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Why EelKat Left KBoards
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September 2014, EelKat published a series about Gypsies, featuring an Autistic main character.  Three weeks later a group of authors started an anti-Gypsy boycott on these books, they were soon joined by another group of authors crying for an anti-retard boycott. One group claimed books should not feature Gypsy characters in a positive light siting “The only good Gypsy is a dead Gypsy”, the other group, said “retards shouldn’t be allowed to write books” and that “retards shouldn’t be main characters in books”.

EelKat is a Scottish Gypsy and she has Autism. The boycott resulted in violent hate crimes acted out offline against her family.

On November 11, 2014 EelKat deleted 1,371 How-To Write & Self Publish articles off KBoards, deleted all 34 of her blogs,  shut down all of her forum accounts on every forum, removed all her books from services which gave them out to readers for free, and increased to cover prices of all books. Why? Here’s what happened…

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

It has been brought to my attention that several people do not know why I left KBoards. I know this because of two facts: 

#1: I have received more then 100 emails from various very worried KBoards members asking me why I left, if I was okay (they knew I was in the hospital most of 2014) and when I'd be coming back.

#2: In January 2015 the #1 Google keyword search results sending traffic to my site is: "eelkat kboards" which resulted in a whopping 11,459 hits on my site; followed by "what happened to eelkat on kboards" and "why did eelkat leave kaboards?" which resulted in 7,364 hits on my site. Needless to say my traffic for January 2015 is way higher then usual.

In the past month the "Ask EelKat" feature on Tumblr has been hit with dozens of KBoards members saying it was the only way they knew to get in touch with me, and that they were very worried. They say they were aware their was "an incident" on KBoards but where uncertain what exactly that incident was. They said the threads for much of the "incident" have been locked, deleted, and most of the posts removed or edited by the mods. As such, they tell me they have had a difficult time finding out what happened and they are getting many stories from many members but they are all different and appear to be more speculation then facts.

They also inform me that when I left, several other members left days later, stating that after what had happened to me had happened, they no longer felt KBoards was a safe environment. They also have told me that pretty much everyone who saw what happened and did not leave KBoards, have changed their id names and striped their signatures of all links to their books as a means of protecting themselves from "being attacked" in the manner I was.

Each of these emails and massages has ended by asking me, if I could set the record straight and tell them why exactly did I leave. What happened? Was it really as bad as some members are suggesting it was? Will I ever come back?

I have decided to answer all of your questions, all at once, and put that answer here on this page of my website, so that you don't have to rely on rumors and speculations. Because the fact is, it was rumors and speculations, and some pretty horrible lies being posted about me that was why I left. 

What started out as a couple of members spreading false stereotypes as facts, resulted in more then 50 members turning into an all out herd mentality mob, which left KBoards and spread like wild fire as these people ran back and forth between multiple forums making a lot of posts about me, in what they openly admitted in their posts was an outright "boycott" of my books and an attempt to "dry up sales" as they put it...Here's what happened:

UPDATE: We now have the identities of the men behind this monstrous take over of my accounts. They both live in my home town and are the same men behind the offline vandalism of the same time period.

The contents of this section of this page have been removed, because it is soon to be published as chapter within a book.

This page will be turned into an "about the book" page, shortly after the book is published.

(In order for a book to be listed as part of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Free Days, and/ or Amazon's Kindle Countdown Deals, it's contents can not be available elsewhere online and be exclusive to the Amazon edition of the book. This book is being signed up for all three of the above mentioned programs, thus why the contents of this page of my website have been taken down. You will still be able to read this article for free, via the Kindle Unlimited Program, and for one 5 day period every 90 days it will be available via Amazon's Free Days Program.) 

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UPDATE: June 5, 2017
US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division,
Joins FBI In Investigation of
Old Orchard Beach Town Hall and Police Department 
For Hate Crimes & Discrimination Done To
140+ Gypsies, Blacks, & LGBTQA+ Residents

Have Information?
Please Call FBI Agent Andy Drewer @ (207) 774-9322  

More info on what happened can be found HERE.