Why Card Readers Are Not Psychics
A Look At The Difference Between A Card Reader And A Psychic

Are you a psychic?

I get asked this question a lot. Figured it was time I answered it in some depth.

Am I a psychic?


I have no psychic ability, whatsoever.

Yes, a lot of my clients refer to me as their "psychic", but just because someone misuses the word psychic, does not make me psychic.

Let me repeat myself: I have no psychic ability, whatsoever.

The word psychic is HUGELY misused. a TRUE psychic is very, very, VERY rare.

If someone is reading cards, the changes are very high that they are NOT a psychic. A card reader, is simply someone who is channeling YOUR spirit guides. They ask YOUR spirit guides to manipulate the cards and choose which cards they should read. YOUR spirit guides choose the cards that are laid down, and the reader, simply reads the message those cards tell. 

A psychic is a person who senses things before they happen. A psychic can predict the future. Psychics have visions, hear voices, or dream about events before they take place. A psychic picks up on YOUR future by touching your hands or face and feeling, seeing, or hearing messages within your arua. A psychic may only get small hints of your future or they may see exact details with names and dates. A psychic will NEVER use cards to tell you your future.

I channel Angels, I don't predict the future.

Phone readings are not available.

My readings are done in person or via E-mail ONLY!

Price is PER reading, NOT per minute!

In person readings (you come to me) have an additional $50 sitting fee.

In Person readings for groups, events, and parties: The mobile RoseBud Reading Room has been moved out of the Vardo (covered wagon) and into a motorhome. For me to come to your location WITH RoseBud has a $350 per hour fee, but you must provide parking for a 22' motorhome with a 13' clearance and requires a 30' swing for turns.

(~ On location readings with RoseBud are currently unavailable due to narrow minded Gypsy hating hoodlums vandalising the motorhome. This service will return Spring 2016.)

(UPDATE: OCTOBER 1, 2015: The RoseBud Reading Room is open for clients again! We will not be taking her to client locations until Spring 2016, but you are welcomed to come have your reading done at her winter parking location at 146 Portland Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine)

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