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Please note that since 2013, there have shown up several FAKE "EelKat" accounts, often using photos stolen from my website. Those accounts are run by a stalker who also goes by the names Kendra Silvermander & Tom Addams. The identity of both is unknown and it is believed to be one person using 2 different online names. They are wanted by the FBI, not only for stalking, impersonation, and identity theft, but also for the bomb that blew up my house, the attempted murder of my dad, twice the attempted murder of me, and the attempted murder of my brother, so if you run across one of these fake accounts pretending to be me, please report it to the FBI Agent in charge of the case: Andy Drewer @ (207) 774-9322

Random Generator:
Writing Prompts

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Here is the wild mixed up Bizarro Story Plot Generator that I use to create the story plots for most everything I write. Creates 14 writing prompts to a time.

(If you are confused by what a race is, Google it, most of them are on Wikipedia; I'm Scottish and many results are Welsh/Scottish mythical beings.)

Write a story using one of the following writing prompts:

CLICK HERE To Create More Fantasy Bizarro Story Starters, Writing Prompts, Writing Sprints, And Writing Challenges!

What to know how I use these? Check out the 52 Stories in 52 Weeks Writing Challenge for more information.

Want to read stories I have created using this random generator? Check out The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane

These are the same writing prompts I use to write my 8 Hour Fiction. Don't know what 8 Hour Fiction is?

Here's the original 8 Hour Fiction Writing Challenge

Here's the ongoing 8 Hour Fiction Writing Challenge that still happens monthly. Come join us!

Want to create more Fantasy Characters for your novel, short story, or RPG? Check out the Fantasy Characters Random Generator

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