EelKat Wendy C Allen - Dark Fantasy Author
How We Gypsies See The Americans An Inside Look Into The Every Day Lives Of The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach Maine Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen by EelKat Wendy C Allen

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How We Gypsies See The Americans

How We Gypsies See The Americans
Re-release of USA Government Banned Book
Page 6


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How We Gypsies 
See The Americans

Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen
A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Everyday Life of 
The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine

EelKat Wendy C. Allen

Was One of The 27 Books
Banned By The United States Government
On January 4, 2016

It was forced to be unpublished
and removed from books stores
by a court order issued by
The Town Hall of The Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine,
A United States of America Government Orginization

Banned from publication on Amazon, by the United States Government, How We Gypsies See The Americans, is now available to read online for free.

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How We Gypsies See The Americans
Re-release of USA Government Banned Book
Page 6

In spite of no evidence to support the claim, clansmen continue to tell their children they are descendants of Sir Francis Drake, that they once lived with him in his castle on the Danube in the 1400s, and completely ignore the fact that he never lives in a castle or on the Danube and he wasn't even born till a hundred years after the date in their story, nor do they question how a brown Scotsman could have descended from a white Englishman. Some of them have gone so far as to say history books got it wrong, that Sir Francis Drake was Scottish not English and he lived in the 1400s not the 1500s, and that that is why one should never trust what one reads in books. I have given up trying to tell them that Captain John H. Drake lied about who he was, they will hear nothing of it.

Wherever he was from, Captain John H. Drake goes down in history as one of the most mysterious, flamboyant, and certainly most eccentric people to grace our family tree. Him with his flamboyant silks and outlandish boat and inability to stray for the ocean, and me with my (his) flamboyant silks and outlandish cars and inability to stray for the ocean, most clansmen say that I am his reincarnation, returned to restore the wild eccentric traditions of the mysterious Sea Witch Gypsies back into our clan, thus why I have been branded as the current "Sea Witch".

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

The Kickapoos (who many do not have last names and if they do have a last name it's one they made up for themselves so they could get American citizenship - yes, Native Americans do not have American citizenship at birth, like white men do - so every Kickapoo has a different last name depending on what name they liked best) are likewise tall and dark. They are not as tall or as dark as the Drakes. The Kickapoo clansmen are the colour of blood-stained terrocotta, a deep, dark, golden reddish bronze. Wavy blacker then black hair, and what can only be described as "Native American features Hollywood would be proud of" (the big noses and cheekbones). My Kickapoo grandmother Eva always wore her hair in long twin braids down the front, and because she was so huge, (size Queen42XXX) and thus could not wear regular cloths, she wore giant floaty mu-muu and tent dresses in bright eye popping shades of bubblegum pink, with huge neon magenta pink hearts and butterflies sewn all over them. (And yes, if you read my Quaraun books, I did model his wardrobe after my beloved Kickapoo grandmother's.) She married Drake's grandson and took up the role of "sea witch" and it is from her that I inherited my wild coloured wardrobe of mu-muus and silk kimono.

Eva, stands out because everyone else in the clan, from every line of every branch, is very skinny, much lighter coloured, and have wavy or straight hair. Eva had very frizzy, wavy hair, unlike anyone else in the family and was much darker skinned then the rest of the Kickapoos, darker even then the Drakes. She was nearly an identical twin mirror image of her own grandmother, who likewise was darker, bigger, rounder, and had a mass of Afro frizz, unlike the rest of the Kickapoos with their very straight hair. This was because, her grandmother's grandmother, was an escaped black slave from the Old South, who in around 1640, fled to the North, took refuge with the Kickapoos and married into the tribe.

Unfortunately, there were several very racist issues surrounding Eva. Her mother was a half-black/half-Native American roaring-twenties it-girl who deserted the tribe, moved to Portland and became an "high-class whore". She was a prostitute for rich men. She hung out with HoneyFitz and his gang of bootleggers and gangsters, and ultimately lived a very short and rather wild life. She was in her early 20's when she died as an unwed mother, leaving behind 3 children, each of whom had a different father. The oldest girl was a blue-eyed blond and was quickly adopted into a loving white home, where at 12 years old her adopted father raped her, smashed her head in with a base-ball bat, literally flattening her head, leaving her to spend the rest of her life a near vegetable in a mental health institute. We (me, my mom, and grammy Eva) used to go visit her in Pine Land Center, until she died around 90 years old in the 1980s. The boy, also able to pass for white, was sent to work on a farm and would never been seen again, until he was found 80 years later in Rhode Island, just 2 months before his death.