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You have reached Maine's largest and most trafficked website. 

The official website of Stephen King's Thinner Gypsies

As of February 2021, we are now getting up to 7 MILLION visits per day!

This is the home page of

Maine author, artist, Voodoo Priestess, Gypsy Queen, and art car designer:

EelKat Wendy Christine Allen

Chances are high, I'm the most famous person, you'll ever meet.

I am EelKat

The REAL Gypsy Witch Stephen King based his Thinner Gypsy witch off of

and owner of the REAL World's Most Haunted car,

the car Stephen King based his fictional Christine off of,

My family, we are the Gypsies you see in The Thinner, the movie was filmed on my farm,

Founder of The Procter & Gamble Boycott

EelKat of Squidoo, EelKat Voice of the Voiceless.

EelKat Etiole's Friend.

We are the Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddeford, Scarborough, Wells, Kennebunk, Sanford, Bangor, and Palmyra, Maine.

This website started in 1996 and is updated, edited, and added to daily. (NOTE do keep in mind since the April 10, 2015 murder of my children, this site is no longer updated daily, and very few new writing articles are added any more - since 2015 updates have been about weekly and usually are about the continued ongoing investigation into the murder of my family.) 

As of 2021 it has more than 10,000 pages. However, only around 2,000 pages are indexed by search engines (robot blockers and/or passwords, prevent the rest from being findable by Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc.). Around 8,000 pages can only be accessed by clicking on direct links to them. The links are found on other pages on this site. Confusing? Perhaps. But whenever one of those difficult to find 8,000 pages gets traffic, I know that you are VERY dedicated in reading what I wrote or doing some stalker level digging to reach those search engine inaccessible pages and I'd rather not waste my time writing stuff for uninterested parties, plus it's fascinating to see how deep some people are willing dig to find every last word I wrote.

I published my first novel in 1978. Since then I have published 138 novels, 30 non-fiction books, 2,000+ short stories, a dozen plays, a few comic book scripts for Disney's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics, a few dozen novellas, and 10,000+ non-fiction articles.

I am asexual and famous for 4 decades of writing 100% sexless stories, laced in extreme blood-gore-and-violence. But in spite of that, in recent years, most people classify me as an Erotica author. I don't know why, as I've never written Erotica or even any sex scenes, and as I am a nun, raised as such from the age of 3, I wouldn't even know how to write sex or Erotica. If you came here looking for sex, BDSM, Erotica, or Dominatrix's, please return to whomever sent you and tell them to burn in Hell where their immoral ass belongs. Also, do tell me their name so I can put a curse on them, so they will never enjoy sex ever again, to punish them for spreading lies about me and connecting my name to anything related to sex at all. I find sex vile and despicable and want no part of your perverse degradation near me.

All of my fiction works are about Alien Elf Wizards who live in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. All of my non-fiction works are about the history of Maine, it's Gypsy Clans, and most especially Old Orchard Beach the town which was settled and founded by my family.

Most of these pages answer reader questions on the worldbuilding, character creating, plotting, writing, editing, and publishing process of my work. 

Others are on the history of my people, The Gypsies of Maine, our culture, our lifestyle, our cars, and our religion.

The rest of the pages are daily updates of the terrorist attacks by Maine's White Supremacists on my non-white family, including updates of the FBI investigation of the April 10, 2015 murder of my children.


Due to the murder of my family and the resulting court cases, police investigations, and FBI investigations, I no longer have time to daily update this website.

Likewise ALL novel, short story, and article writing projects are on hiatus.

All book releases, book signings, workshops, and convention appearances for 2015 (and unknown amount of time after) are on hold while the murder investigation of my family is ongoing.

Writing advice for the worldbuilding, character creation, and other writing how to articles are on hold.

From now on, the bulk of updates here will be about the investigation into the murder of my family.

No, NOT just THIS author website, not JUST the EelKat pename, not just self published books: ALL 15 (fifteen) of my penames are on hiatus, that includes traditional published books as well, newspaper reporting jobs, editing jobs, my work for Harlequin Romance Novels, my work for Disney... EVERYTHING is on hiatus. Every publishing house I work for, every series I write, every penname I write under: they are ALL on hiatus, ALL projects.

There is NOTHING being published under ANY penname, not for ANY series, not for ANY publisher, from 2015 onward. EVERYTHING is on hold due to the murder of my family. I do not know when or even if, any of the projects will be restarted or finished.

Yes, BOTH the magazines I owned are indefinitely shut down because of this as well, with no plans for either magazine to return. The publishing house I own is also closed to submissions from now on, we will no longer be publishing anything. It is unlikely we will reopen the publishing house either.

All book signing tours, workshops, letures, PAX events, ComicCon events, carnival/festival/state fair/car show events are also canceled. I will not be attending ANY of them. If a venue still has my name listed as a guest/speaker/etc it is because they've not yet removed it. I WILL NOT be there, no matter where it is! 


The ONLY thing continuing from this point on, is THIS website, where I'll post updates on the murder investigation, hopefully every week, but, you know how it is when 10 members of your family are beheaded, it's kind of difficult to have a schedule for anything anymore.

April 10, 2015 my 12 children were kidnapped,
from 146 Portland Ave. Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

May 15, 2015, ten of their heads were nailed to my door.

Do you have information?

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the 
Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the case.

If you have information about the April 10, 2015 murder of my family 
or any of the attacks on our home and relatives, give it to him not me.
He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

Update: May 2, 2018: KKK Just Attacked Me and My Boyfriend AGAIN...

Update: May 2, 2018: KKK Just Attacked Me and My Boyfriend AGAIN...

KKK Just Attacked Me and My Boyfriend AGAIN... PLEASE someone must know who these people are. PLEASE help the police to identify them!

If you have ANY info as to who these 3 people are or witnessed this or any of their previous attacks, PLEASE call the FBI Agent in charge of this attempted murder case (they are suspected to being the ones who built the bomb that blew up my house at 146 Portland ave) Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland office @ 207-774-9322

Just now (it just happened) the large sized 4-door white truck (the BIG oversized Dodge one, not the 2 smaller regular sized ones), attacked my boyfriend's car, while he was taking me to my land in Old Orchard. It was on the Portland Road in Saco going the other way, and did a u-turn onto the Ross Road intersection (where we were), going through a red light on the wrong side of the road, well over 60MPH in a 25MPH zone, onto the Ross Road, speeding up onto our bumper and trying to force us off the road. At the Goosefare Brook bridge he pull over and called someone on his phone. At which point my boyfriend noticed the license plate had an Old Orchard Beach fire department place tag over it. The driver was a large sized bald/crew cut man, looked about in his 30s.

The truck was moments later joined by a silver SUV driven by a blond woman. Both cars proceeded to lunge and swerve and try to force us off the road. When we got to my driveway at 146 Portland Ave, the silver SUV driven by the blond woman drove up the logging road across the street from me at 139 Portland Ave. The SUV then came back out of 139 about 3 minutes later, and proceeded to drive back and forth around my yard, apparently driving to the Ross Road intersection then turning around and coming back, then to Walnut Street and turning around and coming back again, to just hover back and forth at my driveway every 4 to 5 minutes. Please do something to get these very dangerous stalkers out of my life.

I have been without my car (the Volvo with the marbles glued to it) for 11 weeks because the last time they attacked, they slammed into my car, and cracked the frame. My car has been in repairs for 11 weeks now, being re-welded back together, after they broke it in half. This is the same man and blond woman who are usually accompanied by a red haired woman (she was not with them today) and they call themselves "The Loyalist White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan" which appears to be a group they invented themselves as I can find no such reference to a group by that name other then them screaming that's what they are when they are in my driveway.

The FBI and Old Orchard Beach police are trying to id the drivers of these cars who have been terrorizing multiple non-white families up and down Portland ave since June 2001 (over 20 years now). They are wanted in connection with 5(five) bombs, multiple car vandalisms, the kidnapping and beheading of 140+ cats, dogs, and other pets belonging to more then 20 families on our street, and for their shootings in people's front lawns after dark.

These 3 are the #1 suspects in the April 10, 2015 attack on my motorhome, when they broke in, trashed it, then filled it with 1,000s of gallons of raw sewage/feces, which is is suspected they used a Blow Brothers waste disposal truck to do it with.

This man and 2 women are also the #1 suspects in the beheading of my cats, whom were kidnapped and their heads later returned, nailed to my door. (May 15, 2015)

The man and the blond woman have a very mommy son, incest-style relationship going on when they are together. They appear to be mother and son as well as lovers. The red haired woman (who calls herself Kendra Silvermander and carries with her a small about 10lb dog) calls the blond woman her sister. Both women look to be in their 60s. The man and blond woman, mother/son duo, when together, act like Bonnie and Clyde, high on their blood lust for violence, and all over each other sexually. These attacks that they do, appear to be some sort of twisted foreplay for their love life. They go out of their way to make it very clear that their acts of violence are nothing more then fuel for their sexual lusts for each other.

They are often armed with hunting rifles and illegal automatic weapons. This man and 2 women are classified by the FBI as domestic terrorists. They are considered armed and EXTREMELY dangerous.

They are also wanted in connection to the beheading of my cousin who was murdered in 2013, who also lived on Portland ave.

The FBI believes them to be part of a dangerous gang that calls itself "The Cyr Clan"... a group of Heroine, Meth, and Marijuana drug chemists, (yes, the ones who lived at 142 Portland ave in the 1970s and who planted 3 acres of marijuana in the swamp behind my house in 1983 - they are PISSED because we turned them over to the police when we found the drugs growing behind our farm). The Cyr Clan is a group of about 400 Traveller Gypsies, who are my aunts and uncles, but I have only personally meet about 30 or 40 of them and do not know and would not recognize the others in their group. Among them is Colorado's #1 most wanted criminal. Among other things, they are wanted for their connections to 5 different UFO cult mass murder-suicides, including Heaven's Gate, where they killed 39 people. Additionally, they are wanted for the murders of 30+ children in the 1970s, running a child sex slavery ring, the murder of 3 police officers, multiple shootouts with police throughout the 1970s and 1980s including the bloody Battle of 4-5-8, and setting fire to more then 100 hotels in Old Orchard Beach in 1969 (The Burning of The White Wave). The Cyr Clan is lead by a Korean woman, Anne Cyr, who goes by the code name "4-5-8". The Cyr Clan terrorised Old Orchard Beach throughout the 1960s and 1970s, their reign of terror ending with the 4-5-8- Shoot-Out, that resulted in the death of several small children, including Anne Cyr's daughter. If this trio IS connected to The Cyr Clan, then they are likely also armed with machine guns and illegal military weapons. The Cyr Clan have been dumping the bodies of children in the Goosefare Brook Ravine in the Reclaim Plains Blueberry Plains, on the Ross Road, in Old Orchard Beach, for more then 40 years - bodies that coyotes dug up and brought to the surface in June 2016. 

If it is true, as the FBI suspects, that these 3 terrorists are part of the Cyr Clan, then it can not be stated enough, that these are child murdering, child rapists, animal abusing, chemist, drug dealer, white power, gay-hating, gun trafficing, cop killing terrorists who are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and are part of a gang that is the FBI's 3rd most wanted Crime Family in the country.

If you encounter them, call the FBI agent in charge IMMEDIATELY.

Do NOT confront them - they WILL kill you.

I have reported this information to the police.

Description of vehicle involved – Color: white, Make: dodge, Type: 4-door truck - super duty sized, License Plate: has OOB fire department tags, Other details: driver is large sized bald/crew-cut man about mid-30s-ish

Description of vehicle involved – Color: silver, Type: suv, License Plate: Maine could have said "blue sky"??? couldn't make it out, Other details: driver is a blond woman, shoulder length hair, about 60s-ish, usually has a red-haired woman with her but was alone this time

Normal sane people don't do stuff like this: 

These attacks shouldn't continue to happen.

Living with this sort of daily terrorist attacks is not right.

Help Put Old Orchard Beach's Domestic Terrorists In Prison Where These Criminals Belong

Call FBI Agent Andy Drewer
@ 207-774-9322

  • October 18, 2006: a bomb blew up my house, and a KKK cross was left behind
  • May 10, 2010: my car was cut in half
  • July 2013: my gay cousin was beheaded, his headless body left in the crossroad of Ross Road and Cascade Road, his head tossed into a swamp a 1/4 mile away
  • August 8, 2013: a backhoe drove over my house
  • November 14, 2013: while putting bags in my car, I was attacked from behind by an unknown assailant; I was paralyzed for 5 month, spent 18 month relearning to walk, am cripple for the rest of my life
  • April 10, 2015: my motorhome was pumped full of 1,000 of gallons of raw sewage; my cats were kidnapped
  • May 15, 2015: my cats heads were returned, nailed to my door
  • January 4, 2016: The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall, a branch of the United States government, passed an ordinance making it illegal for LGBTQ+, non-white, and non-Christians to own property in the town, then issued a court order forcing residents out of their homes at gunpoint (State of Maine, Biddeford District Court: Docket #BDDC-PA-2015-00574) ; 140+ families were removed from their homes; 500+ pets were confiscated, the cats, dogs, and horses were beheaded by police, their heads left on the front doors of the homes to warn other LGBTQ people to stay away from the "Family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach, family friendly by virtue of our ban on the gays". (the pets were confiscated as owning pets is included as a type of property not allowed to be owned)
  • April 26, 2017: the KKK built a website about how they plan to kill off all the gay men in Old Orchard Beach
  • May 6, 2017: the kkk left a death threat taped to my mom's front door; it was signed: "The Workers of Iniquity Baptist Church of The Ku Klux Klan of Tennessee", attached to it was a business card for said church
  • May 14, 2017: they left another one
  • June 1, 2017: the kkk in full regalia arrived at my mom's front door
  • September 26, 2017: yet another of my cars was cut in half
  • February 8, 2018: (5 days ago) a road grader drove 40 feet up my mom's drive way and drove over her car, flattening it
  • Since 2001, there have been more than 200 such attacks on my family alone, over 2,000 such attacks on 140 other families in our town.

Welcome To 

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

These attacks shouldn't continue to happen.

Living with this sort of daily terrorist attacks is not right.

On October 21, 2016, Alfred Superior Court overruled the January 4, 2016 ordinance banning LGBTQs in OOB, AND overturned the town hall's ban on the Quaraun series, citing that both the ordinance baning LGBTQ residents and the court order ordering the Quaraun books to be removed from to be "gross violations of civil rights".

January 4, 2016 - October 21, 2016 The Town of Old Orchard Beach Issued a court order ban on gay, transgender, lesbian, non-white, and non-Christian residents, forcing 140+ families out of their homes, while executed 500+ cat, dogs, and horses, and nailing the pets' heads to the doors of their owners homes, as a warning for other LGBTQ, non-white, and non-Christian people to stay out of "The Family Friendly Town of Old Orchard Beach".

This attack on residents of Old Orchard Beach, included MANY non-gay, white, and Christians being included in their mob hysteria attack, including me, a crippled, elderly, straight, white, Christian cis-female, whom they falsely accused of being a non-white, gay, transexual witch, because my car, my motorhome, and my dresses are pink.

I'm a straight, female who happens to like pink, and on the basis of the clothes I wear, the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall declared me "Too Gay For The Family Friendly Town of Old Orchard Beach", Family Friendly, by Virtue of An All Out Ban on "The Evil Gayz."

Are you too gay for Old Orchard Beach too? 

You don't have to ACTUALLY be gay, to be deemed "too gay" for this "family friendly" town.

These videos are made by the Gypsy family known as "Stephen King's Thinner Gypsies". Stephen King used this family, their farm, and their cars in several of his movies, including Rose Red, Chinga, Christine, The Thinner, and Maximum Overdrive. Info about the Gypsies themselves can be found here:

The article with full Info on the hauntings, the truth of their car vs the rumors, and how it went on to become the basis for Stephen King's Christine, Trucks, and Maximum Overdrive is here: 

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