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Spending Money To Make Money Online

Spending Money To Make Money Online
Do You Really Need To?
How To Find Easy Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment 

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Spending Money To Make Money Online
How To Find Easy Ways to
Make Money Online Without Investment

Can I have a rant? I'm gonna have a rant. Ignore this post if you don't want to read a rant. I random guy over on the Warrior's Forum just asked about spending money to make money online. Basically what his very long series of thread posts boils down to it he spend a few hundred on "niche web site building" reports written by some so called "gurus", and they each in turn advised him to buy their courses, which he did, resulting in him spending a few thousand more dollars on their so-called coaching and mentoring programs. 7 years and several thousands of dollars later, he is now just finally finishing up their courses and finally being allowed (by these so called "gurus" to he out there on his own a build a website. Following the "sage advice" of the scam artists, I mean "gurus", he dropped a few more thousand dollars into building his web site, mortgaging out his house to do so! Thanks to buying all the "required" monthly subscriptions recommended to him by the gurus, he is now paying close to $700 a month for email autoresponding, webhosting, video hosting, and a long list of other things.

He went to the Warrior's Forum, now deeply in debt, having spent tens of thousands of dollars to get this web site up and running, and in the 10 years since he started putting money into these gurus' pockets, he's yet to see a penny. What inspired him to come to Warrior's Forum seeking help, was now on top of everything else, his wife has just announced she is pregnant, meaning they need to add a room onto their house for the baby, however, he started building his online career in 2010 after being laid off from work and has been unemployed these past 7 years while dumping all of their "nest egg" into his "online career.

To his horror, now after 7 years and well over $30,000 spent in "getting started", he has now just learned that in order to actually build a content niche web site, he has to write daily articles, something he has no intention of doing, seeing how he got into "online business" so that he "wouldn't have to work". 

He ended his posts complaining that it is 2017 and there should be software that does the work for him, so he doesn't have to.

Now, you know me, normally I'd be enraged by the lazy assed stupidity of the dead beat who can't get off his ass to get a job and support his family, but after reading his plight, I am so enraged at the scam artist "gurus" who took his life savings and strung him along for 7 years, making money off him, while he never once made a penny, that I'm just going to dive into a rant, on how much I hate scam artists masquerading as money making gurus who trick people into spending money to make money online, when the fact remains you can get started in making money online absolutely free without spending a penny at all!

What follows if my response to his request for help....

While my original answer to this question (Spending Money To Make Money Online) appeared on the thread linked above, my answer here on is longer and has more detail then the one posted on the original forum.

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Spending Money To Make Money Online
My Answer:

I'm tempted to pick this apart, because I ain't got a clue half of what you said. 

I see people give these strange, senseless, gibberish bits of advice to others all the time, and usually it's one line here, one phrase there, and I never bother to ask, because in most cases, they clearly have no clue what they are doing or saying and so I know I'm not going to get an answer from someone who actually knows anything.

Half the answers on this forum are written by people who have yet to make a penny online and are simply parroting back advice they heard others say to them, which they themselves have never tested or used.

There used to be one guy one here, used to post daily, but haven't seen him in a few months, not sure what happened to him... but he used to post advice of writing, editing, and self-publishing, talked a lot about content writing for niches.... I assumed he knew what he was talking about... he had several "reports" for sale here on Warrior's Forum, with titles like "Make millions with Kindle"....

One day a woman showed up here, asking how to make money on Kindle, writing Erotica...

I make money on Kindle writing Erotica. I knew exactly the thing she needed to know... but in reading the tread, I saw something really odd... this guy, he answered her, with a a POPULAR URBAN MYTH... one I had run into in the past and knew to be 100% false.

He started telling her, step by step... do this, do that, blah, blah, blah...

And instead of responding to her, I responded to him, to ask him point blank:

WHEN have YOU ever done THIS and made it work?

Do you know what he said?

"I haven'y ever done, it but I know it works because ____ told me."

Well, ___, him I knew. A popular scam artist.

Curious, I asked him for more details.... "If you never tried it, why are you telling her to do it?"

He said: "Because it works, ___ said so."

I said: "I have 170+ books for sale on Amazon. I can prove this technique not only false, but I can publish a book rite now using this method and track it right here on WF, full transparency, let's see how fast Amazon bans the book. You can't do the method you are telling her, it's against Amazon's ToS. She'll lose her account if she takes your advice."

After a bit more conversation with him, I finally learned: He had NEVER published a book on Amazon. Never written a book in his life. Never even wrote his so-called reports. Turns out, he bought PLR Private Label Rights to some shady book on how to make money on Kindle and was just rehashing what it told him to say. He never once tried any of the advice he gave to people around here. Had people thinking he was a "Self made Kindle Millionaire" (what he called himself) and he didn't even have one book on Kindle.

Do you know what tipped me off he was lying?

Calling himself a Self-Made Kindle Millionaire.

Did you know there are exactly 3 (THREE) self made Kindle Millionaires. Yep. Only 3. And you know what else? I'm personal friends with all three of them.

And guess what: Amazon's IRS records are public record. And in them, there is a list, divided into how many Kindle authors there are in each income bracket. There are only 3 Kindle authors who have made a million in a single year on Kindle. Not one of them writes Erotica. One write vampire romance for teens, one write murder mysteries, and one is Hugh Howey himself who writes science fiction. There are fewer then 1,000 Kindle authors making 300,000 a year. Fewer then 10,0000 making 100,000 a year, and nearly 8 million who are making less then $5,000 a year. Welcome to the REALITY of Kindle's so called "Erotica millionaires"

And, yes I know you were talking about something else, but my point is... this guy, was at the time, considered to be the "GURU" of "becoming a Kindle millionaire" and he supposedly had "made millions" writing Erotica. A genre, that will have you struggling to make ends meet unless you put out a new 10,000 word story EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

There are no, "Erotica millionaires" on Kindle.

Not one.

I'm personal friends with the woman who has the top selling Erotica books in nearly every category and she struggles to make $40k a year, and SHE'S the one Amazon lists as their HIGHEST PAID Erotica author in the public release of their tax records.

My point being the man was a fraud. Running around selling reports here on WF, telling people he had made millions selling Erotica on Kindle, when in fact he'd not even written the report he was selling and had never once written ANY book for Kindle.

Now here I am reading your post and what are you talking about? Following "GURUs" who are telling you this, that and the other thing, and my question to you, is, can any of them PROVE that they are doing the thinks they are telling you that you have to do?

You want a REAL Guru to follow, someone who CAN prove he's taking his own advice? Follow Tim Ferris.


Because he is up front and transparent with what he does. If he tells you "Get a website and do this with it"... he then SHOWS you his website, so you can actually see how his did it and just exactly what he did. 90% of the time, you ask an internet marketing "Guru" to show you their person site that they tested their advice out on and they give you some line about "Oh, I can't show you that, it's private"... well, if it's so private, how do they make money with it, eh? It ain't "private", it simply doesn't exist. They have no website to show you. They are just rehashing what they heard someone else say, telling you what SOUNDS GOOD and SEEMS like it SHOULD work, but they never tested it out for themselves, so they really don't know.