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By EelKat Wendy C Allen

A list of Monster Porn aka Horror erotica aka Erotic Horror stories written By EelKat Wendy C Allen under the penname Gwendolyn Wyldes.

I am however testing out a new way of doing things, and considering consolidating EVERYTHING I write to all be under the EelKat/Wendy C Allen penname. So at the moment the Gwendolyn Wyldes stuff is offline, while I move a few to the EelKat Wendy C Allen penname and test out if having my Monster Porn with my non-Monster Porn has any ill effects on sales.

Sorry for any confusion this may cause. The Monster porn is planned to go back up for  sale in September, October, and November 2014.

People keep asking how to find my Monster Porn ... As you know I write under 15 pennames, most of which are not connected, so you don't know what they are unless I tell you. As you may have heard by now, I am consolidating my pennames down to just three. As such all of my titles are currently under going an massive editing and reformatting process, most of them have already be removed from retail sales. Throughout 2014, 2015, and probably into 2016 all of my stories are being re-released with new covers featuring one of the three pennames I will be keeping. Starting August 2014 all of my Monster Porn will be published under just the one the name: Gwendolyn Wyldes. I will be posting cover reveals here on this page, as well as the direct links to where you can find them for sale. Enjoy!

Captured By Faeries

Each of the stories in this series is a stand-alone story unless otherwise noted. These are Monster Porn, they are a blend of Romance, Erotica, and Horror. Monster Porn for those unfamiliar with this fairly obscure genre, are stories where the primary plot point is a Human main character having sex with Monsters, thus the name "Monster Porn".

In fiction there are levels of Romance that go like this:

Sweet Romance (no sex)

Steamy Romance (some sex)

Spicy Romance (a lot of sex)

Erotic Romance (Romance with detailed descriptions of sex)

Romantic Erotica (lots of graphic sex with some Romance in the plot)

Erotica (sex for the sake of sex)

Porn (very graphic sex)

Monster Porn, in spite of the word "porn" in it's name, can contain sex at any level of that list.

For readers wondering what to expect in my own Monster Porn, my stories fall somewhere between Erotic Romance and Romantic Erotica, with a high sex content, graphically details sex scenes, but at the same time focusing on a romantic relationship and containing a plot to move the story forward.

My Monster Porn has been describe by readers as being "more literary" than how other authors write Monster Porn.

A side note, many of my Monster Porn stories contain the warning label:

WARNING: This is not Romance or Erotica, this work of Erotic Horror contains graphic violence and bloody gore which some readers my find highly disturbing. This Splatter Punk Slash Gorn story is intended for ADULT READERS ONLY!

Keep in mind, I wrote Slasher Gorn Horror for nearly 30 years prior to writing Romance or Erotica. Any Monster porn story containing the above warning, is Monster Gorn, not Monster Porn, and DOES NOT contain a Happy Ever After ending.

As my Horror readers are well aware, my heroes die, my villains reign supreme, and my monsters are true blood thirsty, flesh eating monsters. Just because the humans in these stories form attachments to and have sexual encounters with monsters, does not mean the monsters form attachments to them, or ever stop seeing the humans as anything but tasty with ketchup. Do know before you buy them that many of my Monster Porn stories end with the monster eating the main character. You have been warned.

If you want a classic example of what my Monster Porn is like, I highly recommend you read my first ever Monster Porn story: The Pearl Necklace (first released October 16, 2004), as it is the standard by which all my other titles are written. How this story ends, is how a lot of the others end. Readers looking for Monster Porn with Happy Endings, probably want to avoid my stories.

The Captured By Faeries Series, has numerous sub-series with-in it. They are listed below separated by the sub-series.

Captured By Faeries: Weres & Shifters

Captured By Faeries: The Scottish Fae

Captured By Faeries: Mermen

Captured By Faeries: Fantasy

Captured By Faeries: Paranormal

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Captured By Faeries: Cuckolding

Captured By Faeries: Holiday Collections

The Adventures of
Quaraun The Insane

Quaraun The Insane is not true Monster Porn, however I list them here due to the high sexual content of some of the stories in this M-Rated series.

The primary relationship in this series is between Quaraun (a Necromancer Moon Elf) and his companion The Screaming Unicorn (a male Phooka), but also features the many bi-sexual encounters they have with various fantasy creatures along the way.

This is a Dungeons and Dragon's style Sword & Sorcery Questing Fantasy, featuring a heavy theme of Gay Erotica.

WARNING: The Quaraun stories contain very graphic depictions of male + male sex.

Okay, so the "Quaraun The Insane" series is coming along right on schedule. First 4 volumes are going through the final edits, etc, etc. First 2 volumes should be up by September 23rd. And one of my beta readers asks me:

"Can you publish something like this on Amazon? It's really...uhm...crude? I think is the proper word. Should you have a warning in the blurb for readers, so they know what they are getting into before they buy it? I can see this getting a lot of 1 star reviews from readers who don't go for this sort of thing."

Okay, so I'm now playing around with possible blurbs to describe this series that can let readers know what it's like without get tossed on the Amazon chopping block. I came up with this (note the blurb is every bit written in the same "voice" as the series is) :


EROTIC SATIRE BISHOUNEN YAOI ADULT CONTENT WARNING!: This Erotic Satire series contains heavy use of highly sexualized Satire metaphors and similes in regard to race, gender, sexuality, and other things of a blatantly politically incorrect nature. This series was written by a woman of color author, who likes her men in many flavors from the whitest cream cheese, the creamiest vanilla ice cream, the gooiest caramel candy, the silkiest chocolate, and the luscious super dark coffee bean. She especially her men when they have a nice pair of bouncing cherries and big zucchinis, wear lots of eyeshadow and strutting around in pretty clothes like any good bishie should.  This series is nothing but blatant bishounen lusting yaoi aimed at female readers who want male on male action for no other reason, then: why have just one banana when you can two? Characters in this series have skin, hair, eyes, and body parts that are described by and compare to food with a much higher then normal level of descriptiveness. Sensitive readers and anyone unfamiliar with this type of wiener stuffed in a bun Erotic Satire, may find this series highly offensive.


Yeah, it's basically porn for girls who think two boys are better then one.

SERIAL WARNING!: This is an open ended serial (think: Soap opera) written in the same fashion in which I wrote/write The Twighlight Manor Series. the Twighlight Manor Series was started on September 23, 1978 and has had 250+ titles released in the 36 years since then and is STILL going with new titles coming out every year.

Quaraun is based largely off The Twighlight Manor Series and is set in The Twighlight Manor Universe (and yes that does mean you will see Twighlight Manor characters making cameo appearances from time to time). Quaraun exists in an alternate dimension of Earth, that is not Earth, but in some ways is very much like a blend of prehistoric and Medieval Earth.

Like the Twighlight Manor Series, The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane is and OPEN ENDED SERIAL - translation: this means it will be written for many years to come and will eventually span more then 200 titles. So far there are 130+ stories outlined and more added all the time. Do not expect to ever see "The End", because there is no end in sight, at least not for at least 5 or 6 years.

Hymal Keydar

Like Quaraun the Insane, Hymal Keydar is not "true" Monster Porn, but rather a Dungeons and Dragon's style Sword & Sorcery Questing Fantasy Romance, featuring a heavy theme of Erotica. This series classifies more as Erotic Romance and follows the highly sexual relationship between a young girl and a Dog Demon named Hymal Keydar.

The Hymal Keydar series is less sexually graphic than my other erotic stories, in fact not every volume of this series contains any sex scenes at all. If you are looking for more romance and somewhat lighter/occasional (but still graphic) sex, you probably want to try this series.

NOTE TO MY FANS FROM FAN-FIC.net: If you are looking for my "Bride of Sesshomaru" loli-con fan-fiction series, this is it! These are the completely re-written non-fan-fiction versions of those SessyxRin stories! In order for this series to get published, it had to undergo some DRASTIC changes, namely the removal of all copyrighted references to the InuYasha series and it's characters, and the change in the ages of the main characters. In the original InuYasha series by Ruminko Takahashi, Rin is only 8 years old and the story was set in 1500s Japan where legal marriage age of consent was 8 in that time period.

The "Bride of Sesshomaru" series I wrote for fan-fic.net (based on InuYasha) had used Rumiko's original characters, time period, setting, and ages. All of that has been removed in during the re-write.

The Hymal Keydar series has been changed to a quasi-Scandinavian setting, in a quasi-Viking time period, and all characters are now adults over the age of 18 because loli-con is illegal to publish in America.

The Brain Sucking Squids From Neptune's Moon

H.P.Lovecraft inspired Monster Porn. Yeah, it's exactly what the series title suggests it is: tentacle sex with squids from outer space!

Slave To The Gods

Not quite Monster Porn, more Greek God Porn, but whose counting? I'll put it here anyways.

NOTE: Many of these stories have a heavy theme of "Breeding and Lactation" Erotica. If you avoid that sort of thing, you'll want to avoid these.

Also, most stories in this series are written as 3-Part Serial sets. In other words, there are cliffhangers and to-be-continued endings. What this means is you'll need to buy three volumes to get the complete story. I say most, because a few of the stories in this set are 2-Parters, and a few are 4-Parters.

Anyways, if you avoid reading stories published in parts, you'll want to avoid these.

This article was originally written on: August 13, 2014

This page last updated on: August 14, 2014

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