QUESTION: Wasn't it Auberon Ciri was with? I don't remember her with Avallac'h too.

QUESTION: Wasn't it Auberon Ciri was with? I don't remember her with Avallac'h too.

ANSWER: Ciri was with both Auberon and Avallac'h back and forth.

Ciri considers Avallac'h to be her best friend, and after she meets Avallac'h, the two are rarely seen apart. Oddly, in spite of how overly sexual Avallac'h is, the two of them, were sleeping in the same bed together for many weeks, without them ever having sex. Though we frequently see Avallac'h described as hugging, holding, and embracing Ciri, he seems quite content to simply have her close to him at night, and never have sex with her. Both described as falling asleep with their clothes on.

This is a stark contrast from the nights Ciri spent with Avallac'h's older brother Auberon, who is incredibly sexual with Ciri, who strips her naked, strips naked himself, and is described in graphic porn levels, fondling, petting, and molesting her, but then likewise never having sex with her, being quite content to simply touch her until she had an orgasm and then leave her alone. Which results in her running back to Avallac'h's bed to cry herself to sleep in Avallac'h's arms while he sings whale songs to her.

Interestingly, I see a LOT of Ciri fans mix up Auberon and Avallac'h here. I think this is because how that chapter is written... from Ciri's point of view, while she's high on fistek, and so you get only bits and pieces of each scene, quickly swinging back and forth between Ciri having psychotic meltdowns...a paragraph today, the next paragraph a week later, the next paragraph a week past, no scene finished, Ciri's description of everything warped by the fisteck.

Because the Aen Elle Elves, Auberon, Eredin, and Wild Hunt only exist in this one 30 page scene of Ciri strung out and high as hell, after being stuffed with fisteck by Vilgefotze, there are also some reader theories that the Aen Elle Elves, Auberon, Eredin, and Wild Hunt are not real at all and are only figmint of Ciri's drug induced hallucination.

The Aen Elle Elves,Auberon, Eredin, and Wild Hunt are never seen again, in the entire 2,000 page series. They exist ONLY in this 30 page long chapter of Lady of the Lake that occurs while Ciri is high after Vilgefortz stuffed fisteck in her.

The only evidence there is that Avallac'h alone, and not the Aen Elle Elves, Auberon, Eredin, and Wild Hunt, is real, is the fact that he shows up elsewhere in Toussaint and Velen, in the novel Tower of Swallows, where he encounters Geralt and Regis, and we learn the story of his life with Lara and see him pining away at Lara's grave, then later in that same novel see Ciri meet him when she falls out of a portal and lands in his lap.

Avallac'h is not seen again until Lady of the Lake, when he is seen comforting Ciri in between her wild drug induced hallucinations about Auberon and Eredin.

I one brief scene, Eredin too is seen molesting Cri, instead of it being Auberon, which hints to the fact nothing that happened with either Aberon or Eredin is real at all.

The way this scene continually flashes in and out, jumping back to scenes of Avallac'h trying to calm and comfort Ciri, leave heavy indication that the only thing really happening is Ciri is strung out on drugs and Avallac'h is trying to help her, while she hallucinates about Auberon.

The scenes stop shifting and spinning during the rape scene, at the point when Avallac'h is strangling Ciri and suddenly it occurs to her what she's doing and she stops. From the rape onwards, the scenes are no longer shifting back and forth at wild speeds, and go back to normal.

A LOT of people get to that part of the novel and say: "This is so confusing, I can't understand what is happening."

What was happening was Vilgefortz got Ciri high on fisteck, Avallac'h tried to help her, Ciri raped Avallac'h, and we are left not knowing if any of the stuff about Auberon, Eredin, and Wild Hunt was real or not.

Heck, just go to Reddit and search for Avallac'h and Auberon, to see THOUSANDS of posts arguing who it was who was molesting Ciri. Half of them say Auberon, the other half say Avallac'h, there's even one who said it was Auberon not Avallac'h whom Ciri raped.

Uhm... how about instead of arguing who did what, why don't you just grab a copy of the novel and look it up?


I've got a copy right here with me while I type this, that's why I can tell you that Auberon was right back to molesting her on page 189, after she raped Avallac'h on page 179, because Auberon molested her on page 167, again on 168, again on 170, again on 177 when it says she closed her eyes and imagined it was Mistle, thus the only way she could get through her ordeal with Auberon... and at the end of this scene, Auberon unleashes his evil sadistic side, and shows Ciri a vision of Geralt and Yennefer being murdered... thus why she runs out of the room, runs to the garden at the edge of the lake and publically rapes Avallac'h in front of pretty much everyone in the city who gathered to watch.

nd while Ciri is tossed into bed with and molested by well over 2 dozen characters in the series, Avallac'h is the only character she ever has actual intercorse with.

There are 2 sex scenes with Ciri and Avallac'h, the first one page 179 of Lady of the Lake, when a very horny Ciri rapes Avallac'h, after once again being molested by Auberon, and a 2nd one on the following page when the two finally stop fighting long enough to have sex consensually, and in spite of the graphic details that went into the almost-sex scenes with Auberon, the sex scene with Avallac'h fades to black.

They spend most of their mornings horseback riding together, most of the days fighting, most of their evenings by the lake or on a boat, Avallac'h quietly listening to Ciri talking, and their nights cuddled up together asleep.

In stark contrast to the other men in her life, Avallac'h is very gentle with Ciri and never forces himself on her, something which astounds her as most men she encounters are trying to rape her. This also, oddly seems to be WHY she raped him, simply because he WAS NOT trying to force himself on her and she had got it into her head that she was supposed to be raped by every man she met and since this one wasn't trying to rape her, it meant she must rape him instead.

These daily scenes of Ciri's time spent with Avallac'h stop abruptly the morning following the rape, when she is now seen wandering Tir ni Lia, trying to find Avallac'h and regretting what she did to him, because now that he's scared and hiding from her, she realizes how much of a friend he was and how very alone she is on his planet. She spends the rest of the week trying to find him, only to have him run away and disappear every time he sees her.

At night she tries to go to his room and finds the door locked and he will not answer, leaving her to go sleep alone in one of the guest bedrooms where she cries herself to sleep, now not only because Auberon is nightly molesting her, but also because Avallac'h is no longer comforting her afterwards.

The fact that he is deeply traumatized by having been raped, can not be overstated and is easily seen by how changed he is after the rape, from before.

During the day, when they are together, Avallac'h is constantly touching her. Every single time Avallac'h is on the page, there is a sentence describing where his hand is. On her face. On her arm. On her thigh. Stroking her hair.

He is steadily, constantly, non-stop touching her. When riding there horses, he is described as taking the reigns of her horse and pulling it so close to his own horse, that Ciri's leg was pressed tight against his. There is never a scene with Avallac'h in it, where Avallac'h is NOT touching Ciri.

While he is constantly touching her, there is never any indication that he is doing so intendiing anything sexual with her, rather we see these lines follow sentences saying she is crying, yelling, or otherwise upset, and the indication is he's trying to comfort and calm her.

These scene of him touching her are likewise accompanied by his singing whale songs and bird chirps.

Avallac'h is mute in the novels and can not speak with his vocal chords as it seems he has no vocal chords to speak with at all and instead "speaks" through telepathy, putting his thoughts in Ciri's head. The only time he opens his mouth and you hear audible sounds are when he is singing his whale songs or shrieking his brain exploding sonic scream. Ciri describes Avallac'h's audible/vocal sounds as a series of humming, chirps, and whistles, and describes his sonic scream as a shrill shriek that gets steadily higher pitched until it can no longer be heard at which point the heads of everyone in the battle's front lines exploded, instantly killing everyone in range of his sonic scream.

After the rape happens however, Avallac'h keeps his distance from Ciri, runs away from her, hides from her, and never again goes horseback riding with her, never again takes her out on the lake in his boat, never again is seen walking with her along the shore of the lake. We see him humiliated, ashamed, and too embarrassed to even go out in public at all, let alone go out in public with Ciri.

The rape shuts him down, leaves him terrified to be seen by anyone, sends him scurrying to the shadows.

We see him afterwards write a letter (unknown to who) in which he states he regrets sending Ciri to bed with Auberon and wishes he could undo everything, adding that it has ruined his relationship with Ciri, something he did not think could ever be fixed.

While Avallac'h's conversation is bold as brass and is non stop about sex, he is very shy, almost frightened, when it comes to actually having sex with someone and absolutely refuses to remove his clothes or be seen naked.

When it comes time for actual sex, Avallac'h acts more like a frightened virgin, then the sex god he boldly claims to be.

But after being raped by Ciri, we also see him never again mention sex to anyone at all. Indeed, he barely talks at all, in fact after the rape scene we never again hear him utter a single word. There is never another line of dialogue by Avallac'h after page 180 when he promises to to "forget" what Ciri did to him. He just completely shuts down, becoming cold and emotionless towards everyone after that.

Being raped absolutely traumatized him and completely changed his character. He never again laughs or smiles or sings or plays the flute. He just stops everything. He stops going out on his boat. Stops riding his horses. He destroys his work, he no longer uses his lab, stops eating, locks himself in his room, and goes into a state of extreme agoraphobic depression far worse than the depression he was already dealing with when Lara died.

I'm someone who's been raped. I've no sympathy for a rapist. Thus I find Ciri a repulsivly disgusting character, as I do Auberon and Vilgefortz for the same reason.

Avallac'h is perverted, yes, but he's not a rapist, nor is he abusive. And you can't say the same thing for Ciri, Auberon, or Vilgefortz.

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