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How We Gypsies See The Americans An Inside Look Into The Every Day Lives Of The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach Maine Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen by EelKat Wendy C Allen

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How We Gypsies See The Americans

How We Gypsies See The Americans
Re-release of USA Government Banned Book
Page 7

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How We Gypsies 
See The Americans

Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen
A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Everyday Life of 
The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine

EelKat Wendy C. Allen

Was One of The 27 Books
Banned By The United States Government
On January 4, 2016

It was forced to be unpublished
and removed from books stores
by a court order issued by
The Town Hall of The Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine,
A United States of America Government Orginization

Banned from publication on Amazon, by the United States Government, How We Gypsies See The Americans, is now available to read online for free.

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How We Gypsies See The Americans
Re-release of USA Government Banned Book
Page 7

In the 1600s they arrived in Kent, England where they were invited to set up camp at David Atwater's castle. They lived there on the grounds for who knows how long, but were there long enough to start to consider themselves to be Atwaters and changed their clan name to Atwater, created a crest with two swans on it, and flew that as their flag wherever they went. While the "Atwaters" of our clan are very clearly Scottish, they carry an English name, which, like everything else, they stole. Because of this, we have no clue what the family's ACTUAL clan name is. No tartan survives, though rumors exist that the clan tartan had "thistle purple" in it's weave. The tartan which matches the description of the clan's tartan is the Clan Wardlaw tartan seen here: There are however, dozens of clans with purple hues in their tartans and trying to trace the "Atwaters" back to their original clan name has proved next to impossible without more to go on. We are unable to trace the "Atwater" side of of family tree back to it's true origins, due to the use of a stolen English name.

In the 1700s they left Kent, England, migrated to Nova Scotia, where they meet Captain John H. Drake, who was in his hey days of raiding food cargo ships with his blue sailed dragon boat. Land pirates meet sea pirates, both running harvest scams. The Atwaters discover Drake's method is easier as all they have to do is steal the crops off ships, no need to harvest them too. The Drakes and Atwaters join forces the men of each side marrying the woman of each side, becoming one big Drake/Atwater crime family. While the Drakes sail up and down the coast raiding food ships, the Atwaters walk up and down the coast raiding apple orchards, potato fields, strawberry fields, blueberry fields, corn fields, and bean crops.

In the 1800s they eventually end up in Old Orchard Beach, a huge apple orchard in a fertil strip of land between the Saco River and the Atlantic Ocean raised by a band of Native Americans (multiple tribes, including my Cherokee, MicMac, and Kickapoo ancestors) and Scottish Gypsies who'd been in the Americas since the 1400s.

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

The Atwaters discover their is more money in the bootlegging business and joined forces with John Francis "HoneyFitz" Fitzgerald. They made liqueur in Canada, and take it to HoneyFitz's drop off point, dropping the crates off shore of Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach. Drake's ship vanishes in this time period, why, how, and the exact date is unknown.

While that was going on in Nova Scotia from 1700s to 1940s, some of the Atwaters left Nova Scotia, settled in Saco, Maine, and got swept up in the Evangelical Scam Artist circuit preachers who were cropping up left and right. They joined forces with Jacob Concrine.

The branch of the "Davidian Atwaters", or just "the Davidians" as they are often known, that David Henry Atwater came from where the ones who settled in Nova Scotia. Their son Henry Morris Atwater married Captain John H Drake's daughter Margret Jane Drake and they continued in Captain John's tradition of boat dwelling and small time piracy. They had 3 children: Priscilla Atwater, Maggie Atwater, and David Henry Atwater. In the early 1800s they joined the Concrenite Church (the original name of the Mormon church as it was run prior to Joseph Smith's birth) on the Heath Rd in Saco, Maine bringing the practice of "spiritual wivery" (polygamy) into the clan. The Atwaters were close friends with the smith family while the Smiths still lived in Saco, Maine, before moving to Vermont (where their son Joseph was born a few years later). When Smith's family was run out of Vermont to New York and then to Missouri, many of the Atwaters followed with them, acting as Joseph Smith's armed body guards. They called themselves the Daninites and were notorious for shooting the brains out of anyone who looked at "Holy Joe" (what they called Smith at the time) with any hint of threat.

After Joseph Smith's death the Mormons were chased West by angry mobs (due in a large part to the "Wild West" Scottish Gypsy gunmen who were pretty much shooting every non-Mormon to enter the camp). The Mormons split up and went West in 4 groups - two doubled back to the East and took ships down around South America to end up in Sutter's Mill in 1848 a year before the gold rush, where the bought all weapons, picks, mining tools, and food supplies, and waited for the '49ers to arrive. This group of the clan went on to become America's first millionaires by running mining scams and selling pick axes for $12 each and eggs $1 per egg to the miners. When they died they left everything to the LDS church, which used the money to build the mega giant Salt Lake Temple building. I still own some of the mining equipment, left over from the store - several pick axes, a few grub axes, and gold panners.