EelKat Wendy C Allen - Dark Fantasy Author
How We Gypsies See The Americans An Inside Look Into The Every Day Lives Of The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach Maine Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen by EelKat Wendy C Allen

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How We Gypsies See The Americans

How We Gypsies See The Americans
Re-release of USA Government Banned Book
Page 9


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How We Gypsies 
See The Americans

Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen
A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Everyday Life of 
The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine

EelKat Wendy C. Allen

Was One of The 27 Books
Banned By The United States Government
On January 4, 2016

It was forced to be unpublished
and removed from books stores
by a court order issued by
The Town Hall of The Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine,
A United States of America Government Orginization

Banned from publication on Amazon, by the United States Government, How We Gypsies See The Americans, is now available to read online for free.

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How We Gypsies See The Americans
Re-release of USA Government Banned Book
Page 9

Every night. Seventy-six phone calls. To her children. Her grandchildren. Her great grand children. Children of a woman who was a Kickapoo Indian and had had a black grandmother. Their own mother, far from white, made them, no more white then she was. But they could pass for white and they had joined the Ku Klux Klan and so, hide their Native American blood, hide their black blood.

Seventy-six insults and several lectures on why all non Mormons, especially evil non-white ones like her, will go to hell. I have to ask, how white do they think they are if their mom wasn’t white herself?

Did they ever think of that, I wonder?

They claimed she was not Mormon enough to have her family, and yet, when she tried to attend church with them, they laughed at her, and told her she was not welcomed inside. No matter what she did, there was no pleasing them.

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

She stopped going to both churches, hers and theirs.

What was the point?

No one loved her in either. She had attended both churches for more than 50 years. After family, nothing mattered more to Eva then church.

I knew there was something seriously wrong the day she stopped attending church.

After 6 years of ignoring the pain, Eva went in secret to a doctor, and was told needed surgery. Her pastor found out and condemned her as a sinner for having seen the doctor, than forbade her to have the surgery. Three more years of pain and suffering passed before she fell on the ice, broke her hip, returned to the doctor and while there, had the tumor removed. By this time however the cancer had spread to her liver and pancreas.

Every night Eva went to bed crying. Every night as I tucked her in, changed her diapers, brushed her hair, and brought her black cat to her, she would turn to me and ask, “Why do they hate me? I love my family. They threw me away. They abandoned me. They left me alone to die in the desert. Why do they treat me so badly? What did I ever do to any of them? I’ve never even seen my grandchildren! Why do they hate me? I keep trying to tell them about the cancer, but they won’t listen, they won’t give me a chance to talk. I just want to see my children before I die.”