Fluorite Pocket Heart Crystal Healing Worry Stone
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A stone heart cut from Fluorite and then tumbled and polished to a high gloss. Each heart is different in color, pattern and fractures/inclusions. Yours is chosen by random selection only. One heart per item ordered. Fluorite. 1 3/4"



What is a Worry Stone?

Worry Stones (also known as palm stones, pocket stones, pocket hearts, healing hearts, or sometimes thumb stones) are smooth, polished gemstones, usually in the shape of an oval, circle, or heart, one to two inches in diameter, sized to fit in the palm of you hand (thus the name Palm Stone). Worry Stones used for meditation, prayer, relaxation, stress & anxiety relief, and to help overcome addictions.

You keep the stone in your pocket. To use it, hold the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving your thumb back and forth across the stone.

Some stones have words carved in them, (Love, Peace, etc), and the holder meditations on the word carved into the stone, thus the they are sometimes called Meditation Stones.

Worry stones have been used in many cultures and traditions, no one really knowing for sure where their use started. Variations on the concept are said originate in ancient Greece, Tibet, Ireland, Scotland, and multiple Native American tribes.

Worry Stones are often used in Spirit Communication, Angel Work (both New Age Light Worker and Ancient Enchain types), Demonology, Chaos Work, and Faerie Magic. With certain types of stones being used depending on their sacred meanings.

They are also used in Reiki and Charka work to help balance and clear the Charkra energies.

In Ceremonial High Magic, Worry Stones are often used in conjunction with sacred circles and sacred stars, certain types of stones being placed at certain points  of the stars drawn out on the ground by the wizard. The type of stone used and placement thereof being determined by the spell in question.



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