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Random Generator:
Story Titles
Quaraun The Insane Style

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Here are the wild mixed up generators that I use to create the story titles for The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane. Three different styles, creates 12 titles each to a time.

Many of the Quaraun stories started out as nothing more then a title (created by this very javascript), which I then used as a writing prompt, writing the story based entirely off the title this particular generator gave me.

Do keep in mind that I created this generator code specifically for the Quaraun series which is a Dark Fantasy Bizarro, meaning the results you get from this code are a mixture of Horror, Fantasy, and Bizarro elements all thrown together.

This is one of the largest codes I've ever written and contains more than 2,000 possible options for each part of its result, meaning it has multiple MILLION result possibilities and you are highly unlikely to ever get the same result twice.

Write a story using one of the following story titles:

Random Generators - Story Titles - Quaraun The Insane Style

Version #1:

Version #2:

Version #3: