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Increase web site traffic: sources for getting instant traffic for any website

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Increase web site traffic: sources for getting instant traffic for any website

I am answering random questions today from the Warrior's Forum...


[QUOTE=Nitesh Pundhir;11051476]what are the sources for getting instant traffic for any website. please help me out guys[/QUOTE]

Ads by Google

I know people tend to laugh at the fact that I refuse to make any attempts at gaining traffic, and I've never paid for traffic either, absolutely refuse to, but fact remains, organic traffic is gonna convert better then any form of instant high traffic. Outside of a few rare and unexplained boosts in traffic, most months my best performing site (the one that brings in the bulk of the income) only gets 1,000 to 3,000 page views per month on average. Though certain times of the year is gets that many per day. I have other sites with way higher traffic, but it's more general traffic and doesn't convert as well. The traffic to my best money making site, comes direct from people just searching in Google, Bing, Yahoo, DogPile, FanFiction .net, Tumblr, and Reddit on their own when looking for something. Because they were searching SPECIFICALLY for the topic in question, they end up being someone who actually interested in buying products. 

It's a case of quality vs quantity.

The quantity of your traffic don't mean shit if the quality of your traffic isn't there.

You could go out and buy traffic, as others have suggested, but, what good is 100,000 page views today going to do for you? They won't come back tomorrow and you'll just have to buy another 100,000 again and again, and again...What do you get from that? A hole in your pocket that money drains out of is all that is.

Are you just gonna spend the rest of your life flailing around buying traffic and seeing no results? I mean, really, how long are you going to do that before you realize that the only ones making any money off buying traffic are the scam artists selling you the traffic?

Most of those so called "internet marketing gurus" telling you "buy traffic!" are also the guys you buy said traffic from, so they are only hyping up the buy traffic thing, because they think you are a sucker and are going to find their pockets with money. That's it.

Now, let's look at it... HOW are you going to CONVINCE all those 100,000 fake robot viewers to buy your products?

You do know when you are buying views, you are just paying scammers to send robots to your page right? None of those views are made by actual people. No one actually looked at your site or clicked on anything or read anything or bought anything.

And guess what... Google noticed. Google keeps track of not only page views, but page time, and bounce rate. You buy those fake views and you are signing you're site's own death sentence.

A bot opens your page, waits 30 seconds, then leaves. Giving you a 30 second average read time and a 100% bounce rate. Google's gonna look at that and say "This site ain't worth shit, no one stays and reads anything, no one clicks to another page. Let's drop their search rank."

Did you ever wonder WHY my site ranks #1 on page 1 of more them 50 keywords? Because of high rate of reader interaction. My readers actually stick around and read the pages. I have a 20 minute page time average. Average meaning some people stay a lot longer. My Amphibious Aliens page has a 2 HOUR read time average. How many internet marketing "guru" can keep THEIR audience on their site for 2 hours?

My average reader views 5 pages before leaving.

My average bounce rate in 30%, meaning 70% of my readers  STAY on my site and DO NOT click away after arriving.

THAT is why my site ranks #1 on page 1 of so many keywords. Because Google looks at the traffic interaction and sees that people are staying and finding what they are looking for. 

You with your bought bot traffic, you'll just sink lower and lower in rank because you have such a high rate of clicks that click away and don't result in any one staying on your site or going to more pages.

Still think you want to buy their high quantity, low quality traffic?

I mean, there are times when quantity over quality is acceptable, but getting traffic to your web site is not one of those times.

But, you ask because you want to make money, right? Well, tell me this - how are you monetizing your site and how are you going to convince all those robots to buy from you?

My main source of income is people buying my art off Zazzle, my books off Amazon, my fabric off SpoonFlower, or my hand crafted items off Etsy. Direct sales make up more then 80% of my online income. The remainder being from AdSense.  I live in Maine, so the option to do affiliate marketing [I](which was illegal in Maine)[/I] was not available until the laws changed April 4, 2017, so I've recently added affiliate links to my site for the first time since starting my website (my site being 19 years old, though it's current url is only 4 years old), but it's been less then 30 days since I added affiliate links to my site so it'll be a while before we know if affiliate income is viable or not.

Perhaps, because I'm from a place where affiliate marketing was illegal and not allowed until 20 days ago, perhaps this is why I've never seen a need to aim at wide spread, non-targeted traffic? Not sure. I'm not familiar with affiliate traffic vs direct sales traffic. I'm used to very narrow focused traffic, targeting just the people who actually want my products, rather then wide flinging looking for traffic from everyone, even those with no interest in my product or even mental comprehension of it. 

I deal with a topic (Twinkie Uke Yaoi aka Transgender Fetish) that has a very small audience and is often the butt end of anti-LGBTQ hate jokes from the (largely transphobic and anti-gay) general public  Thus why I only focus my search for traffic to Yaoi communities on FanFiction .net and Yaoi sub-Reddits and Yaoi & OtherKin Tumblr communities and similar such places. Because I just narrow focused targeting only people actually interested in the topic itself, I end up with what other site masters view as very low traffic, but the fact remains, my particular topic has an audience of about 7,000 people world-wide, and I'm getting traffic for nearly half of them. It's repeat traffic from those same few thousand people over and over again and because they are ACTUAL customers as opposed to random browsers, this results in a high rate of sales conversion, even though a seemingly low number of monthly page views.

It also helps if you are very active online and offline in the community of your topic. I am transgender myself, btw. And being part of the trans community, means I also have access to most of the private forums, FB groups, and communities for transvestites who make up a large portion of my target audience; because I am also OtherKin (ElvenKin) I am also active in the LARPing, CosPlay and Convention circuit - meaning I go to conventions and meet with CosPlayers, Kin, and Furries face to face and have actually meet in person, 30,000 of my readers; being Carnival Gypsies we also travel in Festival and Carnival circuits and do a lot of offline sales of my books, art,, and crafts direct in face to face sales as well. I live in Old Orchard Beach, a beach front tourist town run by "Stephen King's" Gypsies (this being the town he filmed the Thinner in) and hand out business cards to all the tourists who come up here to my farm, which was the filming location of Thinner. Because I meet most target audience in person, o

ften multiple times as they return each summer, I don't have a need to target anyone else.

In other words, my experience has been that the BEST traffic for your site is not online traffic, but rather offline traffic, local traffic, people in the real world, who you can send to your site directly. This results in a large portion of my site visitors, actually typing the url, rather then searching for a keyword at random, resulting in even higher targeted traffic and even high sales conversion, even though the traffic itself is very low/not many page views per month. TARGETED traffic just plain converts. General traffic equals not only low conversions but also high bounce rates. 

My having TARGETED traffic is why I average 20 minutes in page views (meaning the person stayed on the page a full 20 minutes to read every last word of the article on that page) and I have a 30% bounce rate (meaning 70% of my readers, clicked to view another page instead of leaving my site.)

The average person views 5 pages before leaving - meaning they spent more then an hour on my site, each person, each visit.

Check any hype from and so-called "internet marketing guru" and they'll all tell you that the BEST you could ever hope for is a 30sec average page view and an 80% bound rate. Go ahead. Google "average page views" and "average bounce rates". Read all those "gurus" and their shitty advice. If all THEY can get is 30 second read times and an 80% bounce rate, then they are doing something SERIOUSLY wrong, because they can not keep their readers' interest for even a full minute, and 80% of their readers are leaving and not going back, within those 30 seconds.

What does THAT tell you about their so called "internet marketing advice"?

Tells me they don't know how to build a niche content web site.

Tells me they don't know who their target audiance is.

Tells me they are tossing rice in the wind and getting no results in return.

Tells me they aren't fit to be giving advice on how to attract customers.

If you want to fix your car, are you going to take it to the deck builder, the town drunk, or the car repair guy?

Think about it.

The deck builder knows how to buy decks, so why are you taking your car to him?

He can't fix a car and his lack of car fixing skills shows.

The town drunk will tell you everything he supposedly "knows" about fixing a car, but he's too busy burping in your face and pissing on your tires to actually fix the problem, and his advice will include something along the lines of ordering Gnomes from Mars to come help change your hood, when your hood doesn't need changing and Gnomes are not real.

You want new brakes, you go to the car repair guy and he puts new brakes on your car.

So tell me this... WHY... why when you want to know how to get traffic to your website, why do you go to the guy who tells you the BEST you can expect is 30 second read times and 80% bounce rate? If that's the best HE can get, then he really has no clue how to get targeted traffic to his website. All he knows how to do is get lots of uninterested browsers and tire kickers. He has no clue how to get actual buyers, customers, readers, and people who are interested in his products.

If a guy can not get traffic to stay on his site for more then 30 seconds, why are you asking him for advice on how to get traffic? Think about it.

I would think that every niche is the same way. Where if you are actively participating in the topic's community, both online and offline, you get better conversions of page views vs sales, because you are targeting your primary audience specifically, rather then just tossing out blind requests for traffic from everyone on the planet. Each niche has an audience, and narrow focusing your marketing towards just that one audience will give you better sales conversions, then wide flung traffic coming from everywhere and buying nothing, because they are not your target audience.

You not only want to drive traffic to your site, but you want to get targeted traffic coming to your site. You want to increase web site traffic, yes, but organic traffic is still gonna convert better then buying traffic and just tossing your site in front of every one. Think of it as "Pearls before swine".

Do you know that story? 

It's about a man who was looking for a better way of life and in frustration, tossed a string of pearls into the mud in front of some pigs. The pigs trampled his pearls before he could retrieve them. It made him realize, that you can't look to the scum of the Earth for good things in life. The same applies in gaining web site traffic. If you toss your site out their in front of the wrong people, they are just gonna trample it into the mud and leave you with nothing.

In other words, it's a waste of your time and effort to toss your website to the mass crowds, because most of the mass crowd doesn't give a rat's ass about your or your website.

Instead it's better to find the people who do care about your site, who are passionate about your topic, who do want to learn more about your niche. THOSE are the people you want.

You want the people who appreciate the pearls you have to offer, not the gutter scum pigs who run those pearls into the mud and leave you with nothing.

That is why targeted traffic is so very important.

I would suggest, rather then seeking lots of traffic, you instead write up a profile of who exactly your target customer is and then focus on getting out there where they are. My feelings are that smaller but targeted traffic is far better then general non-targeted traffic.

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The Quaraun Series On Amazon:

I am wondering why has Amazon moved the Quaraun books to the category "Transgender Romance" and also "Gay Erotica"? The base story is a deeply depressed, suicidal, drug addict Elf who's lover commit suicide and he's trying not to do the same. It's an old Elf in a tavern, monologuing a lot of flashbacks and back story scenes of his youth. These stories are dark, bloody, angsty, full of drug use, murder, rape, Medieval torture, mental/physical/emotional abuse, and references to depression and suicide - no romance in it, unless you count the occasional (and usually brutally violent) rape scenes that show up in nearly every volume - sorry - no clue what Amazon is thinking or why they moved these to Romance and Erotica, but these books are NOT even close to being Romance or Erotica on any level at all. When I published these books I put them in "Dark Fantasy" and "Yaoi". If they show up in any category other then "Dark Fantasy" and "Yaoi", it's because Amazon put them there without my authorization or approval.


The Autism Awareness Articles

Think you know what it's like to live with Autism?

You might be surprised how little you really know.

A look at REAL Autism and the myth spread by those with a self-diagnosis.

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