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Welcome to the New

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

But what exactly IS a full time income?

Squidoo scammed people when they posted that "top 10 list" of highest paid members. They never listed any actual numbers, and simply used terms like "full time income".

But what is a "full time income"?

Yes, I was earning a full time income with my Squidoo AdSense earnings in 2007. But I also live in Maine.

Do you know what my HIGHEST year end income (before taxes) from Squidoo was?


Yes. In 2007, in Maine, $2,864 was a VERY GENEROUS full time income that most people in this area live on quite comfortably.

In fact, my nearly $3k a year income, I was making was MORE then the income of 7 of my nieghbours living on my street, each of whom live on a full time income of UNDER $2,000 a year.

So when people run around calling me "a millionaire" because Squidoo said I was #3 highest paid member ever... you got to realize that what Squidoo called "3rd highest paid member" was an income of $2,864 in 2008, the year I made the MOST from AdSense income while on Squidoo.

That says a lot about perspective.

People heard Squidoo say "3rd highest paid" and "full time income" and put 2+2 together to come to the false conclusion "millionaire".

They did not take into account what a full time income in my geographic region was, nor did they take into account what Squidoo meant when they said "3rd highest paid member".

Yes, in 2007 $2,000 a year was a full time income, here in the wilds of Maine. 

But Squidoo neglected to mention that part.

And not many people live in Maine.

And when people hear "full time income" they think of their LOCAL wage rages, not the wage rates of the region in question.

And MOST of the world, looks at Maine's yearly income totals and are baffled as to how any of us survive, stating that $2,000 isn't even enough to cover their monthly rent.


Squidoo deliberately did not tell people a dollar amount and instead said "full time income" knowing full well that the average person had no clue the average income in Maine at the time was $2,000 a year.

Squidoo scammed people with false advertising to get more members, and it resulted in me getting bombarded with several thousand emails every single day, from people all over the world, who read Squidoo's saying "full time income" and some how translated it to mean "millionaire" when in fact, they were already making more per month then I was making per year.

Keep in mind too what exactly a full time income is here in Maine... it might shock you, but the average 2 job family of 4 working two 40 hours a week jobs, is $11,000 a year.

Yes, $3k a year was a full time income in Maine in 2007.

What is it NOW in 2017?

Minimum wage in Maine is only $5.13 an hour.

Let's take a look:

What does $5.13 minimum wage look like for income?

  • Waitress = $3.50 x 32 hours a week x 52 weeks = $5,824 total yearly income before taxes   ($112 a week income)
  • Temp Job = $5.13 x 15 hours a week x 52 weeks =  $4,001 total yearly income before taxes  ($76.95 a week income)
  • Part Time = $5.13 x 30 hours a week x 52 weeks = $8,002 total yearly income before taxes  ($153.90 a week income)
  • Full Time =  $5.13 x 40 hours a week x 52 weeks =  $10,670 total yearly income before taxes   ($205.20 a week income)
  • Over Time =  ($5.13 x 40 hours a week) + ($3.50 x 12 hours per week) = $205 + $42 x 52 weeks = $12,844 total yearly income before taxes  ($247 a week income)

Those are the average yearly incomes of average people here in Maine.

A two job family would combine two of those yearly income totals.

Average yearly incomes right now in 2017
(before taxes) in Maine are therefore:

  • Waitress: $5,824
  • Temp Job: $4,001
  • Part Time: $8,002
  • Full Time: $10,670
  • Over Time: $12,844

According to the Census.gov the average family in Maine has 2 adults and 4 children, is a 2 income family, and has an average yearly combined income of $26,000 before taxes.

Thankfully, after a lot of protesting and petitions and finally getting it on the ballot, in November 2016, minimum wage increased to $7 and the vote approved a .50c increase per year until it reaches $14. So by next year minimum wage will be $7.50 and the year after $8 and the year after $8.50, etc, until it reaches $14, so long as the governor doesn't overceed the vote and veto it - AGAIN.

This will be the third time we've gotten this vote on the ballot and the first time we've made it past 6 months after the election without LaPage vetoing the vote and overturning it.

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UPDATE: June 5, 2017
US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division,
Joins FBI In Investigation of
Old Orchard Beach Town Hall and Police Department 
For Hate Crimes & Discrimination Done To
140+ Gypsies, Blacks, & LGBTQA+ Residents

Have Information?
Please Call FBI Agent Andy Drewer @ (207) 774-9322  

More info on what happened can be found HERE.