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Avallac'h and his Women
Pictures from Witcher 3

All images on this page are from:
The Witcher 3: 
Wild Hunt 
|Game of the Year Edition| 
Completionist Run: 
The Avallac'h Playthrough
(Watch It Live HERE)

Avallac'h and his women | Pictures from Witcher 3 - I just felt like uploading pictures of Avallac'h today. This page serves no other purpose. 

The Lore-Friendly Wild Hunt Mod - these girls are NOT in the vanilla game - I made the mod which adds them .... In the novels, The Wild Hunt was a group of 5 female wraiths, women who had died in child birth; Avallac'h took them to Human worlds each night to kill abortion bitches and rescue would be murdered babies

Avallac'h & The Wild Hunt

Avallac'h seen here with The Wild Hunt, as they were described in the novels: female, scantily clad, and never leaving Avallac'h's side acting as his body guards.

One of my biggest complaints with the game is the fact that they made the Wild Hunt male, armor clad, and lead by Eredin.

In the novels Eredin lead The Red Riders, while Avallac'h lead The Wild Hunt.

The Red Riders were a group of 12 male elves who wore bright blood red laque scale plate samurai armor, rode on red dragons, and guarded the borders of King Auberon's city of Tir Na Lia.

While The Wild Hunt was a group of 5 Amazonian she-elves, who wore gold body glitter, never left Avallac'h's side, acted as both his lovers and his bodyguards, and rode with him each night to Human worlds to kidnap pregnant women about to have abortions, cut out the babies, and slaughter the abortion bitches. Avallac'h and The Wild Hunt raised the human children, who Ciri assumed were Avallac'h's biological elf children, even though there were well over 10,000 of them living in his palace in Avalon, overlooking the Lake of Avalon.

Avallac'h ruled over Avalon, and contrary to what the game tells us, DID NOT live in Tir na Lia with King Auberon.

The Lore-Friendly Wild Hunt Mod - these girls are NOT in the vanilla game - I made the mod which adds them
The Lore-Friendly Wild Hunt Mod - these girls are NOT in the vanilla game - I made the mod which adds them
The Lore-Friendly Wild Hunt Mod - these girls are NOT in the vanilla game - I made the mod which adds them
The Lore-Friendly Wild Hunt Mod - these girls are NOT in the vanilla game - I made the mod which adds them
The Girl In Avallac'h's bedroom. Her file names are: Avallac'h's Lover Isillira. The name Isillira appears over her head when you hover your mouse cursor over her. In the novels, however, she was unnamed. Also, in the novels she had black skin.

Avallac'h's Lover: Isilira in the game vs Isilira in the novels...

From the Lore Friendly Wild Hunt Mod, Avallac'h's favorite wife Isilira now fights, carries a bow, and is a warrior wearing pistachio green.

Seen above: From the Lore Friendly Wild Hunt Mod, Avallac'h's favorite wife Isilira now fights, carries a bow, and is a warrior wearing pistachio green.


In the game, we see Isilira only briefly, and we see her dressing in bright pink, sitting primping at a mirror, and then yelling at Ciri. 

If you find and read Avallac'h's diary, which seeing how only 3 people out of the 24million+ people who've played the game, have ever found it, chances are high you are not one of those 3 people you never read it.

But if you find and read Avallac'h's diary, you are told a grizzly tale of who Isilira is *(according to the game devs)*. The book explains that Isilira is Avallac'h's older sister. And tells us, that when Avallac'h was 10 years old, he was kidnapped and tortured by a human mage, referred to as "the evil witch". 

The story goes on to tell us that Avallac'h has Elder Blood and the witch drained his blood to drink it and become powerful. When this does not work, she demands to know the secret to how to activate Elder Blood, but Avallac'h in this scene is a very small child and does not know the answer. So the witch kidnaps his parents and siblings, and one by one, tortures them to death and force feeds them to Avallac'h. 

But he still does not know the answer and the witch does not believe him, so she kidnaps his pet ocelots, and tortures them to death, and forces him to eat them too.

Unknown to the witch, one sibling escaped capture: a 14 year old girl, Isilira. And one day while the evil witch was cooking, Isilira sneaked up behind her and killed her. And eat her. Saving her eyes which Islilra now wears as earrings and her teeth, which Isilira now wears as a necklace.

Isilira and Avallac'h fled society, and the 14 year old girl, becomes the deeply protective sorigate mother of her horrifically traumatised 10 year old brother.

That is who Isilira is, according to the book, in the game, written by the game developers.


...that is not what the novels tells us.

In the novels, Isilira is what Ciri described as "a fierce Amazonian elf-woman, carrying a bow, and wearing pistachio green".

She is one of the 5 women who never leaves Avallac'h's side, and acts as both his lover and bodyguard.

We see scenes of Avallac'h, hugging and kissing, and being very sexual with her, scenes described to us, by a very jealous Ciri, who very desperately wants to have sex with Avallac'h. 

In the novels, Avallac'h is Ciri's grandfather, and he loves her very dearly, but he sees her as exactly what she is: his favorite grandbaby. He has no sexual or romantic feelings for Ciri, though he loves more then anyone else ever loves her. This infuriates Ciri, because Ciri, is a sex crazed lunatic who thinks she has to fuck everything that moves. 

When Ciri tells Avallac'h she want to have sex with him, he is horrified by this, tells her that such a thing can never be, asks her to put such thoughts out of her head, asks her to never tell anyone she thinks of him in this manner, asks her to never mention it again, and send her off to have sex with King Auberon, to get her sex urges out of her system.

When Ciri first meets Avallac'h for the very first time, he is with Isilira, he is playing pan pipes, while Isilira strip dances in front of him. Ciri is immediately jealous in this scene, and she doesn't even know who Avallac'h is yet. 

The next time we see Avallac'h, he's gotten off his horse, and Isilira is standing beside him, her arms around him, holding him up, because we are told he can't walk, he's too old, he's ancient, he's very elderly. 

Avallac'h leans heavily on her, relying near entirely on her strength to support him and hold him up, while he walks to great Ciri. Again, Ciri tells us how jealous she is.

Barely a page later, we see Avallac'h picking flowers, while his 5 elf-women, stand in a circle around him, their bows aimed and ready to kill any threat that might stop by.  Ciri, riding her horse around them, sees Avallac'h kissing Isillira and yet again, tells us how jealous she is... THIS TIME, we are also told, that Isilira has black skin. 

Avallac'h gets on his horse and rides around the lake, telling his 5 elf woman, to stay and protect Ciri. They protest, he scolds them, and they reluctantly guard Ciri.

Avallac'h does not get far, when he turns back, because he can hear the women fighting. 

When he arrives back to their location, Ciri is calling Avallac'h's 5 BLACK SKINNED elf women, monkeys, telling them they all look alike. 

The 5 black elf women, see Avallac'h and run to him in tears, explaining what Ciri has been saying to and about them, while black-hating racist ass bigot Ciri, in a raging inferno, lashes out at Avallac'h, telling him that he is white and ought to know better then to be fucking black women.... 

THIS is WHY, Isilira, in the games, greats Ciri by saying:

CIRI: "You! I remember you. From Tir na Lia!"

ISILIRA: "Funny, I thought those of our race, all looked alike to you."

By making Isilira in the game WHITE, instead of BLACK, like she was in the novels, her words here in the game, lose their meaning, and most people playing the game end up falsely thinking it is Isillra who is racist against humans, when in fact the racist one, is Ciri, who hate black people and in the novels has several monologues on how she wants kill everyone who is black, including Avallac'h 5 black wives.

Ciri ran around topless in the novels... the game forgot to tell you that... it was a constant embarassment to Avallac'h, who was continually wrapping scarves and shawls around Ciri's shoulders to cover her exposed breasts. He hated going out in public with Ciri with him, because she always embarassing him by ripping off her blouse and throwing it away when his friends were around. He called Ciri a barbaric savage because of her refusal to cover her breasts.

The next time we see Isillra in the novels, Avallac'h is on his horse, Ciri is on her horse, Ciri is crying over her dead mother and grandmother and missing Mommy Yennefer, Avallac'h is rubbing Ciri's leg trying to calm her down, and Ciri *(and most readers)* translates this to Avallac'h being sexual, when quite clearly he is not, and is doing what pretty much ANYONE is going is going to do in this situation, when there friend is bawling their eyes out, you rub their shoulder, you rub their leg, you rub their back... it is not a sexual response at all. 

The fact that we have seen Avallac'h being sexual with the 5 she-elves, means we also know what he acts like when he is being sexual and we can clearly see the difference in how he touches Ciri vs how he touches the 5 she-elves.

Ciri however takes this to mean Avallac'h is sexually attracted to her, tells the reader that the 5 elf-women are walking along beside the horses, so Ciri, decides to gallop off, trying to get Avallac'h to chase her to the beach, so she can seduce him and have sex with him... all seems to be going according to Ciri's plan, because Avallac'h is old and senial, and keeps forgetting that Ciri is Ciri and not his dead wife Lara. ... sooo, NOW he IS being sexual with Ciri.

Because Ciri is seducing Avallac'h, Avallac'h's attention is no longer on holding up the massive barrier spells, one around the Lake of Avalon keeping him and Ciri safe from monster attacks and another around the city of Tir na Lia, keeping him and Ciri safe from King Auberon, Eredin, and the Red Riders... 

Both barriers come down, because Avallac'h is focused on his lust for Lara, and immediately the Unicorns attack, nearly killing Avallac'h. 

And we see Ciri scared to shit, terrified out of her fucking mind, when she realises, she almost got Avallac'h killed and without him, there ain't no one on this alien elf planet who gives a shit about her. 

Remember how Ciri in the game is oh, soooooo powerful. All full of magic. Has that sonic scream. Is a big brave fighter... 

Well, in the novels, there isn't one single, solitary iota of magic in Ciri at all. She's a weakiing with no powers and is too big of a coward to fight anyone.

When the Unicorns attack, Avallac'h grabs Ciri and runs for the horses, but realizes too late, he and Ciri are very far away from both the horses and the 5 elf women. 

Terrified, Ciri clings to Avallac'h, hiding behind him, convinced that he and her are both about to die, because Avallac'h carries no weapons, is very old, very sickly, and very weak. 

Yeah, Ciri is so weak, unmagical, and powerless in the novels, that she runs to hide behind a crippled, elderly, Elf who can barely walk, because he's stronger then she is.

And while she has heard rumors that he is both the most powerful and most feared sorcerer in the entire universe, Ciri has yet to see Avallac'h cast a spell or use any magic at all.

However, he is the one and ONLY Elder Blood Elf. He is the last PURE BLOODED Elf. He is The Elder God From Whom all Elder Blood Flows. And this makes him the most powerful being of all the universe, capable of drawing on the energy of the earth, the water, the planets, the air, and pulling it all inside of himself, then lashing it back on his attackers, in a massive brain exploding, eye bursting, eardrum shattering sonic scream that kills everything around him in a 5 mile radius.

Ciri, still clinging to Avallac'h tells the reader she's never seen anything like it.

The heads of all the Unicorn, exploded as Avallac'h's voice steadingly reached a higher and higher pitch.

But she also tells us, is weakened him. His physical body, was not strong enough to withstanding pulling so much energy inside of himself.

Ciri tells us, he's now very weak, struggling to breath, and she fears he will collapse at any minute, and she and him will both be murdered by the 2nd round of Unicorns, now bearing down on them.

Meanwhile, Ciri also tells us, the 5 elf women, have formed a circle around her and Avallac'h and have drawn their bows, ready to kill the attackers. But there are only 5 of them, and hundreds of attackers riding down the hill towards them. 

Ciri has never seen Elder Blood in action before. Avallac'h is the first full blooded Elder Blood Ciri has ever met, so she is stunned, when she sees that he is too weak, to pull the energy of the Lake into himself, so instead, he draws the energy out of the lake and puts it in the the 5 elf women, and once again, starts to sing what Ciri calls: "The Song of Avallac'h", which she describes as starting out sound like bird chirps, increasing to a whale song, then becoming very high pitched, and exploding the brains of everyone outside of the barrier that he has put up around himself, Ciri, Rudy, Kelpie, and the 5 elf women...

...but this time, unlike the first sonic scream, which came from Avallac'h... this time, it came from the 5 elf women, who Ciri described as paralyzed, puppets, fully taken over, no longer in control of their bodies, as Avallac'h wielded his deadly sonic scream through them.

Now on his knees, no longer able to stand, in a field of thousands of dead Unicorns, a 3rd round of Unicorns bears down on them.

Ciri is still clinging to Avallac'h, holding on to him for dear life, and tells us, he's not doing good, he can barely breathe, and fever wracks his body. He tried to unleash his sonic scream a 3rd time and passes out.

While Ciri tries to wake him, the 5 elf women, start to shot their arrows at the Unicorns, knowing full well their are just way too many.

A black skinned, black eyed, black haired samiria knight wearing red lacquer scale armor and riding a red dragon, swoops in, scoops up Avallac'h and Ciri, and rides for the forest, while ordering 12 other red clad knights on red dragons, to kill the Unicorns. 

The 5 elf women run after the knight. And Ciri, tells the reader that this is blackest black person, she has ever seen, and therefore, because black skin is caused by being evil, he must also be the most evil person to ever exist. *(if you are black, by the end of Ciri's interactions with Eredin, which last for only 8 pages, you will hate Ciri so damned bad. She is most vile, white power, white supremacy, black hating, racist pig I've ever encountered in literature.)* 

When racist bigot bitch Ciri, asks the Elf whom she describes as vile, evil, repulsive black bastard who dared touch her lily white skin, what his name is, he tells her, he is Eredin, Captain of the Palace Guards, and he had heard Avallac'h's scream, and came to help his "dear brother". 

Eredin refers to Avallac'h as his brother, and the way they interact, it appears they are brothers, in a sense that they grew up together, and it appears most likely that Avallac'h was adopted, because he's also the ONLY Elf with white skin and while Eredin calls him "brother", Avallac'h also, states that he is last of his kind and has no siblings.

We see Ciri jealous of how close Avallac'h and Eredin are. 

You'll notice quickly in the novels that Ciri is jealous of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, and every time Ciri feels jealous of something her immediate response is to fuck it, rape it, castrate it, then kill it, because Ciri is a lesbian and in the Witcher universe the word lesbian means a female who hates, rapes, and castrates any man who refuses to have sex with her on command.

Seeing that Avallac'h has a brother, or at least a very dear friend who calls him brother, infuriates Ciri's raging jealousy and she mentally tells the reader that both these men deserved to be raped because no man deserves to be happy, or have friends, or siblings.

The novels tells us, Avallac'h has no siblings and is the last of his kind. So why does the game tell us that Isillira is his sister?

Back to Isillia in the novels.

After the Unicorn attack, we don't see Isilira again for quite some time. However, we do see several scenes of Ciri, jealous, raging, black hating, bigoted inferno, telling the reader that she is sitting on a balcony, or by a window, in her bedroom, or in King Auberon's bedroom, or the dining room in the Palace of Tir na Lia... that she sits in these places, to watch for Avallac'h on the riverbank, where she can see him, hugging, kissing, humping, and signing to his 5 black elf women. 

Ciri is waiting for Avallac'h to have sex with them, because she wants to watch, but Avallac'h is asexual so he's not having sex with anybody, especially not Ciri, which infuriates Ciri.

Avallac'h in the novels is portrayed as being extremely lustful, and capable of giving women orgasms by singing to them and using his psychic powers to sexually satisfy them without ever having to have sex with them.

Resulting in these women are rabidly addicted to him like he was a drug and cling to him in a wild, desperate, sexual desire, that defies logic, and they will do anything for him.

And Avallac'h is a bit of a deviated bastard, when it comes to using women to get what he wants. 

Avallac'h keeps female bodyguards because females are vicious fighters and fierce protectors of things they love. He seduces them, and sleeps with them, but refuses to have sex with them.

Avallac'h never intends to have sex with any of his women, but he is always hugging, kissing, and rubbing his crotch all over them, which has got the 5 elf women, addicted to him and madly in love with him, resulting in, he has the best damned bodyguards ever because they love him and they will kill for him. And this infuriates Ciri.

The last time we see Isilira, we see that Avallac'h has started trying to keep his 5 elf women and Ciri separated from each other. 

Ciri's psychoticly jealous nature and her perverted sexzilla attraction to Avallac'h, has made Avallac'h's 5 women become very upset, argumentative, and angry. All of which Crevan says he dislikes. 

Avallac'h is very docile, very peaceful, and very, very, very lazy. 

In one scene Ciri described Avallac'h, saying that he reminded her of a stuffed peacock, sitting around looking pretty all day while his  flock of drab coloured females took orders from him.

Avallac'h deeply dislikes fighting, arguing, contention, and lifting a finger to do anything if he can get one of his women to do it for him.

But with his women upset and arguing with Ciri constantly, Avallac'h is now having trouble getting his women to obey his every whim, meaning Ciri's slutty ways are starting to become a rather big problem for Avallac'h.

And Ciri's sex crazed actions and constantly trying to get between Avallac'h and his women, has upset him quite a lot because it is upsetting his peaceful balance of symbiotic mind meld harmony he had with his 5 elf women. In one scene, he said as much and asked Ciri to stop because it was causing problems for him with his women.

Avallac'h and his women are boarding a river boat. As is usual, 4 of the she-elves are wearing nothing but gold glitter body paint, while gathered around Avallac'h, and Isillia, Avallac'h's favorite, is dressed in pistachio green and hanging on his arm, kissing him. 

Ciri runs up, interrupts this, screaming at the top of her lungs **"AUBERON IS REFUSING TO GIVE ME AN ORGASM!"** and Avallac'h quickly pushes Isillira away, asks the 5 women to go back to his room and wait for him. 

The 4 in gold, do as they are told, while Isilira, the one in green pistachio, starts to speak Elvish words that Ciri has never heard before. 

The indication is that Isillia is swearing worse than a drunken pirate. 

Avallac'h is clearly embarrassed, now by Isillira as well as Ciri, and obviously wishing to avoid a fight between the 2 sex crazed females who are now both fighting over him and are ready to rip each other's throats out.

Avallac'h takes Ciri's arm and asks her to get on the boat, which she does, expecting Avallac'h to get on the boat with her, but when she looks to see where he went, he's now very sexually making out with Isilira on the dock. Then tells her, to back to his room, which she does, while continuing to spout Elvish obscenities at Ciri.

We do not Isilira again after this. Which is understandable as we are at this point in the story just 2 pages from page 179, and the last we will see Avallac'h in the novels as well.

Anyways, there you have it... the WHY, behind why I changed Isilira in the game, to be a bow carrying warrior wearing pistachio green.

For some reason, writing this, has resulted in, right now, I'm sitting here eating pistachios. Oh well.

Because it gets complained about a lot, let's address the fact that I have BOTH Ciri and Isillira and 4 other women all traveling with Avallac'h.

Ciri and Avallac'h forever... and Isilira as well, because I have no issues with polygamy and see no reason why he can't have both of them.

I'm a 5th generation fundamentalist Mormon. There are more then 400 people in my family. My grandfather had 2 wives. My mother had 2 husbands. My uncle with the most wives, has 5 wives, while my aunt with the most husbands, has 8 husbands. The average wife has 8 children, while the wife with the most children gave birth to 23 children.

When I say I have no issues with polygamy, there is a reason, and it's because I grew up in a polygamist family and polygamy is "normal" for us. Couples who don't marry and couples without multiple spouses are seen as bizarre in FLDS culture.

Our church was founded by a man who had 68 wives at the time he founded the church and more than 200 wives by the time of his death.

In the 200 years since our church was founded, more than 10,000 of our members have been arrested, been given life in prison, and/or executed by the Federal government of the United States of America, land of the free, that has a law making polygamy a federal offensive you can death penalty for, the same country where federal law gives child rapists only 4 months in prison.

My people are classified by the American government as a "crime family" and our religion classified as "a terrorist organization"  by virtue of men having multiple wives. 

And yet, adultery, couples living together unmarried, women wearing pants, and prostitution are perfectly legal in this country, that gives freedom ONLY to sinners and punishes, violently, men who dare love more than one woman and do the right thing by marrying her instead of just keeping them on the side as adulteress mistresses.

Polygamy is a VERY triggering, touchy subject for me, because my family has been harassed and persecuted for decades because of it.

So when people come into my chat in full bitch mode, going off on a rant over how upset they are pissed that I have Avallac'h with all of his wives traveling with him, they really hit on a raw nerve with me.

Even worse are the deviated infideles who dare try to sexualize polygamy into a vile sex fetish. Nothing is going to piss me off faster than a gentile glorifying polygamy as a way to get a lot of sex. Polygamy is about creating a strong family unit, not hoarding up sex slaves. 

Andrzej Sapkowski actually portrayed polygamy pretty accurately. Something you rarely see in literature, seeing how most people are sex crazed idiots who think polygamy = sex, sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

In the novels, Avallac'h had 5 wives whom he never went anywhere without. And while he was deeply depressed over the death of his favorite wife, Lara Dorren, it was also made clear that he deeply loved and doted on all of his wives.

We also saw Ciri quite content to sleep in bed with Avallac'h and all 5 of his wives.

And that they did not sleep on an actual bed, but rather Avallac'h wore a huge fox fur coat made out of hundreds of fox pelts sewn together and, at night he took it off, laid it by the campfire/fire pit and he and his wives, and Ciri, curled up together in a pile, like a pack of wild foxes all tucked in together in a communal sleeping den.

Avallac'h is NOT his name. Avallac'h is an Elven word that means "The Fox". His name is Crevan.

People dubbed Crevan "The Fox" or "Avallac'h" because of his fox-like behaviour, stating that he acted more like a fox than an Elf. He was said to have many fox-like traits including being sly and sneaky. Among the list of Crevan's fox-like behaviour was his tendency to sleep in a den, on a pile of furs, with all his wives piled on top of him and around him, while he slept.

I should note that in the Witcher universe couples DO NOT sleep together, and not only sleep in separate beds, but also sleep in separate rooms, and Avallac'h's habit of communal sleeping with a pile of women sleeping on top of him, was pointed out because it was seen as bizarre, animalistic behaviour for a man and a woman to sleep in the same bed.

In the Witcher novels, Avallac'h is the ONLY character who does not sleep in a separate bed from his wives, and rather sleeps with them in the same bed as them.

And we even see this carried over into the game. Pay attention to the houses in the villages and cities of the game. Go into the houses at night, after 10PM and look around. What do you see? Men sleep in one side of the house, women sleep on the other side. Men and women do not sleep together in the game.

Every house in the game. 

Except for Pali Gap.

In the Pali Gap *(aka Avallac'h's Laboratory in Skellige)* bedroom, you see the largest bed in the game. A massive 4-poster bed, plenty big enough for 10 people to sleep in all at once.

While the game only shows us Isillia in the Pali Gap bedroom, the size of the bed, indicates, that all 5 of Avallac'h's wives live there, the game devs just didn't have the balls to outright show polygamy to an American audience, not given America's history with polygamy.

Nothing would have tanked American sales faster than a character being shown as openly polygamist.

A married man *(Geralt)*, cheating on his wife *(Yennefer)*, with her best friend *(Triss)* and coworkers *(Kiera and Fringilla)* than fucks every whore and prostitute he finds on every street corner, is a-okay in America, because yay for adultery, but a man who is married to 5 women and is faithful to them, gotta hate him. It's the American way.

But, back to the novels...

As protective as Avallac'h was of Ciri, we also saw him being just as protective of his wives, especially when racist pig Ciri has a white power meltdown on them, in the scene that revealed that all 5 of Avallac'h's wives **INCLUDING Isillia** had black skin.

When we see Avallac'h's 5 black skinned wives in tears because Ciri has just spent the afternoon calling them monkeys and saying they all looked alike, we see Avallac'h drag Ciri away by her ear, while scolding her for her bigotry and racism.... and he stops letting Ciri sleep in the same bed with him and his wives after that, citing he is disgusted by Ciri's racist behavior and Ciri's deplorable treatment of his wives.

Avallac'h makes Ciri sleep by herself in her own bedroom **AS PUNISHMENT** for her racist behaviour. Which at first Ciri thinks is great, but after a few nights alone, she quickly realizes how lonely she is and how safe and comforted she had felt sleeping snuggled up between Avallac'h and his 5 wives.

Avallac'h is shown as insanely protective of Ciri in all things, but he drew the line at her bullying his wives and wouldn't put up with Ciri hurting the women he loved.

Ciri struggled with her love for Avallac'h and her psycho crazed white power hatred for black people, and often found it difficult to spend time with him, knowing that all 5 of his favorite wives were black.

Avallac'h eventually took to sending his wives away whenever Ciri was around, because he feared Ciri's extreme hostility towards black people would result in Ciri attacking, hurting, or even murdering his beloved black wives.

Ciri's extreme hatred for black people was what made it impossible for her to stay with Avallac'h. Ciri had no issues with Avallac'h having multiple wives, she only had issues in his refusal to get rid of his black wives on Ciri's orders.

We are reminded that Avallac'h was many thousands of years old, and that his life had been devoted to his favorite wife, Lara Dorren, and that he added the additional wives after her death, largely because he was suicidally depressed and could not sleep alone, and that he never sex with any of his women and was still a virgin.

The 5 wives who stayed with him at all times, had been with him for 200 years and took care of him now that he was elderly and struggling to get around. They are described as being fierce Amazonian warrior women and viciously protective of their husband.

When 12 year old Ciri enters the picture, and realizes Avallac'h is both obsessed with her and will protect her at all costs, she also assumes she can order him around and get him to do anything she demands... including, getting rid of the 5 wives that have been with him for two centuries, simply because Ciri doesn't like black people and does not want black people in the same house with her. 

Ciri expected Avallac'h to kiss her white ass and kick out all the black people in his life. She did not expect him to defend the rights of black people and tell her racist white ass to go burn in Cregannon's grave.

Avallac'h has an EXTREMELY dominant, alpha-male personality. He really doesn't like being told what to do. He likes to be in control *(he's very much a control freak)*. He's also very violent. Though we never see him violent with his women, we do see him get violent with his female servants, we see him beat a child to death, we see a pile of tens of thousands of dead bodies behind his laboratory and are told he is the one who killed them with his bare hands, we see him with a volatile violent temper, and eventually we see him nearly beat Ciri to death after strangling her, breaking her jaw, ripping off most of her face with fingernails, and smashing out most of her teeth.

This scene of Ciri ordering Avallac'h around and bitchfeast white powering at his black wives, is the first time we also see Avallac'h's temper flaring up, and we are giving plenty of clues here to show us that this guy really DOES NOT like being told what to do, especially when it's a female telling him to do it, and even more especially when it involves his women, who we seem him being extraordinarily protective and defensive of.

Avallac'h very definatly treats his women like they are his property and no one... **NO ONE**... is going to do anything to threaten anything he deems as belonging to him.

We almost immediately see him dominating over Ciri as soon as he meets her, taking full control over her life, acting like she belongs to him, and being viciously protective and defence of her on insanely extreme levels.

Avallac'h ranks as one of the most, if not the most, dominate, possessive, head strong alpha male in the entire Witcher franchise.

And Ciri picks up on this immediately, when she first meets him. Ciri has dealt with several very dominate, territorial alpha males in her life already, and she mentally tells the reader that she therefore knows how to deal with Avallac'h, expecting to be able to use his chauvinist male pig egotism against him.... and this backfires on her very badly, because while she has dealt with dominant alpha males in the past, they were 30 to 40 year old humans, and this particular dominant alpha male is the oldest living Elf, and the most powerful sorcerer in the universe, is over 2,000 years old, and has had a millennia of training in his extremist territorial dominance.

Avallac'h's possessive protectiveness of Ciri, knows no bounds. He will literally do anything to protect her. But, as we see in this scene, he don't take shit from no one, not even Ciri, and he especially doesn't like anyone trying to get between him and his women... not even Ciri.

When Avallac'h refuses to cast out his 5 black wives, Ciri finds herself stunned and shocked that anyone, let alone Avallac'h, dares disobey her. She finds herself even more stunned by the fact that he dared raise his voice to her, yell at her, and hit her back when she hit him.... all things 12 year old white power arrogant egomaniac Ciri did not expect, given how she was used to billions of people in the universe kissing her Elder Blood ass.

And you can immediately tell when first meeting Ciri in the game, she's a low life piece of shit, because she's wearing pants, so, it's not surprising to see her displaying the typical low life, piece of shit habits of pants wearing infidels, like hating black people. I mean, really, would you expect any less from a deviated piece of shit, vile enough to be seen in public wearing pants? Ciri has no morals. None, at all.

Had Ciri not been a vile, black hating, white power, racist bigot, there never would have been any issues between Ciri and Avallac'h and his wives, because Ciri had no issues with polygamy and was perfectly okay with Avallac'h having many wives. Ciri's only issue was that the wives were black and Ciri hated black people.

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