Spending Money To Make Money Online

Spending Money To Make Money Online
Do You Really Need To?
How To Find Easy Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment 

Spending Money To Make Money Online
How To Find Easy Ways to
Make Money Online Without Investment

Can I have a rant? I'm gonna have a rant. Ignore this post if you don't want to read a rant. I random guy over on the Warrior's Forum just asked about spending money to make money online. Basically what his very long series of thread posts boils down to it he spend a few hundred on "niche web site building" reports written by some so called "gurus", and they each in turn advised him to buy their courses, which he did, resulting in him spending a few thousand more dollars on their so-called coaching and mentoring programs. 7 years and several thousands of dollars later, he is now just finally finishing up their courses and finally being allowed (by these so called "gurus" to he out there on his own a build a website. Following the "sage advice" of the scam artists, I mean "gurus", he dropped a few more thousand dollars into building his web site, mortgaging out his house to do so! Thanks to buying all the "required" monthly subscriptions recommended to him by the gurus, he is now paying close to $700 a month for email autoresponding, webhosting, video hosting, and a long list of other things.

He went to the Warrior's Forum, now deeply in debt, having spent tens of thousands of dollars to get this web site up and running, and in the 10 years since he started putting money into these gurus' pockets, he's yet to see a penny. What inspired him to come to Warrior's Forum seeking help, was now on top of everything else, his wife has just announced she is pregnant, meaning they need to add a room onto their house for the baby, however, he started building his online career in 2010 after being laid off from work and has been unemployed these past 7 years while dumping all of their "nest egg" into his "online career.

To his horror, now after 7 years and well over $30,000 spent in "getting started", he has now just learned that in order to actually build a content niche web site, he has to write daily articles, something he has no intention of doing, seeing how he got into "online business" so that he "wouldn't have to work". 

He ended his posts complaining that it is 2017 and there should be software that does the work for him, so he doesn't have to.

Now, you know me, normally I'd be enraged by the lazy assed stupidity of the dead beat who can't get off his ass to get a job and support his family, but after reading his plight, I am so enraged at the scam artist "gurus" who took his life savings and strung him along for 7 years, making money off him, while he never once made a penny, that I'm just going to dive into a rant, on how much I hate scam artists masquerading as money making gurus who trick people into spending money to make money online, when the fact remains you can get started in making money online absolutely free without spending a penny at all!

What follows if my response to his request for help....

While my original answer to this question (Spending Money To Make Money Online) appeared on the thread linked above, my answer here on EelKat.com is longer and has more detail then the one posted on the original forum.

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