Quaraun Novel Update: Starting in 2014, in preparation for the 40th Anniversary of The Twighlight Manor Series (September 23, 1978/2018), all 2,000+ short stories are being compiled into chronological order, to be re-released as a series of 130 novels. All the original short stories are being republished both here on EelKat.com and on Amazon. In the novels, each short story now stands as a "chapter" in the novels. New scenes/stories are being writing to connect the short stories together into novel format.

Random Generator:
Story Titles
Captured By Faeries Style

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Here are the wild mixed up generator that I use to create the story titles for The Captured By Faeries. Creates 36 titles each to a time.

Write a story using one of the following story titles:

Random Generator: Story Titles -
Captured By Faeries Style

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