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Writing Racist Characters
The Ku Klux Klan
In Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Writing Racist Characters Accurately By Looking At Hate Crimes Committed By The Ku Klux Klan In Old Orchard Beach, Maine

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

I made lots of comments across the many comments on this thread, here is all of them in the order I wrote them, along with quotes of the segments I was replying to. For the full discussion, see the thread linked to below...

If people can't tell the difference between character and author, then fuck them.

No truer words spoken.

How could a German/Irish first-generation immigrants get this sense of anti-slavery pride when slavery was needed to fuel the state's economy?

MOST free Irish immigrants in America at that time period WERE escaped slaves themselves.

It always shocks and amazes me that people think slaves = black.

MOST of the slaves in America were actually Chinese, Black being the 2nd most common race, Irish the 3rd, Scottish the 4th, Gypsy the 5th, Romany the 6th, Polish, Persians, Jews, and Native Americans made up the rest.

Yep, Texas had a lot of slaves, but you notice it doesn't say "black slaves" it just says "slaves". Most house slaves were white races (Irish or Scottish or Persian or Gypsy or Romany), most kitchen/scullery slaves were Chinese, most farm hand/plantation slaves were black.... contrary to what tv and movies will tell you, it was very RARE for a black slave to live indoors or work as a "house slave". The indoor slaves were nearly always white races.

My family are Jewish Gypsies of Persian/Scottish blood. We were brought to America as slaves in the 1530s.

This is just silly. If anyone accuses you they may not know the difference between reality and fiction.

You'd be surprised.

The Ku Klux Klan filled my motorhome with feces 3 feet deep, kidnapped my cats, cut their heads off and nailed them to my door, put a bomb in my house, they also beat me up leaving me paralized for 5 months, ruptured 3 discs in my spine, leaving me with a lame leg crippled and on a cane the rest of my life, and put my dad in a coma for 6 months, and left a great big 8 foot tall white cross behind so I'd be sure to know they were KKK members who did it.


In their own words, that they were screaming, I'm "a transvestite freak"...

they were also chanting "kill or be killed, remember Saco Shaw's, all transsexuals are alike!" ....

they also referred to me as "a thing" and "an it" and said "that thing and it's gay cars are too gay for the family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach"...

Now, you'd think by their words I was gay, transsexual, or transvestite, right? Nope. I'm none of the above. I'm a straight woman with a husband. BUT

I write Yaoi/Gay Porn

and the main characters of my novels are always Transvestites.

A bomb blew up my house because the KKK can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, can't tell the difference between the character and the author.

My cats had their heads cut off and nailed to my door because the KKK can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, can't tell the difference between the character and the author.

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I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, have a fractured hip, 3 ruptured discs in my spine, and a lame leg crippled and on a cane for the rest of my life because the KKK can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, can't tell the difference between the character and the author.

My dad, an elderly man in his 80s, was in a coma and has never fully recovered, crippled for the rest of his life, because the KKK can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, can't tell the difference between the character and the author.

Thousands of gallons of sewage/feces was filled on my bed, in my sink, on my carpets, my clothes, my walls, my ceilings, because the KKK can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, can't tell the difference between the character and the author.

No, you'd be vastly surprised how many people, right now in 2017, are more then willing to gather in Salem witch style mobs, screaming kill or be killed, to terrorise an author and her family, because they are too stupid to know the difference between reality and fiction, can't tell the difference between the character and the author.

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If you see "me" posting on a forum at any point after 2012, know that it is likely this mysterious, and still yet unidentified "Kendra Silvermander".

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➽ ➽ ➽ If you have any information regarding the identity of the stalker/attacker/driver of the 4-door white pick-up truck please contact Officer Tim DeLuca of the Old Orchard Beach Police Department @ 207-934-4911 and/or Agent Andy Drewer of the Portland FBI @ 207-774-9322 ◀️ ◀️ ◀️ ☎️

Please help the police and FBI put this brutal, violent, psychotically deranged stalker in prison.

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