EelKat Wendy C Allen - Dark Fantasy Author
How We Gypsies See The Americans An Inside Look Into The Every Day Lives Of The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach Maine Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen by EelKat Wendy C Allen

How We Gypsies See The Americans

How We Gypsies See The Americans
Re-release of USA Government Banned Book
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How We Gypsies 
See The Americans

Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen
A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Everyday Life of 
The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine

EelKat Wendy C. Allen

Was One of The 27 Books
Banned By The United States Government
On January 4, 2016

It was forced to be unpublished
and removed from books stores
by a court order issued by
The Town Hall of The Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine,
A United States of America Government Orginization

Banned from publication on Amazon, by the United States Government, How We Gypsies See The Americans, is now available to read online for free.

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How We Gypsies See The Americans
Re-release of USA Government Banned Book
Page 10

He died 3 days before the plane left. His body was shipped back on that same flight, in a gold plated pink metal flake coffin. David was buried along side of Eva’s cardboard box, one week after writing me that letter. David Henry finally realized what he had given up to gain the approval of God, but that realization had come 10 years too late.

“Have I told you lately that I love you?”

Like his son before him, David said he wished he had put love of family, before love of church. He wished he had put God aside, just long enough to say “I love you” to the woman who had devoted her life to loving him.

David Henry Atwater’s dying wish was for the family to do as Eva had wanted: forget about God and Church and religion and put family first. He said he regretted having learned to late, that nothing was more important then loving your family, a lesson he learned only after the death of his wife, when it was too late to spend time with her. All the time he'd spent wasted in church and temple, he said he wished instead that he had spent those hours with her.

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

It is because of the shameful way the Atwaters treated Grammy Eva those last few days of her life, and the shameless mockery the Utah-(name removed)-Clan acted at her home, partying on her death bed, and at her funeral, that is why I shunned, banished, and disowned nearly every Atwater and the entire Utah-(name removed)-Clan. Of course, back then, I was still unaware of the horrible way the Utah-(name removed)-Clan was treating the children they held in their compound in Bangor. I'd have disowned them sooner had I known what they were doing up there.

Poor Eva Viola (LittleJohn-Dyer) Atwater, in later life deeply regretted ever having met the Atwaters, marrying one of them, and bringing them into the mix of our family tree. In the 1970s after fleeing the Atwaters and leaving them behind in Utah, she eventually tracked down her Kickapoo family. Sadly most of them have since been forced off their free lands and herded by white men into reservations in Kansas, which are little more then concentration camps, fenced in by the government, no one goes in, no one goes out, and no one is allowed to have American citizenship and are therefore treated as illegal aliens if they try to go to an off reservation hospital or school. The white men put Native Americans on dead land where the soil is used up and crops barely grow. It's terrible the life of a "reservation Indian".

You want to know the really sick part of the government herding Native Americans onto Indian Reservations? Those of us who did leave our native anscteoral grounds and still live on the original land of our people, are not classified as "Native Americans" by the USA government. Even though we have close relatives, who now live on a reservation, only they are allowed membership with a tribe and classification as "true Natives" because they gave up their freedoms to live on land white men chose for them. The white men not only divided up families, imprisoning half of them on reservations, they also stole our right to be listed on US Censises as Native Americans because we are not carrying a reservation card.

Gypsy Decor Images Provided By Amazon

And to make it worse, every white man in the country is of the delusion that ALL Native Americans get a free ride to everything, no taxes, free medical, free college, you name it and white men think the government is just laying it on us in heaps. Don't even get me started on those myths and stereotypes! Good god! When I went to college, every time I mentioned my Kickapoo bloodline I got the same response every time: "Must be nice getting to go to school free," said as mean and bitchy and snarky as they could possibly snarl it between their vehemently gritted teeth. Free? What? I don't know where that myth came about but Native Americans ONLY get free college tuition IF they live on a reservation and IF they go to a school which the government picks for them, take a degree the government chooses for them, and then takes a government assigned job on a reservation, which guess what: the government picks for them. You have to sign your life away to a communist existence in order to get free college as a Native American. Me? I paid $36,000 in addition to the 2 scholarships and 4 grants. I got the scholarships and grants for achievement scores and maintaining a 4.8GPA.

I hear those bitchy, snarky remarks, from white men all the time: "Must be nice not having to pay taxes." Yeah, right. Old Orchard Beach has the 3rd highest taxes in the state, I ought to know, I live there. ONLY reservations themselves are tax exempt, not Native Americans. I'm sorry, do you see a reservation in Old Orchard Beach, Maine?

"Must be nice to get free medical." Free medical? My dad is still paying off the $3million life support machine that kept him alive after the grease fryer bomb took out our house in 2006. I just got a $4,000 hospital bill in the mail today, and that's just the radiology bill, it doesn't include the lab bill, the ER bill, or the surgery bill. (I had surgery last week. {October 2014} It wasn't free. And I live in Maine, and I'm not white, and that means I'm not eligible for medical insurance.)

I don't know where white people get off all high and might and piss ant crybaby of "Those damned red skinned savages are getting everything for free! It's the casinos I tell ya!" Well, damn, I wish all that free stuff would start heading my way, I tell ya, we could sure use it, but you know, we don't like on government appoint concentration camps the government likes to call "reservations" so, yeah, no free stuff for us. Sorry to burst your llittle Indians are getting all the free good stuff bubble, but Native Americans don't get squat from the government and I'm so tired of white folks getting all up in our faces about it. And WHAT CASINOS? There are no casinos around here, they happen to be illegal in Maine, or didn't you know that? Gambling is illegal in Maine, just like smoking tobacco is illegal in Ocean Park and Portland. Yes, there are towns in Maine, where if you light you a cigarette, you go to jail. Maine's like that. It's why when The Prohibition got started they called it "The Maine Law".

I mean, what is it, with white people wanting everything for free and thinking us coloured folks are getting free stuff. White folks are constantly going off in a huff, bitching and moaning, "Them damned Indians are getting all the good stuff, leaving nothing left over for us." What the hell? What good stuff? When has anyone ever given us anything? The government has never done anything but take, take, take, kill, kill, kill, oh we're sorry we killed you here let's make it up to you by locking you up in these prison cells we like to call reservations. Followed by take, take, take, some more.

Good god, you white people need to just get off your high horses and do what we coloured folks do: work for a living!

You bitch and you moan while you sit your pampered asses down on you big soft couches, in your nice warm dray houses, with 3 meals a day, watching your TV, with lights at night and electricity, and running tap water, and flushing toilets. I don't have a single one of those thing, you jerk off. Here you are running around all Gime! gime! Gime! when you already have everything!

Take a look in the mirror. Take a good long look, and then stop bitching your ass off for a change, because I'm sick and tired of hearing, your fat, well-fed, warm, dry ass complaining every time you see a Native American walk by.

Gypsy Decor Images Provided By Amazon

You think my life is so much better then yours? I dare you to come here to 146 Portland Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine on a cold December night, and see if you can even last a single night sleeping outdoors under a 8x6' tarp, with no electricity, no running water, and no toilet, because where I'm sleeping tonight: December 8, 2014, with 15F weather and look at those clouds, look at the ocean...we're gonna have at least 2 feet of snow ontop of us by morning. Those are blizzard cloud bearing down on us, and me? all I've got's a tarp and sleep bag between me and it, because a nice little white man decided I need a house a put a greaser fryer bomb in it.

But this book is not about the shitty way white treat Native Americans, it's about the cultural heritage of the Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, so let's move on past my Native American side of the family, and back to the side of the family, which this town is most famous for: The Rickers.

The oral tradition, passed to me from Helen Ricker, was that, her clan did not in fact originate in Scotland, but rather were brought to Scotland as slaves on board a Viking ship. Her people escaped the Vikings (whom are believed to be Russian Vikings, not Scandinavian/Norse Vikings, though I'm not sure what the difference is, I never looked it up to find out) and married into the highland tribes of Scotland (presumably, the Picts). The Ricker line, holds a tradition that has two very distinct flavors: a strong Welsh/Scotch Faeie Faith tradition AND a Shamanic tradition that is very Mongolian in style, blended together, which does in fact support her story, but there are no documents to prove the Viking or Mongolian connection, only a passed down oral tradition, so it is unknown if this Viking/Mongolian story is true.

What is known is that the Rickers came to what is now Old Orchard Beach, Maine in the early 1600s and was given a land grant from King George to found a settlement. The spot of land they chose is now known as The Ricker Homestead at 146 Portland Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine and they still live there. They have never been off that land, not once in 400 years. This is where I was born and raise and where I still live today.

The Rickers of Old Orchard Beach, have one of the best documented paper trail histories of any Gypsy clan in America. The Ricker/Goggins/Lewis clan, however left behind a well documented paper trail, which starts in the 1530s and recorded pretty much every move everyone made - every birth, death, marriage, building, crop, harvests, etc, was recorded. Birth certificates, Marriage licenses, Death certificates, military records, all the way back to the 1500s. You see, this clan had a land grant from King George and it was their job to settle an area, build a town, and maintain a community. And that's what they did, and they kept a written record of every move they made. We know, not only when each building was built, but where in the forest each log came from, which men cut them. They went overboard with the record keeping because they had a king to impress, and this was the first chance, after centuries of being driven out by white men, the Gypsies had of FINALLY settling down on land of their own and forming a permenent place they could call home at long last.

Oh, they went WAY overboard in tracking every penny too. If there was ever a group of Scotmen who lived up to the reputation of being greedy, miserly, skinflick, penny pinchers it was the Rickers. They kept better budgeting records then bankers did...oh wait...yeah, they were the bankers. The original settlement was made of of multiple families: Goggings, Allens, Rickers, McDuffys, Downs, Lewis, and lead by a man named Thomas Rodgers of the Georgtown settlement (sister town of Jamestown; Thomas Rodgers was Captain John Smith's first mate, on the voyage to what is now Maine.) While most of the European settlers built nearby Gerogetown, the Scottish Gypsies went a few miles outside of Georgetown (a 45 minute drive today) and built a town they named Googings Rock, which was later renamed The Garden By The Sea, and was renamed in 1821 to Old Orchard Beach, when George Ricker (Maine's first Gypsy government official), E.E. Cummings (Maine's first black government official), and the rest of the those early non-white red, brown, yellow, and black coloured settlers who made up the original town counsil of Old Orchard Beach, official declared this a town instead of a settlement.


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Most of the Goggings are buried here on the land at 146 Portland ave. Many of the gravestones from the 1600s and 1700s are still there. Most of the Rickers are buried right across the street. The Goggings, Allens, Rickers, McDuffys, Downs, and Lewis all inter married, and my family includes bloodlines with each of them.

From the 1400s onward our land at 146 Portland ave, Old orchard Beach, Maine, remained untouched and undesturbed by white men, until ten years ago, a group f neo-Nazis moved into town and everything change for everyone and suddenly, our little town found itself national front page news and crawling with FBI agents, after one man made it his goal, to make the 99.9% white state of Maine, fully and totaly 100% white....starting with the Native Americans and Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

I do not have permission to list his name in this book as law suits and court battles involving this situation are still raging on to this day, but J.T. was town manager of Old Orchard Beach throughout most of the 2000's, so you can just Google the news reports to get his name.

Gypsy Decor Images Provided By Amazon

Jim Thomas left our town in shambles. As you probably remember, if you lived in York county at between 1997 and 2007, the official years of his reign of holy terror. He and his little bad of fantaical extremists were forcibly removed from the town as a direct result of the many illegal activities they was involved in. The damage they did was staggering and many families around here, mine included, are still trying to repiece their lives back together. He left quite a mess for the new town manager and new councilmen. I do not envy them the job of undoing the vast amounts damage Jim Thomas did to our town.

Former Town Manager Jim Thomas was a self-proclaimed white supremacist and avid hater of Gypsies and all other non-whites, including Native Americans. As are most of the Scottish Gypsies living in the Americas, my family are LDS/Mormons. In the Saco ward, the local branch of the LDS/Mormon church, there is a group of active Neo-Nazis. It is not uncommon for the church members with-in this group to enact violent hate crimes against non-white members. Former Old Orchard Beach Town Manager Jim Thomas was active member of this group with-in our church, as was his friend J.B.. Both Jim Thomas and J.B. were counselors of Bishop D.K..

All three of these men boasted of moving to Maine, because it is, as they terms "the best state" due to it's being "99.9% white". They also were very vocal on the pulpit at church meetings of their pro-white sentiments and their goals to rid the area of all us what they termed "vile non-white heathens". Jim Thomas made the primary target for his nearly a decade long harassment and hate crimes, the Gypsy, Native American, Jewish, and Black families of Old Orchard Beach. My family being both Native American and Gypsy, made us doubly "evil" according to him. Evil, being one of the kinder words he used. He used many and they were vile, racist, and bigoted to the extreme. While he may have been nice and kind in his public position, he was anything but in church. Nor was he beyond punching a non-white woman in the face, should she dare walk into church on Sunday. Non-white members who dared attend church, often came out of the services to find their cars wrecked, windows smashed, tires slashed, brake lines cut, or worse.

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

Our church had nearly 300 active members in 2005, today they are lucky if they can get 25 people in the building on Sundays. The men involved in these violent hate crimes were excommunicated, some of them have gone to prison. I was the one who reported them. That's why our land was vandalized.That is why a grease fryer bomb was put in my house in October 2006, and why several dump trucks dumped garbage, tires, and wood pallets on our land. It was Jim Thomas's way of punishing our "evil", non-white family, for reporting his crimes to the police and the church headquarters in Salt Lake City. It was a result of the investigation into the hate crimes that it was discovered, he and his friends were embezzling tax money from the town. The embezzling was what he was run out of town for and what some of his friends went to prison for.

Among the things Jim Thomas did in harassing us and more then 40 families of this town, was having garbage trucks dumped in our land. Two 18 wheel crate style dump trucks, backed illegally onto our land and dumped, on Jim Thomas's orders, several thousand wood pallets onto our land. It's taken us nearly 10 years to remove them and they are still not all gone yet. They are an eyesore and this is not the first time I have brought this situation to the town hall's attention. We DID NOT put this stuff on our land and we've tried repeatedly to get help in removing it. Another truck dumped tires onto our land. Again, it has taken us years to get them removed and there are still more then 50 there. Another truck dump literal black plastic bags of garbage. It took us nearly 5 years to remove those 2 bags a week to a time, because we are only allowed to put out 2 bags a week.

Do you have any idea how frustrating it is trying to get people to stop dumping stuff in our yard? You'd think it was the city dump the way people just come up in here and dump stuff. It stopped after J.B. went to prison. A lot of stuff stopped after he went to prison. Brake lines stopped being cut off my car every few months. Etching fluid stopped being dumped on the windshield. Haven't had a single car window smashed or tire slashed since he went to prison. No more drive by shootings, no more dead cats dropped off one head or leg at a time, no more dead chickens hung in the trees, and no more trash dumped on the land. All of it stopped, all the harassment, all the hate crimes, all the illegal dumping, everything, when J.B. went to prison. Kind of wasn't hard to put two and two together and figure out who was behind everything, once it all stopped cold turkey soon as he was in prison. He didn't work at the town hall, he was in Saco, but he did work with Jim Thomas in our church, and he's the one who took the fall for Jim Thomas' embezzling, that's what he went to prison for.

Between 2005 and 2012 we have filed more then 200 police reports of hate crimes, vandalism, theft, illegal dumping, and many other things and have yet to see any of these things investigated.

My father is Kenneth Ricker Allen, son of Helen Ricker Allen. Look her up. Find who she is. What she did. How very important that woman was this town. That's her land. That land at 146 Portland Ave. That's the Ricker Homestead.

Gypsy Decor Images Provided By Amazon

George Ricker was her father. Look him up. Find out who he was. Keep following the family back, until you get to Thomas Rodgers. Look him up.

Then follow the other side of the family. The Stackpoles, follow them all the way back, to before the white men even knew America existed. This land is sacred to my people. It's been in our family since the 1400's.

In the 1970s when my grandmother was still alive, this land was considered a historical landmark to the town, she had it landscaped with flowers and tourists used to come on tour here, learn the history, and walk through the vast flower gardens. Every inch of this land was covered with flowers, before the vandals destroyed it.

I have been trying to restore the land back to the way she had it. That is my goal, but the steady constant harassment of people dumping garbage on our land does make it rather difficult. Our land is posted no trespassing and no dumping, and we simply can not get people to stop. They act like it's a public junk yard, and this started when Jim Thomas dumped those trucks on our land.

I'm not sure how much of the Old Orchard Beach town history you know. Jim Thomas was the town manager who embezzled town taxes, "accidentally" ran a bulldozer over the homes of more then 40 families throughout the 2000s, and was eventually run out of town after an investigation led to the discovery that ours was in fact the 3rd town he had done this sort of thing to. His buddy, J.B. of Saco, Maine went to prison, it was his name on most of the paperwork, and was only just released from prison this past August.

On interesting note about Jim Thomas, J.B., and D.K.: they were all from Utah, and they all arrived in Old Orchard Beach the same week "The Royal Highland Clan" returned to Maine, from Utah. Like the "The Royal Highland Clan" they were all Mormons. Like "The Royal Highland Clan" they hated all non-whites.

The other interesting fact is that when the FBI arrived to investigate where the town tax money had vanished to, "The Royal Highland Clan" fleed to Connecticut, the same state Jim Thomas fleed to. It became apparent that there was a lot more to Jim Thomas then had first seemed. Like they had done in the 1960s, this band of so-called "gypsies" had made a nearly successful attempt to overtake the town once again. In addition to tax money which vanished, they also took $250,000 in building funds from the library, and tens of thousands from each of several small business and churches throughout Old Orchard Beach and Saco. In all the grand total of money Jim Thomas and his crew embezzled was confirmed at just under $5million.

While their more business savy gang members where getting themselves into positions where they could embezzle huge amounts of funds from various organizations, between the months of October to May other members of the gang were breaking into vacation homes, summer cabins, and boarded up hotels and motels - thousands of buildings in all - and stripped them down of every last pieces of copper pipes. When the owners returned in May to reopen for the summer, most of them found they has huge amonts of repairs to make, and many of them had been damaged so bad that they were closed for two entire summer seasons in a row.

While the gang was here, it became impossible to leave a car in your driveway or parked on the street at night. People would get up to go to work in the morning, to find their wheels and batteries missing from their cars and trucks. Nearby towns, including Biddeford, would find huge heavy, metal landmarks, such as the cannon sitting in front of city hall and bells of tall steeple churches, stolen. 

The FBI Agents who came looking for them called them “The Scottish Traveller Crime Family” and said they were the 3rd most wanted crime family in America and the single most dangerous Gypsy clan on the planet.

Our town was not the only town hit by this gang, but it was hit the worst, as they had set up camp in Old Orchard Beach, and 30 or so of their gang members were camped out in tents on our farm. We knew they were the ones stealing the items, as huge piles of copper pipes, bikes, wheels, and batteries were beginning to pile up on our land. Unfortunately, what we didn't know was that, these people had planted members in the town hall (including the town manager Jim Thomas himself), the public works, or the police department.

Though we did begin to suspect something was wrong when the town manager Jim Thomas made frequent visits to the squatter tents on our land and seemed to know these people, and appeared to actually be a member of their group. 

Likewise when the Old Orchard Beach public works owned city garbage trucks began to dump car tires (so the wheels could be removed and sold and the tires simply piled up, disguarded in our gardens) and scrap metal on our land.

Welcome to life in Old Orchard Beach - the town run by a Gypsy crime family wanted by the FBI, who unfortunately are relatives of mine and when I disowned them after grammy Eva Viola Atwater's death in 1994, they decided they were going to "punish me" for abandoning the "family" and leaving the clan... and thus "siding" with "the Americans".

Locals call them "The Crime Lords of Old Orchard Beach" for a reason.

Nothing they do is legal, and people don't get wanted by the FBI, for being good or nice.




Interviews With The Thinner Gypsies:

Do You Read Banned Books?
Want To Read The First Ever Books Banned By The United States Government?

How We Gypsies
See The Americans

Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen
A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Everyday Life of
The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine

EelKat Wendy C. Allen

Was One of The 27 Books Banned By The United States Government On January 4, 2016

It was forced to be unpublished
and removed from books stores
by a court order issued by
The Town Hall of The Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine,
A United States of America Government Orginization

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion,

impeding the free exercise of religion,

abridging the freedom of speech,

infringing on the freedom of the press,

interfering with the right to peaceably assemble

or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” 
― Desmond Tutu

Bullies should never force you to  suffer in silence. If someone has hurt you, let others know.

“I wonder if you realize: When you browbeat people who disagree with you into silence - because they don't want to be called hater, bigot, Hitler, whatever - their silence will create for you the illusion that you're winning. But it's just an illusion - an illusion you find so intoxicating that you're completely unprepared when the moment of truth comes . . . and you lose.” 

― Dan Calabrese

“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.” 

― Abraham Lincoln

“If you're horrible to me, I'm going to write a song about it, and you won't like it. That's how I operate.” 

― Taylor Swift

How We Gypsies 
See The Americans

Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen
A Behind The Scenes Look Into
The Everyday Life of 
The Scottish Gypsies of
Old Orchard Beach, Maine

EelKat Wendy C. Allen

Banned from publication on Amazon, by a First Amendment violating, court order on January 4, 2016, by the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall, a branch of the United States government, How We Gypsies See The Americans, is now available to read online for free.

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Banned by the United States Government, January 4, 2016 for being "Too Gay For The Family Friendly Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine."

State of Maine, Biddeford District Court:

Docket #BDDC-PA-2015-00574

Keeping in mind that the judge never read the book and I was never allowed to testify, as MOST of the court case was done via an "exparte order" without my knowledge to court case against me even existed until nearly a year after it started. The whole judgement being based off a murder I had no connection to, with residents of Old Orchard Beach, using as their "evidence" the phrase: "Remember Saco Shaw's all transsexuals are alike" and citing that transgender people are running around Maine killing people because there is a transvestite Necromancer in this book, their claim being that had the Quaraun series not been published the Saco Shaw's Murder would not have happened.

In the court documents, the Town of Old Orchard Beach claims that the Quaraun series is "autobiographical" because it is set in my hometown, and that because the main character, a 400 year old Elf named Quaraun, is a partly-castrated serial killing transvestite eunuch necromancer who suffers from schizophrenia, that I the straight, female author am QUOTE "a dangerous mentally unstable gay transsexual eunuch terrorist, who will kill us all" UNQUOTE.

Throughout the court papers they referenced quotes said by Quaraun (a fictional non-Human character in a fantasy novel) in this book claiming that they were quotes taken off my "About Me Page" of my website. (Thus why my About Me Page now includes my response to the court documents' allegations that I am gay, transsexual, or eunuch). Also interesting is the fact my primary accuser in these court documents (the man who drove a backhoe over my house in 2013) is also the same person who hacked my KBoards account & my website, placing his name all over both, while impersonating me online and pretending to be me throughout August to December 2015 (a time period when I was offline due to multiple surgeries & hospitalization after being beaten up by a man driving a 4-door white pick up truck). Also interestingly, is I never knew who owned the backhoe, and his name was unknown to me prior to receiving the sheriff's notice of my books being banned on January 4, 2016. Also interesting to note is in addition to owning the backhoe that drove over my house, he also owns a 4-door white pick-up truck.

Also interesting to note is that when I went to the Town Hall to ask the Town Manager & Town Counsel why they were filing these absolutely, ludicrously, ridiculous, transphobic, civil rights violating court papers to begin with, none of them were aware of the existence of the court case, and the man with the 4-door white pick up truck is now suspected (by the FBI who is investigating this "highly suspicious court case") of having filed the court case in the Town Hall's name using official USA government letterhead stolen from the Town Hall's Code Enforcement office. From 2014 to mid 2016 the court papers read "Town of Old Orchard Beach vs Wendy Christine Allen" The FBI started investigating the Town Hall June 2016. From June 2016 to October 2016 the court documents read {name removed & name removed} (name of backhoe owner & 4-5-8's sister) vs Wendy Christine Allen. Several forged documents have since been uncovered in this court case, that is now known to have been done by a local resident who not only impersonated me online, but also impersonated the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall in court.

While the man named in the documents CLAIMED to work for the town hall, calling himself "the board of zoning appeals", this has since been proven to be yet another impersonation on his part, and the only two ACTUAL government employees to ever appear in court were Old Orchard Beach CEO Dan Feeney and Old Orchard Beach Police Officer Will Watson, both of whom said they were there "on behalf of Town Manager Larry Mead as his representative". Larry Mead when questioned, denied having any knowledge of the court case at all and was shocked to discover that he himself was named in the docket as the person who filed the paperwork. Seven other Town Hall Government officials were also named as having collectively filed the paperwork with him, including my cousin; all of whom when questioned, had no knowledge there was a court case going on in their names, with them named as Plaintiffs. In court police officer Will Watson broke down on the testimony stand, claiming to be blackmailed into being there, stating that his "beloved mother-in-law" was in frail health and "they are threatening to kill her if I don't comply". If he is in fact being blackmailed and if so by who, as yet remains unknown.

And in spite of the hysterical rumours this man has been screaming all over town, there is no more evidence that the transsexual serial killer Connor MacCalister ever read my books or even knew of their existence, then there is that I am a 400 year old gay Elf wizard.

Also interesting to note is the first court papers were filed October 2014, 3 weeks after the mass market release of The Night of The Screaming Unicorn, and 1 week after the public unveiling on my latest art car The Transgender Awareness Tour Bus, and nearly a year BEFORE the Saco Shaw's murder which happened August 2015. Connor MacCalister's name was not added to the court papers until September 12, 2015, a full year AFTER the first court papers were filed.

The vandalism of my tour bus (it being filled with feces 3 feet deep) happened April 10, 2015, and the beheading of my cats happened May 2015, both happening BEFORE the August 2015 murder, in spite of the residents of Old Orchard Beach, claiming they did those things BECAUSE of the Saco Shaw's murder.

In the end 27 of my books were 

banned and unpublished 

BY A 1st Amendment violating COURT ORDER 

that was issued by


United States Government Organization

making the Quaraun Series the FIRST and ONLY books in American history to ever be




Do you know who filled my motorhome with feces April 2015?

Do you know who cut my cats' heads off?

Do you know who it is Police Officer Will Watson claims is blackmailing him?

Do you know who stole the $3million in tax money from the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall bank accounts during all of this?

Do you know who built the bomb that blew up my house October 18, 2006?

Do you know who drove a backhoe over my next house on August 8, 2013?

Do you know who the driver of the 4-door white pick up tuck is, the one who beat me up, on November 14, 2013 at Southern Maine Community College, paralyzing me for 5 months, leaving me crippled for the rest of my life?

Do you know who is holding my 10 cats hostage, cutting off their heads, and returning them back one head at a time?

Do you know the identity of the hacker who hacked my Kboards & Twitter accounts, from a public access computer at the McAuthor Public Library in Biddeford, Maine, throughout 2015, also hacking my website and impersinating me while posting the name of the man in this court case all over the internet to make it look like I did it, even though I was offline and in the hospital dying at the time it happened?

Do you know who in the town hall is providing official government letterhead from the Code Enforcement Office, for this and other (yes, several others) fraudulent court cases filed by the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall against the LGBTQ citizens of our town?

If you know the answers to these questions or have any additional information about this case please contact the FBI agent in charge of the investigation:

Agent Andy Drewer

of the Portland FBI

@ 207-774-9322 

Seeing How "The Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach" Court Order Requires Me To Put This Notice In The Front Of The Novels,
I Assume It Also Requires I Put It In Front of Novel Excerpts Posted Online As Well, so, Here It Is... 

Enjoy The Stupidity That Is The
Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine,
Where I Am Deemed,
In Their Words:

"Too Gay For The Family Friendly Town of Old Orchard Beach"
Because I'm The Author of The Quaraun Series.


The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane

(Added March 29, 2016)


EelKat Wendy Christine Allen


UPDATE: The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall has handed me a court order requiring I place a warning in my books, warning you that they have their heads stuck up their asses, I mean, warning you that this book was written by a non-white transgender author and contains non-white, LGBTQ characters, which the straight, white citizens of Old Orchard Beach find offensive because they never before took their heads out of their asses long enough to notice that there exist in this world non-white people and gay transgender men. The HORROR I have forced them to discover, when they took their heads out of their asses long enough to discover a non-white, transgender author has lived in their town since 1975!

As of January 4, 2016 ALL gay, transgender, and non-white authors, living in the white power, gay-hating town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine are now required to add a warning to the front of their books, warning readers that this book is a vile, evil, perversion of their senses because it contains non-white, minority, transgender, and or gay characters who by their very existence according to the white power, gay hating residents of the 99.9% white town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine do not deserve to live and should not be included as characters in books.

Because I am a vile, evil, non-white, transgender author who lives in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, I am now required by court order to place warning in my books, to warn readers that this book was written by a vile, evil, non-white, transgender author and there for may contain references to my vile, evil, non-white, transgender lifestyle, including to, shock, and horror, ACTUALLY CONTAIN


Non-white characters

oh, my, my, my, how evil of me to consider writing a book with a person of colour in it. And even worse, is the fact that...wait for it...

I've gone so far as to allow gay transvestite characters to be in my books.

How shockingly evil of me to offend the citizens of Old Orchard Beach, by including gay and transgender characters in my book. I have forced them to have to discover the horror that there exists non-white people in our town, and worse, have made them suffer the horrors of learning that LGBTQ citizens have the right to live. How evil of me. To punish me for the publication of the book you are now reading, they filled my home with sewage 3 feet deep and cut the heads off of my cats, drove a backhoe over my house, then beat me up and left me paralyzed for 5 months, during which time they hacked my online accounts of Kboards, NaNoWriMo, Twitter and other places and impersonated me, posting lots of shitty crap to try to discredit me and destroy my reputation. If you are one of my long time readers and followers, you no dought saw what transpired on KBoards and NaNoWriMo (I did not see it and still do not know what happened, seeing how I was in the hospital dying, while the hacker was taking over my accounts online.)

18 months later I am out of the wheelchair, relearning to walk and still refusing to unpublish my evil books containing non-white gay men and so now they have gotten a court order demanding the warning you are now reading, be placed in this book, because the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall (the plaintiff named on the court order – YES – an actual United States Government Organization has issued this civil rights violating court order, in blatant disregard to federal laws) believes that non-whites and gays and transgender citizens are so evil that they QUOTE “ought to be shot in the head” UNQUOTE.

The book you are now holding contains non-white characters, of the same vile, evil non-white race as the non-white author who wrote this book and because I am not white and have chosen to include non-white characters in this book, I am now required by court order to warn my non-white readers that this book was written by evil, vile non-white me and contains evil, vile non-white characters that will offend your holier then though piece of shit white asses. There, I am now in compliance with the white power, gay hating town of Old Orchard Beach's, civil rights violating court order. White trash has now been warned that non-white trash exists in this book.

The book you are now holding contains LGBTQ characters, of the same vile, evil LGBTQ existence as the LGBTQ who wrote this book and because I am LGBTQ and have chosen to include LGBTQ characters in this book, I am now required by court order to warn my LGBTQ readers that this book was written by evil, vile LGBTQ me and contains evil, vile LGBTQ characters that will offend your holier then though piece of shit straight asses. There, I am now in compliance with the white power, gay hating town of Old Orchard Beach's, civil rights violating court order. Straight trash has now been warned that non-straight trash exists in this book.

If you have any questions regarding this court order which violates the civil rights of people of colour, minority races, and LGBTQ citizens, please head to the State of Maine, Biddeford District Court and ask for copies of

Docket #BDDC-PA-2015-00574 and CV-15-58/CV-15-59

the Alfred Superior Court Docket #CV-15-299

and the Portland Superior Law Court Docket #YOR-15-253

Additionally, you can find more information by going to the Old Orchard Beach Police Department and requesting copies of ALL police reports made in regards to 144, 146, and 146a Portland Avenue, from 2001 to 2016 (approximately 300 reports).

Note, that the court order includes 4 interesting facts:

1: It states that transgender people in Old Orchard Beach are not allowed to own cats; the Town Manager confiscated my cats on this basis (the judge granted this). 140 families in Old Orchard Beach had a grand total of more then 500 cats taken from them via this court order.  Many of those cats are being returned to their owners, one head nailed to their door at a time.

2: It states that transgender vehicles are not allowed in the town of Old Orchard Beach and specifically that The Transgender Awareness Tour Bus be removed from the "perimeters of the family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach" (the judge denied this)

3: It states that transgender authors, not be allowed to publish books featuring transgender characters, and contains a list of books, deemed "Too gay for Old Orchard Beach" that the Town Hall requested be removed from publication. The judge ordered the removal and unpublication of 27 of my books, and that the rest have this warning placed in them.

4: That LGBTQ, non-white, non-Christians, and Muslims, not be allowed to set foot in Old Orchard Beach (with one motel owner in particular claiming his right to confiscate the homes, property, and business of some 140 families in Old Orchard Beach, by right of his desire to put condominiums on each of their properties. Interestingly, this is the same man who drove a backhoe over my house in 2013.) Part of this was passed, with the judge ordering LGBTQ families not allowed to set foot in their own homes (not rentals or apartments - houses they owned outright and owed no taxes or mortgages on, with 140 families be forced out of their homes on January 4, 2016. He dropped the request to confiscate homes of LGBTQ citizens when FBI Agent Andy Drewer Arrived to investigate him and the 5 businesses he owns, for his connection to the bomb that blew up my house in 2006.) Three court houses later a different judge overruled the first judge's civil rights violating order, with LGBTQ citizens being allowed to go home October 18, 2016, after 10 months of living in their cars.

Want to know the names, phone numbers, business locations, and home addresses of all the cat murdering, transphobic, gay-hating, white powered people who are trying to ban all LGBTQ and non-white citizens from Old Orchard Beach? Then go to those 3 court houses and request to get copies of all 700 pages of The Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach Court Case of Old Orchard Beach vs Wendy Christine Allen. 

All names and contact information of all the white power, gay hating  town hall officials, police officers, public works workers, motels, businesses, motel owners, business owners, and the KKK's own lawyers, behind this introduction now required to being added to books containing gay or non-white characters can be found in those court orders and police reports, here after collectively known as “The Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach Court Case” or #TooGayForOOB for short.

In those court dockets you will find more then 700 pages of utterly fascinating civil rights violating, animal abusing, hate crime glorifying, anti-gay, white power, transphobic lunacy. I highly recommend you get copies of those court dockets and see for yourself, the REALITY of how utterly insane the gay hating, white power mentality of Old Orchard Beach, really is. 

Or if you want to meet me at Staples, and are willing to pay however much it costs to have 700 pages of copies made, you can get copies made of my copy of the court order.

Happy reading.

Welcome to Maine, where love wins, everywhere, except in the white power, gay-hating town of Old Orchard Beach. TIP: If you are looking for a great fun summer family vacation spot this summer: avoid the transphobic, animal abusing, gay hating, white power town of Old Orchard Beach. This town is only family friendly, IF your family qualifies as a “real family” which to them means: you are white, Christian, and have no connections to LGBTQ people whatsoever. Save your hard earned money and DO NOT come to Old Orchard Beach this summer. Don't bother wasting your hard earned money on the transphobic, animal abusing, gay hating, white power trash that thinks it's okay to discriminate against people based on race, gender, religion, or colour.

There. Now I am in compliance with the court order and you, my dear reader have been warned that this book was written by evil, vile, perverted non-white, non-straight little old me and contains non-white, gay, transvestite characters. Can I ask: Have you EVER seen a book ANYWHERE that the author's town required the author to place a warning in the book, for ANY reason? Can anyone say RIDICULOUS? Yes, the town of Old Orchard Beach is being utterly ridiculous. I think they forgot that Old Orchard Beach is a town in America and not it's own country.

So, if you are a transphobic, gay-hating, white power person who is offended by the existence of transvestites, gays, non-Christians, people of colour, and other things that tick off white power mentalities, then you probably want to avoid these books.

For everybody else who isn't a white power, transphobic, gay-hating jerk with their head stuck up their own white, Christian ass: I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I have enjoyed writing them. And for those of you who don't enjoy this sort of book, well, enjoy those knee-jerks, I'm told you guys should be expecting quite a few of them.


End of introduction.

And yet...

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

The Town of Old Orchard Beach is a United States Government organization. By banning books and forcing their unpublication, they have gone against The First Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

No law can give or take away the choice to commit suicide.

- Maggie Gallagher

The homosexual community has more acceptance in America than it ever has, and the suicide rate is as high as it's always been.

- Randall Terry

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse
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