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Welcome to the New

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Got a long question here with several topics. Am trying to decide if to answer it all on one page of in lots of pages, one per topic. Let's start typing and see what we end up with. 

(Update - this turned out to me many tens of thousands of words long, so it is now cut into lots of smaller pages.)

How To Make Money On AdSense
A Guide For Small Business Sites
Looking For Local Site Traffic

Got a question here about AdSense, wanting to know if it's a viable way to make money online.

It used to be. For some it still is. But for most, it becomes more difficult to make money with AdSense every day, due to the ever increasing rate of competition. Thousands of new websites are created every single day. Millions of new web pages are created every day.

To make money on Adsense, enough money to live off of, you need to find AdWords keywords that have bid rates of $20 or more. The average bid rate of the average keyword is, however, only .20c.

Google pays 61% of bid rate, meaning for every $1 bid, they pay you .61c.

Most people get an average of 10 clicks per 1,000 views. Which results in you earning about $1 per 1,000 views.

This $1 per 1,000 view average has lead a lot of people to incorrectly believe that Google pays you $1 per 1,000 views. This is completely false. Google pays you 61% of bid price per click. Bids start at .01c, meaning you could make only a half a penny per click. On the other hand, bids go up to $5,000 meaning you could make $3,500 per click.

When you hear about people making 6 figure incomes on AdSense, it's because they are targeting keywords with $100 bid range, meaning they are making $61 per click.

Let's look at some figures to show you how much or how little, you could make.

If your page targets a keyword of a certain AdWords bid rate, you can reasonably expect a certain amount of income.  

If you pick a keyword with a high bid rate ($20+), a high search rate (1 million+ searches per month) and a low competition rate (1,000 or fewer sites on your topic) then you could, possibly, maybe, see a 6 figure income from AdSense.

Let's look at what your average income looks like based off bid rates alone:

  • .01 bid x 61% x 10 clicks = .061c per 1,000 page views
  • .10 x 61% x 10 clicks = .61c per 1,000 page views
  • .20 x 61% x 10 clicks = $1.22 per 1,000 page views 
  • .50 x 61% x 10 clicks = $3.05 per 1,000 page views
  • $1.00 x 61% x 10 clicks = $6.10 per 1,000 page views
  • $3.00 x 61% x 10 clicks = $18.30 per 1,000 page views
  • $5.00 61% x 10 clicks = $30.50 per 1,000 page views
  • $7.00 x 61% x 10 clicks = $42.70 per 1,000 page views
  • $10 x 61% x 10 clicks = $61 per 1,000 page views
  • $20 x 61% x 10 clicks = $122 per 1,000 page views
  • $50 x 61% x 10 clicks = $305 per 1,000 page views
  • $100 x 61% x 10 clicks = $610 per 1,000 page views

Google says the average site can expect to earn around $1 per 1,000 page views, because the average site receives 10 ad clicks per 1,000 pages views, and the average keyword pays 16 and a half cents per click.

That looks like this:

  • .161/2c x 61% x 10 clicks = $1 per 1,000 page views 

Let me repeat this...

Content writing and expecting to get rich on AdSense is something you CAN do, but it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

You can make a FULL TIME MINIMUM WAGE income if you put in a lot of hours, a lot of work, and do one hell of a lot of researching into finding keywords within your niche that have HIGH bid rate, HIGH monthly searches, and LOW competition.

But for MOST PEOPLE you are going to find it VERY HARD to earn enough AdSense money to make a PART TIME minimum age income.

Content writing for AdSense income does make money, but it's not fast, it's not easy, and you need to be publishing DAILY articles of 2,000 words a piece for a minimum of 3 years, BEFORE you'll get your first $100 from AdSense.

Most people who are making money online as a full time career, ARE NOT doing it with AdSense, but rather with DIRECT SALES... meaning they are selling a product... a book, a course, crafts, art, a service, ad space for local businesses, etc.

While you CAN make HUGE amounts of money (millions) from AdSense, fewer then 1,000 websites on the planet can PROVE they actually earn $100,000+ per year from AdSense. Out of several BILLION websites that use AdSense. These are shocking numbers that most people getting started in online income completely overlook.

The fact is, if it was EASY to make millions on AdSense, then why are the BILLIONS of website owners using AdSense not millionaires themselves? 

One thing that always pisses me off about internet marketers, is that they are so obsessed with making money for themselves, that they hype up how much money THEY make online, just to get you to buy their get-rich-quick-scam book.

The saddest part of it is, that while they "teach" you how to make money with AdSense, they themselves are in fact making money from DIRECT SALES of their book and are NOT themselves making money from AdSense. The reason being because they COULD NOT make enough money with AdSense to support themselves, thus WHY they focus on DIRECT SALES of their book, rather then actually doing what they preach and making money with AdSense. 

Before you get into making money with AdSense you need to realize that a majority of the people preaching income with AdSense are scam artists who are NOT using AdSense as their income source but are instead making money with direct sales of courses telling you how to do something that they themselves have not been able to do.

What is a get rich quick scam?

Get Rich Quick Scam:

Teaching a person to do something that you have never done yourself, teaching them unproven & untested methods for the purpose of making money for yourself off unsuspecting victims who are unaware the methods you are teaching them will never make them rich.

Scamming people out of their money, with promises of teaching them how to make money, using methods you know will not make them the kind of incomes you promise they'll earn.

Teaching someone how to make money on methods you falsely claim you do, when in fact you have never tried to make money using said methods and are instead making money by selling the method.

There is a difference between making a full time income online and making a full time income from AdSense.

People selling you methods, courses, books, videos, etc... are the ones making the really big incomes online, thus why they are selling you methods, courses, books, videos, etc instead of writing content, instead of building websites, instead of using AdSense to earn a living.

Ask yourself this: If you could REALLY get rich quick and earn huge incomes from AdSense, the way they claim in the methods, courses, books, videos, etc they are selling you, why then are they NOT getting rich quick and earn huge incomes from AdSense themselves?

The answer: Because it's ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE get rich quick and earn huge incomes from AdSense, and the REAL way to make huge amounts of money, fast, online, is by selling people methods, courses, books, videos, etc.

Do you remember when Squidoo brought content writing to the public eye and created the mass hoards of people suddenly trying their hand at content writing? And then Squidoo (without our permission) suddenly put their "top 10 highest paid members" on the home page and hyped up huge bold faced lies about our incomes to try to get more members?

For months, I was bombarded with emails from MILLIONS of people, looking for advice on how I reached #3 spot as the third highest paid Squidoo member ever...


...and in every case these people found themselves crest fllen when they found out that my income from Squidoo was ONLY $200 per month.

Two Hundred Dollars, per month... was #3 highest income on Squidoo from 2008 to 2013.

What was Squidoo income?


I was being billed (without my permission) as the third top paid member, and suddenly I was being contacted by thousands of people from something called "The Warrior's Forum".

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