Wait? You like Avallac'h? Have you not read the novels? What are your thoughts on the scene when Avallac'h beats the shit out of Ciri?

Wait? You like Avallac'h? Have you not read the novels? What are your thoughts on the scene when Avallac'h beats the shit out of Ciri?

You mean that scene from Lady of the Lake on page 179... where he strangles her, than smashed her face into the ground while punching her teeth out and screaming he's gonna kill her? ...see also the above picture... The rape scene?

My thoughts? You REALLY want my thoughts, on the scene that I am fully aware causes every Witcher fan on the planet to grab their pitchforks and go running after Avallac'h ready to kill him?

You do realize I HATE rapists, right? And if you hate Avallac'h because of that scene, well, I think you are seriously fucked up.

What are my thoughts on Ciri raping Avallac'h, and him responding to being raped by beating the shit out of his rapist?

So many fans call Ciri a "strong woman" but, if a woman acted like her in real life, she'd have so many life sentences that she'd be several thousand years old before she saw the outside of a prison cell. Beating up men at every turn, killing men because they are male and for no other reason, raping men just to show them who's boss... those things really don't say strong woman to me and instead say dangerously deranged sociopath in need of a straight jacket.

Avallac'h is the ONLY character of the franchise who Ciri ever has sex with. And it was far from consentual on his part. He makes 3 attempts to get away from her, and finally has to strangle her before he can successfully get her off of him.

Yes, the scene Ciri fans hate Avallac'h for, the scene when he throttles her and smashes her face into the ground... he did that because she was, at the time, raping him. And there's something serious messed up with you, if you hate hm for fighting back against his rapist.

Yeah, he really shouldn't be beating women up, but given the circumstances, she got off easy, he should not have stopped beating her. He should have smashed bitch's damned brains out.

I'm someone who's been raped. I've no sympathy for a rapist.

No means no, and rape should never be something that causes people to say: "She's a strong woman."

Ciri is a rapist. Plain and simple. Avallac'h was not randomly beating her up for no reason. He was trying to get away from her. He gets away from her 3 times, only to be tackled to the ground again before he can get to the door.

Tackled, I might add, by a woman who is said to be the only person who even closely rivaled his own magic abilities. The only woman who could in any way get an upper hand over him.

He is said to be the most powerful mage of the multiverse, but he is also crippled, physically weak, in poor health due to his advanced age, and was never trained in combat, thus in spite of his advanced powers in magic, he fears deeply any one who is armed, which Ciri was, she was weilding a sword in that scene.

Avallac'h is described as underweight, sickly, and physically very weak. He's nearly blind, has a lame leg, suffers tremors from nerve damage, and is an ancient, elderly Elf, over 2,000 years old, when most Elves live to only 400... and he's now got a super strong, overpowered female Witcher on top of him, beating him, waving a sword at him, and threatening to kill him if he doesn't make her pregnant right here and now.

His first 3 attempts to get away from her, he merely pushes her away, gets up and runs for the door. He makes no attempt to fight back, simply trying to flee from the deranged fisteck addict who is beating him up, tearing his clothes off, and trying to rape him.

He only beats her up AFTER she starts bitch mouthing about his dead ex-wife Lara, whom he is still very much in love with.

The fact that on page 180 he's willing to forgive her and agrees to pretend the rape never happened, and agrees to pretend she's Lara (Ciri's idea, not his) and have sex with her willingly, makes him a hell of a lot stronger then her... and also shows how incredibly terrified of Ciri he is, as he'd rather let her rape him, then risk getting her mad enough to kill him.

To make matters even worse and more humiliating for Avallac'h, this entire scene takes place in a public garden, where dozens of other Elves gathered around to watch while the king's court mage got raped by a psychotic human.

No. The rape scene didn't happen in private behind closed door, half the damned city was gathered to watch, because it happened in a public garden beside the lake, where most of the Elves were gathered that particular day.

Ciri is not a good person, as that scene so glaringly shows. And why fans of Ciri hate Avallac'h because he tried to defend himself against a crazy woman raping him, is something I will never understand.

I even less understand why Avallac'h later starts to refer to Ciri as his "lover" as it's clear from the novels, he never would have done so had she not first raped him.

And again, sorry to burst the Ciri fan love bubble, but raping a man DOES NOT make a woman a strong woman whom other women should look up to as a hero. It simply does not. Rape should never be the reason you consider a character a hero, and that's exactly the case here.

My question is, WHY to people hate Avallac'h because he fought back and tried to defend himself?

Think about it... if a man rapes a woman, everyone is ready to scream bloody murder and lynch him, but when a woman rapes a man, no one cares and says the woman is some kind of hero. Would you call a man a hero if he raped a woman? No? Then why would you call a woman a hero for raping a man?

Sorry, but speaking as one who know, rape is a very traumatic thing to have happen to you and I doubt very much if men like being raped any more than women do, so no, I have a hard time having any positive feelings for Ciri considering she's a rapist who uses rape as a tool to get men to obey her every whim.

I know she's supposed to be the hero of the story, but she comes off as way more villainous then Vilgefortz himself...and no, the fact that Vilgefortz tried to rape her is no excuse for getting back at him by raping someone else.

People always use what Vilgefortz did to her, to justify Ciri's actions here, but what does Vilgefortz have to do with Avallac'h?

Vilgefortz is NOT Avallac'h and so many fans get these two mixed up. Vilgefortz is the one who beat Ciri up because beating her up was fun. He's the one who stuffed fistek up her vagina, because he's a freak. He's the one who killed her friends, including her lesbian lover Mistel, just to watch her reaction. He's the one who put her in a cage and sadistically tortured her. He's the one who tried to rape her. He's the one who stuffed her in a test tube and tried to remove her eggs for his experiments. He kept her locked in gallows. He's the one who cut half her face off - not some small scar like in the game - he literally cut half her face off.

All those things were done by Vilgefortz not Avallac'h, yet how many Ciri fans attribute those things to Avallac'h? Most all of them. They can't keep their wizards straight.

Avallac'h never once hurt Ciri, in fact he rescues her time and time again, including to rescue her from Vilgefortz the night Vilgefortz tried to rape her, Avallac'h takes her in when no one else would, he took care of her, he's the one who made the healing potions to help her re-grow he face back, he defended her, he was royalty and lost his lands rank and titles because he defended her - he lost his family, his friends turned on him, his people cast him out, he was a nobleman cast into the streets and turned into a wandering vagabond... all because he dared stand up for Ciri against Eredin, when no one else would, rightly so because she's a vicious, violent, blood thirsty, feral wild animal that in no way resembles anything even close to being a lovable human being.

Though she claims to be Avallac'h's prisoner, she has free roam of his palace, the entire city, the nearby fields, the whole freaking damned planet, it wasn't his fault she couldn't get off the planet, she is showered with gifts, is given an entire wardrobe of clothes, Avallac'h is the one who gives her, her sword Ziereal (not Geralt as seen in the game). He takes care of her horse. He gives her servents.

She ONLY calls him her galor and claims to be his prisoner because she is traped on his planet and can't get off of it, but she's free roam the entire damned planet, because, hey look, he's NOT keeping her prisoner. She's perfectly able to walk away at any time, yet to runs back to his bed every night. Him being classified, by Ciri herself, as the only friend she's ever had in her entire life.

When the Elves tried to kill her the night Auberon died, it was Avallac'h who helped her get to the Unicorns so she could escape his planet...

The game does go over the top of dramatically humanizing her character, and the ONLY reason Ciri in the game is anything close to being civilized and not tearing everyone apart like the rabid monster she is, is because she spent 21 years living with Avallac'h who did his damist to try to tame and civilized the crazed beast she was.

I'm sorry, but he never did anything to warrant the hate he gets from Witcher fans... the fact that he's the most hated character in the franchise, simply because he defended himself when Ciri raped him, that's just messed up and goes a long way to say the sorry state our society lives in when a rape victim is villainised for hitting his rapist.

In the real world, men get raped almost as often as women do, but few dare fight back, even fewer dare admit it happened. And you almost never seen men get raped in fiction. If you do, it's usually in Erotica and you see the man, quite happy it happened. To see male rape portrayed in fiction as something traumatic, is rare and I applaud Andrzej Sapkowski for daring to write it that way. And I'm horrified by how many people read that scene and suddenly hate Avallac'h and start gushing Ciri praise.

You read what it says, he didn't really hit her that hard, and he stopped as soon as he was able to get free of her and then he ran away terrified and in tears. He was not trying to hurt her. He's a hell of a lot stronger then her. He could have killed her with one hit. And he didn't. He wasn't beating her up to try to hurt her, he was just trying to stop her from raping him.

It even SAYS that...

His hands shot towards her neck like snakes and squeezed like steel pincers. She understood that if he'd wanted to, he could have throttled her like a fledgling.

If he wanted to... meaning he didn't want to her hurt. He only wanted to stop her from raping him.

Go back and try re-reading that scene without your Ciri fangirl gushing filters on. Avallac'h ain't as mean or villanous as many Ciri fans like to tell you he is.

You may dislike it, but I call Ciri what she is: a bitch and a rapist. Same way I call people who hate on Avallac'h for defending himself, what they are: seriously fucked up in the head. I call it like I see it.

And yes, I can call Avallac'h what he is too: a perverted, self-centered, arrogant, douchebag, jerk. I'm well aware he's a bastardly, bitchy dick who needs to be shoved off his high horse, but that doesn't justify Ciri's raping him.

UPDATE: August 3, 2018

to the one who asked: yes, you can use Witcher 3 to recreate the rape scene from the novel Lady of the Lake… just did it in the Twitch stream that just ended… it’ll be on YouTube in a few days (and for people who’ve not read the novel… she raped him, not the other way around) 

to do it in your own playthrough you need:

Geralt Doppler version 2, set to Avallac'h; the Shani to Ciri Character swap mod; and run both during the Hearts of Stone, Wedding Quest; play through the 3rd ending of the sex scene with Shani - the one with BOTH the Rowan Brandy and the bottle of wine; you’ll get the cutscene you want 



^^you’ll also get a drunk Avallac'h juggling on stage, wearing donkey ears, dancing a jig, beating people up with a fence post, winning a stuffed pig for Ciri by chasing pigs through a pigpen, having a fight with Gaunter ODimm, and a drunk Ciri vomiting all over him^^ Thank you for the suggestion. best episode I’ve ever played. :P 

oh yeah, and you’ll have to reset the Geralt Doppler after they shave Avallac'h because they shave his head off and crash the mod… unless of course you don’t mind him running around with no head for the rest of the quest, which he will certainly do 

interestingly, you also get the scene after, with Ciri saying the same line as in the novel “Forgotten already?” in answer to Avallac'h wanting to pretend the rape never happened and Ciri’s tearful drunken apology, seconds after raping him 

Twitch video is here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/292545723

Ciri corners and kisses the surprised Avallac'h in the garden of the Moon Palace
An innocent boat ride, that went very wrong.
Ciri forcing Avallac'h to the ground, trying to take his clothes off, while he fights back trying to get her off him.

"Your Alder King won't fulfil the task. But I want to fulfil the contract. Let someone else impregnate me to begat the child you care so much about. If you're all repulsed by me, use the hinny breeders' method. You show a stallion a mare, blindfold it and put a jenny in front of it. You perhaps! If you want I'll give myself to you! Well? Won't you sacrifice yourself? They say I''ve got Lara's eyes!"

Lady of the Lake

(from the rape scene) pages 179-180

Avallac'h, strangling Ciri, while trying to force her off of him.

His hands shot towards her neck like snakes and squeezed like steel pincers. She understood that if he'd wanted to, he could have throttled her like a fledgling.

"Who are you to dare to defile her name in such a way? I know who you are. You are not the daughter of Lara. You are the daughter of Cregennan.Your ancestor stole my love from me, took her away from me, selfishly and arrogantly took Lara from me. But I shall not permit you, O his worthy daughter, to take the memory of her from me." 

Lady of the Lake

(from the rape scene) pages 179-180

Ciri's tearful apology, seconds after raping the old Elf.
An upset Avallac'h...
...and a haunty Ciri.
"Forgotten already?" (in game)... quote from book: "Please, forgive me and if you can, forget," Ciri cried. "It is already forgotten." (Avallac'h)

If the character exists in the Witcher 3 game file code, I'm pretty sure you can use/manipulate the game to recreate cutscene images of every scene in the novels. Though not all novel characters appear in the game, and for that, you'd have to take their files from Witcher 1, or Witcher 2, and make them Witcher 3 compatible, then swap them in, switching them with some other character. 

As you will see on this page, I've a LOT of cutscene, that are not vanilla to the game, but rather are scenes from the novels, which I created using the game.

And since it's the rape scene I get the most email questions about, let's explain it, and tell you in detail, what exactly happened.

Most people who hate Avallac'h, when asked why they hate him, say they hate him because of the scene when Avallac'h beats the crap out of Ciri and nearly kills her. I know this, because I am of the habit of raming YouTube and Twitch, asking players of the game, what they think of Avallac'h, have found about 80% of player hate him and only start hating him after reading the novels.

I find this part interesting, because there is only one scene in the novels, when Avallac'h is anything other than kind, loving, and gentle with Ciri. Only one scene where he ever raises a hand to her. Only one scene where he beats the crap out of her and nearly kills her: The rape scene of Lady of the Lake.

People who've not read the novels, hear that there is a rape scene, and immediately assume, Avallac'h raped Ciri.


Ciri raped Avallac'h.

And that's why he beat her up.

I found Witcher fans reaction to to this scene fascinating, as it implies while the average person would scream bloody murder over a man raping a woman, they general population has no issue with a woman raping a man, and goes so far as to fully hate him, if he tries to fight back and defend himself from his attacker.

In the novels, Ciri is insanely, viciously violent. She beats up Avallac'h, in pretty much every scene, and he simply shrugs it off and goes back to either playing the flute, picking flower, or writing poetry. Twice in the novels Ciri, spitefully destroys Avallac'h's collections, including to smash all his antique and irreplaceable mirrors, which upsets him quite badly. When he asks her why she did it, she said because she wanted to. This results in a conversation between them, where we see Avallac'h confused and not understanding what Ciri is angry about, and is one of the few times we see him talking at length (he rare speaks at all).

In that scene he explains he's taken care of Ciri, given her a home, given her servents, bought her fancy dresses, gave her a new sword (a sword named Ziereal - yes the sword we see in the game being given to her by Geralt was given to Ciri by Avallac'h in the novels), let her horse stable with his horses, takes her for walks by the lake every day, feeds her, bathes, she's living like a queen and wants for nothing, so why has she repaid kindness for with hate?

Here... I fixed that horrifically inaccurate scene of Geralt giving Ciri Zireael... now it's lore-friendly and accurate to the books.

She responds to call him a gallor (meaning jailer or prison guard) stating that all the things he has given her is nothing but things meant to make her forget she is his prisoner. Demands to be sent home to "mummy and daddy" (Yen and Geralt), at which point Avallac'h tells her, her world is gone. It was destroyed hundreds of years ago by The White Cold, Geralt and Yen died many hundreds of years ago, Ciri alone has survived the end of her people and has no home to return to, thus why he took pity on her and gave her a home with him. He tells her he put up the barrier around the city to protect her from the Elves outside the city who would kill and eat her. He says she is not his prisoner and that he is only trying to protect her from getting hurt and is taking care of her because no one else would. He ads that he has taken her in at great risk to himself as to be caught consorting with humans is punishable by death. She accuses him of lying and proceeds to smash more of his antiques. 

When he asks her to stop smashing his things, she states that they are just material possessions and he should not care so much for them. He replies, yes, but he's had them for 700 years and he had gotten them for Lara and neither she nor things that remind him of her can be replaced.

The following week, she tells King Auberon what Avallac'h has said and Auberon laughs at her, mocks her, bullies her, belittles her, and then hand her a snow globe and tells her to look inside. In the snow globe, she watches in horror as her world is torn apart by a world swallowing blizzard. Auberon, shake the globe, changes it's scene, and shows Ciri the day Geralt and Yen die. Then tosses the globe aside and laughs at Ciri when he sees her crying. Eredin overhears this happen.

Ciri runs from the room, heads to the river that leads to the lake, and finds Avallac'h in the garden. Eredin sees this and follows, stops her to tell her no one want her, every one here hates her, calls her "Avallac'h's gold nugget pulled from a dung heap" and proceeds to tell her that she'll never leave because Auberon hates her and will never impregnate her, and until she has a baby, no one is going to let her leave, and even if she ever did leave, she's got no home, no friends, no family, not even any world to go back to, because by coming to Tir ni Lia, she passed far into the future and her world has been gone for centuries. Eredin leaves and Ciri, now allow with Avallac'h, suddenly leaps on him, forces him to the ground and rapes him, while screaming that he's the only one who likes her, so he's going to make her pregnant, so she can hurry up and have this stupid baby and go back home.

In the rape scene, we see Ciri, viciously turn on Avallac'h, the only Elf who stands between her and the dinner table, as the other Aen elle are in the habit of eating Humans, Humans being the primary food source of the Aen Elle Elves. Avallac'h alone, because of his religion, does not eat Humans, because he vegetarian and does not eat meat at all. Avallac'h, makes 3 attempts to peacefully get Ciri away from him, each time getting her off of him and trying to run out of the garden, only to have her tackle him to the ground again, and once again proceed to tear his clothes off demanding he stop trying to escape and just let he fuck him. He's not trying very hard to stop her, and simply keeps pushing her away while trying to talk his way out of this situation. 

It is not until Ciri starts bad mouthing Avallac'h's dead lover Lara, that Avallac'h suddenly goes into a rage and starts beating the shit out of Ciri. At which point you see the tables turn, Avallac'h now on top of Ciri threatening to not only rape her, but then kill her. He does neither, as Ciri starts crying and he lets go of her, stating he can not hurt Lara and Ciri looks too much like Lara. At this point Avallac'h runs from the garden, but Ciri goes after him and stops him, now begging him to forgive her for what she did to him. With the two of them now both in tears, as neither wanted to hurt the other, you next see the ONLY sex scene of the entire series involving Ciri, which this time is not rape on the part of either of them.

Avallac'h later refers to Ciri using the word "lover", implying that their relationship has changed dramatically. And still later, we see Avallac'h write a letter (we are never told to who) in which he states that he regrets sending Ciri to bed with Auberon, had not expected how Auberon would treat her, stating that it has deeply damaged his own relationship with her and from hence forth he'll do whatever it takes to undo this damage. We also learn here that Avallac'h is in love with Ciri, wanted to have a baby with her, but he is infertile thus why he had sent her to Auberon.

That is the rape scene in full, and that is why the average Wicher fan, hates Avallac'h. And, I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I do not see why people hate him. Ciri's a bitch. Ciri is violent. Ciri is abusive. And Ciri is a rapist. And yet people adore her as a "strong woman". No. A woman who beats up her boyfriend at every turn, is just as much of a scumbag as a man who beats up his girlfriend at every turn. Like I said, Avallac'h doesn't deserve the hate he gets from Witcher fans, any more then Ciri deserves the love she gets from them.

Ciri is an abuser. Simple as that. Heaven help the man she ever marries, as she's be nothing more than a drunk spouse beater, just the same way she is to Avallac'h. And no, raping a man doesn't make her a strong woman, it just makes her that much more of an abusive, petty bitch then she already was. Sorry if that upsets people, but I have a hard time finding any reason to glorify a woman who spends 90% of her time getting drunk and beating up every man she meets, and Ciri doesn't do much other than that inthe novels. Avallac'h is not the first man she beat up, nor is he the last. She beats the crap out of well over 3 dozen men over the course of the novels. He is just different than the rest by being the only one she also raped after beating him up. The only difference between Avallac'h and the other men she beat up, is Avallac'h actually loves her and is willing to turn a blind eye to how abusive she is to him, while the other men just saw her as some trophy prize to use and lose.

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