every day, and without their guns, their families would starve to death.

Most gun owners ARE responsible people and are NOT running around shooting people.

Look at Maine, Everyone wears fur coats, where do you think the fur came from? It's -40F on a good day. Everyone here in Maine wears furs, because if we didn't, we would freeze to death.

Bear attacks happen daily. Groups of 20 to 50 coywolves gang up on children and tear them to shreds ... here in Maine, you NEED a gun, just go outside and NOT be torn apart by mountain lions, wolves, bear, or coywolves.

Guns keep people alive, warm, and feed, far more often, than guns hurt or kill. There's a lot of people who NEED guns to stay alive, to feed their families, to protect their families.

In the hands of a responsible person a gun is a tool of survival, not a weapon.

Only dangerous people, who would kill even without a gun, make guns a dangerous weapon.

Guns are not the problem - dangerous people are.

Gun reform is NOT the answer.

All gun reform is going to do is punish people who obey the law.

But people who use guns to kill, are not law abiding citizens, so, gun reform will not affect them, because they don't obey laws anyways.

People who use guns to kill, don't care about laws, so changing laws WILL NOT STOP THEM!

If they cared about obeying the law, they wouldn't being killing people in the first place.

My family, we are not white, and THAT is why my family has seen so many mass shootings, because every single mass shooting listed above, was done by a dangerous person, so blinded by racist hate that they felt the need to kill non-whites.

Racism is the problem.

Guns are only dangerous in the hands of haters, racists, and bigots.

But you people obsessing over the Colorado shooting, you act like mass shootings are rare... ad they are NOT... mass shooting happen all the time, they just don't get reported on very often.

We need better awareness to how often mass shootings happen.

it's not gun reform we need - we need police officers willing to do their jobs and #1 arrest the shooters not just take their guns away and #2 tell the news stations how often these near weekly mass shootings happen so the news can report on HOW OFTEN these events happen

#Awareness of how often mass shootings occur and don't get reported on by the news is what is needed

Maybe, if you stopped focusing on self and paid attention to something other than yourself for a change, you'd notice how vastly common gun crime is.

Don't rely on the news media to tell you the whole truth. They tell you pieces of the truth, and only as much of the truth as they think you want to hear, and only than, if they think it'll boost their ratings.

The daily mass shootings of Chicago are rarely in the news, because they happen so often, so many of them every day, that they are deemed "TOO BORING" to be news worthy.

The daily mass shootings of Boston are likewise, rarely in the news, because it's usually gang related and when was the last time you saw the news media report on anything the Mafia did?

The weekly mass shootings of Maine are almost never in the news, because no one in the lower 48 gives 2 shits about Maine.

If it isn't going to bring views or increase ratings, the news station isn't going to cover it, no matter what it is, including, and not limited to, mass shootings.

Gun reform is NOT going to fix the problem.

Responsible gun owners are already obeying the current gun laws.

Gun reform, is ONLY going to punish, responsible people, for things they would never do.

Mass shootings are committed by people who do obey gun laws, so changing gun laws, WILL NOT prevent mass shootings.

People who commit mass shootings, rarely buy their guns legally, so changing laws regarding gun sales, will NOT keep guns out of their hands.

What we need is NOT gun reform, wat we NEED is HONEST NEWS REPORTING.

We NEED news stations who report on ACTUAL daily news.

If people KNEW how many mass shootings occur **EVERY DAY, in ALL 50 STATES**, they would know who truly pointless and a waste of time a resources, gun reform is.

Details about the bomb that blew up my house, and the fireman who stole the bomb from Old Orchard Beach Police Department's evidence locker:

When you say "black lives matter",
do you REALLY mean it?
Are you sure?

When you say "Black Lives Matter"... do you mean the lives of ALL black people? 

Do ALL black lives matter to you? Or JUST the lives of black drug dealers, who beat black pregnant women to death, murder black babies, beat black children, and do 9 separate prison sentences for domestic violence against black women?

Do the lives of the black women and black children he beat to death mean NOTHING to you?

Please tell me why you would rename your school after a man who murdered a pregnant black woman ad her unborn black baby?

#Did HER black life not matter to you?

#Did HER black baby's life not matter to you?

Yes, black lives matter, but a murderer is a murderer no matter what color they are, and you shouldn't be renaming your streets, schools, hospitals, and airports after a monster who murdered a pregnant woman and her baby.

Did you know WHY that a white police officer killed a black murderer? To protect the lives of black women and children.

No, that police officer should not have taken the law into his own hands... but fact remains, he cared more about the lives of black women and black children that YOU do!

Do your research.

Know the facts.

Stop being a brain dead jackass parroting every word you hear others say.

Do your research and stop worshipping a man who devoted his life to murdering pregnant black women and their unborn black babies.

If black lives REALLY mattered to you, you'd STOP disrespecting the black women and black children, murdered by that monster. Every time you glorify his name, you tell are openly telling his black victims that THEIR black lives don't mean shit to you.

If you REALLY believe ALL black lives mattered, you would be renaming everything after the black pregnant woman he murdered, NOT naming your school after her murderer.

What message are you sending?

You are NOT sending the message that black lives matter... far from it in fact.

By renaming your school after a man who murdered pregnant black women, you are TEACHING your children it is okay to murder black women and black children... did you even stop to think about THAT?

Are you really so quick to want to please the crowd that you are willing to completely overlook the more than 900 accounts of rape, domestic violence, drug dealing, drive by shootings, and the murder of a pregnant woman? All committed by the one man, you are now renaming your schools, hospitals, streets, towns, and airports after?

You don't care about black lives, you only care about looking good in front of others.

If you cared about black lives, you'd care MORE about his 900+ black victims than you would him.

You people are fucking hypocrites.

All you care about is looking hip or cool or being part of the in crowd and doing what the popular people do. You don't give a shit about the trail of **BLACK** victims... the 900+ **BLACK LIVES** that were destroyed by the man you people are glorifying.

If you REALLY care about black lives, than prove it, and STOP DISRESPECTING the 1,000's of black families who REJOICE at the death of the terrorist crime lord gangster who terrorized their families for decades... stop worshiping the crime lord that made their BLACK lives a living nightmare.

Every time you glorify his name... you are telling ALL of his BLACK victims that their BLACK LIVES don't mean shit to you.

Look at you sheep, acting all righteous, pretending to care about others, when all you care about is your precious 15 minutes of fame. 

You don't care about black lives, you only care about being part of the in crowd. 

Fucking herd mentality. 

You'll do and say whatever you have to, just to be a part of the biggest, loudest group.

You chant "Black lives matter" with your mouths, but you don't mean it in your heart.

Those of us who aren't white - you don't give a shit about us.

You just want people to THINK you care... so long as it LOOKS like you care, you don't care about anything else.

Those of us who actually suffer at the hands of white bastards, you don't care about us, and you never will. And that can clearly be seen, by WHICH black face you wave on your signs... not a black hero, no, but an inhuman monster who broke into a house to steal drugs, but got the wrong address, and broke into the home of a pregnant black woman. A man who beat his child. A man who committed drive by shootings. A man whom at the time of his death had more than 40 warrants for his arrest. A man who'd already gone to prison for violent crimes 9 times. A man who HATED black lives, beat black lives, tortured black lives, abused black women, beat black children... if you REALLY cared about black lives, you WOULD NOT be glorifying a man like that, who destroyed hundreds of black lives.

Blind, mindless sheep. That's all you are.

You don't care about anyone. And you never will. All you care about is following the in-crowd, and doing and saying whatever they say, WITHOUT doing any research.

If you REALLY cared about black lives, you'd help the victims of crimes against them, NOT glorify the criminal who committed hundreds of crimes against hundreds of black women and black children.

Every time you name a school or street after him, you tell EVERY black person on the planet that their black lives DO NOT matter, because all that matters to you is glorifying the name of a man who was a terrorist to make yourself look good.

You rush to be the first in line so you will get the glory, and you completely overlook the greater harm that you are causing.

Black lives matter, but those words mean nothing to you, because all you're thinking about is your own self glory.

You are NOT seeing, worse, you are ignoring the MILLIONS of black people who are crying out to you idiotic white people, asking you white people to STOP glorifying the monster who terrorised so many black lives.

Your GLORY while you scream "Black lives matter" in front of news cameras, means MORE to you, than the the lives of of actual black people... we KNOW this, BECAUSE, you are ignoring the MILLIONS of black lives who are BEGGING you to stop glorifying the man who terrorised so many black lives.

In you rush to seem black-friendly, you forget to research the facts, and instead of promoting the good in the black community, you promote the scum bag that terrorized and own people, the man whom millions of black people are saying they are GLAD he's finally dead. GLAD that no more black women, no more black children, will be terrorized by that monster. And they are asking you to STOP glorifying him. 

Why won't you listen to what they are saying?

 *Could it be, that they are too BLACK for you to care about what they have to say? 

 *Are they too BLACK for you to listen to them?

 * Are they too BLACK for you to take the time to care about their feelings?

If you REALLY cared about black lives, then WHY are you IGNORING the pleas of his BLACK victims?

There are plenty of good strong, moral, decent, glory-worthy black people out there... so why are you glorifying the terrorist, crime lord, gangster whom black people themselves are BEGGING you to stop glorifying.

#By glorifying a man who devoted his live to hurting black people, you are letting your white superiority fly high.

Why aren't you naming your schools after the BLACK pregnant women he attacked? She's the real hero, not him. 

Why are glorifying HIM and not HER?

You scream "I can't breath" in his honor... what about HER? Could SHE breath while he was strangling her in her own home?

What about her unborn baby? Could IT breath while that monster was strangling it's mother to death?

Why aren't you naming your schools after the BLACK children he terrorised with his drive by shootings? 

Why are you glorifying a monster who thought nothing of shooting the innocent BLACK children, who were playing on the front lawns, completely unsuspecting that that monster was going to drive by shooting at everyone because he was mad at his drug dealer?

Why are you naming your school after a man who shot at children playing in their yards, as if they were bottles on a fence?

Do any of you even take the time to stop and THINK before you do these things?

That man was a monster. Who cares what color he was. Men like him are monsters no matter what color their skin is, they should NEVER be glorified.

Men who beat up pregnant women should NOT have schools named after them.

You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves, naming your schools after a man who terrorized pregnant women and black children.

You say black lives matter, but are you sure you REALLY mean it?

Why than do the lives of black pregnant women and black children, mean NOTHING to you?

How can you hypocrites stand there chanting "black lives matter" while in the same breath glorifying the man who made life hell for so many innocent black women and their children?

#In renaming your school after a man who spent decades raping, shooting, beating, torturing, and killing black people, you are saying that black lives DO NOT matter to you.

Worse, you are teaching the children who attend those schools, that it is OKAY for a man to beat pregnant women, shoot at children, deal drugs, and be a gangster. It that what you REALLY want your children to grow up to be?

#By renaming your school after a man who spent decades raping, shooting, beating, torturing, and killing black people, you are TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN... THAT raping, shooting, beating, torturing, and killing black people IS OKAY.

Children who attend a school named after a famous person, will be taught by the teachers of that school to idolize that person.

What are you going to do, when your child, idolizing that man, takes a gun to school, and shoots his pregnant teacher in honor of the man the school is named after, killing pregnant women in order to be more like the "hero" the school was named after?

#By renaming your school after a man who devoted his entire life to abusing black people, you are TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN... THAT abusing black people IS OKAY.

What are you going to do, when your child, idolizing that man, takes a gun to school, and shoots his classmates in honor of the man the school is named after, running through the halls of the school pretending to be doing a drive by shooting to be just like the "hero" the school was named after?

#in naming your school after a criminal who terrorized black people you are sending the message THAT BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER... don't you realize that?

Did you jackasses ever once stop to think about the long term effects of your actions?

Children aren't dumb. They'll do their research, they'll find out what kind of a man he