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The Terrorists of Old Orchard Beach
Put My Dad In a Coma

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By EelKat Wendy C Allen

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The Terrorists of Old Orchard Beach Put My Dad In a Coma

Prayers Needed For EK’s Dad

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2006 | Comments Offon Prayers Needed For EelKat’s Dad

hi guys,

sorry it has been so long, my dad has been in the hospital in a coma for the past few weeks, there is too much to explain right now, as I don’t have internet access at the moment, cause our house was condemned by the police when they came into the house to get my dad into an ambulance…

my dad has been on a ventaltor for almost 2 weeks now, and last night he started dialisis, cause his kidneys have shut down.

please pray for him and me and the 3j’s,thanks.EelKat

Prayers Needed For EK’s Dad: Update

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2006 | Comments Offon Prayers Needed For EK’s Dad: Update

{{{{{{{hugs everyone}}}}}}}}}}

got all your messages…

thanks guys!


they are trying to ween him off the vetalator today, they say it still may be a while before they can actually take it off entirly, but they are lowering the oxegan level from 100% to 55% and they are gonna try to keep lowering it every day.

he woke up for a short while, and was able to nod yes and no, but they have him sedated now, cause being awake again was too stressful on his system, cause he’s so weak now

they are also starting him on a feeding tube today, cause they think his system is ready to handle it now

other stuff happening, but still homeless so using someone elses computer and have no time to explain…

well try to keep you updated


Prayers Needed For EK’s Dad: New Update

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 | Comments Offon

Prayers Needed For EelKat’s Dad: New Update

Thanks Again guys {{{{{{{{{{{hugs everyone}}}}}}}}}}}update:

they have taken the ventalator out 2 days ago, he is trying to talk, but still not able too; they are trying to help him walk again, but his motor skills are very poor, so the doctor is doing an MRI this morning to make sure that there has not been any brain damage.

sorry, I can’t yet tell you more about how this happened… the corruption and greed of our Old Orchard Beach town manager that lead to my dad’s dier state is a bit much for me to write right now, I am still without my computer, and too stressed to try to write about it right now.

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Prayers Needed For EK’s Dad: Another Update

Posted on Saturday, June 17, 2006 | Comments Offon

Prayers Needed For EK’s Dad: Another Update


they’ve moved him to a rehabilitation center, where he is learning how to walk again, but it has been over a week and he still is unable to stand, the doctor thinks he may need to be in a wheelchair, but may only need a cane or walker…

that well not go over well with him being an active farmer always in the garden and barns…he won’t be able to farm any more 

The men who did this to him, are nothing but cruel and heartless cads whom God shall judge

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WOW! :( scary thing…

Posted on Sunday, September 3, 2006 1 comment

Yesterday, there was an ambulance at the house across the street from us.

I just found out a few minutes ago what happened… the guy who lived there was out working around in the yard, and fell from the roof… he died before they got him to the hospital!

I’m shocked!  

I wonder if the Old Orchard Beach town hall was harassing him too; they’ve been harassing half the people on Portland Ave, and “accidents” like this one and my dad’s last May, have been happening left and right… all us folks that don’t want to give up our land to make way for the outsiders from other states to move in.

They are forcing everyone on the street (mostly elderly people whose families have lived in these houses 200 years or more) to “make repairs” to things in the yards and houses, that”don’t match” these so-called new ordinances, that basically say you have to be a carbon copy clone of Jim Thomas, our town manager.

My dad, the guy down the street, now this guy…

I wonder how many more well become disabled or die before someone does something to stop these men from harassing the locals like this.


Posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 | Comments Offon Coma

as people who follow me on my web sites and chat groups well know, last May our family was faced with a freak accident that left my dad in a coma and not expected to live… it was the scariest hellish nightmare me and my brothers have ever been through and it totally disrupted our lives, making us see everything through new eyes.

A coma, is not what we — I — had thought it was… I only knew comas from movies and novies tell us that a person lays there, like they are asleep… that is the farthest thing from the truth

In the first few moments of the coma, my dad became hysterical, he torn the wood stove out of the wall and threw is across the room, smashing out the water pipes and flooding the house… he ripped the toilet out of the floor and sent it across the house as well… he smashed all most everything, ripped out walls with his bare hands… all the while he could neither see nor hear any of us, and was screaming in no legible terms much like a rabid animal, and try as we could, we could not stop him, he had the strength of a giant, not a normal thing for him… with barely the walls still standing we went to the neighbors for help, the police arrived and it took 4 big officers to tie him down and carry him out to the ambulance, at this point we had no idea what had happened… the town condemned what was left of our house.

The whole thing took place in about 15 minutes.

(though the event with the Old Orchard Beach police harassment took 4 hours and nearly cost my dad his life, but that’s another story).

Four hours later doctors told us that what we had just experienced was a diabetic coma. He had no knowledge that he had diabetes, and the coma was brought on by his sugar level being in excess of 1,200. He remained in the coma for nearly 2 months, shackled to the hospital and thrashing and screaming the entire time, relaxing only when the doctors tranquilized him.

His eyes were often open, and he often acted as though he was talking to people who were not there. There were many times when he seemed to be awake. And yes the doctors notice every single movement… they had every inch of him suck with monitors, that set off alarms at the slightest movement. He had 2 doctors and 4 nurses on duty at any given time, and these rotated every three days, so that he had 4 doctors and 12 nurses taking care of him.

At it’s worst point, he stopped breathing, his kidneys shut down, and it looked as though he’d not make it through the night.When he came out of the coma, he could no longer talk or walk, both caused by having not spoken or walking for so very long… he had to be retrained how to do both.

Through it all, he remembers nothing… his last memory was 3 days before he tore the house apart. His first memory was sitting in a chair wanting to eat ice cream, 2 months later.

Comments Offon ComaPosted in anti-elder abusebeliefbeliefsBiologyChristianitychurch corruptioncivil rightsconspiracycorrupt leaderscorruptiondeathdisableddiscriminationelders rightsFamilyfarm lifefeargeographyGodgovernmentgovernment corruptiongovernment crimeharasmentharassmenthealthhelphelp wantedhomelesshuman rightshumansJesusliesLifelife bloggingMaineOld OrchardOld Orchard BeachoobPersonalpolicepolice corruptionpolice threatspoliticsprayerRelationshipsreligonsocial changestealingstrangersterrorismterroristsTheologytheology beliefsthievesthreatstown hallTown of Old OrchardwarWorldYork county

Eleven Years Later... 

The Terrorists of Old Orchard Beach
Continue To Harass My Family

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UPDATE: June 5, 2017
US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division,
Joins FBI In Investigation of
Old Orchard Beach Town Hall and Police Department 
For Hate Crimes & Discrimination Done To
140+ Gypsies, Blacks, & LGBTQA+ Residents

Have Information?
Please Call FBI Agent Andy Drewer @ (207) 774-9322  

More info on what happened can be found HERE.