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8 Card Reading:
Coin of Prosperity Spread

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Coin of Prosperity

8 Card Reading

Used to look at your money issues.

Card #1: The root cause of your money problems.

Card #2: Influences working against your finances.

Card #3: Influences working to help your finances.

Card #4: What help there is in your financial situation.

Card #5: The area in which more money will flow to you.

Card #6: What do I need to do to keep money flowing into my life?

Card #7: What needs to be done now?

Card #8: Is there anything else my spirit guides want me to know?


Please specify which deck you want used. If no deck is selected, I use the Unicorn Deck by default.

Angel Guide Deck

Bela Sara Decks:
Treasure, Carousel, Sunflower, Classic

Unicorn Deck

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In Person readings for groups, events, and parties: The mobile RoseBud Reading Room has been moved out of the Vardo (covered wagon) and into a motorhome. For me to come to your location WITH RoseBud has a $350 per hour fee, but you must provide parking for a 22' motorhome with a 13' clearance and requires a 30' swing for turns.

(~ On location readings with RoseBud are currently unavailable due to narrow minded Gypsy hating hoodlums vandalising the motorhome. This service will return Spring 2016.)

(UPDATE: OCTOBER 1, 2015: The RoseBud Reading Room is open for clients again! We will not be taking her to client locations until Spring 2016, but you are welcomed to come have your reading done at her winter parking location at 146 Portland Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine)

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