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Quaraun The Insane:
Volume 33 (usually - I keep renumbering these)
GhoulSpawn The Crazed and The Rose Garden of The Pink Necromancer
Scene: I Am Not GhoulSpawn

GhoulSpawn The Crazed and
The Rose Garden of The Pink Necromancer:
Chapter Who The Hell Knows (I didn't number this one)

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By EelKat Wendy C Allen

GhoulSpawn The Crazed
and The Rose Garden of The Pink Necromancer: 
Free Sample Excerpt From The Novel
(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess)

It has been brought to my attention, by several fans, that you have read all the currently published novels and are eagerly awaiting publication of the rest of the series. However, life being what it is, the town of Old Orchard Beach being what it is, and my health being what it is... publication of the novels got put on hold with an entire 2 years passing with no new novels published.

As I have many chapters of each volume finished, and each story can be read on their own in any order, without continuing one to the next, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to sait your appetite for more Quaraun, in between the publication of the finished novels, the best thing to do therefore is to simply publish the chapters that are finished here on my site, to give you something to read while waiting for each novel to be finished.

Please note that while not "true" erotica, the Quaraun series is sold as "Adult Entertainment" and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

The Quaraun Series Is Yaoi (Gay Porn). While not "true Erotica" it is considered by most readers to be "Erotica" of some shape or form, due to the graphic nature of the sex content.

Most of the graphic stuff will not be found posted online, you'll have to read the novel for those scenes. While the excerpt below likely does not contain the stuff listed above, know that the novel it came from does, so do not buy the novel if any of those things bother you.

The Series Is Psychedelic Unicorn Porn & Contains Masochistic Drug Addicted Transvestite Twinkie Uke Elves Having Sex with Sadistic Drug Dealing UnDead Seme Unicorns

You must be 18 or older to buy the novels this excerpt comes from.

GhoulSpawn The Crazed and 
The Rose Garden of The Pink Necromancer: 
Chapter: I Am Not GhoulSpawn

"GhoulSpawn..." Quaraun started to say.

"I'm not GhoulSpawn."

"All right. Thing that murdered my best friend and has now taken up residence in his dead you have a name?"

"No. My mother didn't give me one."

"Your mother also didn't put you in the body of this Elf."

"I know. Please let me go."



"Because I just watched my best friend die in horrible agonizing pain, and we're not being allowed to give him a funeral or bury his body, because you've taken up residence in it and I'm not happy about that. I'm not happy about any of this."

"No one asked you to be happy."

"He was my friend."

"And now he's dead."

"I know. But here I am sitting here talking to him."

"I'm not your friend."

"You've taken his body."

"I didn't chose this body."

"I know you didn't. I was there, when they implanted you in him. I wanted to help him, but he ran away. He's suffered alone the past several years. He came back because he knew he wads dying and he didn't want to die alone."

"He wasn't alone. I've been with him the whole time."

"You killed him."

"I did not want to."

"I loved him."

"I know you did. He knew you did. It's why he stayed away. He loved you too. He was confused by it. It bothered him, how he felt for you. You being male as was he. That was why he stayed away." 

"I know. I've always known."

"Please let me go. I'm not your friend. It's bad enough I'm trapped in his body. Please don't keep me trapped here too."

"If I let you go, what would you do? Where would you go?"

"I don't know."

"Then why do you need to leave?"

"Am I not to have freedom?"

"You're not my prisoner."

"Then let me go."



"Because I know what you're going through. And I know if you went out that door right now, you'd fall by the wayside and die. You don't know how to control the body you're in. You don't know what people do to Thullids. What they'll do to you if they find out GhoulSpawn id dead and then see his body up roaming around. As much as I want to hate you for killing him, being a Thullid myself, I know the hell of a life you have to look forward to and I can pity you. Not all Thullid transformations are successful. Most die with their prey. GhoulSpawn is dead and you've survived. You at least deserve the chance to keep on living, now that you've gotten this far. If I let you walk out of here now, you'll lose that fighting chance. I'm not an Elf any more then you are. Quaraun died centuries ago. I've learned to live in his body. I've learned to be him, so well, that no one knows he's dead. If you are to survive in this world, that's infested with hate mongering Humans, you're gonna have to learn to do the same thing."

"Become GhoulSpawn?"


"I'm not him. I don't want to be him."

"You're in his body, you don't have a choice."

"He was a coward."

"I know. So am I. It's prob'ly why we got along."

"You barely knew him."

"I know. I wanted to get to know him better. That chance is gone now. You took that away when you killed him."

"You wish I had died instead."

"If I had wished you dead, you'd be dead. I'm a DiJinn. If I wish for something it happens."

"You still want me dead."

"No. I don't."

"I am not GhoulSpawn. You loved GhoulSpawn. You don't want him dead."

"That's true. But he is now and there's nothing I can do about it."

"You're a Necromancer. You can kill me and bring him back."

"I could. But I won't."


"He asked me not too. He didn't want to be brought back. He's seen the hell Unicorn suffers through. Being undead is not without side effects."

"He knew I would take his body."

"I know."

"He asked you not to kill me."

"I know."


"That's the way he was."

"I killed him."

"I know."

"Why would he ask you not to kill me?"

"He abhorred violence. Vengeance wasn't his way. He saw violence destroy his family. He believed peace was a better way." 

"Do you?"

"I'd like to believe that. But I also believe in defending victims from cruelty."

"GhoulSpawn was my victim."

"No. You were both victims. HellBorne was cruel. HellBorne killed GhoulSpawn, not you."

"I'm trapped in the body of an Elf."

"I know. I am too. I didn't want to kill Quaraun, any more then you wanted to kill GhoulSpawn. Quaraun was the lat Moon Elf. GhoulSpawn the last Sun Elf. Now all the High Elves are dead. They have gone extinct. We who live within the hollowed out shells of their dead, empty bodies, are all that remain."

Here's The Original Release Cover Art
From 2012

"Why do you pretend to be Quaraun, when you know you are not him?"

"He was a good Elf. He was kind and loving to every one. He never hurt anyone. I have tried to live my life in his body, as he would have done. He would never have murdered his wife and children. Nor his father, no matter how cruel his father was. Quaraun would never have raised a hand to any of them."

"And you did?"

"I killed them all. Every one he loved."


"They killed BoomFuzzy. The one he loved the most."

"Did not Quaraun die, before you met BoomFuzzy?"

"He did. Quaraun died as a child. He was 9 years old when I killed him. He died alone. No one to comfort him. No one to hear his cries. His mother was dead already and his father didn't care. They heard him scream. Heard him crying. Begging for someone to hold him. They locked him away. In that room. That horrible room. Where they put him to punish him. Put him to forget him. He begged and pleaded to not be left alone. He died in agony. He suffered for days. Alone. And no one cared. The poor little Elf. I felt it all. His fear. His suffering. His pain. His despair. His torment. I was the only one with him. I didn't want to kill him. He didn't know what was killing him. He was so scared. So confused. I felt terrible after he died. His suffering was so great. That's why I became him. He didn't want to die. He tried so hard to cling to life. And I took it away. I couldn't live in his body, not with the guilt of how he had died. Had someone been with him. Had they not locked him in that room. I might not have done so. Most Thullids don't. Once the Elf is dead, we return to our kin. Live with the Thullids. But I could not forget how much he suffered, how alone he was when he died."

"So you stole his identity along with his life."

"I had never been in an Elf before. I was free. I had heard other Thullids, tell of the horrors an Elf suffers through, during the transition we make into their bodies, but I had never felt it before. He didn't deserve to die and neither did GhoulSpawn."

"And yet you murdered his family."

"They killed BoomFuzzy."

"You loved BoomFuzzy. Not Quaraun. Quaraun didn't know BoomFuzzy. Quaraun was already dead by that point. Quaraun, you truly have gone insane, people call you insane for a reason. You can no longer tell where the Elf ends and the Thullid begins. You've lived in that body too long. We change bodies for a reason. So we don't become attached, so we don't become them. You've lost your identity. You've stopped being a Thullid. You've become the Elf. Quaraun never loved BoomFuzzy. He never knew BoomFuzzy. You loved BoomFuzzy. Quaraun was the Elf. You are not the Elf. You are the Thullid who killed him."


"And you loved GhoulSpawn."

"I did."

"And now GhoulSpawn is dead." 

"He is." 

"I am not GhoulSpawn."

"You are. Wither you want to be or not. You took his body and now you must be him."

"I killed him."

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"You did."

"Then by that logic will you not also kill me?"



"Because you are GhoulSpawn."

"GhoulSpawn is dead. I am not GhoulSpawn."

"I know. And yet, here I am talking to you."

"I am not GhoulSpawn. I am the Thullid that resides in his body. Just as you are not Quaraun, but the Thullid that resides in him."

"I know."

"You are insane. You want me to be GhoulSpawn, the same way you are Quaraun. When we both belong back with our own people. Neither of us are Elves. We just live in their bodies."

"That we take their bodies is wrong."

"We can survive no other way."

"It doesn't make it right."

"Would you have every Thullid die?"

"Future Thullids will die. The Elves are dead. We killed them. There are no more Elves for our children to live in. We've killed too many Elves and now we will die."

"Let me leave this place."



"I already told you."

"Humans will kill you the moment they find out what you are. You must learn to be an Elf. You are living in an Elf's body, you must learn to act like an Elf, talk like an Elf, think like an Elf. You must become the Elf you killed if you are to survive and I'm not gonna let you leave here until you do."

"I'm not GhoulSpawn."

"You are now. You killed him and took his body. You didn't give him a choice. You didn't give him the option to live. You didn't give us an option to bury his body or mourn his death. And I'm not giving you to option to steal his body and do whatever the hell you want with it. You will learn to be GhoulSpawn or you will never leave here. My rose garden can be your home or your prison. That choice is yours."

"You can't keep me here."

"No? Have you ever seen BoomFuzzy's house?"

"The gingerbread house?"

"No. Not the illusion he uses to draw children in... the reality behind the illusion. The Twighlight Manor. That's what lies beyond those roses. You try to escape this garden and you'll have her to deal with. You won't even make it to the front door. She'll eat you alive. You're in my house now. You can't escape. No one does. I won't kill you. I made that promise to GhoulSpawn. But the roses will. The goldfish will. The turkeys will. And if somehow you make it past them... the house will. I only promised GhoulSpawn that I wouldn't kill you. I never said I wouldn't stand by and watch them kill you instead. Don't think that because you live in his body, I'll show you any mercy. I loved him and you took him from me and I'm not gonna forget that. I may try to be the kind, loving Elf, whose body I took, but that doesn't the fact that I'm still the Thullid who killed him. I'll never truly be Quaraun, no matter how much I try to be him. I'll be the cold hearted Pink JellyFish that murdered him and his family and you'll always the Thullid who killed my best friend."

Quaraun stood up to leave.

"We are monsters, you and I. We murder Elves and steal their bodies to survive. You can be my friend or my enemy. GhoulSpawn was my friend. His murderer is my enemy. I leave it to you to decide who you are."


Quaraun returned the following morning, to find the half-Elf, still sitting in the garden, staring at the path, leading to the gate, which stood guarded by pink rose bushes that had uprooted themselves and were marching around, snarling through fanged petals, ready to eat any one who dared get within vine's reach of them.

Unicorn was with Quaraun this time. He didn't trust the creature that had killed their friend. Quaraun was stupid. He let emotions cloud his thinking. Unicorn feared Quaraun was not thinking clearly when it came to this beast. He doubted Quaraun could separate the beast from the body it now lived in. His not allowing the creature to leave and his insistence on calling it GhoulSpawn, worried Unicorn to no end.

Quaraun sat on the ground beside his dead friend whose body was now animated by the alien JellyFish creature that had eaten his brain and was living in the empty skull.


"I'm not GhoulSpawn. Your friend is dead. I am not him. I'm just stuck in his body."

"I know. But I don't know what else to call you."

"I don't have a name. My mother didn't give me one."

"Your mother didn't get a chance to know you."

"She didn't want me to be born."

"That's not true. She just would have liked you to hatch inside of someone else. She didn't pick this body for you."

"I know. HellBorne did. GhoulSpawn talked of it daily. He talked to himself a lot. He was mad you know."

"He had you inside his head, eating his brain. What did you expect?"

"He tried to cut me out."

"Most Elves infested by a Thullid larvea do."

"He didn't want to kill me."

"I know. He refused to kill anything. Wouldn't even step on a bug."

"He tried to find a way to remove me, one that would let me live, free, and not trapped inside any body. He couldn't find one."


"I'm not GhoulSpawn. He is dead."

"Then what should I call you?"

"You are my mother. That's for you to decide."

"I'm gonna keep calling you GhoulSpawn, because you're in his body."

"Him did change his name," Unicorn said quietly. "In future. Does ya na remember? We dids meet him. Him had different name. Ya called him GhoulSpawn un him did said him was nay the GhoulSpawn. Just likes him is doing now. Him kept saying he was na GhoulSpawn. Said him had no used the name in years. And ya did says him were different. Was no acting himself.  Maybe this is why, eh?"

"The Gremlin? Yes. I remember. He called himself the Gremlin."

Quaraun looked to GhoulSpawn.

"Are you Gremlin?"

"Am I?" 

"That's the name you used in the future. I'd rather call you GhoulSpawn."


"I'm used to calling you GhoulSpawn."

Quaraun reached out his hand to touch the half Elf's face. GhoulSpawn flinched, as though waiting to be hit. 

"Please don't be scared of me," Quaraun said soothingly. "I'm not gonna hurt you. I only want to help."

"You wanted to feed me to your roses, yesterday."

GhoulSpawn pointed to the sentient bushes that were still marching around the outskirts of the garden.

"Yes, I was angry. I'm not now. I'm sorry I yelled at you."

"The roses still look like they are waiting to kill me."

"Yes. They probably will. You shouldn't get near them. Not thoses ones at least. They're a bit ill tempered. Thorny ones always are. And they didn't used to be roses. They were hawthorn trees. That's why their thorns are so big. They withered up and died and I resurrected them as roses. It kind of pissed them off. They don't like being pink."

"Let me go home."

"Do you have a home to go to?"

GhoulSpawn stared down at his clasped hands and said nothing.

"Last I knew, GhouSpawn was living with HellBorne here at Black Tower. He ran off the night HellBorne died...."

"And Black Tower is now pink."

"I like pink."

"I've noticed. Every one for miles around, any where in seeing distance of this pink phallic monstrosity, knows you like pink enough to have paint Black Tower the most eye blinding shade of pink you could find."

Unicorn started laughing.

"Aye. It does look like a giant dick," the Faerie said. "Why has I never not no noticed that aforing nows? Quaraun complains about hims small dick all of time. Now hims got one five storeys tall dick in hims garden. Ha ha! That so funny. Why I no see this before?"

"Probably, because you're blind and you can't see a thing," Quaraun reminded Unicorn.

"I is no so blind I can no sees the hundred foot tall dick in ya yard. A small dicked pink wizard in hims big dicked pink tower."

"Unicorn. Shut up!"

"Ooooohhh! Bitch-iiie!"

"Go fuck yourself."

"I will! Thanking ya kindly."

Unicorn trotted off to find a log to hump.

"What is he doing?" GhoulSpawn asked.

"He's fucking a tree."

"I can see what he doing. Why... why is he doing it?"

"He's crazy, if you hadn't noticed. Somewhere in resurrecting him, I seem to have lost his brain."

"It probably has something to do with you focusing too much on giving him two dicks. Why did you resurrect him as a double dicked unicorn?"

"I don't know. I was drunk."

"You know GhoulSpawn was scared of you, right? Just terrified you was gonna mess up some spell and do something like that...." GhoulSpawn pointed to Unicorn. "To him."

"Well, at least Unicorn thinks it's wonderful. He loves being a double dicked unicorn, with only half a brain."

"Squirrel!" Unicorn screamed, as he galloped by chasing said squirrel.

"Quaraun. Your horse is barking like a dog and chasing squirrels up trees."

Quaraun shook his head.

"I'm supposed to be the one that's insane and right now everyone else is crazier then me."

Quaraun turned back to GhoulSpawn.

"Do you have a place to live?"

GhoulSpawn shook his head no.

"You can stay here. It used to be your home."

"You two didn't live here then."

"No, but we do now. Are you saying you want us to leave?"


GhoulSpawn watched the little shaggy sliver horned black Shetland pony gallop around the garden eating butterflies.

"Did he really eat HellBorne?"

"Unicorn? He eats every one. It's why I can't have any friends. I meet some body new and next thing I know he's grinding their bones into flour and baking gingerbread out of them."

"How'd you end up with a Phooka?"

"I ask myself that every day."

"He's the Elf Eater of Pepper Valley."

"He is."

"And you're an Elf."

"Well. I'm what's left of an Elf. I'm just as much Quaraun as you are GhoulSpawn."

"Would he eat me?"

"I told him not to. He's pretty good at obeying me. Usually. Sometimes. Not always."

Quaraun sighed.

"You used to be free didn't you? They said The sacred pink JellyFish was a wild Thullid. They caught her in the ocean. Kept her prisoner in goldfish fish bowl for decades, before some rebels tried to kill her and a renegade priest implaneted her in an Elf. Is that true?"

"It is. I had beautiful pink frilled ruffles all down my tentacles."

"Is that why you wear pink ruffles like this?"

"It is."

"You're a female aren't you? Living in a male Elf."

"I am."

"That must get confusing."

"It does."

The two Thullid infested Elves sat in silence and watched the hyperactive unicorn galloping wildly around the garden, stabbing dragonflies with his horn.

"Does he ever get tired?" GhoulSpawn asked.

"He's undead."

"He's a Lich, isn't he?"

"Yes. He's a Lich."

Suddenly the little black pony began shrieking hysterically, then galloped in a mad dash across the garden, towards the giant pink lighthouse, with a flock of angry bees on his tail, fast trying to catch him.

"If he's undead, why is he running from bees?"

"He still feels pain. He can still be hurt. He can be killed."

"Even though he's a Lich?"

"Yes. Even though he's a Lich."

"I thought Liches had eternal life."

"They do. But they can still die. They just automaticly resurect. They have a place they kind of pop back out of when they come back."

"Like a save point."

"A what?"

"A save point. In a video game."

"What's a video game?"

"It's a thing they have in the future. GhoulSpawn used to go to a place he called the 1980s. Aracades. He liked playing video games."

"1980s? That's a long ways away."

"What year is it now."

Quaraun shrugged.

"I don't know. It was 1400 and something, last time I checked. I don't keep track of time. I can't count. That's a regret."

"What is?"

"Elwin. Elwin died, because I didn't know math. HellBorne set up a trap. Put Elwin in it. A puzzle. Trap. Thing. I don't know what it was. But it needed math to unlock it. And I can't do math. It killed him."

"You've seen a lot of people you love die, haven't you?"

"Every one... now. GhoulSpawn was the last one. The last living friend I had left."

"You want me to be him for you, don't you? It's why you won't let me leave, isn't it?"

"You have GhoulSpawn's memories, yes?"

"Yes. I do."

"Where did he go? After they implanted him. He ran off. We couldn't find him. We searched every where. He was no where."

"He opened a portal and ran into it. Different time. Different place. Someplace HellBorne couldn't find him. He was scared. He trusted HellBorne. He thought HellBorne was his friend."

"HellBorne's dead. You're safe from him now."

"He was so scared. I don't know how to be an Elf. All I know is fear. He was so scared. I don't know what he was like before the fear took over. I think he was already scared of every thing, every one. The village he grew up in. The uncles who raised him. They abused him something terrible. And then you showed up and you killed them. The entire village. Except for him. And he was scared of you, but he was glad they were dead. He was always on the run. Never settled down. To scared to stay in any one town more then a few days. Half Elf. Humans hated him. Elves hated him. He only ever got along with Demons but he didn't fit in. And then he found HellBorne. Another half-Elf. Thought he could trust him, because he was a half-Elf. HellBorne put me in him, so I could kill him, even though I didn't want to. HellBorne was evil. Poor GhoulSpawn. His whole life was nothing but fear. Ever growing, ever mounting."

"Where did he go after that? After they implanted him? We couldn't find him."

"Into a portal. He didn't care which one. He just running scared. Opened up the first portal he came across and ran inside, found a forest, found a cave. And stayed there. Scared out of his mind. Lived on whatever he could find. Lichen mostly. Moss. Stuff growing on the rocks. He was too scared to leave the cave. He only went back, because he knew he was dying and he hoped HellBorne could undo what he'd done and somehow remove me from his brain, while he still had any brain left." 

"When you say, he went into hiding.... stayed in a cave and wouldn't come out... do you mean... he was alone... the whole time?"

"Yeah. He was really scared."

"We tried to find him. We didn't know where to look. I wanted to help him." Tears filled Quaraun's eyes. "There was never any one at all?"

"No. Just me. The whole time I've been in him, I'm only one he's had to talk to. He was scared if anyone found out he was infested with a Thullid, that they cut off his head. I guess that's what Elves do when they find a Thullid infested Elf."

"It is. It's why we can never let any one know what we are. Why we must become the Elf whose body we took. Poor Ghouly. I didn't realize he'd been completely alone. We would have taken care of him. We tried to find him."

"He was scared. Too scared to even go outside. He didn't go outside of the cave for years. He just went mad. Fear drove him into hiding so deep. He was crippled with fear."

"Are you afraid?"

GhoulSpawn looked up at Quaraun.

"I don't know how not to be. It's all he did. He didn't teach me how to live with other Elves. How to do... anything. I don't know how to be an Elf. I just know how to hide in caves and be terrified of every shadow. It's all I now, because it's all he did. And he was doing it, before he was implanted. I can see his memories. His whole life was spent in fear and hiding, right from birth. Because of what he was. Half Elves are hunted by Elves and Demons alike. He belonged no where."

"He belonged here. With me and Unicorn. We would have accepted him as family. We'll accept you as family. Please. Stay with us. You're safe here. We'll take care of you. You don't have to be afraid any more."

"Fear's the only emotion I know. The first few weeks he sat on the ground pulling his hair out, clawing at his head, trying to remove.... me... after a while he gave up and just sat there doing nothing. Went back and forth between crying hysterically and talking gibberish nonsense to himself. Then he starts drawing on the walls. Writing. Numbers. Equations. He tried desperately to find a way to remove me without killing himself. Tried to find a way to remove me, without killing me. He couldn't find an answer. He did that for 3 years. I think he went insane. He was alone too long with his fears. You were the last person to talk to him before he left and the first person to talk to him, when he came back. He was glad you took him in. Those last few weeks with you, it was the only time I felt him relax. I can't remember him ever sleeping before."

"Elves can go a long time without sleep. Their bodies are different. It's why we chose Elves to live in and not Dwarves or Humans. Elves live longer. Need less sleep. Less food. We can go years without sleep. It's not recommended. But we can do it. I've done it. Made me bat shit crazy out of hell for a while. Side effect of not much sleep. I don't think he'd slept in a long time. He walked into the garden and collapsed. He was asleep for a few weeks. Poor Ghouly.  He was so sick and tired and weak, when he arrived. I'd never seen him sick before. He'd gone a long time without eating, hadn't he?"

"Yeah. He was surviving off lichen he scraped off walls in the cave. He started taking weird stuff the last few weeks."

"Weird stuff? Like what?"

"This." GhoulSpawn reached into one of his endless coat pockets and pulled out a small slip of paper, perforated into tiny squares, each one with a colourful picture on it.

"What is this?" Quaraun held up the bright coloured paper.

"LSD. Freakier then opium. You'd love it. Makes dark minds colourful. Not sure what it would do to an already colourful mind like yours."


"Yeah. Drugs."

"I never saw drugs like this before?"

"Break off a square. Put it under your tongue. You neeever seen anything like it before. Guarantee it. Does take the pain away though."

"Was he in a lot of pain?"

"Yeah. He was. Started having nose bleeds every day. Headaches. He couldn't think. He couldn't do anything."

"Side effect of having a JellyFish chewing holes all through your brain. Still, never thought Ghouly would turn to drugs."

"No? Crazy Elf like him?"

"No. He hated drugs. He chided me for it all the time. He wouldn't drink. I wouldn't smoke. There was one day he flipped out at me for drinking coffee and then gave Unicorn hell for drinking tea."

"Ah. Yes." GhoulSpawn reached into his pockets and pulled out a smll navy blue book. Handed it to Quaraun. "GhoulSpawn joined a cult of some sort. Called themselves Mormons. Here have a Book of Mormon. I've got about a hundred more in my pockets. He gave 'em to every body. Weird Elf."

"What's this got to do with anything?"

"They don't allow drinking, smoking, drugs. coffee. tea, sex..."

"I suppose that explains the sheep."

"GhoulSpawn and his sheep. Yeah. I forgot about the sheep."

"So he stopped be a... a... what did you call it?"


"A follower of the Demon Mormo?"

"No. But I think that's what GhoulSpawn thought it was. He liked Demons. But yeah. He stopped. The pain was so much. It crippled him. He just sat on the floor screaming and hitting himself in the head trying to make the pain stop. He was suffering for so long. I knew I was causing his pain and I hated it. I didn't want to hurt him. I certainly didn't want to kill him."

"No Thullid ever does. Most, once they realize how badly their prey is suffering, just devour their brains quickly, let them die fast. Never get to know the Elf. Don't absorb their memories. Don't become them. It's difficult to stay steady through the whole process, while the Elf is screaming in pain and trying to cut you out of their head. I hate what we have to do to them. Why is our survival dependent upon killing someone else in order to survive? Why didn't you do what most Thullids do, just kill him quick and get it over with?"

"I wanted to know who he was. I wanted to know, why thought, not to kill me, but instead, tried to find a way to remove me without hurting me. In the beginning, he could have removed me. Those first few days, when I was still just under the surface, not yet in his brain. He could have removed me. He would have lived. I would have died. He couldn't bring himself to hurt me, even though he knew it would cost him his own life to let me live. I wanted to know why he did that. Even in the end. He could have killed himself and it would have killed me too. Unicorn even suggested it. You suggested it. You both offered to kill him, if he couldn't bring himself to kill himself, but he would hear nothing of it. He wouldn't let you hurt me. He refused to take a life. Any life. Even the life of the creature that was killing him."

"GhoulSpawn was kind and gentle."

"I feel terrible, about how much he had to suffer. THE LSD mellowed him out. Took away his fears. Took away his pain. But when it wore off, it seemed like his fears were worse. His pain worse. Almost as if, the drug made it worse. So he took more. And more. He got addicted bad."

"If he never left the cave. Where'd he get the drugs?"

"He started making them. He'd taken 'em before so he had some in his pockets. He took some and figured out what they were made out of then, made them himself. He's was kind of a mad scientist."

"He was an alchemist."

"Alchemy. Yeah. I suppose that's a word for it. Built himself a lab."

"Where'd he get the supplies to build a lab?"

"Out of his pockets. I think he was a thief. I think he had a problem. Looking into his memories. I can see him. He just took things. Fruit off carts. Books off shelves. Engines off planes..."


"Big flying machines they have in the future. That's where he got the name Gremlin from. I just remembered. It's what the Humans called him. He'd fall out of portals and land on planes, then rip the engines out to make then crash. Said he had to change history. Rewrite it. Make it better. He was a time traveller. He didn't like planes. Humans called him 'The Gremlin'. It means 'The Demon Who Eats Planes'. GhoulSpawn's a Demon."

"I know. He's a Chaos Demon. He tried to hide it from me, but... I... I already knew."

"Why did he pretend to be an Elf?"

"His mother was an Elf. She was kidnapped and raped by a Demon. That's why they named him GhoulSpawn."

"I have areoplane engines in my pockets."

"So he had plenty of supplies to build a lab and make drugs?"

"You'd be surprised the things he keeps in his pockets."

"No. Not really. Not after I found out about the sheep."

"My pockets are still full of sheep."

"I kind of figured they were."

"Boy was he weird."

"Lucky you. Now you get to be him. Sheep and all."

"He became a hermit, only came out the last few weeks. He'd decided to come back to Black Tower. Beg HellBorne to help him. He thought, HellBorne did it to him, maybe HellBorne knew how to undo it. He didn't know HellBorne was dead. He didn't know you lived here. He never thought to ask you for help. He was scared of you. He liked you. He liked you a lot. If you hadn't had Unicorn around, he probably would have become your lover. He really liked you a lot."

"I know he did."

"I think Unicorn scared him more then anything else."

"Are you scared of Unicorn?"

"He's volatile. Kills on a whim. He's a Phooka. Phookas are monsters. You don't make friends with something that wants to eat you."

"He's peaceful, when you get to know him."

"GhoulSpawn wanted to run away. He wouldn't have stayed here. He was just too weak to get to the door. His body is still weak. I can't move it well. I'm forced to stay here. Between you not letting me leave and this body being so weak from ill health, I can't go any where."

"You don't have to go any where. You're welcome to stay here."

"He went mad."

"You were eating his brain. Madness is a symptom of having one's brain eaten by a parasite."

"Said one Elf eating Thullid to the other."

"Speaking of eating things, I'm hungry and I know you must be, you haven't eaten anything since GhoulSpawn died. We should go inside and see if our chef wants to cook us breakfast. Besides, I need to go check on him. Make sure he hasn't been stung to death by bees."

"You're not gonna let me leave, are you?"

"No. I'm not. So you might as well get used to staying here."

Interview With EelKat
On Writing The Quaraun Series

Random Thoughts On Writing Magic &
Wizards In Fantasy Worlds
A BookTube Reading AuthorTube Edition

GhoulSpawn The Crazed &
The Rose Garden of The Pink Necromancer

After being seriously injured, in Summoner of Darkness, half-Elf/half Demon, GhoulSpawn runs away.  Missing for three years and feared dead, GhoulSpawn suddenly arrives at Black Tower seeking HellBorne, unaware HellBorne is dead and Quaraun now lives in the haunted lighthouse, which he has painted pink.

Overjoyed to see his friend returned, the joy is short lived as Quaraun realizes something is seriously wrong with the Sun Elf, who is rambling about being hunted by pink flying goldfish, bowls of killer chocolate pudding, and armies of pink tuxedo wearing penguins. 

With GhoulSpawn's sanity fast slipping away, and his health going with it, it quickly becomes apparent that he's been infested by an alien JellyFish larvae that has burrowed into his skull and is slowly eating his brain.

Unable to save his friend, Quaraun is forced to watch while the timid and gentle GhoulSpawn the Sun Elf dies in agony and his body taken over by the violent, domineering GhoulSpawn the Thullid.

Torn over not killing the creature that has taken over GhoulSpawn''s body, the Pink Necromancer calls up and army of dead rose bushes to save the world from a Thullid invasion.

This novel picks up where Summoner of Darkness leaves off. Though can be read on it's own, the story references many event is Summoner of Darkness. Readers will find these references easier to understand if they have already read Summoner of Darkness before reading GhoulSpawn the Crazed.

The Lost Elf Returns

Pink Elf Eating Goldfish

I Am Not GhoulSpawn


Things You May Not Have Known about GhoulSpawn The Crazed

Originally titled: Quaraun The Insane Meets GhoulSpawn The Crazed.

Though numbered as a later volume in the series, this is actually one of the very first Quaraun stories ever written, and was in fact the first story to feature Quaraun with his title "Quaraun the Insane"

GhoulSpawn's character was inspired by a car I owned in the 1980s. A 1974 AMC Gremlin. Orange with glow in the dark neon yellow flames painted on the sides. Thus why he wears orange and has phosphorescent neon yellow hair.

In The Twighlight Manor Series:  The time travelling mad scientist known as The Gremlin, is a much older and now mentally unstable, GhoulSpawn of the Quaraun Series

GhoulSpawn's character was actually created before Quaraun's, with him being one of the primary characters from The Wild Years, a 1987 novella of The Twighlight Manor Series.

He was originally created in 1982 as the Chief Science Officer on board the star ship, The VISION-D8, and was Captain Goldeneagle's best friend. Both of who worked in service to Planet Ptarmigan's Queen Miss Kitten The Eel-Kat.

GhoulSpawn is one of only three characters to appear in every spin-off series of The Twighlight Manor Series. Him being a primary character of each series. EelKat and Spriggan being the other two.

The Twighlight Manor Series says he opened the portals to allow Flamites (High Elves) the ability to travel between their houses (Twighlight Manor, Black Tower, and White Rock) without detection by Humans.

The Planet Ptarmagin Series says he opened the portals to help the Ptarmagin Kats have a way to travel from one galaxy to another in the blink of an eye.

The Quaraun Series says he opened the portals in search of his father, a Chaos Demon known as "The Ghoul".

The Chrystonite Series says he opened the portals to go back in time and stop the Battle of Ongadada from happening.

The reality: GhoulSpawn was born and raised in Hell, after his Sun Elf mother was kidnapped and raped by a Chaos Demon. He is unable to stay in any one time period or dimension long, due to his not having been born in a physical plane of existence. His presence in any time or place causes rips in the fabric of reality, known as "portals", which cause people to fall into worlds and times they do not belong in, inadvertently changing history no matter where he goes. He spends his entire life desperately trying to find a way to close up these portals and prevent new ones from opening.

This novel was originally written on: 2012

This page last updated on: April 04, 2017

The Quaraun Series On Amazon:

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Don't forget to check out Flamboyant Nipples.

You know you want to click it.

Gay Haters Attack AGAIN!
This Time with 

You're probably asking: What the hell are Flamboyant Nipples?

It's a new website that was created April 1, 2017. Which on the surface appears to be a joke and appears to be funny. But a closer look reveals it to be a hate site, hating on gays and supporting KKK terrorist acts. Specifically - it's a propaganda site made in support of the Ku Klux Klan's anti-gay terrorist attacks that have been happening in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Meaning it was made by somebody local and probably the person doing the hate crimes.

On the surface, Flamboyant Nipples website seems funny, if you don't know the murders, house bombs, death threats, animal abuse, vandalism, hate crimes, and domestic terrorist attacks they are referring to.

To any one outside of Maine it may look like harmless fun, but any one here in Old Orchard Beach who is Gypsy, Jewish, Muslim, Black, LGBTQA, or Native American, will tell you there's nothing funny about having a gun to your head. There's nothing funny about house bombs. 

Did you know there have been 5 additional house bombs, that I have never mentioned? One blew up an apartment building and killed 6 people. I only talk about the one that blew up my house and the one that blew up my doctor's office.  My Muslim doctor would tell you how not funny the Flamboyant Nipples website it, if he hadn't died in the bomb and was able to tell you.

Have I ever told you about the bomb at WalMart November 2015, put in MY department where I worked? Or the bomb in 2013, put in MY classroom at Southern Maine Community College 2013, a few weeks before I was beaten up and paralyzed?

Start interviewing the families of Old Orchard Beach.

Come here to our town and actually talk to the gay men who've been stripped naked by the Ku Klux Klan and hung by their balls from the tops of flagpoles. They'll tell you how not funny the Flamboyant Nipples website is.

Did you even actually READ the Quaraun books before you wrote Flamboyant Nipples? Do you even know what the hate crimes are you are supporting? Specifically BoomFuzzy, the one that features a horrific scene where Quaraun is attacked by gay haters from his town, stripped naked, tied to a horse, dragged through the streets, beaten, then hung by hi balls from a tree and left to bleed to death, hanging in the tree for 5 days.

Did you know THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED to a man right here in our town?

The Ku Klux Klan stripped him naked, tied him to the back bumper of a car, dragged through the streets from Old Orchard Beach to Biddeford Maine - a 14 mile drive, beat him, then hung him by his balls from the giant flag pole at Rotary Park and left to bleed to death, hanging in the tree for 5 days. They did it in the dead of winter when the park was closed to the public, so it was 5 days before any one found him. He almost froze to death and suffered brain damage from hang upside down so long, the blood putting too much pressure on his brain.

You want to know how old he was?

The gay man who was dragged naked through the streets, his feet tied to the back bumper of a car?

15 years old.

He was a fifteen year old boy.

A CHILD! Grown men did that to him. Men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s ganged up on a 15 year old boy and tortured him almost to death... because they SUSPECTED that he MIGHT be gay because he was wearing a pink suit to go to the prom. 

They didn't have any proof he was gay. They just thought maybe he MIGHT be, because he was wearing pink.


They did that to a child!

That's what kind of monsters we have running the businesses of Old Orchard Beach!

Men who drag children 14 miles, naked, tied to the back of their car... for 14 damned miles!

And no one did one damned thing to stop them.

People in the town stood around and cheered them on as they tortured a 15 year old boy, because of the colour of his clothes.

Do you think that kind of torture is something FUNNY? Something to laugh at and make fun of?

And it happened more then once, to multiple men. Rotary Park had to take their flag pole down to try to prevent it happening again. Biggest flagpole in the state of Maine, used to be a tourist attraction, gone because of the horrific hate crimes against gay men in our town.

I include references to that event in EVERY single Quaraun novel to bring awareness to the horrific things gay haters do to gay men.

EVERY ONE of the violent acts against Quaraun in the novels is based off of a REAL LIFE event here in our town. EVERY ONE OF THEM.

It's why I keep saying the Quaraun series is NOT Erotica. It's not meant to be Erotic, it's meant to bring awareness to what type of hate crimes gay men around here have to put up with. The scenes in the Quaraun books are NOT meant to be taken as sexual fantasies, they are meant to show how horrific gay men around here are treated by their/our community.

The hate crimes against gay men, especially transgender men are horrific in this area and it needs to stop. The gay community around here is too scared to fight back, but I'm not, if no one else is going to do anything to protect them, I will, and THAT is why I write the Quaraun series.

The Quaraun series is about a gay man, a transvestite, who's life is absolutely destroyed by gay haters, after they tortured him and drove his lover to suicide. He becomes a wizard to resurrect his lover. The series follows them as they live on the run, going from one town to the next looking for someplace that will accept gay men. THAT is what the series is about. How everywhere they go, they get attacked and beaten and publicly humiliated because they dare to love each other.

Quaraun is based off actual real live transvestites, transsexuals, and gay men who live here in Maine and were interviewed by me, specifically with the goal of portraying their lifestyle and the hate crimes they live with as ACCURATELY as possible.

The original idea came from the suicide of my grandmother's best friend; a transvestite who owned the dollar store in the Saco Shaw's parking lot back in the 1980s. He was the first transvestite I ever knew, he was a close friend of the family for years, and one day he was gone. He commit suicide because he couldn't take the horrific gay hatred that was thrown in his face every day. He left behind a lover that went mad with grief and then shot himself.

THAT is where I got the idea for the Quaraun series. From the REAL LIFE suicide of a REAL transvestite who a friend of mine.

Start asking about the 500 cats and dogs that vanished from our town between 2014 and 2017 - 140 families have had their pets returned cut up in pieces. They'll tell you how not funny the Flamboyant Nipples website is.

You think it's just me these things are happening too? Open your damned eyes.

These things started happening to me in 2001. I started writing the Quaraun series in 1997, but locals didn't know about it, until 2001. The hate crimes against my family, started WHEN this town found out I was writing the Quaraun books. Gay hatred in this town is SO BAD, that they are willing to attack, beat up, cripple, a straight woman, bomb her house, kill her cats, fill her motorhome with feces... because she was the ONLY person in this damned town willing to speak out against the anti-gay hate crimes of Old Orchard Beach.

I'm not the FIRST one they did these things too... I'm just the first straight female they did them too, that's all.

I'm just the only one with enough balls to speak out against the Ku Klux Klan. That doesn't mean I'm the only one they've terrorized. It just means I'm fed up with living in terror and am saying enough is enough. I'm taking my life back and they aren't gonna push me around any more. And I'm gonna help the gay men of this town get their lives back too.

The gay haters of this town tried to kill me on November 14, 2013 because I wrote a book featuring a gay main character. I almost died and now I'm crippled for rest of my life.

Six months after the Quaraun books went from free to read online, to their first mass produced, mass market release (September 2, 2014), the gay haters of this town filled my motothome with feces and cut my cats heads off (April 10, 2015).

I am fed up with the viscous, violent, acts of terrorism that no one around here blinks an eye at, because it happens so often, multiple times a day, every single damned day to so many people!

Too many people in this town turn a blind eye to what is going on.

Too many people in this town are saying "I don't want to get involved, they'll come after me too, I have my own family to think about".

This has to end.

This level of terrorism is beyond insanity and some one needs to put and end to it.

I'm founder of the Proctor and Gamble Boycott, I shut down those animal test labs, it took me 27 damned years to do it, but I did it, and if I can do THAT, then I know I can shut down the gay hatred of this town too.

What is happening here is NOT RIGHT and NEED TO STOP!

And sites like Flamboyant Nipples, who take these hate crimes, and make fun of them, make it look like it's funny to torture gay men, are deplorable and disgusting!

The gay haters of this town like to run around bragging that Old Orchard Beach is a family friendly town, added to that phrase, that it is "family friendly because it doesn't allow gays"... 

Old Orchard Beach is NOT a family friendly town until it is family friendly for ALL families even gay ones!

I challenge the motels, hotels, and business of Old Orchard Beach, to start putting up rainbow flags... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM....

EVERY business.... no matter how small, no matter how far off a main road onto a side street you are...

Put up a rainbow flag on your business sign. Let the world know you support gay rights and welcome the gay community in Old Orchard Beach.

Because I'm going around this town and making a list of every single business in this town that is NOT gay friendly and I'm putting them on the Proctor & Gamble Boycott website, to notify all 30 million members of my P&G protest team, which businesses in Old Orchard Beach they need to start protesting.

Prove to the world, you're not a gay-hater.

Because the whole WORLD is about to start protesting this town.

These hate crimes need to stop. NO ONE should be forced to live in terror! The gay members of this community deserved to live here with open arms. Their families are families too!

I say let's make this town family friendly for ALL families! 


Those gay haters rely on the tourist income to survive: BOYCOTT every business in this town that REFUSES to hang a rainbow flag on their business signs. DO NOT give your hard earned money to the gay hating business owners of Old Orchard Beach!


They want to call this town family friendly... well let's MAKE it family friendly then... for ALL families!

Not just the white ones!

Not just the straight ones!

Not just the Christians!

Make it family friendly for EVERY family!

Old Orchard Beach Residents Better Start Praying My Next Sign Doesn't Have a Pink Penis Painted On It, Because I'm Getting Sick And Tired Of Them Harassing Me,

And If It Takes A Ten Foot Painting Of A Penis Standing In The End Of My Driveway To Get Them To Leave Me Alone...

Then That's Gonna Be The Next Sign I'll Put Up.

Flamboyant Nipples: 
Ku Klux Klan Crosses, House Bombs,
& Book Burnings:

An Author's Guide To Writing 
The Christian Worldview:

Flamboyant Nipples:
A Lesson In How To Offend Your Readers
As Much As Possible

Scenes from the novels, mentioned in the above video, can be read free online. 

The scene she was offended by in Night of the Screaming Unicorn can be read HERE.

The scene containing the page of Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fucks, can be read HERE.

If you don't know what the genres Yaoi or Pink Humor are, you can find out HERE.

P.s> Inspired by the gay hatred of
Flamboyant Nipples; 
I'm Painting A New Sign for my driveway
... It's a Picture of Black Tower...

Meet The Flamboyant Nipples
and Their Fabulous Pink Penis...
Coming Soon To A Driveway Near You:

Bullies should never force you to  suffer in silence. If someone has hurt you, let others know.

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If it ain't on this list, it's probably fake.


Throughout 2013 - 2015 a slew of FAKE "EelKat" accounts surfaced, both on social networks and on forums, most were created by a woman calling herself Kendra Silvermander, or her backhoe driving cousin who drove a backhoe over my house, the same woman and her family who cut the heads off my cats, are the same people who hacked my online accounts, created a slew of fake accounts and pretended to be me, after they beat me up on November 14, 2013, leaving me paralyzed for 5 months, relearning to walk for 18 months, and clueless to their impersonation of my online due to my life threatening crippled state that had me offline from November 2013 to March 2016.

Who they are and why they are doing this remains unknown. If you know the identity of these people, please contact the FBI in charge of the investigation into their murder attempts on my life:

Agent Andy Drewer

of the Portland FBI

@ 207-774-9322 

NOTE: I was very active on forums from 1997 to 2007 and have RARELY used a forum since then. Other then the Warriors Forum and Absolute Write I have not posted on ANY forums AT ALL since 2012.

Note: My old inactive forum accounts were hacked and "resurrected" in 2013/2014/2015 by a psychotic NaNoWriMo ML who is upset over my having won a total of 27 writing contests/challenges and published 130+ novels since 2004 and and apparently (according to her emails) she has yet to win or publish anything.

If you see "me" posting on a forum at any point after 2012, know that it is likely this mysterious, and still yet unidentified "Kendra Silvermander".

More information about Kendra Silvermander and what she did can be found here.

Let's think about something here...

I'm just a harmless old lady who likes to dress like and Elf and paint everything pink and write stories about Elves having sex with Unicorns. For THAT, the residents of Old Orchard Beach, call me crazy, build a bomb, blow up my house, stand in my drive way and shoot at me, kidnap my cats, cut my cats' heads off, nail my cats' heads to my door, beat my 28 year old Shetland pony's head in, drive a back hoe over my house 3 times, filled my motorhome with feces 3 feet deep, I was paralyzed for 5 months because they trespassed up in here and beat me up, 3 years later I finally recover and start walking again and they beat me up again this time with a shopping cart rupturing 3 discs in my spine while screaming "kill or be killed remember Saco Shaw's!" and they cut my car in half. I'm sorry, WHO exactly is the crazy person here? 

Yes, I wear pink ball gowns every day.

Yes I wear fake pointy ears and long white Rapunzel wigs.

Yes, I paint my cars, my motorhome, and my mailbox pink.

Yes, I write about Elves having sex with Unicorns.

So the fucking hell what?

I haven't set foot off my land in 40 years. The only time I have contact with people is when THEY trespass on my yard and invade my privacy. And you know what? I've always welcomed them with happy smiles and open arms, made them meals and served them tea, and spent the day happily chatting with any one and every one who wanted to visit me. I love it when you people stop by to visit me as it's the only time I have any one to talk to other then my cats... oh wait... I don't have ANYONE to talk to any more, now that sociopath freaks murdered them and nailed their heads to my door!

You call me crazy because I wear pink dresses, yet THESE THREE PEOPLE are the ones who built a bomb and blew up my house!

You call me crazy because I wear pink dresses, yet THESE THREE PEOPLE are the violent trespassers who stands in my drive way and shoot at me.

You call me crazy because I wear pink dresses, yet THESE THREE PEOPLE are the ones who kidnap my cats, cut my cats' heads off, nail my cats' heads to my door, beat my 28 year old Shetland pony's head in, drive a back hoe over my house 3 times, filled my motorhome with feces 3 feet deep, and cut my car in half.

I mean REALLY stand back and look around.

All I'm doing is wearing strange cloths. I'm not the violent animal abusing, bomb building, psychopath beating up elderly women... THEY are.

There's a hell of a big difference between a half blind elderly woman dressing up as comic book characters and not bothering one damned person, and violent psychopathic criminal creeps beating her up, bombing her house, driving a back hoe over 3 more of her houses, cutting her car in half, filling her motorhome with feces, murdering her horse, and slaughtering her cats!

On November 14, 2013 I was beaten up at Southern Maine Community College, paralyzed for 5 months, was relearning to walk and relearning to use my hand for 18 months. I was offline that entire time. I returned online March 2016, to find that a hacker had taken over nearly all of my online accounts, social network accounts, forum accounts, and even here, and had been posting online pretending to be me. 

Know that between November 14, 2013 and March 31, 2016, that I was NOT ONLINE and all posts made between those dates were not made by me.

On July 28, 2016 the same group of people who beat me on November 14, 2013, arrived at my workplace and beat me up again, this time with a shopping cart while screaming "kill or be killed, remember Saco Shaw's all transsexuals are alike". 

I was once again paralyzed, this time for 3 months, and this time suffering 3 ruptured discs in my spine.

Old Orchard Beach has a crazy person in it all right, but isn't me... and the residents of this town need to get off their asses and tell the FBI who this white haired man and his blond wife and red haired sister-in-law are BEFORE THEY KILL ME! The red haired woman calls herself Kendra Silvermander.

The white haired man drives a 4-door-white pick-up truck. The blond women drives a gold volvo suv and is often accompanied by a red haired woman who identifies herself as "Kendra Silvermander".

The red-haired woman wears lime green glasses and usually carries a tiny white poodle that she called "my dragon child", the poodle is sometimes dyed purple and sometimes wearing a purple dragon costume. This woman acts EXTREMELY child-like and appears to have a serious mental handicap. She often brags "I'm off my meds" while attacking me. She is EXTREMELY violent.

The 4-door white truck is some times driven by a bald man. I don't know if this is the same man as the white haired man or not. I think the white haired man and the bald man are both the same person and not 2 separate people. The white hair looks VERY fake, like a cheap Halloween wig. I've never seen his face (I'm legally blind in one eye and nearly so in the other). He appears to be a younger man in his 30's trying to disguise himself to look like an older man in his 60s. I am 5'6" and he is quite a bit bigger then me. Possibly over 6 feet. Very broad shouldered (like a football player).

The 2 women look much older. The blond woman is quite "weather beaten", bad completion, like someone who spends too much time in the sun for too many years. She appears to be in her 60s, possibly younger with premature wrinkles? Her stick straight (possibly salon straightened) shoulder leanth hair is a dirty blond, that she sometimes has dyes with very fake platinum blond stripes. (Her hair was striped like this the day she attacked with the shopping cart.)

The 2 women make a habit of following me to work. (I am a retail merchandiser and drive upto 100+ miles a day covering multiple stores). They have attacked me with shopping carts at:

Saco Shaw's

Biddeford WalMart

Scarborough Walmart (multiple times)

Sanford WalMart.

Kendra alone without the blond woman or the man, has beaten me up, punching me in the head, hitting me in the face, while I was eating at the Panera Restaurant in Westbrook.

They have a few times been accompanied by a third woman, calling herself "Deana". A small chubby woman in her 20's with sandy brown hair. She calls herself "The NaNoWriMo ML of Saco". She once had her husband with her. He is a blind man, walks with a white cane. She shows up at restaurants and libraries while I'm eating, working, or studying. She always comes in and says "Kendra sent me"

The red-haired woman calling herself "Kendra Silvermander" has beaten me up 3 times now at the Westbrook Panera restaurant - in October and November 2010. 

It was the man who beat me up in 2013 and his 2 women who beat me up in 2016. (The Deana woman has never been violent and doesn't appear to be involved in the attacks, appears to be just "a messenger". The last time I saw Deana, she said she would be no longer working for Kendra as she was expecting a baby and wanted to focus on her family. That was at the Golden Rooster Restaurant in Saco, in November 2009.)

These people attack viciously and violently EVERY single April/May and October/November of every year since 2001, during the two National Novel writing Month writing contests which Kendra Silvermander claims to be the head of (I know she is not, because Chris Baty and Heather Dudley, of San Francisco, California are the owners and heads of NaNoWriMo.) Kendra Silvermander also claims her father owns FunTown Amusement Park in Saco (I checked, and the owners of FunTown have never heard of her). Kendra also claims her aunt owns the little blue breakfast cafe beside Landre's Market at the corner of Cascade Road and Portland Ave in Old Orchard Beach. I checked - the owner is not related to anyone named Kendra, but does report having a niece named Deana.

This mysterious red head, appears to be the ring leader. Calls the white haired man her cousin and the blond woman her sister. The blond woman claims to be the white haired man's wife.

The white haired man refers to himself as "The Royal Family of Old Orchard Beach" and claims to have paid $6million for his house, claims to have "inherited millions" from his father, which he says gives him the right to run the town and give orders to the town hall. On July 15, 2015 he arrived in my driveway driving a giant landmover sized construction dump truck, green with a red apple painted on the side - the same red apple painted on the side of the backhoe that ran over my house August 8, 2013, bragging that the town hall took my cats on his orders. The dump truck was filled with black trash bags of garbage and appliances which he was attempting to dump in my yard... while he was there, because he was there, I parked my motorhome across the end of my driveway to keep him out, and he went into an infuriated meltdown, yelling that he keeps a gun for "shooting woodchucks" in his truck and would use it to "blow your brains out" if I refused to move the motorhome to let him into my yard with the haul of garbage he was trying to dump.

He drove up the logging road across the street from me, then came back out minutes later driving a 4-door white pick-up truck, screaming out the window that he was going to the town hall to order them to remove my motorhome so he could access my driveway to dump his garbage. THIS man... does not appear to be the same white haired man who beat me up. His hair is far more grey, natural looking, and he's a little guy, not much bigger then me, very skinny, probably only 5'9" or so. He appears however, to be the man, the bald haired man (who USUALLY drives the 4 door white truck) is trying to look like.

I've only seen the little, skinny older man twice: that day July 2015, and again September 12, 2015 when he returned with police officers DeLuca, Ladecaca, and Regan, and tried to make them remove my motorhome, claiming that it was "too gay for the family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach". The police just laughed at him and told him there was no laws against painting a motorhome pink, to which he responded to say, that he'd force the town hall to make a law banning gays and their cars from living in Old orchard Beach.

He claimed to work at the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall, calling himself the "zoning board of appeals" but when I asked at the Town Hall, they knew nothing of him and have no such thing as a "zoning board of appeals". He claims to own a motel and brags that it does not allow gays or non-whites inside, boasting that he and someone named "Dan Feeny" are passing laws to ban gays from Old Orchard Beach. There is someone named Dan Feeny at the town hall be he denied knowing anything of being part of making such laws.

The LITTLE skinny, and ACTUALLY old white-haired man, does not appear to be aware that the younger bald man is dressing up like him and using his trucks to attack me.

It appears the blond woman may ACTUALLY be the younger bald man's  mother, not his wife as she claims.

The police reports of September 12, 2015 identified the LITTLE white haired old man from that day. However, I don't think he is the man who normally drives the 4-door white truck that keeps attacking. He's not much bigger then I am, and he looks very old, his hair is grey white, not snow white; and the man who attacks is MUCH bigger then me, both taller and more muscled, (definitely someone who works out and lifts weights) looks to be in his 30s, and is wearing a very bad, cheap Halloween wig to try to look like the little old man.

The identity of the bald man who wears a white wig and pretends to be the old man named on the September 12, 2015 police report, remains a mystery. Whoever this younger man is, he has access to the keys of the trucks which are owned by the older man.

The FBI is looking for the DRIVER of the trucks, not the OWNER. The owner is known. The DRIVER however, is a DIFFERENT man then the OWNER.

The police have also identified the older man as being the OWNER of the backhoe that drove over my house, however, he denies having driven it that day and claims it was stolen. Again, the FBI is seeking the DRIVER of the backhoe, not the OWNER.

The bald man is very clearly impersonating the old man, and appears to be taking orders from the blond woman, who in turn appears to be taking orders from the red-haired woman. The red haired woman appears to be the instigator and ring leader of ALL of the vandalism, violence, and hate crimes and also appears to be the source of the false accusations and rumors being spread around town calling me "gay" and "transsesxual".

When the 3 are seen together, the man backs down fast to the blond woman, as if scared of her, the way a boy os scared of an overbearing "mommy dearest". The blond woman and the red haired woman act to each other, like sisters or best friends, but the red head is very bossy to the blond one. The blond woman seems to have a very short, very violent temper and is easily worked into a frenzy by words of the red head woman.

When they attack me in the store, it is the blond woman who wields the shopping cart while the red head yells to her "There's EelKat! Go get her!"

They brag to being members of what they call "The Loyalist White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"

Note that there is no group called "The Loyalist White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan" the ACTUAL group is called "The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan" and is both a church (religious denomination) and a political party (like Democrats, Republicans, Whigs, Green Party, etc.). The REAL Ku Klux Klan has paid membership, rank, very specific robes, etc.

It appears that these people are NOT ACTUAL members of the Ku Klux Klan, but are rather simply calling themselves that and are doing hate crimes based off stereotypes of how the KKK is portrayed in movies (which is vastly different from how the actual organization acts.)

Also, I repeat: REAL KKK members wear very specific robes, stoles, capes, and hats... they DO NOT wear white pillow cases with holes cut in them. Also, contrary to urban myth, KKK robes come in all sorts of colours, including red, green, yellow, blue, etc. Only members of SPECIFIC RANKS wear white. 

It appears these people know absolutely nothing about the REAL organization called the Ku Klux Klan, are NOT affiliated with the ACTUAL KKK group, and are simply running around calling themselves KKK members to justify their hate crimes.

The identity of the bald man who wears a white wig and USUALLY drives a 4-door white pick up truck, remains a mystery.

The identity of the blond woman and the red haired woman, also remains a mystery. Both women are close to my height. The red head is slightly chubby.

Interesting to note, is there are THREE (3) different 4-door white trucks. This man has access to all three, yet is not the owner of any of them. The owners of the 3 trucks are at 139 Portland Ave, 140 Portland Ave, and 3 Whispering Pines Drive. The bald man who wears the wig, somehow has access to the keys to all 3 of these trucks, though the owners of all 3 trucks claim no knowledge of the bald man. The bald man himself, continues to insist he works for the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall, once claiming to "work in Jeff's office". I am uncertain to what he was referencing when he said "Jeff's office". There is a "Jeff" at the Town Hall, but he doesn't have an office. He's an old man who's been a close friend of my family since the 1950s. He doesn't know the bald man either.

The owners of 2 of the trucks (140 Portland Ave and 3 Whispering Pines) do in fact work at the Town Hall - one is a woman who I go to church with at the Saco Ward Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the other is my dad's cousin, and is the owner of the local sewage company and has a few dozen sewage pumper trucks, a few dozen garbage disposal trucks, and a few hundred port-a-potties sitting in his yard. (Pointing that part out as on April 10, 2015 someone pumped my motothome full of feces 3 feet deep, and it is suspected to be the bald man who wears a white wig and has access to the keys to trucks owned by the sewage company. and throughout 2007 to 2014 someone kept dumping garbage truck loads of garbage on my land.)

Given the evidence, it appears the bald man who wears a white wig and drives 3 different 4-door-white trucks, is a construction work who is also an employee of Blow Brothers Waste Removal Company, giving him access to both the garbage trucks that dumped garbage on my land and the sewage pumper trucks that filled my motorhome with feces, as well as giving him access to the backhoe that drove over my house August 8, 2013. Whoever this bald man is, he is the one who beat me up and tried to kill me on November 14, 2013. He is suspected of being the one who cut my cats heads off as well. He is also suspected of being the person who built the bomb that blew up my first house October 18, 2006.

This man is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder, 19 years of stalking, more then 200 counts of hate crimes, monstrous acts of animal abuse, domestic terrorism, and is considered to be extremely dangerous, most likely suffering from mental illness, suspected of likely suffering from Sociopathy/ Psychopathy.(wiki link)

This man is classified as a highly dangerous domestic terrorist and apparently lives in either Old Orchard Beach or Scarborough, Maine...possibly in Pine Point (the over lapping community that connects Old Orchard Beach and Scarborough) as dozens of witnesses have seen his 4-door white truck drive in the area around The Clambake Restaurant and Conway's Gas Company, driving in and out of the parking lots of various motels on that block.

If you know who he is please call the FBI Agent in charge of the case, Agent Andy Drewer, IMMEDIATELY.

If you see his truck, back away fast, get off the road and away from sidewalks ... he uses his truck as a weapon to slam into cars of any one he suspects of being LGBTQA and to run non-whites and suspected gays off the sidewalks. He is known to drive up on to lawns to attempt to hit people in their own yards.

NOTE: You do not have to be ACTUALLY LGBTQA for him to attack - you only need to be suspected by him, of being LGBTQA. He also attacks Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Irish, Scottish, Gypsies, and any one "not Christian" (by not Christian, he means not Baptist, as he attacks Catholics as well.)

The two women are also wanted by the FBI for assisting this man in his crimes.

I don't know who this white-haired/bald man and his two women are. They are strangers to me. I don't know their names. And I don't know why they are doing this. 

The little older man, would also like to know who these 3 people are, as they are framing him for things he did not do, he being the man this bald man with the white wig is impersonating.

Some body in this town must know who these people are ... PLEASE... the FBI is trying to put a stop to these insane hate crimes... PLEASE if you know who these psychopathic monsters are, PLEASE tell Agent Andy Drewer before they kill me. They cut my car in half in 2010. They cut my cats in half in 2015. How long do you think it'll be before they cut ME in half too? PLEASE HELP ME!

➽ ➽ ➽ If you have any information regarding the identity of the stalker/attacker/driver of the 4-door white pick-up truck please contact Officer Tim DeLuca of the Old Orchard Beach Police Department @ 207-934-4911 and

Agent Andy Drewer

of the Portland FBI

@ 207-774-9322 

 ◀️ ◀️ ◀️ ☎️

Please help the police and FBI put this brutal, violent, psychotically deranged stalker family in prison.

If you can identify her by her voice... the red haired woman can be heard yelling at me in this video (she shows up at 3:31 - 3 minutes and 31 seconds into the video and yells for about 2 minutes before a man arrives and drags her away - a gun shot can be heard AS she is saying "Fuck The Camera Ya Transvestite Freak") :

That video was filmed December 24, 2016, in Saint Andrea's Parking Lot in Biddeford, between Sullivan Street and High Street. I was unable to find the woman to get her on camera, but she's yelled at me so many times over the past decade that I know her voice and it was the red haired woman who calls herself "Kendra Silvermander." From the direction of her voice, I believe she was yelling from the 2nd floor window of the beige house at 23 High Street.

In addition to the property damages and physical injuries caused by these three people, I also suffer from serious crippling agoraphobia(wiki link), severe panic attacks(wiki link), and post traumatic stress disorder (wiki link),as a result of their now 2 decades of cruel torment and terrorism.

Please help the police and FBI put this brutal, violent, psychotically deranged stalker family in prison.

Have Information?
Call FBI Agent Andy Drewer @ (207) 774-9322 

Need Directions?

Rather then ask the crazy gun-toting neighbours, and risk get shot by the psychotically deranged, white power gay haters that live up and down my street, patrolling obsessively by my driveway every 15 minutes in a 4 door white pick-up truck, just get directions from Google Maps. Here, you can find 146 Portland Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, ME right here:

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